In the Face of Crime (2010) s01e06 Episode Script

Rosen fallen vom Himmel

Grandmother said,
"Child, you will see
the man you love under water."
I had a big brother too.
They shot him.
The murderer is still a free man.
Maybe he's already forgotten
even though
it destroyed an entire family.
You became a cop,
and I married a Russian.
The family
couldn't have done any worse.
Go, go, go!
I repeat: go!
Hands behind your head!
We want to talk to you.
Want a meeting
with your girlfriend?
All we expect in return
is cooperation.
Madam Prosecutor,
we have a problem.
Wojarski will only make a statement
under one condition.
Have fun.
The pale one's about to sing.
But he thinks with his cock.
He's going to betray you.
I need some time to think.
Buy yourself something nice.
He insists
that we allow them
to come before an Orthodox priest.
- No.
Eternal God,
Bless your servants,
Nikolai and Larissa
Four men in front.
Three men on the stairs,
three in front of the door.
The SEK will come in, and boom!
We're heading to the office.
I've reconsidered.
I'm not saying shit.
I want back in my cell.
Hello, there's gas in my apartment.
My husband is unconscious.
The fish kept quiet.
- We're packing up.
Heading back to his cove.
Talk to you later.
We're ready to depart.
he had a nice little field trip.
I don't believe it.
He sure had us going.
Oh man!
The look on Madam Prosecutor's face!
I don't believe it!
Man was I scared!
- Ms. Stiller even gave a donation!
What's wrong?
I was terrified the whole time.
But I felt so close to you.
I need you.
You think your wife will notice?
- Did it leave a mark?
A little bit.
Do you lie to her a lot?
When I have to.
Once in a while.
Like today.
Get him on the stretcher.
The clinic has been notified.
Is this your bag?
Can we get out?
The door's closed.
- Hello.
Who are you?
Joska's girlfriend.
I don't speak Russian.
Give me Joska.
- He can't come to the phone.
Tell him everything went well.
I'll tell him.
Do we have the defib?
Excuse me, can I come?
- We'll get him in the ambulance,
and take it from there.
Come along.
Let's see what we can find.
Maybe he was on drugs.
Who'd commit suicide with a girl like that?
Officers are
still in the apartment.
Suicide attempt.
Looks like it, anyway.
Close the door!
He'll just go nuts!
What are you thinking?
Hold the door shut!
This can't be happening.
What do we do now?
- I can't believe it.
Shit! Shit!
What's he doing?
There goes our evidence.
- I'm calling in.
Get a dog catcher.
- I will.
We're interested in one of your patients.
Mr. Bodrov.
Was the patient on drugs?
- I'm not allowed to say.
Is he going to make it?
- It looks like it.
We need to know if he took drugs.
- You know I'm sworn to secrecy.
Do you have the patient's approval?
- You know what?
We'll get a court order
for immediate urine and blood tests,
due to exigent circumstances.
- All right,
but I want it in writing, okay?
- Okay.
Can you tell us
what happened in the apartment?
I don't know.
I'm shocked myself.
I don't talk to people like you.
I'd like to inform you that your dog
nearly attacked our officers.
It was captured by a dog catcher,
and brought to an animal shelter.
Contact them within a week, or the dog
will be put to sleep because it's dangerous.
You can kiss the day goodbye.
"All right,
but I want it in writing."
I'll tell you a secret,
for your ears only.
If the Wall never fell,
I'd be a spy today.
- They were preparing me for that career.
I would've banged tons of secretaries
in the Western government.
The Wall fell,
but our young Russian in the hotel didn't.
That's the difference.
I thought Nikolai
would be our big chance.
I was fantasizing
about being a real cop.
What's a real cop like?
- A real cop is a free man.
He goes into a bar,
orders a drink, smokes a cigarette,
drives awesome cars,
asks people questions,
or ditches them if he's bored.
He flies to Caracas
for an investigation.
He hangs out on the beach,
picks up girls, shoots his gun,
but he definitely
doesn't do paperwork.
We'll get there.
We're really close.
- Will you hit me when we get there?
let's hand in our guns,
get the court order for the white coat,
and get hammered.
Excuse me, can I get a latte?
Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino.
Thanks. Thanks a lot.
- Hey, what are you doing?
That's my chair.
You wanna run away?
He's just an asshole, Lotte.
You can have my chair. I'll sit over there.
- Thank you.
What are you having?
I've already ordered.
You okay?
You want to do something about that?
I could explode,
but I'll get over it.
Why did you call?
It's about the Russian disco.
I didn't tell you everything.
