In the Nick of Time (2005) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[In the nick of time]
# In my dream I was holding a gun
# and many thieves were walking near me
# and in the storm, in the snow
# I was shooting and I was skiing
# And I was Charlie's angel
# I had golden spurs on my boots
# And I was Charlie's angel
# I was hunting thieves in the mountains
# In my dream I was having tea
# And the boss was calling me
# And he told me that if I arrest them
he will love me
# And I will go on a mission at the Pacific
# And I was Charlie's angel
12 months earlier
# I had golden spurs on my boots
# And I was Charlie's angel
# I was hunting thieves in the mountains
Listen, Mr Leopardal-
Leontaridis. The proposal of Mr
What's the name of the one who sent you?
Postelthwade. Ralph Postelthwade.
- Yes sure, as if I could say it!
- He is one of Britain's richest men.
Well, I didn't know him,
what can I do?
So the proposal of
this guy
to merge our companies
is particularly interesting to us.
What? It isn't?
It is, it is. I just coughed.
What was I saying?
You were supposed to
give an answer today.
Oh yes! Yes, I answer yes!
Excellent! Mr Postelthwade
is coming to Greece tomorrow
and he would like to meet you.
On Friday at 4:30? Is it ok?
Ah! It's not possible at 4:30
because we watch "Juana the Virgin".
What? We don't watch it?
We will record it.
Great! I will inform Mr Postelthwade
and I will call you to confirm
the appointment.
- Goodbye.
- Take care.
I have been talking to you about
Mr Postelthwade for a whole week
- and you didn't even know his name!
- I couldn't remember it.
- I even told you about his love life.
- That he cheats on his wife?
I remembered that!
If he had asked me I would have said.
Ms Dalia, you have enormous power
and an enormous fortune.
And at last you must learn
to behave accordingly.
I can't. I don't want to.
At the end of the day,
did I ask for power and wealth?
It's not enough that they all died on me,
they also left me their money
and I don't know what to do with it.
And this is the solution? To
stay locked in here and do nothing?
I am zapping channels!
Instead of being busy
with your companies.
You have resigned from life Ms. Dalia.
Yes. And and they keep hiring me back.
This is my drama.
I'm going to the office.
Do you want to come with me?
So that you don't sit here alone?
No way! How can I go out now?
No no no no no no, I'll stay here.
I see.
This is Dalia.
A beautiful and extremely rich woman.
Dalia was so rich that everything
she touched turned into gold.
Exactly like King Midas.
Well, maybe not exactly like that.
But anyway she had a lot of money.
But unfortunately,
she was also very lonely.
And while Dalia lived alone
in her golden cage
many kilometres away,
in a Macedonian village,
free but just as lonely
lived Zoumboulia.
Zouboulia was widowed very young.
And she devoted herself to her
only daughter, Anna.
She raised her to become a doctor
and everyone in the village was proud
because whatever she was working on,
she managed better than a man.
Except driving.
The village was left without
electricity for three days.
But noone held a grudge
because everyone loved her.
Everyone, except one person.
Today I am expecting
a new cleaning lady
and my son's
future mother-in-law.
I am begging you,
tell me that you are not the latter.
It was obvious from the very first moment
that the two co-mothers-in-law
would never communicate.
They didn't even have the same religion.
As Marilena Dorkofiki,
from the posh suburb of Kolonaki,
had embraced Buddhism.
On the other hand,
Zouboulia thinks that Buddhism
is when you don't
distinguish colours well.
Mrs Abatzidou, we come from
one of the oldest
and most important families
of Athens.
My great-grandfather,
Iasonas Dorkofikis,
was general Consul
of Greece in France.
Is that him?
- This is Buddha, mum!
- Kouda? The footballer?
How did he get so fat?
Just like Maradona, right co-mother-in-law?
After realising that she couldn't
cope with life in the capital,
Zouboulia decided to go
back to the village
and stay away from her daugher
as much as possible
so that she wouldn't
cause her any trouble.
She was receiving her news
from afar
and she was praying every day
that God keeps her safe.
