In the Nick of Time (2005) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Listen to me.
Listen to me.
I don't think I have
much time left.
No, my pasha!
There is nothing wrong,
you just caught the evil eye.
I will remove it.
Tell me your name.
- I am Evangelos
- Evangelos.
The first name is enough.
Stop! Let him speak.
I was poisoned.
I am sure of it.
And now they will
get away with it.
Don't let them
get away with it.
I didn't manage to
do anything.
I had evidence, but
Don't let them.
Who? Tell us. We will
go to the police.
No, no! Not to the police!
They will kill you. No!
Oh God!
They have power.
They control everything.
I don't know who
the mastermind is.
But they control everything.
And here.
I am begging you.
Don't let me die
in vain.
What can we do?
I will give you all the evidence
that you need
to get them to pay for it.
Only you know.
Only you can.
Go to my office.
In my office,
there is a pa-
Don't let them get
away with it.
Is he dead?
I'll check if
he is breathing.
What's going on?
Is he dead?
Shh! Don't talk.
Yes indeed. He is dead.
Don't let them get
away with it.
Goodness me! He scared
the heck out of us.
At least now is he dead?
I will check.
Leave it!
You were so
successful earlier!
You check son. Is he breathing?
He is dead.
Oh God! What will we do now?
The lift.
[In the nick of time]
I don't know what happened.
An ambulance arrived.
What happened?
What went wrong?
I can't tell.
Do you want us to stay here?
No! Get away immediately,
before we get in any more trouble.
Where is she? Are you sure
you didn't see her come out?
Very sure.
Could she have met some
friend of hers?
How can she have friends? She hasn't
left the house for years.
She is more afraid of people
than ghosts.
Ms Dalia where
have you been?
Alexi, I can't explain now.
Take the car and go home.
I will go with the guys.
Guys! Wait!
Go and ask her.
She must know.
- Isn't our guy in there?
- Yes.
Come on son! Go on!
- Hello.
- Hello.
Did they bring you a gentleman
who is dead?
- Are you a relative?
- No. But he is dead, right?
I am afraid that he is.
She is afraid that he is dead.
And I am afraid
that I will get fat.
Was that what
we sent you to ask?
Ask what he died of.
- Hello.
- Hello.
What did he die of?
Why are you asking?
She is asking
why we are asking.
We aren't getting anywhere
like this. Step away dear.
Listen, my girl. What did
the departed die of?
It appears,
of a heart attack.
She says, due to his heart.
What heart?
Of lettuce(!)
- Is she certain?
- That's what she says.
So he wasn't poisoned?
I will tell you what happened.
He wasn't murdered by anyone.
He probably had a bad heart, he ate
something heavy and he died.
This is how Paraskevoula-the-dopey
died in the village.
So why did he say all
those things?
When someone is dying,
he doesn't speak nonsense.
Don't be so sure. My cousin will
speak nonsense even at that time.
Let the time come, and she
can say whatever she wants.
I also don't think that
he was delirious.
But even so. Can we just discard
a person's last words?
And what can we do darling?
He told us not to go to the police.
If we go on TV, they'll think
we are crazy. What can we do?
He told us what to do.
He told us to search by ourselves.
Are you mental?
In truth, that's what
he asked us to do.
Yes but is this possible?
Excuse me, can I say something?
My name is Dalia.
- Spyros.
- Dalia.
- Fotis.
- Nice to meet you.
- Aggela.
- Spyros.
- Zouboulia.
- Dalia. Nice to meet you.
- Fotis.
- Zouboulia.
That's enough!
I suggest that we go get them.
And I suggest that I pull your
hair because you keep opposing me.
- Try!
- Stop!
It's late. We better not
decide anything now.
Let's calm down and then
we'll see what we'll do.
- I agree.
- Me too.
So we'll meet again?
Yes. Let's exchange
phone numbers.
Really? I haven't done
that in years.
How can I explain now!
Oh, and one more thing.
Until we decide what to do
let's not say anything to anyone.
Neither where we were
nor what we know.
- Ah!
- What's wrong?
That's not very easy
for me.
I will be subjected to
an inquisition tomorrow.
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.
The political community
of the country is in mourning,
after ex-minister Evangelos Stavrianidis
died yesterday of a heart attack.
