Informer 3838 (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Part 1

I was the most notorious police
informer in Australian legal history.
I broke all the rules,
I betrayed everyone
..friends and enemies.
I had wealth,
position, opportunity
Why did I do it?
You're about to find out.
Are you gonna do it?
If you make me give evidence,
when people find out it's me
They won't find out.
..all my cases will come under
scrutiny, dozens of crims
..will go free
We'll make sure that doesn't happen.'ll be gone, and I'll be dead -
a bullet in my head.
So, are you gonna do it?
Most people didn't feel sorry for me,
for my predicament.
Top of the list
Carl Williams.
I'm alone
You are gone ♪
He was the first to sniff me out,
the first to suspect
I was an informer.
..There'd be a time ♪
But I didn't kill him, I didn't want
anyone dead.
I didn't.
I was just like you to once.
I had ambition,
I wanted to make my mark.
But unfortunately, for us ladies,
though they are impressive drinkers
and talkers
..sometimes we don't want talk,
do we.
Though they are impressive
drinkers and talkers,
most here are not
as impressive in other ways.
And thus would not constitute
a well hung jury.
You cannot write that.
I already have.
And once a worthy jury
is chosen
If the dancing frenzy
Police, nobody move.
..and the amount of alcohol consumed
are any indication
of the future legal acumen,
then those at the 1993 Law Ball
will constitute an impressive
addition to our worthy profession.
Oh, my God.
Well done.
Nicola Gobbo?
Yeah, that's me.
Could you come with us please?
That got me now, heh.
What's going on?
Is this your bedroom?
You are a smoker?
You own this house?
Paying off a mortgage.
You're very young
How do you have money for that?
My father died.
He left me some.
Look, I didn't know
anything about the
It doesn't change the facts.
I didn't know about any of this.
100g of amphetamine,
marijuana in trafficable amounts
I'm studying to be a lawyer.
If I get charged
I'm begging you.
I don't like to beg.
Is there anything I can do?
I'm afraid there's nothing
we can do.
That's the law.
If you own the house,
you'll be charged.
You give us something else.
I'll get a detective
to take your statement.
Still bothering you.
Journos are following me everywhere.
What a nightmare.
Leave them open.
My brush with a dark side, Em
I'm notorious.
Nic, what about your degree?
It's OK, I'm getting a good behaviour
bond with no conviction recorded.
Brian's getting
the trafficking charge.
Don't look at me like that,
I didn't help them.
Are you kidding?
I hate the bloody cops.
Everyone always expected me to go
into law, a lot of my family had.
So, I studied hard, put in the hours.
I left the past behind
and just kept looking forward.
By the time I was admitted
to the bar,
the Melbourne Gangland War
was in full flight.
MALE REPORTER: Gangitano was shot
several times
in his Templestowe home
just after 11pm.
The murder investigation
will not be easy.
FEMALE REPORTER: There are a number
of persons of interest in this case,
and police say there could be
more than one killer.
It'd never been like this before.
I was working 24/7,
sleeping three hours a night.
Better get a lawyer, son
You'd better get a real good one
Better get a lawyer, son
You'd better get a real good one
Get yourself a suit and tie
And get your hair cut way up high
Get yourself a lawyer, son
You're gonna need a real good one
I became one of the youngest female
barristers in Victorian history,
and started working
where no one expected,
representing any crim who'd have me.
The Czech bird breeder who smuggled
parrot eggs in his daks.
A rock spider who put
cameras in kids toilets.
And even a cop killer.
But not all my clients
were cockroaches.
Her husband was
an enthusiastic drinker.
He beat this woman every day.
So, Maria did what any woman might
After 50 years of emotional
and physical abuse,
she belted him
with a saucepan
Flipped the marinara out and whack!
And I for one, say good riddance.
I was moving up, getting work,
getting known by crims
..and cops.
I'll be right down, Detective.
Don't start.
Listen, I'm your friend, Nic.
Oh, Jesus.
And I
I know that you think
that I am a bit
But you're gonna have to
You cannot be a wild child forever.
A wild child?
Don't make fun of me,
Nic, I see you.
I see you with cops one day
and clients the next,
and it's pretty fucking off.
Em, I'm sorry,
I'm not making fun of you.
I know you're just looking out
for me, but lawyers are so boring.
This is just the start,
I have a lot further to go than this.
And I did have a lot further to go.
All the way to Tony Mokbel.
He ran a $400 million drug ring,
he had 30 cars, a yacht,
a horse stable and
lots of shitty lawyers.
You can't get me paid,
you're kidding, right?
The car was unlocked
No, no, don't give me
that fucking excuse, I told you
You know, the car was unlocked
for 20 minutes.
I mean, I think you're actually
in a really strong
..and you couldn't get it done?
What's wrong with you blokes?
I'll just be a tick.
Mr Mokbel
Tony Mokbel
You remember me?
I helped your brother, Horty,
with his tax problem.
