In the Face of Crime (2010) s01e02 Episode Script

Wo wir sind, ist vorne

Grandmother said,
"Child, you will see
the man you love under water."
I had a big brother too.
They shot him.
The murderer's free.
Maybe he's forgotten,
even though it destroyed
an entire family.
You became a cop,
and I married a Russian.
The family
couldn't have done any worse.
Our truck's been captured.
We know who did it.
- Yes, we do, and we'll change it.
This is Kolja, your new boss.
What have you done?
It's Russian disco night.
We're nabbing a fence.
It's useless.
We'll both testify that you injured yourself.
If we play our cards right,
we can have it all here.
We'll find good men, too.
Let me see you smile again.
- Okay.
Here, for the tip jar.
Her shoes don't fit.
- She's a country girl.
She'll learn.
Pee in them
if they're too tight.
Weren't you ever in the military?
Yes, my little, dumb jerk.
You're so smart.
- Speak Russian.
That is Russian.
- No, it's not.
It's a Ukrainian dialect.
If I said that in Russian, I'd blush.
It's a lovely
summer morning,
here in Charlottenburg.
There are a few clouds
5:03 AM. FRlDAY.
- I want out!
Let me go!
Straight ahead
The coffee's been better.
We found it
in your room at home,
with your family.
We caught your brother
messing around with it.
The mobile phones you had
are from a warehouse robbery
that took place
in Wuppertal last week.
These serial numbers
were reported stolen.
now it's your turn to talk.
I didn't steal them.
Where is Wuppertal, anyway?
In the golden West.
Listen up.
If you keep being short with us
you'll be pinned with the robbery.
Then you'll serve a year,
or longer.
So, Max,
we're going to have a smoke.
You can take the time
to think it over.
If you have something to say,
push this three times and Santa will come.
Morning. You coming or going?
- Hi.
- Oh, yeah. Think real hard, okay?
I'd better not see
anybody blushing tonight.
Ah, Lenz Jr.
- Otto Lenz.
Nice name.
It's the same, forwards and backwards.
I'll get my dad.
Dad, you coming?
The earlier the hour,
the hornier the guests!
Nice to meet you.
My son.
I brought something.
- Keep them closed, Otto.
I can't stand daylight.
Who gives a shit what time it is?
Ooh, presents!
Jenny, like always.
Petra, you'll love her.
These two
are fresh from the Ukraine.
They speak Russian,
and love Russian.
And out of respect for you,
we saved them for you.
- Look what I've got.
Don't spend it
all at once.
Stop wiggling!
do you like any of them?
If not,
we can order others.
Want more?
- Oh yeah, keep it coming
you do it like this.
And now the pants.
I want some too!
Wow, Otto!
You're so tidy!
Your mom in Mallorca
would shout with glee!
She'd shout with glee
if she could see you!
Take me with you,
Hey, you don't need to be ashamed
in front of women.
We're all that matters.
Nobody else matters, just us!
How long
should we let him stew?
Half an hour.
But then we call it a day.
I need a bed.
I'm exhausted.
Can I sleep at your place?
I need some human contact.
You know how far away I live.
Hey, guys.
You won't believe this.
I've never been to his house,
and he's been my partner for two years!
- I've never been to your place either.
What's wrong with you?
What do you mean?
I'm tired.
So, snort it.
Snort it,
then I will.
Snort, snort, snort!
that's good too!
Now it's your turn.
Come on.
You don't want to, huh?
He's got some nerve.
Room service.
7:27 AM.
7:33 AM.
Come on!
We wouldn't want to wake him.
You can sleep,
but you have to talk first.
Your truck was captured tonight.
Do you know already?
The whole shipment
of Soviet Champagne is gone.
I don't believe it.
My truck's gone!
you know already?
How could I know?
Come, now.
We have to talk.
That's right.
I'm not always nice to everybody.
What's your name?
He wants to know your name.
She's Jelena.
We'll meet again, right?
- I'm really sorry.
Leave it alone.
It's better that way.
I got them at a flea market.
- Say that a bit louder.
I got them at a flea market!
So we're talking about fencing,
and that's the loot.
- I didn't know they were stolen.
I'm supposed to sell them, okay?
Who gave them to you?
- I won't tell.
Then you'll do time for him.
- We'll ask the questions.
We want names.
I only have a first name.
There are thousands of Renés.
What does he look like?
- He wears a baggy jacket,
jeans, sneakers.
Blond hair, he's about twenty.
- Where can I find him?
Nobody's getting through.
Go around the outside
Take your time, take your time.
Can you ask the young lady
about my coffee?
Where is it?
When will it get here?
This is your office, isn't it?
my friend's coffee is taking too long.
- I'll get it.
