In the Nick of Time (2005) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

What are we doing
here Ms Dalia?
Why on earth are YOU
on a rooftop?
Who are these people?
Why don't I have gloves?
We didn't know that
we would've guests.
My Alexi, you were hellbent
on coming here.
Do what they do and don't ask.
Mari, why did you
bring him here?
What if he starts to talk?
No way! Besides,
if he does it I will fire him.
- Ms Dalia!
- My Alexi!
Focus! If we are not focused
we won't manage to lift her.
She'll fall and die.
Who will fall?
They are right.
You spoke out of term!
I don't think that
I can do it.
You can! Don't
think about it.
Helena! Don't be afraid.
We'll make it.
- Who are they talking to?
- Helena.
Ah! Who is she?
Lovely girl! You'll see her
now that we'll bring her up.
And it looks to me that
you are a match.
I don't know about your star signs
but you'll look good together.
Helena! Listen to me.
If you stay there you'll be killed.
It's your only hope.
Yes, my girl! I saw how bad
this guy was.
Cross yourself and go!
Helena, we'll make it.
Trust us!
We thought of everything.
You think that we designed this
whole operation carelessly?
What's your star sign?
Now you messed it up!
Ok. I'll do it.
She'll do it! Take positions.
Step aside my lad!
- Ready?
- Yes.
Let's go!
[In the nick of time]
Come on, a bit more!
Not much left now.
I can't, my boy.
My shoulders will pop out!
Hold on Zouboulia!
We're almost there.
Stop talking and pull!
Come on!
Is this what you do
every time?
No my Alexi! Just today. Yesterday
we were playing board games.
The head. I see the head.
Check if it's a boy
or a girl.
Stop Zouboulia. You are
distracting the whole team.
If I come there
What's the time?
It's a quarter past.
No reason.
Where are you?
At the secretary's flat.
- Will you meet the other two today?
- Yes.
Take the files and make sure
the matter is closed.
Is everything ok there?
Everything is under control.
Don't worry.
You're not helping me.
Am I wrong?
This time, everything
will go well.
I hope so.
And you better
hope so too.
We made it guys.
We made it!
- Are you ok?
- Yes.
Thank you!
Thank you very much!
Untie the girl. We have her
tied up for so long.
Well done my Alexi!
You liked it huh? I don't suppose
you regretted coming?
Quick! We don't
have much time.
- What for?
- We have to go to the next rooftop.
Do we have to pull
another person?
No, we'll go to the next rooftop
and we'll go down from there.
How else will we leave this
place? In an helicopter?
- Do I own a helicopter?
- Yes.
And you didn't tell me?
Guys, I own a helicopter.
Congratulations! And I own
a tractor. Let's go.
Can I ask something?
- In the evening
- Sh! Don't talk.
What happened?
She ran away!
That's what happened.
She ran away? But how?
Shut up. Let's go.
- Yes.
- It's Aggela.
I called to say that unfortunately
our meeting today is cancelled.
And greetings from Spyros
and Helena.
I don't know how to thank you.
I thought I wouldn't come out alive.
When I heard Zouboulia's voice
You. Tell them not to put so much
makeup on you when you're presenting.
I don't know what to say.
How did you think of all this?
We combined some things.
Aggela jumped across rooftops
the last time.
And MacGyver saved a girl once,
in this way. This helped too.
Right? What?
It didn't help?
Well, it helped.
Fair is fair.
Even if I don't like him,
I admit that it helped.
Even his flat being dirty
and needing a cleaning lady.
That played a part too.
We combined everything
and here we are!
What do they know
about us exactly?
Nothing. But they have a photo
of you from our meeting.
That's bad.
They don't know anything else.
Where you live or what you are doing.
Aggela they may find your number.
I had it stored.
It's a prepaid sim, I'll get rid of it.
They can't track me in this way.
But why did they kill him?
Did they tell you?
And there is someone else.
He was calling someone else,
who must be the mastermind.
What will I do now?
How will I go back home?
You won't.
What do you mean?
You won't. As they'll be back.
And who will play the cleaning lady, her?
I want to. They won't let me.
You have to leave Greece Helena.
To disappear.
And better not say goodbye
to anyone.
After a while,
when things calm down,
you'll contact your loved ones.
Yes, but how will I go?
Don't worry. We took
care of everything.
Dalia, explain.
You'll leave immediately
with Alexis.
Alexis' star sign
is Leo.
He'll take you to the airport
and you'll fly to London.
