In the Nick of Time (2005) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Pizza is tasty.
You've never eaten
pizza before?
But I have seen it
in movies.
What will we do? The problem
is that they discovered us.
But did they discover us all,
or just you?
How many times did
you visit Helena?
Once all together, once together
with Spyros and once by myself.
I think that us three
shouldn't worry.
For you, it's debatable.
And as for you,
you're in big trouble.
You shouldn't go
to your place anymore.
And where will I stay?
I would tell you to come to mine,
but I am a guest too.
Why don't you stay here
with Fotis?
What was that?
There is a theatre nearby
and the current play is a satire.
What's the title?
"Knock as much as you like
on ND's door".
What's the storyline?
Romance(!) She just told you
that it's a satire.
Not that she understood, but anyway.
- You think?
- Why not?
I live alone anyway.
I don't have to get any permission.
But I don't have anything.
I don't have clothes.
And tomorrow is Sunday,
the shops are closed.
I will bring you some from home.
What, again?
It's the theatre, mari!
But why do they laugh
whenever I speak?
By chance.
So. Aggela will stay here.
If you want me to,
I'll go through
Stavrianidis' files.
I'll ask Dracula how
she found
the waiters for the reception.
Perfect! Let's go
because it's late.
How much was the pizza?
Come on guys!
First time at my place.
No, no, no, no!
Fifty. Ten each.
I have twenty.
I have change. Here!
Ten Euros.
Ah! I don't
Mari, don't you ever have
any money with you?
You never paid once
up to now.
I can play the rich too like that.
I never pay anything and
I put it all in the moneybox.
It's ok. Next time.
Could it be that you aren't rich
and you're taking the piss?
But I am!
Shut up! I told you, I am!
[In the nick of time]
Will anything come of it?
Can we go up against
these people?
- Grandma, why don't you knock?
- Why, what are you doing?
- Nothing.
- So why should I knock?
Little Spyro! The tapes
are here!
What tapes?
The French lessons.
Why on earth do you
want to learn French?
Why, what do you care?
I am thinking of you.
At your age, it'll be difficult.
But we want to.
Do we bother anyone?
- No. I'm just saying.
- Don't say.
And we'll see ourselves
whether we can do it or not.
You don't need to tell us.
We'll try.
If we see that we can't do it
then we'll stop.
- When did you arrive?
- Just now.
- Did Aggela let you in?
- Yes.
I brought her the clothes
that I promised her.
She is in the other room,
trying them on.
Doesn't your driver say anything
about your outings?
Doesn't he ask where you go,
what you do?
I told him not to ask and
not to say anything to anyone.
And since I asked this as a favour,
he will do it.
He loves me very much.
All my employees love me very much.
I also told him that if he utters
one word he'll be fired.
Also good.
What are you wearing?
That's what she brought me.
It suits you!
And it's your size.
I think that
you didn't quite understand.
We asked you to bring
a few clothes for today
so that she has something to wear
until the shops open tomorrow.
Yes, but a few clothes for here.
For home or for the neighbourhood.
Not for the Oscars!
Can I ever go down to
buy cigarettes like this?
If you go very late at night?
Did we have any news
from the others?
Spyros is studying the documents.
And Zouboulia is fishing up
info from her co-mother-in-law.
Can you call to see
what's happening?
Better not, in case SHE picks up.
Look, you need to buy a mobile.
Both you and Zouboulia.
So that we communicate
whenever we want.
Do you think
she'll succeed?
I am afraid that after my visit,
Marilena will be eyeing her askance.
Is the baby asleep?
He's asleep.
Your friend, Hadjialexandrou,
won't come today?
I might visit her later.
Will YOU go to Hadjialexandrou's?
Will YOU enter that house?
This is almost blasphemous!
It's even worse than tearing down
Hotel Grande Bretagne
in order to build social housing.
I demand that you tell me right now
how you got to know her.
In the village.
What village?
My village. Where I live.
Did Hadjialexandrou go to
Ahladohori of Serres?
Of course!
Only YOU didn't
deign to come.
It's where all Athenian
high society people go.
The Athenian high society people
take their yachts
and go to Monte Carlo, to Capri.
As a last resort, even to Mykonos.
In the summer. But in the winter
they take their tractors
and they come to Ahladohori.
There's nothing to do in Mykonos
during the winter!
I am not gonna get upset!
I've been reading about
meditation all morning.
Why are you reading this?
Is it you that will pay anyway?
