Informer 3838 (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Part 2

I was the most notorious police
informer in Australian legal history.
By the time I
was admitted to the bar,
the Melbourne gangland war
was in full flight.
I was at the top of my game with
clients Tony Mokbel, drug kingpin,
Carl Williams, baby-faced killer.
I had more work than ever.
What's this about? Oh, fuck off.
You're under arrest
for threaten to kill.
I belong and they need me
and I'm in control.
They're not your friends, Nic.
Don't make that mistake.
They're just using you
to get what they can.
Everything that was about to go wrong
started with the Hodsons.
When I allowed myself
to get too close.
Terry and Christine's murder
changed everything.
They were my friends.
And I'd failed them.
But I knew who was responsible.
And I wanted revenge.
WOMAN: I got your message.
It sounded urgent.
This is just between you and me.
What if I said to you
I can give you Carl Williams.
You work for Carl Williams.
He's your most lucrative client.
You want to stop the gangland war?
Carl is the fucking war.
Carl was out of control.
He had to be stopped.
That's the promise
I made to the cops.
All I needed was
the right opportunity.
Michael Marshall was selling ecstasy
out of his hot dog stall
so Carl had him killed.
He was shot in front of his son.
And the man who shot him,
was this lowlife right here.
He was my golden ticket.
If I could get him to roll
I could give the cops Carl Williams.
The murder of Michael Marshall
was not your idea.
You were just a paid employee
carrying out orders.
Surely you're smart enough to try
and get something for yourself here.
Smart enough to know that
Carl Williams sent you.
To make sure I plead guilty.
You're my client. Not Carl.
Yeah, righto. If you say so.
Look, I've been
through your case file.
You're in deep shit.
25 years for killing a hot dog guy?
Unless you can give
the police something.
Nah. You're just testing me out.
See if I'll fold.
Oh, come on.
Do I look like Carl's lapdog?
I'm a respected barrister.
If you cop a long jail term,
I'll look bad.
That's the simple fact of it.
I'll tell you something.
Fuck your pretty hair.
Yeah, it wasn't gonna be easy.
No, I'm not there yet.
I was playing a dangerous game.
I had to act like Carl
and I were still friends.
For now.
So, you've seen him in jail,
what's he saying?
Not a word.
That's not what my spies reckon.
Your spies? Who are they?
I'm sorry but I'm
the one that's in there,
I'm the one dealing with him and
I believe he'll cop to the charge.
Yeah, you waltz in and out,
in your fucking high heels.
Excuse me?
Tone, chill!
With the Purana Taskforce
up my arse?
This prick is dropping my name.
Why would he, Tony?
You're nowhere near this, are you?
Obviously that's why I'm upset
because if he's pointing
the finger at me
He's not. I've told you that.
Look, Nic, I just want to know
he'll keep his mouth shut.
And I'm promising you that he will.
I got to work.
I needed this guy to turn before
Carl figured out what I was up to.
As for Carl
I'm a rock'n'roll outlaw
and I'm on the run
I'm a rock'n'roll outlaw
I never needed anyone ♪
Suited me just fine.
Gave me the time I needed.
Tell me, the money for the Marshall
hit, did Carl pay in cash?
Carl who?
Actually, did he pay you at all?
Or has he been slow in sorting that?
I mean, now you're here,
why would he bother?
Especially if you shut up
and stay here for life.
How do I know you're not
wearing a wire?
A wire? Are you kidding?
You want me to take my dress off?
Fuck you.
Do they talk to you in here?
Your friends?
The ones that you're
taking a bullet for?
Every day.
They send a message just
to show they can get me anytime.
You know what conversation your
friends are having right now?
How long does
your loyalty last in here?
A long fucking time.
That's how long.
It's not me you have to convince.
But I know these people.
I know they're nervous.
Which makes them
favour the safe option.
It's better for everyone.
Except you.
What I guess it comes down to
is whether or not they trust you.
They trust me.
Would you put your life on it?
My client wants to make a deal.
This is a major breakthrough, thanks
to hard work by Victoria Police.
And we expect several
high-level arrests will follow.
Now, I may be restricted
with some of the answers
I can give at this time,
but I'm more
than happy to take questions.
What the fuck, Nicola?
What happened?
I don't know.
He was solid, I swear.
I pay you to sort this shit.
They got to him somehow.
You think?
He's gonna tip me right in it.
Who's gonna believe him?
