In the Nick of Time (2005) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Zouboulia, over here!
Mari, what are you doing here?
We've been looking
all over for you.
- Who is staying here?
- Me!
Since when?
Since today. I bought it.
Did you bring it from Athens?
No. I found it here.
There was a family staying here.
I gave them a wad and
When you say wad
do you mean the bundle
of 500 euro notes?
The purple ones.
Are they 500 euros?
They took it and left.
I don't know where they went.
To the Bahamas!
We can't continue sleeping
under a cloth.
You'll stay here too.
I would ask you anyway.
If the others are ok there,
let them stay there.
Dalia, what are you doing here?
The mental case bought it.
She threw out the owners.
Guys, I can't sleep there.
There's no ceiling.
Get your stuff and
come back.
You scared the hell
out of us!
I am not going anywhere.
YOU come here.
There are people here.
Tents, caravans.
We'll be plotting and
everyone'll be listening.
Fine! We'll buy
the nearby ones too.
Dalia move!
I'll flip out!
And what will I do with this?
We'll leave it here and
take it on our way out.
Guys, I'm not having
a good time here.
We left our beautiful houses,
with our floors, walls and ceilings
and we came here to sleep
in the middle of nowhere.
And the waiter is missing.
So many people passed by
as I was sitting here
but I didn't see him.
I wish that we made a mistake
and came here for nothing.
Did you find him anywhere
while you were looking for me?
# I want it to always be mine only
It's fine.
# my secret
# this secret of mine,
that I love
[In the nick of time]
Is that him?
He looks like him.
But I can't be sure.
Guys, do something so we can
see him up close.
I've left the bairn with Dracula.
I have to be back tomorrow!
Forget it!
I'll kill her!
- Hey! Hey!
- Shhh!
Always ready to fight!
How far will this go?
You haven't agreed on anything,
not even once.
We must be united
otherwise we aren't going
to achieve anything!
You are getting on my nerves
with MacGyver!
It's a start.
Where is Dalia?
She went to the mini market.
Ah! We sent
the appropriate person!
Let it not be Marinella!
Hi Zouboulia.
What news from the front?
Are you managing or
shall we come and pick you up?
No. I have no problem!
I wanted to ask
There are biscuits with
chocolate filling, 580 euros,
and with orange filling,
760 euros.
Which ones should I get?
Aren't there any
that cost one million?
Just a moment,
let me check.
Mari, what 760 euros?
Seven sixty.
7 euros and 60 cents.
What are cents?
Forget it! It took a while
for you to learn the banknotes.
You don't want cents now too.
Go and collect her. She would've
paid 250,000 for biscuits.
Tell her to hurry,
we have work to do.
And ask her what she got,
she might even get dog food.
Can you hear me?
What did you get?
I got dog food
If any dog passes near our tent
to have something to offer it.
Bottles of water that
you asked for, shaker
Fine, fine! Pay for them
and come back.
And listen! Don't take out
a wad of banknotes
or else the whole camp
will learn about us.
Give one 50 euro note.
The orange one!
Ah! I don't have an orange one.
I have two green ones,
four yellow ones,
and purple ones. I have
a lot of purple ones.
As if you wouldn't have!
Your favourites!
Give the green one.
And wait for your change.
Go to the till.
I am at the till.
Good! Give the things and
also give the 100 euro note.
- The green one.
- The green one.
I am very happy.
That's my first time shopping
at such a store.
You can't imagine
how scared I was at first.
Everybody is scared
when they go shopping.
Of the skyrocketing prices.
Forget it. This doesn't
concern you.
Don't you have small change?
Do I have small change?
Tell her no.
I don't have.
What's small change?
Forget it! Tell her no
and have done with it!
Just a minute because
there's a problem here.
What have I done?
Nothing. it just that
there is no price on this
and I don't know how much it is.
Okay. Take this also
and if it costs more
No. I'll sort it.
Mr Lefteri?
I can imagine what you've done,
so put it back
in your wallet now!
What is it?
There is no price on this.
Do you know how much it is?
If it's for the beautiful lady,
it doesn't cost anything.
She hung up!
I don't remember them.
Unless they came at a time
when I wasn't here
and it was my daughter instead.
Do you want me to call her?
If you would be so kind.
Isn't she here?
She's here. But she's
hard on hearing.
I see. Never mind then.
