In the Face of Crime (2010) s01e07 Episode Script

Wer Angst hat, verliert

Grandmother said,
"Child, you will see
the man you love under water."
I had a big brother too.
They shot him.
The murderer is still a free man.
Maybe he's already forgotten
even though
it destroyed an entire family.
You became a cop,
and I married a Russian.
The family
couldn't have done any worse.
Maybe it'll be over soon.
Your husband needs your help.
Mischa wants peace.
- No war.
But others are fighting him
because of that.
Others who want war.
This is Kolja,
your new boss.
What have you done?
You'll make love with the fat guy.
It will end, Lenka.
The age of innocence is over.
Did anybody see that?
Hey, wait up.
Come with me.
22 and 23 are on the train.
- Really?
We can't save
fallen angels right now.
Listen up.
Your guardian angel ditched you.
That's the end of the EU.
The Wild East will have to wait.
We'd like to have
an illegal cigarette factory
in Germany.
Can you cover it up?
- Definitely. Yes, I can.
That reminds me of my brother.
He told me that when he was 12,
back in the USSR, he rode the trains.
He'd play cards
with the passengers.
He cheated the whole time,
of course.
Those kids
were on all the train lines.
They cheated
the pants off the passengers.
There were famous train lines.
They made tons of money.
Especially on the lines to Moscow.
People would go into the city
and go on huge shopping sprees.
Everyone knew
they had tons of money with them.
Grischa taught me great tricks.
Grischa seemed invincible.
There's one image
I'll never forget:
We're on a motorcycle,
driving really fast.
He asked me, "Are you afraid, Marek?"
I shook my head.
He said, "Good, Marek.
Fear is for losers."
And he went even faster.
We were heading towards a hill.
The other side of the hill
was really steep,
with a lake at the bottom.
We flew over the top,
and for a second
it looked like
we'd fly right into the lake.
Hold on!
We were screaming.
He was going so fast,
he couldn't
hold on to the bike.
We crashed,
but nothing happened.
The bike was fine.
We just got back on
like nothing ever happened.
Back then I thought
nothing in the world could hurt him.
Then they shot him dead.
I can't get my head around it.
I saw his blood on the sidewalk
and his chalk outline.
When that Joska character
shot at me in the sewer,
I saw that image again:
us flying through the air,
and I knew I'd be okay.
You okay?
Let's drink to Larissa,
who got engaged to Nikolai.
There was a priest,
but no church.
They did it in a hotel room.
So, Larissa, who will you
cheat on Nikolai with first?
With all of us?
under the table?
What kind of girl do you think I am?
I'm waiting for Nikolai.
A respectable girl!
Let's drink
to all respectable things in life.
What's up with you guys?
Do you regret
becoming unrespectable?
No, you don't regret a thing.
Aren't you afraid of the devil?
I don't understand.
Do you believe in the devil?
With little horns and a forked tail?
Are you afraid of him?
I can see you're not afraid.
Good. I'm not either.
Let me tell you,
I'm not afraid of the devil.
If he comes, he'll say,
"Shit, I'm wasting my time.
He doesn't have any soul left!"
Let's drink to the unrespectables.
What are you afraid of?
I'll tell you:
Physical agony.
Physical pain.
But without this pain
you'd fall apart.
Did your father hit your mother?
Did your father hit you?
My father didn't hit me.
He didn't take care of me,
only of himself.
All he cared about
was that he was okay.
You have to learn how to forgive.
I'll drink to you.
Speak German. Learn German.
We're only guests in this country.
To your father.
Don't drink to him,
drink to Mother.
To your father.
You have to forgive him.
I can't drink any more. I feel sick.
I don't feel good today.
We're drinking.
To your father.
Your ears are for listening!
That's not right.
What do you know?
No women
will be beaten in my presence.
Who are you?
- Who am l?
Ask the others,
they know me well.
I'll take her with me.
Then we'll see who I am.
You can't take girls away from me.
That's not how it works.
It doesn't matter who you are.
You're not allowed to hit women.
What do you want her for?
You're not a real man anymore.
Uncle Sascha.
Sit down.
I'm Andrej.