But I don't have
a passport or ID.
You'll travel in my private jet
as cabin crew.
I've arranged it. Someone
will wait for you at the airport.
Alexis will explain.
- What's your star sign?
- Cancer.
Ah! Ok, I'll explain.
In London you'll have a flat and
a job in one of my companies.
Which company?
Don't ask me that.
I have no clue!
It's yours, right?
Yes, but which one and
what kind of company
I don't know and I don't care.
But I don't have any
money or belongings.
We've taken care of that too.
What's this?
Open it.
Just a moment.
Yes, ready.
Where did you find this?
I sold the chickens
in the village.
Take it and don't ask.
You'll need it.
Besides, its nothing.
Just for your first expenses.
To go to the super market
- And buy it!
- Exactly.
Helena you have to go.
I have no words. Thank you.
Take care.
And send us your news.
Go with God, my girl.
Go, and good luck!
To you too.
I don't know if you are aware,
but we saved a person today.
We're heroes!
I don't know about heroes,
but we saved a person.
I don't know if we can save
Nonsense! Everything
will go well.
So.. What will we do now?
Find the waiter and
find out what he knows?
Let's go home instead.
Yes, and meet later.
I left Dracula with the baby
for so long, they'll be foaming.
The baby or Dracula?
This situation cannot
go on, Lia!
You came to Athens
to take care of the baby
and you act like a
Japanese tourist instead.
I went to see the Acropolis.
My Lia, we took you to the
Acropolis the first time you came.
Why did you go again?
To check if it got taller?
Honestly, I didn't expect
such irresponsibility.
I always thought that amongst
the huge number of your flaws
there was one and only virtue.
You were responsible and
you would do everything
in order to help with
the baby's upbringing.
That's exactly why I overlooked
the big dislike I have for you
and I suggested that
you come to Athens.
Thank you.
Pas de quoi.
- Huh?
- It's nothing.
Great! Now that we understood
each other, sit down.
What's all this?
I cooked so we can eat.
Us two? Together?
Yes my Marinella. Together.
It the end, we live
in the same house.
Being different doesn't mean that we
shouldn't talk to each other.
I know people who are very
different from each other
but they managed to do
great things together.
Let it be.
- Did he wake up, the bair?
- Bairstow?
I mean, the baby.
Well done.
So.. the baby. Did he wake up
while I was away?
Of course he woke up.
And he was crying.
And you weren't here Lia!
Anyway, I dealt with it.
At first I panicked.
Did you put him to sleep?
No, I called an ambulance.
Were you with Hadjialexandrou?
That's good.
Of course, I don't know
how you do it.
But it's positive that you socialise
with these people.
I am stressing out on how
to introduce you to my circle.
The fact that you go out together,
that's something.
Are you going to receptions,
to dinners?
To rooftops.
Aren't you eating the meat?
No. Because I'm a Buddhist.
Ah! Yes.
Not that you understood
since we are chatting,
and so that you learn,
this fork is for the salad.
What do you mean?
In general,
this is a salad fork.
The dinner forks are
in the second drawer.
Next to them are the
dessert forks.
And in the third one, there are
cheese and starter forks.
Each type of food
has a different fork?
That's big hassle,
Shall I tell you a cool trick?
In order not to make
the whole set of forks dirty,
you can get a tissue and
wipe your fork every time.
I can also live in caves
and hunt bison.
The Neanderthal man had done it
with great success.
Who is he?
I guess your idol.
No, I don't know him.
I hand it to you,
my Marinella.
With all the receptions
and dinners that you host,
you get to know a lot of people.
I should have taped this conversation
and sent it to Ionesco.
As for the previous subject
You should eat meat.
Otherwise you'll have
low haematocrit.
- Have you had a blood test?
- No.
You should.
And a stool test.
Zouboulia, I am eating!
was like you.
Am I cross-eyed?
She was eating healthy
food, supposedly.
- And she had a stool test
- I said, I am eating!
Enjoy your meal.
And they found amoebas
in her poop.
What now?!
What do you think?
Do you know what
amoebas are?
Worms that go into
the intestine and make a nest.
Where are you going?
Somewhere far away.
She's impossible!
If you saw me today
you would be very proud of me.
And you might have seen me.
Ms Dalia!
What's up Ritsa?
I am Martha.
Ah, why do I keep getting
confused with this name?
What did you do to him?
He is furious.
Where did you take him?
I didn't take him.
He wanted to come.
