In Treatment s01e21 Episode Script

Laura - Week Five

Previously on In Treatment.
We're lying face to face, petting each other like high school kids.
One thing seems perfectly plain to me, you slept with my patient.
He doesn't belong to you.
He's a great guy.
A little insecure in bed, maybe, but I think I'll have a great affair with him.
Are you saying that when I was fucking Alex, I was fucking you? It seems more like, "Look what you missed out on, Paul, you coward.
" If there's one thing that I put out there without manipulation, it's that I've wanted you.
There is more intimacy between us than most couples in the world! Isn't that right? I don't deny that there's intimacy Is there intimacy here, or not? Yes.
There is.
Laura, I think that, um we need to discuss in a little greater detail, uh your ending therapy.
We're we're not stopping yet, but in order to do it gradually, we have to create what we call a timeline.
No timeline.
We're finishing today.
Yeah, today.
This is, uh, our last session.
Feels good.
Resolved, I guess.
I was a little nervous about telling you, but now that that's over, I feel better.
Maybe a little tired.
And, uh And sad.
How about you? How do you feel? I'm sorry, is that not OK for me to ask? - No, it's perfectly OK.
- Oh, good, so, um Tell me.
Well, to be honest, it's it's come as a bit of a shock.
Well, OK, what else? Well, I feel sad, too.
- Right.
- Yes, I do.
You don't believe me? It doesn't look that way.
It looks like you're holding back this huge sigh of relief, this huge gulp of air trapped in your lungs.
See, I'm trained to see that stuff, remember? Monitoring respiration, that's anaesthesiology 101.
Go ahead, let it go.
No? Well Maybe I'm a lousy doctor.
So how's your week been? Don't ask me about my week.
It was terrible.
How terrible? I was in surgery on Friday and, um this 15-year-old girl, she had this tumour on her cheek.
It was nothing, benign, cosmetic.
And everything's going great.
Nothing wrong with the anaesthetic.
And my attending gets called away to consult on a procedure and the surgery ended faster than normal.
It was simple.
And I'm left with her still anaesthetised.
So I called to ask what to do.
I've never been before with a patient who's never woken up.
They told me to take her into the recovery room.
She was still intubated, and the attending is supposed to remove the tube when she wakes up.
She was a sweet girl, pretty.
Michelle was her name.
Before the op, I, uh, was talking to her mom who told me that she'd been asking for this operation since she was nine.
They recommended that she put it off for a while, and But she wasn't afraid, just wanted this thing gone, this fatty lump off her pretty face.
And then suddenly, she wasn't breathing.
I don't know what happened, I I took her into recovery and two minutes later she was blue.
Atcheson, he's the senior attending, he pounced on her with chest compressions.
I had no idea what went wrong, Paul.
They extubated her and she was breathing.
Everything was fine.
It was OK.
How did you feel in those few minutes when the Fantastic, never better.
I fe felt like shit.
I only look competent, Paul, you know, white coat, stethoscope, pen in pocket.
I'm like those, uh, doctors from the pharmaceutical ads, you know? Like, hand on hip, brow a little furrowed with concern.
Nice smile.
I have a pretty smile, right? Mm-hm.
Do you expect that nothing will ever go wrong with a patient? I dropped the ball.
I But is is that what the the attending concluded? Couldn't it have been something else, like a - an allergic reaction, a drop in blood - It's always my responsibility, Paul.
Tell me a little more about that, um about that girl.
She had braces.
And through her surgical cap, you could see, um What do they call it? The barrette, little butterfly pinning back her bangs.
They were old.
Must have been her mother's or from a thrift store or something.
And she had these, um, beautiful hands, gorgeous hands.
She's just a girl and she had these hands of a of a woman.
Very long fingers, pretty little nails.
Shit, when I was her age I used to eat my nails.
They were ugly and stubby and short and Nerves, I guess.
Why were you nervous? Well, it was, you know, around the time that my mother passed away, so Mm.