They'll take the money
from the poor folk again.
It's always high prices
and "God help us"!
Great communication(!)
Marinella, I wanted to tell you.
That reception that you
hosted the other day
was very nice.
Did you like it?
Yes, a lot.
This is worrying.
I am thinking of hosting one too.
A reception? What for?
It's Prophet Elias' day next week.
Important holy day.
I was thinking of inviting
a few people, to celebrate.
And what will you be eating?
Holy communion bread?
No, mari! This lovely food
that you had in yours.
You cooked this yourself
by any chance?
Of course not!
I hired catering.
[imitating English accent]
Which catering?
[trying to repeat the accent]
So that I hire them too?
You are not being serious!
Why not? Should I just
let them starve?
So tell me.
Which catering?
[trying the accent again]
If I tell you, do you promise
not to speak to me again
for the rest of the day?
Yes!!! That's the easiest thing.
Here you are.
You see Marinella
how well we communicate
if you want to?
Who is she?
I don't know.
How can you not know?
You took on this job.
What does she know
about the case?
Whatever Stavrianidis'
secretary told her.
She's not supposed to know anything.
Yes but
If she is the same one
as in his house
and heard his wife
Yes, yes, yes!
If, if, if, if, if, if.
Do you understand that
this is getting worse and worse?
Out of nowhere appears someone
who visits the secretary again and again.
Together with someone else.
Some others, who might be the same,
were in the minister's house
and heard some things.
His wife got away.
You are right.
Go to his secretary.
You said that you didn't want
anyone else involved.
When things went according
to the initial plan.
Go and find her.
Make her tell you
about those two.
Learn everything!
And get rid of all three of them!
And whoever else you need to.
I destroyed her completely.
She doesn't know where to hide.
Now I want you to bring
Kourkoulos and Latsi.
For lunch, I'll cook
beef casserole.
But they should
know in advance.
To keep calling me "my Zouboulia",
so that Dracula drops dead.
Good morning.
What would you like?
I don't know, my boy.
She brought me here.
Ah! Good morning!
They sent us here
to buy a mobile each.
But we don't know anything.
I've never used one.
Don't worry.
This is why we're here.
To fulfil your needs
and answer your questions.
So tell me. Do you want a
contract phone
or a top-up phone
with pre-paid vouchers?
What is written on the voucher?
I don't have my glasses, mari.
How will I read it?
Don't worry. I will read it.
With vouchers.
Close your eyes
and, while moving your head lazily
sometimes to the right
and sometimes to the left,
repeat the phrase:
"Life is a flower,"
"happiness is a river".
Aggela, my dream is to see
all TV channels,
small and big, it doesn't matter,
united. Under one antenna.
And to see people working
together happily.
No employees or directors.
But only humans happy to help
their fellow humans
without being competitive.
And this is exactly what
I'm trying to show to our viewers.
Let me show you something.
Are you tired of him?
It doesn't matter.
I cannot go to the theatre
as they might find me.
And I get bored waiting
at home alone. So
In the three years of Televoas,
we received all these letters.
Bills included?
There are letters from people
who embraced our philosophy.
You understand how
important that is.
This is how I raised
my Fotis too.
And this is how I tried
to raise his cousin too, but
She was already grown up.
The truth is that
she is a bit competitive.
With Fotis?
with Fotis, with me,
with the set.
Aggela, how old are you?
If I may ask.
Can you say 38?
Do I look like 38?
Never mind, just say it.
And when she sees you,
try to show calmly
that you are here as a friend.
You don't covet anything.
I feel the calm,
I feel the peace.
Who is she?
You are fierce! Well done!
Why do we have to
get these things?
Come on, should we get
this one or that one?
One that doesn't break.
Shall we get this one, with 2 megapixel?
Because that one only has 1.3.
Mari, what are the megapixel?
They are pixel.
But not the small one.
The big one.
And it also has 3G games,
Can you make phone calls?
Come on, decide. Because
he is looking at us strangely.
Whichever. Get the black one.
We decided. We'll get this one.
Two of these.
How much are they?
It's 520 Euros each.
How much?!
And how will we find
500 Euros now?
Do you have any money on you?
Or "spare some change
please" again?
I forgot.
We need money right?
Could I make a phone
call please?
My Alexi! Do we
have 1000 Euros?
What do you want it for?
Where are you?
I am in a shop and
I want to buy a mobile.
Two mobiles.
This is new!
Which mobile company?
Just a moment, I'll ask.
Strange things are happening!