Possibly Buddha too.
This is Fotis.
Fotis is, let's just say,
a journalist
working for a small channel,
slightly smaller than "Telefos".
And since a small channel
can't have many employees
Fotis, as the channel owner's
only son,
has tasked himself
to help with the situation.
So let's count the shows.
Good evening
ladies and gentlemen
It's the main news bulletin
of Televoas at 8.
And, dear friends, while
we wait for the milk to boil
We also stir a bit. Like this.
We beat the maringue well.
Until it sets.
And then
we add the syrop.
And we mix together.
# We were sailing in the seas
FOTIS: # my sweet love
FRIDA: # my old love
# and later, in the evening,
we were getting drunk in taverns
My Capricorn friends,
the eclipse will bring changes
in both emotional and
professional domains.
As for your love life
Good evening.
Today we welcome Dr. Getwell
and we will talk about fatigue.
- Hello.
- Hello.
No. It isn't Antonis Remos,
the singer.
I told you, he is an actor!
Fonsou, the actress?
He is male!
- Oh
- Oh what?!
Things went on calmly
at the channel
except when Fotis
decided to do DIY
or to deal with his cousin
and co-presenter, Frida.
Are you an idiot my boy?
I never called you names during a
show. You called me an idiot on air.
I will do it even on sea
if required.
And accept this: The "Date with the
notes" will be presented by me alone.
And I will sing also alone.
If you sing, not a single note
will come to the date. Dumpass!
- Did he call me tone deaf?
- He called you dumpass.
The most important is that
he called me tone deaf.
Things were even calmer
in a flat at Patisia.
Where Spyros, an ordinary and
quiet young man, lived
together with his
grandmother, Sophia.
And occasionally also with
her best friend, Theopoula
who always knew
how to stir things up.
Where is your grandma?
She is coming.
Aren't you going
to introduce us?
Sophie, look!
Dear Lord, protect
us from all evil!
What's with the melon?
My daughter-in-law is
trying to poison me.
- Here we go again!
- She is telling the truth, my boy.
Grandma, stop. Because
it's all your fault.
She was fine after she first
had cerebral softening.
You got her excited, with all
the thriller and mystery movies.
- It wasn't cerebral softening.
- No, it was just a flu!
We were finding her at bus stations,
every day in a different town.
- Did I have cerebral softening?
- Yes but it went away.
You are fine now. They'll
give you a Nobel prize soon.
I don't want anything!
I only want her to leave
so both me and my child
are free of her.
How did he marry
this midget!
- That's the one he fell for.
- But she is short!
He chose her as his wife, not
to help hang the curtains.
- When did she bring you the melon?
- Yesterday evening.
God knows how I managed
to survive the night!
It's spiked!
She pierced it with a syringe
full of poison
and then she waited to see
when I would eat it.
Does she think I am a fool?
I will throw it away my Sophie.
No! Let's open it and check
what she put inside.
- And how will we check it?
- We will get someone to taste it.
- Spyro!
- You are not in your right mind!
Just a little slice, just until
you start foaming.
Why don't you leave me alone?!
See? He says he doesn't
believe it but he ran away!
Tatiana's show just started.
So, Spyro's days and nights passed
in such a simple and quiet way.
he bends it, he melts it
at its thinnest point
if you, at home,
see your spoon starting
to turn into plasticine
call us, tell us about it
you see? It became very loose
.you see? There it goes!
touch it! Touch it! It's cold
While Spyro's life was
uneventful and unexciting,
Aggela's life was adventurous
and full of setbacks.
She left home when she was 14.
Luckily for her mother,
who couldn't contol
her unruly and aggressive nature.
At first, Aggela tried to make it,
to get into showbiz.
And now, the moment that
you've all been waiting for.
Star Peloponnese 2001
is number 7.
Is WAS number 7.
And it was exactly
this irritable character
that wouldn't allow her to keep
any job for more than one week.
# in the colours of the moon
# you are dressed tonight
# and the night will envy you
Throw 5 baskets to Polis, from me.