I've heard a lot about you,
but why are you
getting involved in our business?
He acted against the code.
You might still follow the code,
but I don't.
You took our money maker,
but you can have her.
I'll give her to you
out of respect.
Tomorrow will be another day.
I won't be so friendly.
I'll need her passport.
That's it.
These are my friends.
Why did you do that?
You don't even know me.
Let the evening begin!
You can stay here for now.
You've got everything.
Do you understand?
What do I have to do in return?
I ask for nothing in return.
I'm married,
and I have children your age.
I've lived my life,
and seen many terrible things.
I was a small time bandit,
a pickpocket in Odessa,
and I've spent years in prison.
You are safe here.
I'll come back tomorrow,
and we'll discuss what happens next.
Hey everybody.
- Good evening.
Great job, boys.
Looks like it was worth it after all.
That was a lot of effort
just for this.
We expected more than cartons of cigarettes.
- You tried. Thanks.
But we might be
closer than we thought.
While you were in Poland,
we searched Sokolov's house.
We tore the place apart,
and found a lot.
Did you already examine it already?
- No, not yet.
Who are the cigarettes for?
- For me.
Can't we have one carton?
What's wrong.
You wanted to cut down anyway.
- Very funny.
Come on, boss.
Just one carton.
You afraid?
Faster? Faster?
Look where you're going!
Are you nuts?
It doesn't get better than this.
This is a once in a lifetime drive!
Did you notice something?
- No?
Hello, boys.
He'll wait with you.
Half a million.
I don't need to count it.
I trust you too.
As you can see, I'm alone.
Without my watchdogs.
Good job, comrade.
To good, lucrative business.
To our shared business.
To the future.
Mischa, he's a wolf.
Be careful.
And us?
Do you doubt our strength?
You sound like
a little boy on the playground.
I'm responsible for my children.
And men like that
have no business being in my life.
Everybody out. Now!
What's wrong?
Do you have another man?
I told you everything already.
I just have to figure out
how I'm going to live this life.
That's all.
Okay, okay.
But you don't talk to me like that
when other people are around.
You know what?
Why don't you jack off.
I'll make sure no one comes in.
Mischa and his cock
would like to be alone for a while.
What kind of woman is that?
Everything's burning.
are keeping close tabs on Lenz.
He was in the Ukraine.
They expect him back any day.
I have to tell you something.
The trail from the two officers
who took down my brigade
Ieads to the Odessa.
If you tell me when your operation
is going down,
you'll find drugs,
maybe counterfeit money,
and you'll get a really big fish.
- Mischa.
My mother was lucky to give birth
to such a genius like me.
Don't you think?
Grischa had a girlfriend back then.
I remember her.
She had red hair, or a wig or something.
Do you know
what happened to her?
I don't know why Grischa
turned out the way he did.
God knows I did my best.
All I know is that
I never took money from him. Never.
Grischa wasn't as bad
as you think he was.
No one is good.
The human soul is a dark room.
But if we stray from our beliefs,
our morals,
then we are lost.
That's why
you should watch what you think,
because thoughts become words.
Watch what you say,
because words become actions.
And watch how you act,
because actions become your character.
But you should do
what you think is right.
"Don't worry about me.
I have a new job.
I help old people.
I have a small apartment.
I haven't forgotten you.
God will shelter our broken hearts.
It's me, Marek.
It's been ten years.
How did you find me?
The postcard
you sent my parents.
The registration office,
your maiden name.
Look me in the eyes.
Don't be afraid.
I won't hurt you.
I know.
I want to talk about Grischa.
Do you have time?
It's me.
Yeah, I met an old friend in town.
I'll be a little late.
Can I talk to her?
Mama will be home soon, sweetie.
I'll put you to bed.
You knew Mischa and Sokolov.
I saw a photo
of the three of you.
Sokolov cut your face out
to protect your identity.
But I recognized
you by your red hair.
He didn't cut your hair out.
You knew them, didn't you?
- I don't have anything to say.
I've got a life now, understand?
No one will find out.
I swear on my honor.
You're a cop,
how can you have honor, Marek?
I'm not here as a cop.
I have to know
what happened to Grischa.
I need a tip, a clue.
