In the Face of Crime (2010) s01e10 Episode Script

Alles hat seine Zeit

Grandmother said,
"Child, you will see
the man you love under water."
I had a big brother too.
They shot him.
The murderer is still a free man.
Maybe he's already forgotten
even though
it destroyed an entire family.
You became a cop,
and I married a Russian.
The family
couldn't have done any worse.
Tell your mistress
that if I see her here again, I'll bite.
Your husband needs your help.
Mischa wants peace.
No war.
- No war?
You have nice hands.
And a nice smile.
You look like a real man.
We'd like to have
an illegal cigarette factory in Germany.
Can you cover it up?
- Definitely. Yes, I can.
Those Vietnamese guys
have something to do with cigarettes.
I'm staying here. I have to.
I owe that to us.
I want back in the LKA!
We're the best.
Sokolov killed Grischa.
I found it out.
I want him.
I can't help you.
I can't say anything about Sokolov.
My brother!
Maybe I'll catch the murderer.
It'll happen someday.
There we go, friends.
The queen bee has
arrived to feed you all.
Would you look at that.
Hey, Heinz. Come here.
I talked to
the mayor of Schnoetzwitz.
That's where I'd like to invest
in a nice little cardboard box factory.
Naturally I want
to employ the locals.
And of course
dependable people from my company.
A little work's not gonna kill you.
It's a lovely late summer evening!
Everybody's out swimming,
having a beer, or both.
Go out and enjoy it!
Autumn's on its way.
I'd like to say something.
I don't want to say too much.
I'll sing you a song,
although I can't sing.
It's one you all know.
We often sat together
We sang together all the time.
May our Lord keep him,
and the earth be
a soft bed for him.
The machine is running.
We've shipped the first container.
Come here, girl.
Sit with me. Get your glass.
No, no. It's okay.
I have enough.
Don't be afraid.
Come here. Come.
Come here. Come.
I would've ripped out all your hair
a few weeks ago.
But now we're mourning together.
Stella, let us discuss
what happens now.
Even if your thoughts
are somewhere else.
It's customary
to discuss it now,
so that we may act quickly,
and to everyone's benefit.
You'll receive monetary compensation
of 5 million euros,
a house on the Mediterranean,
and 10,000 euros a month.
You and your children
will be cared for,
for a good education
and a good life.
You have no further obligations.
You are free to do as you please.
Thank you.
Thank you for the offer,
and for your nice things
you said about Mischa.
But I don't want any of the things
you've offered me.
I'm going to keep everything going,
for Mischa.
That's my will.
You know it's my right.
But you know so little
about the business.
Who says?
I have the necessary knowledge.
Mischa kept me informed.
How's our friend and helper?
Can I speak to you?
- Sure, sit down.
Okay, come on.
What do you want?
We've been hunting
one of your guests for weeks.
I have to do something.
You won't do anything.
- I have to.
Tell me why.
Tell me why.
No matter what it is, you can tell me.
The man shot Grischa.
Who is it?
this isn't the time or the day.
If you're right, he'll be punished.
But not on the day of mourning.
I don't want
any more disasters today.
I can't stay here.
He's my brother's murderer!
How you can stand it?
Then I'll wait for him outside.
Fine. Then go.
Hello, Sis.
- Thanks for coming,
and helping me get through the day,
I know you didn't want
to tell me about Sokolov.
I hate him just
as much as you do.
But now's not the time.
I won't forget about him.
I'll solve the problem my way.
But I'm not bound to your laws.
I have my own.
You're wasting your time if you think
he'll come out the front door.
You're on the other side now.
No, I feel the same way you do.
We're the same flesh and blood.
Don't forget that.
But you won't arrest him on my property.
I know. I can wait.
I can't console her.
She can't stop crying
because of Mischa.
Come help console her.
- Help console her.
Go, cop.
Run away.
Death is coming for you.
Why do you laugh?
Because you're talking bullshit.
We have come together
to discuss recent events.
I have been assigned
to deliver a judgment.
There is too much chaos in this city.
Too much blood is flowing.
It's drawing too much attention.
If we want to work in peace,
order must be restored.
But order does not restore itself.
We must restore it.
May l?
Be my guest.
You babble about hate,
but I was only
defending my interests.
Mischa handed my people over
to the police.
He deliberately
tried to destroy me.
Sascha, he's lying.
May I continue?
Thank you.
My brigade is now in prison.
My boys, my family.
I am always responsible for my family.
I must restore their honor.
That's why Mischa had to die.