- Can you hear me?
- Yes.
Which one?
This one is yours.
What did he say?
I'll tell you.
Yes, my Alexi. Exactly. Yes.
Talk to the gentleman please.
We won't pay anything.
The shop is mine.
- Huh?
- Yes!
And I have another 210 shops,
everywhere in Greece. Same as this.
Should I change the colour
of the walls maybe?
How are the lessons going?
You can't imagine how
much progress I've made.
Second lesson today.
You are studying too?
Yes, but I don't see
any progress.
Your grandma is cooking.
I'll stay here.
Sure, why not?
In any case
Listen to how well I communicate.
Well done, Theopoula!
Lecon deux.
This is the second lesson.
I know. She said so.
Just now.
Ou est la table?
What did she ask?
Where is the table.
In the living room.
Ou est le beurre?
What did she ask now?
Where is the butter.
In the fridge.
Ok. I am not sure if the purpose
of the exercise is that exactly.
Yes, it's that.
She wants to learn where
are the things.
She learns. I don't know
about you.
I know already. It's me
that is telling her.
Food is ready.
What are you doing?
Talking with Aliagas.
- Will you come eat?
- What's the time?
Everything will go well.
We'll go and find this waiter,
we'll ask him who involved him,
he'll tell us and
we'll go and get them.
That's all!
But we need to find something
else to do afterwards.
Right! You lost even the little
intelligence that you had!
What time is the meeting
At nine thirty,
at Fotis'.
Young lady!
Let's pay and go, I have
to go home to feed the baby.
Yes please?
Can we pay?
No, no. Wait! Wait!
Hi Alexi.
A coffee shop in the city centre
It's called Sorento.
There is a young lady working here
and she has a card
with the name "Magda" written
on it. It is mine?
I see.
I'm not sure mum.
I am not in the mood.
It'd be better next week.
It's not that. It's just
Just a moment.
Who is it?
I'm from the MR
survey company.
I don't
I'll take only 5 minutes
of your time. No more.
Sorry to bother you. But
I really won't tire you at all.
Mum can I call you back?
Nothing. Just a survey.
I interrupted you.
I apologise again.
No worries. Please tell me.
I just want you to
fill in this questionnaire.
Is it about smoking?
Yes. Why?
I am just trying to quit
and this won't help.
Me too. But since I started working
on this survey
- You find it hard, right?
- Exactly.
- A pen?
- Sure.
Here you are.
- It's not working.
- Oops!
And I think that
I don't have
Just a moment.
I'll get one.
You bought the mobile
after all.
Yes. It's nice, isn't it?
It's ok.
What are you playing?
- I am this guy
- Uh huh!
and I am collecting the chicken
eggs in my basket.
Each egg is one point.
- Nice, eh?
- Marvellous!
Is this what you'll
to do all day today?
No! I have to go
somewhere at 9:30.
Good! I'll come with you.
You? Huh! No way!
Why not?
No way, no way!
Do I come wherever you go?
You should! I go to the office,
for YOUR business.
See? It's my business
and I still don't come.
And you want to come
while it's not yours?
- Huh?
- You have no answer to that!
Ms Dalia, it's the last time
that I let you go out alone.
Don't you see that
I am worried?
Don't worry at ah!
But if you want to help me,
there is a way.
What do you want?
What to do with it?
I had it and didn't spend it
for so many years.
Now that I found how to use it,
why are you upset?
It's just that the banks
are closed now
Don't we have any
in the house?
Zouboulia is right.
Am I really rich?
Arrange it somehow.
I cannot not have any
money for the pizzas again.
Mm, ok.
How much?
What did she tell you so far?
They are two.
Aggela and Spyros.
The same ones that are
in the photograph.
- Is it definitely only them?
- That's what she says.
She didn't know them.
She met them a couple of days
after Stavrianidis' death.
And what do they want?
They were in the lift with him.
He told them to find her.
He realised that we got him
and he managed to tell them.
What else did he tell them?
Nothing. They don't know much.
This is why they came to find her.
It's just that
She gave them the minister's files.
What files?
I don't know.
She didn't have time
to read them.
Take them back.
And what should I do
with her?
She doesn't appear to know
anything else.
Don't do anything yet.
Firstly, get the files. And then
you know what to do.
Call them.
Well done Zouboulia!
Was she being difficult?
Oh please!
I will put her in her place.
Now what will we do?
We'll go straight to their office.
On what pretext?
Let's think about it.
