In The Dark (2019) s04e06 Episode Script

The Trial of Murphy Mason, Part Two

Previously on "In the Dark"
BAILIFF: Circuit court is
now in session.
JAMIE: Murphy Mason
murdered Nia Bailey in cold blood.
Do not fall for the innocent act
the defense will play.
LESLEY: Great. You're lying to me.
Ever since we started
prepping for the trial,
you developed this thing
you do when you lie
you tuck your hair behind your ears.
Hey, Chloe. It's Murphy.
Look, I really
need you not to testify tomorrow.
STRAUSS: Chloe Riley?
MURPHY: By the way, um
Chelsea is apparently testifying
against me.
I don't even know why the
prosecution wants me on the stand.
The only person I blame is Ben.
It wasn't your fault or Murphy's.
You are here to decide
if evidence proves guilt.
There is none.
Not even a murder weapon.
I do know
why they never found the gun.
I didn't bury it in the woods.
I hid it with Mary's.
GENE: Okay.
Then let's at least get Murphy.
The gun's with Mary, right?
Let's find this Mary.
Hey. I checked all
of their social media accounts.
Now, the only person
that Felix knows named Mary
lives in San Francisco.
Now, there's no way he would've
stashed the gun there.
I just feel like he would have
hid it as soon as possible
after burying the bodies.
Let's look around the woods.
For people who live in the area
named Mary?
Yeah, and the stores,
street names, anything.
Yeah. I'm on it.
Hey. Uh,
Murphy's trial resumes
in about a half hour.
You want me to handle this
so you can go?
No. I'd rather focus on this.
Yeah, I can't stomach watching
how smug she gets
when everything seems
to be going her way.
Yeah. Yeah, I don't think
there'll be any big surprises.
STRAUSS: Ms. Chelsea Green,
do you swear or affirm
on the penalty of perjury
[WHISPERING]: Don't worry. She's
surprisingly cool about it all.
How do you know?
STRAUSS: Thank you. You may be seated.
Ms. Green,
how do you know the defendant?
She murdered my brother.
STRAUSS: Sustained.
The jury will disregard.
How did you first meet Murphy?
I was a bartender at the Linsmore.
And since Murphy is a raging alcoholic,
- LESLEY: Objection.
- I'd watch her get blackout drunk
and have sex with whatever
- random dude was there.
- Objection.
- Your Honor.
- STRAUSS: Ms. Green.
keep your answers factual.
That is a fact.
JAMIE: You have some strong feelings
about the defendant.
Can you help the jury understand why?
My brother was an addict.
In recovery, I might add.
Murphy and her friends got him mixed up
in their heroin business.
And he ended up dead from an overdose.
And then they dumped
his body in the woods
and pretended he never existed.
It's unconscionable.
Your witness.
This is all speculation.
Can we focus on facts, please?
For example, isn't it true that
It's a fact that your brother
bought me drinks last night
to butter me up.
I'm not an expert or anything,
but isn't that witness tampering?
She texted me.
She texted me f-first. I'll show you
FELIX: I'm sorry.
Your Honor, motion
to strike from the record.
This is completely irrelevant.
STRAUSS: Motion denied.
I got the name and number of
the bartender if you need proof.
LESLEY: If the prosecution
continues to throw out
prejudicial accusations,
how can my client
get the fair hearing that she deserves?
Honestly, it's sort of hilarious
that you're defending someone
who had sex with your boyfriend
last night.
Felix walked in on them.
He didn't tell you?
Move to strike witness'
last answer as irrelevant.
STRAUSS: Sustained.
No more questions.

