Infamy (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[solemn choral vocalizations]
[salesperson] An excellent coffin.
Real wood,
not just some cheap particle board,
with contoured foam lining.
And if you're interested,
we can even line it with silk for you.
Do you accept returns?
You know, like a two-week return policy?
All returns are handled
on the other side, ma'am. [chuckles]
[Gita rapping]
I'm not your hen, no flamingo ♪
[student] Hey, gangster!
Go back to Romania!
[snide laughter]
Can you tell my fortune?
I am a stranger
Even to myself, be kind ♪
[Kapuściński] The best part is coming up
[Gita on phone] Seek me under the shell
What's on top is shame ♪
[Polish rap remixed over song]
Kiss my ass and feel like shit ♪
Kiss my ass and feel like shit ♪
- Hey, who made this?
- What do you mean? Some genius.
- She's Brazilian?
- In Poland.
- [Kapuściński] Start it over.
- [Nadia] Someone went hard.
Serves the liar right.
[bully 1] Hey, gypsy, go get a husband!
[bully 2] Keep an eye on your wallet!
[Nadia] I thought you guys
were getting close.
[Cherry] I wouldn't say
we were friends in the first place.
[Nadia] You still
There's our liar.
[bell ringing]
[overlapping chatter]
[Tania] It's starting again.
The violence.
It's going to happen,
just like it did before.
I'm afraid to leave the house again.
I'm telling you, I can feel it!
I can feel in my bones. It's starting.
[foreboding music playing]
[school bell ringing]
- [student 1] You coming?
- [student 2] In a sec. Don't wait for me.
Can you come here a moment, Burano?
[student 2] I'll copy it later.
Assignment failed, assignment failed, C+.
We're not in Wales, missy.
Polish is difficult and this school
holds the highest standards.
- But ma'am
- No buts.
Look, from now on you take this seriously.
I dunno, get some
- What are you doing?
- I'm just
I'll feed them myself. Go!
[teacher] Go!
Or you won't be allowed
to take your college entrance exams.
We wouldn't want that, now would we dear?
Can't we find a workaround?
I'd planned on taking the IBs anyway.
[sarcastically] Why? Are they in Romani?
[intense, brooding music building]
[text alert chimes]
Look at me now ♪
Look at me now ♪
Look at me now ♪
Look at me now ♪
I'm coming closer ♪
Look at me now ♪
[Tagar] You shouldn't have come here.
You're risking a lot.
[Gita] What if I like it?
[Tagar] Gita
[Gita] I've let her loose.
[Tagar] Who?
- [Gita] The gypsy.
- [Tagar] And how's it feel?
Her freedom sucks ass.
[Tagar chuckles]
[sighs] Welcome to the real world.
- [can clatters]
- [pilot light clicking]
- What is that?
- Spaghetti.
Can I help you?
[both chuckling]
[Gita laughs]
[Gita] Okay, you first.
[Tagar] No, you first.
[Gita] Mmm.
I'm a good cook, right?
Mmm, I helped!
That must be why it tastes so funny.
No, no, no, no! No, no, no!
You have to. Take it like a man.
[Gita laughs]
[Tagar beatboxing]
I'm the guy who washes dishes
Really nice to meetcha ♪
Washin' all these dishes
Got me rapping like Gita ♪
[both laughing]
This is delicious.
Who made it?
Doesn't matter.
[Gita] A month ago,
I knew exactly who I was
and what I wanted.
[Tagar] And now?
Now I don't know anything.
When I was a little kid,
I'd get in fights
if anyone called me dirty.
And now?
Now I just let it go.
You must be insult-proof.
[Tagar] Mm-mmm.
I don't feel dirty anymore.
["DREAMER" by The Blaze playing]
Well, maybe a little now.
[both chuckle]
[sheep bleating]
I love cake.
[both laughing]
[bright, dreamy electro-pop playing]
I'm a soul that is drifting away ♪
I was lost into space
Trying to find a place ♪
With no border to face ♪
In the night, I'll find my way ♪
Did you know
there's no word
for "I love you" in Romani?
