Infamy (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

I think I left my phone. Be right back.
I guess it's just not my lucky day today.
That's the game.
Someone has to lose so others can win.
Everything's okay.
It's just money, right?
What matters is we're healthy.
I'll win it back.
You're gonna have to tell them.
Tell what?
That this charade is over.
We lost the money for the wedding.
Now you can't pay off your debt
or marry me off.
- You've lost.
- Gita.
You made a promise.
You're right. I'll handle it.
Spit into this bottle.
We'll take turns.
Go ahead.
I can go first.
Spit, don't smell it.
You know, this wasn't my idea.
No shit.
Come on, spit, spit.
Hey, where's Gita?
I dunno.
One One, two.
Okay, okay, that's enough.
- All right, take it easy.
- Get out, dirty gypsy!
Bring out the fucking gypsy!
Take it easy, performing's in your blood.
You look just like a Romani woman.
Would you know it was me?
No. Absolutely not.
I hope not.
Or else I'm finished.
Baby, it'll be all right.
No. No, no
Yes, Gita!
- I can't!
- It'll be great.
I fucking hate you.
I know.
That's it, girl! Sing it!
Gita! Gita!
You know what this spit represents?
It represents your sins.
Your hate.
The bottle represents you.
Your bodies.
This is why you don't do drugs.
They poison your bodies.
They poison your souls.
But if you really want to do drugs,
just do them with Jesus.
I'm serious. Jesus has much better drugs.
Like mercy.
Like forgiveness.
And understanding.
Let's kneel, guys.
We will now pray
for the purity of our sanctuary.
We pray God gives us strength,
so that we may keep it pure.
In the name
of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Let us pray for Nadia, our sister,
so that she returns to us safe and sound.
Stefan, listen.
Germans were crazy about our stuff.
Can you get me more of those pills?
Say no more. You got 'em. All legal.
To health and happiness!
Okay, I gotta go. Mom, help me.
- Gita, for shame!
- What are you doing?
You're embarrassing us.
I have a retreat!
I can't go dressed like this!
- Look at you! You
- I'm gonna be late.
You'll handle it?
Handle what?
Janko. Go. Go.
What are you guys doing here?
Am I dreaming?
Pinch me, please, and tell me I'm not!
I couldn't recognize you
with that makeup. You look sick!
- That voice, girl, was so good!
- Yeah, man!
I missed you! I'm gonna cry!
- Cry, baby! And dance, and sing!
- Yeah!
- Uh, hi.
- Um, Janko, everybody.
Hi, I'm Janko.
- Hey, man, I'm Collin.
- Collin.
- Hi, Silvana.
- Hi. Silvana. Janko.
Sonny. Love your jacket! Very nice.
Thank you. Lovely shirt.
- Oh, thank you.
- Yeah, you know it.
The director of the zoo called me.
He was a good friend of mine. And he said,
- "Josef, I have a problem."
- We need to talk. Here.
"My hippo died.
What can I do with the body?"
I said, "Don't worry, man.
I'm gonna help you."
And I took the fucking hippo
Gita doesn't want Janko,
and I lost the fucking money.
You lost the money?
For the wedding?
That's a true story.
Fucking hell
something like 200,000 dogs
kept alive, because of one hippo.
That's good. Good idea.
- You drink anything not nailed down.
- I want one of those.
Party, party, party.
- Whoo!
- I love your people!
Honestly, this music.
Talk of good holiday vibes.
Yeah, about that
Um, don't mention
I'm a Roma at the camp. Please.
You joking?
I'm half-Welsh,
half-Brazilian here, got it?
I don't believe this.
Oh, please!
- But it's stupid and it's childish.
- You don't know what it's like here.
But it's like that everywhere.
My dad's from Haiti and everyone thinks
we do voodoo and rip livers out of people.
Hey, show some empathy!
Do you know that Roma
are the most hated nation in Europe?
Are you ashamed of who you are?
- I'm trying to survive.
- By getting us to lie for you.
I never lie about who I am.
I'm proud of it. Are you?
You gonna pretend you're not a Roma too?
I don't have to.
Is that his fucking car?
Kapuściński, stop!
- He's just showing off.
- God bless, sir.
- Wanna drink?