He has been a minister
from 1999 until 2003.
Ms Dalia. What are you doing?
I am doing my hair.
I see. The driver told me that
you returned home at midnight.
Ah yes! Now that you mention it,
I seem to remember something.
Where have you been?
Many places. It was a wonderful
evening, I had a great time.
And the people that you were with?
They had a good time too.
I mean Who are the people
that you were with?
Since when?
I don't remember you being out
with friends for many years.
You are mistaken. In '97
I went to London, to a wedding.
Whose wedding?
Somebody from the royal family
of Yugoslavia was getting married.
- With a young lass. Brunette!
- Congratulations!
The people from yesterday,
where did you know them from?
- From the wedding.
- What?
I met them at the wedding,
and again yesterday.
Yes, these people were royal guests(!)
Why not? What's wrong with them?
Because royal guests are
only royals.
They are royals.
Was the woman from yesterday
a queen?
Of what? Of the kitchen?
- Of Romania.
- What?!
What you heard. I was with the
ex-royal family of Romania.
Ms Dalia, who are you jerking around?
You! Do you see anyone else here?
And by the way, why are you
here? I called for the cook.
Ms Dalia, I demand that
you explain to me.
I don't have to explain anything. It's not
enough that I have so many businesses,
- I have you too.
- What?!
How can I maintain my enormous fortune
if I waste my time in silly discussions?
- What?
- What you heard.
And know that I will be going out
more often from now on.
I will devote myself fully
to my business activities.
- No time for anything else.
- Ms Dalia, did you call for me?
Yesterday, there was "Hara's cafe" and
a movie with Nicole Kidman.
- Did you record them?
- Yes!
- Shall I bring the tapes?
- Yes!
Ms Dalia, I still require
some explanation.
You are waiting in vain.
Alexi, I love you very much and you
know it. More than anyone in here.
But I have nothing to tell you.
Please go. I want to be alone.
Ok. But if you intend to go out
again, please tell me.
- I'll inform the bodyguards.
- Alexi, please go!
Evangelos Stavrianidis was born
in Xanthi and grew up in Athens.
He studied law at
the University of Athens
and he got a Master's degree at the
University of Strasbourg in France.
After a successful career
I am begging you, don't
let me die in vain.
They must be punished.
Don't let them
get away with it.
Ah! Poor Haralampos!
Ah! Poor Haralampos!
So many years passed, and
I am only left with a "why?".
Why did you pass away
like this?
Damn you! You
scared me Dracula.
Are you talking to
your late husband?
What can I do my Marinella?
I only had the one.
Not like you, who gets married
whenever there are Olympic games.
I haven't had that
many marriages.
And I was wanted by many.
- What did you say mari?
- Enough with "mari".
Since you will be living in Athens
you will learn to talk
and act accordingly.
It's already unacceptable that
you disappeared yesterday
without taking leave.
Listen Marinella.
Please leave me alone because
I have a lot in my head.
I have a lot in my head too.
Leave me alone so that you don't
have a vase on your head too.
I continue. So I have a lot in my head.
Because as long as you were
in the village, I was not worried.
But now you are here and I have
to present you to my circle of friends.
And I am afraid that
you will make me a laughing stock.
You make yourself a laughing stock.
Listen here country hick! As this is
the only language you'll understand.
I won't allow anyone to call me
The children. Shut up, so they won't
suspect anything.
You shut up!
How are you doing?
We are just chatting.
Mum, we were worried yesterday.
I just had a bit too much wine
and I decided to go for a walk.
This is why I left the party.
It was a reception.
It was a circus and
you were the clown.
- What did you say mother?
- She didn't say anything son.
Just our own topics of discussion.
Ah! Vasilopoulos and his wife will
come this evening. Did you know?
You told us yesterday.
Come, I want to show you something.
I bought some gifts for you.
They are in the other room. Come.
Are you alright?
I am ok, child. I am ok.
Go and see what she wants.
Go! I am fine.
Ah! Poor Haralambos.
Ah! Poor Haralambos.
If you were here we would've
annihilated her.
But what can I do alone?
I am even playing
an away game.
Damn the ones that took you away.