- Listen to me.
- Chelsea's lying.
She lied.
She's just mad about her brother.
Nothing happened between me and Max.
You know that?
Nothing. We did nothing. Abso
I'm out there fighting for you.
I know.
For your entire life!
Not to mention, do you have any idea
how much trouble you've gotten
me in?! And then you just
I'm sorry that I got you
mixed up in all of this.
I'm sorry, but
Oh, my God, you're unbelievable.
I love Max.
I-I know. I'm sorry. I
I love him, and
You must be so tired.
Running from lie to lie,
making sure you ignore
the pieces of the puzzle
that tell you who you actually are.
- Lesley
- 'Cause the thing is,
you're a bad person, Murphy.
Every single person
who testified against you
didn't have to be here.
They did it because
they hate you that much.
[QUIETLY]: Oh, God.
GENE: Okay. Running a search
for people by the name
of Mary off Exit 45.
- Ooh, that's a long list.
Oh. Perfect.
Guys, I've been playing
the recording from the basement
on repeat. Listen to this.
FELIX: I hid it with Mary's.
Yeah, I know. We're looking
for whoever Mary is.
I don't think it's one person.
- MAX: You what?
FELIX: I hid it with Marys.
Did he say "Marys"?
What, like more than one Mary?
Oh, come on. There are
still, like, 13 households
in the area with at least
two people named Mary.
Wow. Must be a pretty
Catholic neighborhood.
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah, Right.
- Wait a second.
- What's up?
Didn't you say there was a
church off this highway exit?
GENE: Yeah? So?
what if the Marys he's
referring to are, like,
I don't I don't know
you know, depictions of-of
The Virgin Mary?
- Yeah.
- You serious?
I'll call the church and see
if they have security footage.
All right.
Maybe this is We can start.
It's better than that big-ass
list of Marys that we just saw.
[SNIFFLES] Lesley.
Scuse me. I'm looking
for my trial. I don't know
I don't know which room it's in.
Can you help me?
- Murphy Mason.
- LAWYER: No, sorry.
You can check
the court assignments up front.
MAX: Murph.
Oh, thank God.
Where's-where's Lesley?
I don't know. Been looking for you.
[SIGHS] I need, I need to fix this.
I don't know what to do.
- I need her.
- Okay.
This is such a disaster.
All right, look,
court's not back in session
for another 45 minutes.
I'll go try to find her, talk to her.
I'll do what I can. All right?
[SHUDDERS] This is so bad.
Here, just sit down. Sit down.
Just stay here, please.





MAX: Hey.
- Did you find her?
- No.
I tr I tried calling her,
like, a million times.
Oh, my God.
Where the hell is she?
I don't know.
Fe-Felix is also looking.
What do I do?
We should get back in there.
Without a lawyer?
I don't know, Murphy.
Ms. Mason.
- Your counsel?
- I know.
Just give me a second.
[QUIETLY]: So, I checked
the parking lot,
and her car is gone.
Lesley did a great job.
Just say the defense rests.
The defense rests.
Can I call myself to the stand?
No. Uh
No, no.
Oh, God.
It's unusual.
But in light of the
circumstances, I'll allow it.
Murphy, you don't want to do that.
The-the prosecution's
gonna cross-examine you.
I can take her.
Thank you.
Raise your right hand.
Do you swear or affirm
on the penalty of perjury
that the testimony you're
about to give is the truth
and nothing but the truth?
I do.
Please be seated.
I've always wondered, uh
sort of wondered if I'm a bad person.
And if there's anything I've learned
in the last two days, uh
it's that I am.
I'm a really, really bad person.
I'm this tornado that, uh,
sucks people in
and spits them out
worse than they were before they met me.
I'm sure that's no surprise to you guys
after, uh, everything you've heard.
If I was on trial for being a bad friend
or a bad daughter
I don't know,
someone who sleeps with a guy
to get his hoodie, then yes,
you could convict me.
But you're here to decide
if I'm guilty of murder,
and there's no evidence
that proves that.
Because I didn't do it.
[SOFTLY]: I didn't do it.
I would never kill anyone.
- Your witness.
You know something, Ms. Mason?
You bring up a good point.
We could use a little
evidence bolstering.
So do you want to tell me where you were
on November 27, around 5:00 p.m.,
three hours before you fled the country?
No idea.
I'll jog your memory.
You were standing outside
Sacred Heart Catholic Church,
where the gun that was used
to shoot Nia Bailey
was found earlier today.
Objection! Did she disclose that?
Sit down, young man.
Not that I owe this young man
an explanation,
but this evidence came to
light during our recess.
I was going to ask for a sidebar,
but the defendant's lawyer
seems to be missing.
STRAUSS: Obviously, this is
going to prolong the trial a little bit.
I'd like to see the paperwork
for the evidence at hand.
- We'll adjourn for the day.
- Okay.
- All right. Three
- Two
- two, one.
JOSH: I need the bag.
- The plastic bag.
- GENE: Hold on.
- JOSH: Here, look, look.
- GENE: Whatcha got? Whatcha got?
JOSH: It's a button.
From Murphy's jacket.
It's the same color.
GENE: Wait, wait, wait. Let me see.
There's blood on this, man.
- Hey! Hey!
- Run.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Don't like the name hooligan ♪
Should be a shame, hooligan ♪
JOSH: Damn it.
Your doings will fail ♪
- Hooligan ♪
- Almost there. We're almost there.
Come back to work, hooligan ♪
Pull the car around.
I'm gonna cover our tracks.
You will go to jail ♪
You prowl every street at night ♪
Looking for loot or fight ♪
You know that thing is not right ♪
You doggone hooligan ♪
Believing that you are bad ♪
You make everybody sad ♪
But you are a silly lad ♪
You doggone hooligan ♪

