In the Face of Crime (2010) s01e01 Episode Script

Berlin ist das Paradies

Grandmother said,
"Lenotschka, child,
you will see the man you love under water."
That's what happened to her,
to Mom,
and it would happen to me, too.
But all I ever saw
was a German tank
from the Great Patriotic War.
But no man
to take me away from here.
Back then,
I only dealt with petty criminals.
That was before
I switched to organized crime.
We were going to enforce an arrest warrant.
That was our livelihood.
get a good look at this guy's face.
Max Weber, early 20's.
He didn't show for his jail sentence,
so we're bringing him in.
Lives with Mom and Dad,
little brother.
No mutts,
no predators.
Got it?
Eva Padelski:
Moves like the eternal police cadet.
Always wants to be first,
hardly any sense of humor.
Anja Kirchner: She's already had
two disciplinary complaints.
Once for getting involved
with a material witness.
Sven Lottner:
He can't wait to get out of our unit,
and into
the LKA (State Bureau of Investigation).
He's going to make it too,
but he doesn't know it yet.
And me?
Marek Gorksy: Unit six.
I'm satisfied
with the work and pay,
till now.
- Clear.
Hands up!
- Stay down!
Are they all Vietnamese?
- Affirmative.
Anybody speak German?
- What do you want?
Is this the Weber apartment?
No Weber here.
Wrong apartment.
But this is the Weber apartment.
- Not here.
On the other side of the hall.
- Shit!
We're leaving your apartment.
Everything's okay.
The police will replace your door.
I'm sorry.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
I understand.
I'll tell them.
You got the sides mixed up.
- Great, you can write the report.
but nobody can read that.
Be quiet, please.
- Police!
Hands in the air!
It's okay, we're from the police.
He's not here.
- Can you understand me?
We're here to arrest Max.
He didn't show for his jail sentence.
What did Max do?
- He robbed a gas station.
He was sentenced
to 18 months in prison.
He failed to report
to prison yesterday.
My son isn't here.
- Stay calm.
We don't know where he is.
Excuse me.
What about the door, huh?
The door's broken!
What did you do?
You should've just rung the doorbell!
Now it's broken!
It's okay.
Gas pistol.
- What were you doing with it?
I wanted to hide it.
Does it belong to your brother?
You want
to help your brother, huh?
That gun
got him in trouble.
It was just a robbery, but
Once you hold a gun in your hand,
you want to load it.
Once you load it,
you want to fire it, and then
Let me tell you something.
I had a big brother too.
They shot him.
I miss him.
What about the weapon?
- We say it's lost property, okay?
He only wanted to hide his brother's gun.
- Yeah.
No, target person wasn't found.
Understood. Over.
Could you understand his parents?
Yes. His dad wanted to rat on him,
but him mom was against it.
He said Max is at a girlfriend's,
or at a club tonight.
I think I even know which club.
Wanna go after work?
I'll probably be feeling like shit.
Can I call you guys?
No. Why?
- I'm getting divorced today.
Why marry a coworker?
You shouldn't even sleep with 'em.
There are exceptions.
- Yes, and you're one of them,
but not your ex.
He's as screwed up as we are.
Should we come along?
- I can handle it.
It can't get any worse.
- We won't abandon you.
A pretty girl's supposed to live here.
- Who says?
It's what I heard.
We'll find out in a second.
Yeah, yeah.
Everything's easy in the Ukraine.
I lied,
and said it was a kitchen job.
She's not the pretty one.
- She's okay.
Ask her where her friend is.
She's looking for her friend.
Dad says she's swimming.
She should come home
before she turns into a fish.
They'll pay for the trip,
and get us visas.
We're getting work!
What's there to think about?
I'm afraid of going abroad.
They promise the world,
but it will only end in tears.
Don't be afraid.
Don't be stupid, Lenka.
Maybe we'll marry
some nice Germans,
have kids, a good life
We'll be happy.