And whose responsibility were you then? What do you mean? Well, who was taking care of you? You mean who was watching my sleep? Yeah.
I wasn't that girl on the operating table, Paul.
It's just you told me that when your mother died, that it was like a kind of a death for you too.
Yeah, but you know what? Shit happens.
Life isn't fair.
What are you going to do, sue God? Well, who would you sue? You.
No, suing you wouldn't do me any good either.
That's my problem with psychology, Paul.
You dig and you uncover all sorts of truths about yourself, and you touch on all sorts of painful places.
But what good does it do, Paul? I'm serious.
I'm not being cynical.
What good does it do me today to know how much I suffered then? I'm sick of feeling sorry for myself.
I fucking hate feeling sorry for myself.
That's one of the things I hate.
- What else do you hate? - Ah, there's a long list.
Well, for example? - Omelettes.
- Omelettes.
Omelettes and all sorts of eggs, but mostly omelettes.
That was the thing that my father and I ate the entire year after my mother passed away.
I still have flashbacks, but from behind, you know, and I'm I'm standing at the stove and I'm breaking eggs into a frying pan.
Everything's very quiet, no talking and my dad's just sitting there reading the newspaper or something and I'm just shh, shh, shh beating the eggs with a fork.
Sometimes he wouldn't even be reading the newspaper.
He would just be sitting there with a vacant look, in a daze.
I used to I'd fantasise that he'd disappear.
It's not that I wanted him to die, I just didn't want to continue living like that.
Everything was so suffocating.
I just didn't want to be there.
So then Then you went to California.
- Yeah.
- You stayed there for a while.
How was it coming back home after spending that time with David and Celia? Well, you know, you have plans, full of beans.
I thought, "Shit, I can make him feel better.
I can.
" But I couldn't.
That house was like a black hole that just sucked me in.
Anyway, I, um I saw David again six months later.
Oh? Yeah, he came to the DC area to try some big case.
He stayed for a while, a few months.
I thought you said you never saw him again.
Well, I never saw them again, but I I saw him.
He used to have a room at the Hay-Adams and But occasionally, he'd, you know, stay over at our house.
He didn't have a car, so when it got late he'd stay.
He always, you know, offered to take a cab back into town, but my dad refused since he was so hospitable to me during the summer.
I mean, he was lonely.
But he wasn't the same David, you know, with the Ray-Bans and the surfboard.
He was this this lawyer guy with a three-piece suit, an expensive haircut.
And a middle-aged pot belly.
Not that there's anything wrong with a pot belly.
Anyway, he, um he came to our house for for dinner the first night he was in town.
My brother Oliver was away at college, and so it was just the three of us.
One big happy family.
My dad, David and I.
What was that like, sitting there with these extremes, your father on one side and Nick Nolte with a pot belly sitting on the other side? - What was that like? - At first, well self-conscious, I guess.
You know how you always feel more like a kid when your parents are around? That happened.
I remember slurping up spaghetti, trying really hard not to let the noodles drip down my chin.
Later, I guess I wasn't as self-conscious.
Oh, why? Later, after David and I made love.
I seduced him.
- Have you read Lolita? - Sure.
It's amazing because, uh, pretty much the same thing happened to me.
That night when he came over for dinner, my dad was still at work.
So we sat on the porch and you know, caught up.
I was painting my toenails.
And it became pretty clear that he and Celia were having problems.
He said just as much, which is why she hadn't joined him on the trip.
So we were just sitting on the porch swing.
I was on one side.
He was on the other.
And I was resting my legs on his to dry my nails.
And he was just asking about me, what was going on with me, and I started telling him about the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
God, I was so into them.
At that stage where you're writing down the lyrics and analysing them and and I started singing at the top of my lungs.
And David joined in and we were so bad.
I mean, we were screaming it.
And then I felt his hardness under my foot.
And we're just rocking in the swing and the rhythm of it starts to take over.
And I'm just rubbing him with my foot, although I've never done that before in my life, never.
I had on this little skirt with these little flowers.