We can point fingers all day,
but what's done is done.
They're gonna find Murphy's DNA,
probably mine, too.
All our footprints, by the way.
And it's only a matter of time
before they find the bodies.
- It's over.
- Hey, I'm, uh,
I'm gonna go see if there's
a bathroom here I can use.
MURPHY: A bathroom? Are you kidding me?
I gotta go!
You prowl every street at night ♪
Looking for loot or fight ♪
You know that thing is not right ♪
You doggone hooligan ♪
Believing that you are bad ♪
You make everybody sad ♪
But you are a silly lad ♪
You doggone hooligan ♪
Hooligan ♪
Stay in your bed, hooligan ♪
One ounce of lead, hooligan ♪
Will make your skin quail. ♪
FELIX: I knew if, by some small chance
the cops managed to find the bodies,
they'd also find the gun,
since it wasn't that far away
and I had to separate
the lock from the key.
I'm sorry, okay? I'm so, so sorry.
I, you know, I just, I hid the gun
thinking no one would find it.
I honestly have no idea how they did.
And the Chelsea thing, I just, you know,
I wanted to get a drink with
her so she could, like,
clear my conscience.
But I had just walked in on you and Max,
and she was being so nice.
And then I just stupidly
I stupidly confided in her, okay?
I-I spilled the beans.
But look, this gun is not necessarily
a nail in the coffin.
We were all in that parking lot.
You, me, Max, Jess
I know, Murphy,
but we are out of options. Okay?
You aren't the one who shot Nia,
and you're about to get convicted
- for something Jess did.
- She did it to save me.
- But you can't go back to prison!
- Maybe I deserve to!
I might not have killed anyone, but I
I did so many other
horrible things, Felix.
We were both in that courtroom.
It's just [SNIFFLES]
just karma finally
caught up to me, I guess.
It's okay.
I'll be okay.
I'll be okay.
I always am.
You ready to go, sweetheart?
You need some rest.
Oh, God. Yeah.
So what would you like to eat?
Not hungry.
Oh, I gotta
Call Chloe.
I need to thank her.
Not that it mattered.
Murphy, sweetheart, when's
the last time you ate?
Mom, I don't [STAMMERS]
I don't want to eat right now.
Sorry, who is this?
Chloe's in the hospital.
Oh, my God.
It was an overdose.
She doesn't even drink.
Apparently, she does.
She had a bunch of alcohol
found in her system, too.
What did What did she even take?
It's called Bolt.
What is that?
It's this stupid yellow pill
with this stupid lightning bolt on it.
It's everywhere. I can't stop it.
That's why I came here,
to see where she got it.
But, uh, obviously it's not
a good time for questioning her.
Can you give us a minute?
I'm here, Chloe, it's me.
It's me, okay? I'm right here. [INHALES]
I'm here, okay? I'm right here.
Can you hear me?
I'm here.
I'm right here.
I needed you.
Are we alone?
Um, yeah.
You're on the Bolt case?
I can help.
I know stuff.
Yeah, I gathered that. What do you know?
I know who was dealing in prison.
She had a lot of power.
I think she's, uh
I think she was pretty high up.
I think she could lead me to
whoever's running this thing.
But, uh
I don't think I can do that
from behind bars.
So you're looking for a deal.
Well, if I get off,
I can help you get
this drug off the streets.
Whoever did this to Chloe
I want to destroy them.
two birds.
You want to work as a CI?
Murphy, I don't think you understand
how dangerous something like that is.
- You can get yourself killed.
- I don't care.
You can get anyone who knows
what you're doing killed.
Everyone in your little posse.
Well, I can't
Max and Felix, I can't
keep it from them, but
They know me too well.
They're not gonna
You're not hearing me.
Max and Felix would be
put in danger by nature of knowing.
This organization is ruthless.
And if Max and Felix are gonna
find this out anyway,
- then maybe this isn't the job for you.
- No, no. No.
[EXHALES] I'll figure it out.
I'll figure it out.
What about your mom?
I'll just tell her I got a job as a
receptionist or something.
She wants me to get
my life together so badly
she'll believe it.
Look, I'll, uh
I'll think about it. Okay?
Excuse me.
Get Mason.
What's up?
Hey. Thanks for coming in so late.
Um, I think I may have found our way
up the Bolt food chain.
- What?
- Yeah.
- How?
- Murphy Mason.
You're joking.
- She's willing to work with us.
- Of course she is.
She'll say anything. She wants a deal.
I mean, not necessarily.
So you already gave her one?
Okay, yes.
She's trying to get a deal,
but she also knows
someone really high up
that was dealing in prison.
I mean, say what you will about her,
but she's not terrible as this.
Yeah, because she has no moral compass.
We can't trust her.
Okay, well, look, Darnell
isn't getting us anywhere.
He's trying.
This organization is tough to penetrate.
Exactly. And my back is
against the wall, Sarah.
I kinda didn't have a choice.
I don't want you
to lose your job, either.
I like seeing your face around here.
- It is kind of cute, huh?
Oh, we are gonna have to come up with
one hell of a cover story.
- I already thought of one.
- What?
But if she doesn't do
exactly what we say,
then her ass is back in court.
And let's remind her how that ends.
Does she have any idea
how dangerous this is?
I told her.
No one can know.
Not even her closest friends.
So they just called you in early?
- Yeah.
- I wonder why.
I don't know.
Look, no matter what happens,
I'm always gonna be here for you, okay?
Even if you're found guilty.
I'll visit you every single day,
file a billion appeals,
whatever it takes.
At some point you're gonna
need to get a life.
I don't want a life without you.
Well, you should.
You heard what
they said about me. I'm
I use everyone, toxic.
- Shut up.
- A monster.
They're idiots.
They don't know you like I do.
All right, you ready?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
STRAUSS: Thank you for
coming in on such short notice.
In light of this crucial
new evidence appearing
without adequate counsel
for the defense,
it is the opinion of this court
to declare a mistrial.
Court is adjourned.

