In the Nick of Time (2005) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

[In the nick of time]
When did you come back
from Thessaloniki?
- The day before yesterday.
- I see.
And what do you want
from me now?
We need to talk.
When do you have time?
Never! Today we start the preparation
for the beauty pageant.
- I'm up to my neck.
- It's important. Very important.
I see.
Ok, I will call you in the evening.
What was that noise?
Nothing, something fell down.
And I don't think
it will stand up again.
At what time
should I expect your call?
After 10. Bye.
- What news?
- All good.
I know that you do it,
so why do you do it?
What? I just tripped.
Yes, sure!
What time will they come?
In half an hour
the first 20 will arrive.
They will be coming in, 5 at a time.
- How many are they all together?
- 487.
Oh! You are throwing me
to the wolves!
How do you know?
Stop, mari! She doesn't mean that.
Why, Amalia?
Didn't you want to go
to the beauty pageant?
But now I'm afraid.
I don't remember the answers.
You were studying them for ten days.
How can you not remember them?
I get confused the way
you've written them.
Why not say it the way I know it?
Ah, I'll grab you by your hair,
and also the sour one at home.
The other one I can't
because he doesn't have hair.
- Who are you talking about?
- Leave me alone, I have issues.
Even if I didn't tell you.
First of all, why did you give
your dad my address?
He forced me to,
because he wanted to hand over
the wallet to you himself.
- Which wallet?
- You, don't talk!
Because you fired me up.
I've been nicely asleep for so long.
"Zouboulia, you found a boyfriend".
Zouboulia, are you ok?
No, my Spyro.
I have issues, many issues!
Ok. Shall we solve
our main issue first?
And we can discuss the rest later.
What's wrong?
I can't say it the way you wrote it.
I will become the laughing stock.
This will happen
if you say it your way.
Aggela, stop it!
What's difficult for you? Tell me.
It's a lot. I don't remember it all.
Which question can't you remember?
Spyro, there's no use. She has
to be there in half an hour.
I'm gonna flip out! I stayed up
all night for two days to write them.
Amalia tell us which questions
get you confused!
I'm not confused by the questions.
It's the answers that confuse me.
Bring me the sheets, sweetie,
because you'll drive me crazy.
Let's see what confuses you
after all.
I don't have my glasses with me.
You, take them.
And ask her a question, because
I think we did all this for nothing.
- A random one. This one.
- Yes.
question 22.
What is the role of the modern
Greek woman in today's society?
And how much do you think it's
changed in the past few years?
The modern Greek woman
[synchronyi Ellinyida],
has done
We said, "The women in our country".
Not the modern Greek woman.
I couldn't remember it.
Guys, she's scared to death.
How will we send her?
And she has been playing cool
for so many days!
Ask her an easy question,
so she can answer
- and get some confidence.
- Yes.
So, dear Amalia,
forget 22.
Let's move to
- to 38, which is easy.
- Yes.
So. Which of the previous winners
of the Star Hellas competition
stands out and why.
- All previous Star Greeces were
- What Star Greeces, Amalia!
We already had the known problem,
will we be afraid of grammar now?
Amalia, focus!
We're under pressure.
Again? You have gone 5 times
since morning.
She didn't study them,
I'm sure of it!
I stayed up all night
for two days to write them.
And there's the other thing,
Amalia already panicked
at the idea of the interview.
What will happen if she qualifies?
How do we send her to spy on Zanna?
She will die of her fear.
And she'll be right!
She's good-natured so we involved her.
We'll get her into trouble.
You think we expose her to danger?
It's ok for us, we're used to it.
But why her?
I stayed up all night
for two days to write them.
Ok, we said that already.
I suggest we leave her alone
and we will find another way
to approach Zanna.
I agree. If anything happens to her,
it'll be on our heads.
- I agree.
- Me too.
I stayed up all night
for two days to write them.
Well, go for Star Hellas yourself then,
since you already know them!
How are you, my Amalia?