And tell him who they are from.
- Ok?
- Ok.
# This night is a turning point.
Wipe away your past.
# You and me will become one.
Third table from the left.
From the short, bald guy.
You are deaf!
Yesterday was Aggela's
first day at work.
Today is the last one.
But she was used to it.
She was never afraid of anything.
Hi cousin. I was fired.
I'll tell you later.
I will move. I'll go
down to Athens.
I am coming over
to get my things, ok?
See ya! Bye!
Don't say a word!
Give me all your money.
Help! My eyes!
My eyes!
Go to hell! Like I needed you too,
in the middle of the night!
So these are the 5 main
heroes of our story.
5 people with their quirks,
with their peculiarities.
And although they seem mismatched,
they have one thing in common.
Deep down, they are all
good people.
And unfortunately, this
doesn't apply to everyone.
All ok.
When will it happen?
On Friday.
In the afternoon, he will go to
a reception at Metropolis Palace.
He won't stay long.
He will have his drink
and then he will leave.
When you say "his drink"?
I think you understand.
His driver will be
waiting downstairs.
He will be home in no more
than 15 minutes.
And when will it kick in?
One hour after
he drinks it.
No witnesses,
no suspicions.
The rest will be as expected.
His wife will return home,
she will call the doctor,
he will be taken to the hospital
and there, they won't find
anything in his blood.
Heart attack.
So, the minister will take with him
everything he knows, forever.
A murder.
And if the plans of the criminals are
successful, they will get away with it.
And they will succeed,
if noone gets in their way.
If noone is at the wrong place
in the wrong time.
And in 50 hours from now,
our 5 heros will be exactly there.
As for who I am
Let's say that it's too soon
for you to know.
50 hours before
the fateful encounter
I came only because
you asked me to.
As if I wanted to see
Marinella again!
Her name is Marilena, mum.
I don't care even
if her name is Doukissa!
Jesus Christ!
What is this?
- A dress.
- Did you see the price?
- This shop is expensive.
- 2000 Euros?
You are all crazy down here.
Look at the pan.
- You mean the hat?
- 580 Euros.
Why 580? What can it
produce? Rabbits?
- Let's go, I want you to be calm.
You have to speak with Marilena.
Especially! We'll have many discussions
about grandpa the consul.
- He was a great man!
- Was. Now he has been eaten by worms.
Mum! You tell her things like this,
this is why she doesn't like you.
Dear Lord!
Why are you like that, mari?
You don't have a mother to check you?
What's your problem auntie?
- What language!
- Mum, it's not going well.
Since you came back,
you're too argumenative.
But you didn't see her?
The colour of blue alcohol.
I am looking forward to Tuesday,
to leave this place.
48 hours before
the fateful encounter
AUDITION in theatre AVLI
for new actors
for the play "the massacre of Poseidon"
45 hours before
the fateful encounter
St. Catherine will visit
the day after tomorrow.
You will stay here or you will
take her out somewhere?
Here, my Spyro.
Yes. We have coffee, let's get also
some biscuits from the bakery.
What St. Catherine grandma? Did you catch
cerebral softening from Theopoula?
Her holy relics. Our church
will do a procession.
Pater Christos will visit
in the morning.
- How early?
- 7:00 or 7:30.
My boy, the saint will come
to bless us.
You mean to wake us up!
- You will be sleeping.
- How? Since you will be chanting.
- Theopoula, you own a mobile?
- With "Bluetooth".
- It can't get any worse!
- My son sent me an "MMS".
- He must send you on vacation.
- I want such a mobile too.
- Get one with "3G".
- I want 3G.
From one thing to another!
I cannot communicate in this place!
If it is the midget, tell her
that I'll stay here
to watch the "Insomnia" show.
Hi uncle. Uncle Giannis,
from Toronto.
- What's Toronto?
- A city.
Farther than Larisa?
What, you are in Athens?
Which hotel?
Metropolis Palace.
We will speak tomorrow uncle.
Uncle Giannis is here.
