In Treatment s01e19 Episode Script

Jake and Amy - Week Four

Previously on In Treatment.
- Where does he think you are? - Maybe fucking Reeves.
- Your boss? - Mm-hm.
Is he attracted to you? Reeves? Why wouldn't he be? What do you think about me? I think you're flirting with me.
- Where's the stain? - What did you expect to feel when you saw it? - Nothing.
- No sadness? - Over a stain? - No.
Over the loss of your baby.
- I'm glad I'm not pregnant any more.
- Really? Really? You're glad our baby died.
I didn't want this baby and fucking hell, I know why.
This has been really great, Paul.
Couple more of these and we can trade you in for a good divorce attorney.
You look surprised.
- We do have a session, don't we? - Yes, we do.
So, Jake isn't coming today? I don't know.
Got a light? Ah, here he is now.
Good afternoon, Jake.
Er, no, thank you.
Will you excuse me for a moment? I have to take this call.
Thank you.
Hello? Oh.
Thank you for getting back to me.
I appreciate it.
Actually, I'm with a patient at the moment so I've got to make this short.
You know, as far as I'm concerned she can go home, yes.
I owe you one.
Oh, is her mom there? Could I speak to her for a second, please? Thank you.
How are you? Please don't worry.
We'll talk tomorrow, OK? Same time.
Take care, bye.
Sorry about that.
I had to take that call.
Do you usually take calls in a session? That's OK.
Did something happen to a patient? A friend's daughter.
She's OK now.
I don't understand, if it wasn't serious, why did you have to be available? - Why are you bitching? - I just - Did we lose a minute? - I just want to understand.
Er, it was an emergency, Amy.
And, er, I apologise.
Actually, Amy has a point.
A minute with you isn't cheap.
It's $200 50 minutes - That'd be - $4 a minute, Einstein.
You know, I was thinking before you came in that neither one of you is ever absent.
No matter what happens the previous week, you both come back.
I just want to say that, erm, I think that's impressive, highly commendable.
You saying we're predictable? - No, that's not what - But we are.
We are.
- We are so predictable.
- What does that mean? It means the opposite of unpredictable.
Whatever is said or done, everyone comes home at the end of the day.
As long as the everyone is me.
When I left last week I said I wouldn't go home.
But when I did in fact go home later, Lenny was alone.
He was by himself.
Jake had left him and told him I'd be home to give him dinner.
What if I hadn't gone home? - I'm so sorry I changed my mind.
- Sorry you came home to your son? No, I'm sorry you were so sure I would go home.
- Why is that, Amy? - He's taking me for granted.
He left all night.
So what happened? What time did you get home? - The next morning.
- So, if Amy hadn't come home your son would've been alone all night? - She came back.
- See what my word is worth? A liar shouldn't expect their word to be worth anything, sweetie.
Oh, baby, you think I lie? I'm gonna start some real lying to teach you a lesson.
God, what happened? - With what? - With us, I'm asking you, what happened? What happened? What happened was we started coming here.
Are you saying things have gotten worse since you started therapy? Obviously, yeah.
- Do you feel that way too, Amy? - Maybe.
I told you, Paul.
Couple more sessions and we're gonna get divorced.
- When did you tell him? - After you stormed out of here last week.
Maybe your arguments are becoming more frequent here but I don't think that means you're headed for divorce.
Maybe you're allowing yourself to to vent because you feel that somebody's in charge, i.
You know, like kids who fight only when mom's around.
Kids? Now we're kids? Jesus.
That sounds like him and his friends.
That's where he was the other night, by the way.
So, you did know where he was the other night? Of course, it's always Simon or Eliot.
The one thinks he's an organic farmer, doesn't do any work, and he'll probably be bankrupt by the end of the year.
The other is an aspiring songwriter like Jake.
He's been writing songs for 20 years but has nothing to show for it.
It's all - very unsuccessful.
- You see, Paul, to Amy anyone without a PhD or a Swiss bank account is "unsuccessful".
A PhD? How about a GED? They're losers.
They sit around and get stoned and talk about their hard luck.
She thinks anyone who smokes a joint on the weekend is a junkie but apparently her drinking is just fine.
- He gets uptight when I drink a little.
- A little? Really? Is that what that was? Oh.
And I wasn't uptight, I was disgusted.
The way you were hanging on to Eric like I don't know.
