Infamy (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

["Run From Me" by Timber Timbre playing]
Run from me, darlin' ♪
Run, my good wife ♪
Run from me, darlin' ♪
You'd better run for your life ♪
Run from me, darlin' ♪
Run, my good wife ♪
Run from me, darlin' ♪
You'd better run for your life ♪
Run ♪
Run ♪
Run ♪
Run ♪
Run ♪
Run ♪
Run ♪
Run ♪
Run ♪
Run ♪
Run ♪
Run ♪
Run ♪
Run ♪
Run ♪
Run ♪
Run ♪
Run ♪
Run ♪
[entrancing music swells]
[no audible dialogue]
[no audible dialogue]
[music intensifies dramatically]
[music trails off]
[gentle birdsong]
Still wanna play with coffins?
You didn't know it was this bad?
Yeah. Well, where were you?
Please go home and rest.
This could take a while.
No, no, I can stay.
Your daughter is in good hands.
She'll wake up, won't she?
No one can find out
this was because of Tagar.
[Lala humming softly]
[Viola] How many teeth have you lost?
[Lala] One, two, three, four.
Do you know
that out of those holes,
you're going to grow
the strongest teeth in the whole world?
Like Gita's?
- Will you take care of Kevin?
- Yes.
[Lala humming]
[tense music building]
[Tania] I told you to hold off
on the engagement. This is a cry for help.
[woman] I told you
not to keep that medicine here,
that it would bring us misfortune.
[Stefan] The Zinnus will disappear.
We keep this secret from the Czechs.
[medical monitor beeping]
[monitor beeping rapidly]
[phone ringing]
Yes, hello?
Yes, I understand.
Thank you very much.
Our baby woke up.
[Marko] I knew she would.
- Good news. Good news!
- Thank god! Our girl is awake!
[Viola] Our little girl.
- I was so scared.
- [Stefan] She's woken up!
[Stefan laughs boisterously] Marko!
[Stefan] Maybe we should bring over
some vitamins from Germany?
Whatever you need, we'll handle it.
[siren wailing in distance]
Don't you ever do that to me again.
Don't you die.
Don't you give me advice.
[chuckles weakly]
Let our princess get some proper sleep!
- [Stefan] That's good.
- [woman] Aśka! Give me the broth.
[Tania] It's meatless.
[woman] Meatless, tasteless, pointless.
What is that, Kuba?
Nothing? Will you show it to us?
[Melisa] That's beautiful.
- So pretty.
- [door opens]
[haunting music trails off]
[Viola] You gave us quite the scare.
Grandma almost had a heart attack.
[Kuba] Mom, come on!
God, I just can't imagine losing you.
- I don't even wanna think about it.
- [Kuba] Mommy! Come on.
[Viola] Why don't you say something
to her since no one's here?
Did you draw that cool picture, Kuba?
- Maybe.
- Maybe?
Come on. Will you draw one for me too?
[Kuba] Maybe
[Viola] Maybe?
Everything is maybe with you, huh?
[Gita] Dad, come on.
For Grandma.
Do it for me.
[somber music playing]
[Viola] It's so good.
[Marko] Where are we driving?
[Kuba] To Croatia!
[Marko] Croatia?
All right, let's go to Croatia.
Wait, I'll open it.
- There you go.
- [car alarm wailing]
Oh no.
[alarm stops]
All better.
Wait, let me get the door.
I see you've already managed
to turn on the wipers. Well done.
[Marko] So, you like it?
- [Marko] Mmm.
- [Kuba] Mm-hmm.
This place nearby has a great chai latte.
[Marko] Sharp turn coming up!
Oh, it's a big one!
Do you like them?
Now turn the other way.
Oh, come back!
- [Melisa] I do.
- [Marko] Vroom, vroom!
[Melisa] What do you even need
this marriage for?
You know how hard it is to escape poverty.
A Roma must work twice as hard
to get the things a Pole has.
[Melisa] Mm-hmm.
Stefan takes care of the family
as best he can.
He works fucking hard.
Nothing is handed to him.
All legal. No stealing.
Mm-hmm. And Josef?
Josef will help us.
He can secure Gita's future, Melisa.
Mmm. Him and his drug trafficking
business, right?
[Viola breathes deeply]
You know what?
I swore to myself that my children
would be better off than I was.
[chuckles ruefully]
I should feel grateful
for everything we have now, shouldn't I?
Grateful that we have someplace
where we can live with food and clothes.
But Mom, she tried to kill herself.
[Viola breathing unevenly]
[keening, mournful vocalizations]
[stifled sobbing]
[reporter] We're in Biała Góra,
where a shocking incident has taken place.
