In the Face of Crime (2010) s01e05 Episode Script

Nur ehrliche Liebe ist gute Liebe

Grandmother said,
"Child, you will see
the man you love under water."
I had a big brother too. They shot him.
The murderer is still a free man.
Maybe he's already forgotten
even though
it destroyed an entire family.
You became a cop,
and I married a Russian.
The family
couldn't have done any worse.
Your husband needs your help.
Mischa wants peace.
But others are fighting him
because of that.
Others who want war.
I want honest love.
Only honest love
is good love.
Go, go, go!
I repeat: go!
Joska Bodrov.
They're coming for him in a half an hour.
He knew he'd be arrested.
Somebody's leaking information.
But we couldn't get
any hard evidence.
Why do you
need your share?
For my boys,
for their families and the lawyer.
Larissa, Larissa!
Those boys are a part of me.
They held off the cops
so I could get away.
Come on, Bljad. Do something.
Show me what you've got.
- Stop!
Come, come here!
Fill it up!
Do it! Come on!
Do it! Do it!
The shelves!
That's enough!
On the floor! Both of you!
Get down,
or I'll kill you!
Listen up.
- Stop. You can't do anything to me
except shoot me, bury me
and flowers will grow out of my eyes.
I want to grow old with you.
And when I die,
you'll get my abschtschjak.
You don't
want to understand Russian!
Abschtschjak is money from loot,
from the gang. My money!
What is it now?
You've told me you'd quit 1,000 times!
I'm sick of this!
I can't go against my honor.
I have to avenge my brigade.
Women and families are waiting
for my brigade to get out.
I have to sell my own things
for a good lawyer.
My watch, my car,
everything I can possibly sell.
I committed a robbery.
What are they?
- Watches.
3,000 euros, at most.
Are you crazy?
Bring it back to the store
How dare you talk to me like that!
Yes, I'm crazy.
Somebody ratted on me and my gang,
and our robbery. And I know who.
And they're
going to pay for that.
I'll hire professional hit men from Russia,
with my money.
When I've gotten my revenge,
I'll meet with the boss again.
I'll come to him,
totally determined,
and ask for my abschtschjak
one last time.
And if he refuses me
after all that,
I'll shoot him dead.
But he'll see
how far I've come
and that I did well,
and he'll give me my abschtschjak.
We'll make a new,
good life with my abschtschjak.
I swear that to you,
on all I hold sacred.
But first,
I have to take all the money.
- Everything I can get.
I'll stick with you till the end.
We'll sell everything,
but after this, it has to end.
It's us.
I'm out sick.
We wanted to call in sick too.
I thought it'd be bigger,
judging by the stairwell.
50 m².
- But it's nice. Cozy.
Us three:
Lottner, you and l.
We saw the whole gang
before the robbery.
That night in the Russian disco,
when we arrested Weber.
How is that going to work?
Stay here.
Maybe Joska Bodrov was there too.
I definitely remember him.
He danced
after you guys took off after Weber.
You okay?
- Yes.
He was there, too.
- Who?
Are you sure?
I was verifiably drunk
and not fully orientated, but still.
I definitely remember him.
Everything's under control.
A lot of guys from these photos
were there.
They partied really hard that night.
They took pictures of each other
with their mobiles.
What about him?
Do you remember any details?
He was totally in love
with the bar girl.
I stood next to them.
He gave her a bracelet.
Why are you giving me this?
I want to be with you forever.
- Really?
You don't know anything about me.
- My heart says you're good.
What are you doing?
That's dangerous! Give it to me!
Hit me again, I don't care!
My head's like a helmet!
You're falling asleep.
Am l?
What else?
Then I went home.
Can I go back to sleep now?
I know we have
one of their mobiles.
We seized it after the robbery.
Did anybody analyze it?
Hollmann and Jaschke.
- Maybe they missed it.
Maybe on purpose.
Mr. Hollmann and Ms. Jaschke.
Got any beer?
Anja, what else happened?
I went home with one of them.
I'm going jogging.
Don't go away.
And then?
- I left.
Which one?
Gimme the phone.
There you go.
There you go.
I told you.
There's our 100% proof.
Joska and the gang
do know each other.
Why didn't they report this?
Either they were careless,
or it was intentional.
We'd better watch our backs.
I don't know if I trust our colleagues.
We'll collect more evidence,
and see what we can find out, okay?
We want to talk with you.
As you can see, it's hopeless.
You're in a real tight spot.
All you can do is wait for the next meal,
watch the time pass.
You'll stop thinking about your future.
It'll happen without you.
Normally, you'd get seven years.
It's time to wise up.
I'm not going to kiss your ass.
I'm twice as strong as you.
- Sure, you are.
You're so cool.
You're so tough.
Seven years.
That's a long time.