He's a murderer and a convicted
rapist, he's got zero credibility.
This is how they get convictions.
Crims make shit up,
the squareheads believe it.
You know this.
Alright, let's be practical.
They're going to arrest you -
they kind of have to now that
they've made the big announcement.
So you need to act.
Act? How?
What, leave the country?
Where the fuck am I gonna go?
Carl reckons I told him to run.
Whatever I said, I had to,
to keep playing the game,
convince him I was on his side.
Fuck it. I'm not going anywhere.
Maybe you should, but.
Your client's rolled.
He's fucking dog.
Who knows what he's saying?
You hungry? You want a bottle?
I'd be careful, Nic.
Not everyone's as nice as me.
He threatened me, Susan.
It was a direct threat.
Yeah, but he didn't say
he'd harm you himself.
No Well, yes. I don't know.
Carl's weird like that.
He doesn't lose his shit
the way Mokbel does.
It kind of makes him more
frightening. OK.
What do you want us to do?
If I'm being honest, they're more
likely to go after your client.
He's the one who betrayed them.
So you'll protect him? The murderer?
We're taking measures, yes.
He's in an extremely
volatile environment.
And I'm not?!
Nicola, hey, you've done your job
as a lawyer, that's all.
OK, what I need for you to do
is to take Carl Williams off
the street as soon as possible.
You know I don't make that call.
Well, speak to the person who does!
And then on top of everything else
..I had a fucking stroke.
33 years old.
I mean, what the fuck?
But on the bright side
Aww, fuck off!
..they finally took Carl
off the street.
Half the Victorian police turned up
at his mum's house.
Come on!
You're under arrest for
the murder of Michael Marshall.
You don't have to say
or do anything.
What, the hot dog guy?
I love hot dogs.
Mum! Mum, call me lawyer.
Watch your head.
Oh, bloody hell.
NEWSREADER: In early morning raids,
detective have swooped on drug
trafficker Carl Williams.
Senior police officials
are hailing Williams's arrest
as a devastating blow
to Melbourne's violent gangland
I guess this is what
winning looks like.
I don't need anything, thank you.
I got you a present.
They're lovely.
Oh, babe! Hey!
Don't cry.
I'm not crying.
Six weeks of recovery.
No work. No calls.
I hated being out of the loop.
I feel like I'm in prison.
You were right all along.
They're not my friends.
I never understood
why you thought they were.
Even for a minute.
What's your real name?
(SCOFFS) You don't
want to know that.
No, I want to.
Tell me your real name.
I can't keep calling you Juicy.
OK. I'll stick with Juicy.
..why don't we get
out of the city?
Get out of the business?
Do something new?
I like my job.
You can still do it, they still
have lawyers down the coast.
Think about it.
A house on the coast.
Walks along the beach.
A little swim.
Does sound lovely.
We could do it. You and me.
NEWSREADER: Corruption investigator
Tony Fitzgerald QC
has handed down a report into
the theft of an internal police file
linked to murdered informer
Terrence Hodson.
What are you doing?
Don't get sucked into this.
I was watching it.
Get out of the way.
Forget that shit!
Let's plan our escape.
Juicy, I'm in my 30s, not my 60s.
You just had a fucking stroke.
(GRUNTS) Whatever.
Yeah, I just had a stroke.
I was weak. Bored out of my mind.
So I enjoyed watching
Paul stick it to the cops.
The charges on him for the Oakleigh
burglary had been dropped.
Without Terry Hodson as a witness,
the prosecution's case fell apart.
Of course, it didn't stop
the Police Commissioner sacking him.
Dale appealed and won.
He was reinstated, then he quit
with full pension and entitlements.
I kind of respected him for that.
SUSAN: Now that we've got Carl,
I'm going to register you
as an informer officially.
Sure. Let's create a paper trail.
You're not serious.
Proper procedure will
leave us less exposed.
You, maybe. Me on the other hand
I'm sorry, Nicola, but I can't keep
this up as an informal arrangement.
Fine, we stop, as of now.
You give me a file and a number
You're really, really good.
The best.
And there's only three people
in the world that will know.
Myself, my colleague and my boss -
who I trust with my life.
No-one else. Ever.
You have my word.
We want Mokbel.
What? No.
That's not
You dislike him as much as I do.
He's my client.
I can't inform against my own client.
You know that.
You helped us with Carl.
That was different.
He wasn't my actual client.
I was acting for him.
No. Forget it.
