In the Nick of Time (2005) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

I will tell you what
we are doing wrong.
Really? Do tell!
I want to hear this.
Me too!
We are checking the locks
to find out what the key is for.
Big mistake!
The key might not have anything
to do with his house.
We should search his documents.
His computer files.
Maybe some diary
that he kept.
This is the only way to
find out who threatened him.
Who he was afraid of.
And finally,
who killed him.
There you go!
And quickly, before
we hear the key in the door.
The torches! The torches!
Upstairs! Upstairs!
Why do you worry so much that
you will be seen entering?
I do it for you.
What will the neighbours say?
It's not even ten days
since your husband died.
You don't have to worry about me.
I know very well what I'm doing.
[In the nick of time]
What are you doing?
Psst! What's happening?
What do you think?
Did they leave?
They are probably
in the living room.
Shh! They are coming.
The money is not enough.
And that's exactly
what you'll tell them.
End of conversation.
Is this your final word?
Besides, we didn't come
here to talk.
Do you know that if
you didn't talk so much
I could've fallen in love with you?
What are they doing?
I don't know.
I hear a plat-plat!
Is any tap dripping?
Are they kissing maybe?
For shame!
"Nine days after his death,
she allowed another man in the house"
She hurt herself somewhere.
I don't know,
but she hurt herself.
Now he hurt himself too.
What are you talking about,
mari? They're doing it!
Doing what?
They are screwing!
Yes! What are you doing to me?
I think I'm flying! I'm flying! Aaaah!
Don't answer.
Let it ring!
It's mine!
Switch if off!
I can't, it's in
my back pocket.
Sit on it, so that
it switches off.
It switched off.
- Yes!
- Yes?
- Yes?
- Yes.
- Yes!
- Yes?
- Yes!
- My grandma!
- Spyro?
- There is no answer?
He answered it. But he
isn't speaking.
And there is such a commotion!
- Spyro!
- It's on loudspeaker!
Hang up!
Spyro, my child! Can't you hear me?
Do you hear something?
This tape with the naked girls
is stuck in the VHS player
and we can't get it out.
It got wrinkled and it's
not coming out.
Where are you now?
Spyro, we press the Eject button.
Ask him, shouldn't we
press the Eject button?
Yes I know. I am
pressing Eject.
What happened? Why did you stop?
- Someone is speaking.
- Spyro!
No, I left the TV on
in the other room.
Go on!
Where was he? I don't know!
Call again.
Why? He doesn't speak.
Let's try again.
I told you,
no one is speaking.
Go on, go on!
[inaudible] Listen, listen, listen!
Why did you get dressed?
I will go.
I can't stay here tonight.
We'll talk first.
You have to help me
contact them.
And not the one that
I spoke to the first time.
The one above him.
That one, even I haven't seen him.
I don't care.
Arrange it.
I married the guy in order to
get settled in life, supposedly.
Now that you killed him, you are
the ones that should get me settled.
You got a lot of money.
Yes but I did a lot of things too.
I found whatever you asked me to find.
It's not my fault that it's not enough.
And the original plan wasn't
that you would kill him.
You just wanted the
evidence that he had
and this is what I gave you.
Not all.
That's what I found.
Tell your boss to search
better himself.
And besides, who are you with?
With me or with them?
With them.
Aren't they the ones paying me?
Am I not working for them?
What are you doing?
My job.
Until now, they paid me
to keep you close.
Now they pay me to send you
as far away as possible.
Are you out of your mind?
What will you do?
I told you. My job.
Vasili! Vasili put the gun down.
- Gun?
- Eeeeee! Aaaah!
Well done, Zouboulia!
Come, come out!
Well done, Zouboulia!
What happened?
We got him! Zouboulia got him.
Well done, Zouboulia!
Zouboulia what have you done?
He hit him on the head, from behind.
- Well done Zouboulia!
- Stop mari! "Well done, Zouboulia".
As if I got the Oscar.
Check if he is alive or he died.
Not you!
You check.
He is breathing.
Well done Zouboulia!
I mean, that you didn't kill him.
What was that?
The minister's wife
ran away.
Let's do the same!
Shouldn't we stay a little longer,
to search?
Are you crazy?
Let's go!
What I am saying is that
we shouldn't give up
just after the first obstacle.
MacGyver was always by himself.
- Who?
- MacGyver.
He was always by himself.
But even so, he managed
to complete every mission
that he was assigned to.