By the time you get out of here,
the list of guys she's been with
will be this long.
Your pretty girlfriend's
not going to wait for you.
This is a nice screensaver.
What do you think?
Want a meeting with your girlfriend?
We can do that.
All we expect in return
is cooperation.
Dream on, cop.
All right.
It's better to talk now.
We're going to find out anyway.
Then we won't
need you anymore.
- I don't know.
The brigade won't talk.
He won't either, out of honor.
All he thinks about
is his Larissa.
It'll get to him.
His back's against the wall.
A tenner says he'll talk.
A tenner says he doesn't,
out of honor.
What's this about?
Look, I'm sorry
if you've lost your brigade.
What makes you think we did it?
Your people will pay for it all:
the best lawyers, the boys' families.
That's a lot of money.
- Are you deaf?
We had nothing to do with it.
We've got losses too.
They're hunting
one of our important men. Sokolov.
I'm the one who should distrust you.
- You distrust me?
we had enough shit to deal with in Moscow,
and when we first got here.
We used to work with Kalashnikovs,
but now we work with our heads.
We don't work with cops, unlike you.
So that's what this is about.
The code is real simple, Mischa.
The way I see it,
you're either for us or against us.
If you're for us,
then it doesn't matter who you are.
Idiot, mobster or policeman.
It makes no difference to me, get it?
That's the deal.
- No matter what your deal is,
there's space for all of us.
I don't want war, Andrej. No war.
No war?
Have you gotten soft?
Has the good life spoiled you?
You used to be such a man, Michael.
Your women fucked you
till you got soft in the head.
I want to tell you a story.
I've got time for your story.
Back in Moscow,
during the wild years,
two gangs were blackmailing
a large bank for protection money.
They had to show the bank
who was stronger.
One gang was like wild dogs,
but the other was clever.
They got a bum from the street,
cleaned him up
till he looked respectable.
They stuck him in an Armani suit,
put him in a limo
and drove him through the city with escorts.
He couldn't believe his luck.
He ate in the finest restaurants,
with young women at his side.
He made calls on a gold mobile.
He now answered
to the name Myschkin.
He soon became known
as a powerful, influential criminal.
Then the day came for the gang boss
and the bank director to meet.
They took the director to a dacha.
When he arrived,
he saw the famous Myschkin.
He was buried in the
ground up to his neck.
The gang boss said as they walked by:
"That one gave us some problems."
And while the gang boss
talked with the bank director,
one of them grabbed a scythe,
and chopped Myschkin's head clean off.
Then the bank director knew right away
they were stronger,
if they could kill somebody
like Myschkin.
So he gave the protection money
to them alone.
So, you're the gang boss.
It's your story.
It's just one of the stories
of how we became what we are.
I wanted you to know that.
We should respect each other,
so we can go about our business.
That's all I have to say.
What do you see?
Mountains? A lake?
Can you swim?
I'd like to remind you
of our terrible scandal.
We weren't just hot on his trail!
We had the bastard,
damn it all!
And Bodrov got out legally.
We don't know if there's a connection
to the gang we caught,
or if there's any connection
between Bodrov and Sokolov.
We don't know if they're
part of the same crime syndicate,
if they work under the same boss,
or who that boss might be!
It's time we had a success story
around here.
Hollmann and Hansen
took these photos.
We know the robberies they committed
on Lenz trucks were bogus.
They were part
of a fraudulent scheme.
The boxes marked Soviet Champagne
were filled with cigarettes.
Mr. Lenz is the sole ruler
of his flourishing shipping company.
He wants to collect
from the fraudulent insurance claim,
and make money
smuggling cigarettes at the same time.
A surveillance warrant for Mr. Lenz
is in effect as of today.
The MEK doesn't have cars to spare
so two or our vehicles are going along
to assist in the stakeout.
You guys familiar with stakeouts
in your unit?
There's a peep-hole to our showers.
Our female colleagues
look through it.
They call that a stakeout.
We're not talking about
handsome men.
We're talking about
the fat man, Mr. Lenz.
We have to assume that Sokolov's escape
tipped him off.
Nevertheless, if he suspects anything,
give him a long leash.
Target suspect
turning from Kaiserdamm
onto Messedamm.
We're behind you.
Red light in 200 meters. Who's up?
Hansen here.
We're behind him.
Corner of Bismarck,
and Sophie-Charlotte.
Lottner here.
I'm taking over at Sophie-Charlotte.
We're coming up behind you.
Target person stopped
to pick someone up.
I have to pass him.
Who's taking over?
Who's taking over? Come in.
Gorsky, car five.
I'll take over.
So, my beauty, how's it going?
Did you learn any German?
A little.
First I'll dress you up right.
Prada, Gucci. You understand that, right?
I'll make a respectable girl out of you.
Are you gone?
Yes, I'm gone.
