In the Nick of Time (2005) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

Do you think it will work?
Why not? We'll prepare her well,
we'll make sure that there's neither
'n' nor 'l' in her speech.
Well, she'll qualify.
The question is, how can she
help us afterwards?
Why couldn't she? She's not dumb.
She's not Einstein! Will she be able
to get the information
we need from Zanna?
We have to find a way
to get into her space.
Her home, her studio?
Get her agenda maybe?
The waiter didn't know anything,
he was just a tool.
While she knows a lot!
She's reallyi involved!
Oops! There it is! There it is!
It's contagious, I know.
At the theatre today,
I said "Good mornying".
Is she here again?
What is she doing here?
I'm not stealing the show
from you, you idiot!
- As if I wanted to!
- Tart!
I'll beat your cousin up
one of these days.
Good, I'll record it on video
and keep rewatching it.
Foti, you are on air in 20''.
Oh, I forgot!
Aggela, you have to go.
Where are the others?
At their homes. As far as I know
Spyros would talk to Amalia.
Okay go now, go, go, go!
Three, two, one.
Ladies and gentlemen good evening.
I am Fotis Voulinos
and you are watching
the news bulletin
of Televoas at 14:00.
Good evening Frida.
If the guy is a moron
[In the nick of time]
At the kallyistia? [beauty pageant]
Yes. Just don't repeat that, please!
- Do you want to go?
- Ah yes, I reallyi do!
We'll help you as much
as we can, all 5 of us.
But then I want you to promise me
that you'll help us
with something too.
- Whatever you want.
- Well done Amalia!
I'll become a halyi [doormat].
Become a carpet.
We don't want a doormat.
Well, the first thing you need to do
is prepare for the interview.
We already have the good appearance,
we're not afraid there!
Thank you polyi [very much]!
During this interview
How can I put it now?
How many letters does
the Greek language have?
Well done, we only want 22 of them.
You didn't get it, that's okay,
you'll figure it out along the way.
Now tell me this, how good
are you at memorisation?
Can you memorise
multiple long pages?
By heart?
Oh, easilyi! In school, I knew
every nyi and every sigma
of the history book.
We only want sigma!
Don't you want nyi?
Bravo! You are gorgeous!
Okay, okay, sit down.
Now, we will prepare
for the interview!
You'll get this smashed
on the head!
Amalia, we already sent
the application
with your photo
and it was accepted.
Tomorrow we'll get the list
of the possible interview questions.
But we'll start studying these
from tomorrow.
Very good!
Until then we will prepare you
for the preliminaries.
That is, a short CV,
your hobbies, things like that.
Aggela took part in Star Peloponnisos
a few years ago
and is familiar with this.
- And where did she place?
- Nominated for elimination!
I also applied to Star Peloponnyisos
last year but they rejected me.
That's why we're here.
So that you're accepted this year.
So, let's start.
Where were you born?
In Tripolyi.
You will say Arcadia.
- Highlyand or lowlyand?
- Underwater!
Christ, can't you just say Arcadia?
Well, I want to be specific!
What does just "Arcadia" mean?
They'll ask me,
where exactly in Arcadia?
You don't want highlyand,
nor lowlyand, nor Tripolyi!
You're going to make me say that
I'm from Brazilyia! [Brazil]
- Favourite male singer?
- Kourkoulyis.
- You'll say Parios.
- Giannyis Parios?
Just Parios!
Favourite female singer.
Be careful. There are a million
you could choose from.
Vissi, Vandi,
Peggy Zina, Kokkinou.
- Marianda Pieridi.
- Haroula Alexiou.
Take this! Take this!
Come on now,
where is he?
Is this the one you
told me to bring you?
No, not this one,
but anyway.
- Where are you going?
- Nowhere, apparently.
We were going to meet up
at Fotis', but
- Who is Fotis?
- Don't worry about that!
But I can't leave!