First we let them talk,
then we nab them.
- Understood.
Could you give us some privacy?
Mind if I join you?
Pardon me.
This isn't my world.
These women crazy.
She doesn't want an old man like me.
Fresh from the Ukraine.
I'll save her for later.
I can wait.
The others can wait.
We have to talk.
Last night was an accident.
The shipment should've arrived.
They shot at our people.
They were professionals.
But your insurance will pay,
like always.
I don't know.
I have to talk to my insurance.
That was our kind of accident.
My kind of accident.
I invented it for us.
I have copyright!
So, it was someone else,
but it was someone
we both know.
Andrej supplies the young women,
Andrej supplies
the white powder.
- Not now, Sergej.
But we still have big plans,
you, Mischa and l.
Be smart.
That's a message from Mischa.
Be smart.
- I'm not arguing.
You don't have to.
Are we good?
- We're good.
Beerschmidt to 1602.
You see that?
Who are those two guys
taking pictures in that car?
Run this plate for me:
-MA 2-5-1-7.
On its way.
where did he stash the mobiles?
I bet the bag's empty.
Probably on his body
like an explosive vest.
The plate is one of ours.
Please ascertain the unit number
and assignment.
Base to Rudi 12, come in.
This is Rudi 12.
Report position and assignment.
In front of the Baltic Sea cafe,
for assessment.
Rudi 12, we've got special unit measures
in effect at that location.
Please clear out.
Do you copy?
This is Rudi 12,
we copy.
We're vacating the premises.
Base to 51, come in.
This is 51.
The colleagues are pulling out.
Your location's been compromised.
Want some more wine?
71 to 51.
I think they're on to us.
How should we proceed?
- Stay calm. - Let's go.
Subject is in the bathroom.
- On my signal.
- This is an identity check!
We need to see some lD!
Next time
we'll be part of the team!
Look at that.
We are part of the team!
I'll come around the other side!
Stop it!
Freeze, police!
You got lucky.
I have respect
for mothers and children.
Without women,
we wouldn't be alive.
Surrender your weapon.
Nice and slow!
Hands behind your head!
On your knees!
Face to the wall!
Why did you run?
Is there a warrant out for your arrest?
You can keep it if you let me go.
Want my watch?
Take it!
Stand up.
- What's wrong with you?
Why don't you take it?
No respect for money?
Don't you have anyone to take care of?
You fucking pig!
Let's bring him back.
- Yeah.
Will you get the gun?
- Yeah.
Light me a cigarette, please.
Come on,
step on it!
My scooter's faster than this!
It's an alternating merge!
Thanks a lot.
Who's in command here?
He tried to get away.
We've got him in the car.
He's the one we wanted.
We'll take him off your hands.
- Here's his gun.
You take it.
Fill out an arrest report, okay?
- Okay.
But don't make it too long.
We know a bit about him, too.
- Oh?
Not bad, you guys.
Never take anything.
That's the law!
Did you get money?
- No.
If I find anything,
it's going to be very painful!
What's wrong with you?
- I've got nothing!
But hit me again.
You're a man, right?
Hit me!
Show me what a man you are!
Don't you want
to get a good look?
If that's what you want.
Be honest.
You knew what
you were getting into.
Why else would you go with them?
Of course they told you lies.
But you only pretended
to believe them.
When the police arrest you,
you can say
they lured you here with lies.
And they'll believe you.
Speak German with her
so she learns.
Speak German with her.
I'll pickyou up at eight.
You look
like you could use some medicine.
Watch German television.
You need to learn the language.
Let the fat guy squirm.
Be smart.
Don't refuse him.
Act like you're afraid of him.
He'll pay an arm and a leg
if you play the innocent one.
We'll all
make good money from it.
You'll see.
At eight.
And learn German.
We're only guests in this country.
Oh, my God!
I thought he knew about the money!
I don't want to do this.
Let's find other work.
You knew this would happen.
We'll send money home.
I didn't think
it would be this bad.
You'll make love
with the fat guy.
It will end, Lenka.
It won't last forever.
(State Bureau of lnvestigation) called.
Gang division.
You should report to Commissioner Röber.
Excuse me?
Did I stutter?
You made some brownie points
for our little unit.
You impressed them with the Russian.
Report to Röber.
What about Weber and his fence?
- We're typing it up.
They arrested the fence too.
Don't forget to write up the door damage.
- Did they report it yet?
The Vietnamese?
No, but I want a report anyway.
Should we stop by?
I just want the facts,
and I want them from you,
in case it's reported.
Our colleague
said she'd write it up.
She even promised.
- Did l?
Just get it done.
- You said you'd do it.
Only if he dances with me,
which he didn't.
