In the Face of Crime (2010) s01e04 Episode Script

Der Verrat

Grandmother said,
"Child, you will see
the man you love under water."
- I had a big brother too. They shot him.
The murderer is still a free man.
Maybe he's already forgotten
even though
it destroyed an entire family.
You became a cop,
and I married a Russian.
The family
couldn't have done any worse.
Tell your mistress
that if I see her here again, I'll bite.
As you know,
Stella's brother is a cop.
Cops need victories,
so we'll give them something.
See that warehouse?
Two nights from now,
it's going to be robbed by a gang.
Why tell me this?
Go, go, go!
I repeat: go!
You can't shoot worth a damn!
Your husband needs your help.
Mischa wants peace.
But others are fighting him
because of that.
Others who want war.
What happened?
My people got arrested,
that's what happened.
I didn't know anything about our operation.
- I'm sorry, but I don't pay for ignorance.
The new guys are working with somebody, too.
- We'll kick them back to their unit.
Can somebody
open a window or something?
It was him.
I'm sure of it.
I saw him with my flashlight.
I'll never forget that face.
Then we'll bring him in.
Joska Bodrov.
- Never seen him.
What's up?
Come here.
Everything okay?
Everything's fine.
But we have to do something
for my people.
Tell me,
is it worth it?
Do you really have to ask?
They've made us money for years.
Easy now.
You're okay, right?
Forget about the brigade.
They won't be out for five years.
We'll find new guys.
- I don't care if it's worth it.
It's like this:
They're my boys.
If you don't get them out,
our reputation is ruined.
Who will work with us
if our reputation's ruined?
Joschka, my friend,
what are you talking about?
I've got serious business dealings
and perspectives.
Do we have
a future with your boys?
I'll say it again: They're gone five years.
That's five years lost investment.
Those boys are a part of me.
They held off the cops
so I could get away.
We can
make use of them in jail.
Get some money out of the pot
for a good lawyer.
They'll be out in two years,
and they'll be thankful.
Focus on their replacements.
Get new people.
I'll tell the lawyer
to take care of it.
A shot of whiskey.
One of our new guys
identified the guy
that got away yesterday.
We know who it was.
Joska Bodrov.
They're coming for him
in a half an hour.
They'll search the apartment.
Stop it!
Stop it, I have to concen
Stop it!
Stop it, I have to
I have to concentrate.
Stay, stay, stay here!
Stay here!
What's wrong?
Tell me what's wrong!
- Don't get scared.
The police are coming to arrest me.
Don't be afraid.
They've got no evidence against me.
Why did you laugh?
It was just a joke.
You're making jokes.
Leave me alone.
Who do you work for?
For me, of course.
But now you're a joker
Is that funny?
Nobody help him!
Leave him there.
Tell me, where'd you get
your hot tip, anyway?
I was in the right place
at the right time.
You taking us for a ride?
Come on, we're colleagues.
We can tell you everything but the source.
For your own protection.
Who do you guys think you are?
James Bond?
You come here
and tell us how it works.
You'll go back to unit 6
to report stolen bikes,
or chew out a Turkish restaurant owner
'cause he spit in the doner kebab.
When was the last time
you did some target practice?
You won't run away
if someone pulls a gun, will you?
We work together.
Maybe we'll be in a stairwell,
and you'll have to cover me.
But that doesn't mean
we have to become blood brothers.
Those boys play hard to get.
I like that.
The fire escape is sealed off.
get in position.
Copy that.
Freeze, police!
One female, unarmed!
One male, unarmed!
Everything's secure. You can come in.
Two people, unarmed.
Where are you?
Joska Bodrov?
We're taking you
into temporary custody.
If you want me to come,
I'd like to get dressed.
Show us
what you'd like to wear,
and we'll get it out for you.
You take him.
- Okay.
So, let's take a look.
That doesn't look right.
That's better.
Not the white socks.
What, are we going to play tennis?
Oh, he's got taste.
- Thanks.
Slip-ons, please.
They remove the laces
and collect them.
What do you do
with all those laces?
Do you sell them?
- That's enough.
Lodyga, Katarzyna.
- Papers?
There, in my bag.
You can get up.
Okay, men, let's go.
Can you go any faster?
- Stop wiggling.
Have a nice evening.
- Bye.
Hit the button.
- Hit the down button.
Do you live here?
Excuse me?
Do you know what kind of dog they have?
Small? Big?
What's in it for me?
Depends on how big the dog is.
About this high.
With a muzzle?
Not always.
Is that it?
Do I look like a five-year-old?
What did you expect?
A tenner.
I'm sorry. I'm a cop.
