In the Nick of Time (2005) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Well, we were going
to meet up yesterday
but they had some problems
at Fotis' channel
so we said we'd meet up
today at 5.
Fortunately I have you
to talk to in this house
because otherwise
I'd be staring at the walls.
And you? How's it
been going with her?
Did you piss on her enough?
You should piss on her!
Whenever she picks
you up, once in a while,
let it go!
What are you doing here?
Nothing, my Marinella! We were
saying good things about you.
Lia, you change the baby's
diaper on the couch?
Do you go from underneath?
Mm! Are these the nice jokes
you say in the village?
You and all your friends
get together
in the fold with the goats
and crack jokes?
Yes, that exactly.
You see, wherever
I go, I run into a goat.
What did you say?
Nothing, I didn't say
anything, my Marinella.
- Are you going out?
- Yes.
Have a nice graze.
What do you want me
to make for lunch?
Something heavy, so
it gives you indigestion.
I won't be eating here anyway.
Me and Gkeli are invited
to Anagnostopoulou's.
Ah! And when will you
come back?
- From Theologos? This evening.
- This evening?
Yep. Were you going
to go somewhere?
No, of course not.
Where would I be going?
I don't know. To Martinique,
to Guadeloupe?
No no no. I'll be staying home.
And that's very good.
Your mind on the baby!
If you dare, go out and
leave it by itself.
And I would like to tell you
something else,
although both my upbringing
and my education forbid it.
A goat that's you,
and you look the part.
Don't laugh at all!
We're in a mess.
Now what am I going
to do with you, huh?
So! Are we all here?
Are you blind?
At this point I wanted
to say that I am very happy
that I have
such a warm audience.
So, I would like to welcome
you all to this,
our first meeting after the
end our camping mission.
A mission which turned out
to be a huge success!
Now you're not applauding.
What would you applaud?
Did you understand what
we were doing at the campsite?
All day you were running
around with the grocer.
I don't believe it.
She had the tear ready.
Additionally, I would like
to welcome
the new members of our team.
- Who is he talking about?
- The baby!
Leave the baby alone! I'm
just waiting for him
to get sleepy and
I'll put him to bed.
Can you hurry this up a little?
Of course.
is our initial meeting in the
elevator of the Metropolis Palace.
Which one am I?
Why do you ask, mari,
don't you see the massive hair?
Silence! I continue.
[In the nick of time]
So, recapitulating.
It was about time.
The key. We still haven't found
what it's useful for.
And we probably won't.
Aaaah, nonsense!
The minister's file still hasn't
revealed its secrets.
Although, maybe we didn't choose
the most appropriate
person to search it.
You're an idiot.
Come on, these two stopped and
now you two started.
But the third clue we found
is also the most important!
The phone number of the person
who looped in the waiter!
And who is that?
It's me, holding the scrap
of paper with the phone number.
And me, where am I?
We found it together!
There wasn't any space.
Oh, not "there wasn't any space"!
You took up
the whole page and for me
"there wasn't any space".
- There!
- What are you saying, mate?
You're standing there like
Brad Pitt and I'm like a fly!
Spyros is right, Foti.
You didn't get me right either.
Does my hair really
sparkle like that?
And what should I say
when he made me fat?
Well, he didn't make you.
- What did she say?
- Nothing, nothing!
- She called you fat!
- What?!
There we go!
It's because they became BFFs
that I lost the grocer.
Hey hey hey. We came here
to make a phone call.
Will we make it? Yes or nay?
Let me rip her hair out
and then we'll call.
Mm, sure! You think
I'll just take it?
Enough! Give me
the piece of paper.
Who will call?
I'm not calling.
What? I didn't hear?
Fine, whatever. You won't know
what to say anyway. Spyro!
- What?
- Will you call?
Me? Since when?
Look over there.
Who's standing there
holding the paper,
patting himself on the back?
Will you call?
I'll call.
Can you hide your number?
Do you have any idea
what you'll say?
It's ok, let him call so we can
make sure that this number exists
and that it's really a woman
and after that we'll see.
It's ringing.
No one's answering.
Ah! Voicemail.
What happened?
I-I got the voicemail.
Okay, and?
She said her name.
And what's her name?
Hey, he's gone pale.
Foti, what's up with you?
Th-the person to whom it belongs
the phone number
I know her.