It doesn't matter if Mischa was a traitor.
One has nothing to do with the other.
Andrej had no right to kill Mischa.
Mischa was a high authority
under our law.
Many of your boys
stood in the cemetery,
and cried.
Why did they cry?
Because I said nothing of Mischa's
collaboration with the police.
I did everything
so they could be proud of him.
Mischa kept his honor.
How dare you speak of honor?
You wanted to do business with us.
But you set the cops on us instead!
You wanted a piece of our pie,
so you stole it.
A container of cigarettes.
You sell drugs.
You deal in women.
And how do you handle them?
Like shit!
You live outside the law,
Iike a jackal.
That was your deposit
when you came to us.
You know what it is:
A pile of worthless paper.
I told Mischa back then:
"He wants to fuck us without lube."
Now it's your turn.
Come inside.
Andrej killed a high authority.
He is at fault.
But he doesn't deserve to die,
because he had
very serious grounds.
Mischa cooperated with the police.
But Andrej must pay a fine:
Twice the worth
of the stolen cigarettes,
twice the worth
of the counterfeit money.
you may continue your work.
You can deal in drugs,
and fenced goods.
Fight the Turks
for protection money,
and deal in women.
We will allow you everything.
But serious things
are out of your jurisdiction.
Alcohol, cigarettes,
real estate.
You can forget about all of it.
We no longer trust you.
Is that clear?
Is that it?
That's it.
I don't think we've finished
our discussion.
No, we haven't.
I hope your heart
is not full of revenge.
try to overcome your hate.
You went to
your brother-in-law's funeral.
We got some nice photos.
That was before
you got wounded.
It was my duty to go.
I assume you kept
your eyes open,
and you can help us
identify a few people.
Where were you two?
I couldn't reach you for five days.
- We needed some time.
To investigate?
I've got stress at home.
Never get involved with a Russian girl.
We were falsely accused.
We needed space.
It looked like you were the bastards
that betrayed us at the Odessa,
but then I found out
it was two of our most trusted
and most senior officers.
You guys were faster
and more successful than we were,
even over a long period of time.
That made me suspicious.
I'm sure you understand.
Two suspended officers is enough.
I trust you guys.
But remember,
once bitten, twice shy.
We know him
through his ties to Lenz.
Do you know those two?
And who is this man?
- We only know the woman.
She owns King George.
It's a popular brothel.
Vietnamese guys from there
led us to a counterfeit cigarette factory.
Victor Lushin showed up there.
He collected cash from them.
As a truck delivered cigarettes
- An illegal factory in Berlin?
Brandenburg, in Brandenburg
- You're kidding.
I don't believe it.
- Right there.
We've got another lovely
late summer day ahead of us!
You've had enough, chubby cheeks.
One more piece?
One more? Yeah!
Good job! Good job!
Another one.
Tea or coffee?
- Make me a tea.
Listen up.
We want to have a look
at the business today.
I'm ready.
I'll pick you up.
Just tell me when.
In two hours.
In front of the restaurant,
like always.
Okay, I know it.
I'll take another cup of coffee.
It's so weak today.
This is Neumann.
- Neumann?
From wire tapping.
- Oh, that Neumann.
Bondarenko just called Lenz
from Lehniner Square.
They're meeting
to look over the business.
Maybe that's of interest.
The man got in the Porsche.
Door's opening.
Driving west.
Who's responding?
Maxim 22 in pursuit of A.
The Porsche stopped at Tauentzien.
We have to pass.
No one got out of the car.
We can see that.
We'll take over.
Two men got up from a table inside.
They're getting into the Porsche.
One looks like photo 4.
Around 50 years old,
Iight suit, short grey hair.
He's driving away fast.
He's turning right.
Go ahead.
- Lenz and son
picked up two Russians.
One of them might be Bondarenko.
- I heard.
Stay on it.
- Okay.
Lenz and son are driving with two Russians.
One might be Bondarenko.
They're headed in your direction.
We're staying on them.
As soon as I know
they're headed there for sure,
we'll send out the troops.
We'll put the pedal to the metal.
- Okay.
this can't be my bulletproof vest.
You ready?
- It's way too small.
You're my eyes on the scene.
They're turning off at Schnoetzwitz.
They're heading to Schnoetzwitz.
Copy that.
I'll pass it on.
Cars seven and five,
stop at the entry to the industrial area.
Wait for backup.
We're on our way.
Nobody go it alone.
Copy that.
We're waiting for backup.
Welcome, welcome.
There's the stranger
from the cemetery.