He's made me an appointment
with some guy about some ships
and I have to sit here now
like an idiot waiting for him.
- Ms Dalia, he's coming!
- It was about time!
I must tell you that
Ms Hadjialexandrou
accepted this meeting
with great joy.
But, unfortunately she can only
speak with you
for 20 to 25 minutes, no longer.
Due to her workload!
Don't worry,
even one minute is enough.
Excuse me.
Oh, Mr Petropoulos.
One minute.
What will you do if it's her?
I'll have reached the end!
- Will you..?
- Of course not, in her house?
But if we find out that it's her,
others will take it from there.
If she calls the police?
She won't have time to do it,
I'll go in, see her and leave.
And what can she tell the police?
The car is stolen,
she doesn't know my real name,
she doesn't have any clues,
you understand?
You seem almost certain.
- That it's her?
- Yes.
I don't know why,
call it a hunch.
I've gotten close to them
so many times
that I think I'm starting
to feel them next to me.
I feel like I'm close,
you understand?
- Just
- What?
Go to the car
and wait for me.
- Why?
- I'll need cover.
If you see that I'm taking a while
it means something's gone wrong.
Excuse me, but it was urgent.
The gentleman?
I'd like to speak to
Ms Hadjialexandrou alone at first,
my assistant won't be necessary.
Let's just say that today
he's working as a driver.
- Alright, shall we go then?
- Let's go.
Ms Dalia?
Did the gentleman arrive?
He may come in.
You will go to the bedroom
and bring me my mobile.
Please go on in.
Good morning.
Dalia Hadjialexandrou.
Ms Dalia, he's coming!
It was about time!
Where is he? Where did you see him?
What's wrong?
- Ritsa?
- I'm Martha!
You're none of them.
- You're Dalia, undress!
- What?!
You'll pretend that you're me!
- Ms Dalia, have you gone mad?
- Undress now, come on!
I must tell you that
Ms Hadjialexandrou
accepted this meeting
with great joy.
But, unfortunately she can only
speak with you
for 20 to 25 minutes, no longer.
Due to her workload!
And what am I going
to say to him?
Anything, as long as he doesn't
see me. Jokes, proverbs, whatever!
But I don't know how
to act like you!
I'll sit there like an idiot and listen
to things I won't understand!
That's what I do! That's the role,
you've got it, don't worry!
And I have the food in the oven!
Leave the food now,
where are you, where are you?!
Excuse me.
Oh, Mr Petropoulos.
One minute.
And what will you do
if it's her?
I'll have reached the end!
And if he sees me?
What will he say?
The important thing is
that he doesn't see me!
Why are you struggling?
- I can't fit!
- Oh, my Ritsa!
You eat, my Ritsa,
why do you eat?
I told you I'm Martha!
Ok fine, get in there now and tomorrow
I'll put you all on a strict diet!
Marthas, Ritsas, Alexises, gardeners,
I'll have you on one rusk!
Because we need to hide and
we don't fit Martha, you understand?
- No!
- That's the spirit!
I feel like I'm close,
you understand?
- Just
- What?
Go to the car and wait for me.
- Why?
- I'll need cover.
If you see that I'm taking a while
it means something's gone wrong.
Excuse me, but it was urgent.
I'm ready, look outside,
what are they doing?
They're coming!
What will we do with Alexi?
If he sees me in your clothes,
he'll strangle me!
I'll deal with of him, come here.
Go and leave the door open.
Ms Dalia?
Did the gentleman arrive?
He may come in!
You will go to the bedroom
and bring me my mobile.
Tighter, tighter!
Please go on in.
Good morning!
Dalia Hadjialexandrou.
Good morning.
I'm very happy to meet you.
I am even happier!
What do you mean when you say
that he's a murderer?
I mean that he's a murderer.
That he kills people!
- And how do you know that?
- I know it!
Ms Dalia, you're out of your mind!
Maybe you've developed
a persecution complex?