Anything that will bring me closer.
You know,
I tried
I tried to kill myself.
I drank a bottle of cognac,
and slit my wrists.
Then I turned the gas on.
But it didn't work.
God was generous with me.
He gave me a husband and two kids.
What's dead, is dead.
But I'm alive,
and I have the same fear I had then.
So get lost, go.
Grischa lives on inside me.
He's with me.
He's alive in here,
not dead.
I don't know
how to talk to him.
I need to know what happened
so both of us can find peace.
Please tell me.
We're family.
You loved him, and he loved you.
Please tell me.
You look so much like him,
but I can't put a finger on it.
I dream of him at night.
He hasn't left me either.
Your eyes are good,
but they're hard, like his.
Remember how cheerful he was?
How he laughed and sang?
But his eyes changed at some point.
I wanted him to stop so badly.
But I couldn't stop him.
That's life.
Everyone has their path.
What was it about back then?
It was about cigarettes.
They made a lot of money with it.
They had a little cigarette machine
in Poland.
Sokolov and Grischa were partners,
but then
Good evening.
- No, let's go now.
I have to talk to him.
I'm tired.
What's up?
- Wait.
Are we driving, or what?
You go on ahead.
So, where to?
Get out! Fuck off!
Let's talk it over again.
That can't really be the reason.
You're not going
to work for us anymore.
You acted without authority.
Without authority?
Who do you think you are?
My Führer? My Kapo?
Go take a look.
What's going on up there?
Now you know.
What did you tell your husband.
- I didn't tell him the truth.
No one knows.
I told him I had a car accident.
Are you happy?
Yes, I'm happy.
He's faithful,
dependable, predictable.
It's good for me.
But I married a goy.
What are your kids' names?
- Magda and Johannes. And you?
You're a cop. I'm a nurse.
We both do something useful.
That counts for something.
I'm glad you know now.
I won't tell anyone.
- What are you going to do?
Maybe I'll catch the murderer.
It'll happen someday.
What else?
Who else was he involved with?
I don't know much.
It was a man's world.
But he always
went to Uncle Sascha for advice.
I think he gave him money, too.
He was very powerful back then.
I don't know. Is he still alive?
Then ask him. He knows a lot.
I'm going now.
May God protect you.
Is this where your brother died?
I'll get him.
One way or another.
I promise.
I drink to us catching him.
I'll stand by you, no matter what.
I'm your partner.
But when you catch him remember:
you're a cop.
Don't let your revenge
get out of control.
They need somebody with good hands
to fix them.
Your parents are good people.
They always shared.
Even though
they never had much themselves.
Back then,
they offered your father money
to stop you from becoming
a policeman.
But he let you have your way.
Your brother Grischa
He came to me
looking for advice.
I told him,
he should be clever with his life.
What good is it to drive every car,
to have every woman?
And then you're dead.
Sokolov killed Grischa.
I found it out.
I want him.
Where should I look?
That's him, right?
I can't help you.
I can't say anything about Sokolov.
Sit down please.
This is Marek.
I've known him since he was little.
You know each other?
We've met.
You lied to me!
Cops are good at that.
She'd like to
change her line of work.
I found her a job.
Maybe you can drive her there.
She doesn't know
her way around Berlin.
You're a free woman again,
with a passport.
I guess you always know where I am?
- It's no coincidence.
I knew we'd
see each other again.
When are you going back home?
Not yet.
I want to work first,
and learn German.
- Good.
Why is Uncle Sascha helping you?
I don't know.
He wanted to help.
He must be powerful.
Excuse me for asking,
but you know I'm a cop.
I knew that right away!
I'm not blind.
Have you ever seen him?
Maybe at the brothel?
I know you worked there.
No, I never saw him there.
Are you sure?
I wouldn't lie to you.
Now you know where I work.
If you come, I'll give you a discount.
A food discount?
Then I'll stop by.
Can I bring a friend?
- Bye.
Federal Border Guard, here.
You wanted information
on Heinrich Lenz.
He took the Kiev-Berlin train,
and crossed the border at Frankfurter (Oder.)
He's heading towards Berlin.
Arrival time: 1 1:23 AM.
