In the Face of Crime (2010) s01e03 Episode Script

Der Überfall

Grandmother said,
"Child, you will see
the man you love under water."
- I had a big brother too. They shot him.
The murderer is still a free man.
Maybe he's already forgotten about it,
even though
it destroyed an entire family.
You became a cop,
and I married a Russian.
The family
couldn't have done any worse.
Tell your mistress
that if I see her here again, I'll bite.
This is an identity check!
We need to see some lD!
I'll come around the other side!
I'll make an exception
and let you smoke.
He's escaping!
You had Sokolov.
Maybe you'll get him again.
Take a good look.
You'll never see it again.
You have to pay Russians
if you want them to talk.
I need your help.
We're looking for someone.
Gorsky's here looking for you.
We'll leak
something about the others.
It'll look like
we're doing the police a favor,
but in reality,
they'll do us a favor
by taking care of the others.
No more bets.
- Okay.
The next ball, 500.
Who's still in?
What do you think?
Can I make it?
But look at it, man.
It's very difficult.
Keep in mind
I haven't slept in three days,
and I've had a lot to drink.
You could do it in your sleep.
No question.
If you make it,
I'll give you 500 euros.
You'll make it.
You were right.
Listen up.
I'll make it real easy.
I'll give you 500 euros
if you make it.
If not,
you give me 500 euros.
What do you say?
You in?
Or are you a coward?
Is that it?
It's just a game.
If you make it,
I'll pull the trigger.
You played the game,
now fuck off.
Just fuck off!
You can't let them
treat Marek that way!
He's my brother!
- He stuck his nose in our business.
You know policemen
are the worst kind of people there are.
He'll change.
Marek! Marek!
Have you no shame?
There are children here!
You're not on the farm anymore!
Don't take too long.
- Okay, bye.
Any sign of him?
- Nope.
And you?
The guy's probably already left Berlin.
I would've
if I were him.
I'm gonna stay here till sunrise.
- Okay.
I'm not allowed to drive.
I'm totally smashed.
I have information.
You're looking for Sokolov.
I'll show you.
You know where Westhafen is?
Like I said,
I haven't slept in three days.
Pull over.
See that warehouse?
Full of plasma TVs.
Two nights from now,
it's going to be robbed by a gang.
Why tell me this?
There's some
unfinished business.
That's all you need to know.
Make sure it's a success.
We'll talk,
but only if it's a success.
Who knows,
maybe information will fall from the sky.
If this is a success,
I'll come to you
and ask you for something.
Give and take.
You know what I mean.
Go back to making fries!
A whole lot of plasma TVs.
- Maybe he was telling the truth.
Maybe you were dealt a full house!
If you don't tell me who it was
and why they told you,
how can I assess our risks?
- Our risks?
I'm the one who'll pay if he's lying.
Is your family involved or something?
I told you everything last night.
I told you
I could've ended up on the other side.
Some things
I can't even tell my partner.
Oh, come on.
Violin music's gonna start in a second.
I get it.
Your family story's a real tear-jerker.
- Robberies.
Logistics center robberies.
six similar robberies.
They stole cigarettes by the ton,
or high-end wares.
Computers and the like.
Look at this.
They stole trucks from next door,
and used them
to transport the wares.
All in one go.
Pretty clever.
It looks like you got a hot tip.
To the right you'll see
a brown coal power plant.
Is this the Röber division barbecue?
We moved the barbecue inside
because of the rain.
How old's your son?
- Seven, in two days.
What's the rush? The rain stopped!
- Bring it all!
- Hi, everybody.
Is there beer left?
There it is!
That baby's mine!
My department car. Not bad.
Come in.
- Hey, you two.
We got some information after all.
We just checked it out.
I got the meat!
Wanna see an athletic woman?
Time me.
- Ten seconds are up.
I could do this all day.
That's a tough one.
I hardly know you,
and then
you come to me with this.
Where did you get this information?
I asked around in the milieu.
Somebody volunteered the info.
Said he had
a bone to pick with Sokolov.
What does he want?
- He didn't say yet.
His main argument is revenge.
- Credible?
He's doing it out of self-interest,
or he's a puppet.
What do you think?
I'm sure there's a reason.
We'll find out.
We found six unsolved cases
that match the modus operandi.
It might be the same gang.
Can somebody
- Join the others.
Have a beer and a sausage.
I've got a phone call to make.
I wouldn't mind
getting that bird back in his cage.
It's time to declare the winners.
A+ for Ramona!
Sabine get's a B!
You don't have a boyfriend,
do you?
Boyfriend? No, right?
- No boyfriend.
When was the last time
you had a boyfriend?
A few months ago.
But it's over?
It's done?
It's over!
Have you ever been married?
- No.
Where did you grow up?
And you?
What about you?
I want to be together with you.
Are you religious?
What do you do?
I'm in a gang, you know?
I have to be like a machine.
When I get a call,
I have to go right away.
I'm a bandit.