And they even got away with it.
I am begging you
I am begging you
don't let me die
in vain.
They must be punished.
Don't let them
get away with it.
Why didn't anyone
poison her?
I would go to the funeral
with the drums!
Where are you?
I want to speak with you.
But I don't think so.
Spyro. Look!
This is porn.
Where did you get this?
It's my daughter-in-law's.
She is shameless!
Theopoula found it
in their bedroom.
- How?
- If you search, you'll find!
- Really? Huh!
- Yes. She will corrupt my boy.
She brings these
My Vasilis was not
that kind of person.
Theopoula, not to upset you but
I have seen your Vasilis
in the video club, in the room
with the adult tapes, many times.
- What were you doing there?
- This isn't the point.
He is right, this isn't the point.
The point is different.
But I punished them. I went out
and left the key behind the door.
Let's see how they will get in
when they come back
from Nauplio, at 1am.
And how will YOU get in?
I will stay here.
Of course! They went to Nauplio
and you went on holidays.
Put it in the player,
to see what it is.
- What's wrong?
- What will we see?
To see what film it is.
We can watch a bit
while we eat.
Oh, we'll also be eating!
- What did you make?
- Peas.
- Did you add dill?
- Yes, yes.
- Come on, put it in.
- You are out of your mind.
- Where are you taking it?
- Wherever I want! To hide it.
As if we would be eating
and watching the
Go and check where
he will hide it.
What do you want?
Didn't you say that you
want to talk?
- Is this what you came for?
- What else?
I wanted to. But it's not possible
with Theopoula here.
Tell me. She cannot hear.
She's in the kitchen.
Come on, tell me. What is it?
Is something wrong?
I just wanted to ask.
- After the death
- of your parents?
After the death but also
after the trial
Everything that happened
and he wasn't punished,
- he didn't pay for it.
- I don't want to talk about it.
But you must. I want to know.
Did you ever think
I said that I don't want
to talk about it.
And you better forget it.
It was so many years ago.
Did you forget?
The food is ready.
How was the reception
None of your business.
Where is the footage?
I see. They didn't let you in.
Why don't you leave
me alone?
In one minute.
What are you doing here?
Warming up. I will be on air
after the news.
So I will be presenting the news
and you will be singing backstage?
In 30''.
It's not a bad idea. They might
become more interesting this way.
- Go away! I am not well today.
- I don't care.
- Foti, ready?
- Right away.
I don't want to hear a peep.
Get out of here!
In three.
In two.
In one.
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.
It's the short news bulletin
of Televoas.
New fiscal measures for the
coming year were announced
by the prime minister, from Katerini.
Next Tuesday
our county is expecting
What's that noise?
a diplomatic visit by the prime
minister of Britain, Tony
Ex-minister Evangelos Stavrianidis
died suddenly last evening
at the age of 53.
The cause of death, as stated by the
doctors, is cardiac arrest.
World news.
Airplane crash with multiple fatalities
morning in Mexico.
What's wrong? Can you tell me?
I read the news about the crash
You read similar news before
but you didn't react like that.
There is more.
It was so many years ago.
I know.
But sometimes,
I am thinking of mum.
When she realised that the plane
was going down
and was holding the baby
in her arms.
And I am wondering what she did
at that moment, what she said.
If she spoke to anyone.
Don't think of these things my boy.
It's terrible not to have anyone
to talk to, at a moment like this.
And I am thinking also of the other things.
What things?
Some people were responsible
for this accident dad.
So much information was reported.
And the conclusion was that
some people were responsible.
And they never paid for it.
And what difference would it make
to you if they had paid?
You were so little. You wouldn't
have understood.
But I understand now.
Aggela, focus.
And now
feel the wind pass
through your branches.
Pass through our what?
Your branches my Aggela!
- We already said: you are trees.
- Of course!
Feel the wind.
Feel the wind.
Feel the wind! Well done Lisa!
Look at Lisa, Aggela. Look how
she feels the wind.
It's because she is under the
air-conditioning unit.
And now, suddenly
comes the fire.
This one is looking up. Hey!
He said fire. You'll start burning
from the bottom up.
Hush Aggela. You break
the focus of the team.
And now you are burning!
You are burning!