Sit down, we want to talk to you.
I want to talk to you too.
No, we will talk to you first.
I will go.
I will go.
I'm fine now.
I will go.
Are you sure?
Excuse me, can I ask something?
Why do they all come out crying?
The good thing is that they are
coming out alive. Crying is unimportant.
Once the next one comes out,
it's your turn.
The next ones and quickly!
Go on in.
They go like sheep to the slaughter.
I signed up because I believe
that the institution of beauty pageants,
showcases female beauty.
- And if I become Star Hellas
- I'll be damned! Allez!
Well, what have we here?
- Good morning!
- To you too!
My name is Evelyn, I'm from Patra
and I am 24 years old.
Without VAT I imagine!
- Excuse me?
- Allez!
Good morning.
Are you still here?
- What's your name?
- Emmy.
Here, it says Amalia.
Yes, they just call me Emmy
since I was a kid.
I see.
In any case, I'll call you Amalia.
As you wish.
In regards to appearance, not that
you are anything special
but among the blind,
better the one-eyed.
Did you study at all the questions
given to you by the press office?
Yes, I had a look.
Is there a question
that was difficult for you?
Well, a couple.
Which one gave you the most trouble?
So that I won't ask it.
So if I tell you,
you won't ask that to me?
No. Because I liked you.
Is there such a question?
Yes. Number 22.
What is the role of the modern
Greek woman in today's society?
And how much do you think it's
changed in the past few years?
This one?
I see.
What is the role of the modern
Greek woman in today's society?
And how much do you think it's
changed in the past few years?
Are you deaf?
I mean
That's what you're asking me?
I am listening.
The modern Greek woman
[synchronyi Ellinyida],
has made very large steps
of progress
in today's society
[simerinyi kinonyia].
She engages in polyitics,
which is very important
for a woman to have her
own voice in Parlyiament.
And she does [kanyi] jobs that
she could not do in the past!
Women in our country
have managed to change
a lot of things in recent years.
They participate in civic life
and have attained positions
that it was once utopian
to even think about.
Nevertheless, I don't think that
the gap between the two genders
has been bridged in Greece.
Even more so if we consider the
situation in other European countries.
As in Scandinavia, where women have
the same rights as men, if not more.
Ms Ioannou, just a minute
to change the tape.
Yes please do it, young man.
Yes. Very nice answer Amalia.
I think we will meet again.
Ah! I am reallyi grateful!
What did you just say?
Just now, what did you say to me?
I thanked you for your kind words.
Ok, ok. Go!
- Goodbye!
- Goodbye.
What do we have here?
Which number are you?
102. And where do you come from?
- From Volos.
- From Volos!
- Do you live there?
- Yes.
And how did you come to Athens?
Do you drive or you took the bus?
By bus, this morning.
And what time will the next bus
to Volos leave?
At three.
You can be there just in time.
Out, now!
- Whose is that?
- Mine.
- Ah! Will you build?
- Ah! I can't.
Ah! And how did I build then?
Ah! Listen to me for a moment
because I am at the end
of my tether.
- Shall I make you chamomile tea?
- No.
Look at me, look here
so we can understand each other.
You see these little houses, little houses,
little houses. These are all yours.
And the money in your hands
is also yours.
- Yes.
- Yes.
And as for the rest,
only this hotel is mine.
But no soul has visited
for the last 40 rounds.
- Ah!
- So, me, money, zilch!
The little house here is mine
but I have mortgaged it.
I've been in prison
for four rounds now.
And that's good because
if I go out, wherever I go I'll pay.
- Whom?
- You!
Unless I roll 30 and go straight
to the start.
But only you can roll 30
with two dice.
The only one out of the four
who has 20 euros is me.
Ah! Well done!
He secretly took it from the bank
when you weren't looking.
So since you who saw him,
why didn't you say anything?
Because we also stole
some earlier, but no luck!
So who is winning?
Ah! I will have that chamomile!
You, my Dalia,
who have all the money.
So the goal is to raise money?