- Why, what's he saying?
- Nothing.
But it's obvious.
He's purple with rage.
As if he wasn't dark enough.
- And he brought people.
- What people?
A lot of people.
There are queues outside.
Good afternoon
Ms Hadjialexandrou.
He called me Hadjialexandrou.
Go! Go!
Good afternoon my Alexi.
Who is the lady
in the throw?
It's Mr Albaikali.
Good evening madam.
All the best.
Many happy returns.
And what's he doing here?
I brought him.
Mr Albaikali is the representative
of J.L.D. Corporation
based in Saudi Arabia.
- And what does this company sell?
- Loukoumia.
Ah! I don't eat them.
The man sells petroleum Ms Dalia!
What did you think?
Look at him!
And what to do with petrol
my Alexi?
We have air-conditioning.
Yes, but we don't
need petrol for home.
And don't play dumb.
Yes, but you didn't ask
me to bring him.
Yes, but you would
have refused.
Yes, because I don't have time,
not to make you upset.
Yes, but you have time for
other things, like rooftops.
Just no time
for your businesses.
- Yes, but
- Yes, but there's no but.
You are perfectly capable of dealing
with your responsibilities.
You're neither agoraphobic,
nor claustrophobic. Nor anything.
And Mr. Albaikali is here, along
with many others who are outside,
to talk business,
and you will talk!
Yes, but if you leave him here,
I'll set the air conditioner to -5,
and, as he is used to the heat,
he will catch frostbite!
Also, know that I am
the one who decides
what I am or am not.
As well as who enters my office.
Yes, but if you want ME
to enter your office again,
you'll have to
tell me everything.
Ms Dalia, I supported you
more than anyone.
I stood by you
in the hardest times.
I deserve an explanation.
Who are they? Where
do you know them from?
What are you mixed up with?
Kick the sheet out.
I'll tell you.
"It's not my fault,
it's not my fault!"
Who's fault is it then?
Probably mine, as I thought
that you could handle it.
"I have the photo,
I have the photo"
Which photo? This one,
with two persons?
Two persons managed
to lift her so high?
They could be ten,
twenty, one thousand.
Stand up.
Get it over with!
Get this story over with, before
it's too late for both of us.
Not now. In 5 minutes.
I'll contact you.
- No, I do not want to!
I want to think.
And I also want you
to find them all.
Those in the photo and those not
in the photo. Do you understand?
Get lost!
What happened?
I want a list of all shops
in Athens that sell this.
Do you remember him?
Needless to say.
How old were you
when he was killed?
I turned twenty
on that day.
It was my birthday.
You loved him a lot huh?
He was my father.
He was my driver.
No. I mean Did you?
Did you have high
regard for him?
Alexi, your father was
the only person
who I could really
communicate with.
The only one who didn't
see me as an alien.
You know what I mean?
Did you spend a lot
of time together?
In the car.
I was going out then,
very often.
I was going to all these places
that you now tell me to go
and I tell you no.
And what were you saying?
Were you talking?
Sometimes yes,
sometimes no.
No need.
But the silence was due
to familiarity, not awkwardness.
Have you ever felt this?
Not to talk to someone,
and yet to communicate.
To agree even on that,
on keeping the silence.
Him and my mother agreed only
on maintaining the quarrels.
They were always
arguing, huh?
Every day.
Your mother was a beautiful
woman, very beautiful.
Only she wasn't the right one
for my father.
I've thought of that
so many times.
It was unfair.
What was?
The way he lived.
The way he died.
Yes, but why are we talking about
my father? I don't understand.
What does it have to do
with what happened today?
Those people you saw today,
and maybe you thought
that they aren't good enough,
they make me feel good.
I feel like I'm in the car
and your father is driving.
And this girl? Helena?
Wouldn't it be unfair to die?
Why die?
That's what I'm saying. Why should
she die? It wasn't her fault.
Like it wasn't your father's fault,
and yet he was killed.
And those responsible
never paid for it.
Can we stop this discussion?
Yes, but you didn't explain
anything to me.
I've been looking for explanations
for everything for many years.
Until I got tired of looking
and I locked myself in the house.
I couldn't find anything
out there anyway.
But now I feel good.
Of all the things we said,
just keep this.
And don't worry.
And never forget him.
Just like I'll never
forget him.
It's unacceptable that she didn't come
to the rehearsal yesterday.
And without notifying.
In theory, Avraam
should kick her out.
As if I care.