That's all you're gonna get. But thanks.
We're going
to search your apartment.
We're going
to search your apartment.
Go ahead.
- Do you want to have a witness?
I need money.
- No.
Not right now, you don't.
- Yes.
I want a taxi when I get out.
You can't have it,
it goes to your personal effects. 550 euros.
We need the mobile, too.
I'll see you soon, baby.
What do you think?
They look great on you.
It suits me too, huh?
It looks good.
That bird will probably
fly the coop soon anyway.
What if one of the bandits talks?
Don't get all worked up.
Even if they do talk,
they don't know anything.
They don't know
Bodrov's boss.
And they don't know shit about us.
Let me see you dolled up.
You know this isn't about justice.
We just don't want to end up
the losers in this whole quagmire.
Take it.
Nothing impounded.
Nothing seized.
Nothing voluntarily relinquished either.
No further evidence.
Nothing taken, nothing damaged.
Right to a witness refused.
Please sign at the bottom.
See you around.
Hey, where'd you learn to drive?
- Workshop with Walter Röhrl.
Who's Walter Röhrl?
Forget it.
Did you see his tiger tattoo?
You know what that means?
I bet you'll tell me.
- It means he doesn't talk to cops.
Well, then.
You shot at me last night.
- Marek.
I've never seen you before today.
You baby cop.
Can this little tot
get back in the pool yet?
How can I zoom in?
- That's the zoom.
Wait a second,
we want to do a confrontation.
They want to do a confrontation.
Don't look in the camera.
Chief Inspector Röber?
He knew we were coming.
He's got a dog,
maybe an attack dog.
There were bite marks on the furniture.
But the dog wasn't there today.
The SEK (Special Response Unit)
would've shot it.
He had a garbage bag out in the hall
waiting to be taken down.
There was a can
of dog food in it.
He knew he'd be arrested.
Who told him?
Somebody's leaking information.
Who'd leak information
to such a small fish?
They didn't leak it to him.
One level higher
in the hierarchy.
Hey, wake up.
When honey doesn't work,
you have to try vinegar.
Bring 'em in.
That's a bitter pill, huh?
Looks like seeing their boss arrested
is getting to them.
That takes some getting used to.
I hope that gets them thinking.
Let's see if we can get
this Don Cossack Choir to sing.
I place my bet on that pale kid.
- They didn't exactly fall over.
but a few of them looked away too quickly.
We'll leave Bodrov
locked up for now.
What are you waiting for?
- We'll bring him in.
You're being charged
as part of a gang
which took part
in multiple robberies.
We've also arrested your leader,
Joska Bodrov.
But you just saw that.
Can you understand me?
Want me to translate?
If you make a statement
it might mitigate your sentence.
You help us,
and we help you.
Wake up!
You're not off the hook yet,
Do I hear something?
But only with a lawyer.
I not talking
without a lawyer.
No statement.
I have nothing to say.
I'm not doing your work for you.
That's your job.
Don't bother,
I'm not talking.
I'm not making a statement.
I want to go back to my cell.
Can I have a translator?
but I don't think it's necessary.
We've been talking
for a while now.
Did you think over
your alibi?
It was him.
And we're recording this.
- But they won't get him to talk.
If you're right, somebody here
doesn't want him talking.
There was a situation
with a guy in the disco.
That guy's a tough nut.
Maybe he noticed
our evidence isn't airtight.
He says he's got an alibi.
- Allegedly he was at a disco.
Maybe he's crafted a good alibi.
Or he was really there,
and our young colleague
was wrong.
But I'm sure.
- Think back.
You were under pressure,
it was dark, then the shots.
Maybe you
got the wrong impression.
If I had doubts, I wouldn't have
recognized him from the picture.
Not now.
He was in his apartment.
He went to the disco at midnight,
and got home at 3 AM.
You guys check out his alibi,
and find the hole.
We can only hold him
till midnight.
Then he'll have to
go before a duty judge, okay?
We're here
to confirm your husband's claims.
Because you're his fiancé,
you're not obliged to comply.
Where was your husband last night?
He was here until midnight,
then he went to the disco.
I was too tired.
And then?
He came home around three,
and we went to bed.
You know that giving a false statement
is punishable by law?
I'll need a signature.
- Do I have to let you in?
- Wait here.
I'll be right back.
I'll put something on.
I'll get the paperwork ready.
The garbage bag was here.
And the dog wasn't there.
- Let's keep this to ourselves for now.
Be quiet!
So, I filled everything out.
Your husband went to the disco at midnight.
Please sign here.
Thank you.
We know each other.
Has he ever been here?
He's here often.
When was he here last?
