In the Nick of Time (2005) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

- So shall we sit?
- Yes.
- How do you like it?
- Nice.
Ms Ilias has fresh fish.
Ah! Salmon?
Koutsomoura. Haven't you ever
eaten koustomoura before?
So koutsomoura is a fish?
I thought they were
small moura [berries].
Well, let's eat then.
I don't mind!
Well done Daniela!
Let's go for the equaliser!
Da-nie-la! Da-nie-la!
Zouboulia! If this is
successful, we equalise.
We need another two points,
we win this set
and the match goes
to the third set.
- I'll crush them!
- That's it!
[In the nick of time]
What's wrong?
Zouboulia, are you ok?
The guy that was in Helena's
place, he's here.
- What?
- Are you sure? Where is he?
He is talking to the waiter.
Christ, holy Mary and St Paraskevi!
What will we do, my St Paraskevi?
Why do you mention St Paraskevi?
My mum pledged me to her
when I was little.
- You understood the suburb.
- Yes.
Come on, my Zouboulia.
Now it's not the time to panic.
What time should I panic?
Tell me a convenient time,
so I can panic,
you can panic, we can all panic.
So I don't spoil your schedule!
Tell me, what time?
In the morning? At noon? In the
afternoon, around 6, is it ok?
What will we do?
I don't know.
Some water please.
Check, is he looking this way?
And Dalia is not here,
to cover us with her hair.
No, it's ok. They are talking.
What will we do?
If you leave now suddenly then
everyone will be looking at you.
If you stay and go for the third
set and he stays here too
he might recognise us.
Make up your mind!
The time-out is almost over.
- Are you ok?
- Better.
Send the ball out.
- No!!!
- Shh!
- If I do this, we'll lose.
- Yes.
- We'll lose?!
- Yes.
And we'll leave here
without them recognising us.
You'll go pack and
we'll go find Dalia.
We need to get out of here
as quickly as possible.
Send the ball out Zouboulia!
Shall we go?
Let's go.
Good. It's quiet here.
We'll be able to talk.
That's what I want too.
What you put me to do
Listen, you'll talk only
when I ask you.
And don't be like that.
You're shaking like a fish.
Behave normally.
Oh, hi. Here you are.
Are the games over?
Nope. But a friend came
from Athens
and we came to have
a bite to eat and chat.
Hiya! Lefteris.
- And this is Dalia.
- What?
- Dalia.
- I heard Thalia.
No, no. Dalia.
Dalia. Rare name.
Although I think I've heard it
somewhere recently.
Would you sit and have a meze?
No, we have to catch up.
Come on, you'll catch up later.
We'll be leaving soon. Sit down!
Come on, sit down!
Are you sure she's here?
That's what the girl
in the grocery store said.
We went there for nothing.
We should have called her.
We have to carry her out.
She is stuck with Lefteris.
When I saw the guy,
I was scared to death.
Fortunately he didn't see us.
Oh my God!
What "oh my God!"?
My ID! In order to enter
the camping, I gave my ID!
Ok. We'll collect it
on our way out.
Don't you understand?
He came here looking for us.
The first thing he'll do is check
who came to the campsite.
How will he check it?
By checking the IDs
at the reception.
Fine! Let's go get it.
She was thin, 54-55 kilos,
height 1.70.
Blond hair, of Scandinavian ash
colour, curly, backcombed.
She had big green eyes
Lefteri, we should go to another
table, to let you talk privately.
Just the last one! Besides,
we'll be leaving shortly.
- I wish for a good winter!
- Good winter!
- Good winter!
- Oh!
Excuse me.
Don't mention either my name
or Zouboulia's.
- And listen carefully.
- Who is it?
I'll tell you.
What did you say that you want?
Get up and leave right now
from where you are!
- Why?
- What's she saying?
- She is asking why.
- I'll kill her!
Mari, come here so that I kill you
and then you can go back there.
- What's wrong with
- Don't mention names.
Listen to me, and try not
to react to what I say.
The guy who is with you
not Lefteris,
and neither the waiter,
the other one.
He is the one hunting us.
The one who was holding
the secretary captive!
Oh God, he will make us.
So they broke up?
She saved it.
Oh dear! I'm so sad now!