You don't look so good.
Why, what's wrong with me?
The man is an economic advisor
of the company Lofin
a shipping company based in London!
Yes, right! And I'm
crazy-haired Cindy based in Ekali!
There, see? You're not okay!
You're saying gibberish!
Alexi, I don't care
if you believe me or not.
All I want is that
he leaves as soon as possible
without realising that we're hiding
something and without seeing me.
Can you help me? Yay or nay?
And how will this happen?
He's downstairs, waiting to talk to you.
Don't worry, he's not waiting
to talk to me.
He's already talking to me!
Look, I am incredibly rich!
And all these Latsides
and Niarhises and Giannes
compared to me, they're
running corner stores!
Of course, the girls
do whatever they can.
But what can you do?
- Do you understand me?
- Sure.
Alexis told me that
you have some ships.
I will gladly buy them, but
I don't want them to rock!
A few years ago I went to Mytilini,
to Saint Raphael.
In this rotten ship,
we were all going like this!
All of us on the ship
were holding a bag!
- Do you understand?
- I understand.
Other than that,
I don't have a problem!
However much they cost.
I'll buy 'em!
And danga-danga.
In cash!
I don't need a payment plan, nothing.
I don't like to gyp out.
You understand?
I'm making chicken,
with roasted potatoes!
I know, I spoke with the cook.
Ms Hadjialexandrou, you know,
she loves to help in the kitchen.
How is the meeting with
Mr Orfanopoulos going?
Are you having a nice chat?
Yes of course!
Mr Orfanopoulos, your wish
has been granted.
You spoke with Ms Hadjialexandrou.
Her schedule, of course,
is very busy.
- You understand.
- Of course.
I hope there is a continuation
to this first meeting
and that we'll ultimately reach
a beneficial agreement for both parties.
Yes, I also hope that.
I'll escort you out.
Goodbye. Come see us again.
He's gone.
How did it go?
I don't know Ms Dalia,
I just said whatever!
I may have also
bought some ships.
If you didn't want them and we
spent the money for nothing,
I don't know, take it
out of my pay!
What's that smell?
Oh dear! The chicken is burning!
The oven, the oven,
run and turn it off!
I'll do it.
What happened?
No joy.
- It wasn't her?
- No!
- Now what?
- I wish I knew.
Let's go.
Shhh, it's okay. Everything's okay.
Go away Ritsa, go away Ritsa!
- How many hours has she been asleep?
- Three already.
Maybe what you
gave her was too strong?
The Valeriana? It's herbal,
it doesn't have side effects!
Just to calm her down
so the anxiety goes away.
It was no small thing
she went through.
them going to her house
and looking for her.
If it had happened to me, there's
not a chance I'd have gotten away.
Even if I hid, Marinella would tell
them, "She's inside, get her!"
How did they get to her house,
can you tell me that?
Just like we're looking for them,
they're looking for us!
Yes, but how did they find Dalia?
You and Spyro, they'd seen in
the photograph, but Dalia?
That guy saw her at the campsite!
So? Is that a reason for him
to go to her house?
I don't know what to think either,
child, my brain's stopped working.
- If
- What?
Come on, say it!
I don't want us to stop.
Let me make that clear!
But I think that now
when she wakes up,
she'll realise what kind
of danger she was in
and most likely,
she'll back down.
And this time, I at least
won't try to change her mind.
Me neither.
If one of us leaves,
I'll leave too.
- You too?
- Yes.
All our strength is in
the fact that we're united.
If this is not the case anymore
Did you see what happened
in "Forbidden Love"?
In "Aspirations"?
We weren't watching TV.
And what have you
been doing all this time?
Did you at least get any
further with Amalia
or is she going to go to
the interview like that?
So, we're continuing?
Yes, but not right now, now
"Wedding ring on the right" is on!
Oh, "Wedding ring on the right"!
So we're continuing!
I reallyi like Katranyidis!