Aaah! Stupid game!
"The widows are crying,
the married women are crying too."
It's Amalia.
Shall I divide it into 5,
so that everyone have some?
No, because we did this
in the previous game
and it ended up with you again.
Real money, fake money, everything.
She pulls it like a magnet.
Tell me about it!
What happened Amalia?
How did it go?
Very well!
Really? What did they ask you?
About the modern Greek woman!
They asked you about the modern
Greek woman and you did very well?
- Yes!
- Are you sure?
And they even told me that
the results will be out in one week.
- Well done Amalia!
- Thanks!
What are you doing here?
We are playing a board game.
Do you want to play with us?
Yes, I do.
# Beautiful world in the morning
- Very nice.
- Come on, we'll finally play.
A few words about our favourite
game, the lighters.
Since we introduced it,
you are crazy about it.
- Find the lighter that works.
- Where is the lighter?
And what will be our prize today?
It's a big prize. A trip to Paris
for two people for four days.
Paris is my favourite
at this time of the year.
Tres bien! Tres bien!
I prefer London.
- What did you say now?
- I prefer London.
Come on, they are waiting
on the line.
So let's go and see which lady
is on the line.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- How are you?
- Very well!
- What's your name?
- Sophia.
- Mrs Sophia, are you well?
- Very well!
- I wish you all the best too.
- Thank you.
- And to give us beautiful gifts.
- Thank you very much.
Mrs Sophia, just a moment, to see
which lady will be your opponent.
Because it's mostly ladies
that play in our game.
I am sure it will be a lady.
Good morning!
Good morning.
- Good morning!
- Good morning!
Which lady do we have
on the other line?
What's your name?
Theopoula? Strange name.
You have a very nice name!
Thank you, my girl.
You are also a tall girl!
So, it's Mrs Sophia and
Mrs Theopoula.
Mrs Sophia, have you been
to Paris before?
No, but I really want to go.
Mrs Sophia, there is feedback
from your TV, turn it down a bit.
- Mrs Theopoula, you too.
- What should I do?
- Did you turn your TV down?
- I switched it off before I came up.
I don't know if the midget switched
it on again downstairs. Maybe.
She said she would cook
but who can trust her?
What are you saying, Theopoula?
She means, MY TV!
- No, she was asking about mine.
- Trust me on this!
Say that you turned it down.
I turned it down, I turned it down!
They must not understand that
we are sitting next to each other.
This way, it doesn't matter who wins.
We'll go to Paris together.
Mrs Sophia, if you win
who will you go to Paris with?
With my grandson.
I just had to say something,
We'll go together,
but I couldn't tell them.
You, Mrs Theopoula?
Say, with your husband.
- But he's not alive.
- Yes, but they don't know that.
With my husband.
Is your husband watching
the show right now?
Mmm, maybe yes, maybe not.
So your husband is not with you
at the moment?
No, no.
If I may ask,
how old is your husband?
- If he were alive he would be 75.
- What are you saying, Theopoula!
- It's true.
- You shouldn't have said that.
What do you mean Mrs Theopoula?
Say that you were joking.
Okay, I was just joking.
Mrs Sophia, do you have a good
feeling that you will win the prize
and that you will go to Paris?
I don't know if I win.
But I am sure that I'll go to Paris!
Where you're calling us from?
From Patisia.
And you, Mrs Theopoula?
- Don't say Patisia too.
- What should I say?
- Somewhere else, not near here.
- From Japan!
- What are you saying, Theopoula?!
- What, farther?
From where?!
Kalithea, Kalithea.
Kalithea, Kalithea.
Thank goodness!
Are you ready to play?
Yes, yes, yes!
Well, Mrs Sophia, choose a pair.
You and Sissy.
Aaah! Nice.
So Mrs Theopoula,
me and Rania will play for you.
Well, what can we do?
I'll get the leftovers!
Well, the team that finds the lighter
that works wins. Okay?
- Okay.
- Good.
- Are you anxious?
