In the Face of Crime (2010) s01e09 Episode Script

Du bekommst, was dir zusteht

Grandmother said,
"Child, you will see
the man you love under water."
I had a big brother too.
They shot him.
The murderer is still a free man.
Maybe he's already forgotten
even though
it destroyed an entire family.
You became a cop,
and I married a Russian.
The family
couldn't have done any worse.
Your husband needs your help.
Mischa wants peace.
No war.
But others are fighting him.
No war?
Somebody ratted on me and my gang,
and our robbery.
And they're
going to pay for that.
I'll tell you when and where.
- You'll organize your departure afterwards.
They're satisfied.
We'd like to have
an illegal cigarette factory in Germany.
Can you cover it up?
- Definitely. Yes, I can.
Hey, Ahmed!
Where are they going to work?
In Berlin,
in the kitchen of a good restaurant.
Earn a lot, earn more, earn less,
earn nothing at all, earn a lot
This is Kolja, your new boss.
What have you done?
You know each other?
- Yes.
I can feel it.
Something's happened to her.
Could you go to King George
and make sure she's okay?
Svjeta doesn't work here anymore.
Where is she?
Those Vietnamese guys
have something to do with cigarettes.
I'm staying here. I have to.
I owe that to us.
I want back in the LKA!
help me get out of here!
I'm pregnant.
I want to go home.
I don't want the child.
I'm afraid the pimp will sell me
because I'm getting too fat.
He's really brutal.
Help me!
Svjeta, tell me where you are?
What's the address?
Where is that?
I'll go to the apartment
and get the cash.
Hello? Svjeta?
It's all my fault.
What happened?
I need the vehicle owner for
For plate number:
Berlin, November, Golf 27 08.
Hello? Anybody there?
You're up, people.
The plate is registered
to "Litchi-Travel."
Budapester Strasse 142.
Okay, thanks.
Looks like we're headed somewhere else.
Good morning, Berlin.
It's a great day
for sailing or flying a kite.
Their motto: "Fuck the state."
That's a bull's eye, right?
And I totally earned them.
The cheaper they are, the better they taste.
Besides, if they were actually cheaper,
we'd have a lot less work.
Pop quiz:
Which one's the real pack?
The one with the tax stamp,
of course.
Right, but other than that,
they look pretty real.
Yeah, not bad.
- It's clever. If they look real,
they sell better
on the black market.
Even if everyone knows they're fake.
So, ask me how my night was.
How was your night?
I waited outside King George.
Those Vietnamese guys looked familiar.
They left the club and got in a bus.
There were 16 of them in all.
I followed them.
We crossed Strausberger Square,
then Landsberger and Danziger
And you know what?
We've been there.
Of course we've been there.
That's where it all started.
- Hands up!
We're not German.
Wrong apartment.
Not here.
On the other side of the hall.
They were our Vietnamese guys.
alarm bells went off in my head.
I hid in front of number 40 all night long,
waiting to pounce.
Until 4 AM.
Then they came out again.
I sat there waiting, watching.
I nodded off for a second,
I woke up again, and then bingo.
Who comes towards me?
What do my beady eyes see?
Two big shot Vietnamese
from the King George.
And three Russians collecting cash.
But for what?
One of them was from the Odessa.
I recognized him.
Victor Lushin.
You saw him at Lenz's party.
That's right.
- You ninny!
You said
you saw his photo at the bureau!
You're a great actor.
You searched him at the Odessa!
He stood at the bar with his wife.
Oh man!
He needs that sometimes.
I don't know about you, buddy.
So the Russians took off.
And then, 15 minutes later,
just like in the storybooks:
Buzz, buzz, buzz.
Out come the busy bees,
their pots full of honey.
No thanks.
15 euros.
Here's 20.
so we know where their warehouse is.
I'll watch it for a few days.
See who comes in and out,
and wait for the big truck.
If wares come out,
wares have to go in at some point.
With a lot of luck,
we'll be back in business.
We're the best.
BFC Doppel-Dynamo!
Take a right.
What are you doing, Lenka?
We'll have to part ways.
I'll take that risk.
OR CALL 0172 312 3523!
- Electrician.
On the fourth floor.
I'm waiting for an electrician.
- Excuse me?
An electrician.
What's going on?
I'm waiting for an electrician.
He must be in the elevator.
Here's the money.
Good luck.
Keep in touch, right?
I can't help you this time.
I know how proud you are.
- Oh yeah?
You think you're better than her.
You think about all her punters.
That's bullshit.
When are you going to say
she's not good enough?
Or will you have your mom do it?
Or your great sister?
Okay, get out of here.
- Go get 'em.
Good morning, Belarus!
Anybody out there?
Whoever's listening at 3 AM:
It's just you and me,
all alone in the world.
We can do whatever we want!
The planet is empty!
What brings you here?
The ladies.
I come here for something else.
Where you from?
Is that a place one should see?
If we were in Riga right now
and I asked you the same question,
what would you say?
It's easy here.
You just have to answer three questions:
What are we doing tonight?
What happens next?
And are we allowed
to eat dog with our hands?
Don't be afraid.
Are you okay, Swetlana?
Jelena is outside.
We want to get you out of here.
Lenka is here?
The owner hits me. I'm afraid!
Calm down.
See? They were waiting for us to pay
so they could close.
Okay, I'm going.
Lenka, I'm afraid!
There they are!
Quick, get down!
Those assholes are closing in on us!
Hold on!
Shit! What was that?
- A rock or tree!
Everything okay?