I know we'll be happy.
You speak German?
- Grandma has an old dictionary.
This is like at the Black Sea in Turkey,
where my grandparents come from.
Just your grandparents?
- My parents live in Germany.
What's Berlin like?
Too many Germans.
Whose horse is that?
Can I ride it?
Just try,
and you'll see.
Look, Ahmed,
I'm going to ride the horse!
Watch how I ride the horse!
What about your friend?
Does she want to come?
What's her name?
Are you taking us to Germany
on horseback?
I'll get you there.
Don't you worry, Lenka.
Where are they going to work?
- In Berlin,
in the kitchen of a good restaurant.
Berlin! You're lucky.
You'll make lots of money.
Do you believe him?
Earn a lot, earn more,
earn less,
earn nothing at all, Earn a lot,
earn more, earn less,
now you're legally divorced.
- Hello.
Maybe it was my fault.
We could've worked it out.
What, you want to marry him again?
- No.
Come on.
Start something new.
Who can be sad
in great times like these?
Come on, we'll show you
how to really live.
Get ready!
Crash landing!
Look, over there!
Hey, Lotte!
Come on! Come on!
Let's drink to your first jump!
Like this?
- Yup.
Come on!
- Pull!
Now you're stuck too!
You're stuck too!
To your first jump!
Take a real sip.
I always get his women.
- Yeah, yeah.
I give them
what they've been missing!
do you remember?
He was such a loving boy.
And he used to sing
with such a lovely voice.
And he made everybody laugh.
How could I forget?
You used to bring me your shoes,
Did I do such a bad job
that you stopped coming?
- You're still working?
What else is there for me to do?
Russian ice cream!
It tastes just like it did
when I was a kid.
It brings a tear to my eye
when I eat it.
I'll tell a story.
In the winter of 1943,
Churchill was in Moscow.
He visited Stalin.
He walked through the streets,
and everywhere he looked,
people were eating ice cream.
And he said,
"A nation that eats
ice cream in winter
can't be conquered."
Cigarettes will be the death of you.
Everybody has to go sometime.
What are you doing?
- It's not for you,
it's for your heart.
Your good heart
has always made us happy.
You should
take care of it a while longer,
with the best possible medicine.
Keep it.
how I came here from Odessa,
with nothing?
You helped me,
welcomed me into your house.
I'm only returning
what's rightfully yours.
Go to this professor.
And if he can't help you,
I'll personally
send him packing.
You wolfed down your ice cream.
But that's nothing new,
is it?
Thanks, Sylvia.
Can't you look at my brother?
Is he invisible, or what?
Do I have to look a mussar in the eyes?
- "Mussar" is a pretty bad word.
She used to stare at you.
You've become so handsome.
That's enough.
You're such a handsome young man.
The spitting image of Grischa.
I don't look like Grischa.
Sylvia doesn't look at you
because of your job.
Promise me
you'll find a real woman,
marry her
and have children.
With the work I do,
who's going to want to live with me?
Why did you become a policeman?
You're so intelligent!
And now I'm not?
I still am, right?
Just promise me
you won't fall for a Russian.
Find yourself a Jew,
or an Aryan German for all I care,
but no Russians, okay?
Jewish mamas like us are loyal.
- A real woman.
We just love
saying stuff like that, don't we?
Take the bottles.
Take the vodka.
They'll be satisfied and quiet.
You bastard.
My brother!
The chalk outline
was the last I saw of Grischa.
I often think about
everything he missed out on,
and what he could've shown me.
The murderer
is still a free man.
Maybe he's already
forgotten about it,
even though
it destroyed an entire family.
I don't even have a face to hate.
He could walk by right now,
and we'd never know.
Yes, that's true.
You don't know
how hard his death was for me.
There was a hole inside me
for years.
Mischa was my saving grace.
The question is,
how good
can our time in this world be
if we waste it
on dead feelings?
That's why my love for Mischa
was so special to me.