And it's not just me who knows her.
We all know her.
Who is she?
Zanna Ioannou.
I don't believe it!
Are you sure?
Who is Zanna Ioannou?
Oh, I see.
Is she a seamstress?
She's a fashion designer,
Doesn't she sew clothes?
Then, she's a seamstress.
Yes, my Zouboulia, and Christodoulos
is a priest. Do you call him a priest?
Christodoulos is the archbishop.
Ok, well, she's the same.
Is she an archbishop?!
Just like that you don't call
Christodoulos a priest
and you call him an archbishop,
you also don't call her a seamstress!
And what do you call her?
A priest.
Are you making fun?
What can I do? For half
an hour we've been trying
to tell the priests
from the seamstresses!
And you want to find
the murderer! Yeah, right!
We said, the woman
is a fashion designer!
Fine. And how will we approach
the fashion designer?
Because if it was a seamstress,
we would gift her a pattern.
If it was a priest,
we would gift him a cross.
And now that it's neither
of them, what will we do?
Are there more?
Why? Are you tired?
No, of course not Are there?
About 20.
God help us!
I read somewhere that when Onassis
signed his economic agreements
he always had with him
the same two bodyguards.
And the former king
of the Congo
always had his youngest
daughter on his lap.
But no one had their cook.
I'm original. During crucial trades,
I want to be with the cook.
That's new.
If you don't like it,
go to the Congo.
Kick him out so we can talk.
What can I do, he won't leave.
I want you to pay special
attention to this document.
Yeah? Why?
It might be your biggest business
opening in the past two years!
Very nice!
- What is it?
- It concerns the construction
of the biggest natural gas
pipeline in the world!
It begins in Kyrgyzstan
and spreads to 5 Asian countries!
Cool! And this is mine now?
50%. You are a co-owner.
And I was wondering
why no one else
jumped at this kind
of opportunity!
What is "natural gas pipeline"?
- It concerns a
- Leave it, I'll explain.
This thing, it's a fat tube with
a big hole in the middle.
And thin air passes through.
And from all the goods of the world,
this is what I chose to buy.
Well, if you like it.
And you don't know
the best thing about it.
This masterpiece is in some place
I've never even heard of.
So if I want to go see it one time,
to satisfy my curiosity, I can't!
Because I don't know where it is.
You understand? This is what
he makes me sign every day.
This thing you are making fun of,
I would inform you that
many great businessmen would
want to have gotten it.
But I'm not making fun of it my Alexi,
I wanted it too!
Since childhood, every time
my parents asked me
what I wanted for Christmas,
I would say, "A tube in Kyrgyzstan!"
We're not going to understand
each other today.
While we do on other days?
I'm going to bring the rest.
I'll be back in two minutes.
Tell me now because
he's coming back!
This person you want
to approach,
for what reason do you
want to approach them?
I can't tell you that.
It's a person that
we want to get to secretly.
Tell me, do you have any ideas?
Ms Dalia magic!
What magic?
You will cast magic on them!
My cousin wanted a guy.
He wouldn't even turn
to look at her.
And they cast magic on him!
She and her mom.
And he came on his own.
It was a Sunday afternoon.
And he asked her to marry him!
What the hell!
And how did they do that?
An old lady found them a spell.
It said, on a Saturday evening
with a full moon, outside
in the moonlight, a widow
Oh! We have a widow!
Great! And she needs to dance naked
while holding in her hands two
leaves from a wild fig tree!
Yep! And her mom
went out and danced.
- Naked?!
- Stark naked!
And she said some words,
which the old lady has also given her.
Long story short,
next month, they'll celebrate
their third wedding anniversary!
Ah! And what dance is this?
Samba, rumba, freestyle? What?
No. It has certain steps.
Seven turns around yourself and
seven little jumps in a circle!
And all of this, seven times!
And with the wild fig leaves
in hand!
Get up and I'll show you.
Hold these.
Seven turns around yourself
and seven jumps in a circle!
One. Two. Alright I won't do them
all now because I'll get dizzy.
Yes. And seven jumps, cir-cu-lar!
And you end up where you started!
I got such joy with that tube today!
I can't even tell you!
Are you in your right mind?!
Why not, my Zouboulia? I'm telling
you, the girl did it and it worked!
I'll go out in the woods to dance
with two wild fig leaves in my hands?!