- Very much. I really want to win.
Me too, me too!
- Good.
- Good.
So are we ready?
The control room is ready.
Music please, I will start,
me for a few seconds,
then you for a few seconds.
The guys for a few seconds and then
the girls. First the guys.
Come on, sit down.
Mrs Sophia, say: three, two, one, go,
so the music starts.
Three, two, one, go!
What did we say that
they are looking for?
The lighter that works.
We found it!
We found it, Mrs Theopoula.
Well done!
You won Mrs Theopoula!
Well done!
Are you going to find your husband
now and tell him?
Knock on wood, jinx!
Please, won't you give me any gift,
since I didn't win the prize?
We will give you one Mrs Sophia.
A dishwasher for Mrs Sophia!
Tell me, my Grigori.
Isn't it possible to give me two?
Why two?
Give me two, and I'll find
a way to use them.
Two dishwashers for Mrs Sophia!
Mrs Theopoula, how do you feel
about winning?
The dishwasher?
What are you saying? The trip!
Ah! I am very happy.
Finally! Because you must know that
we, the elderly, have been completely
marginalised in this country.
How long will we live
on the sidelines?
They cut our pension,
they cut our medicine,
- they cut
- Don't say it!
our pension's lump sum.
Ok then, Mrs Sophia, take care,
with the two dishwashers,
it's ok that you didn't win
the trip, some other time.
As for you Mrs Theopoula, have
a nice trip and have a good time!
- Goodbye!
- Bye!
My Theopoula, we won!
We will go to Paris,
we will go to Paris.
We also won the dishwasher.
- Hi.
- Hi.
What are you doing?
What can we do, my little Spyro?
- Here, we embroider.
- Well done!
Did anything happen
while I was gone?
Nothing. Nothing.
Ah! Amalia stopped by.
What did she want?
I don't know, she left something
for you in your room.
Pepe el Romano is 25 years old
and the most handsome man
of our village.
It would be fitting if he wanted
you Amelia, or our Adela.
But not the ugliest woman
in the house.
Were you playing
with the chickens again?
What did you want me to do?
If mother saw you like this
she would rip your hair out.
I had so many dreams
about this dress!
It's very beautiful.
Did the chickens like it too?
My legs are full of fleas.
Why am I saying this?
- What?
- About the fleas.
- That the chickens gave you fleas.
- What chickens?
You were supposed to be in the
coop playing with the chickens.
Ah! I was playing
with real chickens.
Because for so long I thought
I was referring to them!
She's talking about us!
Okay then, that's why I was
so annoyed when I entered.
Because I thought that I was out
with them. I am talking about you.
No my Aggela, you were alone.
Let's do it again.
And with more enthusiasm this time.
You are a young girl, in love.
And you have just put on
a new dress.
You must look excited,
jumping up and down with joy.
- About the dress?
- About everything.
Why can't I play the maid,
who is lame and sits all the time?
You made me play the wacky one!
Adela is wacky?
If you say that she's jumping
because she sewed a dress!
Why? Was she starkers?
Come on Aggela, language!
A little respect for the script.
I didn't say anything about the script.
I was talking about the weird one.
Amalia qualified to the 40 finalists!
- Really?
- Yes, at the moment she is at Zanna's
- for the first rehearsal.
- Perfect.
Give it here.
Hi! It's me, what
are we going to do now?
let Dalia and Zouboulia know,
because I'll be on air.
And we'll meet tonight at home
to think about it.
Uncle, how can be possible
for me to be in a DIY show?
My audience will see me and say,
Frida, why did you play
a decorative chick?
Why are you so happy?
Do you remember Amalia,
who came here the other day?
- Yes, I remember her.
- The one who was a bit?
Yes. This "one who was a bit"
made it to the 40 finalists
of this year's beauty pageant.
I sent her!
What? And you didn't say
anything to me?
She is right, Foti. You should have
told your cousin to go too.
In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go.
Ladies and Gentlemen, here
we are again with the DIY show.