He was just
a little insensitive,
He had to chase a mobile thief,
instead of offering his nice colleague
some psychological support.
Congratulations, heroes.
Sounds like you put on quite a show.
Thanks. BFC Doppel-Dynamo!
How was your day?
It was long,
even without you guys.
I let off some steam.
And by the way,
it's nice to be back.
It'll be a great day.
Are you okay?
Never been better.
You'll write the report?
You know what my mom
used to say?
You pay for every nice moment
with a hundred shitty ones.
She might be right.
- Yeah?
I don't think so.
I'd have a lot of shit heading my way.
Right again.
Want to come, too?
- No thanks.
We're gonna be a while, but thanks.
- Where are you headed?
We have to pick up
our Federal Cross of Merit.
- Oh, you're a big shot too!
Are you paying?
I'm sorry,
I can't hear you.
All that guy ever does
is mess up
(State Bureau of lnvestigation)
34 to channel 45, please.
Don't you
Excuse me.
- You're interrupting.
We'd better go upstairs.
To interrogation.
- Room 324?
Interrogation room, second floor.
- Okay.
We need guards
and the works up here.
Oh, get the translator too.
- Hello. - Hello.
You've made a habit
of robbing trucks
from the companies
Lenz and Sonnemann.
And you've
incited others to do so.
I've got nothing to do with it.
What proof do you have?
If you don't have proof,
I'd like to end this interrogation,
and go home.
And if you don't let me go home,
I'd like to go before a judge.
But we know you did it.
- You don't know a thing.
You don't want to make a statement?
- I can't say anything.
I don't want to make a statement.
I said,
"l can't say anything."
Not "l don't want to."
- It's the same thing.
It's not the same thing.
I don't know anything.
- That's a good one.
Then we'll refresh your memory.
This is how you always do it.
The first boxes
are Soviet Champagne.
Then come the cigarettes.
You make it look like robbery.
It has to look real,
so you rough the driver up a bit.
He sang, really loud.
It was a Ukrainian song.
The national anthem.
- It made it all the way to us.
Stop with this Russian bullshit.
You drive off,
and leave the truck.
That guy?
We left him tied to the tree.
A jogger found him the next day.
Hansen and l
were 50 meters away from you,
in the woods.
We were that close to you
the whole time.
The whole time!
That was two weeks ago,
but a Lenz truck was robbed last night.
Highway 109,
just 70 kilometers away
from the last robbery.
The report came in this morning.
I mean,
that fatty, Lenz,
doesn't care who robs him.
He's got the insurance money.
Soviet Champagne.
And your cigarette buyers
don't care
where they come from either.
of course.
Can I have a cigarette?
It's legal.
Bought it myself.
I'll make an exception
and let you smoke.
He's escaping!
Get a car!
Do something!
Come down!
What are you doing?
We need help!
Somebody jumped out the window!
Tell them
to move their asses!
Sokolov jumped out the window.
- What?
Hermann's face
is totally covered with blood.
Out of the way!
Paramedics coming?
- I don't know.
Paramedics coming?
- Thanks.
You okay, Mrs. Mertens?
- Lean back.
Lean back.
Tilt your head back.
paramedics are on their way.
You okay? Have a sip.
- No.
How could this happen?
- He got the cuffs off somehow.
- Down there.
This is Röber.
A suspect jumped out the window
during interrogation,
and escaped.
40 years old, six feet tall,
short, dark hair,
Wearing an elegant suit.
Looks like your source
was telling the truth.
Our reputation's on the line!
How could this happen?
- He got the cuffs off.
Like I said,
I don't know
how he got the paper clip,
but that's what happened.
Sokolov's headbutt
was such a direct hit
that Hollmann was in shock.
- In shock?
At first, we didn't know
whether to help him
or stop the Russian from escaping.
Why wasn't he in a secure room?
- Our room was in use.
Nobody thought he'd jump out
- Are you fucking stupid, or what?
That's how we look to the public,
to our colleagues and superiors!
Think of the paperwork!
We let a prisoner get away!
I want that man back here.
You figure out how to do it,
'cause I don't give a shit!
That's what happened
You the guys from unit 6?
- Yes.
Did you hear what happened?
Then come with me.
Come in.
Have a seat.
All that good work for nothing.
The Russian's gone.
Jumped out the window.
That's a 20 foot fall.
Hit the ground
like it was nothing.
This sucks, let me tell you.
He flew the coop.
I read your arrest report.
I can print you another.
It's on my computer.
Ah, you've got computers!
Good work.
You're a seasoned team, huh?
Looks like
he's the head of a gang.
They've been robbing trucks lately.
Cigarette smuggling.
We've been observing him,
trying to get more information.
But you saw what happened.
Where'd you grow up?
Riga, Latvia.