Perfect. Well done!
We are waiting for you
behind the tavern.
Yes ok. She will be inconsolable
now. Yes, Yes.
I'll call her right away.
Thank you for telling me.
What happened?
Ah, I have to go make
an urgent phone call.
Eleven years of marriage were
dissolved in an instant.
Timo, Gianni, nice to meet you.
Lefteri, see you later. Bye.
What does he want here?
Not to eat koutsomoura.
What do we do now?
Disorderly retreat.
Back to the tent quickly!
As soon as he goes, we go in.
- What if he doesn't go?
- He's go.
At the beach,
it's the men's final.
No one will stay here. They'll all
go down for the match.
Fine! So we'll go in, get the ID
and, once we are in Athens,
I'll start studying. I have exams.
You'll be telling me
your news over the phone.
Are you repeating
Zouboulia's nonsense?
Not nonsense at all. Wise!
Wise things she says.
I'll go to Athens, take my tests,
take my grandma
for her tests.
Does your grandma have exams too?
She has high triglycerides.
These are different tests!
And we'll stay at home and watch TV
and Theopoula will be coming
so we'll have some fun.
Great life!
A cliff ahead and a stream behind.
Except, if you fall off the cliff,
you don't get away with it.
While in the stream, if you swim well
you might even be saved.
Does MacGyver say that too?
No. It's me that is saying it.
Oh, look!
- He's gone.
- He's gone.
Bad luck! Did he have
to come today?
If he came yesterday
would it be better for you?
Today was the perfect day.
We went for a swim.
We sat on the sand by ourselves.
He told me about himself,
his family.
He has 5 siblings.
Good for him!
He told me about the dreams
he had as a child.
That he wanted to become a sailor.
And why didn't he?
The required grade was high.
And he didn't do well in the essay.
- What?
- Nothing.
Can you help with the packing?
Are we moving? Nice!
Where will we go?
There is a nice tree, with
a bigger shadow, further down.
Does it have a big cavity
so that we can hide inside?
We are leaving!
- From the campsite?
- Yes.
Here it is!
Nice. Take it and let's go.
They can't just keep the IDs.
They must copy
the information somewhere.
I don't see a computer.
So maybe in a notebook.
Find it and let's go before
anyone comes.
Keep a lookout.
How is it going?
I am searching.
Here I am!
As I thought. Everything
is written down,
the date of arrival
and all my details.
Tear the whole page and let's go.
Mate, are you stupid?
What are you doing?
I don't want to destroy
the notebook.
Hurry up!
Oh, oh!
What happened?
Hide! They are coming!
Look at them again and tell me.
Have these two
been here in the last month
or have they approached you?
I don't know. I don't remember.
I'm not sure.
I am upset.
I didn't ask if you were upset.
- I asked if you've ever seen them.
- No.
I don't know. Leave me alone.
What did you get me into?
We didn't get you into anything,
you idiot! Shut up!
- Have you seen them?
- No.
Who is the woman
we met in the tavern?
- I haven't seen her before.
- Has she been here since long?
I don't know.
- Did she try to approach you?
- No.
The minister at the hotel,
did I kill him?
Is that what you wanted me for?
Nobody killed him.
He was going to die and he died.
I don't believe you. Then why
did you come here to find me?
I'll ask the questions, not you.
Tell me
Do you write down the details
of the visitors?
Is there a list?
- We keep their IDs.
- Give them to me.
It's not allowed.
Yes, ok.
Here you are.
But I couldn't imagine
that things would
Shut up!
- It's Zanna's fault.
- I said, shut up!
[inaudible] Zanna?
I want a list of everyone
who came to the campsite,
from the day Stavrianidis
died until today. Does it exist?
Yes. In this notebook.
- Give it here.
- You aren't allowed to take it.
I don't own the campsite.
I am just an employee.
So, the notebook
isn't yours either.
I'll be in trouble.
You'll be in trouble if you don't
keep your mouth shut.
You don't know and you didn't
see anything. We never met.
And you won't speak about this
to anyone. Do you understand?
- Yes.
- Good!
And what will I do now?
We will meet again?
If we meet again
it won't be for good.
At least for you.
Zanna! We need to talk,
it's a an emergency.