The feud began with a pregnant woman
being bitten by a dog
belonging to a Romani man, Tagar M.
A short time later, the woman miscarried.
Last night,
in an apparent act of vengeance,
unknown perpetrators
set the dog owner's house on fire.
[interviewee] The fridge,
the sofa bed. Everything's burned.
She's got nothing left.
That's why we're trying to help her.
She has lost everything.
She has no father, no mother,
but we're here and we're going to help.
The man's pregnant wife was at home
when the attack occurred.
The woman is safe and unharmed.
- [mournful singing continues]
- [high-pitched, disconcerting ringing]
We can safely call these events
an outbreak of hatred toward the Roma.
Will this become another pogrom?
Authorities have ignored these issues.
Maybe it's time to address past incidents
You can stay at my place.
- before another tragedy occurs.
- Come dear, drink your tea.
I smell like shit.
[Fatima] Marynia, go bring her
something from the closet.
Want a bath?
Tagar, bring her some water.
- Tagar!
- [ringing stops]
Bring her some water.
[Ułi] What a fucked day.
- [Fatima] Tagar! The water.
- Yeah.
[Ułi] Your house burns down,
and that Burano girl's in the hospital.
That Gita.
What happened?
[ringing resumes]
No idea. She's in ICU.
[distressing music builds]
[president] Oh my God, oh my God.
[patient] No wonder it burned down,
if you all live in these shanties.
It's like India or something.
I pity that girl. So young and pregnant.
How old could she be, 17?
Shut the fuck up!
[disorienting high-pitched ringing]
[mournful singing]
Dżamila is still terrified!
The child could come prematurely.
Don't leave her now.
[ringing, music trail off]
[Stefan] What should we do
about the Czechs?
We have to tell them something.
We gave a Roma word.
And word is sacred!
[Tania scoffs]
Word, word. This is about life.
Listen up, Roma!
One of our own is hurting!
We can't be sure
it was because of the wedding.
I'm just saying
[Tania] Let's bet on another horse.
We're not monsters.
That's right.
Why not send young Arielka?
Which one is that?
You know, Gabor's younger daughter?
[Stefan sighs]
All right, she'll do.
And you.
The debt still has to be paid, Marko.
Think about how.
And don't fucking piss me off again.
[Marko] Thankfully they're not asking
why she did it.
Let them think
it's because of the wedding.
How did we get ourselves into this?
- At least we'll save our little girl.
- From what?
From unrequited love?
Can we?
She'll forget him.
If I see him again, I'm gonna kill him.
We're not on our own here.
We've got an entire family of sheep.
- So
- We've got a child!
- Yeah.
- So that's the good news.
[Gita in Polish] Because of a guy?
Gita, you serious? ♪
The feminist? Not so glorious ♪
It ain't about doctors
The wound under plaster ♪
[in English] This place is disaster ♪
[in Polish] I want to run away
But where to? ♪
Even love leaves me
Battered and bruised ♪
They got me engaged
But could not engage me ♪
Toy Story, like a doll they animate me ♪
I know what I'm escaping from ♪
Over the top, this deck is flawed ♪
I wake up in hell, need this I.V. out ♪
How to forget Tagar and you all ♪
I seem to forget about
One thing though ♪
I miss a thread that leads to the core ♪
I want to run away
But where to, what to? ♪
Fucking queen of spades
With her head chopped off ♪
[in English] Don't rush your question,
unless you don't want the cards
to take you seriously.
Tell me when you're ready.
[in Polish] I'm going
I'll grab My backpack with melancholy ♪
[phone vibrating]
[in English] I'm an idiot.
[fortune teller] A betrayal?
This friend is going through
a very difficult time in life.
Unforeseen changes.
Will she forgive me?
Or not?
The High Priestess.
How much are you willing
to sacrifice for friendship?
Loyalty. Fairness. And truth.
You have to choose.
Don't hesitate.
[tense, unnerving music playing]
Your guy is toxic.
You don't love him.
Choose. Your friend or your man.
[priest] Whom shall Jesus visit today?
[patient] Oh.
Praises be to Jesus Christ.
Forever and ever, Mrs. Krasyniuk.
How are you today?
God is watching over me.
They're going to fix my liver.
- I'm afraid God has abandoned her, Father.
- Body of Christ.
How are you, Gita?
Would you like to pray together?
[Gita] No.
May I, then?
- Beneath Thy protection
- Silently.
[no audible dialogue]
I'll be at your school.
Should I tell your friends anything?
Don't have any friends.
Of course you do, Gita.
I've seen them.
They adore you.
You are not alone.
Please don't tell anyone I ended up here.
[Mrs. Krasyniuk] I sure won't.