Yeah, yeah, I remember you.
And I couldn't help overhearing now,
about your present difficulty.
You need some help, don't you.
Starving kids need help, darlin'.
Well, I don't know about them,
but I can get you bail.
I became Fat Tony's lawyer.
He got bail and I got famous.
I had arrived.
Thank you, thank you.
Just a few words.
Her Honour stated, in her wisdom,
that Australians wouldn't tolerate
the indefinite detention
of one of its citizens
while cases of corrupt police
are still being decided.
So, she has granted bail
with a surety of $1 million
to Mr Antonios Sajih Mokbel.
What do you think I am,
a Junior Shit-kicker.
Yeah, I understand what you
Hang on a tick.
Nicola Gobbo
Yeah, no worries,
I'll call you back in two.
Mate Mate, I'm not looking
for truth or justice,
just the best outcome for you.
Yeah, whatever you tell me,
it never goes any further.
Meet me in my chambers in an hour
and we can discuss things, OK?
Bloody Muppet.
..the Bogan from Broadmeadows.
Drug king-pin and baby-faced killer.
Tony said we should meet.
He said you might be interested
in my representation
using the same bail tactics
I did for him.
And he said my fee
wouldn't be a problem.
If you'll sign here, hiring me,
I'll get the paperwork
from your previous lawyer
and when I'm up to speed,
get you out of here in a few days.
How does that sound?
Well, I'd better keep moving.
Another client's getting the shits.
They don't see you come on, do they.
Who doesn't?
How can they not see this?
You distract 'em with that
The hair, showin'
a little bit of tittie.
Just like I distract
'em with a slouch back.
Untidy runners, trackie daks
Just another dickhead eating KFC.
Crumbs down me chest
and a little bit of dribble.
No reason to worry about Carl.
We're a lot alike, you and me.
I'm nothing like you, mate.
I got Williams out of prison
within a week.
Not bad, heh?
Roberta jumped for joy
as Carl went straight
straight for the throttle.
No one knew he was about to put
The Gangland War into overdrive.
Eat a bag of dicks, ya fucker!
Carl's newfound freedom
made a 2000 a memorable year
As the bodies piled up
MALE REPORTER: Without warning
..I just got busier,
I was everywhere.
Underworld sources suggest
the killing was linked
to a major shipment of drugs
which was stolen from the motel room
at the time of the shooting.
Police believe they know
the identity of at least
one of Mr Dibra's killers.
Police believe Mark Moran's killer
was waiting as he arrived
home at 8:30pm last night.
The 36-year-old was given no chance
to escape the assassin's bullets.
You're fuckin' kidding me.
Paul Dale was a young
sergeant in the drug squad.
He was good, respected,
he got results.
Well, I don't trust you
and you don't trust me, mate.
Get your gear off.
I thought it was bullshit,
but Carl said his dealings
with Dale were a little different.
If anyone asked, Carl said he was
paying Dale to keep trouble away.
The money meant Carl wasn't a dog.
Dale swore this was all lies,
he could prove it.
He never met Carl alone
..never took money
He only used Carl as a source.
I knew Dale long before
Carl ever did,
and so, by now all the planets
had aligned.
What is the difference
between a lawyer and a liar?
Get stuffed.
I knew Dale, and I knew
Carl Williams and Tony Mokbel.
What's the difference
between a lawyer and a pit bull?
Alright, I've got one.
How many cops does it take
to throw a crim down the stairs?
No idea.
None He fell.
It was a mad time.
Cops will tell you they hung out
with me to get intel on the crims,
and crims will say they hung out
to keep tabs on the cops.
And let me tell you, sometimes it
was hard to know who was playing her.
But I won't lie
I loved it.
I was at the centre of it all,
on top of the world.
Then it all started to go wrong,
and it started to go wrong here
at Harp Road, Kew,
with a small-time ecstasy dealer.
Terry Hodson was old school -
love your family and never lag.
Oh, look at that, look at that!
Eh, who wants one?
Nic, you want a little one?
I know you breastfeeding, love,
do you want one?
Dad, piss off with that.
I'm only joking.
Eh, what's for tea? Is that
You just ate it.
Oh, get flogged.
Oi, no swearing in front of Dylan,
I told you that.
What, I said flogged,
it's not swearing, you silly clunt.
Dad, gimme that,
you're gonna drop it.
Oh, gimme that, here, gimme that.
Oh, gosh.
Be careful.
I will, come on.
I never dropped you once, did I?
Except that time
when you fell on your
Oh, hello, my little villain.
Look at you, I could eat you up.
Oh, don't hurt him, Tez.
I'm not gonna hurt in,
I'm just gonna eat him up.
He's beautiful.
I know.
Alright, turn the music down,
get me Roscoe.
It's alright, love.
Terry, fuck man, it's Rod.
It's Rod, it's alright.
Come on.
Rod mate, hey.
Come on, fuck.
Come on, come in, quick.
Banging on the fucking door.