We just say
"I eat your heart and
I drink your soul."
"I eat your heart"?
You know what I'm trying to say.
[music swells]
- [song halts]
- [man] It's fine! Everything's fine here.
You're gonna like it, Ms. Ania.
I made a pen.
There's nobody here. I don't see anyone.
I can check, but why?
[sheep bleats]
- [man knocking] Hello?
- Shh!
[door clattering]
[man] Locked up tight.
Why would I put the sheep
in the trailer? Yeah.
What do you mean, "shit everywhere"?
She just leaves pellets,
like little beads.
Wolves? What wolves?
People are worse than wolves.
[stifled laughter]
[man] You'll be here in a month?
- [sheep bleats]
- [man bleats]
Damn city-slicker broad.
[Tagar] Shh.
[sheep bleating]
What the hell was that?
[relieved laughter]
My heart is pounding.
[dreamy electronic music playing]
[no audible dialogue]
[school bell ringing]
[Gita rapping in Polish]
Eating your eyes, drinking your soul ♪
Time flows so slowly
Still under my control ♪
You're all I want
Cherish every moment, stop and repeat ♪
Suddenly so easy
Those lines? Keep my head up high! ♪
Can't make any sense of it, dude! ♪
Ever been in love, that's it, dude ♪
Eating your eyes, drinking your soul ♪
Time flows so slowly
Still under my control ♪
You're all I want ♪
It all got messed up ♪
[Kamil in English]
Why don't you talk to her, huh?
You still mad at her?
[Eliza] Mm-mmm.
Mikołaj got pissed off, of course.
Oh, Mikołaj!
Look, I get he's racist and all,
but dude, don't you have
your own opinions?
- The Constitution gives you that right.
- And how come you don't talk to her?
Does the Constitution say you can't?
Well, maybe I will.
See ya.
[tense music playing]
[forceful blows landing]
[assailant 1] Hey! Where you going?
Get him!
- [assailant 2] Get the fucker!
- [assailant 1] Kick the fuck out of him!
- Let's get the fuck out!
- Go, go, go!
[haunting, somber music playing]
[pained grunting]
[somber music trails off]
Iron it. You know where I'm going.
[woman] Vegetables only,
the way you like it.
- [Tania] How was school?
- Great.
Did you hear I'll be in
the Guinness Book of World Records?
"The first Romani girl
to be liked by her whole school."
[Tania] If some white country club
doesn't like you,
they can eat a dick!
Gita! Put on your dress.
We're going to the Czech Republic.
[sweeping liturgical music playing]
[solemn choral vocalizations]
Do I have this right?
You were so in love with Mom,
you kidnapped her, and that's custom.
And I have to get married for your debts.
- That custom too?
- Get in.
What are you waiting for?
- You see that?
- What?
Who's it for?
If you don't get in, it'll be for you.
You're doing the right thing, dear.
We all support you.
[Stefan] The wholesaler
is afraid to work with us.
They threatened to burn him down.
Have you found
that asshole with the invoices?
[Marko] Tagar? I'm looking.
[Stefan] You're not the only one.
[Marko] It's like
he disappeared into thin air.
- But I'll find him, I swear to God.
- [Stefan] The entire town is after him.
We're fucked without Tagar
and the invoices.
The Czechs will be pissed.
Junior got beaten in your place.
It's never gonna end.
I don't know what to do.
I'm gonna kill 'em.
- I'll be there soon.
- Are you crazy? Stay where you are!
- Don't come here!
- [sheep bleating]
Our guests are here!
[Stefan] Pills are in the van.
- Hi.
- [man] Hi.
Hey, Janko.
Cool digs here.
[laughs] Yeah. That's our house.
Fucking sick, right?
And we have a factory too.
That's right. Where you make
all the dog food.
Meat, ugh!
Don't worry.
It's just a cover-up.
They didn't tell you?
You give us the supplies,
and we do the rest.
