In the Face of Crime (2010) s01e08 Episode Script

Was kostet Berlin?

Grandmother said,
"Child, you will see
the man you love under water."
I had a big brother too.
They shot him.
The murderer is still a free man.
Maybe he's already forgotten
even though
it destroyed an entire family.
You became a cop,
and I married a Russian.
The family
couldn't have done any worse.
Maybe it'll be over soon.
Your husband needs your help.
Mischa wants peace.
- No war.
But others are fighting him
because of that.
No war?
Somebody ratted on me and my gang,
and our robbery.
And they're
going to pay for that.
I told you not to use my mobile!
- Yeah, okay.
I didn't know anything about our operation.
- I don't pay for ignorance.
Don't forget,
you've got family too.
Tell me, where'd you get
your hot tip, anyway?
The new guys are working with somebody too.
- We'll kick them back to their unit.
Ladies, this is Kolja,
your new boss.
What have you done?
Your ears are for listening!
You're not allowed to hit women.
You know each other?
- Yes.
We'd like to have an
illegal cigarette factory in Germany.
Can you cover it up?
- Definitely. Yes, I can.
What we have here
is the classic relationship
between underworld,
politics and economy.
He got himself a halo.
The good man.
I'll take two days off. I'm staying.
- Not without me.
This is honest work.
I don't have to be ashamed.
Think of
all the money we saved!
Where did you hide the money?
We've all served on task forces.
- Your weapons?
I'll tell you when and where.
You'll organize your departure afterwards.
You'll pay 200 for every day we wait.
My boys are easily satisfied.
They don't need much.
They sit, wait and are always ready.
I took care of everything.
I'll let you know
when I've eliminated Mischa.
Then I'll come and pick up my share.
The sun's shining and tomorrow
I'm going to the Baltic Sea with Grandma.
She's as happy as a clam.
So don't ruin this for me.
Don't panic.
- Don't panic.
It'll stay like this.
That's right, sun, sun, sun!
Lenz has got help from above.
The operation was called off yesterday.
The two new guys
stayed of their own accord,
with our boss's support.
Nothing's happening.
Why didn't he go in to work?
It's the weekend.
He partied yesterday.
Maybe he's afraid to leave.
He's waiting for something.
A message, a call
The new guys.
The new guys
are too close to the truth.
They're a danger to us.
They already took down
an entire brigade of mine.
Do you believe in bad omens?
I just have the feeling
we don't belong here.
Listen up.
I changed my mind again.
We'll use Mischa
to take care of the new guys.
When you raid the Odessa,
you won't find anything.
But you make it look like
they were tipped off
by Gorsky.
His motive:
His sister is with Mischa,
the owner of Odessa.
That's why he warned her.
It's so easy.
Do it right,
- You'd better calm down.
Come in.
Twice, in three days now,
I've received a tip from an anonymous source.
I'm usually skeptical about tips like this,
but I wanted to let you know.
The caller He spoke with a Russian accent.
He claimed we'd find
drugs and counterfeit money
at the Odessa.
Was the conversation recorded?
- No.
Why not?
I couldn't find the button.
We know Sokolov frequented the place.
We've stayed away
from the Odessa till now.
We didn't want to risk going in
and not finding anything.
The calls were short.
He mentioned cigarette smuggling.
He didn't give details.
But it fits with
what we know so far.
Then we'd better liven the place up.
Take them by surprise.
Get the search warrant.
Inform the MEK.
Find out who's on duty tonight
and can come along.
Aren't those nuts you stuff your face with
genetically modified?
No, why?
What should I be afraid of?
That my kids
will have some kind of mutation?
I'm not going to reproduce.
Forget about it.
Do you have your badges on you?
Don't you
recognize us from yesterday?
My partner
needs your badge numbers.
Why are you here?
Who called you?
It's an upscale neighborhood.
People get the wrong idea
when a car sits around for 12 hours.
Is it a department car?
- Of course.
Doesn't look like one.
We're from the LKA.
- lsn't our plate on file?
You here on work?
No, it's private.
Weekend camping. Give us a ticket.
I thought it got called off.
- Now that everyone's seen us,
the investigation's over.
Hollmann here.
Sorry, I don't even know where you are.
The schedule says
you're on duty today.
We need you to replace
two guys who didn't show today.
It's for an identity check.
22:30 at the location.
Is something there?
It's going to be a long night.
The SEK is driving out in front.
The operation location is the Odessa.
Nachodstrasse 1. You guys know it, right?
Anonymous tip:
drugs and counterfeit money.
You'll set up in view,
I'm going to take a piss.
Anybody coming along?
- Go ahead.
Quiet! Quiet!
We're coming in 15 minutes.
The new guys are with us.
Glad to hear it.
This is Andrej.
I wanted to come by your place
with a few friends,
but people
are standing outside your door
and want to break it down.