Alright, well keep it down.
Don't put the camera on me,
Christine, come on.
I wasn't.
Hey, no swearing,
with got bubs here, alright?
Get fucked and put the bloody gun
away, would you?
Alright. Molly, Rosie, shut it.
Fuck, what a hellhole.
Fuck, are you carrying, or what?
Yeah mate, always carrying.
'Bout bloody time.
Have a look at my grandson,
he's just like me,
he's handsome, isn't he? Say hello.
Yeah, yeah, whatever.
There he is.
So, you got eccy?
Got lemons.
Oh yeah, and you can suck them.
Good ones?
Yin and yang, mate, yin and yang.
Nice, nice, alright.
There we go, alright.
Oh, look after it.
Alright, turn the music back up,
let's party, clunts.
Wait a minute.
You had these before?
Beg your pardon,
have I had what before?
You fuckin' me, man?
You want a fuckin'
slap or something?
Jesus fucking christ.
I was told Andy wanted to share
of Terry's pill business.
So, without telling his dad,
he started selling pills on the side.
But he wasn't as good at it as Terry.
Nah, nah, nah,
na-nah, na-nah, nah, nah
Nah, nah, nah, na-nah,
na-nah, nah, nah
Watch out your mummy's eyes
Better make up good lies ♪
God, stop.
Piss off, police brutality!
You're breaking my arm.
..Don't care about your honey
Boys are in a queue,
it's time for the Sunshine Drive
First stop - frozen tequila
Second stop - Melbourne Bitter
Third stop - cowboy cocksucker
Oh, yeah
Gabba, gabba hey, Kat. ♪
What, you're quitting?
But you were
I'm not, I'm not quitting.
I'm just
I'm taking a break.
Plus, Neal wants to have kids and
so do I.
I mean, don't you wanna have kids?
Are you kidding?
Maybe one day, far away, but now?
I'd be the worst mother
Wait are you pregnant?
No, no.
Not yet.
I just need a break, Nic.
Being around all those men, I
It's lawyers, the crims.
Looking at us like we're some
kind of novelty.
I mean, don't you find it
I No.
I want them to look at me.
I use it
..and then
..I outwork them.
I slap on a face
and act like I belong.
And by acting it, sometimes just
by acting it, I make it true.
Go away.
And after a while,
it isn't an act anymore.
I belong, and they need me,
and I'm in control.
If I waited to be accepted by them
What the fuck?
How many times are you gonna let
this fucking phone ring?
Tones, I'm sorry, I
I'm busy at the moment
Well, get unbusy,
I've a friend that needs your help.
Yeah, I can't, I
It's not a request.
Don't get your panties
in a knot, alright,
when did you turn down work?
Nic, I'll meet you there.
Tony Mokbel?
Emma, don't.
This arrest
would change everything
Have you said anything to them?
..ruin the careers
of a dozen people
What do I have to do
to get my client
..and finally lead to murder.
You got my Andy with that?
Well I didn't give it to him.
I mean, what sort of dad
you think I am?
Now, that's a question.
My kids are looking at real time.
Is there, a
anything that can be done?
I don't lag.
No, of course not.
But if you did
It be a best shot at keeping
your kids out of jail.
As long as you give
us good information
Sweet for everyone.
Always prided myself
on being staunch.
We all got to adapt.
No, look, you can't
You cannot let
my kids know, alright?
Hey, only me and my boss
will know about you, that's it.
Look, if anyone finds out
I am done, mate.
..there was no let up
in the gangland murders.
MALE REPORTER: Kallipolitis's
killers certainly appeared
untroubled about carrying out,
what amounted
to a public execution.
The police finally had enough.
They've decided to try something new.
Over 20 murders.
This is unacceptable, it must stop.
Giving into public pressure,
the Piranha Task Force was set up.
We will create a new kind
of detective hero -
meticulous and methodical.
They will have zero tolerance.
This is a war
that we must and will win.
Run by an AFP hero
come to make his mark
by ending
Melbourne's Gangland War
Now, I'll take questions,
but I'll only take one at a time.
I had more work than ever.
Mr Moran is in deep depression
I thought I could represent anyone,
even the Moran family,
Tony Mokbel's blood enemies.
Yeah, right.
Pretty good, heh?
We've had a gut-full
of Moran's shit
Get your hands off me.
..they want them off the street.
I represent who
No, fuck you and fuck the Morans.
Who the hell are you
to tell me who I
I'm the guy who tells you
not to work for the Morans, Bitch.
About now, Detectives Paul Dale
and David Miechel
started watching
a drug house in Oakleigh.
I hadn't heard about it yet,
but everyone would soon.
Pill press?
Music to hump to.
Oh, shit.
Let's find out
who's financing this place
before we buckle them, yeah?
Oh, there he is.
We started without you.
Detective David Miechel,
the guy who arrested Mandy and Andy,
hard to believe, but true,
was now Mandy's boyfriend.