What time will this happen?
Because at 6, we need to take
the baby to the paediatrician.
There you go! She hears me
and I become the laughing stock.
Are you sure that you live in Ekali
and not in Dafni?
Well, that's what I will
suggest tomorrow at Fotis'.
You'd better sit down
and think logically.
We don't have a lot of time.
They're going to find us first!
Before we find them!
Last time we only got away
at 5 minutes to.
Have you thought of
anything yourself?
I'll squeeze my brain
and I'll think of something!
Fine, okay, but listen.
It's seven turns around
Oh! The call dropped.
Well, Marinella maybe
we are not compatible,
but there's one thing
I admire you for.
Really? Well, you are right
that we are not compatible,
because I don't admire
you for anything.
Why do you admire me?
- You're elegant.
- Thank you.
I'm not gonna lie, you are!
Even that time you came
to the village with that
lovely slouchy blue dress!
You made a big impression!
You know how many kids
dressed up as Marinella
for Halloween that year?
So, those lovely clothes you wear,
where do you find them?
I search for them, my Lia.
I stay informed.
The real question is,
where do you find yours?
Mine are from Serres.
And that's where
they should have stayed.
Only this skirt, I had it sewed
by a seamstress in Drama.
I saw the fabric, I liked it
Yeah, yeah, Gkeli got the same one.
- Really? For a skirt?
- No, for an awning.
Damn you, Dracula,
the hour and moment that
I'm forced to ask you for help!
Did you say something, my Lia?
Nooo, my Marinella, what would I say?
I didn't say anything.
Actually, since I've been thinking
of changing my wardrobe,
where would you advise me to go?
The corner of Dinokratous
and Aristeidou streets.
What's there?
An auto repair shop that also has
very nice hoods.
Yesterday I got one for the car.
You didn't understand me,
Neither do you, my Lia. I've been
trying to read all this time
and you won't let me. Ask whatever
you want to ask so we can be done.
- Zanna Ioannou, do you know her?
- I know her.
- That's where I want to go.
- Impossible.
Because she's grumpy, snobby,
rude, pretentious
She can't even stomach her employees.
And except for two or three
people who constitute her circle,
everyone else she
brushes aside immediately.
Who said all this?
Zouboulia's co-mother-in-law,
to Zouboulia.
For her to call someone else
a snob, that's saying a lot.
She called me during rehearsal
and told me.
Rehearsal again? When is this
play even going to happen?
You think I know?
Now this one girl broke her leg and
I thought they'd replace her,
but now they're having us all play with
casts, supposedly for homogeneity.
I don't know what kind of
weird crap this is.
It takes half an hour for one of us
to cross the stage.
We just finished now.
Right! So it's impossible
for us to approach her.
Should we send Dalia?
No, it's better for Dalia
not to be visible.
If the journalists and magazines
find out that she's out and about
they won't leave her alone.
It's better that no one knows her.
Why don't I go to Zanna
and crush her?
Come on, Aggela, we talked about this.
It's better not to use that method.
Wait one minute.
Come in, Theopoula.
How are you?
I'm fine. You?
Did you find the way home?
But we never lost it!
- Oh, you never lost it.
- No!
Right. I'm not sure I should ask
where you were
because who knows what I'll hear.
There's one thing I'd like to know,
and you can answer if you want.
At 2:15 am, out in Athens,
how many other 68-year-olds
did you see walking around?
Five? Ten? None, maybe?
Wait, I'm 68?
Well, yes, Theopoula, just like me.
We were born in 37.
No, I was born in 39.
You were born in 37, my Theopoula.
Right, like I don't know when
I was born? I was born in 39.
My Theopoula, don't you
remember the other day when
we were saying we'd both been
born in 37, the same month?
And we lied to Panagiota that we
were born in 39! Did you forget?
Oh, yes. I was born in 37.
Both you, and me!
- So you're 68 too!
- Yes!
Ohhh! Then I did see one!
- Who?
- You!
Right! And I saw another one! You!
So each of us saw one.
And we're two! Four total!
Come on, my boy, go to bed
because it's late.
And you're so pale!
We'll stay here to
watch a little television.
Did you fall asleep?
No, just
How am I going to explain
this to you now!
So, what's our conclusion?
That we don't have the slightest
idea what our next step is.
Unless Fotis comes up
with something.
I was ready to give my
whole life for this man.