Did you call me?
Many times.
Is that her?
I don't think she can
Tell the police inspector.
Did these two guys come
and buy this kit from us yesterday?
Can I have a look?
If you can.
Yes they came the day
before yesterday
in the afternoon, around 6:15.
The guy is called Spyros.
But they weren't alone.
They were with another lady.
Do you remember how she looked?
Did you happen
to notice anything at all?
She was thin, 54-55 kilos,
height 1.70.
Blond hair, of Scandinavian ash
colour, curly, backcombed.
She had big green eyes,
very beautiful.
Thin long eyebrows
and sharp angles on the face.
He was wearing a white,
double-breasted shirt
which was tied below
the chest, with 5 flowers.
Two here, two here
and one here.
Under it, she was wearing
a pink top.
A long skirt, printed,
with a long vent.
And white shoes
with roses on them.
Oh, she was also carrying
a pink bag
with a heart clasp, very nice.
And pearls.
Did they say her name?
Did they say her name?
What's her name?
Now that Aggela is gone,
listen to what I thought of.
Can you smell watermelon?
I smell watermelon since morning.
- It's my sunscreen.
- Not it isn't.
It's watermelon.
My sunscreen has
a watermelon scent.
- Really?!
- Yes. Do you want some?
Does it contain seeds?
Can I speak?
Sorry. What did you think of?
In order to approach him,
we'll get Aggela to hit on him.
Is this what you thought of?
Where did you get
the sunscreen from?
Are there other scents available?
This is not our subject!
Is yours any better?
Are you completely mad?
We'll send HER to hit on a man?
She's a fine girl.
On the outside. On the inside
it's Papatsakalos.
But in any case,
she is good looking.
Imagine the opposite:
outside Papatsakalos
and inside Vougiouklaki.
Like the son of Antonia-of-Zaproudis.
The poor kid!
It's not his fault.
He was born this way.
Zouboulia, you are digressing.
Anyway, we have nothing
to lose if we try.
I didn't see him,
he had his back on me.
Listen to out idea
on how approach him.
Tell me.
You'll go there
and hit on him.
- Point-blank?
- Yes.
What do you think?
Can you do it?
Perfect! Of course I can.
I'll hit on him directly.
I'll punch him and kick him
until he talks.
- The end.
- Great!
This is how she understands
the act of hitting on someone.
Forget it!
If we send Dalia?
If we send Dalia,
she'll hit on the umbrella.
She is not familiar with this.
You didn't tell me.
When did you arrive?
We arrived yesterday.
With my friends.
And your friends are?
Just friends.
Nothing more.
I am glad.
And where are you staying?
In a tent.
I thought so.
It was only me that
didn't think of it after all.
I mean
Where is your tent?
It's under a tree.
You're not helping me.
It's one that doesn't
have floor.
As you enter the camp site,
is it on the left?
Why do you ask?
In order to accompany you
to your tent.
Ah! Thank you, no need.
I'll go alone, I don't
want to trouble you.
Besides, we'll talk again
in the afternoon, right?
Really? Can I wait for you?
Since we arranged it,
didn't we?
Great, I'll wait for you in the
afternoon. Shall we say
around 7? is it ok?
I can do even earlier.
- At 5 then.
- At 5.
- Bye then.
- Bye.
Oh yes!
I am going now.
- Bye.
- Bye.
It's Marinella!
Hi Zouboulia.
Hi mari. What happened?
Where are you?
Zouboulia I have news.
I met someone.
Really? Well done.
We also want to meet
someone but we can't.
He always has his back on us.
Where are you?
Here on the beach.
There aren't many people.
Come. We are under a red
umbrella that says
BEACH my dear! What VEAKEE?
And how should I know
about BITS and MITS?
You brought
an English umbrella!
As if the English have sun
so they make umbrellas!
Calm down!
Go on!
We have to go and see him
up close. End of story.
Yes but on what pretext?
Look what's written
on the sign.
What do you mean?
- Let's go!
- Us?
Don't we want
to get close to him?
Here you go! He gives us
the solution himself.
If we sign up for the tournament
we'll be able to stay close
to him and watch him.
Don't think about it.
Us two and the two girls.
Yes but we shouldn't give
our real names.
What happened?
Let's go!
- I am hanging up. Where?
- You'll see.
Good morning.