Just because he never gave up.
No matter how difficult it got.
Who was Magaver?
An old TV series.
Dear? Are you completely mental?
All this time you were
talking about a TV series?
We almost got a bullet
right between the eyes.
Check, does yours have milk?
This isn't the point of the discussion.
Now, yours doesn't have for sure.
We almost got killed.
Don't you get it?
These people, whoever they are,
won't hesitate
to put a bullet on us. And bye-bye!
Didn't you see what happened
to the minister's wife?
She is alive and well.
In truth, she got away didn't she?
She did.
So if we stay united
But we weren't united!
We weren't united!
When it happened, it was only me and her.
- Mari, speak up!
- Now the coffee is good.
If you were just centimetres away
you would've gotten the bullet
and we'll be mourning you now.
Don't you get it?
She doesn't get it.
She got it.
But why don't we concentrate
on the positives from today?
Way to go! Nice!
And what are the positives
from today?
To start with, you got
a lovely vase for your home.
Hold me or I'll kill her.
Come, come, calm down!
Can't we even make a joke?
Just a moment.
Let's start from the beginning.
Firstly, we now know that
the minister was indeed murdered.
I am mentioning this because
some people claimed
that he ate something
that made him ill.
Secondly, we know that the
minister's wife is involved.
And thirdly, the people who killed him
are looking for some evidence.
- So if we find it first
- Stop!
She came back to life.
Zouboulia is right.
- Say that again!
- They will kill us.
The minister said so too.
What we are doing is crazy!
We don't know who we're chasing,
who we're looking for.
We don't know who is our enemy and
who is our friend in this story.
Losing one's life is a terrible thing.
I know because I have experienced it.
And today we were in danger
of losing our lives too.
Not that I care much about
mine, such that it is.
But I think I'll stop here.
- What?
- I give up.
Which direction is my house?
We'll take you there.
Thank you.
So that's it? We call it a day?
Listen carefully.
They called me from Evia.
A fisherman caught a dogfish,
4 metres long.
That'll be our top story,
and exclusive.
No one else knows.
What I want is:
You'll start with a long shot
of the beach. Panoramic.
- Are you listening?
- Yes.
And then, a dive of the camera
into the sea,
underwater shot and ending
up in the fish's mouth.
As if we are seeing how
the fish was hooked. Like that.
Wow uncle! I got goosebumps!
Amazing? I thought of it just now.
Do you want to do it Frida?
Uncle, I am not sure
if would be good for my career
to report on fish.
- Ok then, Fotis will go.
- I'll do it!
Fantastic! Tell me what
you need for this.
A helicopter, a diver, a crane..
Ok. Lay the fish on the beach
and film it as it is, dead.
Just a moment.
When I'll be standing
next to the corpse
which song is more fitting
for me to say?
- Good morning my boy.
- Good morning dad.
What's wrong?
Nothing or you don't
want to tell me?
I hope you are not disappointed
about the footage from the reception.
Which reception?
The one you went to
the other day.
I watched the tape.
Indeed it's not usable.
They are very long shots.
But if you really want
to do the lifestyle show
we will plan it properly.
You'll be going with the cameraman
- Dad!
- What?
What footage?
EBU appears annoyed by the delay
in the preparation
for the Eurovision song contest.
Swedish TV representatives
will arrive in Athens tomorrow
in order to offer their
knowledge and experience
so that they can assist
with the preparations.
- Ms Dalia?
- Alexi.
What are you doing?
The usual.
TV and boredom.
Isn't this what I've
always been doing?
Are you going out tonight?
Why not?
Because for once I decided to go out
and they started shooting me.
For once I had some fun and
it was the end of the world.
Who shot you? What are
you talking about?
My Alexi, pay no attention.
But know that I won't
go out again.
Speak to me Ms Dalia!
What's wrong?
How can I explain now.
It's a long story.
I miss the guys,
and also the preparations
for the song contest
are not going well. Bummer!
I don't understand.
Did anyone call me?
Who would call me?
Alexi, I think I will seclude myself
for a short time.
The last time you said that,
the seclusion lasted two years.
Yes. I estimate that
it'll be around the same again.
- What is this?
- What?
This window is facing southeast.
The plant in that position
is bad Feng Shui.
Ask before moving anything
in the house.
Do you understand?
The opposite would surprise me.
The children will be here in a bit.
They'll leave the baby and
then I'll take them to the airport.
Come, I'll show you your room.