I went home with one of the Russians.
His name's Juri.
I had sex with him, and
The condom broke.
- And I think I'm pregnant.
You're joking, right?
- I'm in no mood for joking.
You arrested the gang.
- Yeah.
They'll get six years.
That's just my luck!
- Nothing's for sure yet. Give it time.
So, how is it back at the unit?
It's a blast.
- There's a joke after all.
I always wanted a kid
but my boyfriends didn't.
Now it happened.
It's a shitty feeling.
Aw, is everybody
being mean to you today?
It's a living creature.
I can't just get rid of it.
Give it some time.
It could be one of yours, too.
- What?
Did you forget already?
Under the parachute?
You don't use contraception?
- You didn't use any either.
Excuse me.
What's wrong?
What's wrong, Mr. Clean?
You want to liven things up?
Say something!
- Shit!
Should I get you a chair
so you can piss?
Today was a catastrophe.
One guy we were hunting disappeared,
probably somewhere in the Taiga.
Another's unconscious in a hospital bed.
We can forget about him.
Our hands are tied.
I'm trying not to blame anybody,
especially myself.
Well, I don't blame you.
I liked being with you,
but you know that.
It's the truth.
Come on,
we don't want to complicate things, do we?
- It wasn't special for you?
Of course it was.
It was a lot of fun.
So, you guys getting anywhere?
- Maybe I'm just hysterical.
I'm buying.
- Thanks.
I just wanted to say sorry
for taking the chair.
I didn't mean it, okay.
- Pardon?
I'm sorry, okay?
- Okay.
What did you do to him?
- What do you mean? He came to me.
If you need us, we'll be here.
Say something.
- He did. He already said something.
I see you were super tactful again.
"Who me? A child?
A baby? No way!"
Your Russian's locked up.
He won't be paying alimony.
No matter what,
we're here for you.
Come hell or high water, okay?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me, Josch?
I don't speak Russian.
I'm Katarina.
Everything's fine.
You had gas poisoning.
Do you know how it happened?
Can you remember?
Are you okay?
- Are the cops here?
They're gone.
I didn't say anything.
Did they search the apartment?
I got the money and your mobile.
- Good,
you kept a level head.
Someone called.
He said, "Everything's fine."
Nikolai was strong.
He was only toying with the cops.
I was weak.
I had doubts.
The coke made me so paranoid.
I looked out the window,
and saw men with black masks everywhere.
I thought the SEK
was storming the apartment.
I turned on all the gas,
and sat like this with my lighter.
I thought if they storm the place,
then boom!
Then at least
I'd die like a hero.
You saw ghosts, Josch.
- Yeah?
- I was seeing things in my head.
My head fooled me,
but I'm only human.
I gave you all my money.
You sold my good clothes.
I gave you everything
so this would come to an end.
And what do you do?
- You took the money,
and you didn't run away.
You're here with me,
and you didn't betray me.
What about Stalin?
Call the police.
Bye, buddy!
The police were
in my apartment today
You can't just leave!
- I'm in charge of my life. I am! I am!
At least sign your release form!
He's alive!
He's at the Gartenstrasse animal shelter!
Open up!
Open up! My dog is here!
- You have to come back tomorrow.
I want him now!
- Is it an attack dog?
it's an attack dog.
He's probably
already been put to sleep.
- Come back tomorrow.
And bring your lD.
Don't do anything stupid!
I'll call the police!
- I don't care!
Give me my dog.
- I can't do that.
I don't even know
if it belongs to you!
You fascist!
Give me my dog.
Shit, he's crazy.
What a life.
Open it.
Hey, fascist.
My dog needs food and water.
Be a dear and give him your sandwich,
before he eats you instead.
The dog's still hungry.
I don't have anything else.
- Is that it, Comrade Fritz?
What about beer?
So, now he likes you.
Comrade Fritz,
be a dear and open the gate, please.
If you call the cops,
I'll come back and we'll have a beer, got it?
Yeah, yeah.
WORK/ UNlT 33.
- You awake? Call the commissioner's office.
Bring your partner. They need you.
- Okay, I'll pick him up.
Happy birthday, Sister.
See? One little trip to the hospital
and my belly's already smaller.
Two things I missed the most:
good food and your foul moods.
You're my number one,
you know that.
Can you drive
a little faster today?
You just got out of the hospital.
Think of your heart.
I can handle a bit of speed.
Get out of there. Otto's driving.
This is Lenz,
springtime himself.
Two charcoal-grey
Mercedes S-Class pulling up.
How are you?
- Good, I hope.
Did anything happen to my princess?