A guy came here and was
asking me various questions.
What did you get me into?
When should I call you?
In an hour. Ok.
You'll pick up, right?
Ok. Bye.
[inaudible] Is he gone?
The redial button!
To leave now, all of a sudden?
Forget it!
We are in a very nice place,
we are having a great time
and I can't see why we should ruin
all this for a moment of panic,
which is over at the end
of the day.
- What is she saying?
- She wants us to stay.
I'll kill you!
First of all, I've arranged to go
to the fair with Lefteris tomorrow
where there'll be musicians,
a funfair with ballerina and tagada
and many other nice things.
Sure, go to the village funfair.
Because you are a joke yourself.
Thank you! And I continue.
The matter is simple.
Tonight, we'll sleep in our
beautiful tent, lest he discover us.
And tomorrow morning,
just in case he hasn't left,
we'll go to the back beach,
where there is nobody,
and we'll swim safely.
And there are no urchins there.
While on the main beach
there are, I saw them.
Right! You spoke very well.
See that branch?
I'll hang you there!
Dalia get a grip because
they won't catch you in time,
we'll have got rid of you first!
- "We" who?
- Me and Zouboulia.
- Do you agree with her now?
- Yes.
- Since when?
- Since today. We worked it out.
No! Does everything
have to go wrong today?
Girls, girls!
It's Barkoulis?
Mmmm! Nonsense!
- Where have you been?
- We have great news!
What happened?
We have the phone number
of the woman who is the link
between the waiter and
the killers of Stavrianidis!
- You are kidding me!
- No he isn't.
Listen to what happened.
I am not leaving.
What you heard.
And we'll also ask the guys.
Guys, do you want to go
to the funfair tomorrow,
where there will be
ballerina and tagada?
Go where?
What is the ballerina
in the tagada?
I will smash tagada on your head!
I said, pack your stuff!
We were saved from the jaws of death.
And he might still be looking for us.
No. He left the campsite.
We saw him.
There! He left!
Yes, but the waiter
might recognise us,
now that he has seen the photo.
As long as we stay here
we are in danger.
But don't you understand
that I can't go and leave him?
Who is she talking about?
The grocer!
Don't get me started!
This man took me
to a magical place.
Mari, he took you
to the grocery store!
It's not a grocery store.
It's a mini-market!
And I don't mean that.
I mean that, after all these years
of isolation, I finally met a man.
I felt my heart wake up.
I understood why summer is the
most romantic time of the year.
I felt
I felt
Useless! Because we did everything.
You didn't do anything.
No. I felt like Helena Nathanail
in "That Summer".
What is this?
A movie, where she is ill
and her ex-husband comes
so that she can give him
their child.
- And she drowns?
- Yes.
I cried so much
watching this movie!
I was so frustrated
watching this movie.
Not only she only had
six months to live,
she got tangled
in the net and drowned!
Yes, but at least she got to
enjoy the last few moments.
They walked together on the beach.
They cried on each other's shoulder.
They danced in each other's arms.
And above all, she had time
to say goodbye to him.
I didn't have time to do even that.
But my Dalia,
she died in the end.
So what? Do you want me
to die to please you?
I think you should
say goodbye to him.
Come here! If I catch you
and if I catch her,
I'll say goodbye
to you both all right!
I'll throw you to the bottom of
the sea, for the fish to eat you!
Zouboulia don't!
A quarter.
How can I explain
in a quarter? One hour.
- 20 minutes.
- Half an hour.
Half an hour.
But we'll be there too.
And what will I tell him?
Why am I leaving?
I can't tell you what to say.
Ah! Say what the girl said in the movie.
But she would die!
And if you stay here a bit longer,
that's what will happen to you.
Zouboulia don't!
You can't imagine how eagerly
I was waiting our date.
Me too.
I was counting the hours,
the minutes.
Me too.
And I'm still counting,
to be honest.
You shouldn't have left so suddenly
in the afternoon.
Well, of course I shouldn't have.
Shall we sit down?
Yes, sure.
Did you hear that?
A little fish is playing
in the water.
It's playing, the little fish!
Why did you throw the stone now?
Didn't we agree to wait 20 minutes
and then start warning her?
Not even ten minutes passed!