It's ready.
It's been ready since yesterday
but of course you didn't see it.
You were away all day.
The baby's room is adjacent.
You'll listen to the baby through this.
There is also one of these
in the its room.
The baby has a mobile?
It's not a mobile.
It's called a baby monitor.
- What should I do to listen to it?
- Be quiet!
The children.
Isn't this plant in front
of the window a problem?
No. Since you are in the room,
it's already bad Feng Shui.
- Welcome!
- Here we are!
How beautiful!
Put it somewhere Lia.
As if she was brought flowers.
- Did you say something?
- No! What can I say?
- How are you mum?
- Fine!
Co-mother-in-law prepared
a room for me
with fantastic kung fu.
- She means Feng Shui.
- Ah!
So are we ready?
Shall we go down?
Yes, Alexandros is waiting
in the car.
Just a moment, to put my
coat on.
Will you manage?
With Marinella? Don't worry
I'll manage.
I don't know what
we'll be discussing about.
Maybe some friend of yours
from the village can visit.
If Dracula finds Fofo and Vagelio here
she will chase them away.
Will you manage?
How can you go away
and leave him here?
I don't leave him with strangers.
I leave him with his grandma.
Now he will grow up
without his mother.
And me, I grew up without my father.
And not for a short time.
But you had me
and I was both a mother
and a father.
But it's not the same.
The baby will grow up
and he'll know that
his parents love him.
And that they'll
be back soon.
I knew that my father died.
And I've never known why.
Mum, what's wrong?
I tried.
Are you crying?
I was just a poor woman.
What could I do?
I took them to court but
Even more powerful people
didn't manage anything.
What could I do?
I am not putting
the blame on you!
You did all you could.
If you could do any more,
you would've done it.
Did I say that you were to blame?
How did this happen now?
I don't understand.
Come here.
What happened to you?
It's because you are going
and I'll be alone.
Everything will go well.
Didn't you tell me never
to be afraid?
Everything will go well.
You won't even realise
how quickly
the time until I'm back will fly.
What's this cuckoo?
Thanks a lot co-mother-in-law.
You cheered me up for once.
What didn't you understand?
How many are they?
5 sisters. Angustias, Magdalena,
Martirio, Amelia and Adela.
In the foreign play.
In ours, they will have
ancient Greek names.
Which will be..?
I haven't decided yet.
Great! We are making good progress!
- And they all want Pipi?
- Pepe.
He's called Pepe Romano,
my Aggela.
Same thing. There is no
other man in this village?
There are. But he's the most
handsome young lad in the village.
Besides, Pepe Romano
is a symbol.
Exactly! He is a fascinating,
dreamlike guy,
who mesmerises everyone
with his voice.
Mr Avraam? Who will play Pepe?
George Dalaras.
- What did you say Aggela?
- Nothing!
Shall we start the damn rehearsal
so that we can go home?
- Come on!
- Of course.
I want you to do an
Not again!
Will you bring the play
at last?
It's not completed.
I think that you do improvisations
at your home too.
What do you mean?
You pretend to write,
you don't really write.
I want you to play
- What birds? Flying?
- Yes.
Thank God!
I want you to pay
attention to your arms.
I want to see
your arms
transform into
Who are you sir?
How did you enter?
They are playing
stupid birds.
Play dump too,
because I need to go.
There you go!
What happened?
We shouldn't give up.
- I have something to show you.
- What?
- Little Spyro?
- Yes?
Mrs Despina, from
across the road,
- is learning to play bawling.
- balling.
I can see from the start
how this discussion will go.
Well done to Mrs Despina.
Why are you telling me this?
Do you want to want to learn too?
No. Me, bowling?
How is that possible?
Maybe Theopoula then? Theopoula,
do you want to learn to play bowling?
Good! I don't want either,
so no one wants to learn
to play bowling. Then we're done.
- Voula
- Patoulidou?
- The secretary of the KAPI.
- I see. What did she do?
She said that we should find a hobby.
Me too?
No, me and Theopoula.
Find one then.
Tell me, my boy,
ju..ju.. bungee jumping. What is it?
Is it like wind surfing?
What bungee jumping and
what wind surfing grandma?
Will you drive me completely crazy?
I'm already unhappy.
Why, my boy? Is it so bad
for us to learn more?
But all old ladies stay at home,
knitting, embroidering, watching TV.
We are not old ladies.
Who is it, again?