Last night.
He sat over there, like always.
When did he arrive?
- I'm not sure.
When did he leave?
Not now.
I don't remember.
He was here
for about two hours.
I remember you, too.
I figured as much.
You know it's punishable by law
if you lie to us?
I know, but he was here.
He even got in a fight.
I got between them and calmed them down.
Nothing happened.
The other guy had a black eye,
but he was dancing again in no time.
Everything was forgiven.
That's what happened.
- That's what happened. Thanks.
I believe you that you
saw the whole Russian gang
at the disco.
But we couldn't get
any hard evidence.
Joska Bodrov.
He's gonna lay low for a while.
I think he's the link
to the big fish.
He'll give himself away.
As you know, we expected to find
somebody else at the robbery.
These gang bosses,
they're all businessmen.
They're married. They live like CEOs.
But under them,
is the old, raw meat.
They're greedy, ruthless.
In their eyes, it looks like
we Germans are a dying breed.
We're there
just their customers:
buying women, drugs
We're dumb German money.
They're the victors,
the proud barbarians.
They've inundated the country.
They're superior to us
in their will to live and their strength.
Do we still believe in anything?
Do we want to fight,
or are we just going to let this happen?
But don't let me get you down.
We can still do something about it,
before we surrender for good.
- Congratulations!
You did something
for your cop career.
Who is this?
Did you forget who gave you
the hot tip about the robbery?
No, I didn't.
The guy we wanted wasn't there.
You still owe me him.
Why? It was a success for the police.
You caught a gang.
Sokolov wasn't there.
Who cares?
Oh, come on.
I was just a means to an end.
You used me.
I can give you more in the future,
but I can't always just give.
I want to take from you,
got it?
The tip I gave you was hot and useful.
So, what do you say?
If you want to give me info,
than do it.
Give me your mobile number
if you want to talk again.
- Let me in! Fast!
Cute little house!
Surprise, Brother-in-law!
I brought you a present.
That's not your surprise.
That's your surprise.
Eddy, get glasses.
Take off your jacket.
Show yourself off.
We're a family.
Karina's for you,
for arresting that brigade.
I know Bodrov's still free,
but you'll get him too.
You're one of us now,
you know that?
You almost paid with your own blood.
It was close.
- No.
They say you're fast.
Come here.
Eddy, drink.
Do you want her?
We'll leave.
Should we stay?
Don't you have any
But she'll sleep here.
Maybe you'll want her tomorrow morning.
it is tomorrow morning.
Look how soft she is.
What did you give her?
- Nothing. Karina takes what she needs.
That's good exercise!
No elevator.
- Out.
Wait outside.
Wait outside!
You're too proud, I know.
You hide your desire.
I'm a cop.
It's not about fantasies,
or fun.
I'm just a cop.
You don't want to be one of us?
I know,
your brother is dead.
It made you this way.
But that was ten years ago.
I get it now.
That's your girl.
She looks pretty there.
My Stella.
She's not my girl anymore,
so maybe she's yours.
She'll be my girl again.
Until then, I've got her.
Want to trade?
One's the whore,
and the other's the Madonna.
Which one do you want?
She likes you.
She just told me in the car.
But your sister is different.
She loves you.
What is it like
to love your sister?
What do the kisses feel like?
I find her kisses cold.
And you?
Were you ever inside her,
your sister?
It's cold in there too.
- Why do you insult her?
I'm allowed. She's the mother of my children.
- She's my sister.
You'll lose her,
if you think the way you talk.
Don't cry.
Be careful, little policeman.
A lot can happen while you sleep.
Did you sleep well?
Like the dead.
I could fall asleep at the wheel, too.
Watch it!
It's a department car.
What about Sokolov?
We wanted him,
you got a tip
and we got Joska's gang.
Did you get conned?
- Yeah, maybe.
But why?
For a distraction.
- What if Bodrov knew about his arrest?
I'm sure he did.
- We're missing a piece of the puzzle.
Then we'll start over again.
Without an assignment?
It's all out in the open.
- lt'll be dark soon.
That makes me feel better.
There's still a warrant out
for his arrest.
So we can see this
as an official visit.
Looks like colleagues
were here too.
They probably forgot
to turn off the TV.
They only did a light search.
You can tell.
Let's take a closer look.
Mr. Sokolov,
anybody home?
Holy moly!
Will you look at that!
We've got caviar.
You grab some drinks,
and we'll head to Anja's.
Like I always say,
you're not the happy ending type.
It's okay, don't get up.
Now we're talking.
Hold on tight!
My brother!
Find anything?
Just old pictures.
No clues.
We'll tell them we were here,
and we didn't find anything.
