In The Dark (2019) s04e05 Episode Script

The Trial of Murphy Mason, Part One

Looks good.
Yeah, I know how to button.
- Okay?
- Forgive me for assuming
you've only ever worn a hoodie.
Forgive me for assuming
this outfit makes me look like
I masturbate to
the Dewey Decimal System.
Look, they need to prove
you murdered Nia.
Good news is, they don't
even have a murder weapon.
Plus "blind woman kill shot assassin"
isn't the greatest legal theory,
which means they're gonna try
and attack your character.
They'll put a bunch of people
on the stand who will talk
about what a bad person
they think you are.
Sounds super fun.
Will you be one of them?
We both know you didn't shoot Nia,
and no one should have to go to prison
for a crime they didn't commit.
The witness list just came in.
You want to know who's on it?
Oh. Um
Sure, I guess.
Hannah Stonage,
Chelsea Green,
Jared Johnson
Chloe Riley,
- Maria Allen
- Wait, what?
Chloe Riley's testifying against me?
What do they want with Chloe?
The prosecution is worried the jury
will have sympathy
because of your disability,
so they're gonna bring in
another blind girl
to say you're despicable.
That's what I would do.
Wow, all of you lawyers are so awesome.
Let's just focus.
What's the worst thing
that Chloe could say about you?
Worst thing.
That, uh
that I told her her dad
murdered my friend Tyson,
and then I sort of made her
help me frame him
with a trunk full of heroin,
leading him to shoot
himself in the head.
Why don't I just call Chloe?
I'll call her, and I'll, um,
I'll convince her not to testify.
That would be witness tampering.
Do not call her, okay?
Great. You're lying to me.
- What?
- Ever since we started prepping
for the trial, you developed
this thing you do when you lie.
What thing?
Uh, I didn't drink your fancy wine.
It must've spilled down the drain.
Oh, thank you for the visual.
You tuck your hair behind your ears.
I always tuck my hair behind my ears.
Yeah, and now you always
do it when you lie, so
This whole thing just really sucks.
Yes, Murphy, being on trial
for murder does indeed suck,
but you might just want
to keep your hands
under the table in court, okay?
Can you just entertain the idea of
putting me on the stand?
They can say all the bad stuff
they want about me,
but I didn't do this,
and I-I feel like if
I feel like the jury will see that.
For the millionth time, no.
The prosecution will eat you alive.
- We're late!
- All right, I'm ready.
I can hear you both staring.
Just laugh, it's fine.
No, no, I was just gonna ask you
what life was like in the convent.
Mm. Shut up.
I didn't even know
shirts buttoned that high.
We really should get going.
- I'm just gonna get my stuff.
- Okay.
Please stop flirting in front of Lesley.
No, just stop flirting, period.
Felix, stop.
Okay? For the last time,
nothing's going on between us,
so stop.
By the way, um
Chelsea is apparently
testifying against me.
- Chelsea? Oh, God, no.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, no,
this is terrible news for you, Felix.
Um, we were sleeping together,
possibly even falling in love,
before I buried her brother
in a shallow grave,
- and left him there.
- Guys,
stop saying stuff like that.
We are literally
on our way to the trial.
Now we got to go.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah.
You sure?
You don't have to go
to the trial if it's too much.
I'm actually looking forward to it.
I want to see Murphy go down.
Anyway, I should go. Um
First day of this Bolt promotion.
Can't be late for whatever
this new job is.
See you at the trial.
Where'd your sister go?
To say hello to the judge.
S.B., morning.
- S.B.?
- Yeah, Sarah Barnes.
I know my initials, you idiot. You just
- never call me that.
- Oh, yeah, you know, I like to
try nicknames on for size.
I got plenty more in the cache
if you hate it.
- Mm-hmm.
- Sarah Barnes and Noble.
Lucky Barnes.
Today's a good day.
- It sure is.
- Let's do this thang.
Let's do it, baby.
We'll be in in a minute.
He's like a kid on Christmas morning.
This is his Christmas morning.
Let him have it.
Chief, there you are.
I've been trying to reach you.
- Hey, what's up, Leo?
- Just got word
that there was three more Bolt deaths.
One was 16.
How the hell has it already
reached these high school kids?
How the hell do we
have zero leads? Zero.
Superintendent's gonna have my ass.
Darnell's on it.
He's gonna come up with something.
He better.
He better.
Come on, we got to get in there.
Murphy's here.
Circuit court is now in session.
All rise for the
honorable Judge Strauss.
You may be seated.
Case number 044481.
State of Illinois v. Murphy Mason
on one count of first-degree murder.
We'll begin with the opening statements
from the prosecution.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Murphy Mason murdered Nia Bailey
in cold blood.
Do not fall for the innocent act
the defense will play,
because this woman is capable,
She'll lie, cheat,
and even seduce to get her way.