Mandy's fucking a cop?
He arrested us,
what are you doing with him?
I'm not screwing him,
if that's what you're asking.
No, no, no, that's not
what I'm fucking asking
Stay here.
Don't fucking what me, are you
fucking talking to the Jacks?
I'm talking to Miech,
he's in there with your sister.
Don't fucking bullshit me.
We're talking about the football -
up the Pies, all that.
Don't fucking bullshit me!
I am not!
If you're talking to the Jacks,
and someone finds out,
they'll kill you.
You fucking know it.
I'm not, alright.
I am not dogging to the Jacks.
Miechel spent lots of time
with Terry now,
and introduced him to his boss,
Detective Paul Dale,
who became one of Terry's handlers.
Yeah, it's a nice place, innit.
Is a little bit pricey.
Ter That's why you're paying.
Oh, you're skint again,
what a surprise.
Oh, Terry, you know me,
I'm always skint.
Really, well
I've got a little present for you.
I don't want that.
There is a pube on that.
Let me get that for ya.
Mate, I am not touching that.
Order us another one of those,
will you, I'm going for a slash.
Good luck, mate.
So, ah
How's that pill house
in Oakleigh going?
Mate, I'm up to my
bottom lip in shit.
The bosses want
the gear to go up north,
so the New South Wales cops
make the collar.
It's crossing state lines
or something, it's bullshit.
What, you do the work,
and they get the credit?
That is fucking unacceptable.
Mate, don't get me started.
You know what?
We should do it.
Golden ticket.
Willie Wonka and the choccy factory.
What're you talking about,
are you stoned?
Come on, mate, we could job it.
You know when the people get there,
you know where the cash is.
We get the pills, I could sell them,
we'd make a killing.
I'm joking.
Am I?
Right, so we blow a three-month
and get every cop
in town on our arse.
Mate, you are stoned.
We are not those guys.
'Course not.
Look at Dakota,
fucking beautiful, heh?
Yeah, just like a mum.
Piss off.
I'm still angry at you.
He was supposed to get her
christened last year,
but then this
But both of us got arrested.
Hey, come on,
my beautiful wife, heh?
Yeah, well, this year
we're gonna do it.
So, keep him out of jail, you hear?
Well, I'll do my best,
but it's up to him more than me.
Yeah, you hear that?
Get you in trouble.
Stay outta
You can get me on trouble
anytime you want.
Are you sulking?
Are you dark on me?
Sorry about my boy
He was a bit rough.
But I can't have you helping
the Morans, Nic.
Just can't.
You with us now.
No worries, Tony, I get it.
Great party.
We We haven't really met.
You work for Tony, yeah?
Yeah, yeah I'm Juicy.
My My name, people call me Juicy.
I won't ask why.
Well, my surname's Jucirovic, so
I I brung you a wine,
I figured you drank white wine.
Yeah, why not.
So, um
What What are you doin'
here on your own?
I think Tony and his boys
are pissed off at me.
For all the bad things I've done.
Yeah, right.
What bad things have you done?
Well, I got Lewis Moran bail.
And I got him bail, Tony, Carl
Don't listen to me,
I'm joking, I'm drunk.
You wanna dance, Juicy?
Yeah, let's go.
If you touch that girl
You know it's OK
People say she's a whore anyway
I think she looks
like a nice vamp
Looking for love
in a trashcan ♪
At uni, five years studying law,
I got first class honours in one
Guess what in.
Pretty skirts.
Oh, wha Fuck you, Tony.
The only cause I ever got
first class honours in was
Wait for it.
..Legal ethics
and professional conduct.
Can you believe it?
I fuckin' love this chick.
I once streamed of being PM.
First woman ever.
Well, you still could.
We'll vote for ya.
Fuckin' wouldn't even know
how to vote.
It's funny 'cause it's
It's funny 'cause it's true.
If I'd stayed straight,
I could've ended up a Judge.
Why didn't I?
That's the question.
But you know what, Juicy?
I'm getting out
of this shit right now.
But I should've known,
when you make plans, God laughs.
ANNOUNCER: So, here we go,
our second straight
Brisbane, Collingwood grand final.
Lions last year in a classic,
Collingwood enter as favourites
this afternoon,
and away we go at the MCG.
Excuse me, sir Sir!
What are you doing out here?
Hello, love.
No, I was just going for a walk.
Get up against the wall!
Alright, alright, alright!
Up against the wall.
Alright, I was just
going for a walk.
VOICEMAIL: Hi, you've reached Emma,
Mel and Daisy.
Let the message after the beep.
Em I'm sorry.
I get it now.
I think I've gotta stop.
I'll call you tomorrow.
I'm sorry to bother you.
I'm in the job.
I heard the call, I came to help.
Alright Can you ask your dog
to calm down, just in case.
Who's this?
Nicola Gobbo.
When the pill house burglary
went down,
detectives at the drug squad
were forced to act.