I do not rat on my clients.
Started answering
your fucking phone again?
Alex Kipiyani.
I'm sorry. Who?
Alex Kipiyani.
He's a bloke I know.
Right. I'm not familiar
I need you to handle
his bail application.
So go down to the custody centre,
meet him, get it sorted out.
Keep my name out of it.
Tony, I've been really sick.
Yeah. I know. I heard.
But you're better now, hm?
You had a rest.
So get down there, meet him,
sort it the fuck out. OK?
Thank you.
Thank you.
I didn't know what I was doing.
I didn't know what was in the car.
All he said was to drive the car
from one location to the other.
So here's the problem.
I'm duty-bound to give
this kid the best defence I can.
There was 12 kilos
of coke in the back.
All Kipiyani has to do is roll.
Look at me. Do I look like
I could afford 12 kilos of coke?
It wasn't mine.
But that's not what Tony wanted.
I'm not gonna survive prison.
So what do I do? Nothing.
What Tony wants, Tony gets.
I was sick of it.
I was nobody's puppet.
Giving up Carl wasn't
the end of my problems,
it was barely the beginning.
So I made the hardest
choice of my life.
And as a high-risk source,
you have our assurance
that every measure will be taken
to conceal your identity
and secure your safety.
You will be registered
as Informer 3838.
This could get me killed.
So I signed on and agreed
to inform on my own clients.
I don't do things by halves.
Once I signed on as an official
informer, I went to work.
I gave up everyone.
Every lowlife who ever crossed me.
Every thug who had it coming.
Well, except one.
What can I say?
He had a great lawyer.
What's all this?
Perks of the trade.
Fall off the back of the truck,
did they?
Uh-huh. Come on, help us open 'em.
A kettle? I've already got a kettle.
Hmm. This one's a bit light.
It's empty.
Juicy. What?!
Open it.
Oh, my God.
Marry me.
You know, legally, you're still
married to your first wife.
Can you stop being a lawyer
just for a minute?
We threw an engagement party.
It cost a ton.
But we didn't care.
We both needed to let loose.
Oi, who belongs to this?
Get away from it.
You're out on bail. Go that way.
Don't look at me.
Don't look at me.
See, I love this.
You still working for me.
Even here.
You should take some time out, Nic.
Get married, have babies.
Yeah. You and Juicy.
He fucking adores you.
We all do.
Listen, give it to your boy.
It's got the address he needs.
You give it to him. He's just there.
Are you kidding? He'd fucking
lose it. I trust you.
I'm sorry. I know I've
been a fucking grouch.
But you are special to me, yeah?
Really special.
Oh, Tony.
I bet you say that to all the girls.
No, I don't.
I owe you.
I'm hearing rumours, Nic.
A lot of rumours.
What, you don't know?
Hm? Honestly?
They're gonna arrest me, Nic.
They gonna arrest me
for Michael Marshall.
The hotdog guy?
The fucking hotdog guy. Exactly.
For murder. You didn't know?
Carl Williams
has already been charged
They think I'm fuckin'
involved in it.
What are you gonna do?
Happy engagement, Nic.
Oi, don't touch that.
You just had a stroke.
Your heart's weak.
Fuck my heart.
Yeah, fuck your heart.
One more present.
Ooh, a burner.
From you-know-who?
Is that for your
other girlfriend?
No. It's for my other lawyer.
Ouch. That hurts.
I love you, Nic.
It was true what I'd said.
I had to be the best at everything.
The best lover. The best lawyer.
Even the best snitch.
I'd do whatever it took.
I think Mokbel's up to something.
He's acting weird.
What do you mean weird?
I don't know.
I think he's planning something.
And he gave me a burner phone
to give to one of his crew
so I used it to ring
myself and get the number.
You realise there is now a record
of you on that burner phone?
Yeah, but I got the number,
I wrote it down.
What the fuck is wrong
with you, Nicola?
You can't play by your own rules.
You do this exactly
the way we tell you.
I told you that, like, ten times.
I should get points for initiative.
No, you could've compromised
his entire operation.
If anything happens to you,
I'm responsible.
(SCOFFS) Right, so as usual,
you're mostly worried about yourself.
Mokbel's already before the court.
The only thing you can do now
is fuck it up.
I need you to stop.
Got that?
Strolling along,
minding my own business ♪
But before anything else could
happen, Tony fled the country.
No idea how.
It wasn't until later that
we learned he got out by boat.