And quickly!
I want to thank
all of my admirers
who have been supporting
me all these years
and who I'm sure will
continue to support me
in this new attempt I am undertaking
in the area of morning shows.
So, "morning hangout with
the notes and coffee"
and we immediately go to
the next little song
to start our day!
- Miss Frida?
- Yes?
These came for you.
Oh my god, how lovely!
Let's see what the card says!
Good luck on your new beginning.
We are with you
for whatever you need,
the channel's director,
Thomas Voulinos!
Oh, how sweet,
thank you so much,
I don't believe it,
I'll cry!
What are you looking at me for?
I didn't send them!
I already told you what she's doing.
She's been sending flowers
to herself all morning.
So far she's accepted from Protopsalti,
from Alexiou, from Galani
It's your fault too though, Dad!
Why'd you give her
a three-hour morning show?
Oh, I'm a little tired.
Let me sit down here
next to the flowers from my friend,
Grigoris Arnaoutoglou.
Good luck to you too, my Grigori.
On your little show, which, from what
I hear, it's coming along nicely.
And you can be sure that,
since I love you so much,
I cannot be antagonistic towards you.
He isn't either, don't worry.
And now let's go
to the next phone line.
She said that if we let her
do the morning show,
she'll stop doing the news!
Rather than have her here
three times a day,
better to do three hours
in the morning only.
Yes but that way my schedule
is overloaded, Dad!
Will I do all the news
bulletins by myself?
So we'll get a new presenter!
If another woman comes here,
she'll drop dead!
No, she agrees as long as
she gets to choose her herself.
Oh I see!
She'll bring in some trash
so no one outshines her!
One minute Konstantina
from Petroupoli
because I see
another surprise!
What is this?
I don't believe it!
Let's see, who is it from?
Many wishes for
a great success
and I hope that the day
we collaborate comes soon.
With admiration, oh,
Marios Frangoulis!
Me too, Mario, me too,
thank you so much.
I love Marios Frangoulis, I love!
Oh, you've made it your
goal to make me cry today!
I'm onto you!
Oh, you are impossible!
Just you wait.
There's also an amazing
floral column
that has been here
since the morning.
And at this point I'd like to read
to you what is written on the card.
Although I am not in Greece,
Watch this!
because these days
I'm performing in America,
my heart and my
thoughts are with you.
Agni Baltsa.
Ladies and gentlemen,
what can I say after this!
Our little Agni is one
of the greatest voices
that this place has produced and
I can't!
I'll cry.
# Ah! The foreign lands
are enjoying her
# My precious
# My sweet smelling flower
# Softly, softly, softly and humbly
# Oh! Damn you, foreign lands
# My precious
- What did you do?
- You'll see!
Is the other thing fine?
I don't know!
Who is this girl you want
to do a screen test with?
You don't know her.
We might come by tomorrow.
Just don't let your cousin see her!
It's not a screen test for here.
She'll go to a beauty pageant
and we want to see
how she is on camera!
Ok then, bring her!
Just a moment!
That was a song for our Agni,
who is in foreign lands.
I was moved.
What's that?
Let me see.
My Frida, warm congratulations!
I can't wait to finally speak
with you face to face.
Maria Callas.
Who sent that?!
Mesologgi? No way, Popi.
How can I go on trips while
I work for this witch?
We've got our hands full here.
They made her director of the beauty
pageant and I'm up to my neck!
Because she is involved in everything.
You can't even imagine
the contacts she has!
I'm hanging up, she's coming!
- You are eating biscuits!
- Me?
Open your mouth. I said open it!
Open it or there'll be hell to pay!
Spit it out!
I've said it a million times,
you can't bring food in here.
And you brought biscuits.
I smelled them from the elevator!
Only dogs can smell their biscuits.
Are you talking back?
In my free time.
I'll cut out your free
time. Come inside.
Get up!
Go on, I'm coming!