My colleague took over.
I want her to look really good.
Not crazy good, but natural good, okay?
I'm sure we'll find something.
Looks great!
She needs shoes. Get her some shoes.
- Okay.
It looks good.
Very nice.
Oh, yeah, that's nice too!
- Oh, that's a dream! Very pretty.
Nice shoes, too!
The officer's still on it
Take an oyster.
They're great.
You won't believe it,
but I haven't even touched her yet.
If you're ugly
and made of money,
surround yourself with beautiful honeys.
Is it good?
I'll pull her down from cloud nine
at some point.
I'm just
enjoying the view for now.
Let's drink to beauty
and business deals.
The old and the new.
Do we know anything
about his other guest?
They both look like milieu.
- Sokolov, the man
who headed our operations
has left the country.
He had to flee.
The cops are furious
because he got away.
They're sniffing around.
They might
have their eyes on you, too.
Yeah, yeah. I've always lived this way,
and nothing's ever happened.
They have guards outside.
- Get some good photos of them.
Let's do real business.
I've got the money,
and I take care of everything in Germany.
You take care of things over there.
Let's drink to
- Not so much, I'll fall over.
We'll drink to the future.
You support us.
We provide protection.
Let's drink to all the money
we're going to make.
Il conto, il conto, per favore!
Let me pay.
So, Lenz is paying for everyone.
They're coming out.
Copy. Everybody ready?
- I'll follow them. I'll do it.
A tear fell in there.
- Okay, boss.
Come with me to Italy
- That was nice.
I thought so too.
- Thank you.
You didn't
- Don't look. It's okay.
There's a fight in there.
I can't see inside very well.
You want us to head in there?
Situation unclear.
Decide at location. Come in.
I'm on Lenz.
Get someone for the restaurant.
I couldn't see exactly what went on.
- And we're off, honey!
Stay with Lenz.
Open it.
Pills, medicine.
The age of innocence is over.
We're still behind you.
Good girl.
So soft.
My heart!
Everything's gone black!
What's happening to me?
Did anybody see that?
I'm in the tunnel under Adenauerplatz.
Come in.
He's got a babe on board.
Looks like it was too much for the old guy.
Nice car.
He should've let me drive it.
Most likely a heart attack.
The car's on Brandenburger
- Young lady?
Is everything okay?
Do you need a doctor?
They're on their way.
I called emergency services.
The fire department is
at the corner of Brandenburger.
Marek, where are you? Report in.
Base was informed?
base was informed of the operation.
Rescue operation under way.
Hey, wait up. You okay?
I don't understand.
You need a doctor.
Come on.
Come with me.
- No.
We got the accident victim's heart going.
He'll be okay.
The car belongs to my friend.
It's a special taxi.
What happened, anyway?
Are you in pain?
Everything's okay.
Where are you from?
The Ukraine.
The Ukraine?
Do you have friends here?
I live with friends near KaDeWe.
I'll drive you there.
- I must look terrible.
That wasn't very nice.
I'm a little mixed up in my head.
Can you understand?
Do you speak Russian?
Sputnik, Kalaschnikov,
vodka, dawai, karascho
Thanks for your help.
No problem.
Can you find your friends alone?
- Yes, thanks.
- Bye.
It's me, Lenka.
Open the door.
But it stopped raining.
You'll ruin your hairdo.
It's humid.
This is what I think:
He's driving them to their job
at a Japanese restaurant.
They study Japanese at home
so they can speak with the cook.
They've got unlimited visas.
They're saving up
to study engineering.
We're bound to figure out
the other mysterious connections too.
What's wrong?
Are you in love?
- I don't know.
We'll see
if I dream about him tonight.
Your ears are huge.
Concentrate on driving,
and turn the music up
or we'll fall asleep.
Do you want to follow them?
I love you, Larissa!
What's that?
- Take it! Take it!
Hey! Let go!
Are you nuts?
What's up?
What did you
want to say?
This was recorded
from Nikolai Wojarski's mobile phone.
These photos are definitive proof
of a connection to Bodrov.
Why didn't I obtain
these mobile phone photos earlier?
Why was it overlooked until now?
I don't know anything about camera phones.
I didn't see the photos.
Why did you look through
the personal effects again?
I'm positive I saw Bodrov
in the sewer the night of the robbery.
We wanted to double check.
Photos alone
aren't conclusive evidence.
Out with it.
We made a deal
with Nikolai Wojarski.
Madam Prosecutor,
we have a problem.
Wojarski will only make a statement
under one condition.
We don't accept conditions.
But let's hear it.
He'll only make a statement
if he can have one hour
with his girlfriend in a hotel.
There's no way he's leaving the prison.
- Yes, but we know
he's head over heels
in love with this girl.
There was an altercation
in the holding cell
when Wojarski tried to slip the guard
a letter to his girlfriend.