You are burning!
You are burning!
You are burning!
That's it!
- Why did you sit down?
- I got burned!
Assume your position.
Mister! I said I got burned,
I won't repeat it.
Aggela we can't progress
like this.
Agreed. So why not read the play
so that we progress?
Because I want you to be
tied together as a team first.
Bring the play, so we can be
tied up in a bow.
You are not ready yet.
And if we play the trees
we will be ready?
You suggested to play
the house of Barbara
of Bernanda Alba.
Yes, hers. But the house,
not the garden.
We will play the massacre of
Posseidon, which is MY play.
Based on the house of Bernanda Alba.
And it's not gonna be an
ordinary play.
We will create a
revolutionary play.
Yes, but now we aren't starting any
revolution. We are just playing trees.
The short one can only play a bush.
Let me tell you. Avraam has
Don't you talk, because when
you saw the fire you ran.
It so, we wouldn't have
so many burned forests.
Aggela, what you don't get is
that my work aims
to wipe out the classic and
the commonly accepted.
I am politically incorrect.
With what ascendant sign?
And we'll start a revolution.
Believe me!
We will break the status quo.
We won't break it like this.
He wanted to break it
but the status quo beat him.
On the other hand, nobody'll
beat us. They'll let us
play the trees for as long
as we like. They don't care.
What are you talking about?
I know what I am talking about.
I don't know what I am doing.
Fotis / Dalia / Zouboulia / Spyros
- Everything went as we planned.
- Not exactly.
Our aim was to take him out
while nobody realises
that it's murder.
Our aim was for him to be
found dead at his home.
But he died in the hotel instead.
- He probably died in the ambulance
- "Probably"!
"Probably" shows uncertainty.
And uncertainty brings ineffectiveness.
And this is what happened
in our case.
You are right.
Were there any witnesses
when he died?
Did he tell them anything?
Did he speak to them?
Maybe there were, but that
doesn't mean that we should
If there were, why
didn't they come forward?
Can you tell me?
I don't know, but I don't think
we should worry about it.
- If you want my opinion..
- I don't want your opinion at all!
It's completely useless to me.
# Stop the hands of the clock
# Now that we are
in each other's arms
# Take away the sorrows
- Is this Fotis?
- Yes, who is this?
This is Aggela, from yesterday.
- Well?
- What?
Today I am expecting
Vasilopoulos and his wife,
so I think it would be better for you
to go to the theatre.
They may be gone by the time
that the play is over.
To which theatre?
To DIPETHE of Lamia.
Just to be sure.
I will pass the phone on.
Did you give this number?
How will I communicate?
On the balcony with the loudhailer?
Good evening.
This is Fotis, from yesterday.
Move over! You're stuck
on me like a leech!
Yes, Foti.
What is it?
I'm telling you, there was mayhem.
Everyone is talking about this.
That you got out of the house.
But how did you decide it?
Everything in life happens
suddenly Martha.
I am Ritsa. Martha is on vacation.
Everything in life happens
suddenly Ritsa.
Give my regards to Martha
if you see her.
Watch what happens now.
Popotas will go.
I told you not to say!
Press pause.
- Yes?
- Hello mari.
There isn't any Marie living here.
You got the wrong number.
Mari Dalia! I am Zouboulia.
Zouboulia? Is that you?
What happened?
- Really?!
- Yes.
They want us all
to meet again.
I tried to change their mind but
No no no no! I also think
we should meet again.
Let me call him.
Shall I press play?
No no no no!
Go go go!
Take the tapes and go. Go!
Spyro, telephone!
Can't you answer?
We're busy.
Busy how?
Where did you find this?
Where you hid it.
Spyro, is that you?
It's Dalia, from yesterday.
These girls are shameless!
Too much noise!
An odd job though.
I wonder how much
pension they get.
Yes I understood.
Yes I agree.
Let's meet.
Tell me what time
and where.
All TV channels and all newspapers
state that he died of a heart attack.
So what? He told us that
they will conceal it.
- Who?
- The ones that we must find.
Guys, don't we have a great
time up to now?
You! Not only you won't find
the murderer,
you won't even find your car.
- My driver brought me here.
- Thank God!
And in half an hour
he will come and get me.