You will see how she's
offered sexual favors in order
to manipulate our witnesses
into doing her bidding.
And we will show how,
time and time again,
when someone gets between
Murphy Mason and what she wants,
she'll take them out.
And that's exactly
what she did to Nia Bailey.
To gain control of
the Chicago drug trade,
she shot Nia Bailey
and tried to cover it up,
but failed.
Nia Bailey's body was
uncovered in Lynwood Forest
the day Murphy Mason fled the country.
Think about that.
- Hi.
- The very day Nia's body is found,
Ms. Mason crosses
the border into Canada.
Not to mention,
the body was found alongside a button,
which we know was from
Ms. Mason's own coat.
Appearances are deceiving.
Murphy Mason knows it.
So don't let her deceive you, too.
She's guilty.
You are here to decide if evidence
proves guilt.
And there's one thing
the prosecutor left out
of her opening statement:
There is none.
Not a viable shred.
Not even a murder weapon.
I'll tell you who Murphy Mason is.
A victim
of Nia Bailey,
of the Chicago Police Department.
A hero
who took down a corrupt
and murderous officer, Dean Riley.
So, don't be distracted
by the mudslinging,
the innuendo,
her sexual proclivities.
And I ask you to take
a hard look at yourselves
and keep in mind
how much differently you'd view
Murphy Mason if she were a man.
Certainly, the prosecution's strategy
would not be to parade one-night stands
in front of you to call
his morality into question.
As a woman, I'm disgusted.
As a lawyer,
it's laughable.
Ms. Mason deserves
a presumption of innocence.
Her character isn't on trial here.
She is,
for a murder she didn't commit.
And if you aren't convinced by evidence
beyond a shadow of a doubt
acquit her.
- Nice.
- Yeah, well, don't get too comfy.
I think the character witnesses
are gonna be
a little rougher.
And what was your relation
to the defendant?
Uh, she basically kidnapped me.
She had me hide her from the cops.
Also, we used to have intercourse.
I don't know how specific
you want me to get.
Well, she used to come into the store
and get a breakfast sandwich
and a morning-after pill.
She seduced me into having a threesome
with that guy over there.
She convinced me to skip school,
steal my dad's car and get high.
She pretended to lose her wallet,
so that I would buy her
all these drinks.
She was all like, "I obviously
don't care that you're married."
After we, uh completed,
she kicked me out.
It was freezing, and I left
my maroon hoodie inside,
and she wouldn't let me back in.
I honestly think she slept
with me just to get my hoodie.
she said she didn't have chlamydia
then I got chlamydia.
She broke into my house
and made me drive her away.
Guidance counselor basically
said that she's the reason
why I'm not gonna get into McGill.
I thought she came back to,
you know, have more intercourse.
And, you know, I'd say, "Murphy,
morning-after pill's really not
supposed to be used like this."
but here I was speeding away
from the frickin' cops.
Only later I learned it was
all so she could keep me from
turning her in
because she was, you know,
wanted for murder.
She just manipulated me.
- Used me.
- Worst person in the world.
- Ruined.
- Toxic.
Ruined my life.
And what was your
relation to the defendant?
My relation?
Uh, I'm Murphy's mother.
You made a call to Josh Wallace,
a consultant for the
Chicago Police Department
on December 23.
I didn't want Murphy
disappearing like her friend Jess.
I called the cops to protect her.
By way of arresting her, correct?
On some level, you must've
assumed she was guilty.
I mean, what kind of mother
would knowingly
put her innocent child behind bars?
I No.
Look, I just
I just wanted to keep her out of danger.
On November 24,
the morning of Nia Bailey's death,
did you have any interactions
with Murphy?
She needed some supplies
for a fundraiser
that she was doing for Guiding Hope.
I see.
What kind of supplies?
Folding tables.
Entering into evidence
Exhibit 23.
What is it?
It's a house. The lawyer
just zoomed in on the garage.
This is from your
neighbor's security cam
on the morning Murphy came to get
those supplies.
I understand you want
to protect your daughter,
but perjury's a crime.
So, before I press play,
let's try this one more time.
Four hours after the coroner estimates
that Nia Bailey had been shot to death,
Murphy Mason comes
to your garage and takes what?
No further questions.
I'll take your coat.
Thank you.
I think I'm just gonna lie down.
Murphy, it's circumstantial.
Try not to worry about it.
Call Chloe.
Hey, Chloe, it's Murphy.
Look, I really, really, really,
really need you
not to testify tomorrow.
Okay, I know you're, uh
I guess you're mad at me
or whatever, but
Chloe, I didn't do this, and, um
I need you to just
Hey, uh, can I borrow your truck?
I'm gonna go get a taco.
A taco?
Yeah, you know when you
have a craving for, like,
a super specific food?