Are we leaving the TV on?
Yummy caviar.
It makes you real potent.
You want some?
- Monsieur.
- How are you?
Good, and you?
I'm good.
I wanted to show you this.
It's Grischa
and Sokolov.
And some Asian guy.
I can see that.
- And a fourth man.
We think they were dealing cigarettes.
Do you recognize the man?
How could l?
His face is gone.
There's an older photo as well
of Mischa with Sokolov.
They know each other.
I'll find out
what happened to Grischa.
I just wanted you to know that.
- Marek, watch what you think.
I won't let you
think that about Mischa.
He's my husband,
and he's not involved in anything illegal.
But you want to leave him.
- Don't you tear us apart.
I don't want to know why Grischa died.
I want to live now!
There's that phrase again.
"Live now."
Everyone who fucks up says,
"l want to live now."
Have you no shame?
In front of the dead?
You think he's lying there,
crying for revenge?
Yes, why not?
You can't dispute
everything that happens.
If I leave my husband
it's because he's lying to me,
because he's cheating on me, yes.
But what do I get in return?
A cheap life with cheap feelings?
What about us?
We need each other too.
Yes, Marek, we do.
And the children?
They matter to me, too.
Wait, Sarah,
I'll bring you lemonade.
Take that.
Simon. Simon, concentrate.
Come on, like I showed you.
Start again.
What do they do in there?
I have to go.
We can get along too,
but make me some coffee first.
Yeah right.
Make it yourself.
How long have you been there?
I just got here.
What did Marek want?
Are you having me watched?
- What did he want?
He thinks
you're connected to Sokolov.
And he thinks you used him.
He showed me a photo of Sokolov,
my brother Grischa,
an Asian and a fourth man.
The face of the fourth man was cut out,
but I recognized you.
Go on.
I told him that you're not involved
with anything illegal.
You were right to tell him that.
My dealings are clean.
He's a little cop.
He sees crime everywhere.
He doesn't understand.
Don't take him seriously.
How can l
not take my brother seriously?
I don't know exactly
what you're in involved in,
but I have an idea.
I didn't want to know,
because I knew it wasn't kosher.
But instead of looking into it,
I just bought another Gucci bag
and spent time with the kids.
I thought that's just how it is with you.
It was nice.
But your wife has grown.
I'm no longer that 20-year-old
who let you control her.
I'm not satisfied playing
the boss of the Odessa.
Just a pretty face.
Ignoring what you do,
where you are,
putting up with your mistress.
I either want my own life,
or a different life with you,
but then you have to trust me.
A Russian woman doesn't question her husband,
she just reacts.
But you're different,
aren't you, Stellotschka?
If I tell you then you're a part of it.
Do you really want that?
I smuggle cigarettes.
I make millions,
and reinvest it in legal businesses.
We buy properties.
The Odessa is just a facade.
Tell me what I should do
if anything should happen to you.
What do I tell the kids?
What do I do
if the police shows up?
You're safe.
You can go whenever you want.
You won't want for anything,
and neither will the kids.
You can send them
to any school you want.
You'll never be in need.
Except you'll miss me.
If they get you,
how long would you go to jail?
We have good lawyers.
But I'd leave the country beforehand.
They can't get at me that easy.
Is Marek in danger
if he gets too close to you?
He's not dumb.
You won't lose another brother.
I'll make sure nothing happens to him.
Come to me.
You haven't said that in a while.
They're laughing at us.
Our kids are laughing at us.
I know where your mistress lives.
I know where she waits for you.
I know you gave her a ring,
and she's only allowed to wear it
when I'm not around,
because you
gave me the same ring.
She's nothing.
You're everything.
You're all a bunch of liars,
you Russian men!
Not all of us.
Yes, all of you!
All of you!
All of you!
I want my share.
Have a seat first.
- Why do you need your share?
For my boys,
for their families and the lawyer.
Your boys are already screwed,
and you want money?
How can I trust you?
We've worked for you for ten years,
paid into the pot
Okay, okay.
it's been good working with you.
Maybe it's time for you
to start something of your own.
I don't have any leverage.
My brigade's behind bars.
What's this?
How much is it worth?
You say you have problems,
you have no money.
But you've got a watch, jewelry,
probably a Mercedes.
Come on, Bljad. Do something.
Show me what you've got.
We'll see how you do.
About the police:
They're not allowed to follow you.
You can move about freely.
Get lost.
- Stop!
Come, come here!
Fill it up!
Do it!
Come on!
A tenner says he'll talk.
His back's against the wall.
Looks like one of the gang's
gonna sing.
He thinks with his dick.
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