Tell me, what's new?
I spoke with the organisers of the
pageant and they told me
Jesus Christ and Mary,
did I tell you to sit?
- No.
- Then get up.
I spoke with the organisers of the
pageant and they suggested
that the selection of the finalists
be carried out
at the Paladium cinema, in Halandri.
And they want to know
if you agree.
When I was little
I watched Gremlins there.
Will I see them there
again this year?
What should I tell them?
Tell them that I don't intend
to go to Halandri.
They'll come here, so it's easier.
Ok. They also asked how many
production assistants
you want them to send on
the day of the auditions.
- What assistants?
- Assistants.
Do you know how many
hours this thing will last?
If you need something,
coffee, food, anything.
Oh, this kind of assistants!
Tell them none.
I want you to suffer
doing everything yourself!
Did you mention the
issue with the jury?
Yes, they don't agree.
They say that the whole jury must
be present during the selection.
Well, they will be present,
did you explain that to them?
As I said, at the first meeting
with the nobodies it will just be me,
and then we'll all watch
the cassette with the interviews
and pick out the 40.
Yes, they don't agree.
Fine, let me talk to them and
you'll see if they agree or not!
- Anything else?
- No.
Great, I want my coffee,
my croissant, and my cheesecake.
What are you looking at me for?
Didn't you say that you'd cut out
the croissant and cheesecake?
I said that I won't eat them,
not that you won't bring them.
Just because I'm on a
diet, that doesn't mean
that I'll pay you for nothing.
You'll go every morning
across the street and bring them!
Maybe I should also take
your dog on a walk,
the one who died last year?
Take it out on a walk? No.
But to go and find it? Yes!
You think you're so funny!
If I wanted a funny secretary,
I'd have hired Woody Allen.
It'd have made the place
more beautiful too.
But I keep you because you
are so unlikable, that
it must have a use
for me at some point.
I just haven't discovered it yet.
The photographs with the so-called
contestants, are they all in here?
- Yes.
- Great, get out of my sight.
Oh my, awful, awful, awful!
The ragtag and bobtail!
Foti, what a nice girl this is!
You see?
So you're prepping her
for the beauty pageant, huh?
She's adorable!
And of course, the people
with her are very fine!
Oh, thank you.
Maybe we could have her
do a screen test for the news?
She's not Leave it, Dad,
she's no good as a presenter.
Why is she no good? Look at
how great she looks on camera!
And what will she call
Karamanlis? Kostakis?
I'm telling you, she's no good!
Are you her agent?
Did he call me an agenda?
Yes, er, in a way.
Well, I'm glad to see that my son
socialises with estimable persons.
He's an exceptional young man,
I wish you the best with him.
I raised him as well as I could.
He lost his mother when
he was very little.
Oh, you're a widower?
I'm a widow too.
Zouboulia, are you hitting
on Fotis' dad?
- Me?
- What?
Nothing, nothing.
What were you saying?
Can't I see the monyitor?
You'll see the monitor. But first
we need to see what colour looks best
on you on camera because there
will be cameras where you're going!
There will onlyi be cameras
at the final night.
Oh you know everything! There'll be
cameras at the first phase too, Amalia.
They'll be taping you
during the interview!
Well, I think that a woman ought
to have an earthy beauty.
Zouboulia, you found a boyfriend!
You, for example
It's a good thing.
Yes, you know, that's why
so many guys go for her!
Stop mari! Don't be so obvious!
Go on, go on!
Where are you, Dracula, you'd blow
a fuse! What were you saying?
I was saying that it's surprising,
so many years a widow
why haven't you made the
decision to find a companion?
To walk alongside you on
this arduous path we call life?
And which maybe,
will tire you with its
unyielding travel uphill, but
there is always a spring
with gargling water
and some shade for someone
to sit and rest!
Especially when that
someone is you.
Yes, yes.
I didn't quite understand it all
but the general idea
sounded pretty good.