So that she won't say
the wrong thing.
But she didn't say anything!
She sat down. Now it'll
be difficult to stand up.
It's cold today.
The summer is almost over.
It's over.
I wish it would never end.
I wish it would never end.
She said it figuratively.
It doesn't matter.
I'll throw it just in case.
Another little fish.
Yes, the silly bugger!
I feel a little
Frustrated? Me too!
I am pissed off with the fish.
No, I mean
I feel a little weird because
I want to tell you something
but I don't know how
you're going to take it.
My parents are coming over
tomorrow, and if you don't mind,
I would like you to meet them.
Would you like that?
Many little fish!
Forget the fish and answer me.
I already feel really bad
because I promised you that
we would go to the fair together.
But they are coming
so suddenly tomorrow
and I thought it would be best
if we all went together.
Will you come?
- Tomorrow?
- Yes.
I will come.
What whale? This was a big rock.
Someone threw it.
There is someone here.
Lefteri! Lefteri wait!
We need to talk.
Things are not exactly
as we would like them to be.
What do you mean?
I didn't invite you here to spend
another beautiful evening.
Us two can't be together.
We can, my love.
We can if we want to.
It doesn't matter what we want.
It only matters what fate wants.
Love can change
the fate of two people.
Not always.
This is my last summer.
I will never forget you.
Don't talk. Hold me.
This summer was the best
of my life.
Yes, but it had to end sometime.
It was the first time,
after so many years,
that I felt the clouds of loneliness
in my soul dissolve.
It was you.
A bright sun that lit up my heart.
You dried the rain from my eyes.
You lit a huge fire
and you burned everything old
inside me.
Come on, mari!
We said, half an hour!
- And this is Dalia.
- What?
- Dalia.
- I heard Thalia.
She was thin, 54-55 kilos,
height 1.70.
Blond hair, of Scandinavian ash
colour, curly, backcombed.
She had big green eyes,
very beautiful.
Thin long eyebrows
and sharp angles on the face.
Dalia. Rare name.
Although I think I've heard it
somewhere recently.
Ms Helena?
It's Zouboulia.
Dalia's sister,
who cleans your flat.
- Who?
- My cleaning lady's sister.
Did they say her name?
- Yes.
- What's her name?
Isn't she here?
She's here. But she's
hard on hearing.
- What's her name?
- Thalia.
But she's hard on hearing.
- What's her name?
- Thalia.
Thalia. Thalia.
I just have to understand that
there is no room
for love and romance in our lives,
the way they are.
We have undertaken a mission
and we must carry it out.
This is our goal.
And what we do is very important.
Everything we do, everything we say
is very important.
- I think that I forgot my slippers.
- Shh!
We are agents.
And such is the life of agents.
For example, James Bond never had a
long-term relationship with a woman.
Of course not!
Neither did MacGyver.
No, he didn't.
Well, I think he was gay.
- What did you say?
- Nothing. I said, he didn't.
So we have to accept
that our lives
cannot be like
normal people's lives.
With romances, with children,
with family.
Because we live in tension
and in danger.
- Have you finished?
- Yes.
He blinded us.
Are you sure?
Is this where Lefteris said
that their tent was?
Damn it!
How many did he say that they were?
5. Three women and two men.
Dalia, Zouboulia obviously,
Spyros and one more man.
But there'll come a time
when I'll find them.
Oh my gosh Dracula! You'll give me
a heart attack one of these days.
Did you find the way home, Lia?
My Marinella, only vampires
are awake at this time.
I can see that.
Tell me Lia, do you know
what your place is in this house?
In the back room. Isn't that
where you put me?
I don't mean that and stop joking.
The only reason I'm hosting you is
so you take care of the baby
and not that you disappear for days.
And anyway, if you intend
to disappear, disappear forever.
Not only for 5 days.
So should I have
come back now or not?
You shouldn't have
gone away, my Lia.
Yes, my Marinella, you are right.
I know you are.
But as I told you earlier,
Hadjialexandrou took me to
- Monaco.
- Monaco, yes. Monaco.
We were guests of Carolina.
- Carolina.
- Carolina, yes. That one.
This was unscheduled.
It's not my fault.
Do you underst?
What, don't you believe me?