I brought the play!
- Really?
- You've got to be kidding me!
And yet it's true.
- Can we read it?
- Sure, here we go.
It's one page long.
It'll be a great play.
We'll be coming at 9:00
and leaving at 9:05.
Will we have two per day?
I won't bear it.
It's the first act Aggela.
Where are the rest?
I haven't written them yet.
I see.
Take your time!
But it's an amazing scene!
Imagine what the
others will be like!
The others are not
written. He said so.
What do you think?
Do you want to rehearse it?
One page? We'll be rehearsing
one page for three hours?
What else can we do?
Can't we do
an improvisation instead?
How did we end up so low?
Wasn't my idea great?
Fantastic, uncle.
In one minute.
I've wanted to do a Woodstock
tribute for years.
But was it necessary
to get dressed?
What an unimaginative person!
Foti, my boy, how will we depict
the vibe of that time?
I remember back then in 1969,
I had just met your mother.
We lived in a basement
in Nea Smyrni
and in the evenings we were going up
to the roof to watch the stars.
The day the festival started,
we were there.
Holding each other
under the stars.
Ah! How I love hearing stories
from that time.
It is so, so long ago.
Right, Foti?
I won't talk.
The next morning, your father called
to tell us that you were born.
Right! Right!
And I remember that I thought:
This girl who was born
on the 15th of August 1969
will have a guiding star. She'll
become a very important person.
It was a very special day.
In 30''.
You don't remember well uncle.
I remember it like yesterday.
- Your dad called us
- and told you something unrelated.
- About the weather.
- and told us that you were born,
and we went to the clinic.
It was 15th August.
Twice a significant day.
15th August and Woodstock.
I was born on the 15th of August,
but not that of Woodstock.
Maybe the one when
Elli was torpedoed?
You shut up!
- No, no, it was 69.
- Uncle!
- In 5, 4
- Quiet, let's start.
Friends, welcome and please
join us in celebrating
the 36 years since Woodstock.
Hi Aggela.
I can't talk right now because
we're doing a Woodstock tribute.
We are playing the chickens.
I don't know.
Quiet in the coop back there!
I can't hear.
Your place?
Ok, I'll call the others.
Ok. Bye.
It was the biggest music festival.
- Here I am.
- Welcome.
What were we saying?
Ah, yes. That you were
born in 69. Do continue.
What time will you
finish the rehearsal?
We'll meet again at Fotis'?
Yes. I saved it on the
computer and I printed it.
It's blurry. But he's
You will see it.
What's wrong?
I was scared to death!
And I hurt myself.
- Who were you talking to?
- What do you care?
Come, we need you.
Come my boy, come!
Sit there.
- If we go to Paris
- We won't go.
Will you come too?
Ah! You'll go by yourselves!
- Theopoula, you'll go to Paris?
- Of course!
Godspeed! Continue.
Look how well
we'll be speaking.
Theopoula, take position.
Let's say that we go
to a restaurant.
Good evening.
Good evening.
I would like a table
for four.
Why for four?
Myself, Theopoula
and our companions.
Ah! It's a blockbuster
Don't interrupt!
The menu please.
The menu, Theopoula!
I would like chicken fillet,
a cucumber salad,
and a bottle of red wine.
I can see that we'll indulge
ourselves in Paris!
Thank you.
Thank you!
Merci Theopoula.
We're done.
What have you to say?
It's obvious that Theopoula
has spoken the language for years.
But you were very good too.
So, if I go to Paris, I can go
to a restaurant and eat, right?
You can. Well done grandma!
All kidding aside, well done!
Will I eat?
- If you go together, yes.
- If I go alone?
If you go alone, take many cans
with you, Theopoula.
Theopoula can speak too,
she was just nervous.
Yes, I was very nervous.
I didn't speak well.
Never mind. I just expected
you to do better.
You were just saying oui.
With so many lessons, you should
know at least one sentence.
My sister-in-law wants
to poison me.
What were you doing earlier?
Why aren't you saying?
I wasn't doing anything.
What are these papers
you've collected?
And what about that photo?
What photo?
He has a photo
of Mrs Stella's son.
What's wrong?
Do you know the person
in the photo?
Yes, he is the son of Mrs Stella,
who owns the bakery across the street.
Theopoula knows him too.
Wait Wait here!
What happened?
Take a good look at it.
I saw it, my boy,
I know the lad.
You must have seen him
in the bakery too.
Theopoula, have a look too.
Who is this?