You should've seen her, Paul.
She was walking around, giving toasts like she was Marilyn Monroe or something.
It used to turn you on that I could drink like one of the guys.
You'd brag that I could drink any guy under the table when we were with your friends.
You mean my friends you used to think were such great guys? Those friends? That's what you said, right? Remember? You said it was refreshing that they weren't these pretentious windbags.
And they fucking worshipped you.
You were so flattered.
You worshipped me, too.
You used to come home with tequila and we'd get drunk and fuck like crazy.
Why isn't it sexy any more? Tell me.
What - What happened? - I don't know, but I know it's not sexy to drink and laugh at your own jokes, like the other night.
I know that's not sexy.
That's embarrassing.
I just want you to know that whenever my phone rings with that Godfather ringtone that you put in it, I feel embarrassed.
Every time you show up at my work dressed like that, I feel embarrassed.
What are you talking about? I can work in these.
Ah, yes, your work.
It's interesting to me that the things that drew you together in the first place are the things that seem to annoy you about each other.
- It's very interesting - One more "It's interesting" and I swear to God I'm gonna fucking deck you, OK? What's wrong with you? Well, what do you think happened between the two of you? Nothing.
Let's move on.
All right, we'll move on.
I'll watch my step.
I wasn't really gonna hit you.
Only if you say, "it's interesting".
Well, what bugs you about that phrase? Just don't tell me that my life is so interesting to you, OK? It's our life.
- It's not People magazine.
- OK.
Why isn't it interesting? What's happening to us is very interesting.
Really? You're interested, too.
Remember the first time we met here? You told me that your relationship began with great love.
I mean, you both agreed on that.
We haven't agreed on anything since.
I haven't changed, that's for sure.
She's changed.
I don't know what she wants from me now.
I don't want anything from you.
How do you think she's changed, Jake? Seems I'm not good enough for her any more, not good enough for her to have a kid with.
Oh, God, not that again, please.
Just let it be.
Amy, I remember you said that when you saw Jake for the first time you thought he was sexy as hell.
I think those were your exact words.
Yeah, we, erm we went to this club with Nick's partner and Jake was playing.
He was, erm, up on the stage singing She Belongs To Me.
He was beautiful.
And yet now, the clothes, the music, the friends, they all seem to annoy you.
And, Jake, you've referred to Amy as a snob.
You've called her a princess.
Maybe you've both been trying to force your perspectives on each other and it's become a battle for control.
You've become so used to it, it's become part of the dynamic of who you are as a couple.
So why doesn't it work any more? Well, Amy Amy has a strong need to have a career.
That seems to stress you out.
It seems to make you insecure and you become possessive, jealous.
That, in turn, makes Amy, er, secretive.
And she, she lies.
I get the feeling that you're both tired of this battle and that somewhere deep down inside, you want it to stop but you're afraid.
You're afraid to stop.
But I do know one thing, there are casualties.
Casualties? What are you talking about? Who's a casualty? Lenny.
So you two got together while Amy was still married, is that correct? Would you like to talk about that a little bit, Jake? After they came to see me play, er, she started taking guitar lessons from me.
She wanted to learn a few classic songs, she said.
- It was Nick's idea.
- Yeah.
You know the rich, they love to tap into their creative side.
And did your ex-husband, er, take these lessons also? Er, no.
Nick with a guitar? Are you kidding me? You love making fun of him.
You loved it too.
It used to crack you up when I'd talk about how uptight he was.
Do you mind me asking you, how did your affair, er, how did it begin? Jake asked me to stay after the class.
He insisted that I stay.
- Two to tango.
- The studio was out by Gossamer Road and he asked me to go for a walk after the class.
There was a woman nearby that rented horses.
We went riding at sunset.
It was very romantic.
And we stopped along this river and Jake said, "Get off your horse.
" I said, "Why?" He said, "Just get off, Amy.
" So I did, but he stayed on his horse and I couldn't see him because the sun was sort of blinding me and he said, "Take off your clothes.
" And it was so sexy, I c I just I couldn't breathe.
I was speechless.
But I took them off.
And he got off his horse and he came over to me.
I could feel his breath on my face and I could hear the horses stamping their feet and I just I couldn't help myself.
I just couldn't help myself.
Ame, where do I know that from? - Do you like it? - Mm-hm.