Really, with my dad?
With my dad?
My Foti, I didn't do anything.
Come on now Zouboulia,
the truth is that
you led him on.
Don't talk, you, because you
started it! She started it!
Don't worry,
it will be her turn soon.
You little sneak!
You, continue.
I'm telling you the truth,
I was quiet.
I didn't say anything.
He called me earthy.
- What's earthy?
- It means you're from the earth.
- What earth?
- The earth!
Why, where does he
think I'm from, Mars?
Good grief! Is this what
he called me? And I was happy!
Oh, so you were happy!
You admit it!
It was happy hahaha.
Happy, it's just an expression!
I was happy I mean, that
I found a person to talk to.
About the planets?
Not about the planets,
about, er, about life.
- On other planets.
- You, don't speak!
Well, what else is there,
we just sat there and talked.
That's not what I saw!
I admit that
Maybe there was a
an interest, an affinity.
With my dad?
With my dad?!
What can I say, this should
be made into a TV series!
Oh, it has!
With Markoulakis, Hilakis and Koulieva.
I watched it, it was really good.
You were Markoulakis, Zouboulia was
Hilakis and your dad was Koulieva.
Are you nervous, Amalia?
About the beauty pageant?
No, not at all!
In anyi case, I've got the look.
That's what the guys told me.
But you're a little scared
about the interview, huh?
No, the interview
is my strong point!
Really? Well done, well done!
Would you like me
to bring you anything?
- A lyittle water, if you could.
- Right away.
Oh, she fainted.
Mr Thoma, this girl fainted!
So, Amalia
these here are the
questions for the interview.
They're fifty standard questions.
As you can imagine, there's quite a few.
Even better!
Why better?
So you can put us through the mill?
So the other girls
will have a hard time.
Trust me, the other girls
won't have trouble at all.
We're the ones who
will be run ragged.
Today, you'll look at them alone
and tomorrow we'll test you.
We'll look at them together,
both the questions and your answers.
Well, Spyros will, because
I barely passed middle school.
What's up with you,
why aren't you talking?
It's too quiet.
No drums,
no balgamades.
Plus, they haven't even come
to see what we're doing.
Your grandma and her friend?
Your answers need
to be such that
your problem won't be apparent!
What problyem?
Never mind. Learn it by heart
the way we write it for you,
and God help us.
I'll just be a minute.
Where are they?
Is Karatzaferis coming?
Why are you dressed like this?
Greece is playing today.
We're going to the match
with Georgia!
Mary and God forbid!
What's wrong again?
Okay grandma, let's say you're crazy
and want to go see the match.
Why are you dragging Theopoula
along to all this?
You're taking on a responsibility,
don't you understand?
But we decided it together,
she wants to come!
- Theopoula wants to see the match?
- Yes
I'll be damned if Theopoula even
knows who's playing today!
Nikopolidis, Kapsis,
Seitaridis, Dellas,
Kyriakos, Katsounaris,
Okay, enough.
- And centre forward, Vryzas!
- Vryzas!
I said enough!
- Sit.
- But
No "but", sit.
You will not go to the stadium.
- Why not?
- Because I won't allow it.
I forbid you to go
to the stadium!
Nice way to treat the
woman who raised you.
The woman who raised
me has also aged.
And she'd better realise that she's not
at the age to be going to stadiums!
- Really?!
- Yes, really!
If there are any violent episodes,
how will two women all alone
protect themselves?
But we won't be alone.
Of course not!
There will be another 30,000 people
cursing and yelling!
And I repeat, you don't care
about yourself.
If anything happens, Theopoula's
son and daughter-in-law
- The short one!
- The short daughter-in-law, yes.
What will we tell them?
Oh, sorry, she got hit on the head
by a firework?
Theopoula knows to be careful
and to protect herself.
And anyway she'll do
whatever she wants.
Thank god,
she's sharp as a tack!