Lenz and son, heading downtown.
Looks like they're taking a trip.
She went home after the crash.
If nobody can ask questions,
they won't get any dumb answers.
She wasn't
much of a guardian angel.
And she owes me.
Of course. Whenever you want.
Are you up to it yet?
If not, wait to make sure it's good.
- Attention. S-Class is with them.
Maybe it's okay.
If not, she'll have to do some work.
I want to see her right away,
in the dress I gave her.
I'll take her along until the border.
- Okay, okay.
Keep him on a long leash.
We still got our eye in the sky?
I've got them in sight.
It looks like an escort
or security service of some kind.
Lotte, open up.
It's me, Marek.
Lottner. Wake up.
You old slut.
Get dressed.
We've got an assignment.
Lenz is taking a trip,
and we're on it.
You turned your mobile off.
- Battery's dead.
I'm not pregnant yet.
Maybe it only works
if I love the man.
I did love you.
I was getting ready to buy baby stuff.
Everything's in order.
We've got a five car convoy.
I end up with all your women
sooner or later.
I give them
- what they've been missing with me!
Stop talking shit over there.
State your location please.
We're driving down the middle lane,
on Karl-Marx-Allee.
Heading towards
Lichtenberg Station or Ostbahnhof.
Please switch positions.
Change the order
in which you're following him.
We've got a stopover.
Everyone else,
drive by and join up again later.
1 1 driving by.
12 driving by.
Who's on them?
- What?
Report. Who's on them?
- Nothing.
23's on them.
And the wild ride continues.
Switch positions every three minutes.
That happens automatically.
We're coming up
on Lichtenberg rail yard.
Arriving at the train station.
Both cars are pulling up.
Welcoming committee:
three Russians.
It looks like it's a planned trip.
You're right.
You guys going in?
17 going in.
So, people.
I'm in.
Everybody go to platform D, track 22.
Train's leaving for Kiev at 19:30.
Up here on the left.
- Okay.
Our man
entered the train to Kiev.
17 following.
- All the way to Kiev?
Who speaks Russian?
You get the whole train car.
See you after the border.
Thanks. Spassiba.
- Have a good trip.
- No, thanks.
Have a good trip.
He's in a private car.
Who's in?
Our man's in a first class car to Kiev.
Rest of the car's empty.
Who feels like
going for a train ride?
22 and 23 are on the train.
- Yup.
Do either of you speak Russian?
Yup, sure do.
- Then have a good trip.
You can only ride
as far as the Ukrainian border.
All units return to quarters.
Further operations
and wrap up by wire.
22, 23 on the train.
Contact by mobile.
Hello, LKA Berlin, Röber.
I'm calling
about the Berlin to Kiev train.
We need your support
from Frankfurt Oder
to ascertain the destination
of a German passenger.
Did you contact Poland?
- Yes, liaison officers
have already been informed,
but that's no guarantee.
And you need it right away?
- Yes, right away.
We've already been able
to surmise a possible destination.
Okay, we'll get on it.
I'll let you know.
Wonderful. Thanks,
I'll be expecting your call. Bye.
Gorsky and Lottner are on board,
hoping they can fish something up.
Those bastards are hungry.
We were once too.
Who says I'm not?
Can I get through?
Your man's got a visa for the Ukraine.
He's red in the face from vodka.
We'll stay on the train
as long as we can.
He might get off before then,
or meet someone along the way.
Maybe even Sokolov.
I want to light the candles.
- No way.
Stop it, Simon. Stella
- Oh, Marek!
- Hey, sis.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday!
Where are you?
I'm on a train, for work.
Where are you going?
- Just this once.
Did you get any presents?
Sara painted me a beautiful picture,
and Simon played piano for me.
I miss you so much.
Can you come over tonight?
Promise you'll come.
Oh, Marek,
I have to blow out the candles.
Oh, God! So many candles!
I'm as old as the hills!
Okay, bye.
What is that, Mischa?
My God!
They're beautiful!
You matter the most to me.
You, and the children.
That's the truth.
Thank you, Mischa.
Thank you.
Time will tell.
Look at me.
I'm old, fat and ugly,
and you're beautiful.
And I almost kicked the bucket
next to you.
But God blessed me
with a few more good years.
I think he was trying to tell me
that I should enjoy your beauty.
I would have enjoyed
demeaning you.
That's the way I like it.
Do you understand?
Do me a favor. Dance for me.
Do it.
Dance like
Very good.
Slower. Dance slower.
Get up. Get up.
Get lost.
the night shift's getting on.
We can't save
fallen angels right now.