I left my house, I left my husband
and children to be with him.
Love is the most superior emotion
that a person can feel.
Because of that
it's capable of leading one
into the most insane decisions.
Exactly. So, one night,
I felt that I could no longer
resist his erotic siege.
I gathered a few clothes and shut
the door of my house forever.
You didn't say goodbye
to your children?
I didn't have the strength.
I went to his house.
Of the person you were in love with.
Yes. He told me to.
"Take all your things
and come live with me."
I believed him. But that night
That night?!
That first night, he abandoned you?
Why? Did something happen?
We hadn't ever
You hadn't ever found yourselves
so close as a couple.
Yes. And in the beginning
it was so beautiful!
He hugged me, he kissed me
How did you feel then?
I felt happy.
As if I'd found something
I'd been looking for my whole life.
The harbour for which every
sea-weary ship searches.
Yes. We fell onto the bed and
he continued to kiss me and hug me.
Yesplease be a little careful with
your description because it's midday.
But nothing happened.
That's the thing.
Nothing happened?!
He couldn't
No, no. It's just that
I had some issues
I've had these issues
since I was little.
No, no, it had to do with
Well, the doctor did tell me
that it could be psychological.
But, basically
Go ahead, don't be shy.
Well, just somehow
I passed wind.
Were you hot?
Come on, come on, guys,
don't laugh.
The woman lost the man of her dreams
because of an unfortunate moment.
Well, okay, uncle,
what did you want us to do?
It was a spontaneous
reaction, it's only human.
Both hers, and ours
At least something good
has come out of this.
Finally, I see you two reconciled.
It'll only last half an hour
or so, believe me.
Frida, get it together!
I need to run some errands.
Behave yourselves now that
I'm leaving you alone
so the channel's still here
when I get back.
I want you calm, ok?
Ok. I'll give her her pills,
she'll be fine.
What show do you have next?
Fine arts news.
Ok, how much can you
fight over that?
Take 5 things each
and present them. Bye!
It wouldn't hurt if you found some
news yourself once in a while.
I was busy, I didn't have time.
What is this?
The news you'll present.
Six topics on Jenny Tzivergioti.
Who is Jenny Tzivergioti?
Tzivergioti's daughter.
But I don't know this girl.
What will I say?
Let me see something!
Let that go, they're mine!
Look here, Remos, Dandoulaki,
Elefteria Arvanitaki.
You took all the good stuff
and left me with Jenny Tzivergioti!
What's that?
Let it go, I said, it's mine!
Don't look at me,
you'll get slapped.
Why don't you try out
a little spin here?
You see it? It's coming for you!
And the coffees are ready.
Thank you.
There you go.
Well, tell us, why were you
so excited on the phone?
No. You guys will first tell me
what you thought of
to approach Zanna.
Can I go?
Sit down, you, I'll cut it at the root.
Zouboulia suggested
approaching her as customers,
but then we found out that
you can't approach her easily.
Aggela, what you'd expect.
- Punches, kicks
- Exactly.
Dalia had a proposition, but, no.
Me, nothing.
So, I will provide the
solution for yet another time.
Because I thought of this!
- I don't understand.
- What don't you understand?
The trick is simple and tried.
Just as we participated
in the beach volley tournament,
we'll participate
in the beauty pageant.
Yes! We'll send Zouboulia.
You really want a beating today.
My child, are you stupid?
Who will we send to
the beauty pageant, Magaver?
We'll find a girl and we'll send her.
And? What happens then?
What do you mean what happens?
Listen to what it says here.
"This year, the organisers
the successful Greek designer
Zanna Ioannou"
What is "Zanna" short of?
Melitzana [aubergine].
"to preside over the jury
which will choose
the 40 finalists from
all the girls who register."
"In addition, Ms Ioannou is the one
who will oversee to the last detail
the appearance of the candidates
on the final night."
"She herself declares:"
With the girls, a whole month
of hard work awaits us.
Our rehearsals will be endless
and demanding, on a 24-hour basis,
but I believe that this will be
reflected in the result.
Our goal is for this event to go down
in the history of the institution
as the best that has been
held to date.
- I don't think that
- What don't you think?
If we try to approach her
in a sideways manner,
for example if Zouboulia or Dalia
go to her as a customer,
it's very possible that
she'll suspect her.