And we share the money.
Like, in the family.
[saccharine melody playing]
Come on.
When no one else can understand me ♪
When everything I do is wrong ♪
You give me hope and consolation ♪
You give me strength to carry on ♪
[song continuing faintly]
- Pretty great.
- Yeah, cool. You wanna be a filmmaker?
Would you like me to be one?
You know what?
I think it's cool that you are singing.
You have a passion.
I will talk to my dad
so he can allow you to be a singer.
Oh, really?
Wow! [sarcastically] Thank you.
You're welcome.
[gunshots in distance]
You have to reload
and put your finger on the trigger, and
- [gunshot echoes]
- [glass shatters]
And bam, okay?
- May I try?
- [Josef] Be my guest.
- [Stefan] Okay.
- [Josef] Reload!
- Something What the fuck happened?
- Gimme that gun.
It's empty.
- Empty.
- Give me another gun.
Can I kiss you?
You want to dishonor me?
Um I'm sorry.
[gunshot reverberating]
[elegant harp music playing]
[Josef] These invoices,
we'll sort them out.
[Stefan] If these two can do it,
so can we.
[Josef laughs]
- [Stefan] To the children!
- [Josef] Bottoms up!
Bottoms up!
[vibrant glissando]
The prince brings a white steed!
[Stefan laughing]
[Stefan] Of course.
Now, Janko! Now!
- [Josef] Eh? Hmm?
- [Stefan] Hmm.
Father, will you let me
take Gita for my wife?
You should ask her.
Of course he will! [Stefan laughing]
[fireworks popping]
- Bottoms up!
- Fireworks and everything!
[Stefan] Don't make a scene.
[Janko] Gita!
[Janko] Marry me?
And this is my gift!
What a gift! [Stefan laughing]
[Janko] A little gift.
- We'll have it sent!
- Bravo!
- [Josef] Congratulations!
- [Janko] Gita!
[Janko] Gita, wait!
[Marko snorting]
- For me?
- It's a present.
For a parent-in-law.
[elegant harp music trails off]
[dark, brooding music playing]
[Viola] It's beautiful.
It must have cost a fortune.
I know you're against it.
Nowadays you all want
to marry out of love.
But love, Gita, is blind.
You fall in love,
and then he becomes someone else.
[Gita] You're marrying me to a drug lord.
Aren't you proud?
[brooding music intensifies]
Parental control, Daddy?
[phone beeps]
Just watch me.
[Gita breathing raggedly]
Save me, Tagar.
[music swells]
I drink your soul.
[sensual, charged music playing]
[sweeping music building]
What happened, honey? Have a bad dream?
Gita's not here!
Was that your dream?
She's not here.
She was kidnapped by a monster!
What are you saying?
[Lala] Is that Gita?
[Marko] For fuck's sake!
Let's get you to bed. Come on.
[sweeping music intensifies]
- [gun cocks loudly]
- [music halts abruptly]
You did this to my daughter.
I'll fucking kill you, right here.
[Gita] No, wait! Stop it! Dad, no!
Let him go! I love him!
I want to marry him!
I love him and I want to be his wife.
You got engaged yesterday.
You got me engaged!
You ran away with Mom!
And Tagar kidnapped me yesterday.
I'm not a virgin anymore.
- We'll see. Medicine can do wonders.
- [Tagar] Gita.
I can't do it.
[Marko] What?
[Marko] You disgrace my daughter
and now you don't want her?
I'll kill you with my bare hands!
[Gita] No!
No! Tagar!
[Gita sobbing]
[Marko] Get dressed!
- [Gita sobbing]
- Get in the car!
God give me strength!
God, give me the strength to hold my vow
and not stray off this road.
Be with me today.
And about Gita
If we are erring, doing wrong,
give us a sign.
[Gita] Pull over!
- Pull over!
- [Marko] Have you lost your fucking mind?
For fuck's sake.
Why not?
Tagar, why can't you do it?
[Marko] Speak!