Stay put, okay.
Stay here.
Hello, I'm Dolly.
- Amanda.
Listen up.
From now on, you do as I say.
Just like the others.
Like Svetlana.
One client after the other.
No more Madonna, Jelena.
No more privileges!
Your guardian angel ditched you.
Judging by
the bounty of girls he's got in there
it looks like
he's headed all the way to Kiev.
That's the end of the EU.
The Wild East will have to wait.
What are you doing here?
It's private. Go away.
Last stop before the Ukrainian border.
All passengers without visas for the Ukraine
must exit the train
Mr. Lenz? Mr. Lenz?
Welcome to the Ukraine.
Please follow us.
- The Ukraine, right?
Faster, faster.
Be careful.
It's the police life you wished for:
Foreign lands, pretty girls.
I was supposed to hit you
when we got here.
Go on, dance.
I make sure nobody steals the smokes.
Watch out. I'll steal your pants.
I already smoked all your cigarettes.
I'm Dolly.
I need a guardian.
What are you and
your friend doing here?
Didn't he tell you?
You're after the fat guy.
You're police officers.
Yes. Want to tell me something?
- I could tell you a lot.
It depends on what you're paying.
Are we talking about money?
Aren't we always talking about money?
If it's not about love?
I'll tell you straight,
my friend and l
don't have any money.
Excuse me.
Did you have a good time?
What burst their bubble
all the sudden?
I'll just say this:
don't take it too personally.
We've both got our bone to pick.
But rather than
speaking about differences,
Iet's try to find common ground.
Even if there isn't much of it.
We'll forget about bad things,
and talk about common ground.
Let's talk business.
I've got cash and I'd like
Come, sit down.
I'd like to invest the cash legitimately.
Can you help me?
We've got ten amusement arcades.
We could make you the official owner,
but you'll have to
fork up half a million.
Isn't that something, boys?
Half a million!
Where do I bring the dough?
Bring it to my office.
As soon as I get it, everything's okay.
That's it?
- That's it.
We won't speak
about old business again.
Do you remember my story?
- How could I forget?
Great story!
Sometimes I dream about it.
Now remember this:
What happened to those
who used force to get their way?
They're all gone.
He wants to fuck us up the ass
without lube.
We'll see, Victor.
What's important
is that the fat man
drinks, eats and fucks
until he says "yes."
He has to say "yes"!
Careful, it's slippery here.
- I noticed.
Sometimes you have to put work behind you,
go to the dacha
and run around barefoot.
Wati, come here!
Remember, in 1986,
when Gorbachev asked Kohl,
if he wanted to buy the GDR?
That's when we knew
the times were changing,
and it was going to be
a grand catastrophe.
But it was
a special kind of catastrophe for us.
All the sudden,
we had too much money.
You met in Germany.
Sergej, my business associate.
- Nice to see you.
It's nice to see
you're feeling better, too.
Good as new.
Sergej and I made our first million
with toxic waste.
On a Russian military compound.
In Wuensdorf, near Berlin.
We turned garbage into gold.
Now it's time
to focus on new business.
Let's get to the point.
We'd like to have
an illegal cigarette factory in Germany.
We've got a good machine.
It's a "Marke 9."
We could bring it in, install it.
What do you think?
Sounds good, but if I pump money into it,
what comes out?
The whole deal
will cost a few million.
In a month,
the machine can make 25 containers
of illegal cigarettes.
Each container is worth a million.
We bring in the raw tobacco.
We'll get the machine across the border.
When we set it up in Germany,
we'll need a corporate veil from you.
Corporate veil. No problem.
- You hire the workers,
and make sure
we don't have any problems.
Everything has to be set up
so nobody finds out.
Can you cover it up?
- Definitely. Yes, I can.
In a small town near Berlin,
I could control it all:
the police, the community,
the workers
It's an abandoned factory.
- We know your price.
We'll pay you double,
and take all the wares off your hands.
In return
you'll have our protection.
So, cook and waiter?
- You're the waiter,
but a very well paid one.
I want to do it again!
Oh, no!
We shot a pheasant!
What have I done?
Such a beautiful bird!
This is Serge.
Mischa! The fat man said "yes".
He's going
to house the cigarette machine!
In Brandenburg.
Lenz didn't say exactly where.
An illegal factory in Berlin?
I smuggle cigarettes.
I make millions,
and reinvest it in legal businesses.
Grischa taught me great tricks.
To your father.
- I can't drink any more.
What's dead, is dead.
- Don't let your revenge get out of control.
I can't say anything
about Sokolov.
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