That used to be
the Soviet Union?
Not really.
We considered ourselves
I don't want to hear about differences.
I want that man!
It rubs me the wrong way
that he got away.
And you?
What can you do? Where you from?
I'm from the East,
so I can do pretty much everything.
You're good at being brief.
The rest is experience.
We bought your unit a case of beer
for saving us some work.
After all,
you had Sokolov.
Maybe you'll get him again.
Prove yourselves,
and you're in.
You're going
to observe Sokolov's house.
Try to find out
if there's any movement going on, okay?
Got it.
It's big fish
from here on out!
You speak Russian. You've got connections.
- You got nothin' on me, cop.
Don't blow it.
This is our big chance.
You think?
We're only observing a house.
That's idiot work.
- But we're no idiots.
The reason I became a cop was to get away
from my family and all the Russians.
Who knows, maybe I would've
turned out like the rest of my friends,
and you'd be trying to catch me.
But you never would've caught me.
- Yeah, yeah.
You don't have the ambition
it takes to be a cop, partner.
You'd rather
catch petty mobile thieves,
hit on
emotionally unstable colleagues.
You'd sit till your ass
was as red as a baboon's,
before you'd use your connections.
- You don't know who're you're dealing with.
I'm a cop.
They call us "mussar."
"Mussar" means trash, dirt.
It was your decision.
And you had your reasons.
And I doubt it was
the reason you just told me.
Look at this place.
The biggest scum in the city
lives here.
It's the new Berlin.
I want to catch a few of them.
Just a few.
I believe in that.
What else is there to believe?
Give me that big bill.
I don't have any big bills.
You had one last night.
Come on.
Take a good look.
You'll never see it again.
You have to pay Russians
if you want them to talk.
And in the end,
you still don't know anything.
Hey, Marek.
- Hey.
You should
bring your girlfriend sometime.
It's Victor's wife's birthday?
Remember his daughter lrena?
She was so little.
Look how pretty she's gotten.
I'll say hi later.
I need your help.
We're looking for someone.
Don't be a mussar here, okay?
Look, I don't want
to rain on anybody's parade.
I'm here because of this Russian.
Do you know him?
I didn't want
anything to do with it.
I didn't want to get involved,
for your sake.
I'm sorry.
- You're back, Brother-in-law!
That's nice.
Come here.
Great to have you.
You've got a tough job.
I'm a mussar.
You'll never hear that from me.
In here,
you should feel at home.
Come, let us drink.
Come on!
The lights!
There's one rule
that I've always followed,
and I recommend it
to everyone.
A happy woman
makes for a happy life.
Isn't that right, Uncle?
- Yes!
Good luck!
Let's drink to that:
To life, and my wife's happiness.
To you, Olga.
Thank you so much,
my beloved husband!
Kiss! Kiss!
Come on, everybody!
Didn't you recognize me?
- Of course I did.
Let's have a drink.
we'll hit the dance floor.
Yeah, okay.
Hey there.
- Hello, Mischa.
How's your foot?
Everything's ready.
We'll get you out tonight.
Gorsky's here
looking for you.
But don't worry.
He doesn't know anything.
He's trying to get information
through Stella.
I'll talk to the others.
Let's go!
Come on!
As you know,
Stella's brother is a cop.
He's trying to find out
where Serge is.
He comes in here.
Eats, drinks
and makes a spectacle.
What's his problem?
Is he dumb?
He's the one
who caught Serge.
Serge even offered him money.
They've got photos
of Serge unloading a truck.
If we don't do something,
we're screwed.
Cops need victories,
so we'll give them something.
Getting cozy with the cops
is against the code.
I might as well turn myself in,
and cuff myself!
Calm down.
Let's use your head,
and stick to the code.
Fuck the code.
We need success and power.
The others,
they're Russians too!
They stole our cigarettes.
The others work with the cops.
They set Serge up.
They deal in drugs and girls.
And how do they treat the girls?
Like pieces of shit!
They act all cool,
but they're ruining the business.
they give Russians a bad name.
They dishonor us.
He's a mussar!
Stella's brother!
What are you looking at?
He has a right to be here,
just like anybody else!
To dance, to have fun
Don't be like this!
Listen up.
We'll hit three birds
with one stone.
We wipe out the competition.
Two: We can take a break,
and fly under the radar for a while.
We develop
our own relationship with the police.
We leak
something about the others.
It'll look like
we're doing the police a favor.
but in reality,
they'll do us a favor
by taking care of the others.
You're a real wildcat.
That little mussar
is the ace up our sleeve.
Let's get that bastard!
How do you like Berlin?
We have reason to believe
an organized gang
will commit a robbery tonight.
Go, go, go!
Take your dress off.
You'll leave, just like you came.
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