Mari! Couldn't you use
a duster for once?
Look! It's full of dust.
Get a cleaning woman.
And what are you? A man?
Come on! Don't start again.
Sorry I'm late. I think that
I'll need a passport to be allowed out.
Did you order pizzas?
I'll pay. I brought money.
What? It's not enough?
Did you rob a bank?
No, they were closed.
Where did you get all this?
We had it in the house.
In the safe.
It's no good?
The truth is that
it's no good for pizzas.
So why did he give it to me?
It's useless!
It's just that, it can't
be used to get pizzas.
What can we get?
The whole Epiros.
Can I take a wad
to show to Marinella?
I'll bring it back tomorrow.
Take them all.
Since it's no good
for pizzas.
Anyway. What will we
do with the catering?
Can't we just buy it?
- Yes?
- Aggela, is that you?
Yes. What happened?
Where are you?
- I am
- Good evening Aggela.
Good evening.
Who is this?
A friend of Helena.
We are sitting here, chatting.
And we are wondering
Do you really want
to see her alive again?
If you want, come
to her place to visit her.
You, Spyros
Ah! Also, bring the bag
with Stavrianidis' files.
What happened?
There is someone in her place
and he is threatening to kill her
if we don't take
Stavrianidis' files to him.
Holy Mother!
And he wants you to come too.
Why me? Can't you
carry it yourself?
What nonsense are you saying now!
Stop with that!
Every time something bad happens
you start with penances.
When should I do penances?
During happy events and celebrations?
So if he wants you too,
it means that
he saw you the previous time,
when you went together.
But Helena might have told
him about you too.
If she said anything, I'll kill her!
We only tried to do some good.
Why Holy Mother?
Call him, to see what he knows.
It's him. What do I do?
Answer it.
Why did you hang up
so quickly?
Pass the phone to Helena.
She's here. Come and get her.
I said, pass the phone!
Don't shout! Whatever he says,
act like a lady!
Pass the phone to Helena, I want
to make sure that she's ok.
Be careful what you say.
Are you ok?
Did he hurt you?
I know that you can't talk.
Tell me only this.
Does he only know
about me and Spyros?
That's enough.
So. You have something I want
and I have something you want.
Do you accept the exchange?
If you hurt her
I'll break your bones.
- Really?
- You laugh?
I haven't hurt her.
Come on, decide.
I accept.
You, Spyros and the bag.
And don't make the mistake
of calling the police.
Because I will send
your friend to her grave.
It's not possible tonight.
Why not?
Because I am not in Athens.
We're in Athens.
She is bluffing.
- Pagrati.
- Yes.
Where are you?
I'm not telling you.
The day after tomorrow.
We'll be home by then.
The day after tomorrow?
Yes. Me, Spyros and the bag.
I'll call you to agree
the time.
Ok. I'll wait.
The day after tomorrow.
What's the day after tomorrow?
What are you searching again?
The church calendar for that day.
It's nothing special.
It was to buy us some time.
So guys.
I'll tell you what we'll do.
Since we have two days' time
we'll all go to my village.
We will lock ourselves in the stable
of Panagiota-of-Zafiroudis,
we'll barricade ourselves
and we'll come out around 2020.
I disagree.
Why don't you shut up?
I disagree, I disagree
We have two days' time
to find a way to save Helena.
It's our responsibility.
Besides, now that we joined
the dance, we have to dance.
You don't do anything else.
You are always dancing.
Yes, I am like this.
Dancing queen!
So. Don't panic!
We'll order the pizzas
and we'll decide what to do.
Tomorrow you'll call: parents,
siblings, boyfriends, girlfriends,
I don't know what you've got.
And you'll tell them that
you'll be away for two days.
I don't want anyone
to visit, you understand?
Now, go to bed.
Will it work?
Anger is one of the most
disastrous fallacies.
We get angry because
we allow our spirit
to focus on a
person or an object
which is likely to
arouse our anger.
If we find that the spirit focuses
on such a hateful person
- Co-mother-in-law?
- Talk of the devil!
You'll live a long life, my Lia!
What are you reading?
About you.
Really? Is there
a book about me?
Are you going out
again Lia?
I will, my Marinella.
I fed the baby
and he's asleep.
If he wakes up,
I've prepared fruit cream.
As useless as you are, you can
give him a couple of spoonfuls.
And since I don't know
when I'll be back,
raise him to become
a doctor or a lawyer. Bye.
I don't want to go.
I can't.