I'll be seeing you.
[raucous Polish rap song playing]
[Mikołaj] Let's finally do it
the normal way.
Don't be like that
- [Eliza] I want to finish this first.
- Finish what?
[Eliza] The astrological chart.
I'm checking connections
[Mikołaj] You better connect with me.
A blowjob at least?
[doorbell ringing]
A guest in the house is God in the house.
The plates!
And when the guest is a priest,
it's like we have
God squared in the house!
- Mom
- What?
Thank you.
Mmm, so, Renata,
uh, if I may,
I'd like to speak with Eliza.
One on one.
Oh, well, if that's the case
then off I go.
[footsteps receding]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[whispers] I'll fuck you later.
[footsteps receding]
[priest] I saw Gita today.
She wanted
[Eliza's mother]
Oh, I could make some tea?
[priest] Uh, yes, please.
Gita is in the hospital.
[Eliza's mother] With lemon?
Yes, with lemon.
She tried to commit suicide.
whatever happened between you two,
I think she might need
your help right now.
I don't think she wants to see me.
Hey, what the fuck?
You're all acting like she died.
- Because it's our fucking fault.
- Eliza.
Don't exaggerate.
All right, guys, let's visit her.
[Nadia] Not now.
Let's give her time to rest.
I know what it's like.
Then let's at least call.
Fuck me. Look, I don't give a fuck.
One dirty gypsy more or less.
- You did not just call her that.
- [Kapuściński] I don't give a fuck!
"Aw, no one likes me.
Guess I'll kill myself."
Take that back, dumb fuck.
- What the fuck did you say to me?
- You fucking heard me.
Think you're a fucking tough guy?
I should beat your ass!
All right. Chill.
Come on!
Since you're so brave!
Pussy. I knew it.
- Fucking piece of shit!
- No, Kamil, no!
[Kapuściński] What are you gonna do?
- [Eliza] Leave him alone!
- What now, fucker?
- Fucking hell!
- And you!
If you defend that dirty gypsy again,
I'll tell Mikołaj everything.
Let her go!
[Kapuściński] Watch out, sweetheart.
Are you all right?
[shakily] Yeah.
- Hey, are you okay?
- Mm-hmm.
[Janko singing in Polish]
The night has fallen all around us ♪
The moonlight's shining through ♪
You still haven't heard ♪
All the words of love I wrote to you ♪
I haven't had the time yet ♪
To take you to the stars afar ♪
I still haven't found ♪
A name worthy for you ♪
Now I'll take you into my arms ♪
And tuck you in like in a cradle ♪
To protect you, oh my love ♪
From sharp grasses
That the turf is made of ♪
[phone chimes]
[Janko] You sleep tight
You dream well ♪
Immerse into the dark night ♪
You sleep tight, you dream well ♪
Dream of me holding you so tight ♪
[in English] You can AirDrop it to me.
You can AirDrop yourself home.
[Josef] Poor girl.
You know, Janko doesn't like imitations.
It has to be Gita.
[Kamil] Here we go.
[Nadia] I'll wait here.
Stop it. Cherry isn't coming.
[Marko] I'll get myself a bike,
and maybe we could go on a trip? Like
- You know them?
- No.
Excuse me.
Here's something for you.
- For me?
- No, not you. For you.
A poem.
I hope that you like it.
When I look at Gita
My heart feels clean, pure as snow
She drives me crazy, but I love her so
[Gita] I'm sorry.
I told you guys
we needed to give her more time.
She should at least know
we're there for her.
Yeah, but she won't let us in!
I wouldn't let us in either.
Hang on, I'll try alone.
Just go. I'll call you.
Let's go then.
You know what "no" means?
Don't you have any honor?
I don't care about honor.
Gita, I came to tell you that
that I was scared,
because I'm a fucking coward, and
Did we do this to you?
Gita, please, just tell me
if we did this to you and I'll
[voice cracking] Is it my fault?
In that case, I don't understand it.
Because of him?
I've been so stupid.
He never He never said
he wanted to be with me.
There were signs.
And I was blind
and Deaf.
He has a wife and a baby on the way.
You'd think that'd be worth mentioning.
My family will never forgive me.
So you two
What a fucking asshole.
Motherfucking bastard,
Limp-dick son of a bitch.
I love him so much.
[tense, haunting music playing]
You love limp dick?
[both chuckle]
- [man] We gotta fix the car.
- [Ułi] What's wrong with it?
I'll take the scooter. Cover for me.
We'll just become lesbians.
we'll destroy him.
Yes, darling. Of course we will.
Just stay here. What if they see you?
No one's gonna see me.
Do whatever you want. Just be careful.