Should I ask Dalia to tell you?
So, you were in Monaco with
Hadjialexandrou and Carolina?
Today's paper.
Princess Carolina of Monaco
visits Martinique and Guadeloupe.
- Yes.
- What do you mean "Yes"?
You were supposed to be together!
Yes, we were drinking
coffee together!
And she tells us, you sit here,
I'll run across the street to see
my two friends Martinika and
whats-her-name Kontostoupi.
Because I haven't seen the girls
for a while, I won't be late.
Would I lie to you?
Ah, she went to see the girls.
Martinique and Guadeloupe
are islands!
- Both of them?
- Yes, both.
And not across the street.
In the Caribbean!
Twenty hours by plane.
Aah, that's why
it took her a while.
Who are you selling
these lies to, Lia?
You dare lie to me,
in my own house?
And disappear?
And what business do you have running
here and there with Hadjialexandrou?
Co-mother-in-law, enough is enough!
You don't let me hang out with Fofoka
and Vaggelio because they're villagers.
You don't let me hang out with Dalia
and Carolina because I disappear.
You don't let me hang out with Martinika
and Kontostoupi because they're islands.
And what do you want me to do?
Stay inside this house like the dummy?
Leave me alone!
Just leave me alone!
She ruined my sleep again!
I won't sleep.
What's this?
Ah, they are purple and yellow.
Where is the rest?
Why are you looking
under the pillows Ms Dalia?
100,000 euros are missing.
What did you do with it?
I went camping. I had expenses.
And what did you buy at the campsite
that costs 100,000 euros? The sea?
No, my Alexi.
- I bought socks
- Yes.
- I got mosquito repellent.
- Yes.
5 plus 5, 10 euros.
We are missing another 99,990.
Anyway, I have patience.
What else?
Oh, I also bought a camper.
- And where is it?
- Oh I forgot it!
You bought an whole camper
and forgot it there?
Don't get so worked up.
Spyros forgot his slippers.
I don't care what Spyros does.
I work for you.
So, work and don't investigate.
Huh! That's good, no?
Perfect! I will be
saying it to you.
Ms Dalia, are these people
you've been involved with
taking advantage
of you financially?
- What do you mean?
- Them spending your money.
Look, I'm rich. I'm not stupid.
I didn't say that.
If I was dumb, how would I
have made so much money?
You didn't make it.
You inherited it.
They all died and
you were the last heir.
Yes, because I had good timing.
This is a sign of intelligence.
Go now!
Oh, I also bought biscuits.
Where are you?
It's just 100,000 euros.
It's nothing. It's spent easily.
Isn't it amazing?
What is it?
A snake. A singing boa.
And what does it say?
Didn't you listen?
No, no I heard it.
I don't want to listen to it again.
Can you tell me what it says?
Ain't gonna rain no more,
ain't gonna rain no more.
How can I wash my neck
if it ain't gonna rain no more?
And why do we need this?
Haven't we been looking for a clip,
before the weather report?
There you go!
Dad, it's not good.
Are there any other ideas?
- There is one.
- What is it?
# Rain today, rain tomorrow,
endless rain.
The weather.
I can also sing it
in jazz style if you want.
Although I think
I said it perfectly.
The snake.
How have you been
while I was away?
Good. Good.
Ah. That good, eh?
Look, we had some problems
to be honest.
What happened?
The crazy woman must have done
something. For sure.
I can't stand her anymore, my boy.
Do you remember saying that too?
That you can't stand her?
The same thing happened to me,
but what can I do?
She's the daughter
of my late sister.
Yesterday I saw in my dream that
there were some huge chicken,
and they attacked her and ate her.
I have never seen a more
beautiful dream in my life.
What did she do? Tell me.
First of all, the day before yesterday
she announced on the news
that you left the channel.
Don't worry, I fixed it.
We even created some trailers
showing your comeback.
I'll kill her.
She suggested three new shows.
You were away,
what could I have done?
I thought, ok let her do it.
The first one was musical evenings.
She was jumping and hopping
all around. Does it take much?
She does a pirouette, trips
and falls onto the camera.
The camera shattered into pieces.
You know how much they cost.
Yes I do!
Next, she said:
I'll read tarot cards.