Not to mention that,
with the workload she has,
there is no way
she can take her on.
While, by sending our own girl
to the contest,
we will have access to her and
there's no way that we'll be made.
Because she will just be
one of the 40 girls
who will go quietly
to her rehearsal every day.
Wait, wait,
one minute, one minute!
So you're saying that we have
to find one to send,
who, among the thousand or so girls,
will qualify to the round of 40?
Tell me, first the turns
and then the little jumps?
Don't, don't, don't, don't,
don't sink into defeatism!
Guys, the plan is perfect!
And who will we send?
She has to be under 25, tall,
thin, beautiful. Who?
Get out of here!
Why not, my Aggela?
Didn't you tell us that you went
for Star Peloponnisos?
Many years ago,
when I was a little girl.
Great! Now that you grew up
you'll go for Star Hellas!
- Forget it.
- She's right.
- Why?
- No, no. She's right, she's right.
Get up and take a little walk.
What kind of walk?
A walk up to there. So we can
see how you walk. Go on!
There she goes. That's exactly
how my late husband walked home
from the coffee place when
he'd lost at prefa. Carbon copy!
Oh, poor Haralambos!
Poor Haralambos!
Yes, I don't think we
should send Aggela either.
That photo of us with Elena at the
park has started circulating too.
Better leave it!
Ok, let's find someone else.
We need a tall, beautiful,
er preferably blonde girl
with blue or green eyes.
And someone we can manipulate
and who's sweet and smiley.
And where do they have those?
At Antenna.
Come on! Focus!
Get thinking.
And start with your own
No, no, no, no, no!
I don't have anyone!
Me neither, me neither.
I'd better not speak.
A man wouldn't really work, huh?
You, Aggela?
I do have something in mind.
You'll come check it out
and tell me.
Of course your proposition
interests us.
The Hadjialexandrou corporate group
has always have
great success in the
shipping industry.
I know. And that's why
we invited you
and we 're proposing
this collaboration.
When can I speak with
Ms Hadjialexandrou?
Ms Hadjialexandrou does not usually
attend such discussions.
I will handle all the negotiations
But there won't be any negotiations.
Just a simple meeting.
She can't refuse.
I understand, it's just
Look. The owners of
my company requested
that I speak with
Ms Hadjialexandou herself.
I understand that
she has a busy schedule
but my position is difficult.
If I tell them that she
refused to see me
and she just sent her negotiator,
they may
I don't know, but they may look for
someone else, a more willing partner.
I see.
Is it true that she has lived
isolated these past few years?
When you say isolated?
She doesn't leave the house, no
one has seen her for years
Well, she's not a ghost, you know.
She is just low-key.
And she doesn't like to
engage in high society
meaningless events.
Excuse me.
My Alexi, where can I find
a beautiful, blonde girl
who wants to be
in the beauty pageant?
Ah! This is broken!
What were we talking about?
About Ms Hadjialexandrou.
That she doesn't leave the house.
Ok, not that she never leaves.
Lately she has gone on some outings.
She has?
Far from the spotlight, naturally.
Oh, naturally.
I've heard that she is a
particularly beautiful woman.
She is.
- Blonde, right?
- Yes.
Tall, thin?
Can we stop this discussion here?
It's not my job to talk about
the external appearance
of Ms Hadjialexandrou.
Right, right!
You're right, we can only blame
the innate human curiosity
about the unknown.
So, what?
Will I be able to arrange
a meeting with her?
I need to hear directly from her
that she's interested.
It's concerning a colossal
endeavour, you know.
The merging of the two companies
will forever change the course
of commercial shipping
in the North Sea and Scandinavia.
She couldn't care less about the
North Sea and Scandinavia!
What did you say?
Er nothing!
Ok, I think I can take care of it.
Let's arrange a meeting.
What about next, er, Friday?
Come on, where have you been?
This thing broke. Look!
What exactly did you tell me
on the phone?
Oh! I need a beautiful, tall,
blonde girl. What do I need to do?
Exactly what I'm doing.
Have patience!
But I don't want her for myself!
We have other matters
to discuss now.
Next Friday, someone will come
here so you can discuss business.
Shush! It's a very
interesting offer.
Can't be more interesting
than the one with the tube.
It's an excellent opening
in your shipping business.
Ok, ok, let him come.
Next Friday is in a while.