It's the son of Mrs Stella,
I'm sure of it.
Do you have her phone number?
No, but Despina must have it.
Call Despina then.
And then we called her and
she gave us his mother's number.
They had a bakery
but they left three years ago.
And the more I looked at the photo
the more I remembered his face.
Because I've seen him too.
I would like some water.
And then we called his mother
and she told us that her son works in
a gym in Bironas. But now he is
not there, he has gone to a camp,
and he'll stay there all summer.
He is working there, she doesn't
know exactly what he does.
Isn't it?
Thank you.
We used to live in
the same neighbourhood
and now he became a murderer
and I am his pursuer.
It could have been
the other way around.
So, we'll go to
the camping site.
We'll go to
the camping site.
What fun (!)
What will we take with us?
I've never been, I don't know anything.
I haven't been either,
but I know someone
who is an expert on this.
The tent,
the pegs,
sleeping bag,
the mattress,
the pump,
mosquito repellent,
the table,
your cousin
and a lamp.
Why should I go?
I was about to ask
the same thing.
Ah! You don't want me,
do you? I'll come!
Go, Frida. You two have
to start hanging out.
I can visit her
in the psychiatric hospital.
Do I have to take her
What did you just say?
If you take her with you
I'll give you the theatre show.
What? I won't go!
She won't come.
What can I do?
We'll come too.
No you won't.
We'll come.
Grandma! You are not
going anywhere.
Don't upset me!
What's wrong?
My heart! I felt a pinch.
Drop the pretence!
I want to come
to the camp too.
What obsession! Do I come when
you go on excursions with the KAPI?
Will he go with the KAPI?
Will you go with the KAPI?
I won't go with the KAPI
and be careful.
You've torn the
whole house down!
I am going.
- Don't kiss me!
- Come on
Be careful. I'll be back
in two days.
What's this?
I brought it.
How could we fit in yours?
Where to put so many things?
What's wrong with you?
I forgot something.
I can't remember what.
I can't drive this
beast, I'm afraid.
This is five times
bigger than mine.
So what will we do now?
How will we go?
Ah! Here's a taxi.
Can I buy it?
Hold your horses!
We'll become a laughing stock.
You, get out! I'll drive it.
- Can you?
- I've driven even tractors.
After all, I am very good
at driving.
Seat belt.
Let's go!
Ok, ok.
- Let's go again.
- Again.
- Schumacher.
- What did you say?
Nothing. I said, check the map.
Are we almost there?
It's because I'm not focused,
because I'm trying to remember
what I've forgotten.
- You, Foti? Can you drive?
- Only motorbike. You?
I have a driver.
How can I drive?
What happened?
Get out!
- Do you have a driving licence?
- No.
- But you can drive.
- Kind of.
- What do you mean?
- I have driven once before.
- Then maybe it's better
Aggela, you're speeding!
Can't she hear?
We're going faster than sound,
that's why.
My Aggela, where did you
learn to drive?
One summer I was working
at an amusement park.
- What job?
- At the bumping cars.
- Zouboulia!
- What do you want?
The breviary!
- Was it this one?
- No.
- Where now?
- To the next one.
- Where is it?
- In Pagrati.
Let's go.
She put four people
in the shaker!
Just as I was about to remember
what I forgot.
Iiiiii in the car, the whole
head going backwards.
How to think!
Does anyone know
how to set up a tent?
What is the tent for?
I know, leave it to me.
I'm going to hide this beast,
in order to be more discreet.
What beast?
What is the tent for?
Leave me alone dear!
I'll explode!
I can't remember what
I've forgotten.
- Hair sunscreen?
- Got it.
- Dental floss?
- Got it.
- Eye mask, sleep mask, beauty mask?
- Got them.
- Cocktail dress?
- Iiiiiii! I didn't call Dracula!
Lia, are you crazy?
Where are you?
Co-mother-in-law, I'll explain.
I went out for a walk
to show the baby to Gkeli,
I return home
and you're gone.
Yes, my Marinella,
whatever you say, you are right.
How will I tell her now that
I'm at the camp site?
Tell me
did Vaggeli like the baby?
Lia, you better be back
in half an hour!
Dalia. She says to be back
in half an hour.
- Tell her you're at the camp site.
- Are you crazy?
She'll come here
to kill me and she'll be right.
Pass the phone.
- Hi Marilena, it's Dalia.
- Shh!
Oh! You are together again.