How do you feel?
Um, good. Weird.
I'm just kind of in limbo now.
Look, Murphy, I, uh
I don't know when they're
gonna reschedule your trial,
or what's gonna happen when they do
but I do know that
whatever time is left,
that it's you that I want to be with.
What about everything
you said in the basement?
About how everything
that happened between us
was meaningless?
I guess I was just trying
to convince myself that it was.
it could never be between us.
What about normalcy?
Yeah, well, I thought
I wanted that, too,
but look what I did.
I-I keep staring at my phone
knowing that I should
call Lesley, but
I just don't.
- I don't know.
- Mm.
You know, maybe I should stop
lying to myself
and be with the only person
that I've ever really loved.
I just can't right now.
It'll be too hard if
I have to go back to prison.
I I-I don't understand.
A week ago you were begging me
to leave Lesley.
You professed your love
for me, and now this?
I know. I'm sorry.
Okay, you're gonna have to tell me
what's really going on here, Murph.
Nothing's going on.
I just don't want to be with you.

All in your eyes ♪
All in your eyes ♪
All in your eyes ♪
All in your eyes ♪
You want to hold me ♪
In your arms ♪
And you want to tell me ♪
All my charms ♪
And you hope that you ♪
Can win my heart ♪
Well, I read it all ♪
In your eyes ♪

You want to kiss ♪
My lips ♪
And you want to caress ♪
My fingertips ♪
And you promise a new love ♪
True love is found ♪
Well, I read it all ♪
In your eyes ♪
You want to say ♪
So many things ♪
But words won't come ♪
To you ♪
You want to buy ♪
An engagement ring ♪

To prove to me your love ♪
Is true, I know it's true ♪
You want to walk me ♪
Down the aisle ♪
And you want to wear ♪
Wear a smile ♪
And you promise to love me ♪
Till death do us part ♪
Well, I read it all ♪
In your eyes ♪
Yes, I read it all ♪
In your eyes. ♪
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