Yes, just a moment.
Your friends are outside
waiting for you.
Ok, I'm off. So, I want
a driver, a car and money.
The purple ones,
they are convenient.
No purple ones,
they're not for spending.
One minute, let's see
Here you go!
Oh! Blue!
Very nice! I haven't
seen them before!
Did they just come out? They're
even nicer than the purple ones!
Only you could say such a thing.
And where are you going,
just so I know?
The theatre.
Oh, damn! Austerity today, I see.
The economic crisis hit you too, huh?
What do you mean?
Well, from 500, we're down to 20.
No, what do you mean 20?
There are 100 of these,
just like the others.
Every little bundle has 100!
Well yes, but they have
one little difference.
Yes, these are blue!
Aren't they prettier?
No, that's not what I meant.
I mean
Leave it, my child,
you think she'll understand?
She likes them.
Do you like the blue ones, sweetie?
Very much!
There! She's happy.
Leave the madman to their madness.
Why didn't Spyros come?
He has a test tomorrow at university.
Let me ask.
Do you see anything interesting here?
But I don't understand
why you brought them.
They are producers.
Didn't you say that the theatre owner
is playing games with us?
Well, if they buy the theatre,
we're in the clear!
- Then I'll go talk to them!
- No, sit down!
They want to see the girls.
Let's start rehearsing immediately.
Yes, but no cast this time.
One girl limping is enough.
Ok, ok. We'll show the parts of
the play that we've done so far.
But we'd better show them
an improvisation first.
Very good idea!
I'll go tell the girls!
What improvisation should they do?
One in swimsuits, if possible?
Come on!
That one on the right
Identical to the daughter
of Fevronia-the-blind!
Ok, she's not good
for a beauty pageant.
Oh! Look at her
That one next to her though,
she's pretty!
The thin one with black hair.
Oh, her too, she's identical
with the one who married
the son of Takis-the-tight-fisted.
Jeez, Zouboulia, what kind of names do
they have in your village? Is it Indian?
The one with the white stocking?
That's a cast, mari, can't you see?
What white stocking?
Oh, sorry, I have trouble
seeing far away.
That's how it started
with Fevronia-the-blind, too.
She's a lovely girl, but
we can't send her there limping.
The little short one?
Doesn't she have a very
pretty face? She's so cute!
It's true, she's a lovely girl.
but she's not right for a beauty
pageant. She's short.
So what?
We want her for the Greek beauty
pageant, not the Japanese one.
They are not right for it!
They are not right for it, mari!
One is short, one is limping
you are all
seeds in the ground!
What's wrong with them,
did he spray them?
He says they're seeds
in the ground.
Okay, I can't see,
but you can't hear.
What do they call you in
your village, Zouboulia-the-deaf?
And, slowly, you sprout!
You grow
and you become proud,
spindly corn stalks!
Who are enjoying
the hot summer sun!
Bravo, bravo, excellent!
Now here comes the thresher
and cuts them all down,
because we don't want
any of them. Come on, let's go.
Spyros made the best decision,
not to come. Let's get out of here!
Where is that coming from?
Over here!
What is that?
A baglamas.
I like how you say it, as if it's the
most normal thing in the world!
Why, what's so abnormal about it?
What are you doing with
a baglama, grandma?
Child, didn't I tell you the other day
that I went with Theopoula
and we registered at the conservatory?
You don't pay attention
when I speak to you.
Well, I try, it's not always easy.
Well, we registered and
we started learning an instrument.
Why, grandma? What do you want
the conservatory for?
Is it so bad for us
to get into music?
Why didn't you go
to the church choir
so I don't have you
here all the time?
The church choir is passe!
I see we've mastered the French.
Exactly! That's why now we're
starting at the conservatory.
Any minute now, Theopoula
will be here for practice.
So, I'll be studying in my room and
you'll be here playing blaglamadakia?
We just have one baglama.
Theopoula isn't learning
the baglama.
What is she learning?
Not a chance!
I have exams, I have to
study, don't you understand?
It's not my fault, Spyro.
The midget has an ear infection
and she can't stand the noise.
All these years I've been waiting
for her to get sick and wouldn't.
Now she is! To kill her, or not
to kill her? To kill h-
Come on!
Grandma, forget it.
But she has an ear infection!
So do I need to have one too?
And where did you even get
the money to buy drums?