- It's the tapes.
- What tapes?
We ordered tapes. We'll
learn French with audio lessons.
We communicate so perfectly in Greek,
we'll start even in French.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
We must talk.
Look! This is Stavrianidis.
- Did you recognise him?
- Yes
Look now. The waiter comes in a hurry.
Notice his tray. It is almost empty.
- There is only one glass on it.
- You're right.
Would you like some pastitsio?
It is delicious.
Grandma, not now. We are busy.
What was I saying?
That a waiter should have
a tray full of glasses
in order to serve everyone.
But he only has one glass
and he goes to a particular person. So
Orange cake, anyone?
I made it.
Grandma, we don't want any. Go!
How do you make the orange cake?
Are you crazy?
I present a cooking show,
I need to ask.
Grandma we don't want any.
If we need something we'll tell you.
So he could be the one
who poisoned him.
Who was ordered to
poison him.
When did you shoot
all this?
While I was speaking to a grump
who didn't let me in,
I had the camera out
and I was shooting.
- Spyro, who are the guys?
- Grandma!
I am Sophia, Spyro's grandma.
- Fotis.
- Nice to meet you.
- Aggela.
- Nice to meet you.
- Go now!
- Ok.
Since the reception was organised
by Zouboulia's co-mother-in-law
Yes sure!
we can Wait, wait!
we can find out which catering
was hired for the occasion,
and we can find him,
since we know his face.
Yes but Zouboulia gave up.
We must persuade her
to come back.
Both her and Dalia.
I came so you won't be alone.
You look like a tall girl.
Thank you!
My daughter-in-law is short.
Has Spyros told you that
she wants to poison me?
They won't leave us alone.
Let's go out.
Take the tape.
So, the unfortunate dogfish
got away from the rest of the group
Wait a minute.
and was caught in the
nets of Mr. Panagiotis.
The following song is fitting.
# If ever you get caught in the net
Who is she?
My cousin.
What's she doing?
She is singing, next to a dead fish.
But she has a good voice.
She looks like a tall girl too.
Let's go!
Believe me! We won't
find the minister's wife.
She might even have gone
to another country by now.
You reckon?
She cannot go to the police
because she'll get in trouble.
The others want to do her in.
So what other option is left?
To disappear.
Forget her. We must find
the waiter.
Yes but first we need to persuade
Dalia and Zouboulia to come back.
Who will we start with?
With Dalia. Zouboulia is more difficult.
If we target her emotional side,
we'll get her for sure.
I have thought of something.
That guy that was
in the minister's house
His wife's lover?
Didn't he realise
that someone hit him?
So he knows that someone
else was there.
Yes, but he didn't see us.
It's a good thing that we've
seen them but they haven't.
Are you totally incompetent?
What do you mean by "she got away"?
And you tell me now,
after two whole days!
I wasn't well.
I had to go to the hospital
and they admitted me.
How can we find her now?
She probably left the country.
She's so scared anyway.
She won't talk.
And what do you mean by
"they hit me"?
They hit me.
Some others
where there too.
Did you see them?
I heard a woman shout
After that, I can't remember anything.
What did she hear?
Not much.
Vague things. That
Stavrianidis' wife was involved
and that his death was a murder.
Ah, nothing much!
It's not my fault.
How should I know that
there was someone in the room?
In conclusion, she's absolutely
convinced that the collaboration
of our companies will
continue next
year, with even
greater success.
The president of HG Co. Group,
Dalia Hadzialexandrou.
It's ok, right?
You are wasting your time anyway.
At least get some successful shots.
Shall I send it?
I write them, I read them,
I listen to them!
If you could also sign them!
It's for me!
The guys! The guys!
Pick it up, pick it up!
Who is it?
The guard at the gate.
Damn, what does he want?
There are two guys outside,
called Fotis and Spyros
- and they want to speak with you.
- Let them in!
Or rather,
don't let them in.
Or rather, let them in.
Let them in.
Let them in.
But we have so much work here.
It's ok, we'll do it another
time. Is it urgent?
No, it's just some greeting
cards for the New Year(!)
Are you crazy? So early?
It's still summer.
We had some free time and
I thought we shouldn't waste it.
Good gracious! Is this why
I didn't watch "Forbidden Love"?
Thank God that you didn't
dress me as Santa.
Off you go!
And you'll bring me these
in December again.
As you want.
Take this also.
Thank you.
And happy Easter! Bye! Bye!