We would like to register for
the beach volleyball tournament.
Yes. Why, what's wrong with us?
No, I didn't
Have you played before?
Many times.
- What is peach volleyball?
- Shhh!
I need your names,
to put you on the list.
The draw for the first round
will take place this afternoon
and the tournament
will start tomorrow.
Why are you staring at me?
Nothing, nothing. Well,
we are a team.
- Petros.
- Pavlos.
And you?
And us?
Will you take part?
- Of course!
- What?!
We'll take part.
Put us on the list.
Nothing. I'll call you back.
Yes. Bye.
Are you always so startled
when the phone rings?
No. I was just waiting
You didn't tell me your names.
Dina and?
Dina and?
- Daniela.
- What?
Right. Great!
So like I told you.
The draw for the first round
will take place this afternoon.
And we start tomorrow.
Thank you very much!
- It's him.
- Yes.
- A hundred percent.
- What's my name?
Are you sure?
The girl who works at the store
from where they bought the kit
recognized them from the photo.
And she even remembered that
there was another woman with them.
I have both her description
and her name.
- Her name is Thalia.
- I see.
Spyros, Angela
and Thalia.
And who knows how many
more are out there
and threaten to destroy everything.
The minister's secretary
is still missing.
We've looked everywhere.
They helped her run away.
First they saved her and then
they helped her run away.
And now
- they are searching.
- Yes but where?
I don't know
and I don't know why.
It won't end well for them!
It'll be worse than
how it ended for Stavrianidis.
They will bitterly regret
deciding to take up this case.
Listen to me.
I want you to find everyone who took
part in the murder of Stavrianidis.
Everyone who was in
hotel that day.
Your assistant, the man
inside the hotel,
the waiter who served him
the poisoned wine. Everyone!
They should try to remember if
anyone was with him that day,
or if anyone approached them
and tried to extract information
after his death.
This is what they're doing.
They are searching.
They were at the hotel, so this is where
they've started searching from.
And they are good!
They are very good!
And they won't stop.
Now that they succeeded with the
secretary, they have taken courage.
Rest assured that right now
as we speak, they are plotting too.
His name is Lefteris.
What? She said Lefteris, not
But it's better than mine,
which is Tanalia [pincers].
Yes, that! I can't even say it.
Why is your name Daniela?
Forget Zouboulia. Tell us.
His name is Lefteris
and he owns the camping
grocery store.
It's a grocer!
Oh, he is a prominent figure
in the area!
And you'll go on a date
in the afternoon?
Yes. We arranged it.
So fast?
We've been talking
for a long time.
- Where?
- At the grocery store.
In front of the
toilet paper rolls!
Very romantic!
By the way, where are they?
Didn't you go shopping?
I forgot them at the store.
Right! Right!
Never mind. You'll see
him in the afternoon anyway.
So, listen to our news
now. We found the waiter.
Well done. He works in the
camping for ten years.
- He is an Aquarius.
- Who?
The grocer!
She's in her own world. She
doesn't care about the waiter.
Yes. And, in general,
he is very nice.
Short? Tall? How is he?
No, he isn't very tall.
You wouldn't call him handsome.
Body? Athletic?
No, not much.
So what's good about him?
His metabolism?
He is cute.
- Hair?
- Yes he has hair.
That's not what I asked but
He found me!
- Is that him?
- Yes, yes, yes. Shhh! Shhh!
Get up, get up, get up!
Don't slouch!
- Why did she comb OUR hair?
- Shhh!
You forgot these at the store.
Oh yes! Thank you.
Guys! Look!
The shopping that I forgot
at the grocery store.
Thank God!
How did you find me?
If you really want
to find something,
you search and you find it.
Tell me about it!
Ah! Let me introduce you.
Guys, this is Lefteris.
Lefteri, these are the guys.
- Agg..
- Dina.
- Petros.
- Pavlos.
And Daniela.
Thanks, I would've said
Dantela [lace]
- Why?
- Don't talk! You will say nonsense.
Nice to meet you.
Yes, yes. Nice to meet you too.
But I have to go.
I have left the shop alone.
He means the grocery store!
We got it.
- We'll talk in the afternoon.
- Yes.
- At 5.
- At 5.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- What's your name?
- Leave it at that!
We signed up to the beach
volleyball tournament
and the person in charge
was the waiter.
That's why we gave fake names.