If they want to come in,
they're welcome.
Raid, in four minutes.
Go home before they come, okay?
No, I'm staying.
Come, let's dance.
Everything might change in a second.
Position car 1 next to car 3:
Corner of Bamberger and Regensburger.
Attention: prepare to move in five minutes.
Pandemonium at the Odessa.
Something wrong?
Why would something be wrong?
I just don't like raids.
They're usually totally ineffective.
Come on,
tell me what's really wrong.
" and we party
like it's the very last time.
I don't want to talk about it now,
I can wait.
How much does Berlin cost?
No one else has ever made me feel
as safe as I feel with you.
Thank you for that.
Out of the way!
Out of the way!
Not here!
Next door, with the food scraps!
This is a raid!
Keep calm!
This is the police.
We're running an identity check.
Try to stay calm,
and show the officers your ID.
Thank you.
The dining area is secured.
I'm the owner. What is this?
- It's just an identity check.
Can I get my bag?
Is your lD inside?
- Yes.
Any weapons?
- No.
I'll check the barmen.
Where are your lDs?
- On the stage, with the instruments.
Then we'll get them.
Thank you.
What, do you need an invitation?
- lD please.
How many people do you have?
Searched by my own brother!
How does that make you feel?
Horrible, of course.
I just found out about the raid,
or I wouldn't be here.
The bag, please.
Want me to strip?
You want to humiliate me even more?
I'm just doing my job.
It's almost over.
What happened to you?
You don't eat Kosher.
You don't have Jewish friends.
You speak Russian,
but you're not a Russian.
You're only a German.
Do the police knowyou're Jewish?
You don't trust anyone.
That's what it's come to.
You live between two worlds.
You don't belong in either of them.
This isn't a circus.
You've made it far in life.
I can speak a bit of Russian too,
It's clean.
Thank you.
The place was squeaky clean.
As clean as
an East German savings bank.
Two fake Rolex watches, two joints,
a few pills, two tiny bags of coke.
Everything abandoned,
thrown on the floor.
Now let's weigh this
against the 50 cops we deployed last night.
That's not cheap, you know.
What we got was way too little.
Although we'd heard
something very different.
Some of my officers heard
some cheerful comments:
"You're late.
We expected you sooner."
They must've known something.
And what did I just find out?
Your sister works in the restaurant.
And she's the wife of the owner,
the one we were after!
What the hell
am I supposed to think? Huh?
What the hell
am I supposed to think?
Why didn't you tell me.
When we got there,
before the raid at the latest?
Did I hear anything?
Did I miss anything?
But it wouldn't have
I don't want
to hear anything more from you.
You still mixed up in your tribe?
Maybe they had you infiltrate us
so you could squeal on us.
I won't trust either of you
until this is settled.
And if you were involved
I'll throw the book at you.
and a disciplinary hearing!
We were together the whole time.
Gorsky didn't make one phone call.
The accusation is absurd.
- Shut it!
You won't find any evidence.
- Shut up!
Go take care of traffic law
in your old unit.
Come on, there's no point.
- Out!
Come on.
I don't fucking believe it!
I take you in
and you betray me?
If it's true
it makes me sick!
I'll have your heads on trays!
Obstruction of punishment
and a disciplinary hearing!
You can walk the beat
till you freeze your asses!
I'll erase you off the face of the earth
with paperwork!
Kiss my ass!
What did you do?
Why didn't you tell me before?
You told me about your brother.
Didn't you trust me?
I didn't say anything because l
wanted to catch my brother's murderer alone.
I didn't want you to get involved.
We were in with the big boys!
Now we're asphalt cowboys again.
- What good would it have done?
That raid was a plot against us.
We couldn't stop it.
Hollmann roped us in at the last second.
Can we prove it?
- Yes, and we will.
But he knows we're on to him.
So he got rid of us.
We have to figure out
exactly what part he has in this.
We've got clues.
- Tomorrow it's back to the unit.
Druggies, warrants,
stolen bikes, domestic disputes.
The works, straight from real life.
You know what I wanted to say?
You're sister's a babe.
- What?
She should be with me,
not Ali Baba and the 40 thieves.
Good training.
That's the route
he takes when he goes boxing.
Do it in the woods.
Day after tomorrow.
Shut up.
In two days. Got it?
What they're saying isn't true, boss.
You know us.
And I believe you
more than I believe the LKA.
You've got my full support.
It's nice to have you back.
Welcome to the minor leagues.
At least it looks better here
than it does in the LKA.
- Sure.
We do our best.
Drive, will you?
Are we in a hurry or something?
Don't you start, too.
Dispute at 37 Dovestrasse.
Who's responding?
You still asleep?
- Who's responding?
13 responding.
Two officers are already here.
Got it?
Calm down!