Alongside me, Fotis and Frida.
Today we will make a wonderful
bedside table together.
And you will see how simply
we will build it.
- Do we have our tools in the bag?
- Of course!
Tell us Frida, what will we need?
A screwdriver,
a pair of pliers,
and an adjustable wrench.
- What happened?
- She threw the wrench down!
She'll throw the key down.
- Who?
- Amalia.
Foti! Foti!
So, Amalia walks into Zanna's
office, takes the keys
- Are you taking notes?
- Yes.
throws them from the balcony
and we get them.
- And what do we do with them?
- Stew!
What do you think?
We have spare keys cut.
How will Amalia get
into Zanna's office?
She'll go to her rehearsal
earlier than usual.
So, while Zanna is rehearsing
with the previous girl,
Amalia will have the time to get into
the office and get the keys.
I have one thing to say,
MacGyver lives!
- Thanks!
- And her secretary?
She is mostly away, Zanna always
sends her on errands.
- You are impossible!
- Shh!
We are trying to find a way
Don't, don't! I'll put it on mute!
There it goes!
But we have to put the keys back.
Because if she realises
that they are missing
suspicions will fall on Amalia,
once she'll be alone in the office.
- Thanks.
- No worries.
MacGyver is dead.
If we throw them back to her?
The studio is on the 5th floor.
Then Amalia will throw us a rope!
- What?!
- Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
She'll have a rope with her.
And after we have the keys cut,
she'll throw it to us, we'll tie them
on it and she'll pull them up.
Wow! Perfect!
- It's good, what I thought. Right?
- How nice!
It's good, what I thought.
It sounds good to me.
It's good, what I thought.
It's good. Will Amalia
agree to do all this?
Why wouldn't she accept?
Since she promised us.
I don't know.
Now that she qualified, she may
have other things on her mind.
What other things?
Good evenying! My name is
Amalyia Antonopoulou
and I come from
the beautiful Greece!
I didn't say that well.
I'll do it one more time.
Good evenying! My name is
Amalyia Antonopoulou
and I represent the beautiful
island of Greece!
Eh? Eh?
Better now, eh?
And I am thinking of throwing down
the pitcher at the end,
to make more of an impression.
In Miss Unyiverse.
Ah right! She's lost it.
Mari! Until yesterday you were
hearing "beauty pageant"
and were running to the bathroom.
Now you are dreaming
of Miss Universe?
Why not? Since I'll win.
I saw the other girls.
I am both smart and a doll!
What progression for Amalia!
Let me tell you, doll.
Greece is not an island.
No, but it has a lot.
Do you lyike the Arvanyitissa outfit?
- I also have from Thrace, Epirus
- And Columbine.
No, from Manyi.
Well, sit down now and let us
tell you what we want from you.
Sit down, mari.
Put the pitcher down.
Focus, because I have
work to do later.
What work?
I have left the baby home alone.
Didn't you say you got a nanny?
Ah! I get it.
Congratulations, did you make it?
It is very tasty!
Thank you very much,
of course I made it.
No one else cooks in this house.
The truth is that Lia is
very good in the kitchen.
I still don't know why she goes
to the rest of the rooms.
So you're a widow too Mrs Marilena?
Yes. Marinella has buried
a lot of people.
Be careful not to be next.
What did you say?
Nothing, nothing.
Tell us about the channel.
How did you decide to get
involved in mass media?
Is your domain really
that competitive?
What different thing do you
stand for, in relation to
all these television stations
that have overwhelmed us?
Very interesting questions!
When you have such an
interesting person in front of you
it makes sense to ask
interesting questions.
Thank you.
And I am sure that we will receive
equivalent answers.
I will try.
Just, in plain Greek if you want,
so that Lia can understand.
Look at that! That's good luck.
- Can I help you?
- No, no, no, no!
No, Marinella is not limp.
Here, my Marinella.
Wipe your skirt.
What's this?
Oh look, there was sauce
on the napkin.