- Ms Dalia
- Come on, come on, come on.
Come in.
Come in.
Why are you looking at the ceiling?
We are just checking
the house.
There is ceiling everywhere.
Why are you checking?
It's a house, not a stadium.
They are a bit similar
in size!
Come, sit down.
I am very glad you came.
Have some cake.
Alexis brought it, just now.
Better not. He might have
put a lucky coin inside.
What brought you here?
We brought you a present.
What? Christmas present?
Of course not. That early?
It can happen!
But guys, you shouldn't have.
Why? What is it?
Well, it's a shirt.
Oh guys, I got a million shirts
and I don't even wear them.
Open it!
"I was in the lift too!"
"I was in the lift too!"
"I was in the lift too!"
We have to cover your tracks.
You'll have to disappear for a while.
And see if you can remember
anything else.
Go outside and wait for me.
I don't think we should
worry about his wife.
Even alive, she will keep
her mouth shut.
But perhaps we might
have another problem.
But don't worry. I will
take care of it myself.
In a short while, we'll finish
with this story once and for all.
It wasn't my choice
to be so alone.
But I think that I was
born this way.
I grew up with nannies,
with servants.
I was seeing my parents
every Christmas and Easter.
I went to school in Switzerland.
In Schaffhausen.
Which school did you go to?
To the 7th Lyceum of Pagrati.
I don't know it.
And even there,
where all girls
came from rich families,
I stood out.
To start with, once
my parents enrolled me
in the boarding school,
they bought it.
After that,
all girls ignored me.
They were competitive with
each other, but not with me.
They couldn't compete with me.
So they just hated me.
My parents couldn't
understand this.
The day that I turned 17,
I saw a limousine outside school
from here to there.
Birthday present.
You can't imagine
what happened at school.
How can any rational person buy
a limo for a 17-year-old girl
as a present?
What do you parents
buy you as presents?
They passed away.
My grandma buys me slippers usually.
Lovely, and practical.
In comparison with the limousine,
indeed they are.
If my parents wanted
to buy me slippers,
they would have bought
the whole factory.
When you have money
everyone loves you.
But when you have so much money,
the universe hates you.
There is no middle ground.
Gianna Aggelopoulou is not liked
by anyone in Greece. Only I like her.
Do you understand
what I am trying to say?
More or less.
I never felt part of a group,
of a circle of friends.
Only now, with you.
You even brought me a t-shirt.
And I stained it.
This is why we came here.
Because we don't think
that we should break up.
And especially now that we have
evidence, we know who we're after.
Who are we after?
Where is Aggela?
She went to meet Helena.
That's why we have to stay
united all together.
I'm in. And I won't back off
again, I promise.
So, what's left now is
to persuade Zouboulia.
Call her. I'll talk to her.
I fed the bairn.
You should say "baby" and be careful
not to stain the throw.
It's Vaggelio, from the village.
Listen Vaggelio, Lia cannot talk
to you at this time.
And please know that she only
accepts calls to this number
from 4 to 6 in the afternoon.
Now the time is 6:45
so please try again tomorrow. Bye.
What did you just do mari?
Buy a mobile Lia.
I cannot have the phone ringing
again and again,
and especially calls from the village.
Either a mobile or they'll learn to
be calling you during specific times.
You are impossible!
I'm going to the shop
to make the phone call.
Even better!
Hello. Can I speak with
Zouboulia please?
You are unlucky, young man.
Lia accepts phone calls only
between 4 and 6.
Try again tomorrow.
Goodbye, and my regards
to your fellow villagers.
She hung up on me.
Probably her co-mother-in-law.
She didn't pass the phone
to Zouboulia.
And she told me to give
greetings to my fellow villagers.
What's with her? Is she crazy?
No, she is a posh woman
who treats Zouboulia
She's making her life miserable.
She was telling us this the other day.
Really? So what, she put her
in quarantine?
I don't know.
She told me to call tomorrow.
Really? Do we know
her address?
I have it.
Watch this!
I know these almost-rich
aristocrats very well.
They were my classmates.
I didn't put them in their place
when I should've
but I'll do it now.
It was worth the wait.
I'm dead serious.
His wife was involved.
We heard it ourselves.
I knew that she's a bad person
but I didn't expect her to go there.
Let's go to the police.
It's no use.
First of all, how can we show up
as witnesses? They'll kill us immediately.
Besides, the minister told us not to go
to the police. We'll get in trouble.