She bit me!
Get her in there.
That's enough, damn it!
Ilse, calm down, why don't you!
Damn it, that's enough!
Stop it!
That's enough!
What did you do to her?
- Yeah.
I didn't like her cooking.
She flipped out.
Her cooking?
- Yup.
What are you going to do with her?
First, we wait till she stops.
They'll calm her down at the psych ward,
and send her home.
You can't take her.
She's already calmed down.
That's not what I wanted!
She should stay here!
Get out of the way!
- But you can't take her!
That's his wife!
- Leave my wife here!
I didn't tell them
to take her away!
Leave her here!
- Are you fucking nuts?
Stop carrying on
or I'll stick you in a cell!
We're back.
Hi there, coffee girl.
What happened?
- The works:
Identity check, domestic dispute.
We really missed this.
You're shirt's ripped.
- Yeah, and I'm scratched up.
I could stitch it up.
- So could l.
What's with junior?
He was dealing. Collapse.
Parents are informed.
He's not on anything,
but he should lie down.
Put him in a group cell.
Where'd you arrest him?
- In a pedestrian underpass.
Maybe the trauma of being arrested
was too much for him.
Can you get a blanket?
I'll do whatever you say.
Your parents have been informed.
- Your dad's on his way.
- You should've thought of that earlier.
You really didn't take anything?
He didn't, in my opinion.
Home sweet home.
Look, Lotte.
Our baby.
Oh, how I've missed my chair!
Would you look at this place!
We got him!
Did you miss us?
Do you want
to speak to your lawyer?
I refuse to represent this client.
Then we'll have to
give him the third degree.
No! Stop it! Hey!
I'd like to speak to
the head of the department.
Colleagues, I'm here to pick up my son!
- What? Colleagues?
I know that voice!
My name's Hollmann.
Oh, okay.
Man, my condolences.
We took your son in.
He was dealing.
His pals took off, but we got him.
He's lying down in back.
Come with me.
Did you write anything up yet?
- We were about to.
You know what?
Take him.
Can you walk on your own?
Is that okay? Yeah?
It's okay.
Thanks again.
Maybe I can make it up to you.
Take care of him.
Don't hit him.
No, I won't.
Make it up to us.
That would be the day!
You don't exist to me.
We'll do it our way.
We'll use our free time,
keep an eye on Lenz
and find out what's really going on.
Then, at some point
we can have our revenge.
Are you stoned or what?
What did you take?
Are you okay?
- Yes.
Put your seat belt on.
Where did you get the drugs?
How long has this been going on?
Where are your dealers? In the park?
- What dealers?
I'm the dealer.
Do you take the stuff too?
Who do you sell it to?
- Probably to friends.
Where? At school?
At school or what?
Did you buy yourself popularity?
You need to feel accepted.
You want to be popular.
You probably give it away.
Where did you get
the money to buy it?
You want your friends
to end up like them?
Do you want to end up like them?
If you do, then get lost!
Hey! Niklas!
Niklas, stop!
You asshole!
Dad, I didn't mean for that to happen.
Come here. Come here.
It'll be over soon.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It'll be over soon.
You forgot to take your pills again.
It's almost over.
Now you've got your son again.
What happened?
It's your fault
for throwing the bottle!
Why'd you throw the bottle?
Excuse me, can I help?
- No, no. Go away.
Come in.
He hasn't
taken his pills in two days.
You didn't?
Do you have them with you?
Take one now.
I don't want to think about
what would happen
if you fell over like that
and I wasn't there!
He told me he's ashamed to take them
in front of people.
He doesn't want
anyone to know he's epileptic.
So he just falls over in public?
The officers didn't write a report.
He wasn't charged.
He did it for friends.
You think maybe he wants to show off?
- Maybe.
Sometimes the older ones
force the younger ones to deal.
I don't think it was his idea.
It's just a feeling.
It's going to be a rough time.
It's really rough being a kid
in this day and age.
We had it easier.
But I would like to know one thing:
Where did you get money
to buy that stuff?
It was in the cellar.
That's for Grandma.
Yes, that's for Grandma.
You have no right to take it.
Especially not for drugs.
- Go to bed. It's late.
Are you going to school tomorrow?
I'll be right there.
Where did the money come from?
I won it at
the casino. It was crazy.
I was saving it.
It's for us.
- It's dirty money, I know it.
Did you embezzle it?
No, it was given to me.
By whom?
Okay, I've changed.
The world has changed me.
You've got no idea
how much filth there is out there.
In order to prevent crime,
we have to work with criminals.
- These criminals use us.
"They use us"?
Don't you mean "you"?
- Yes. I'm corrupt, you could say that.
I want it to stay neat in here.
I want it to stay clean.
I'm doing it for us, for the family,
against all the filth out there.
You're bringing the filth in here.