- Yeah, it's going great.
They're great kids, really.
I think if we give them a chance
and trust them, it'll work out.
And, to be honest, sir,
all of them have confessed.
I don't think any drug tests
will be necessary.
Yes, go with God.
Also, who are all the single girls?
Your friends?
You saved my ass.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Someone would've recognized me for sure.
Sometimes, all you need
in this country is an obedient priest.
Let's say a quick hello and God bless.
- Yes, God bless.
- These are my friends from Wales.
They came to see
how beautiful Biała Góra is.
This is Silvana, Sonny and Collin.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Nice, Janko.
Is this a Polish tradition?
- Saturday night with a priest in nature?
- I dunno.
We try to redeem our sins here.
But it's a long story, not worth telling.
Okay. Can I
Yeah, yeah.
- You want this?
- Ah. No, no
- Cherry!
- Okay
I'm so proud of you.
Okay, okay, so
So, um, what are your plans?
Flights cost us like ten quid each.
We call on Gita and make a short trip
around Poland. Wrocław?
- It's, uh
- Wrocław.
Oh, Wrocław.
Yeah, Kraków and Auschwitz.
You should know that you must say
"German" death camps, not "Polish" ones.
- No one said anything like that.
- Cringe.
Yeah, anyway
We're in the middle
of a small round of testing
Which one
gives less of a hangover?
Are you team grain or team potato?
Potato! Potato forever!
Do potatoes show up on a drug test?
- In your pee, yes!
- Also your blood!
Guess we'll find out.
Shots, shots
Ah, Father, this is
just a a little Welsh tradition.
- Hi, Tagar! How are you?
- What's up, Tagar?
Tagar, what are you doing here?
I can't sit on my ass, Uncle.
The woman that got bitten
She had a miscarriage.
I have to help her.
I'm sorry for the girl and her baby,
but you can't do anything.
I know how hard it is for you,
but you have to stay hidden.
- Fine. Just let me see
- Hold on.
They're all right.
Please, son, you have to hide.
Tagar, get out of here.
Tagar, please, for your family.
I gotta take this.
I'm getting a call from Stefan.
What? Stefan's calling?
You don't have to do anything!
All day, you're at his beck and call.
But now, when you're in need,
what has he done to help you?
Wealthy Roma think they're so much better.
You know what they call us?
All right, now go and hide.
Go, hide!
Is it the way I look?
No, Janko.
You can look however you want.
I don't know.
Are you okay with someone
choosing your wife for you?
Wouldn't you like to decide yourself?
And who am I without my family?
You get to decide who you are, Janko.
I already like you.
I love you.
Gita Wait.
Wait Wait a minute.
Gita, wait!
No, I know you're lying. Hey
- Boo!
- Hey, what's going on?
It's dead.
- Battery died.
- So what now?
Maybe someone could sing?
- No.
- No way, let's not embarrass ourselves.
Nothing. Just Nobody wants to sing here.
The last time I was at a lake
Well, Gita was rapping.
Oh, you don't know about it?
- You don't know about it?
- No!
- Oh yeah?
- I hate you guys!
- Gita!
- I hate you so much now!
Come on, girl!
- Come on now. Let's go.
- You ready?
Come on, Gita! Come on!
Covered with mist, maybe I don't exist
Until I produce myself, I'm a void
She's got flow!
- Great!
- Okay!
Come on!
Come on, girl!
I missed you!
You have two new voicemails.
Yo, dude. Fuck, don't go into town.
Shit is whack.
Stay in that hole as long as that chick
will fucking let you.
Where are you?
We need invoices for the Czechs!
They want more of that drug, goddamn
- Can I kiss you?
- Okay.
The next regional train is pulling in.
Right, can we get it?
Who's got the biggest arms?
- We need your faces.
- Oh, no!
- You go.
- Train's comin'.
Right, man.
You all right?
Oh, baby. I'm gonna miss you so much.
- I'll miss you a lot.
- Stay safe, stay proud.
I love you.
- Let us know when you've finally done it.
- What?
Oh my God!
You guys are sick!
We're waiting for your record, bitch!
- Yeah!
- I'm waiting too, bitch!
Oh no, oh no!
Bye, guys!
What record?