And they named me like this. Her!
Mari, how did you come up
with this? I can't even say it!
- I had a dog called that.
- I'll kill her! Now!
Now! Now is her final hour!
Tell me,
will these two be
in the same team?
Did you like the grocer?
Where have you been all day?
Down to the beach
for the tournament.
And who was at the reception
of the camping?
Come on, I was only gone
for an hour.
Where have you been? I dropped by
the store and you weren't there.
And I will go again.
Wow! What's up?
You don't do such things often.
Who is she? Have I have seen her?
I am not saying anything.
Fine! I'll find out.
We have to work on the reception.
And also, on you and Zouboulia
not coming to blows.
The reception is fine.
Come on!
What? Oh!
I've called you 800 times,
will you pick up at last?
I'm telling you I'm going crazy.
What did you get me into?
Will you pick up?
I said, pick up!
I know you are there.
Pick the fuck up!
What are you reading?
It's from the minister's files.
Did you find anything?
But he was remarried.
Could we find his ex?
And what if his ex is a missionary
in Africa? What will happen to me?
Will you be taking me to Africa?
We're supposed to be a team.
The teams also have substitutes.
I will send you Marinella
instead of me.
And if you forget her there,
even better!
- Yes!
- Spyro, my boy, where are you?
Say good evening first, grandma.
Good evening.
Spyro, my boy, where are you?
In the camping site.
What's the weather like there?
- It's snowing.
- Aren't you ashamed to make fun?
It's not enough that
you left me alone.
I didn't leave you alone,
you have Theopoula.
You left her alone too.
I left Theopoula alone?
Theopoula has both a son and
a daughter to take care of her.
The midget is not my daughter!
Of course not! If you had
a daughter it would be Koulianou.
Are you at the campsite
where Mrs Stella's son is?
- What do you want now grandma?
- I want to come there!
- Grandma!
- I know where it is and I'll come.
Stay where you are!
The doctor told me that
I should take baths.
Switch on the boiler and do it.
- Spyro? I'll come!
- Grandma, you won't come.
- I'll come!
- You won't come.
I'll come!
If you come you won't watch
the Lampiri show for a month.
There you go!
Theopoula, we're going.
Pack your bags. We'll leave
for the campsite tomorrow morning.
Is it my fault that I yelled?
No, but she's your grandmother.
You should talk to her better.
How many years have
you lived together?
Many. Ever since my parents died.
Me too, since I lost my husband
I only have my daughter.
What did he die of?
An accident.
My parents too. What accident?
Listen to what happened!
What's the matter?
We followed the waiter and
heard him talking on the phone!
With whom?
With the one who put him
to poison Stavrianidis.
He didn't know anything
and now he's going crazy.
Because he realised what
they wanted him for.
- He didn't know he would kill him.
- And who put him to this?
We didn't hear.
You missed the most useful part!
He'll call them again, for sure.
Tomorrow we mustn't
lose sight of the waiter.
And we must definitely go
to the tournament. All 5 of us.
- That's a bit difficult.
- Why?
The moon is so beautiful!
Yes, very.
Isn't that incredible?
It's there for so many millions
of years, for one reason only.
For what reason?
To remind us that
it can never be ours.
That mankind will never
be able to own it.
No matter how much power
or money we have.
The funny thing is that,
just as I started believing this,
yesterday I read in the newspaper
that there is a real estate
agency in America
that sells plots of land
on the moon.
And there's a long list
of rich people
that, in order to satisfy
their vanity,
are rushing to buy.
Isn't that stupid?
What kind of person
could do such a thing?
Who really?
I'll call Alexis tomorrow
to find out.
But I hope I am not on the list.
For me, the things that
can make me happy
are here on Earth.
Really? And what are they?
My friends, the people
that I love, the sea,
a beautiful summer morning,
a walk with you
Things that cost nothing, they
can't be bought with money.
I hate money.
Tell me about it!
- You too?
- Me?
If I could, I'd burn
the whole world's money.
Drop by my house some time.
There is no worse addiction
than money!
It makes you lose
the meaning of life!
You know what I would like?
Over there, there is a small
tavern, of Mr Ilias.
Of all the goods in the world
that can be bought with money
I would like this little
tavern by the sea.
And to always be here.
Winter and summer.
to treat my friends
and the passers-by.
This is what I would like.