Calm down Zouboulia.
You'll succeed.
Courage! Courage Zouboulia,
firmly. Don't be afraid!
I can't believe what I'm living.
Does Pemi Zouni see me
in her dream?
Can I go? I want to.
Shut up, mari!
Grit and courage, Zouboulia!
Go get them!
Go away, you too!
She meant well Zouboulia.
To wake you up.
I don't miss sleep.
I miss my home.
I want to leave.
Why can't I go?
I want to!
Because you can't play
the cleaning lady, Dalia.
- Why not?
- Do cleaning ladies look like this?
- How do they look like?
- Like this.
Take one too! Calling me
a cleaning lady.
He meant well.
"He meant well, she meant well".
I will slap you too!
Come on. Take this.
Ah! Come on guys!
Can I put it on, so that
I can play the role?
How can you wear it mari?
With that hair, you don't need
a kerchief but an awning.
Come on! Get her ready.
I'll take you there on the scooter.
Good luck!
- Firmly.
- With grit.
That's enough mari.
We already said that.
I want to say one thing.
Get away mari!
I only want one thing.
If something happens to me, don't
tell Marinella or she'll be happy.
Let her think that I left.
Nothing will happen to you.
Since they haven't seen you,
they don't know you
so you are not in danger.
Do you remember
what you have to say?
- I remember.
- Good!
You know your lines,
you know how to mop.
That's all we need.
Let's go.
Come on.
Is it really true that
it didn't look good on me?
Get on.
Come on Zouboulia! You crossed
yourself enough times.
Everything'll go well,
as we said.
Now I am crossing myself
because of the scooter.
Ok then. Come on!
No! Wait. Wait.
Oh, oh, oh!
Let's go.
- Ready?
- Yes, yes.
I'll wait for you
around the corner.
So, if anyone watches us
they won't see us leaving
together. Ok?
Go. And be successful!
No, I will only be away
for two days.
Me and a colleague of mine.
It's nothing. I I am stressed.
Because I haven't packed yet.
We'll talk when I am back.
Who else is left?
- I think my brother.
- Call him.
Can I go?
Yes go. I'll call you
to arrange for tonight.
Hi Mano.
I'll call you when
I am back.
All done?
Will you stay here or
you want to go to your room?
To the room.
And you'll leave me alone?
- Who it is?
- I don't know.
Don't speak!
Ms Helena!
It's Zouboulia.
Dalia's sister,
who cleans your flat.
- Who?
- My cleaning lady's sister.
What does she want?
Can you hear me?
Ms Helena!
Dalia is ill, in bed with fever
and she sent me instead.
Ms Helena!
Let her knock. She'll go away.
Dear, you are not in?
Excuse me sir.
Sorry to bother you.
Isn't this Ms Helena's flat?
She'll alert everyone
in the building. Open the door.
- What?
- Open the door fast!
Dear sir, isn't this?
There you are Ms Helena.
I was worried.
My Zouboulia! How are you?
I'm running like crazy.
I'm so busy.
My sister is ill and I have to
go to both her clients and mine.
But I wanted to come to you
very much. Because I like you a lot.
The gentleman?
- Giannis.
- Parios?
Really? My sister didn't
tell me the best of news!
I don't know your sister.
I know her, but it
didn't do me any good!
Look, Ms Helena,
I won't do very detailed work
because I have to go
to ten flats.
It's been a while and
I can't remember well.
- The bathroom is this way, right?
- Yes.
Why didn't you tell me about
the cleaning lady today?
I don't know. I was
upset and I forgot it.
Get rid of her quickly.
And remember I am your fiance.
And don't even think
of telling her anything.
I will start from here.
From the living room.
And so, the good guy jumps
and sticks the knife
on the other's abdomen
and the bastard dropped dead.
And he deserved it,
such a criminal that he was.
And they threw him in the sea
for the fish to eat.
Amazing movie.
It finished at 4
in the morning.
I watch only movies on TV.
Nothing else.
And sometimes I watch
satires on Ant1 channel
on Saturdays. I like them,
they are fantastic.
And I watch the news
on Star channel,
because they are very cheerful.
Always weddings
and baptisms.
And also Fotis.
Fotis who?
Ah, Ms Helena!
A program on Televoas channel.
That is presented
by a young lad, Fotis.
- Haven't you ever watched it?
- No.
Ah! It's fantastic.
Very, very nice.
It's presented by a young lad,
tall and thin, fair-haired,
with hair like that.