My wife isn't gonna be a rapper.
I'm gonna be a rapper.
And how will you make it work
after our marriage?
I won't.
Are you crazy?
No reception.
How tragic!
Is it worth getting killed for?
I'm here 'cause I finished our track.
Kind of. I did all the mixing, mastering
But I couldn't send it to you.
And I'm interested to hear what you think.
Like, really.
Why don't I just play it for you?
I'd add a I dunno, some kind of sample
of one of Roman's songs. Something Romani.
We're making rap.
Yeah, but now everybody's making rap.
If rap doesn't come from your roots,
then it doesn't work.
We should take something
from our culture that's unique
You mean like hatred towards women?
- What?
- Or the patriarchy?
Arranged marriages?
Don't overreact.
I don't see it that way.
just want what we
what we do together
to be special.
You know?
So that the two of us
You and I, we could reach
a completely different level, and
make something that
I can't.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what you want.
Your family has other plans for you.
And, what about my plans for me?
- Fuck, don't you get that
- What?
- What?
- That
Your family'd kill me if they found out!
You're overreacting.
We only live in Romani hell,
not in the Middle Ages.
Is this fun for you?
Trying so hard to be a modern girl?
Is that why you're lying?
You're Brazilian, yeah?
A man has his honor.
A woman should have hers too.
I guess Roma suck out patriarchy
like their mother's milk, huh?
You're a hypocrite.
And a racist.
I need to stand
on my own two feet.
Get a grip on all of it.
I have money stashed away
from selling the trailer.
I can invest it.
- You
- What?
Why not?
I'm going to City Hall to see
what shops they have to rent out.
Mom, you
Gita, listen! I just had a genius idea.
Yoga. Everybody's doing yoga now.
It'll be a great business!
We're fucked.
Hey, here comes Gita!
The chick from the bonfire.
Yeah, killer.
You're like fucking Cardi B, only better!
You know it!
- Whoo!
- 'Cause she's ours.
What's his zodiac sign?
How would I know?
How can you not know?
- My family's marrying me to Janko.
- Wait, they're marrying you off?
To that little guy in silk
you brought to the lake with you?
It's the 21st century!
Is that even legal in the European Union?
I'm not joking. Hold up, lemme Google.
Uh Yeah, here. Found it.
Um, "The European convention of 1956
prohibits Forcing people to marry."
It's a human rights violation!
Okay, a law is a law,
but Roma have their own laws.
It's written here
that they can't force you.
Besides, you have me.
And you're famous. Almost.
It'll be okay.
I fucking hate you.
This Romanipen sounds like being Catholic.
Prohibition, patriarchy, guilt.
Same bullshit.
Yeah, but you don't have defilement.
It means a Roma won't shake your hand
or sit at the same table.
Understand infamy?
Well sorta.
But I admit, with us,
you can always go to confession.
But, you know in every system
there's always loopholes.
For example, I know a few that allow me
to avoid the sin of premarital sex.
You can have a great time,
and afterwards you're still a virgin.
Oral and anal.
Well, sure, Catholics might be able
to deal with sin that way.
But we've got disgrace.
If you wanna be a good Romani woman,
you don't even try.
Do you wanna be a good Romani woman?
I don't fucking know.
I just wanna be myself.
Now you're starting to make sense.
Bravo, Gita.
- Eliza
- Mm-hmm?
About anal and oral.
Do you actually like it?
Like, cross your heart?
To be honest, well,
anal fucking hurts.
And I almost puked giving a blowjob, but
So why do you do it, if you don't like it?
Well, because it's the 21st century,
and I I'm just exploring my sexuality.
Sure. "Yours."
Come on.
Go! Good! Upside, Eliza! Upside!
Wake up, girls! Come on!
Kowalska, move your ass! Go!
Well done, Nadia! Nadia, take it!
Okay, Gita! That's it! Come on, come on!
Push forward, you got this.
The stores will be closed soon.
The stores close at 3:00.
- Here's her class schedule.
- Let me see.
- Look, there's Gita.
- Well.
Sweet Jesus and Mary!
It's Gita with bare legs!
I'm gonna kill her! I'm going out there
to give her a piece of my mind!
Does this girl think she can do
whatever she wants? Let's go, come on.