Your skirt is fucked up!
In plain Greek.
So the romance
is progressing normally.
How, mari?
With Marinella always here.
Sooner or later we'll get
Marilena out of the way.
When? The way we're running
all the time here and there,
in the end I will get an invitation,
"in the happiest moment of our life
we want you to be present,
and then I will wake up.
So you want him!
I don't want her to take him.
Wait a minute.
Why are you just looking at it?
One, two, three, four.
Mitropoleos street. It's mine.
With four houses. 937 Euros.
- You know it by heart.
- What did you think? Tell me.
What can I say? He also invited us
to the channel. Both of us.
This thing, that we have become
the Broyer sisters suddenly,
I can't stomach it at all!
Ok. Let us first go where
we are to go tomorrow,
and I'll tell you later
what you'll do to get him from her.
Oh, that'll help!
Well, don't believe it. Goodbye.
- Where are you?
- Command.
Read it!
Pay 13 euros to repair each house
and 27 euros to repair each hotel.
So, 4X13=52, 3X27=81,
a total of 133 euros. Pay!
How did you calculate it so quickly?
What did you think?
I have businesses!
- You were allergic to numbers!
- Once upon a time.
Now I have an aptitude.
What can I say!
Some papers that are on your desk,
what do you want them for?
You brought them to me last week.
It's about that factory in China.
Oh yes! Did you finally sign them?
- No, because they are wrong.
- Excuse me?
What you heard.
If our headquarters is in Beijing
the production cost is 25% more
than if it were
in any other provincial city.
It doesn't benefit us in regards
to rents or to number of hands.
Tell them that I won't sign.
We'll look elsewhere
to find a cheaper offer.
Your change.
The rumours remained rumours,
in regards to the traffic accident
whose victim was the well-known
businessman of Thessaloniki
P. Aslanoglou.
I told you everything
would go well.
It seems that Thessaloniki
is your lucky city.
Athens, on the other hand
We'll have a happy ending
in the Stavrianidis case as well,
I promise you.
Let's hope so.
Otherwise the success
with Aslanoglou will mean nothing.
We had to get rid of two people
to end the story,
but suddenly 5 sprout up.
Are you at least sure that
it's just these 5?
All the evidence I have
gathered points to this.
Three women
and two men.
In fact, I have seen four of the 5.
The three women and one man.
They don't look like much.
I don't know.
It doesn't matter how you see them.
They already did us damage.
And that's what matters.
Keep looking in all the places
they might be looking too.
Perhaps these four you mention
are just the executive bodies.
It may be that the mastermind,
the one that moves the strings,
is the 5th.
And we don't know what
he might be up to right now.
- I got the rope!
- Is it enough?
Oh! More than enough.
Where are you?
At Amalia's.
What is she doing? Is she stressed?
I would not say so!
She has found various themes here
and she's working on them.
Judge number 5. Ms Celyine Dion.
- It's Celyine!
- Bravo! Very nice!
What time is her
rehearsal tomorrow?
At two.
Perfect. I'm hanging up
because I have a news bulletin.
Ok. Bye.
It slyipped.
It's ok for the pitcher.
But be careful that the rope
won't slip tomorrow.
- Moron!
- Dump!
- Idiot!
- Fool!
- Go!
- Where?
Are we out of duct tape?
Ah! Great!
That should do it.
- Get up.
- Why?
Go get a pair of flat shoes.
This one cannot walk in heels!
- What flats?
- Flats, girl! Can't you understand?
Flippers are flat too.
Should I bring a pair?
I'll cut out your tongue!
What are you doing here?
Didn't we say two?
I got it wrong.
If you got it wrong,
sit there and wait!
Ms Ioannou!
Why, Lazarus has risen!
I can't walk in these.
What am I going to do?
You expect me to tell you?
Fall down to get a penalty.
Do you know about football too?
I know about football players!
Look how awful!
The garment is crying on you.
Creases, creases everywhere!
The fabric is to blame.
The fabric is fine.