Their surveillance operation
had been compromised,
so they arrested
anyone linked to the house.
Which is how I came into it.
We've been watching the house.
There's a pill press operating
around the clock.
And we've seen you, mate,
coming and going.
Who's bankrolling you?
Detectives, a moment with my client.
I'll keep it brief.
Who did the break in, any idea?
What was in the house, exactly?
I don't know ask my boss.
I am your boss, Dickhead,
who do you think sent me here?
Come on, how many pills?
Couple of hundred thousand.
Any cash?
700 Gs, hiding in the ceiling.
And they haven't charged you?
Say nothing, OK?
Shouldn't be difficult.
Ah, coffee, excellent.
Long black for me.
Got any biccies?
So, what exactly did you find
on the premises?
Enough for serious jail time.
Oh, come on, Leah,
give me your figures.
Well, we're still counting.
It's a large quantity of pills,
MDMA, close to 6,000 in cash.
Six thous?
But we know
that your client's working
for one of the major players
Is someone moving out?
Ah, yeah, bit of a restructure.
At this hour, on the weekend?
Whose desk is that?
OK, let me see.
Detectives Dale and Lanzini, present.
Detectives Ball, Casellus, Lunn.
Who's missing?
You know I'll find out,
you might as well tell me.
A chat to the cops,
a phone call or two, I had the story.
Detective Miechel
and his fight with a German Shepherd.
Bitten in bleeding, Miechel had
called his crew chief, Paul Dale.
Don't ask me how he explained,
"Hey Boss, you know
that drug house we're watching,
"I think I just got busted
ripping it off."
And now I understood
why detectives were hard at work
on grand final night.
There's sun shining
all of the time
Yeah, sun's shining all of the time
Time, time, time
Time, time ♪
I love this city!
Onya, love!
Fancy seeing you here.
This better be important,
I was asleep when you called.
Why are we here?
I was driving home from work,
and I thought we should finish
our conversation.
You said you were quitting for good.
That was hours ago.
Since then, I've had a nap, I've had
coffee, I got bail for a client.
So, what next?
Whoa, Jesus.
You're not the worst ever.
Oh, cheers.
Can I ask you a question?
Would you say
you work as a drug dealer,
or a drug trafficker?
I would say I work in transport.
Would you, now?
I load items into a truck
at point A,
drive them to point B
and walk away, transport.
What would you call it?
15 to life.
Oh, really?
Nicola Gobbo.
OK, I'm there.
So am I.
I'm sorry, Juice, I've gotta go.
Let me get this straight,
you got arrested at the pill house?
No, across the road, down the lane.
And the local cops
questioned you and let you go?
No, they kept me up all night,
gave me the third degree.
I told them I was in with the major
drug division, but they didn't care.
They just kept banging on
about my car, over and over.
Should we have that now?
As a lawyer, I'd say no.
Well, I'm getting rid of it.
Stupid Dean and his leather
fucking jacket, why?
Why would you?
Is she alright?
Boyfriend problems.
And what did you tell the police?
Well, there was this fella,
Lucky, I don't know his last name.
He was It was part of a sting
that the drug squad.
For Detective Miechel?
Yeah, he and Detective Sergeant Dale
are my handlers.
So, anyway, Lucky He gave
me a taste, I said I'll buy it.
He went off to do the deal.
Suddenly I'm jacked up.
I don't know nothing
about no burglarising.
Well, right sounds reasonable.
You think so?
No, Terry, it's clearly bullshit.
Did you drive your car to Oakleigh?
I left my car at home.
Why is everyone banging on
about my car?
Because they took your keys
at the police station, correct?
So, now an officer
drives back to the crime scene,
takes your keys,
drives around the block,
ticks the unlock button,
click, click, click,
until eventually, your car lights up,
bang, they've got you lying.
Oh, Ter, you shouldn't of lied
about that.
I'm assuming you lied for a reason.
So, what's in the car?
A gun?
OK, I'll guess and say both.
Plus a balaclava
and false number plates.
Oh, you're good.
Dunno if I can afford you.
Not sure I'm taking your case yet.
Detective Miechel was arrested
at the scene, did you know that?
Which one of you got the cash?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Well, there's a rumour
A lot of cash
that the cops didn't find.
Rumours, heh?
Look, Terry if you're staunch,
you don't give evidence
against Detective Miechel,
then you'll take the fall.
You'll do time.
No, he can't.
He can't go back inside.
No, I'm not going I'm not going
to jail, Love.
I'm sorry, but you'll go
on the gun charge alone.
Unless you give up Detective Miechel.
The Burg was his idea, you had no
choice, you had to go along with it.
It's a fair assumption, he's the one
in a position of power.
He's a mate.
He's not your mate,
you're his informer.
Why should you take the blame?
You wouldn't have
done it without Dave.
If I write on a cop
A corrupt cop.
Yeah, corrupt cop, not corrupt cop,
I'll have every copper
in the state after my blood.