A poor man called to ask
if the clothing store
that he wanted to open
would do well.
And she tells him that she sees
divorce in his marriage.
As if he asked her that.
And that his wife is cheating on him
with the Jack of Clubs.
How did she see clubs
in tarot cards?
Long story short,
it was on the news
the next day.
"Jealous husband
seriously injures his wife
with a hunting rifle."
The poor woman is in the hospital.
I sent her a ficus yesterday.
Of course, that's the last
thing she needs now.
But I did all I could.
You should have stopped her, dad!
And stop the shows.
I stopped them. The first two.
What's the third one?
This way please.
On the stage.
Hurry up please!
We should have started already.
How are you Foti?
All good.
I am hearing of your exploits
during the days I was away.
Really? On the contrary,
I haven't heard anything about you.
Come on! Let's take
our seats. Quickly.
What's this?
This is the third show.
It an entertainment show and
it's called "Look what I'll do to you"
It's a copy of current
popular entertainment shows.
And will she interview these people?
How are they? I don't know them.
Who did you expect? Vandi?
They are from the nursing home
across the street.
And as for the interviews,
she is the only one talking.
Singing, dancing, you know.
This show doesn't bother me.
And they are having some fun.
She also gives them a bit of wine,
in order to be smiling and cheerful.
It's good, it's good.
Tell me now.
How was your holiday?
I wasn't on holiday.
Didn't you tell me
you were going camping?
I went camping, but not on holiday.
What's this? A phone number?
I do not know yet.
But what I know dad is that
very soon, even today,
I will make you very proud of me.
Not to mention
the awesome exclusivity
that I will ensure for the channel.
You have already made me
proud my boy.
I've always been proud of you.
Both your mother and I.
The show starts in 5 minutes.
Whoever needs to take medicine, a pill,
use a thermometer, or whatever else,
please do it now!
I won't stop the song in the middle
for nothing. Do you understand?
# The man I will marry
will be of the upper class
# he'll be wearing a stiff collar
with a solid gold watch
# he'll be very handsome
and he'll also wear perfume
# and he'll let me go out
wearing trousers
# a trouser-wearing woman
is passing by
# the island doesn't forgive
# look, she is a terrible mess
# Oh, I wish I had a
- Stop!
Aggela, you aren't participating
in the singing and dancing.
I must have some reasons.
Tell me barba [dude]
Did you call Ms Letsos a "barba"?
No, I called Vana (!)
Stay out of this.
So tell me. What did you do
to the play while I was away?
First of all, which play
are we producing?
Didn't we say already?
The house of Bernarda Alba.
We said the massacre of Poseidon,
which would be based on
- the house of Bernarda Alba.
- I changed my mind.
We'll produce the house itself.
I read it and it doesn't contain
either dances or songs.
It's just some spinsters,
locked in a room
and crying for their fate.
Such a fun story, that is!
What are these dances
and songs now?
The director of the theatre thought
we should lighten the play a bit.
- Make it a bit more
- Lousy!
No, cheerful.
My Aggela, I'll explain.
We want to set a tone of optimism
in the lives of these women.
They tell us about their desire
through dance and song.
Which is none other than getting
married and starting a family.
But I don't feel like
dancing or singing,
because, quite simply, I am bored.
I want to sit on my chair
and say my lines.
What will we do about this?
It's just different view
of the play, that
Who spoke?
- Tell me now.
- Aggela
trust me. You'll see.
It will be a special, a dream show.
Because, what we are doing today
is my dream, believe me!
Today. Because tomorrow
you'll have another.
You don't have the same dream
every night. That's the problem.
Aggela, learn the steps
and the song please.
I'll tell you something.
Because I like you.
Do you know what my mother
used to say to me?
My child, you will do
nothing in your life.
And right now as we speak,
I lead two lives.
One here and one when I'm not here.
Put that in the role.
It doesn't fit.
Because if you see what I do
in my other life
you won't believe it.
But since we are going
to triumph there today,
I'll humour you and
I'll sing the song.
But take care, my poor lad!
Don't come with another dream
tomorrow because it will be your last.
Got it?
Is the food good?
You appreciate something at least!
I am good when I cook for you.
I'm just not good when
I want you to take me camping.