But maybe
in five years or so
I'll have enough,
and I can start another life.
I was a soldier,
in Chechnya.
There was war against Chechnya
and our own soldiers.
I survived.
That's why I wanted to come here
and have this life.
I wanted to drive a car like this.
I wanted to be respected.
But I would never
just take a woman, understand?
I can only love a woman
if I take it seriously
in my heart.
I don't want easy love.
I want honest love.
Only honest love
is beautiful love,
good love.
Are you nuts?
What's wrong?
Are you dead? Can't you feel?
She's learning.
I'll teach her!
That was good.
We've got Turks here.
They're making trouble.
They punched the bouncer!
Just listen!
Want to wear it?
I want to stay with you.
Hey, baby,
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
It's like I said.
I'll call you when it's over.
Here, please take it.
I'll kill you
if this isn't important.
Hey, this job better be good.
I had a flush in my hand,
and there was a fat pot.
Look at you!
Get that lipstick off your face.
I tell you,
I'm in love with all my heart.
I drove around with her
for two hours.
We talked like mad.
Then it's time.
I take out the gold chain.
She accepts it. I kiss her.
- What a man!
She belongs to me now,
get it?
I love you, Larissa!
What happened?
- The Turk punched me.
In there.
That's just the beginning.
If you don't
want us to fuck you up,
then get your leader
out of here!
I'm going to count to 10.
One, two,
three, four
It was her first time.
- Hey girls.
You like Berlin?
You don't have to thank me.
That's all part of the service.
But you'll pay more,
starting next week.
That was great,
the way he smashed his head in!
Too bad
he didn't really let loose on him.
Hello, everyone.
Good morning.
- Morning.
If you're wondering,
my son's go-cart is still here
because I forgot it.
He'll get it for his next birthday.
We've received a tip
that a warehouse on the Spree River
will be robbed tonight
by an organized gang.
We know the boss of the gang.
He walked out of here two days ago.
The MEK (Mobile Special Response Unit)
will check the grounds
and surroundings in advance,
and is observing.
Our security forces
will be spread out over roofs and in cars.
We'll communicate
over radio channel 32.
That's security.
They are unaware
of our operation.
There's a chance
they're cooperating with the perpetrators.
Copy that.
This waiting is driving me nuts,
not to mention the coffee.
Got a cigarette?
- No. I don't smoke.
Do you have a cigarette?
Where are they?
Even if
it's a shitty operation,
It's great to look at the stars.
You can almost feel eternity.
The longer you look,
the more you realize:
space contradicts life.
There's no harmony up there,
just nuclear forces at work.
We don't belong up there.
Thank goodness
we've got our planet.
We're a little protected.
- Give me a granola bar.
Thoughts like that
always make me hungry.
You know,
in 1990,
I decided
I'd conquer the world.
In 1991,
I gave up on that plan
and became a cop.
Hey, boys.
You each get one.
If the cops catch us,
swallow it.
Then the robbery's drug-related.
We're addicts,
and only get two years.
"That's right, Judge.
I'm addicted. I couldn't help it!"
Two trucks are approaching.
One white, one blue.
The plates are:
Berlin Echo 3-7-8.
and Berlin
Mike November 10-19.
Now approaching target.
Copy that.
All forces on this channel,
two suspicious trucks
are heading towards the warehouse.
Adrenaline's flowing again.
Everyone in start positions!
Wait for my signal.
zoom in on the leader.
The leader isn't Sokolov.
Why not?
He's too thin.
Shit. Who cares.
We'll take them in anyway.
You think
they noticed something?
Keep going.
We need more than just attempted robbery.
They're through the door.
- We heard too.
That was worth waiting till 2:38 AM for!
Get those boxes out.
Very good.
That'll get you a few years.
Are they in?
I can't see from here.
Go! Go! Go!
I repeat: go!
- Go!
Take the pill!
Stop, police!
Stop! Freeze!
Go, Kapo!
We'll hold off the cops!
- Police!
You got nothing!
- Easy.
I'm an addict!
I'm an addict!
Hands on your head!
This floor's clean.
Who's going after them?
Where are they?
I don't get it.
Where did they go?
Report your position.
Gorsky! Lottner!
Turn the radio off, Lottner.
Turn it off.
You going right?
- Yeah.
You can't shoot worth a damn!
Give me a cigarette.
I'm here.
- Hello.
I swallowed all the pills.
Are you nuts?
a UFO is landing.
Hey, everybody.
I brought coffee. Get it while it's hot.
That worked out great.
No casualties.
Just a couple wet cops.
I saw the leader
when he shot at me.
Without his mask.
And, who was it?
- Well, it wasn't Sokolov.
Do you think you'd
be able to recognize him?
Is your mobile sick?
Flies, flies, flies!
Shut your mouth.
Why are you laughing?
- Keep quiet. Don't make it worse.
Shut up,
or I'll shut you up myself.
Hey, watch it.
What's with him?
- They're on drugs. Huge pupils.
He's hardly got any white left.