By the way, in case he asks: you are
the royal family of Romania.
Me too?
You first of all.
You are the queen!
Can I ask something?
Why did you agree to be
involved in this? Do you have
a personal reason?
I don't. You?
Me neither.
Me neither. I came mostly
for the company.
We have Vasilopoulos
and his wife at home.
Why? Do you?
No. I just believe that this is
the right thing to do.
Us too.
So? We go to his office tomorrow,
we find Helena
and then we start searching
for this pa-.
What can this pa- be?
You are the only
person that I trust.
You know that, don't you?
- Your wife too
- The only one.
I know what I am
talking about.
And maybe I should talk
to you someday.
You can do it anytime.
It's just
I don't want to involve you in something
that could put you in danger too.
Are you saying that
you are in danger?
[reads words starting with pa-]
How can a pagoto [ice cream]
be in the office?
It would've melted and
would've become papara.
Papara! [a mess]. Write it!
Not to mention pagoni! [peacock]
Are we sure that it's her?
Yes. I asked the porter.
And why are we not
going up to meet her?
Because we decided that
it's better to follow her,
find out where she
lives and go to her place.
Zouboulia, is your mind wandering?
Look who's talking!
Can I ask something else?
Is this the whole car?
Where is that?
In Venezuela. I haven't been but
I have oil companies there. It exists.
Village in Serres. I haven't
been either but
my cousins live there.
It exists too.
- Coming down.
- What's this?
- Coming down!
- Is this a village?
The minister's secretary is coming down.
She switched off the light.
Start the engine.
Who is it?
Please open the door. We are Dalia,
Zouboulia, Aggela, Fotis and Spyros.
We were present when
minister Stavrianidis died.
He told us to come
and find you.
I myself collected his
last regular medical tests.
He was in perfect health.
So he was telling the truth.
And he was scared.
He was very scared.
Of what exactly? Of whom?
I don't know.
I wanted to ask him but
Were you involved?
Zouboulia, for shame!
Why dear?
He was married.
- But you wanted him.
- Zouboulia!
Does his wife know anything?
Even if she does
I don't think she'll help you.
- Maybe the opposite.
- Why?
I will give you the office keys.
Even if I think that what you are
planning to do is very dangerous.
When I went there after his death,
someone had already been inside.
Like they were looking for something.
And did they find it?
I don't know.
What can this "pa-" be?
I don't know this either.
- You helped a lot!
- Stop Zouboulia. The lady is crying.
That's all she does. She doesn't do
anything else. Just cries.
The keys to the entrance
of the building and to the flat.
Better go at a time that
there is noone in the building.
Maybe late afternoon.
Everyone will be out.
You don't want
to come with us?
I'll probably do you harm.
If he was killed indeed, the very first
person they will be watching is me.
And us? Why did we come here?
We'll get in trouble, believe me.
Be careful.
And good luck.
- Come on! Where have you been?
- I am here. What's wrong?
Quickly! Bring budgets, mergers,
shares, purchases, sales,
whatever requires a signature.
But you were bored of all this.
Yes, and I still am. I want to
finish with them because I'll go out.
- Pali? [again?]
- Pali! [again]
No. Adjective.
Adjective is no good.
Come on, bring them. And tell
the driver to be ready.
Let's see.
Here is the budget for
this quarter.
What does it say?
That compared to the previous quarter,
your revenue increased by 4.8%.
More increase?
We are in.
Come on! Spread out!
Patoma? [floor]
But no, he couldn't say
that there is a floor in the office.
Patari! [attic]
There isn't one.
Pa pa pa
liokeros [bad weather]
Are you mocking me?
Pataki. [doormat]
Is there a doormat anywhere?
Pani [cloth]
We should search for a cloth.
- Look.
- The lamp?
It's not a lamp.
It's a paaaaarticularly
beautiful torchere.
If you speak again, I will
throw out the parathiro. [window]
Parathiro! [window]
What can you see from the window?
A corner shop.
- A hair salon.
- A book shop.
- A bougatsa place.
- A coffee place.
Let's go. Each of us
takes one.
Yes please?
What would you like?
What did we say
that we would ask?
We didn't say.
I think we should 've
stayed in the office.