Who is this man?
We'll go through to the back.
Go ahead, gentlemen.
- He's not such a stranger after all.
He's mine.
- Hey, we need proof.
We at least have to
catch him with illegal smokes.
Don't pull anything stupid.
Be alert.
Willi! Willi!
- Hello.
Over that way. There.
Here's the printing machine room.
Here's the elevator.
It's out of order.
Come this way.
This is where the cartons are printed.
How many today?
Everything okay?
Everything's good.
Good food. Good pay.
Good tobacco.
So, this is our disguise.
Anklam pasta.
Good idea.
- Spaghetti.
A friend of mine used to
disguise cigarettes as ice cream.
Ice cream.
Is SEK ready?
- One is in position.
Two is ready.
Three is ready.
- Five is ready.
The Russians are in the cellar.
- Lenz too?
Yes, all of them.
Immediate count down.
I repeat: go!
All positions, go!
Quiet, people!
We don't want them to hear inside!
At factory entrance.
Awaiting orders.
All positions in the city:
Look! Jackpot!
Go! Go!
That door!
Report in!
Are you in the cellar?
Cars one and two, state your position!
- Blockade is up.
Suspect is in the Odessa.
Files are secured.
SEK two, behind the factory.
Block all exits.
We're in the cellar.
Police! On the floor!
Two men on the run!
Run, Sokolov!
Two are on the run.
- Officers are on them.
My son has nothing to do with this.
He knows nothing.
Shut up!
Dad, your heart!
The building isn't fully secured.
- Where did those two go?
Sokolov is on the loose again.
- How could we miss that?
- I'm going first.
He's mine.
- This time I'm first.
Two went ahead.
We need backup.
Then we can follow them.
- Copy that.
This is a police operation.
The building is surrounded.
Neighboring buildings
will be searched.
- What was that?
They're bringing them up.
Get a car to the entrance.
What was that?
Was that a gunshot?
No, shots.
Marek, watch out!
Stay calm.
It's bleeding a lot.
23 needs help.
Officer shot behind the factory.
What is your exact position?
Go get him.
Tell him I say hi.
Come in.
- Behind the factory.
It was behind the factory.
Where's the wounded officer?
Don't die just yet, fucking cop!
I'm going to kill you
with my own hands!
I'm coming!
you can't shoot worth a damn.
You missed me.
Because you fight like a girl.
You're a coward.
And a horrible actor.
Is your partner dead, at least?
Recognize me?
I'm Grischa's brother.
I recognized you a long time ago.
Why did you kill Grischa?
It's like this, he got in the way.
Shoot me, you fuck!
Anybody there?
Take him along.
His gun is back there.
there's a hole in the ground.
Okay, stay calm.
Just breathe calmly.
Hey, bro.
- Ask me how I'm doing.
Bullet went through.
It's bearable.
I told you
the vest was too small.
It stinks!
Can't you move me somewhere else?
He's fainted.
Get the paramedics!
Except for that.
Welcome to the team, for good.
I'm glad you're in one piece.
Don't say a thing.
Not one thing.
I'll call the lawyer.
They can't do anything to us.
They can't touch us.
I can walk alone!
So, let's pull out!
Thanks everyone!
You got Sokolov?
Yes, and his people.
Were you the one who got him?
Why didn't you kill him?
I made a decision.
I'm a police officer.
Yeah, yeah. Your fucking bandits
tore my place apart.
And they arrested Victor.
Did you know that Mischa
visits me in dreams?
He's torn apart.
And he tells me,
"l know that you
stopped loving me."
But now I know
I loved him after all.
Give me a pen.
Let the party continue!
Can I come?
- Are you family?
I'm his partner.
- Okay, get in.
Just two drags.
What are you doing?
- Sorry. I put it out.
I read once
in 100 years
there will only be 10 million Germans.
Can you imagine that?
We'll see.
Life is short and the days are long.
But now you'll have time
to play with the nurses.
Does it hurt?
Like a stitch in my side.
In a half hour.
Are you coming?
I can't sleep without you.
a good police officer
is hardly ever at home.
I don't understand.
Why isn't he home?
Because we have to save the world.
That doesn't make me feel better.
What good is a man
if he's not at home?
Then the world is empty.
Say something nice.
Your fridge is empty at home.
Why don't you give your woman
food and love?
Say something nice.
When I'm with you
the city is beautiful from above.
It's a great place
to see the New Years fireworks.
I'd like to see that.
- You will see it.
There is a time for everything.
Table seven wants to pay.
Half hour?
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