- Patrick Thomas.
One of your favourites.
- Oh, right.
- You remembered it by heart? - I embellished a little.
Shit, for a minute there I thought that really happened.
What really happened, Paul, was after one of the guitar lessons we went out for a drink, got drunk, and fucked in her car.
- That doesn't sound as romantic as - No, it was forbidden.
It was messy.
And it turned me on.
Jake too.
He felt like he was screwing Nick.
He was screwing a very successful lawyer.
- Bullshit.
- Don't say bullshit.
You turned everything into a pissing contest with him.
He was rich and smart.
And boring, don't forget that.
You said so yourself.
She punished him for boring her.
Did it concern you at all that Amy was was married at the time? Let's go back for a second cos, erm, I just gotta correct something.
First of all, she made a pass at me.
- I made a pass at you? - Yeah.
This whole stuff about I insisted you stay at the lesson.
What? I mean, nonsense.
OK, it was an hour lesson.
Three hours into it and I'm thinking, "OK, this woman really wants to learn this song or she's into me.
" OK, when you got here there was a you know, a distance between you.
A kind of coldness.
Then I had to take that phone call, which was an emergency, and it seemed like you both I don't know, ganged up on me.
Do you think the same kind of thing happened with Nick? That that's how your intimacy was created, with a conspiracy between you? And now that Amy is trying to step out of the house, so to speak, she's breaking up that conspiracy, so that makes you uptight and the conflict between you intensifies.
- How will it end? - You know, ironically, sometimes ending a conflict isn't the best thing for the relationship because you get so used to fighting each other that you might lose interest if the conflict ends.
I think Jake lost interest a long time ago, the moment he had me.
I didn't lose interest.
You became interested in your boss.
I am not interested in Ben.
Now it's Ben? Mm.
You are such a fucking liar.
- Don't call me a liar.
- What do you want me to tell you? You are.
- Well, what are you? Hm? - We keep coming back to the same thing.
No, you're a quitter, OK? He's a winner.
If you had a quarter of the strength that Ben has, I'd be interested in you, too.
Where are you fucking him? You fucked him already? - Have you fucked Simon and Eliot? - You haven't fucked him but you want to.
- Oh, God.
- You do.
You just said you did.
- I didn't.
You're insane.
- You did! You said if I had a quarter of the strength Ben Reeves has, you'd be interested in me, too.
You said too.
That means you're interested in Reeves.
- I didn't say that.
- You just said Paul I know it's really hard for you, babe, but try not to fucking lie.
- Stop calling me a liar.
- Stop lying, I'll stop.
- Tell him to stop or I'm leaving.
- You're a liar.
- You are a fucking liar! - Goddamn it! - Amy! - Violent and a liar.
"You're a quitter, OK? He's a winner.
"If you had a quarter of the strength that Ben has, I'd be interested in you, too.
" "You're a quitter, OK? He's a winner.
"If you had a quarter of the strength that Ben has, I'd be interested in you, too.
"You're a quitter, OK? He's a winner.
If you had a quarter of the strength that Ben has " You psychopath.
Don't count on me coming home tonight.
I'm not coming back this time.
She's out of control.
I'm afraid she might hurt somebody, me, Lenny, herself.
She's like a getaway driver in a car without seat belts.
A getaway driver without seat belts? Where did that image come from? I don't know.
I, er It was in this dream I had.
She's, er She's driving my car downhill very fast and we're not wearing seat belts.
She looks over at me and smiles but I can tell that she's really worried about something.
She tells me that she needs hand lotion.
- It's crazy, but we're gonna go rob Kiehl's.
- What's Kiehl's? It's this cosmetics store that makes the hand lotion that she likes.
Anyway, in the dream, I forgot to buy it for her.
And she had asked me a thousand times not to forget and I fucking forgot.
So now we're sitting in front of this place and she wants me to break into it.
Do you, er - Do you think she loves me? - What do you think? I don't know.
Can you just answer the question? - I think she loves you.
- Yeah? And I'm pretty sure that you love her too, Jake.
Yeah, what makes you say that? Love is not the problem, Jake.
Can I ask you something? Have you ever recorded the fights that you've had with her before? - Yeah.
- You have? And why would you do that? I just want to understand what's happening to us.
Somehow I I don't think we'll be surprising you next week.
Surprising me how? By showing up here together.
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