You should enjoy life too, Marek.
Come on.
Stop chasing ghosts like an old man.
I missed you so much!
I know.
Yeah, yeah, you know.
Show me what you've got.
And block! Good.
Want a drink?
- Orange juice.
Orange juice and vodka for me.
You too?
No, I have to work.
Okay, I'll pull you in.
With the knee!
Look what I made.
Let's read something, Simon.
Come on.
Come on, sweetie.
I'm going to transform myself
into the boss of the Odessa.
It's just a role. They're better off
without me, but what can you do?
I attend to the wait staff
and the kitchen first.
I try out
different dishes each week.
Our staff wear suits.
Black vest,
white shirt and a bow tie.
They have to hang a towel on their arm
when I'm there.
They throw them in the corner
when I go.
And you?
Do you still like being
the Mr. Friendly Policeman?
Or does it just make you
happy and rich?
Don't you ever swipe anything?
If you did,
I might understand
why you're a mussar!
What do you think?
Wow, huh?
A real Russian woman
has to seem arrogant,
Can you zip me up, please?
Watch this! I'll show you!
This is how I walk in.
I come in,
and walk
the whole length of the place.
Then I go back,
and look in the book.
Who's sitting where?
Then I have to do something.
So I go to the kitchen.
I open the door.
It stinks in there!
Everything okay? "Yes, yes."
Do you need anything? "No, no."
See you later.
Then I go to the bar.
I've been there a while.
The waiter pours me
a glass of wine.
I check if the glass is clean.
Sometimes the ritual is done in an hour.
I say, "Have fun.
Call me if there's a problem."
That's it. Time to go home.
Come with me tonight,
for once.
Just this once.
You've never been there.
Come see my kingdom,
that isn't mine to rule.
Come on,
it's a special day.
Grischa's day.
Our brother's been dead
for ten years.
You became a cop,
and I married a Russian.
The family
couldn't have done any worse.
I've waited a long time for this.
Hello, Mischa.
Eat and drink as you like.
Make yourself at home.
I've got my coffee.
I came with her.
I loved that man so much.
He caught me when I was at my lowest,
like a knight.
He controlled me,
and I let him.
"I surrender.
Please tell me what to do."
I just wanted to be
a Russian-Jewish woman.
I just let go.
I had to.
Maybe I knew
it wouldn't work out forever.
A woman grows.
Maybe I'll wake up one of these days
and see Mischa in a completely new light.
Maybe it'll be over soon.
Tell your mistress
that if I see her here again, I'll bite.
There's nothing
going on between us.
Excuse me.
Check, please.
He can do what he wants,
but not right in front of me!
Go, or you'll be late.
The truck's on its way.
It'll be in Berlin in an hour.
Go, Gordon!
Hit the music! Go!
Come on!
Do it,
you old Turk!
Get closer!
Blow them away!
Let go!
They shot at us!
Give me your mobile.
Where's my mobile?
I can't hear a thing.
Our truck's been captured.
How is that possible?
I'll find out soon,
and solve the problem.
We know who did it.
- Yes, we do.
We're going to change it.
You still thinking about that girl?
Give her something sparkly.
Talk pretty to her.
It's a piece of cake.
- Keep going.
There are sights to see at night.
this is Kolja,
your new boss.
Take care, girls.
this way.
We know who did it.
- Yes, we do.
We're going to change it.
The Vietcong are coming.
They're checking.
They're checking the goods.
They're satisfied.
We're checking too.
We're satisfied too.
that you were satisfied.
We can do this again
any time you want,
and we're always,
always cheaper
than the others.
My brother sincerely thanks
- Wait a minute.
We have to go.
- He who works hard, should play hard.
On the house
for your boys today.
After work.
Come on, cuties.
They said
we'd work in a kitchen.
Life is full of surprises.
You're going to work here,
for Lara.
She's a good woman.
- You guys will be just fine.
I'll show you the ropes.
Vietcong's coming tonight.