Copy that.
Thank you.
They're now
heading towards the main exit.
Copy. Out.
Target suspect entering the car.
No Russian escort this time.
So, who's on it?
Target suspect entering the house.
He's out of sight.
I'm leaving again in a second.
Hurry up, come on!
I really like it here.
Barnim, Lima
-Golf 30.
Turns out that guy's some
politician from Bernau.
And this is an official visit,
complete with official car.
What does that tell us?
He's not playing him for fun.
- Bingo.
I talked to
the mayor of Schnoetzwitz.
I know him.
In the industrial area.
I had an investor,
but he went belly up.
That's where I'd like to invest
in a nice little cardboard box factory.
Naturally I want to
employ the locals.
And of course
dependable people from my company.
Just rubberstamp the permit.
I want to start ASAP.
Uh-huh. Take a putter along.
- Okay.
Looks like a party at the villa,
complete with VIPs.
We're documenting it.
I recognize some of them
from the media.
The upper crust
meets the underworld.
Champagne, caviar, lobsters
Stop that.
I was in
the Dzerzhinsky Guards Regiment.
in the MOS
Military Operative Security.
We saw everything the bigwigs had.
There are big shots, and little guys.
I live in a shack,
they live in a villa.
What are you saying?
- Do you believe in reincarnation?
- No.
See? That's the difference
between you and me.
Fucking fan's blowing down my neck.
This sucks.
This could go on for a week.
That's the widow
of that actor with the double name.
He was manager of the
Herta BSC for a while.
Now he's got a brothel
next to Olympic Stadium.
Must you smoke like a chimney?
We've been here for three hours.
I'm gonna get TB.
Holy shit.
That's the state finance minister.
All units.
Operation's been called off.
I don't believe it!
That was MEK headquarters.
They called off surveillance on Lenz.
17 to base.
We're pulling out.
Copy that, 17.
Officers at the villa
are pulling out.
I told you.
That gentleman's
got help from above.
So, I'll pack our things.
They've got
important operations
Need all their people
We can continue
when they're done.
They blow small operations out of proportion.
Pull their men out
to give the politicians and VlPs
some peace.
Yup. What we have here
is the classic relationship
between underworld,
politics and economy.
He got himself a halo.
The good man.
Help yourself!
You can go if you want.
I'll take two days off.
I'm staying.
Not without me.
Who's that?
I saw his picture up on the board
at the bureau.
Let's get that bastard!
Who are you visiting?
- Dr. Toblier.
Sit down next to me.
Lean against me.
You smell like
Like summer.
Like earth.
Summer and earth.
I know where your friend works.
Go have a talk with her.
Lenka, don't be stupid.
You can't earn any money here.
This is honest work.
I don't have to be ashamed.
I want to stay in Germany
and find a husband,
not work at King George.
Until now
we've done everything together.
Think of all the money we saved!
How are you
going to find a man here anyway?
Maybe I've already found him.
Do me a favor,
and think it over.
You can call Kolja.
What are you doing, Lenka?
We'll have to part ways.
I know,
you're strong and I'm weak.
I've always dreamt of being rich,
not having to work.
It's going to happen, too.
Sometimes she's a bit dumb,
but she doesn't like the work.
I'll talk to her again.
Why do you blow yourself up like a turkey?
You should sing something.
Do you want to make love?
- Yes.
Where did you hide the money?
Where did you hide the money?
Come on, you heard me.
Kolja, forgive me.
It was the first time.
He gave it to me because he liked me so much.
- Where is the money?
I want all the money.
All of it.
Or your girlfriend
will be in trouble too.
Is that everything?
You whore!
You whore! You whore!
Go take a shower!
I won't get out.
Please, Kolja, don't kill me!
Don't do it!
I don't want to die!
Why would I kill you, sweetie?
Stand up.
Someone else will
deal with your shit.
Be quiet.
What do you think?
Real pretty.
We'll take her.
Be quiet.
We're nice guys.
We're good guys.
Sit down.
- Okay.
Welcome to
the minor leagues.
Something wrong?
You want to humiliate me even more?
- I'm just doing my job.
I take you in
and you betray me?
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