Yes you know my dear,
I had some business in Monte-Carlo
and I took Zouboulia with me.
I hope it's not a problem.
We'll be away for two days only.
Two days?!
Yes, but I'll come again
next week.
If you want you can come
with us too.
Alberto is very accommodating guy,
I'm sure he'll be very happy.
Ah, ah, I'll hang up now,
because I see Carolina.
Carolina, Carolina,
nous sommes ici.
Viens, viens, Zouboulia.
Which Carolina?
Which carolina? The rice?
Of Monaco.
She says, the rice of Monaco.
What are you saying!
The rice of Monaco?
The ambulance!
All that's left to do now
it to tie this
and we are done!
Isn't it perfect?
- Is it strong?
- Castle!
- What is it for?
- For nothing.
Hi dad.
What do you have to say now?
Well done.
Tomorrow, when we'll go swimming,
will you call your dad
or will you know?
Very nice!
I am sweltering! When will the
others bring the water?
When they come,
let's go to the hotel.
It's will be dark soon.
Which hotel?
The hotel of the camping.
But will we find a triple room?
You are two, you'll be ok.
What about us?
But there isn't a hotel
in the camping site.
Aren't we going to stay here?
We'll stay here. What was I
setting up for so long?
The tent.
- You understood that
- she hasn't understood.
She thinks the tent
is a visual act.
Yes, but someone has to explain it
to her. But how to tell her!
- You have seen her house.
- Yes, I have.
Psst! Let's go.
My Dalia, how are you?
I am well.
Always well.
My Dalia,
why did we come here?
To find the waiter.
Right! And where is he?
In the camp site.
And what does he do?
He is working.
And what else?
What else?
He is staying.
Ah! Is he staying
in the camp site?
Ah! He is staying here!
Well done!
You are doing well.
She got it.
But where is he staying?
You told me that there is no hotel.
She didn't get it.
My Dalia,
look around and tell me
what you see.
an alley
That you can sleep in it.
- But I'm not sleepy.
- When you get sleepy.
Look around you
and tell me what you see
that you can sleep in.
When I get sleepy.
On the ground.
Not in the ground.
On the surface.
When people go camping,
they sleep in tents.
What are you doing, madam?!
Are you sleeping here?
I can't believe it!
It seems inconceivable to me.
I will bring my crew tomorrow,
and I'll build houses everywhere.
Tomorrow we have
to find the waiter.
The day after tomorrow then.
Zouboulia, do you remember him
at all, from the reception?
When I saw the tape,
I remembered something, but
The problem would be
if he remembered you.
Even if he sees her,
he won't recognise her.
The other guy at Helena's house,
the one that has our photo,
HE is the problem.
He has your faces. He doesn't
have names and addresses.
That's not trivial. And we have
very distinctive faces.
No way. Your faces are
normal. Common.
Her hair is the problem,
that's red. Change it.
Leave my hair alone!
The only thing noticeable
on Aggela is the hair.
But I have a very distinctive face.
I wouldn't say so.
It's common.
Not really.
First of all, I look a lot like
some known person.
Haven't you noticed?
Take a good look.
Don't I look like Dimitris
Papamichail in "Maiden's cheek"?
I can't!
What's up?
And all this time I was thinking,
such a reasonable young man,
Couldn't imagine what
his fixation is!
Will you stop?
My Spyro, Papamichail was
drop-dead gorgeous in this movie.
What do you mean?
It's my fault,
I shouldn't have told you.
Come back! Don't go.
I am going to sleep.
"Mr Flora, Mr Flora!"
Go to hell!
Where did she go?
Wake up! Wake up!
Jesus Christ!
What happened?
Did it fall down again?
"They would toil at it all day,
at night it would collapse again"
Dalia left.
Where did she go?
I don't know, she's not here.
Ah! And it's not safe letting her
go around on her own.
Didn't you see her
when she got up?
No. I didn't sense anything.
You, Zouboulia?
Now that you mention it
At some point during the night,
I woke up and I saw her standing.
But then I went back to sleep.
Did you see her leave?
"I was looking at Giadikiaroglou,
who was looking at Papastavrou,
who was talking to"
I didn't see her.
Come on! Let's go find her.
Now? We haven't even
had coffee yet.
Fine, we'll search and
you'll go for coffees.
- Why me?
- Just because!
# I have a secret
hidden in
And without singing!
# nobody knows it
and I will never say it
# I want it to always be mine only
That's fine.
# my secret
# this secret of mine,
that I love
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