Just that.
Shall I buy it?
Is that all?
What else could we do?
We met, we had a drink,
we went for a walk on the beach.
I couldn't stay any longer,
we also have to find the waiter.
We found the waiter.
Really? When?
Didn't I tell you so earlier
in the afternoon?
And what did he say?
Christmas Carols (!)
Someone put him to it.
Tomorrow, when one team
will be playing,
the other will be watching him.
Dalia will watch him,
as she won't play at all.
What time? Because
I have arranged something.
Cancel it.
Come on, let her!
We can do it ourselves,
since we'll be there.
As if I wanted to play
volleyball with her!
Did she refer to me as "her"?
Did you refer to me as "her"?
It's almost done.
Yesterday, it was longer.
That's how the couples are,
it's getting steadily worse.
I have to say
that with blessed Haralambos
it wouldn't get worse, no matter
how many years passed.
Not many passed,
that's why you say that.
I believe that when
a woman loses her husband
then she realizes what
she was missing in bed.
- What?
- Spaciousness!
But guys, for shame!
Shouldn't we tell them
to turn off the lamp
because they can be seen?
And what will we see
tomorrow? DVD?
Come on, get up.
Let's go to sleep.
We have a match tomorrow.
Did you understand? The goal is
to get the ball across
after three passes.
And when you serve,
to get it across immediately.
And count up to 21, which is
the end of the set.
Oh what fun!
And play well huh?
Don't play like a chicken.
If I serve and send
the ball straight to her head,
who will get the point?
The other team.
You'll lose that way.
It does not matter.
Taking part is enough.
Will YOU do all this Zouboulia?
You need to call her Daniela!
Yes, what about that?
Why are they happy?
They won, game over.
It's us, stand up.
I'm going through hell!
- Leave the bag.
- No, I want the bag. Move on!
Tell me, is it the guy there?
How come your guy
didn't drop by?
He is not in favour
of the games.
He has been boycotting them
since last year,
when they introduced
a prize money.
Lefteris is above money.
He hates it!
He doesn't count on it
and he's right.
Money doesn't bring happiness.
Whoever said that
didn't know where to shop.
Yes, but YOU can't compete.
Why? Am I without arms?
I mean, with these clothes.
I also have a suit in the tent.
Will you make me go get it now?
You must wear a swimsuit.
YOU wear one. Little sucker!
- Daniela, calm down!
- Shut up, or you'll pay for it.
Listen to me sweetheart,
I am a widow.
You can't make me
Miss Young now!
Put on those tops.
What are they doing for so long?
They start now, get up.
If I come there
- Aggela, what's your name?
- Shhh!
Ah! Di-na!
Di-na! Di-na!
The ball!
Did you "catch an apple"?
As if I would let her hit me!
I would have become
a laughingstock.
Give me the ball!
What happens when the ball
doesn't hit Zouboulia?
The other team gets a point.
And what do they have
to do to get a point?
A prayer!
Tell me, what do we do now?
Zouboulia, you have
to hit the ball.
You see it and you run away!
Didn't you see what
the others did earlier?
Pass the ball and then
get it across.
And what should I check first?
The others, the waiter or her?
Who frustrates me
constantly? What?
You play like a chicken!
I'll pull your hair out, mari!
Smart mouth!
It requires good system,
Zouboulia. Sys-tem!
And leave the waiter to us.
Ok! System!
I will follow a system!
That's it! Power!
- What's the score?
- 5-0.
Which one is ours?
I have to say
that the previous
system was better.
Follow the previous one.
- Get the ball across, okay?
- Okay.
But it should go in the
court, not in the sea.
Go away! I will throw it
on your head!
It'll go in. Go away!
What was that? You have
very strong arm.
For so many years I've been
digging the fields with a hoe,
so I can manage a ball!
Now what do we do?
The same!
Did you find out where he is?
He is not in Athens.
He's working in a campsite.
He'll stay there until
the beginning of October.
- Do you want me to go find him?
- No, I'll go.
Which campsite?
He's on pins and needles.
Yes, he is restless.
As soon as these finish, it's our
turn. Keep watching him, ok?
It finished, get up.
Take over.
Congratulations for earlier,
awesome serve.
Thank you my lad.
My name is Tasos.
What if I tell you that
I don't remember mine?
What are you doing here?
What is he doing?