You were away for four days.
Where you eating there?
No, I had an IV.
You are making fun, on top!
Is that young man you were with
from your school?
Weren't there any girls with you?
When will you bring a girl home?
Now that your exam period starts,
you won't have time.
By the way, when does it start?
Do you have many exams to take?
What's wrong? Why don't you answer?
To which one? It wasn't just
one or two questions.
It was raining questions everywhere!
Aren't we even going to talk?
But you don't talk.
You're interviewing me.
Take some pictures afterwards,
like that with the steak.
The cover is ready.
Am I asking you what you did
on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday?
Ask me. On Monday, Theopoula
and I went to the conservatory
and signed up to learn
to play an instrument.
On Tuesday we went down to a
demonstration by unemployed people.
and on Wednesday we bought tickets
for the match against Georgia.
That's why I didn't ask!
What do you mean?
Where do I start?
From the conservatory,
the demonstration
the match? From where?
Have you been to a rave party
or not yet?
What is this?
Forget it! We'll make it worse.
You shouldn't have left me here
alone for so many nights.
What did you want me to do?
He didn't finish his food!
Secret phone calls all the time!
What happened?
Today's meeting
at Fotis' house is cancelled.
- Why?
- I don't know.
Something happened at the channel.
Tomorrow, same time.
Ok. See you tomorrow then.
Ok. Bye Spyros. Kisses!
I am locked in!
Who was it?
None of your business!
But you will go out.
No! I won't go out.
There you go! Happy?
I'll stay here and keep you company
so you don't complain.
Today? Fat lot of good
that's gonna do!
We'll go out with Theopoula.
We'll go to the presentation
of Pegi Zina's new album.
Free entry!
I'm going to get ready.
A tout a l'heure!
What I hear in this place
is unimaginable.
What happened to Fotis
at the channel?
We apologise for the interruption.
What happened?
Stupid. STUPID!
You almost killed them,
the poor people.
Look at their state! They had
a bottle of wine each.
Take an effort to drink it. Just a bit.
It will do you good.
- It's not my fault.
They had a weak constitution.
Did anyone tell you that
they were marines?
They came from the nursing home.
Frida, my girl, of course
you understand that
this show stops too.
Needless to say.
How is Mr Andonis, dad?
If the ambulance doesn't
come soon I am not sure.
# A long time ago,
Mr Andonis lived in the yard
# With a jar and a bed
And a lot of wine
You have the audacity to still sing!
You know what it's like,
to be so close to catching them
but to fail at 5 minutes to?
I sensed that I was close but
Did you talk to the boss?
And say what?
That I missed them by 5 minutes or
that I was left only with some slippers?
I see.
So what do we do now?
I wish I knew.
Are they actually 5?
That's how many were there.
Spyros, Aggela, Dalia,
Zouboulia and one more man.
Dalia, Zouboulia
What kind of names are these?
Could they be aliases?
I don't know. Do you know
anyone called Dalia?
I know of one.
What do you mean?
And what is it short for?
For Efthalia?
Maybe. I don't know.
The one I was talking about
I don't know.
She may even have been
baptised that way.
At least it's rare. We are not
looking for a Maria.
Didn't you understand
who I'm talking about?
Who? Do I know her?
All of Greece knows her.
First of all, is she alive?
Where is she?
She has disappeared.
Yes, she is alive.
She's just isolated.
Since she lost her entire family,
no one has seen her.
How many years has
it been? Seven, eight?
Around that.
At least if we had some
recent photo of her
To see how she looks like.
Yeah right!
As if Hadjialexandrou would be
mixed up in something like that!
However, if she was
she would have the perfect cover.
No one has seen her,
we don't know what she looks like.
Like our guy.
Can I ask something?
After all, why did we do
the minister in?
And it's not only him!
What do you mean?
Forget it. The less you know
about this story the better.
You can't imagine
what's behind it.
No one knows even the half of it.
Maybe that's why
we can't catch these 5.
Look here.
What do you see?
Two kids. Neither CIA agents,
nor commandos, nor anything.
Two kids.
What does this mean?
That maybe we should be looking
at the most unlikely
and not the most likely places.
So we won't lose anything if
we pay a visit to Ms Hadjialexandrou.
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