But Spyro, we won't have to get mixed up
with that many people anyway.
We'll be with Georgia!
- What?!
- No, my Theopoula.
We're supporting Greece!
Yes, I know!
But didn't you say that we're going
to the stadium with Georgia?
Wait a minute!
This is getting interesting!
Tell me, Theopoula,
since you're sharp as a tack,
which Georgia are you talking about?
The one who owns the kiosk
across the street.
- Not
- Don't speak!
You mean Mr Vaggelis' wife, right?
Yes. That's why I bought her
a coffee machine.
Her daughter got married and
I never got her a gift.
There you go.
My Theopoula, I meant Georgia
the country, not the shop owner!
- Really?
- Really.
Go remove the paintings now.
Oh, my sweet Mary! Thankfully!
I was scared to death!
What you told me that we'd go
to the match with her
I wanted to tell you that
she's bad luck.
Last year, during the Euro,
we saw just one match
together and we lost.
The one with Russia.
Oh, now I feel better.
Okay, let's go.
I'll leave the coffee machine here,
I'll give it to her tomorrow.
Did you understand?
I'll go get my camera
so we can get a picture with Otto!
Do you think they'd let us
into the changing rooms?
Pepita, you seem troubled. Why?
Maybe I need to speak to Consuela,
and tell her what really happened
that night with Alfonso.
That's the only way this
misunderstanding will be solved.
But I don't really know
if I should do that.
Here! Idiot!
For ten episodes
we've been begging you
to talk to Consuela
and you're dawdling.
Let me see now, where do
they shoot this series?
I'll just buy it and put
everything in order finally.
Hi. It's me.
Hi Foti, how is it going?
What? She doesn't
understand the questions?
We haven't even gotten
to the questions yet!
We've encountered an
insurmountable problem!
- What problem?
- Not a chance!
Amalia get it together,
I'll slap you!
Are you crazy?
I'll go in, they'll tell me
good mornying
and I won't say anything back?
I'll say good mornying too!
We told you, you'll say
hi, how are you?
I'll say good mornying.
Bad, cold and horrible.
- Hear that?
- I hear it.
What about the other thing
we wanted you to ask?
I'm waiting now for Alexis
to get back to me.
Listen, my Foti.
Give Zouboulia a call, she's upset.
I won't call her.
Come on, my Foti!
I said no!
So, I'll hang up
because we've got work.
What happened, did you ask?
- I asked.
- And what did they tell you?
There is no representative
called Orfanopoulos
at the company Lofin in Greece.
Oh, you see now?
When I told you that he wasn't here
for work, you didn't believe me!
Did you check the office
where you met?
The office no longer exists.
It was a rented space
and now it's empty.
So there's no way for
us to locate him?
Unfortunately, none.
Oh, if I'd been in charge of it!
But I have to do everything
myself in here!
I won't reply to that!
- Do you want anything else?
- Yes.
Look here.
"The tears of Consuela".
Find where they're shooting
the series and buy it for me.
The series?
The series, the studio,
the channel it's on.
Just find what's needed and buy it.
The situation with Pepita
has become unbearable.
And you'll buy a TV channel
in Mexico? What for?
What, the tube in Kyrgyzstan
you made me buy,
what do I do with it?
This is an investment too.
Go now!
Good morning, Pepita!
Did you call me?
Yes Consuela, I wanted to talk
to you about something
but I changed my mind.
Ah! Your days in there
are numbered, my Pepita!
Oh what's happened to me!
I'll go mad, I'll go mad!
Lia, stop pacing in circles in
the living room and sit down.
Mari, I can't sit down right now.
I am in a state to jump
into the sea and drown!
- I'll call a radio taxi.
- How insensitive are you?
I told you, I lost my wallet,
I had 110 euros in there!
That's nothing!
That's nothing, she says.
I had everything in there, my ID,
a photograph of Haralambos.
I lost Haralambos,
I lost the photograph too.