- Yes!
Get out of the car!
Where did they go?
- They went that way!
Go that way!
We'll go this way!
I can't go on!
You fuck!
I hate you
for everything you did to me!
You bastard!
You're staying here!
Got it?
You're staying here forever!
You got that, bitches?
You fucker!
Now you're gonna pay!
That's enough!
This way!
They killed him!
Come on, behind the boat!
Where are you, little cop?
They're going to come back
and find us
I don't want to.
I can't go on!
Am I supposed to drink alone?
You two stay here.
I'll get help.
The police are like bandits here.
I know.
My friend from Riga.
What are we going to do with you?
We'll do it like this:
We'll call
the German and Ukrainian embassies.
Are you German?
- Yes.
The capital city is far.
You want excitement?
You took a girl.
Is she unharmed?
You killed a man.
But maybe he was hoping
to die at your hand.
Who knows?
Maybe he's been waiting
for years for death to come.
He drank,
and then you came along.
Give me the gun.
I'll give you the passport
of the whore.
We repaired the tail light,
so you can leave the country.
You won't get stopped by traffic cops.
But don't you ever come back!
You want to be faster than a car?
Grandma, I brought my love.
He's got fever and chills.
He should take off his clothes
and lie on the table.
Lie down on the table.
Lie down on the table.
Take your clothes off.
Take your clothes off.
I want to dance with you today.
Get away from there.
Go away.
Don't be ashamed.
Grandma saw German soldiers
like this in the war.
Oh yeah?
What is that?
What's wrong with him?
Doesn't he have a nose?
Recognize it now?
Homemade vodka.
Helps right away.
Roll over.
In two hours
you'll be a real man again.
Svjeta told her mother she's pregnant
from her true love,
but it's over now.
What did her mother say?
She said, "No problem.
That's life. The right one will come."
What did you tell your mother?
I told her I worked in a restaurant.
he wants to tell you something.
Say something, I'm listening.
This is for you.
It's from my grandmother.
What did you want to say?
I wanted to say
I'll take you, even with child.
I'll treat it as
if it was my own.
Now you have to live here again.
Now I have to live here again.
To hell with it.
It's better than
alcohol, luxury, hotels
I'd rather continue living here.
I'm satisfied,
and I'll stay human.
My father.
Mama says you're handsome.
"Such a handsome man, and German."
She said that.
Oh, the Germans.
The Germans
The girls are home again.
Ours even brought a man along.
I'll drink to that.
To a good life with my daughter.
And make lots of babies.
I'm drunk.
Go on, ride the horse. Go!
Up, up and away!
Do you like me?
Do you want me?
Take me with you?
Yes, I want you.
Berlin is paradise!
Leave it on the wall for a week
and then decide.
The artist wants to come to Europe
to see where her paintings hang.
- Really?
So she'd visit us?
I can come down a little bit
with the price.
I can cut 10,000 off the price.
I foresee that this painting
will appreciate 100%
in the next five years.
The artist is an anthropologist.
She disappears for months
in the bush of New Guinea.
That makes her prices soar.
If you buy the painting
I'll let you sleep with me twice.
Are you nuts?
You sound like a whore.
I thought I'd speak
in a language you understand.
Thank you.
I'll see you out.
I'd like to
take you up on your offer.
You can't make me feel good anymore.
You think everything I do is wrong.
I built a wall around you
and this is your revenge.
I wanted you to.
now it's like death.
You can do anything, Stella.
You can change our life.
You can burn all our money
for all I care.
Just don't leave me.
That's enough.
My reaction time's a mess.
I haven't treated you well
in the last weeks, Mischa.
I know you sent Karina away.
Tell me who you're in love with.
- That's a secret.
You're trying to convince me.
Fight for me. Please.
The way back to you is long.
I'm just now realizing
how far away I really was from you.
But feelings can be like
the flame of a candle.
They flicker in the wind.
You think they'll go out
- Tell me how I can block the wind.
There is no life without you.
I knew that
the very first time I saw you.
You were drunk, on drugs.
You were unhappy.
Your brother was dead.
You should never be unhappy again,
my Stella.
You know what?
Buy the painting.
I'm prepared to pay
for my wife's love.
I love your laugh.
Wait, something happened.
Sarah, I'll be right back.
What should we do?
Wait or turn around?
What's going on?
- Careful!
Get down!
Jump out!
- Mischa?
Don't leave us, Mischa!
You can't die!
No! No!
Mom! Mom!
I've shown you I can act.
That I know how
to use my two hands.
I got rid of the traitor.
The cops won't find a thing.
The boys are abroad.
I've avenged my boys.
Now I need our share.
Good job, Joschka.
You have my respect.
You'll get what you deserve.
When I came, the boss knew
I meant business.
He knew if he said "no,"
that could be his last cigarette.
It could be his last "no."
Money for the boys,
for the family,
for the best lawyers,
our share.
Costa Brava.
They blew up my brother-in-law.
I'm in the gulag, but I heard.
How's your sister?
She refuses to talk
to me since the raid.
She won't answer the phone.
Was it revenge or something else?
If it's something else
you'd be the first to find out.
I'm pretty ambitious.
I'm going to hold my position.
I'll contact you if anything happens.
Okay. Thanks.
There we go, friends.
The queen bee has
arrived to feed you all.
Now all we have to do
is find the hive.
I'm going to keep everything going,
for Mischa.
I can't stay here.
He's my brother's murderer!
The man got in the Porsche.
Door's opening.
I repeat: Go!
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