We sold the vineyards
in the village!
- The vineyards are gone!
- The vineyards are gone! The vin-
Theopoula, take your stuff
and get out now!
- And take Zampeta with you too!
- And where will we go?
To Vissi, to Vandi, to Kokkinou.
Just not here!
- Yes?
- Hi, it's Aggela.
What's up, did you find someone?
Nah. You?
For the beauty pageant, no.
For Eurovision, I have
something I could send you.
Where can I find her at home?
Is she going to fall from the sky?
If you hold it from the end,
it makes more noise!
- Yes.
- We're at Fotis', are you coming?
I wasn't going to, but the way
things are here, I'll come.
Bye now.
Didn't I tell you to stop?
The doorbell!
I'm going through hell!
Hello. I'm here
for the building fees.
Who is she?
Ask her and she'll tell you!
Why are you laughing? Who is she?
Does she live in this building?
She's the building manager's
She arrived last week
when you were camping.
Open the door! And ask
her what her name is.
Does she have a funny name?
No, no, my Spyro. But ask her.
Nice girl, huh?
Very nice!
And once she starts talking,
she'll be even nicer!
Is she dumb,
does she say stupid things?
No, no, my Spyro, she's fine!
Open the door at last!
Hi. As I said, I'm here
for the building fees.
Welcome, welcome, my girl!
Come in!
Come in, come in!
Hello. How are you?
I'm fine! You remember
Theopoula, right?
Yes, of course, we met the other day.
How are you, Mrs Theopoula?
Grandma, she speaks normally.
Just wait!
This is my grandson!
Er hi! I'm Spyros.
Nice to meet you!
What's your name?
And you turn.
Round and round, seven times.
And then
Up! Up! Up!
What are you doing?
Oh, er, nothing.
Spyros sent us a message.
And what is it?
"I'm coming right away.
I've found the perfect candidate,
but there is a tiny
little problem."
- What little problem?
- It doesn't say.
- Hello!
- Hiiii
- Is that her?
- Yes.
She's so beautiful! Like an angel!
What's your name, my girl?
What did she say?
She didn't say Amalia,
she said something else.
Yes, but she meant to say Amalia.
And then why didn't she say it?
Because she can't.
You're kidding.
Amalia, let me introduce you.
Fotis, Aggela, Dalia, Zouboulia.
Oh! There it is again!
How do you do that?
What are we going to do?
Again, my darlying, I miss you
Again you lyeave me
I wish you were here
If onlyi for one night.
Again, my darlying, you lyeave me
Again you avoid me.
Look at how good she is.
What a shame!
How unlucky this is!
And she sits so calmly.
She's obedient too. As soon as I told
her to come here she followed me.
- Then let's send her!
- Dalia, they'll reject her.
They'll reject her at the interview.
There's no way they'll let her
go talk like that on TV.
- You think?
- Hundred percent.
I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding
Without you I'm melting
I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding
You're all I want.
She sings the refrain just fine.
It doesn't have "nyi"
and "lyi", that's why.
Then let's make sure she doesn't
have to say "lyi" or "nyi".
- What do you mean?
- You'll see.
First of all, let's make sure
that she's willing to go.
What are you watching, Amalia?
What are you up to these days?
Nothing. I'm taking care of my
grandma, who's in the hospital.
Oh, what does she have?
Urolyimoxi [UTI]
It's so sudden, you don't
know when it's gonna hit you.
What about work?
Do you have a job?
No, but I'm thinking of doing
Oh, so you're interested
in modelling, you like it?
Polyi [very much].
Oh, Amalia, bless your heart.
Don't say "very much".
What should I say, a lyittle?
I like it very much.
Guys, it's insufferable.
She's the only one having a good
time. Stop laughing all the time.
She said two in a row,
did you hear?
I'll kill you! Stop laughing
or you'll pay for it.
Amalia, can you say "Giannis the
hydraulic [plumber] from Kozani"?
Giannyis the hydraulyic
from Kozanyi.
The next one.
Who is he?
You'll find all you need
in the folder.
As always.
You'll leave next week for
Thessaloniki, lay the groundwork,
and tell me when it will happen.
As quickly and as well as possible.
I don't want a single mistake
this time.
There won't be any mistakes,
I assure you.
What's going on
with the other issue?
We're close.
How close?
On Friday, we'll know.
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