You can welcome him all you like.
I won't go to any hotels.
Grandma, for shame!
Wasn't he ashamed when he didn't
come to your parents' funeral?
- He was in Canada.
- No matter where he was.
He was your father's brother.
She is right. He went from
Toronto to Canada.
Couldn't he also come to Athens?
Theopoula, it's late.
Your revs are dropping.
Won't you go to bed?
Ok, I am going. But you should
know that Sophie is always right.
Good night.
- Good night Theopoula.
- Take care.
- What?
- Are you serious? Are you not coming?
Dead serious.
What is she doing for so long?
Nice manners! Did she learn this
also from the consul?
Mum, stop! And when she comes, let her
speak. Let her tell you what she wants.
And please don't you
two argue again.
Do you think I am
such kind of person?
As if I would argue!
I will pay attention
to what she says,
then say to her: "Marinella
you are talking nonsense"
- and I'll go away.
- God help us!
So? Did you have
a good trip Lia?
- Who is she refering to?
- You, mum!
- And why did she call me Elia?
- She called you Lia.
It's difficult for me to say
the whole name.
- Why, do you have a speech impediment?
- Mum!
A propos, Anna. Take your
mother to buy a dress
to wear at the reception.
Why? Don't I have clothes?
She means an evening
dress mum!
It's for Marilena's reception
on Friday.
I have brought
a lovely suit.
I wore it in the village, when
Spyridoula-the-lame's son got married.
Anna, please. You understand me.
Take care of it.
And it'll a gift from me. I don't
want you mother to bear the expense.
If so
I found a wonderful shop earlier.
We should go there.
So, Lia, I am giving a reception
in the roof garden
of Metropolis Palace on Friday,
in honour of Alexandros.
I assume that you know that
Alexandros was accepted in Harvard.
You understand what
an honour this is.
And this is why
you rushed me here?
For the reception?
And how long will he stay?
A week maybe?
- At least four years.
- What?!
- And what will you do?
- I will go with him.
Will you manage to get a job
in a hospital in America?
She will be taking care of Alexandros.
There is no need for her to work.
Listen here Marinella!
All these years, I skinned a flint
to pay for her studies.
- Mum!
- Don't "mum" me!
And didn't you think of the baby?
Dragging it to America?
The baby won't
go to America.
Where will it go?
To Australia?
It will stay here. With you.
Only you can take
care of it, mum.
Nobody else.
So I'll take the baby
with me to the village?
Certainly not! It will come back
with an "accent" [in french]
- The spray for the armpits?
- Accent.
I don't undertand.
The baby will stay here
in Athens.
And you will stay
here too.
In Athens?!
35 hours before
the fateful encounter
In the basement.
- You are standing in front of a mirror.
- Ok.
And you are examining
your face.
Suddenly, you see something.
Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
- Please sit down.
So you see something.
A wrinkle? A familiar
or unknown face?
A memory of the past?
A demon?
Find it, and tell us what
you saw.
And I want you to react
to what you saw.
- Where are you going miss?
- I don't think
- Please sit down.
- Could I sing a song instead?
No no, just that
improvisation. Sit down.
Miss. When you are ready.
- Yes.
She must have seen her face.
Do I own diamond mines
in South Africa?
What did I just say?
First time I hear about this.
When did I buy all these things?
I haven't been out of
the house for ten years!
These are what
Postelthwade wants.
The Englishman. That you
will do business with.
- The one with the crisps?
- Yes!
So he will give me crisps
and I will give him diamonds?
This isn't a good deal.
How many crisps will
he give me?
No, Ms Dalia!
Your snack company will
cooperate with his.
But this partnership will cause
problems to the merging
of your diamond mines with the
ones of Van der Choigen.
These two are sworn enemies.
Postelthwade and Van der Choigen.
What kind of names do these
rich people have?
Couldn't they all
be named "Babis"?
And how would you
tell them apart?
While now I have them
all at my fingertips!
Anyway, so that
both collaborations are successful,
because you want both of them
to take place,
- when you meet with Postelthwade
- Why meet him?