One thing. If she asks,
just tell Dżamila I'll be back soon, okay?
I'm sorry.
[Ułi] I'll let you know
if anything happens. Be careful.
I'll be all right.
[engine revs]
[line ringing]
[window opens]
[music trails off]
[line ringing]
[phone vibrating]
- Gita
- [tersely] What?
You're gonna
be a father?
I never wanna see you again.
[disconnect tone droning]
[door slams shut]
[line ringing]
[Rolo] What's up?
Rolo, I need your help.
Cool, what do you need?
Gita's going to recover
and find someone worthy of her.
But you'll be alone forever.
Honestly, I pity you.
[low, haunting music playing]
[Gita in Polish] I'm in trenches
Though I haven't started the war ♪
[goat bleats]
[in English] Would've never worked.
[Gita in Polish] I'm in trenches
Though I haven't started the war ♪
[in English] I wish you stayed
a bit longer under observation.
[Gita in Polish]
I'm waiting for a transfusion ♪
I'm barely alive ♪
[in English] You'll fall in love again.
Where are we going?
I don't know.
[Gita in Polish] You're so calm ♪
[in English] I'm an idiot.
I fucked it all up.
[in Polish] You're so calm ♪
- [in English] I love you.
- I love you a little.
[Gita laughing]
[Lala] Why do you have
a Band-Aid on your arm?
Why are you moving to another room?
[in Polish] I'm in trenches
Though I haven't started the war ♪
I'm in trenches
Though I haven't started the war ♪
I'm waiting for a transfusion ♪
I'm barely alive ♪
You're so calm ♪
You're so calm ♪
[sweeping, dramatic hip-hop beat playing]
For you.
This is from Tagar.
- [Lala gasps]
- It's gone!
[Marko] She loves crepes.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, whenever.
[Stefan] Marko.
What's your plan for the debt?
Start a business, maybe?
There's this guy who sells supplements.
Uh, he said it's clean money.
I'm waiting for him to get me in.
That's what I thought.
Luckily, I have a solution.
We're going back to the initial plan.
- Stefan, please
- For fuck's sake, Marko!
Shape up and start acting like a real man.
Gita will marry the Czech boy.
It's decided.
Don't tell the women yet.
[phone chimes]
[phone chimes]
[frustrated grunt]
What are you gonna do about it?
[Marko sighs]
I'll think of something.
I don't know what, but I will.
- [Kamil] Come on, stop it.
- [Cherry] Maybe.
- Hey guys.
- Oh, hey.
Gita texted me,
so, uh, we can all visit her.
Hell yeah, that's great!
What are we doing?
Eliza, maybe you could bake a pie?
- [Cherry] Maybe you could buy some wine?
- [Kamil] Wine after a suicide attempt?
So, I knew.
I knew she'd been lying.
[Cherry scoffs]
Goddamn it.
I knew it.
Um, I'm heading out.
[tense music playing]
Say hi to Gita for me.
- Cherry
- I'll call you.
- So you you knew this entire time?
- Hey
You seriously knew
and you didn't even defend her?
[school bell ringing]
Hey, Eliza! Going somewhere?
[Kamil chuckles]
I'm just coming to see Gita.
I don't forgive you yet.
- I love you anyway!
- Seriously?
[all] Say cheese!
[all laughing]
Jesus, can't you just tell everyone
you slept with him and be done with it?
Wait, who did you sleep with?
Why don't I know anything?
- I'll tell you later.
- Tell me now!
Eliza, you don't how it is with Roma.
They'd eat me alive.
Who wants to bet 20
that I can win in three frames?
We could put a spell on Tagar.
[Kamil laughs] What?
[Eliza] Something to make sure
that fucking dick never finds love again.
[tense, mysterious music playing]
[Marko] I won!
Pay up.
You know you shouldn't
mess around with magic?
[eerie vocalizations]
[dark, foreboding music playing]
[Eliza] Do you have something
that belonged to him?
I've got his sweatshirt.
[cue clatters]
- [bouncer] Not today, bud.
- [Marko] I've got money.
We don't allow people like you in.
You're covering for that shit-head,
aren't you?
[bouncer] Do you know him?
[dark, mysterious music playing]
Where is he?
Tell me, and I'll let you in.
[rush of breath]
[tense, sorrowful music playing]
- ["Run From Me" by Timber Timbre playing]
- Run from me, darlin' ♪
[somber, mournful piano playing]
Run, my good wife ♪
Run from me, darlin' ♪
You better run for your life ♪
Run from me, baby ♪
Run, my good wife ♪
Run from me, baby ♪
You better run for your life ♪
[delicate, somber outro music playing]
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