And he pushed up my skirt with his finger.
And his finger just started climbing further and further up my thigh.
Then we see my father's Volvo coming down the street, so we ran over to help him with the groceries.
And I remember laughing so hard because David was carrying his bag of groceries in front of his hard-on.
We were just cracking up like teenagers.
And he stayed over that night in Oliver's room.
At around one o'clock in the morning, I got up cos I couldn't sleep, and I walked down the corridor in the house.
Oliver's room was at the back of the house and and I saw this light on.
And the door was open, and he was waiting for me.
And we made love.
It was it was lovely.
During the two months that he was in town, we made love almost every day, in the mornings when my dad went to work, but if he didn't have to be in court until the afternoon, I'd play hooky.
Sometimes I'd go to his fancy hotel.
I felt very important and grown-up walking through that lobby in my mother's high heels.
Um Did you ever feel that this man, that David was was taking advantage of you? He wasn't taking advantage of me.
I'm telling you.
I seduced him.
Well, Lolita seduces Humbert Humbert in the novel and she's only 12.
Well, you disapprove, obviously.
Yes, I do.
What's the matter? You're making a judgment on me.
You're allowing yourself to stray from the rules.
It's too bad you weren't like this before, - willing to say what's on your mind.
- Well, you never told me this before.
It's our last session so I thought it was only right to tell you.
Remember I told you that the guy from the debate society was my first? Yes.
Well, David was my first.
And I'm sorry.
And what are you sorry for? For lying to you.
I wasn't a victim, Paul.
Don't look at me like that.
I wasn't a victim.
- Really? - I got into his bed.
He was a 40-year-old man, for Christ's sake.
He had a responsibility to send you away.
- He was very gentle with me.
- That's beside the point.
He was 40 years old.
He had a moral responsibility.
He should have known better.
Let me ask you something.
Do you feel Do you feel any anger towards this man, towards David? Look, Paul, it's not such a big deal.
He didn't hurt me.
It didn't hurt at all.
- It wasn't rape.
- Where was your father during all this? He was asleep in the next room.
Yes, but during the two months that David was visiting, your father had no idea what was going on? He was depressed and grieving.
It wasn't even a year since my mother died.
He needed someone to protect him, and guess who? I understand that, but children aren't supposed to take care of their parents.
It's a burden that no child deserves.
Do you feel any anger towards your father for not being there to protect you, for not noticing? No resentment? OK, let's just say you could talk to your father now.
What would you say to him? I have nothing to say to him.
But just imagine for a moment if you were face to face and you were talking about this incident.
What do you think you might say to him? Have you ever spoken to your father in that way? I wish I could.
So because you can't talk to your father, you're asking me to talk to mine? That's not what I'm saying.
I think it's important that you talk to your father about this while it's still possible.
Not for his sake but for yours.
Yeah? Can I have something to drink other than water? - Sure.
- Do you have any soda? So this is the famous coffee machine, huh? Alex's famous coffee machine, yeah.
How do you use it? Um Excuse me.
- He's such a coffee freak, Alex.
- Uh-huh.
It's the best smell, don't you think? You know that this thing with me and Alex is over.
I ended it.
Are you relieved? Jesus, Paul, look at you.
How can you how can you live like this? Can't you just say or or do something on impulse? You know that I connected that girl to the wrong tube.
I inflated her like a balloon.
And I almost killed her, and you know why? Because I was thinking about you.
And I realised what an insane effect you're having on me and I It has to stop.
We can continue to talk about this if you want.
All of a sudden you're very generous with your time.
For months I spent the week thinking, "It'll be this Monday.
"I'll tell him that I love him and he'll tell me that he loves me, "and the session won't be 50 minutes, it'll go forever.
" But then Monday would come and I wouldn't dare say anything.
And the session would end and I would just walk out of here thinking, "Fuck! "I didn't say anything again.
"Now I have to wait a whole other week for my life to begin.
" I can't continue, Paul.
Every minute here is tearing me apart.
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