Always smiling, sensitive young man.
Rather handsome.
With a nose like that.
Not that we can judge of course.
This program plays
every night.
I'm telling you, it's a fantastic
show. Watch it tonight.
You'll thank me.
It's very entertaining.
Viewers call and describe
their problems and sorrows,
make jokes, they laugh.
Very nice show.
At 3 at night.
Ah, I think I know him.
Isn't he going out
with a blond girl?
Ah, no. You mean Savoulopoulos.
No way!
And I was wondering.
3 o'clock at night?
It's rather late, my Zouboulia.
But it's worth it.
I wasn't gonna hoover.
But it seems that this sofa
needs cleaning.
Where is the hoover?
I'll bring it.
I'll come with you.
You're so cute!
I mean, you're sticking
to each other.
She doesn't go anywhere alone right?
At least, do you let her go
to the toilet by herself?
No. She goes there alone.
It's just as well.
Well, Ms Helena.
I am all done.
Are you going?
Yes, I am going.
I've done my duty.
I'll go to the other clients.
And then I'll go home
to watch TV.
- You know.
- I know.
Well. Goodbye my lad.
Go with God.
That's how I will go.
How else? With the devil?
That's how others go.
I was so glad to see you.
Me too. Me too.
She gave us a headache!
Where are you going?
To the room.
At 3 o'clock.
What happened?
All well.
Well done Zouboulia.
Did she get it?
- She got it.
- Well done Zouboulia.
Stop with "well done Zouboulia".
Now take me to a hospital
to have everything checked:
heart, blood pressure,
sugar levels, everything.
Did you call him?
He is waiting for me and Spyros.
Tomorrow, at 6.
Sure, let him wait.
I will be on air in 5'.
Talk later.
We are all watching.
We'll be exchanging messages.
Good luck!
# My darling sea
Bring my bird back to me.
# Sea and salt water,
# I cannot forget you.
Did you understand
what you need to do?
One minute after
my program starts
the text I gave you
should appear on the screen.
- I have it ready.
- Perfect.
# I am alone in this boat
And you will stay alone!
Finish up!
# And I have a white bird
for company
- Dad!
- My son.
What are you doing
here dad?
- I couldn't sleep
- Did you have to come here?
- Where then? A night club?
- It would be better.
- Dad you have to go.
- Why?
I can't explain now
but you have to go.
You throw me out of my own channel?
People have been thrown
out of channels before.
Do it for mum. Please go!
Ok. Ok. I'll go. I'll go.
Good! Go!
And you, mop up!
It's 3 o'clock.
At last!
You've got to
be kidding me!
About time!
Such cuts don't happen
even at Alpha TV.
Good morning
ladies and gentlemen.
It's a few minutes past 3 o'clock.
We had a small delay today.
But we are here again tonight,
waiting for your phone calls
and your messages.
And we hope that you are
waiting for our messages too.
So, Hrispa and "God is kidding me".
Nice song. With a very relevant title.
Let's listen to it.
Now, stay here until the morning
and say "La Lai".
- Did you ask for me?
- Yes.
How come you are so early
today? It's still 8.
I am busy. So that we don't
spend a lot of time chatting
I wrote it down. This is what I need.
What's all this?
Don't start with the questions
now! Arrange it!
- Why do you want?
- I want them. Can I have them?
Where will you go?
I will come with you.
Stay where you are!
I'll come with you,
otherwise I won't do anything.
I will fire you.
Then I won't do anything
for sure!
- Ok then. Come!
- Really?
If I have these until 11,
you'll come.
You're hellbent on it!
Greetings to you
valiant Marinella!
I am going out.
How nice this sounds!
Wish me luck.
Why? Where are you going?
At the beauty pageant.
See you!
La Norvege.
La Norvege. Norway.
La Norvege, un point.
L'Espagne. Spain.
L'Espagne. Deux points.
La Turquie.
La Turquie. Turkey.
Come on, Theopoula! For shame!
La Turquie. Trois points.
Grandma, I am going out.
Where are you going?
Do you love me?
Very much!
Me too!
Theopoula, bye.
Au revoir!
God willing!
What did I say to him?
Don't take too long!
I'll just have a shower.
Take your time, so you'll
be ready for tonight.
You'll see your friends
for the last time.
Wear it, climb out of the window
and we'll do the rest.
Don't think about it.
It's the only way.
We'll see you on the
roof in a bit.
Dalia, Zouboulia, Aggela,
Fotis, Spyros.
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