- Yeah, I guess. Here.
- Thanks, uh
Anyone else want a taco?
No? Okay, your loss.
You were great today.
No, I'm serious.
What you're doing for Murphy
is really something.
It won't be if I lose.
Great. Now, I have to go to the office
to get the DNA analysis
because my assistant is at
a stupid Harry Styles concert.
You want me to go with you?
No, I'm fine.
I'm sorry.
I'll be a few hours. I'll get
more done at the office anyway.
Come on, buddy.
Come on. Ooh. Just lay down.
Lesley and Felix went out.
Yeah, I-I heard.
Do you know for how long?
I don't know. Couple hours.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm awesome.
You know, none of those people
who testified really even know you.
Thank you for being there for me today.
- It meant a lot.
- Hmm.
You know, c
Considering what?
Always a wordsmith, Murphy.
You're like a poet.
Shut up.
I'm gonna go to my room.
Have fun.
I will.
"I'd love to have a beer with you."
"I'd love to have a beer with you."
"I'd love to have a beer with you."
"I'd love to have
a beer with you." Yeah.
She wants me.
Great. I used my last condom
flushing drugs because this is my life.
Oh, my God.
Hey, buddy.
What're you doing here all alone?
Oh. Felix?
Oh, my God
What the hell, guys?
- You promised.
- I know.
- You promised!
- I know.
Felix, hang on, hang on.
- Felix, hang on.
- I know.
Oh, my God.
You've become quite
the drinker since we dated.
Well you know
If the shoe fits.
- When in Rome?
- No.
I don't know the expression
I'm looking for.
Why are you so jittery?
Oh, I don't know.
You know, a lot has happened
since I last saw you.
Stuff I'm not proud of.
Don't beat yourself up.
The only person I blame is Ben.
He was an addict,
and he was for a long time,
I don't know, in a way, I
It was almost like
his death was inevitable.
It wasn't your fault.
Or Murphy's.
I don't even know why the prosecution
wants me on the stand.
- Heavy stuff.
- Yeah.
No, don't be, don't be. Um
Seriously, just so glad to hear
that you don't totally hate my guts.
You don't totally hate my guts, right?
No. Should we get another round, though?
Sure. Yeah, on me.
All this is on me, okay?
Excuse me?
Come on.
Felix, pick up.
- Anything?
- Nothing. Come on.
Where did he even go?
No idea. He's probably telling Lesley.
We didn't do anything.
We didn't even
we didn't even finish.
Yeah, I'm sure
she'll totally understand.
God, this is such a disaster.
Why did you even come out of your room?
Love how this is my fault.
It is!
Cool, Murphy.
Cool, Max.
I'll just keep trying him, I guess.
Oh, my God.
Boring. Next.
Oh, I got it, I got it.
Museum docent.
- Museum docent?
- Mm-hmm.
That's what you think
I should do with my life?
Yeah. It's safe, it's quiet.
It's not gonna lead to murder.
All right, I I didn't murder anyone.
Oh, I'm sorry, you were
just tied to a pole
in the next room as a murder took place.
I mean, how did that happen to you?
Well, the answer to that is, uh
Murphy Mason.
- Oh, my God.
- What?
You're in love with her.
- I'm not in love with her.
- Are you sure?
That I am not in love with her.
I'm not. And even if I was,
- that's a moot point.
- Mm-hmm.
Because Murphy Mason is in love
with Max Parish.
And Max Parish loves Murphy Mason.
I thought you said that
Max was dating your sister.
Right? You'd think that when
people are dating each other
they don't sleep with
other people, but
what do I know?
So Murphy and Max are, like, fully
Yeah. I walked in on 'em
right before coming here.
Oh, my God.
let's not talk about
Murphy anymore, okay?
- You
- Oh
are so pretty.
You're so drunk.
- No.
- Yeah, you are.
Maybe when you sober up a bit.
I-I'll get some bread.
Should I get some bread?
No, it's late. I should go anyway.
I'm really happy we did this.
I-I-I'm so, so happy we did this.
And I'm sorry, I feel like I blew it.
But can-can I take you
to dinner this week? And
two-drink maximum. I promise.
Yeah, I'd love that.
- Mm-hmm.
- Cool.
- Bye.
- Good night.
Good night.
How's Lesley?
Totally normal.
I didn't tell my sister,
and I'm not going to, so
- Really?
- Yeah.
I love you too much
to jeopardize your case.
And why would
Murphy Mason want to kill Nia Bailey?
She murdered her in a power grab
to take control of the operation.
That's-that's our working theory.
And how did you come to this conclusion?
We suspected of trafficking
heroin for some time.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You didn't answer my texts.
Why didn't you show up yesterday?
I spent all day and night
dropping off pills,
dressed as a handyman.
I'm just a runner.