15 men.
- What?
It's on the house.
Orders from the boss.
Fine, okay.
It's like this:
You guys cost us money.
places to stay.
If you don't make trouble,
you can pay your debt off quickly.
You can even
save something for yourselves.
We've got your passports.
If you run away,
we'll find you.
we know where you came from.
I'll bring you here
and pick you up every day.
You'll work in a hotel sometimes too, okay?
What have you done?
Didn't it occur to you
we might end up in a place like this?
I won't do it!
We have to escape!
- We'll go to the police!
Are you nuts?
You heard what he said.
Think about it!
Don't cry, Lenka.
I know you pretty well.
I know how strong you are.
You only look weak,
but you're very strong.
Let it out.
Off work already?
1:15 AM:
Lottner? Gorksy?
- In the bathroom.
Both of them?
- Kirchner's in there too.
Oh boy.
When are they
gonna fix the damn light?
Get lost!
The light's broken over there.
- Oh?
Sorry, boss. It's Russian Disco night.
- I know.
We're nabbing a fence.
- I heard you damaged a door?
You could say that.
- Who's writing it up?
I will. I distracted my coworkers
with a personal problem.
Get it done
before the damage report comes in.
I want full names and the works,
got it?
- Did you get the name on the door,
written in Vietnamese?
- There was no name.
That's right.
- That's what I'll write in the report.
But I want a dance tonight,
in return.
He's a tough nut to crack.
He's not the happy ending type.
Hey, dance with me.
- No.
I'm dizzy.
- Dance with me! - No.
Where are your manners?
If she's out with a man,
you ask his permission.
You know the deal.
He who feeds her, dances with her.
Come on,
leave them alone.
She's with me tonight,
so I'm going to dance with her.
How dare you?
Don't you know who I am?
It makes no difference to me
who you are.
But if you're looking
for a sporting challenge,
that can be arranged.
Just not today.
All right,
not today.
Hey, you old Russian!
I had no idea!
Watch what you say.
- I didn't do a thing!
We've got two cops
looking for a little jackal.
Let them,
as long as they don't know about us.
He's not coming back.
I'm gonna dance.
You're always staring at me.
What's up with you?
I brought you something.
Don't open it right away,
Did it cost 50 cents
or something?
Are you nuts?
It cost over 1,000!
I love you, Larissa!
She's smiling!
She smiled!
Let's go.
He's not coming back.
I'll get Anja.
We'll take her home.
Leave her alone. She's a big girl.
- They'll eat her alive!
Vodka, vodka,
vodka, vodka!
I'd like to pay.
- You can't pay with that here.
How come?
- Boss's orders.
I want to buy him a drink.
They print them for a reason,
you know.
I'm sorry!
I can't do it.
Do you have a boyfriend?
- Yes.
Me too,
and now he has to pay.
Give me some cash.
Where you from?
Nice one.
Where you from?
- Where's that?
Never heard of it.
Will you take me there sometime?
I'd go
anywhere with you.
When are you off work?
- My boyfriend's picking me up.
Call him,
and tell him I'll do it.
I'll get you!
Go away!
He's mine!
Face to the ground!
Hands on your head!
Spread 'em!
Shut up, will you?
I'll report you, you faggots!
- Easy, comrade.
We can both testify
that you injured yourself.
It wouldn't do you any good.
You're arrested.
- Send a squad car.
What for?
- Savignypassage.
For evading your jail sentence.
- Really?
Do all these mobiles
belong to you?
It'll all come out in the wash.
Come here!
That's okay, right?
On my forehead.
That's enough.
If we play our cards right,
we can have it all here.
That's why God
brought us here.
We've got pretty dresses,
we're in a nice car.
We'll find good men, too.
Let me see you smile again.
- Okay.
We'll meet again, right?
Prove yourselves,
and you're in.
The biggest scum in the city
lives here.
I want to catch a few of them.
I need your help.
I'm here because of this Russian.
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