- He's on the phone. Shh!
- Shh!
How much are we down?
You know what we're doing wrong?
We send the ball
straight at them.
Then it's very easy
for them to attack.
Send the ball to the corners!
You send it straight at them.
We're trying to send it
to the corners,
but it keeps going
straight at them.
What will you do this evening?
I haven't arranged
anything. You?
Unfortunately I have
work at the shop.
You see, the month ends today
and we'll take inventory.
So I'll stop by the shop.
- Really?
- Yes.
And if you want,
I can help you.
I'm afraid that
you'll get bored.
No, don't worry.
I am familiar with this.
I'm a businesswoman too and
very good at my job in fact.
Really? What businesses
do you have?
Oh, I don't know.
What are you doing here grandma?
Didn't I tell you not to come?
You told me. And I don't
understand why.
It's really enjoyable here!
- How are you, my boy?!
- Fine and you?
YOU stop too.
Grandma, as soon as
we get back to Athens
What's that?
And what is she doing?
She is knitting.
Theopoula, what are
you doing here?
Your grandmother brought me.
My Spyro, the midget
wants to buy a car.
Will her feet reach the gas pedal?
I was so upset that
I didn't sleep at all last night.
Fortunately we came here,
so that I forget a little.
I don't feel well at all.
Grandma! Take Theopoula
and leave now!
But why? What's wrong with you?
We'll sit quietly to watch the game
and then we'll take a bath
I'll switch on the boiler.
You will not do anything!
Come on, timeout is over,
let's go.
Why are you annoyed?
They will be sitting.
You won't even know
we're here.
- Ok, but then you'll leave!
- Yes. Come on, go.
Cover the corners.
- Booooo!!
Spy-ros! Spy-ros!
Well done!
Where did she go now?
Shhh! Let's listen.
He died, do you understand that?
The guy that they made me
serve the wine died.
It can't be a coincidence!
Of course not!
I want you to tell me
who is behind all this.
Come on, say it!
It's not my business?
Poisoning him wasn't my
business either. But I've done it.
Are you crazy, woman?
It's a woman.
Of course! I wouldn't
have done it.
You are not answering.
When will you be able to talk?
Okay. I said okay!
I'll call you.
You have to pick up!
A point!
Hey! It was out.
Point for us, we equalised.
Of course the point is for us!
Why, what does he say?
- He gave it to the other team.
- What?!
What are you saying,
you dummy!
Eek! Grandma!
Spyro, let me.
sorry for the "dummy"
but this is a crime!
It was in, madam.
It was out, my boy,
it left a mark! Come and see!
- Grandma stop!
- No, my Spyro.
You are being robbed here.
We'll sue you!
Damn, we became
the laughing stock.
Come here, son.
Here you go. Here you go!
It is very obvious!
The ball bounced outside.
Come on, Theopoula,
say it too, check it.
It's a penalty!
I'm sorry to upset you
madam. The ball is in!
- In?
- Exactly.
Take that! You should be
ashamed. Take that!
Grandma, what are you doing?
Leave me alone.
Attack Theopoula!
Grandma! Hold them.
I'll get you! I'll get you!
No you won't. You are leaving
for Athens NOW!
And he kissed me.
About time.
The camping closes
at the beginning of October,
so I'm thinking of staying
until then.
I'm gonna kill her!
Mari, did we come here
so that you get involved
with the grocer?
No, but now I got involved.
So what?
I have to leave the day
after tomorrow at the latest.
Or else my grandmother
will come again.
It took effort to
make her leave today.
You know what we should do?
We should get the waiter's mobile
and check who he called.
If we don't find out who he's
talking to we're not leaving here.
I agree!
And how will we do that if you are
with the grocer all day long?
YOU will do it, since
you are not with him.
I'll strangle her!
And you also have the tournament.
Get the cup first and then we'll see.
Done with these. Next!
You aced it again!
Tell HER. Who thought that I would
be sending the ball out.
if I didn't show you
Do you hear her?
Do you hear her?!
Won't we get the cup?
I will smash it on her head!
As a team, you aren't
very connected.
Good for us!
Well done Daniela!
Let's go for the equaliser!
Da-nie-la! Da-nie-la!
Zouboulia! If this is
successful, we equalise.
We need another two points,
we win this set
and the match goes
to the third set.
- I'll crush them!
- That's it!
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