The content of the letter:
He wants her to wait for him.
She's always on his mind.
He's prepared to pay a high price
to see her.
Yeah, we already
took a look around up there.
What are we going to do?
If he talks,
the others will too.
Keep calm.
I'm going to make a phone call.
Speak louder.
It looks like one of the gang
is going to blow the gang boss's cover.
The music's so nice right now.
Hollmann, what is it?
Our cover
is in danger of being blown.
No, that won't happen.
Can't you understand German?
That won't happen.
The pale one's about to sing.
The cop called.
He was born tough.
That won't change.
But he thinks with his cock.
He's going to betray you.
Does he know
the way across the bridge?
He's never
crossed the bridge before.
Okay, it's up to you.
Honor is the only thing
that matters to him.
Listen up, cutie.
I need some time to think.
Buy yourself something nice.
Do you need me
to say it in German, too?
Buy something nice.
The girlfriend should be arriving.
Yes, she just got here.
Here, search it.
There you go.
Please take off your clothes.
Don't they let you wear makeup?
Yes, but I don't need it.
Do you have a boyfriend?
Is he a cop too?
- No, he's a fireman.
Take everything off.
We're doing a cavity search.
Fine by me.
All's quiet.
- Exactly one hour.
Remind your boyfriend
of the promise he made us.
If he cooperates,
he'll get out sooner.
That's in your interest, too.
Have fun.
How are you?
- Good.
I had to see you.
Did they search you?
Was it hard for you?
- No, it wasn't hard.
Forget about them, okay?
My first time.
This is a big moment for me, really.
You're always on my mind.
Come on, let's have a drink.
I want to stay with you.
Can you wait?
How long?
Maybe five years.
But then we'll be together forever.
Will you dance for me?
One of the officers
needs to use the toilet.
Will you wait for me?
- Yes.
If you mean it, you have to make
a holy promise to me.
I promise.
Do you have a headscarf with you?
So, the hour's up.
If he's a witness against Bodrov,
why did he take part in the arrest?
The defense
will have a field day with that.
He didn't arrest him.
Bodrov was arrested by the SEK.
Are you going to tell me too?
He insists that we allow them
to come before an Orthodox priest.
No, that's going too far, gentlemen.
It looks like we don't have a choice,
if we want this to work.
And the risks?
Where are we going to get a priest?
He could take him hostage.
- I take full responsibility.
I'm going to have to
run that by the senior prosecutor.
Yes, this is Stiller.
We've completed our side
of the hotel room deal.
Now he wants to appear before a priest
with his girlfriend.
A prisoner would like to find God.
He wants to be engaged
to his girlfriend.
So shall it be.
He'd like a small donation
for the church.
You've got five minutes.
Five minutes!
Then we're going back to the bureau.
- Hello.
Hello, Father.
- Got it?
- Okay.
Is this going to take all night?
It's not like I've got any plans.
Eternal God,
You have joined together
what has been torn apart,
and made the bond of love everlasting.
Bless your servants,
Nikolai and Larissa
and guide them
to perform good deeds.
How about
we get some food in here?
Good idea!
Come on.
Servant of God Nikolai
is now engaged
to servant of God,
In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Ghost.
Servant of God Larissa
is now engaged
to servant of God Nikolai.
In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Ghost.
Stand by me.
Promise me before God
that you will wait for me.
I promise you
I will be your wife.
I promise you
I will be a good,
faithful and loving husband to you.
We have prayed to God
that he may bless
our lives together.
And he wishes us
luck and happiness.
Four men in front,
three in back.
Everyone in position.
Stalin! Stalin!
At least we'll die heroes.
The SEK will come in,
and boom!
We'll take a few of them with us.
He's coming out.
They're coming out.
First the woman, then the Russian.
Okay, boys.
Was that it? You okay?
They won't get lost in the elevator.
- We're heading to the office.
I've reconsidered.
I'm not saying shit.
I want back in my cell.
I don't think I understood.
You understood all right.
I'm speechless.
Take him away.
Okay, the boy's coming our way.
The car is ready.
Hello again, Mr. Hettich.
The engagement's over.
We were about to begin the hearing.
- Let's go!
But now he refused
to make a statement after all.
No statement.
- Have you lost your mind?
What bullshit did you get me into?
All talk and no action?
Yes, that's right.
- What now?
We're pulling out.
- What?
But it wasn't our fault.
- Excuse me?
If you don't mind me saying.
We put a lot on the line.
We were putty in his hands.
You got me into
some real hot water.
Thanks a lot, asshole.
- I wasn't expecting this,
but I should've.
- Should've what?
Expected him to keep quiet.
- Why didn't you say so?
my name is Josef, your name is Stalin.
Together we're
a real explosive combination.
I thought Nokolai
would be our big chance.
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