Gita, I
I want to, but
I just can't.
- [whimpers]
- Gita!
Move and I'll shoot your balls off.
Or maybe your head, if I aim higher.
You did your part.
Gita, get back in the car.
[Marko] Last night never happened, okay?
[door opens]
Go inside and wash up.
[Stefan] What are you doing here?
You found him? Where?
Gita had the idea to look in the woods,
and there he was.
What happened?
Why don't you answer your phone?
- I hid in the woods. My battery died.
- The battery died?
Get the fuck inside
and work on the fucking invoices!
Right now!
You, come with me.
[foreboding music playing]
Where's the van?
We took two cars
and the clutch gave out, so
[muffled struggling]
[phone ringing]
[Lala] Gita!
[Gita sobbing softly]
Gita, are you crying?
[stifled sobbing]
[printer beeping wildly]
My uncle said you're gonna teach me
how to use that program.
Yeah, sure. Sit down.
You know computers at all?
Yeah, duh. I game!
Okay, great.
Have you seen Gita?
Yeah. That cow is hogging the bathroom.
I had to use my parents'!
Sisters! They're the worst.
Mm-hmm. All right, take a look.
- See that icon?
- Mm-hmm.
Click it.
The software boots up.
Input the product code from the box.
[Kevin] Tagar!
Okay, I'm coming!
[foreboding music playing]
[muffled screaming]
[mysterious music playing]
[elder] Are you Marko Burano?
Yes, that's me.
[elder] Marko.
Today you're facing your entire family.
It's because your dear wife, Violetta,
came to us.
Let your family speak about you first.
[overlapping arguments, shouting]
[elder] The first one to speak
is Marko's wife.
[elder] Marko!
You are addicted to gambling!
You're hurting yourself and your family.
You're hurting us all!
Here we are, your family.
There's your coffin.
The coffin is like death.
You will lie here and give your word.
If you break it, you will die.
If you're not with us,
if you break your word, you're dead.
[forceful shouting resumes]
[arguing quiets]
My verdict is based on our Romanipen.
Listen, now. My verdict.
Either you vow here not to gamble anymore,
or you shall face
[overlapping chatter]
[elder] You will be alone, on your own.
[group arguing loudly]
[elder] What's your choice, Marko?
[Marko] Here I swear before God
I swear on my own life,
I'll stop gambling
and avoid the path of evil.
[Viola weeping softly]
[Marko] I swear,
to my family and the community.
May I die if I don't keep my word.
[gathering] Amen.
[elder] May God change your life!
And may you never lose our way!
May our laws always guide you.
- [man 1] Let it be done.
- [man 2] Come back to us, brother!
[gathering cheers]
[indistinct cries of support]
[whispers] Gita slept with Tagar.
I found them in the trailer this morning.
If we're lucky, she's not pregnant.
She wants him, but he rejected her.
I fucking hate you.
[Stefan] Good choice.
[Tagar] Gita!
Hold on.
- Let me go.
- You're not allowed in here.
- I have to tell her something.
- What don't you understand?
[phone ringing]
Goddamn it.
What's up?
[Rolo] I've traced the guy
who beat up Ułi.
Where the fuck is he?
- [Rolo] In the factory estate.
- [Tagar] Good, I'm coming.
[phone ringing]
- [Stefan] Did you train Kevin?
- [Tagar] He can use the program.
- [Stefan] Can he print out the receipts?
- [Tagar] Yeah, he should.
Sign here.
[Stefan] Then go hide
in the fucking woods!
[delicate, keening music playing]
[powerful guitar melody playing]
[solemn vocalizations]
Hey, Gita! Wanna try this?
[man] Fucking hell!
The gypsy's coming. Grab the gypsy!
What's up?
Freeze, motherfucker!
[pursuer] Fucker!
- You fuck!
- Get him!
Come on, drive!
- Hey there!
- Just drive!
He's fucking getting away!
Come on, come on, hurry! Fuck!
[forceful music trails off]
[somber, delicate outro music playing]
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