That really is tragic,
because I don't think
you'll find either
of the two again.
What do you mean?
You had a man and you lost him.
I'm sure you don't expect
to find a second one!
What are you saying, mari?
All I have to do is this
and ten will show up!
And for your information,
I had a conquest the other day.
Right! You didn't just lose your
wallet, you lost your mind too.
Who is it?
You think it's the ten men
you're waiting for?
Who is it?
Zouboulia, it's Thomas,
Fotis' dad.
Now I'll show you!
Hello, how are you?
I'm so happy to see you again.
Me too!
You forgot your wallet
at the channel.
Oh my god, thank you!
Channel? Do you
work at a TV station?
Not exactly, I am
the owner of a TV station.
Oh, the owner, I see, come in.
Marilena Dorkofiki.
Thomas Voulinos.
I'm very happy to meet
you, Mr Voulinos.
And I think that we're obliged
to reciprocate
your polite gesture
with our hospitality.
Please, sit down.
Could it be the case?!
Question 22.
What is the role of the modern
Greek woman in today's society?
And how much do you think it's
changed in the past few years?
The modern Greek woman
[synchronyi Ellinyida],
has made very large steps
of progress
in today's society
[simerinyi kinonyia].
She engages in polyitics,
which is very important
for a woman to have her
own voice in Parlyiament.
And she does [kanyi] jobs that
she could not do in the past!
- Are you done?
- Yes!
How many?
Six "lyi" and eight "nyi" in just
one answer, that's a record!
How do we fix all these now?
Why are you annotating
my answers?
We like them a lot, that's why.
Guys, this one specifically
is impossible to fix!
What can I change here?
How will she say modern? [synchroni]
How will she say
Greek woman [Ellinida]?
How will she say society [kinonia]?
- Leave it.
- You'll find something!
You'll replace all the words
that have "lyi" and "nyi".
You've got university education!
I'm studying accounting at university,
not "Find the word".
And remember that we haven't even
solved the most basic problem yet.
How will she introduce herself?
Will she go in there
and say Amalyia?
Guys, isn't there a
nickname for Amalia?
Nickname for Amalyia?
Amalyitsa and Lyitsa.
You want her to say one of those?
God forbid.
Too American.
- I don't like Emmy.
- Me neither.
I don't lyike it very much either.
We didn't ask you!
Melio is not a nickname for Amalia.
What is that? Ama?
I don't know, the first half of
her name, it's original.
That's not a name. "Ama"?
What does "Ama" mean?
Of course, of course, Thailand,
the Far East, Tierra del Fuego!
Oh, I've gone on a lot of trips!
I'm really fascinated with travel.
How about you?
God forbid, it's so much trouble!
Two years ago, I went to Bulgaria
with Fofoka and Vaggelio.
Vaggelio lost the key to her suitcase,
when she needed to change her pants,
we had to call a locksmith.
What do you expect, if a person
doesn't have the gene for adventure!
I'm telling you about the key, mari!
What gene?
With my first husband,
he was a diplomatic attache
Oh, I hope I'm not boring you?
But what are you saying, I'm hanging
on to your every word.
I'll hang you somewhere else soon,
both you and her!
Let me tell you, Marinella.
Come here a minute.
- Is it necessary?
- Very!
My Thoma, I'll be back soon.
Tell me co-mother-in-law,
what do you want now?
Shall I grab you by the hair
and rip it out?
I don't understand, why are
you all worked up, Lia?
You don't understand?
Thomas came here for me.
Oh, yeah? Doesn't seem like it!
How could it, when
you're hogging him!
Well, he doesn't seem to mind.
And to be honest, I find him
particularly alluring.
He reminds me of my third husband!
What third one? That one was fat.
The third from the end, Lia.
I'm going now, because I've
left him alone all this time.
Oh, there's going to be
blood spilled in here.
You want war, Marinella?
You'll have war!
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