And what about the Reggie guy?
He won't tell me anything.
After Nia Bailey's death,
did you attempt
to question Miss Mason?
Come on, there's gotta be
a way up the ladder.
I honestly don't think so.
Their inner circle is tight, Sarah.
Like, way tighter than ours ever was.
- Objection.
- Sustained.
No further questions.
Counselor, your witness.
How did you first meet my client?
Through my former partner, Dean Riley.
Didn't my client prove
Dean Riley murdered Tyson Parker
in an attempt to cover up his own role
in the Nia Bailey organization?
Objection. Relevance?
The jury is entitled to know
the full scope
of Chief Clemens' history
with my client.
I'll allow it.
Chief Clemens?
Yes, she did.
So my client proves
a Chicago PD officer,
your own partner, was a murderer
working for a drug kingpin.
And then, magically, shortly after,
that same department finds a button
that makes my client
look like a guilty party.
It's almost as if the police
intentionally manipulated evidence.
- That's not what happened.
- Objection, Your Honor!
Withdrawn, Your Honor.
It was just a working theory.
No more questions.
You may step down, Mr. Clemens.
Will the prosecution call
its next witness?
The prosecution calls Chloe Riley.
Chloe Riley?
Chloe Riley?
She's not here.
Call your next witness, Counselor.
Actually, in that case, I'd like
to request a short recess.
15 minutes.
So Darnell really has nothing?
Nothing. Apparently,
it's an impenetrable operation.
He said he's never seen
anything like it.
- Well, that was brutal.
- What?
Your testimony, mate.
Also, Lesley keeps mentioning
lack of murder weapon.
So I was thinking,
that thing that Felix said
at Lesley's house about
leaving the gun with Mary
Dude, this investigation
is over. It's done!
We're in the middle
of a trial now, Josh.
God, man, you're so
- Uh
- Hey.
I just wanted to say what's up, man.
- Good to see you, man.
- Yeah, it's good seeing you.
You have some real audacity
to show your face here.
Not now, Murph.
- What, at my sister's murder trial?
- Oh.
It's convenient timing
to decide you're her brother.
I have always been her brother, Murphy.
Even when you used me to take her down?
You dragged me into this.
You dragged me into this, Darnell,
and then you turned me in.
You know just as well as I do
that I did not kill her.
You may not have pulled
that trigger, Murphy,
but you sure as hell killed her.
Okay. Okay, have fun
up on that high horse.
We both know the truth.
Your sister is dead because of you.
Come on, come on. All right.
Let's go sit down.
Court is now in session.
The prosecution calls
Josh Wallace to the stand.
No more questions.
Let's talk about your
relationship with my client.
You two had tons of sex, right?
She dragged countless men in here
that my client had intercourse with
that have nothing to do with this case,
but suddenly I can't bring up the fact
that she had sex with the person
accusing her of all this?
Could you describe the last
moments of your relationship?
It was early morning.
I confronted Murphy about
the connection to Nia Bailey.
She fled the apartment.
Her apartment.
So you're upset,
you're alone,
and you have access
to all of her belongings.
And she left without her coat.
The very coat the button allegedly found
- in the woods came from.
- Well, I didn't
Did you or did you not have access
to all of her belongings?
I found that button in Lynwood Forest,
- next to those bodies.
- But isn't it true
that you lost your job with IRS CI
because you failed a visual acuity exam?
In fact, don't you have the same
condition as my client:
retinitis pigmentosa?
Murphy's condition is further along.
I'm only legally blind.
So as a matter of law
you are a blind person.
Is that correct?
Yes, but I still found the button,
covered in blood, right next
to where the bodies were found.
I know what you're
implying, and frankly,
it's more than conjecture,
it's offensive.
I've been to countless
doctors and specialists
who say it could still take years
for me to lose my eyesight.
I can still see quite a lot.
Oh, yeah? Prove it.
Would you please point
to the button on the floor?
These are courtroom theatrics.
He says he found the button.
Let's see if he's capable of that.
I'll allow it.
Mr. Wallace, go ahead.
Uh I, uh
Here it is.
Right in front of you.
No more questions.
Mr. Wallace, you may step down.
I heard what happened
in court today. I'm sorry.
It is what it is.
And Murphy will get away
with it, like she always does.
And I failed you.
Just like I failed everything.
Come on
- You didn't
- I basically just got fired.
Unless I, you know,
magically make some headway
on this Bolt case in the next 48 hours,
the superintendent is gonna
replace me with Peters.
Ah. Well, then, I'm sorry.
All this was for nothing, Josh.
It's gonna go back to exactly
how it was around here.
Whatever, man. You know what?
I'm still chief, right? Okay.
Then let's at least get Murphy.
And I mean let's bury her.
The gun's with Mary, right?
Okay, let's find this Mary.
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