You're forcing it on us.
Bruno, I can't live with this.
I want that money out of this house,
before someone finds out.
Either you fix this,
or I'm leaving
with the children. I'm serious.
That's not so easy.
It takes time.
You're going to fix this!
Get rid of this money!
I tried to shoot myself,
so my family would get my pension.
But I'm too much of a coward.
I watched the sunrise.
It was pretty.
What am I supposed to do?
If I go to the
boss I lose my job.
If your wife leaves you,
we'll stay together no matter what.
I'm keeping you out of this.
I'll take the fall alone.
We could start over again.
We could open a little restaurant
at the seaside.
I know you like hanging around,
being a cop.
You could be a private detective.
You'd make more money,
and you'd have your freedom.
I'm too attached to the kids.
My son needs my help.
He needs me.
And I think
I love my wife.
I'm glad you finally said it.
But you don't love her.
I know that.
You need someone
who's stronger than you.
But I guess that person isn't me.
But I'm not too much of a coward
to kill myself.
Don't do anything stupid.
Stop it!
Stay with me!
- You can't hold me back anymore!
What did you do?
What did you do?
Move your hands.
Move your hands.
Move your hands.
You need a doctor!
I wish I'd never gotten this job.
I wish I'd never
gotten involved with you.
It was all wrong!
I'll take us to the hospital.
Come on.
You can do it.
It's okay.
It's all over now.
Come on, look!
You can do it!
Sit down.
What's going on here?
Have you been shot?
That's money!
I'll tell them everything.
It was both of us.
- No.
It was both of us.
- No, no.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
The boss is as strict as a German.
But I don't care.
Svjeta wanted to come by today.
I have a funny feeling.
Her friend, Svjeta didn't show up.
She's afraid.
I can feel it.
Something's happened to her.
We've always been together.
Could you go to King George
and make sure she's okay?
Will you? Please?
Looks like the boss
is going to breathe fire like a dragon.
I have to go back to work.
I have no work visa.
You don't have to come.
I know.
I'll wait over there.
- Okay.
More, more.
Svjeta doesn't work here anymore.
Where is she?
I don't know. She just disappeared.
Today's a great day.
Tons of cigarettes, tons of euros.
Tons of Russian girls.
And it was fast, really fast.
Slow down.
One at a time.
Everybody gets a chance.
You with the cap.
You're first.
Can I join you?
- I'm waiting for her.
They're first.
You with Natascha.
Go. Have fun.
Looks like
we all share the same taste.
Are there other Russian girls here?
Like Svetja?
Ah, I see.
Svetlana doesn't work there anymore.
Her colleagues said she's gone.
Wait a second.
Those Vietnamese guys
have something to do with cigarettes.
I overheard them.
Are we interested?
I mean cigarettes?
Lenz's trucks, your brother?
Ring a bell? Your brother?
Cigarettes? Hello?
I'm staying here. I have to.
I owe that to us.
I want back in the LKA!
We're the best, remember?
How many of you are there?
So many?
I'm sorry,
I couldn't find anything out.
She disappeared from King George.
They don't know anything.
What's wrong?
Something's wrong.
Tell me?
- I'm fine.
Then tell me later.
Want a cola?
A coffee, please.
It was about cigarettes.
They had a little cigarette machine
in Poland.
Sokolov and Grischa were partners,
but then
Coffee for a friend.
Milk and sugar.
You don't have to pay.
The boss isn't here.
- Ah.
I waited outside their apartment
all morning.
Svetlana and Kolja didn't come.
I'm in pain, I'm so upset.
When do you get off work?
Do you want to wait?
In a half hour.
I've thought about you a lot.
I did too, sometimes.
I did too, sometimes.
You have nice hands.
And a nice smile.
You look like a real man.
You know, I saw you.
Under water, back at home.
And now I've found you.
Should I do
what I think you want me to?
That's too expensive for me.
Is it possible
that you're a difficult person?
Can you be happy
with so little money?
You like it?
Do you like me?
What's wrong?
Don't be stupid.
You understood
what I said about you.
You know how I feel.
When I love,
then I love without a doubt.
Don't you believe in love?
Be honest with me,
Iike I am with you.
Of course.
Then why don't you
tell me any sweet words?
I want to see you!
Lena, I've tried to call
but it never worked!
Lena, help me get out of here!
I'm pregnant. A condom broke.
I want to go home.
I don't want the child.
I'm afraid the pimp will sell me
because I'm getting too fat.
He's really brutal.
He makes me sleep with the staff.
I have to drink just
so I can stand it.
Help me!
Svjeta, tell me where you are?
What's the address?
I'll go to the apartment
and get the cash.
Svjeta, are you there?
Hello? Svjeta?
What happened?
It's all my fault.
With a lot of luck,
we'll be back in business.
I'll take that risk.
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