You do something and you crease it.
I'll take you out in armour in the end,
to have peace of mind.
Go in, I'm coming.
Forget it. Turn the hazard
lights on and wait.
You, outta here!
Should I bring shoes?
Yes. And also go to the bank.
Did you go?
- No.
- Don't you 'no' me!
So. You, go. You, wait.
You, walk.
Slow down! Handbrake!
Wow, what bad mood!
Are you going?
Yes. Sit here and, when
she calls you, you can go in.
The keys!
Quick, to the locksmith!
We are blocked!
Can't you move it?
What do you think? Can I?
Forget it! We'll run there,
come on!
Were these our boys?
- Yes.
- And what were they doing?
They were running.
Was this in the original plan?
We didn't start well at all!
- Since we're waiting, would you like to
- No!
Heavens, no! Terrible! Terrible!
What can I put on you now?
What? What?
Whatever you put on my love,
the garment cannot look good on you.
Let's see.
Go wear this and let's see it.
Go, go!
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Could you cut us an spare key
for each of these?
Of course!
- Hi.
- What happened?
Some idiot parked very closely
and we couldn't take the car out.
Did they get caught?
Who's going to catch them?
The locksmith?
- In 5 minutes they will be ready.
- Ok, bye!
- Yes.
- Hi Amalia.
Can you talk?
Yes. I'm alone.
Nice! How are you?
All good! I have
no problyem, I am cool!
So you are ready?
Good. As soon as the guys come,
you take the keys as we said
and put them back,
and everything is hunky-dory.
That's it!
- How is she?
- All well.
She has on problem,
she is very cool!
Of course! Only MY blood
pressure went up to 40.
Hi Martha.
Ah! Hi Ritsa.
I'm reading here in the summary
of today's episode,
Kleri warns Amiras about the trap
Stratos has set for him,
while Regina receives a strange
phone call from Vlasis.
Didn't we see this yesterday?
Do you think that the magazine
made a mistake?
Look at that nutjob!
Are you completely senseless?
Terrible disasters might
happen at any time.
Zanna or her secretary
might catch Amalia.
And ask her who put her to do this.
We might not have time
to put the keys back.
And you worry about Amiras and
- Kleri.
- Kleri?
You understand nowt?
Ritsa I am hanging up because
world-shaking things
will probably happen here.
But Martha, record it on video.
Thank you very much.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
They are late. Why?
Maybe there is traffic jam.
What traffic jam?
They are coming on foot.
For crying out loud!
Whatever I say is wrong.
They're coming.
Notify Amalia.
- Yes.
- Hi Amalia.
Are you ready?
- There they are!
- Well done guys!
Good boys we have!
Good boys we have!
- Shall we go for pizza later?
- Stop, mari!
We're still halfway there and
you're dreaming of pizzas.
How is she doing upstairs?
- Amalia?
- Yes.
Throw it!
Wasn't my idea about the rope
really cool though?
Amalia, are you sure
that there isn't any more?
Didn't we tell you we need
25 metres? Did you measure it?
- I measured it.
- And how long is it?
- 25 metres.
- Yes, but this is not 25.
- It's 25.
- How?
I measured it! It is.
Listen, I've had this conversation
with men before
and I keep hearing the same thing.
Neither is this 25,
nor is this 25.
Isn't it?
- Shut up! Let's go.
- No, no, no.
She'll be in trouble if they discover
that the keys are missing.
Come on.
Step on it.
- What?
- Step on it,
so you can reach and tie them.
Slowly! Slowly! We'll get killed.
- Where did you learn to do this?
- At school.
Gee, Schaffhausen was a lousy
school after all!
We only learned archery and cricket
and we were paying so much money.
I can't, it's not possible.
Bend down. Bend down,
I will get on your backs.
Come on!
No, no, no, not like that!
You have to climb on the shoulders.
On the shoulders.
- Can you stand up?
- I will try.
The keys, the keys.
- What?
- Look there.
The father?
The table!
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