- And what will you do?
- We'll continue by ourselves.
As we started.
And it's better for you
not to know much.
Has anyone bothered you since
the minister's death?
Do you feel that
you're being watched?
I don't know. Why?
Maybe you should think
of the option to leave.
Leave my flat?
From your flat, from
Athens, from Greece.
Maybe you're right.
In any case, we'll continue.
No one knows us.
What we need from you
is leads.
Can you tell us or give us anything
that could be useful?
That's all that I managed to
salvage from his office.
When I found out that they
broke in after his death,
I collected everything
and brought them here.
What are they?
Newspaper cuttings, documents
I was so upset all these days.
I went over them
but I didn't understand anything.
But he was keeping records.
I asked him
to let me organise them
but he didn't want me to.
He collected things himself.
Take them.
Maybe you guys have a more clear head
and can make sense of them.
Thank you.
Be careful.
You too.
And think again about
what I told you earlier.
Maybe you are in danger.
You better leave.
I'll think about it.
This woman is infuriating.
Good thing I'm Buddhist.
So she'll host another reception?
She should be told that her receptions
are more boring than herself.
Just a moment my Gkeli.
Where are you going?
I'm going out,
to make a phone call.
Don't be late.
The baby might wake up.
And see your face,
and be scared.
I will not reply to that.
- Are you expecting anyone?
- No.
That would've been the final straw!
Ask before you open!
[mockingly] Who is it?
Zouboulia, darling!
It's Dalia.
It's been too long!
Ah! So you settled here?
Small. But since it suits you.
I brought you something
for the house.
It's a Van Gogh.
It was in the hallway,
rather hidden.
So I thought: I should
give it to my friend as a gift.
And, as I can see,
this room needs it.
The lady?
House service?
Who are you madam?
Gkeli, talk later.
The co-mother-in-law.
Ah, yes!
- Mari
- nella
Yes of course.
Dalia Hadjialexandrou.
- Hadji
- alexandrou
Are you dyslectic?
Big advantage for a woman.
That's not my saying.
It's dad's silly chauvinistic joke.
Velisarios Hadjialexandrou.
You are the daughter
of Velisarios Hadjialexandrou?
But of course!
Whose daughter are you?
The Grim Reaper's?
A joke.
Not dad's. Mine.
Sit down.
Where is she going now?
Zouboulia, what we suspected
the other day
is true, I'm afraid.
Ted Turner! He still hasn't
gotten over Jane.
We were talking on the phone
the other day and he almost admitted it.
And it's been so many
years since they split up.
Is the house yours
or you are renting it?
Ren Mine of course!
My family's home.
My great-grandfather spent
the last years of his life here.
Iasonas Dorkofikis.
Aah! It's obvious that it's old.
Just one earthquake and pffft!
It'll fall to pieces.
Zouboulia maybe you should
come and stay with me.
Ok, we'll think about this later.
I wanted to ask you:
Next month in Holland, they celebrate
the anniversary
I can't remember exactly which,
of the constitutional monarchy.
And Beatrix invited me.
You know how good relations dad had
with the Dutch royal family.
I know!
There you go!
So she invited me, but I don't
want to go by myself.
I told her so much about you.
It's an opportunity to meet up.
She'll be so happy.
What do you think?
Well, since the lass invited us.
Excellent! We'll take the Liar Jet.
We won't get tired at all.
Ah! Fortunately.
Because by bus
Zouboulia, as usual!
For God's sake,
this is a southeast facing window.
Put a plant there.
You didn't think of Fang Shui?
I would have another vodka.
With more ice this time.
What are you doing here?
I'm tearing down Schaffhausen
and dancing on the ruins!
She is the one making
your life miserable?
Yes, her.
I know her type very well.
Anyway, I help you quite a bit,
didn't I?
What do you think?
Will you help us?
Us, Zouboulia. Our team.
The guys are waiting outside.
What do you prefer, to spend
your day with her or with us?
You should have seen me!
You wouldn't believe it.
Burn Schaffhausen!
- Zouboulia you came?
- Yes, yes!
What do we do now?
Where do we go?
We're meeting Aggela.
She said she has news.
We'll tell you the rest on the way.
And how will we find the guy
in the video?
We have a plan.
But we might need your
co-mother-in-law's help.
I will deal with her
myself. Thank you!
Here comes Aggela.
What is she carrying?
She looks uneasy.
What happened?
They discovered us.
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