Because he is here.
He is staying at Metropolis Palace.
- What's that?
- Hotel. Yours.
- Who's this guy by the roses?
- The gardener!
Focus Ms Dalia!
So when you meet him, you'll tell him
that the deal will be signed off,
but only after the 20th. After
the diamond agreement is closed.
Tell me something, my Alexi.
All these things are not boring you?
Boring? Your business activities?
- They aren't?
- No.
What can I say?
Maybe it's just me.
I knew that you would come.
I felt it every time
I looked at myself in the mirror.
I was thinking
that one day I would see your
behind my back.
Be quiet!
Don't speak!
Don't touch me.
You are hurting me,
you undertand?
Until when Jonathan?
Until when?
I had enough.
Did she get him?
It's part of
a one-act play
that I wrote it
when I was still in school.
- Very intesting.
- I have it here.
Later if you don't mind.
I am very interested though.
Miss. Please begin.
What? The same?
What you prepared.
I'm done.
What did you see?
I saw a pimple, I took some
powder and covered it.
This must be Jonathan.
I walk in the forest
when the wolf isn't here.
Wolf, wolf, are you here?
Wolf, wolf, are you here?
- I will be wherever I want.
- That's not your line, you moron!
Did you call me moron?
Take that, you idiot.
- Am I an idiot or you?
- I will do whatever I want.
It's my show.
Go away!
This situation cannot go on.
Tell this to your son.
He didn't know his lines.
Get lost!
How can you fight on air,
while kids are watching?
I cannot stand her dad.
Don't speak like that!
You should be like
I had a sister and she died.
I don't need another one.
Do you hear this?
Imagine that we grew up together.
What are you talking about?
When I was born,
you were in the last year
of school.
If you do any more comments
about my age
- Which is?
- 26.
- Frida, my girl
- I said 26. I will not negociate.
Ok for the others.
But we are family.
Uncle, I am 26.
I won't say it again.
She's been telling you this
for that last ten years dad.
What did you say?
For God's sake, stop!
Let's divide the shows now.
I will take all the art related ones.
And the puppet show too!
You are out of your mind!
This was my idea.
I will get it
and act alone.
Really? And how will you play
the three little pigs?
Two on the hands and
the third one on your honker?
What does Fotis have
to do with art, uncle?
I graduated from art school
and got a papyrus.
They gave you a papyrus?
It was before the discovery of paper.
That's enough!
We will divide the shows
for a few days.
and when we are calmer
we'll think again.
So who will go to the reception
at Metropolis Palace?
We were supposed to go together.
Me. I even bought a dress
for this occation yesterday.
And why don't you wear the one
from Christmas?
- Which Christmas?
- The very first one. In Bethleem.
Don't speak! You neither!
Heads or tails?
11 hours before
the fateful encounter
God is the Lord, and He
revealed Himself to us.
Blessed is he who comes
in the name of the Lord.
God is the Lord, and He
revealed Himself to us.
Blessed is he
Your coffee is ready.
Did you make it?
- No, I asked
- I want you to make it.
Only you.
Is something wrong?
Did you read something
in the paper
I said, no.
- Helena.
- Yes minister.
You are the only
person that I trust.
You know that, don't you?
- Your wife too
- The only one.
I know what I am
talking about.
And maybe I should talk
to you someday.
You can do it anytime.
It's just
I don't want to involve you in something
that could put you in danger too.
Are you saying that
you are in danger?
Bring me the coffee.
And make it yourself. Ok?
One frappe to go.
I can put as much
sugar as I want?
- Huh?
- One sugar, two sugars, bucketfuls?
One sugar, no milk.
Who is it and
what do you want?
Hey! Can't you see
that the customer is waiting?
Frappe, one sugar, no milk.
- Really?
- Yes, Mr Lentzos wants to see you.
Could you meet him
in his hotel?
- Ok, tell me.
Come on! Pen!
Metropolis, room 204.
What time?
Ok! Bye!
- The mobile
- I resign. I am going to the theatre.
