In Treatment s01e18 Episode Script

Sophie - Week Four

Previously on In Treatment.
I ruined their family.
Darlene told me before she left for Wisconsin that she was only going because she knew I would be there to take care of Dana.
She didn't trust Cy but she trusted me.
She trusted me and I ruined it.
One night it happened.
We almost had sex again but he said that we had to stop.
He said it would ruin both of our careers if this got out.
Just say it! She tried to kill herself or not.
There's a difference between not being careful and wanting to commit suicide.
Charmed, I'm sure.
It's the middle of the night for me.
I'm utterly exhausted.
I was at this amazing party last night.
It went on and on.
I stayed awake all night and then I walked here.
No food, no sleep, I'm running on empty.
I've never had so much to drink in my whole life.
There was this guy, this new guy total eye candy.
He kept walking around with tequila shots.
He kept making me drink them.
I must've had (Laughs) I don't know.
I've never been so wrecked in my whole life.
I have to take them off.
Do you mind? Sure.
You've grown hands.
It's crazy how quickly a person gets used to things.
When I had the casts, it was like they'd always been a part of me, you know? Like I'd been born a monster.
Now, two days after they're gone, it's like, "Casts? What casts?" Oh Can't believe I bought them.
I buy shoes basically never and, when I do They make you want to vomit, don't they? - It's your fault I bought them, you know.
- Why? My mom took me shopping last week.
Thought she was trying to be, like, maternal or something.
Turns out we were only there because you told her I was gonna off myself.
That's not what I said, Sophie.
- Yeah, whatever.
- No, Sophie, honestly, I never said that.
I said whatever.
Anyway, I picked out this jacket, this army thing that she, of course, hated.
Then, as punishment, she said that I had to buy something feminine.
She picked out those Barbie shoes while I pretended to retch on the make-up counter.
If I had known you'd called her, I never would've gone shopping.
And then she wonders why I run off to the gym to be with her.
I mean, to be without her, to get the hell away from her.
For my last birthday she gave me a bra.
A bra for my birthday? It's like getting coal.
It's worse than getting coal.
At least you can burn coal.
(Chuckles) It was one of those pushy-uppy wonder things with the clicky wheel.
You know Half bra, half machine.
She wants me to be some sort of a fucking cheerleader.
- Know why she hates that I'm a gymnast? - Why? - Because of my boobs.
- Oh.
She thinks it will stunt my development.
"Your boobs won't grow.
You'll hate your body.
"You'll be deformed.
" It's all she cares about.
Whether or not I grow a rack.
So I won't have big boobs, who gives a flying fuck? Must be pretty hard for you, trying to avoid your mom all the time.
Just the opposite.
I enjoy it.
Oh, really? Why? A few minutes ago you said you had to run off to the gym in order to be with her.
How extraordinary, Dr Freud.
Whatever do you think I meant? Maybe it means that no matter what I do, I can't get rid of her.
Maybe it means that, erm, in order to keep her interested in you, you feel you have to run away.
That doesn't even make sense.
You sound like a fortune cookie.
- Have you ever worn shoes like that before? - Oh, yeah, all the time.
I mean, don't you? This type of heel raises your butt and shapes your calf.
And that's essential.
I highly recommend you pick up a pair, Paul.
Must remember to do that.
So why did you wear them last night? I don't know.
Really? No idea? No? Mm.
They remind me of Dorothy's shoes.
- Who's Dorothy? - From The Wizard Of Oz.
Oh, you said Dorothy like she was a friend of yours.
They're nothing like Dorothy's shoes.
Dorothy was cool.
Her shoes were retro.
- Oh, no.
- What? Please don't say, "There's no place like home.
" Cos if you do, I might have to puke all over your sofa.
What I was going to say was that Dorothy discovers that she can go home any time she wants, with or without her shoes.
Why are you infantilising me? I I apologise if if that's how it sounded, Sophie.
I really didn't intend that.
So, have you taken your SATs yet? Not yet.
I have a feeling that you're going to do really well.
I expect to.
So, your mother bought you these shoes, you hate them and you still wore them.
Why? I'm at a total loss.
But, hey, why don't you call up my mother and say, "Hi, Sophie's mom, "Sophie wore those Barbie shoes that you bought her, "went to a bar, screwed half the US Olympic gymnastic team "and now she's gonna kill herself"? Why'd you do it anyway? Why'd you call her? Because I was worried about you.
Suddenly everyone's so worried about me.
Did you call Cy, too? He's turned into my grandmother.
He won't let me train.
He's making me do classes with the ten-year-olds.
It's ridiculous.
Oh, now I remember what I wanted to tell you.
The most amazing thing happened at the gym the other day.
Even though I haven't been training, I've been absorbing stuff just by watching.
Because I have this chronic problem with my toes going off the edge of the beam when I land a hard element.
It's because I'm naturally knock-kneed.
My knees, they face inwards.
So, in order to get them facing straight my feet have to point out, which is good for ballet but bad for gymnastics.
Just a toe in the wrong position can lose you the event.
I'm talking about medals here.
So, anyway, I'm on the beam, right? And I've been training at night time, even though my body doesn't want to yet.
It was like when I was little and I used to starve myself and there would be this period, usually in the morning, where I was really, really hungry.
You know, so hungry that I thought that my stomach might just start eating the rest of me.
And then it would go away, suddenly, like turning off a light switch.
And I felt like I was floating on clouds.
It was the same with the pain this time.
I pushed through it until it just let up, all of a sudden.