I think so too.
There might be something like
a secret hiding place, like a drawer.
Get done with this cheesepie,
over my head.
All these oily crumbs.
Listen! It's hollow.
Listen to the sound here.
And here.
She's right.
We found it! We found it!
It's me that found it. I can't
believe it, I found it.
- What does it open?
- Good question.
We don't know what it opens
do we?
How should we know.
So what am I so happy about?
But we found a lead.
Our first one!
Yes but what is it?
Hm! I don't know what it opens.
No luck!
So all this time that
you worked for him
you didn't know who was he
scared of? Who threatened him?
It must be a very old story.
Before I got to be his secretary.
He received some threatening
phone calls. I know this for sure.
I witnessed one of them.
But apart from that
We have to find a way to
approach his wife.
We have to search his house.
There is no way to approach
his wife, believe me.
But it's possible to get
in his house.
Who are these?
We don't know yet.
Do we know what
they were discussing?
They may be unrelated.
But they may not be. Find out.
What's happening with
the other matter?
His wife wants more money
to keep her mouth shut.
What will we do?
We'll shut her mouth
once and for all.
Take care of her.
Once she is also out of the way,
we are done.
Shouldn't we wait and
not do anything right away?
Stavrianidis' death is still recent.
Never mind. Let's finish
with this story.
Is she still with our guy?
Yes. It's him that told us
that she wants more.
Good! Get him to bump her off.
In her place. Make it look
like a burglary
and leave no trace.
When do you want it to happen?
You are leaving in one week.
It still hasn't sunk in.
Alexandre, Harvard is your big
opportunity. You know that right?
I know mother.
How are you doing?
Are you having a nice chat?
Where did you dress up for mum?
Are you going out again Lia?
Yes my Marinella.
I'm going to the theatre.
- Which one?
- DIPETHE of Lamia.
Where did the secretary
find the house keys?
Stavrianidis had given
them to her.
They were involved,
I am sure of it.
Excuse me. This is the
whole house?
There are also two bedrooms.
Your grandmother won't
come suddenly, right?
She went to "Paratragouda"
when a friend of hers.
In the audience.
So what are we waiting for?
Let's call Fotis and let's go.
We can't. His mobile is off.
Which letter did you say?
Oh sorry, there is no upsilon.
Never mind, another time.
Let's go to the next line.
- Hello.
- Hello.
What's your name and
where are you calling from?
When will this thing finish
so he can switch on his mobile?
Can we change
the channel to
Watch this!
call the number you see
on your screen
and find the word.
Let's go to the next line. Hello.
The word is gastroenteritis. Drop
everything and come to Spyros'.
We have the keys to
you-know-who's house.
And bring also the
vacuum cleaner.
We earned it didn't we?
Here we are!
Best of luck to us!
Anyway guys, aren't we
having a great time so far?
Listen to her!
"Having a great time"(!)
Until now we broke into
an office, a house
No, we didn't. We used
the keys to enter.
Spread out!
Oh, look!
The departed. And this
must be his wife.
Where are you now?
We are returning home.
She went out to buy cigarettes.
You know what to do.
Yes of course.
And make it look like a burglary.
She is coming back.
- Are you crazy?
- Noone can see us.
But she looks like a good woman.
The secretary didn't have
the same opinion.
Maybe she misunderstood
the poor woman.
She's even a widow.
Let's continue searching.
The others are in the study.
It would be nice to know
what we are looking for.
You are greedy and
you'll get in trouble.
And you are an idiot.
Do you know how much money
we can make out of this?
Do you care so much
about your bosses
or you are afraid
to go against them?
what do you care?
I am the one blackmailing
them, not you.
At the end of the day,
I lost a husband, not a dog.
If you'd lost a dog
you would've asked for more.
Maybe I would've
priced it higher.
I will tell you what
we are doing wrong.
Really? Do tell!
I want to hear this.
Me too!
We are checking the locks
to find out what the key is for.
Big mistake!
The key might not have anything
to do with his house.
We should search his documents.
His computer files.
Maybe some diary
that he kept.
This is the only way to
find out who threatened him.
Who he was afraid of.
And finally,
who killed him.
There you go!
And quickly, before
we hear the key in the door.
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