Make us a cuppa would you, love.
Come on.
Look If I give up a cop,
I'm a dead man.
There are other police,
Ethical Standards,
they'll protect you.
I'd rather be dead than be separated
from my Chrissy, alright.
I love her.
You must have someone like that.
Not that I can think of, no.
Well, everyone has someone.
I'm not like everyone, Terry.
And listen, your one chance
of staying out of jail, cut a deal.
Was there anyone else involved?
I rang Ethical Standards,
otherwise known as The Toe cutters,
the cops who investigate cops.
FEMALE OFFICER: We're not offering
indemnity, let's be clear on that.
Well, I'm not a snitch, so
I'm only here
because Nicola Gobbo told me to.
You're facing serious charges.
Possession, trafficking commercial
quantity, aggravated burglary.
25 years, yeah, yeah, I know.
There's also the unlicensed gun
that was found in your car.
There's another eight on top.
Who else was involved, Terry?
By which you mean
Three stripes?
In other words, a sergeant?
At some point, Terry, you're gonna
have to use actual words.
Yeah, I'm coming.
Who's the door?
Can you just, I'll get it.
Morning Paul.
I'm Detective
Senior Constable Berich,
you're under arrest for burglary,
theft and conspiracy to traffic
a commercial quantity.
I must inform you that you do not
have to say or do anything
and anything you do say
may be given in evidence.
Do you understand?
Who's this?
Paul Dale, I'm looking for Nicola.
Nicola Gobbo.
Look, Ethical Standards,
they're here in my house.
Some bullshit about a burglary.
Um I need a lawyer,
can you come here now?
Now? Um What time is it?
I'm sorry, I know it's early.
But, I would like your help.
Ah let me call you back.
They're about to take my phone,
Nicola, if you could just
I'll get back to you, I promise.
Fuck me.
I have to get up, Juice,
I've gotta work.
Don't go.
Take the day off.
What about my clients?
Well, they don't deserve you,
they're criminals.
Some of them are very nice people,
innocent people.
No, they're gangsters and low-lives.
Watch it, you're talking
about my friends.
They're not your friends, Nic,
don't make that mistake.
They're just using
you to get what they can.
Is that true?
What about you?
You're a gangster.
You work for them.
I'm not one of them.
Come on, stay home.
Let's make a day of it.
You have 11 minutes, starting now.
Our understanding is
you planned the Oakleigh robbery,
and you were gonna share
in the proceeds.
Who told you that?
Heh, Dave Miechel?
Come on, who made up this crap?
We have reliable information
No, you don't, you mean you've got
some shit bird
You've got some shit bird who's
using my name as a bargaining chip.
You and Detective Miechel
worked closely
Did you discuss
the idea of a break-in?
Has Has he said I did?
Has he said that we did?
Well, let me ask you a question
How could I be allowed to sit back,
in my own house,
not turn up to the burglary,
but I somehow still get
a third of the proceeds?
In whose world does that make sense?
You knew you'd be
the first one questioned.
It's safer
if you're at arm's-length.
Jesus christ.
This is nuts.
You're both nuts.
Paul Dale was remanded
into custody, pending trial.
Charged with burglary theft
and conspiracy to traffic
a commercial quantity.
I've put two cops in jail, Nic,
I am anxious.
My heart is going
like a Ferrari, alright?
They can't do much
while they're locked up.
There's 10,000 other ones,
they are the biggest gang in town.
So, go into witness protection,
at least until the trial.
Oh yeah, 'cause that's safe.
Oh, there she is
The prettiest girl in Kew.
Ha, that's not saying much.
Oh, there's a lot of attractive
women around here, darling.
Are there?
Let me take that, yeah.
Come here, where is she,
there she is.
Oh, she's the prettiest girl ♪
You are like teenagers.
.. And we're happy, just we two
We spin out, twirl it all about
And we raise
our voice up to a shout ♪
OVERLAND: I can confirm
that there is an investigation
into an incident involving
a member or members
of the Major Drug
Investigation Division.
And as this
an ongoing investigation,
it would be inappropriate
to comment further at this time.
Suffice to say,
our priority is to ensure
a corruption free Victoria police.
And any officer who compromises
this mission
will be dealt with
in the harshest terms possible.
Thank you.
How are you surviving?
I keep the kettle boiling.
If someone unexpected comes into my
cell, they'll cop a face full.
I'll remember to knock first.
You've been busy.
Look, I need the Police Association
to fund my case.
So, I'll be using their lawyer.
Right, so you don't need me?
No, no, no, I would really love
your advice.
Ethical Standards reckon they've got
evidence against me, it's bullshit.
It'll be some scumbag
try to cut a deal
Sure, yeah look, my advice,
don't apply for bail.
If bail's refused, it could take
months to get another hearing.
I can't sit here.
Well, I'm just saying
I can't sit here.
..don't panic.
If you rush bail
and get knocked back
You're a big, fit, strong guy.
You look like
you can handle yourself.