Gita! What are you doing,
dressed like that?
This is school property.
Please calm down.
She's embarrassing us!
Gita, come over here!
Yo, she's not Welsh.
She's just a dirty gypsy!
Go back to Romania!
Gimme your phone.
Gimme your phone!
I fucking knew it.
I knew there was something wrong with her.
You embarrassed me.
Fucking Brazilian.
Dirty gypsy
That fucking bitch!
Seriously, she could be
from Brazil, Romania or wherever,
but the fact that she lied to us
the whole time?
I'm unfollowing her.
That gypsy
treated us like morons.
Like fucking racists.
Hicks like us must be racist, huh?
what do you think?
What do I think?
I dunno what I think.
You spent all this time with her
but you never realized she was lying?
Yeah, good point.
Or were you lying too?
Uh, you know what?
I'm fucking outta here. Excuse me.
Ah, fuck. Why'd you attack her like that?
- I attacked her?
- Yeah!
- Why couldn't she give me an answer?
- It's a simple question.
Why the fuck are you defending her?
Where can I find Fatima?
Be healthy. Where can I find Fatima?
You could try over there.
Thank you so much.
Health and happiness.
Good afternoon.
Does Fatima live here?
Come on out, you have a visitor.
Viola? What brings you here?
- Come here.
- Girl!
I wonder who lives
in our old house now. Do you know?
It fell apart after your father died.
Haven't you heard?
I guess not.
And how are things going
at the village school?
Our children are so sweet.
I enjoy working with them.
Doing homework, singing together.
And all of them are computer-crazy!
Girl, I have four computers
for 20 children.
You can imagine what that's like.
I bet they play games.
Uh-uh, no, no, no!
I teach them
how to make PowerPoint presentations.
I'm so proud of you.
And I'm proud of you too.
We had such big plans back then.
Now look at you. You've made it.
No, you're the one who's made it.
As for me,
I married a hopeless gambler.
Fatima, he's gonna
drag us all right down with him.
We have to marry off our daughter
to strengthen the family business
just so we can pay back all his debts,
and I know the first opportunity he gets,
he'll lose everything!
Don't cry, my dear.
A Roma is never alone.
I give you some advice.
And you have to do
exactly what I tell you.
You must go buy a coffin
and a black cloth.
Moping and gaming.
Great example for your son.
Why does my living room
look like a refugee camp?
Oh, Marko, Marko.
I need invoices.
Go find that dog guy, Tagar,
and clean up around here.
Nuh-uh! You heard what Uncle said.
What if she hurts herself?
Do you have the key?
Hmm, no.
- Let's break down the door.
- There's an idea, break down the door!
Do you know how much it cost?
You all have too much spare time.
Leave her alone.
She'll come out when she gets hungry.
Fuck off!
Auntie says that you're ashamed of us
Are you ashamed of us?
You were right.
I am
just a fucking hypocrite.
I don't wanna be,
but you know,
if I confess all my faults,
then I'll be free of them, right?
That's how it works.
- Gita.
- Open up.
Gita, open the door.
Open up, Gita, open up.
You think
she'll have something to eat first?
It's fine.
- Wanna go first, Viola?
- No, let Grandma go first.
- Come, everyone in.
- Come in, girls.
It's all right, dear. Come.
We'll always be by your side.
That's right.
All of us are right here.
- Everything's gonna be fine.
- That's it.
- We're a family. We want
- Everyone to be happy together.
Don't cry, Gita.
You're here with us.
You're here with us
and we're here with you.
You've been lying out of fear.
You only did it
because of the way they perceive us.
It'll be all right, promise.
We're all strong women.
And we won't let them hurt you.
You're strong too.
I know your heart is strong.
And you're smart.
Whatever you want to do,
we won't stand in your way.
The time has come.
Now, you must be wise
and make the right decisions.
I love you, Gita.
Don't cry. Dry your tears.
We all love you.
It will be fine.
- It will.
- This makes sense.
It does. It does.
It does, right?
We're going to handle it.
We have to.
- One way or another.
- That's right.
Hold on here. Any gym exemption
must be signed by a doctor!
Read it again. "Due to recognition
of certain aspects of Romani culture."
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