And then I felt like I didn't have a body at all, like I was just a pair of somersaulting eyes.
So yesterday I marched into the gym and I got up on the beam.
Everyone was in shock and I felt this silence all around me.
- Sophie, be careful, please.
- Then something inside me, some little voice said, "Prove it.
" So I started the first element.
- Here, I'll show you.
- No, Sophie, please be careful.
- This is dangerous.
- Don't have a cow, Paul.
I'm fine.
So anyway, I begin the first element.
And when I looked back at my feet, they were right on the beam.
It's nothing major but I took it as a sort of sign.
Afterwards, everyone told me Cy was so shocked he couldn't breathe.
- Well, I bet he was.
- I did a back flip.
- I landed perfectly.
- That was incredible.
I just walked back to the bench like it was no big deal.
I could feel everybody's eyes on my back and I wanted to turn around and just - And what? - Nothing.
No, come on, tell me.
I wanted to flip them the bird with both hands, like, "Fuck all of you and the fish you swam in on.
" (Laughs) I thought it was the, erm the horse that you rode in on.
Not in my book.
In my book it's a fish.
What is it, Sophie? - What's wrong? - I don't feel well.
Need some water? Do you feel a pain? Wait a second.
Just wait, it'll go away.
Stop it, Sophie.
- Stop it.
- No, what is it? Sophie, look at me.
What is it? (Quietly) What goes on in there? Tell me.
- Around two am, he took me to his room.
- Who did? The new guy with the tequila.
He's from Minnesota or Michigan or somewhere, and he's a brilliant gymnast.
He wanted to have sex but he couldn't get it up.
He was pretty wasted, too.
And then he did and then we had sex and I didn't feel anything.
As usual.
Absolutely nothing.
Afterwards he said that I fucked like someone who's been sexually abused.
I'm sorry, go on.
We went to the girls' house, to the room that I sometimes stay in.
I tried to go to sleep but I couldn't stop thinking about what he'd said.
I was afraid that if I fell asleep I wouldn't get up in time to come here, so And when I closed my eyes I saw these horrible images.
- What? - Like everything around me was falling apart, you know, disintegrating, turning into ash right in front of me.
And I forced myself to think of something pretty and nice, like a pasture in the sunlight and to hold it there, that image.
But as soon as I started to fall asleep the pasture would turn to rot.
It was terrible.
And that reminded me of the accident, for some reason.
I don't know why.
I was scared that, if I slept, I'd dream about the accident, so I got up and I walked to the bus stop very slowly, backwards, actually, just to slow myself down.
The buses weren't running yet, so I sat on the bench.
Yeah? And what? What were you thinking about when you sat on the bench? I was thinking about Dana.
I couldn't breathe.
The night of the accident, when I left Darlene's house and got on the bike, all of a sudden I couldn't breathe.
My throat closed up.
There's a blind turn at the end of their hill.
When I I went around it, a white car, it almost hit me and - I don't remember.
- Go on, Sophie.
- What happened with the white car? - I don't remember.
- Please.
It's important.
- I don't remember anything else.
- You don't have to do this alone.
- I don't want to! Go on.
The seat was hurting me.
It was Cy's bike, a man's bike, so it had a narrow seat.
That's why it was hurting me.
When I reached the blind turn, a white car came around and almost hit me.
It had the brights on so it blinded me.
It swerved away from me and then honked and it was so weird.
The road just sort of started coming at me, sort of attacking me really fast, like I was falling from somewhere very high and I wanted it.
I wanted to hear a huge boom and then I wanted to hear nothing.
I'm trying to kill myself.
I'm a fucking freak.
You're not a freak.
(Quietly) What happened then? It was as if it had already happened.
As soon as the white car passed, I knew I was going to have an accident and I just felt calm.
I turned the handlebars just the smallest little bit to the left.
I remember thinking, "Just this tiny little movement is enough.
" Then I rode into the street.
It was impossible for another car not to hit me.
And I felt just free.
Free and strong.
I had this adrenaline rush, like nothing could touch me.
- What is that about? - Maybe you felt like you were in control.
- Yes.
- Yeah? And then I was in the middle of the road and there was this terrible screeching sound and then a boom and I remember I said to myself, "Oh.
" Just "Oh.
" And I flew into the air.
I could suddenly breathe again.
I had all this air in my lungs and And then you were on the ground and you were lying there, do you remember what what was going through your head? That I finally killed her.
Killed who, Sophie? That's what I thought when I landed.
Who - Who did you kill, Sophie? - I don't know.
(Door opens and shuts) (Coughing) (Flushes) Sophie? Sophie, are you OK? Uh-huh.
I'll be right out.
You feel better? I think I'll go home.
We have a little time left.
Yeah, but I'm really tired.
You can stay for a little bit longer, if you like.
I think I'll go home.
(Clears throat) But wait, I have the magic slippers that I can click three times and suddenly everybody I love will be right by my side.
And you're like the Wizard of Oz.
You think you know everything but you don't know shit.
- Plus you're always behind that curtain.
- What curtain? Let's see you do some magic.
What am I thinking right now? I don't know, Sophie, I can't I can't read your mind.
Please try, Mr Magic Man.
Are you angry that I made you remember the accident? Is that it? That's not what I was thinking.
You lose.
- Are you OK? - You must have someone else coming? - No, I don't.
- I don't feel like seeing anybody.
I'm a little worried about you, please Sophie, please.
- I thought the shooting times were fixed.
- What are you talking about? - I thought they always came at the same - Who? The models.
(Quietly) Sophie.
Oh, God.
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