Also, you should know,
I'm advising Terry Hodson.
Well, what's he saying?
Is either one pointing
the finger at me?
Terry, come on, he's old school.
He says he was in the neighbourhood
to meet a dealer named Lucky,
he knows nothing about any burglary.
So, he's stitching me up.
He's stitching me up, I don't
believe it's Dave Miechel.
Any crims out there
with a grudge against you, Detective?
Only a few hundred.
Only a few hundred,
only a few hundred.
Paul's version of events,
I was there as his lawyer.
My version
I was there as a friend.
Oh, that's a noisy toy, isn't it.
What about little
pretty wooden box is, huh?
Pretty little wooden box.
Noisy toys wins every time.
Why are you minding
Carl Williams daughter?
I'm doing a favour for a friend.
Carl Williams?
What Are you worried
about your personal safety?
I don't think she is armed.
Dakota is having a big christening
soon, aren't you, Bubba.
Hey, a big christening party.
How is work?
I assume you have other clients
besides Carl?
What's going on?
Say you organise for someone
to talk to Ethical Standards,
and that someone rolls,
gives up a cop.
And then you talk to the cop
in question, and you're not sure.
Well, why you talking to the cop
if the cops not your client?
That's not the issue, Emma.
Well yeah, it kind of is.
OK, so your client's lying.
He's trying to get
himself a lighter sentence.
I don't know that, I've no idea.
Have you asked him?
Well, that's not how it works,
you don't ever ask that question.
You mean you don't.
ANNOUNCER: Margaret who has come
all the way from Western Australia,
welcome to the show.
Everything you said
about the burglary, it's all
All true.
Or a lie?
Actually, I don't need to know.
You got bail, congrats.
Yes, I did get bail,
by not listening to you.
You like to work in cafes?
I do, I should've been a barista
instead of a barrister.
That's not bad.
Did you just come up with that?
No, I've been rehearsing it
for years, waiting for this moment.
Are you OK?
Yeah, I just thought I'd check in.
How's Terry Hodson?
Same as he was, three days ago.
Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm a bit curious.
I'd tell you
if there was anything pertinent.
You know that.
Would you, though?
'Cause I just thought, the whole
lawyer client privilege thing
Well, I'm not giving you details,
but I can chat
to you as a friend, can't I?
Are we friends?
While Dale was clearing
himself of Oakleigh
2003 was becoming
a busy year for Carl.
MALE REPORTER: As he approached
his black Mercedes,
a gunmen fired at least seven shots,
one hitting Radev in the head.
He organised seven gangland hits.
Police revealed fears
that the killing may be linked
to an underworld war.
Around 10:30am in a calculated
and deliberate slaying
..Jason Moran
and another less prominent
drug figure were shot dead.
..while five children
they had taken to an Auskick clinic
sat in the backseat.
And despite appearances,
the pressure was getting to him.
Only a matter of time
before he'd slip up.
Sh, sh.
What the fuck, you woke Dakota.
Hey, if the cops come calling
you know what to do, right?
You grab the gun
from under the mattress
and you shoot 'em
in the fucking head.
What are you talking about?
I love you, Berty.
You're the best fucking wife ever.
Shut up and come home.
The cops had Carl's phone tapped.
Thanks, ladies.
Fuckin' piss off.
Back the fuck away, oi!
Get his hands.
What is this about?
Oh, fuck off!
Surprise, surprise,
Carl was arrested.
You're under arrest
for threatening to kill,
you're not advised
to say or do anything.
Anything you do so may be given
in evidence, is that clear?
Been waiting for you.
Fuck you!
He was furious.
He'd miss is daughter's
christening again.
So, he hired the best mouthpiece
money could buy.
I got the charge thrown out.
Nice day, you too.
Dakota's christening could go ahead,
I was guest of honour.
But, at that time,
Carl started reading,
and it wasn't Batman comics or porn.
It was Terry Hodson's
top secret police informer file.
It contained every detail
of Terry ratting on crims.
Someone had stolen it
from the drug squad office
and now everyone had a copy.
Suddenly, here it was
in black and white
Terry Hodson was a dog -
a marked man,
his life was on the line.
The last one they did,
I think it was like a German cast,
this one's like Disneyland.
You need to go
into to witness protection.
What do you know that I don't?
I wanna keep you safe
and I don't think you're safe here.
I I've got kids and grandkids,
I can't leave them.
Yeah, so you go into protection
as a family, all of you.
They've got lives, Nic.
Are you close to your parents?
I was 17 when my dad died,
but my mum's still around.
Oh, shit.
I'm sorry.
Your dad, did he Did he suffer?
He spent five years knowing
that he could go at any moment,
and there was nothing I could do.
I want you to stay alive.
What, you think I should trust
the coppers to help me do that?
I'll take my chances here.
Home turf and all that.
Your police informer file's missing.
Stolen from the cops.
Who's read it?
Who's read it?
I don't know.