I'm getting you a doctor.
Doctor, understand?
I thought you were a cop.
That's a drug offence, to boot.
- Even better.
What happened?
Don't speak Russian.
I don't understand!
I can't! I don't want to!
- Turn that thing off.
Turn that thing off!
I need you as a witness.
I was here till midnight,
then I went to the disco.
How late is it?
3 AM.
Yeah, I came back at 3 AM.
Do you understand?
I'm fed up!
I'm sick and tired of this, Josch!
It never ends!
- You only find free cheese in mousetraps.
You have to work for it.
- No. It's over, Josch. Over!
I wasn't here tonight.
Do you understand?
Come here.
Come here!
Please. Jewelry, clothes, Cartier watch.
On the table.
What's this?
Take your dress off.
You'll leave just like you came.
What's this?
Prada shoes.
Take them off.
Put on your sweat pants
and your Polish shoes, and fuck off.
Fuck off!
Why don't you go to your wife?
Look, he's going to his wife.
You forgot something!
- I've never seen it before.
Finders keepers.
But don't wear it in here.
Wear it at home when I come.
Look at it and think of me.
- Mischa.
It worked.
The cops went for it.
But their leader got away.
That's good for him,
but that fucking sucks for us.
The cops are too dumb
to work with you. That's the problem.
Put it away.
That smells so good.
Your family came here from Riga,
many years before
I came with my family.
We are Jews from Odessa.
You're all
are Jews from Latvia.
The first ones who came
still lived by the law.
They understood:
If you live by the law,
you have a quiet life.
Criminal activities
will never go away.
There's just too much
money to be made with them.
The people are hungry.
But they no longer know
when they're full.
Tell me,
Uncle Sascha,
what kind of life am I living?
Am I living in a den of thieves?
Your husband needs your help.
He's not old yet,
but he's as wise as the old.
Mischa wants peace.
He wants to live by the law.
I know it.
Others are fighting him
because of that.
Others who want war.
You have to stand by him now,
Look over there, on the shelf.
The old shoes.
They look new.
Those shoes belonged to Grischa,
your brother.
I've taken care of them for years.
He wore them.
I saved them.
They're from everyone
who came with me from Odessa,
everyone who's dead now,
who was shot, or died
in one way or another
It's a mausoleum
of boots and shoes.
A cemetery.
And look down at the bottom.
Those shoes
belong to your other brother,
That's how long it's been
since he visited me.
I repaired them,
and he never picked them up.
You don't speak Russian any more.
Yes, I do.
Once in a while.
Even though
you're married to a Russian.
Cold, eh?
Sounds good.
Thursday's good.
Yes, okay.
Okay, bye.
Hey there,
poor guy.
Don't tickle me!
Give me your father.
Then get him!
I'm on my way.
we're going for a boat ride today.
I told you not to use my mobile!
Yeah, okay.
What the fuck's
wrong with you?
What do I pay you for?
What happened?
My people got arrested,
that's what happened.
Yes, your people
arrested my people.
Don't forget
you've got family too.
Hollmann, Hollmann!
That's not okay.
Where I come from, Bljad
you'd be punished.
We need to meet.
It's me. Did you figure out
what went down last night?
I didn't know anything
about our operation.
I was out sick.
I'm sorry,
but I don't pay for ignorance.
My brigade got arrested.
They'll disappear for years.
I don't believe
that you didn't know about it, Hollmann.
You're two-timing me.
We've got two new guys.
They got the tip.
It didn't go through me.
- Then pay the new guys.
I don't care how you do it.
I payyou,
give you information
and that's it.
Give me proof
that you didn't lie to me.
Tell me where the tip came from,
and solve the problems over there.
Or else,
I won't be so gentle next time.
I have to talk to you.
Right away,
damn it!
Damn it!
The new guys
are working with somebody, too.
I guess
they're no better than we are.
You don't get a tip like that
for free.
But we're better than them.
Those bit players from unit 6.
They've got nothing on us.
We've got better contacts.
What if our cover's blown
and your Russian turns on us?
That won't happen.
You don't have to worry.
Remember who we are,
and who they are.
We'll kick them
back to their unit.
Doesn't it bother you that you're married?
- No.
Does it bother you?
When I sit here alone on the weekend,
it does.
I'd like to go to the lake with you too.
- Not an option.
I've told you a thousand times.
Get used to it.
Do you
sleep with your wife?
Are you afraid
to tell me?
We do it once in a while.
This isn't
how I imagined it'd be.
I didn't want anything serious,
just an adventure.
But adventure isn't easy.
Shut up, crybaby.
Look at yourself.
Look at yourself.
Remember who we are,
and who they are.
We'll kick them
back to their unit.
It was him.
But they won't get him to talk.
Tell me, where'd you get
your hot tip, anyway?
Don't be afraid.
Somebody's leaking information.
But your sister is different.
She loves you.
You think he's lying there,
crying for revenge?
Yes, why not?
Have you no shame?
In front of the dead?
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