Freddo, two sugars.
I don't know what to do.
Why doesn't she go to
talk to Natassa?
Maybe I should talk
to Natassa.
Yes. Explain everything.
I will explain everything.
And then, to Victor.
Tell him that you love him.
And then I will run
into Victor's arms.
And I'll tell him that I love him.
There you go!
If I were poor Anastasia,
I would've solved all my problems.
Everything I say
Are you watching TV?
Are you crazy? With
so many things to do.
- I am studing the contracts.
- Great!
Postelthwade is a tough
I brought you two dresses,
to choose which one to wear.
This one is more colourful.
States that you are a modern woman.
The other one more formal. States that
you are a tough businesswoman.
Can I ask
Can I leave my robe on,
that states that I want to stay home?
Ms Dalia!
Come on, my Alexi! You will be
the one doing the job anyway.
Why do I need to go?
Don't even think about it!
Get dressed!
One hour before
the fateful encounter
Since you came til here,
why not come to the hotel too?
I don't want to!
Don't insist.
I came to see what
present you will get him.
Don't spend too much!
What time will you go?
Straight after here,
I'll be there in an hour.
- Can I help you?
- Yes.
We are looking for
a present.
Probably a vase.
To Metropolis hotel.
- Metropolis Palace?
- Yes, that one.
Shall we leave the rest
for tomorrow?
As you want.
Remember, you also have
to go to that reception.
Yes, I'll go. Tell my driver
to come and pick me up
and then you
are free to go.
- Have a nice evening.
- Have a nice evening too Helena.
See you tomorrow.
the encounter
You are an idiot.
Do what you want,
but know this. You are an idiot.
Mum, calm down and smile.
People are staring.
As if I raised you to go to America
and become her son's servant.
And me her servant.
Ladies, would you like
anything to eat?
We haven't been given
plates yet, son.
Can you tell him to come down
and we can talk in the car?
Ms Dalia!
I won't stay long.
Be ready.
Yes minister.
Hi dad.
Didn't she choose heads?
Why is she crying now?
Tell her that it was me that
found out about the reception.
And that the lifestyle show
was my idea!
Tell her to stay put!
Go away! Witch!
Didn't they offer you canapes?
[french for "sofa"]
No need. I am comfortable
on the stool.
Why do I bother asking?
Anna did you notice?
Stavrianidis is here, the minister.
Yes I saw him.
And we were so happy!
I jumped up!
- Dear, bring us some wine.
- Right away madam.
- "Right away" and then you run away?
- I will bring it in a minute.
As if I care!
He is going to him.
- Ja [in german]
- Yia [greek for "hi"]
[in greek] I came
for the rehersal.
Was? [in german]
Mr Lentzos?
This is Metropolis hotel, right?
No, this is Metropolis Palace.
Excuse me?
Look more closely.
Sorry, but I can't
find your name.
But I am a journalist!
Yes but you are not
on the guest list.
I have a show on Televoas channel.
- Which one?
- Televoas.
- I don't know it.
- It doesn't matter.
I want to get some footage
for our lifestyle show.
Sorry but I am telling you again
that I have not been informed
so I cannot let you in.
I see.
What's your star sign?
You will have a terrible
Bad, bad eclipse!
What's the matter, my girl?
Why are you crying?
The other kids said that,
now that dad is dead
and if something happens
to you too, I will be alone.
Which kids said that?
I will scold them!
- Is it true?
- No!
You will only listen to me.
Do you understand?
I will never leave you alone.
Neither will I.
Yes, my girl. You too.
Don't you ever leave me alone!
I came, we chatted,
what are we waiting for now?
It's rude to go now. He said
he will make some phone calls
- and he'll be back.
- I am bored!
And you shouldn't tell him that
he is wearing a toupee. He was upset!
Why? He didn't know it?
They attached it
in his sleep?
Mr Postelthwade will be back
in 5 minutes.
I have to return home because
you can't even imagine how busy I am.
Cough as much as you like.
I am going.
Tell Mr.