It could be no one,
it could be everyone.
I'm a dead man.
No, you go into witness
Nic, I am dead!
He's your witness, Susan,
he's out on a limb for you,
a very narrow, shaky limb,
and if anything happens to him
We know, we've put in multiple
requests for improved security.
Yeah, so what,
it's falling on deaf ears.
Chikka, you need to do something,
anything, he's a state witness.
Hodson has refused protection.
Well, surely there are other things
you can do,
at least make his house safer.
The cops gave us a tape for each
day, we just have to change them.
What, every day, how am I supposed
to remember that?
I I I will.
Like what alright.
Don't worry
I'm not worried.
Look, heh?
Our special gril.
It says, our special gril,
you moron.
Where? No it doesn't, it says
Ha, I got you.
What button do I press?
In it goes, look.
What button do I press?
Well, you just put Saturday in
What but do I press!
Don't be like that.
For she's a jolly good girl
For she's a jolly good girl
For she's a jolly
good girl ♪
You know, I will protect you,
gives us a machine,
it's got buttons on it.
That's really helpful.
Come away from the window, Ter.
Did you hear that?
There's something out there.
ANNOUNCER: The team is happy,
Allen's happy, Margaret?
Oh, darling you're like a yo-yo.
No, I'm just checking the door.
You've checked ten times already.
ANNOUNCER: This is very interesting,
now, Allen
Here, settle your nerves.
It's alright, it's fine.
Yeah, yeah, I'm alright,
just give us that.
Oh, jesus.
I'm just gonna put some music on,
alright, just
That's better.
Alright, music.
Yeah fixes everything, dunnit.
Come on, let's have a dance.
Come on, let's go, come on I can't
take no more of that.
Come on.
Hey girl
Sweet thing
I want everything
You love me too
And I want you
Well, I think I'm gonna jump
right through your window
And I think ♪
What was that?
Something moved.
What is it, what did you see?
I don't know.
Alright, come away from the window,
come on.
Terry, are you in there?
Come on, mate,
I know you're in there.
..Well, the TV says
that love is all around us
And the astronauts
can feel it far away ♪
Who is it?
Who the fuck do you think it is?
It's Roddy, mate, come on I need
some smoke.
..It's a bad situation ♪
I'm fuckin' buzzin' here, mate,
please, come on.
Mates, mates.
Come on.
Roddy, mate I'm sick, mate, yeah?
I got like I got the flu
Alright, no, let's take it outside,
it's me you want.
Oh, no.
No, take it outside, mate.
You get the fuck in the kitchen.
No, mate, please you don't need
to do this, alright?
No, no, no, Just don't
Go on.
It's me, OK, just leave
Chrissy out of it, alright?
Come on, mate, you're a mate.
You don't need to do this.
Come Please
Shut up.
Alright, OK.
Turn the fuck around.
Alright, I'm turning around.
Turn around.
I'm turning, I'm turning.
Now get a new fucking knees.
Alright, alright, I'm going.
You too.
Down on your fucking knees.
I'm down.
Mate, please.
No, no, no.
Please mate.
Come on, I'm begging you.
Please, mate.
Oh, Terry, O God.
I'm sorry, Darling.
I'm sorry.
Oh God.
You don't need to do this.
Terry, no, no!
Sunday is the day of rest,
for most of us.
All day, through the night
Keep it on till the morning light
Working up a sweat and an appetite
Won't stop
till the morning light ♪
..Turn me loose
Walk back gotta fill
these shoes ♪
I always tried to lay low on Sundays,
never answered answer the phone.
But that day,
it wouldn't stop ringing.
I was ringing mum,
but there was no answer.
So, I came over at about 6pm?
Andrew is putting out the bins.
And you hadn't been inside?
I came in round the back.
I heard the dogs barking,
they were locked in the garage.
I saw mum and dad
..they were on the floor.
I started screaming out to Andrew.
I'm sorry, I know how this is.
I rang my sister, Nikki.
Yeah, I was looking for Dad's gun.
Did you find it?
What, you put it down your pants?
Andrew, you need to handed over.
Sh, no.
No, Dad said, it was mine.
Wh What happened then?
Oh, God.
I'm reporting the murder.
We can't have these normal Jacks
here, I'm not talking to them.
You get the, ah
The ones that Dad was talking to
Ethical Standards.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Ring them, get them here now.
Excuse me, sorry,
we're gonna need a swab.
Excuse me?
For gunshot residue.
What, you think I did this?
It's procedure.
Oo, oo, oo
Oo, oo, oo
Oo, oo, oo
Oo, oo, oo
It's a strange, strange game
Love will never be the same
I wonder
Will I be sane again
Well, I'm blushin' just a-thinkin'
You know I never, in my whole life
My friends they've started talking
They say I'm changing,
I dunno what they're on about
Even my mama
She's happy to hear me singing
Songs of sunlight
And my daddy, oh my daddy
Love will never be the same. ♪
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