[gibberish] that it was nice
to meet him
and he will discuss the rest
with Mr Stergiou. I am going.
- Where are you going?
- To the car. - By yourself?
By myself, I won't be lost.
And even if I were lost, it wouldn't
matter. I own the hotel.
Excuse me. Where can I find
Mr. Deloglou?
- Is he expecting you?
- Yes I am his nephew.
Just a moment,
I'll inform him.
- Room 412. Go ahead.
- Thank you.
Fine! And where is this Metropolis?
I didn't find it because
I found another Metropolis.
Tell me!
Ok. On my way.
Just a moment dear!
Hold it! It will
cut me in half!
Why not take the lift?
The vase!
He just left the reception.
He will be home in a short time.
What happened mari?
- I think we got stuck.
- I got stuck too?
- It's not working.
- Could there be a power cut?
No, the light is on.
Please do something!
I have claustrophobia.
What's this? Is it infectious?
Move away!
The lady is just afraid of
small, confined spaces.
Holy Mary! I never
heard this before.
So where does she pee?
In the forest?
Don't panic. We are here too.
And you think that's a good thing?
I also have agoraphobia.
What, she is afraid to
go shopping?
Tell her not to speak.
I am feeling dizzy.
So we won't speak because
you are mad?
The girl is not speaking either.
She must be foreign.
You? You? English, english?
I am Greek, auntie.
Smart mouth!
And you. Three men! What do
we have you for? Do something!
We cannot do anything. Only knock
on the door, in case someone hears.
Go on then. Knock!
Ah, ah, ah! Don't knock
so loudly, my head.
I am not well.
Somewhere to sit.
Not here in the kitchen.
Let's go to the living room.
Where do you want to sit, mari?
You are in a lift.
I know madam.
But I think
I will faint
Hold her! Hold her,
her hair will be ruined.
Where is Ms Hatzialexandrou?
Wasn't she with you?
She said she'd go down.
Didn't she come?
- No.
- No?
So where is she?
Where am I?
We passed Lamia.
We will be at Tempi soon.
Where do you think you are, dear?
You're still in the lift.
Look at that one, the insensitive!
Tick tick tick with that mobile.
Instead of calling someone
to come help us.
There is no signal.
That's true. Mine doesn't
have singal either.
Come dears! Let's knock in case
someone hears.
You too, dear.
Help! Can anyone hear?
We are in the lift.
You, why don't you knock?
You knocked, did it make
any difference?
Don't you care even
a wee bit?
I care, auntie. They are waiting
for me for a rehersal.
A dress rehersal?
- Are you an actress?
- Why do you ask?
I am a journalist. Will you
give me an interview?
You are out of your mind!
- Actor?
- Student.
- You?
- Astronaut.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Damn! I lost!
Come here to help him.
The poor man's turned white!
Come, sit down.
Move over, mari! You are
occupying the whole lift!
Let him lie down.
What's wrong dear?
Lie down.
If they can't hear us
even after this
He must be caught "claustrophagia",
or whatever she called it.
No, it's not that.
I think that
that I am dying.
I don't know what happened.
What do you mean?
He left the reception
a while ago
but he hasn't come down yet.
Where is he?
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
I don't think I have
much time left.
No, my pasha!
There is nothing wrong,
you just caught the evil eye.
I will remove it.
Tell me your name.
- I am Evangelos
- Evangelos.
The first name is enough.
Stop! Let him speak.
I was poisoned.
I am sure of it.
And now they will
get away with it.
Don't let them
get away with it.
I didn't manage to
do anything.
I had evidence, but
Don't let them.
Who? Tell us. We will
go to the police.
No, no! Not to the police!
They will kill you. No!
Oh God!
They have power.
They control everything.
I don't know who
the mastermind is.
But they control everything.
And here.
I am begging you.
Don't let me die
in vain.
What can we do?
I will give you all the evidence
that you need
to get them to pay for it.
Only you know.
Only you can.
Go to my office.
In my office,
there is a pa-
Don't let them get
away with it.
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