Clever bastard.
Walking on the beaches
looking at the peaches. ♪
It pissed off the cops.
They took it personally.
We'll target his empire
and destroy it, bit by bit.
Friends, relatives,
associates, employees -
every single facet of Mokbel's
business, it's a cancer.
That includes his legal team.
Should I organise a meeting?
Do it.
How's life of the top?
Don't know. I got stuck halfway.
What was that about?
You and the boss?
It's nothing.
Come on. Nicola.
If there's one person
who knows where Mokbel is
I know more about
Osama bin Laden.
And you didn't want my help anyway.
Mokbel's disappearance changes
Well, I've got nothing for you.
You know, there's
a feeling amongst police
that lawyers like you have been
scamming the system for too long.
Working it for scumbags
like Mokbel and Carl Williams.
We do our job did, Detective.
You play both sides when it suits.
And the word on the street
is you tipped him off.
Mokbel? I never did.
I told you that
he was planning something.
We can charge you now.
Aiding and abetting,
accessory after the fact.
Accessory? Bullshit.
You're up to your
neck in it, Nicola. So what is it?
Are you helping them
or are you helping us?
I'm trying to help you
but you're making it insurmountably
fucking difficult.
If you are helping them,
we will charge you.
I don't know where Mokbel is.
We don't believe you.
I don't.
I don't know where he is.
But I can give you something else.
Don't judge me.
They left me no choice.
I had to give them something
to stay in the clear.
JUICY: He shat himself and had
to throw his pants in the bin
and so I did it as well,
because he's like a brother to me.
So we're right up there and I had to
take my pants off, no pants on,
waiting for this guy
Juicy, call me. Please.
It's become legend to this day.
People still search for it.
It's like bloody Treasure Island.
Police! Stay where you are!
To this day, it may be my one regret.
Oh, shit!
Go! Go! Go!
Come back here!
I just don't know who
tipped them off.
Look, it happened.
Now it's about getting
the best outcome for you, OK?
My client is willing
to share information
in exchange
for favourable treatment.
Wait, hang on
Do you want a moment
to confirm that?
No, we don't need it.
My client's ready to talk.
Hi, Tudge.
Police also had Juicy's co-pilot.
And, yes, I was his lawyer too.
Whose gear is it?
No comment.
Tudge reckons I told him
to shut up and stay solid.
I deny that.
I do admit getting ideal for Juicy.
I'm going away for this.
But not for long.
We might even get it suspended still.
You've given them name and dates.
Nic, I'm going to prison.
You didn't say anything to anyone?
About the job?
I love you, Nic.
Mr Jucirovic
Truly I had no idea
where Tony was.
But my handlers kept asking.
So I did a little digging.
Are you in here looking
for new clients?
I'm here as a friend, Carl.
I don't abandon people
when they're down.
It was a joke.
I remember you hassling
Fat Tony for his business.
Have you heard from him?
Mokbel? No.
I bet you're still busy even in here.
Nah, keeping me head down.
Why? Why you askin'?
Just making conversation.
Just making conversation?
Is that right. (LAUGHS)
Who would've thought
..after all this time,
we'd end up mates?
Me and a barrister! (LAUGHS)
Carl wasn't stupid.
I was logged into the prison
visitor records multiple times.
So he was checking
with other inmates,
their court documents,
briefs of evidence.
Looking for my name.
You've been busy.
Yeah. It never stops.
Working for the jacks, you mean.
You've been gathering
info for the cops.
You're a fuckin' dog.
Carl. Where's this come from?
I've checked the records.
You've been talking to a lot
of people in here.
Some for no reason I can work out.
I'm a lawyer. It's what I do.
What about that?
It's a statement from one of
the dogs giving evidence against me.
What's it got to do with me?
The lawyer's name is redacted.
Yeah, but there's a 'she'.
They didn't scrub
that part out, did they?
A female criminal lawyer.
There aren't too many of them
around, are there?
I promise you on my life I am not
and would not work for the jacks.
You know that.
The rumour is that Carl had
the contract to kill Terry Hodson.
Terry Hodson was my friend.
There's no way.
Carl was your friend too.
Can I have a drag?
Look, I can't have a source of mine
in the middle
of a murder investigation.
Well, I hate to inconvenience you,
but I can't for the life of me
see why you care.
Well, to be honest, I wouldn't.
But my boss would.
Your boss?
What does he want with me?
We'll be in touch.
Hm! This is nice.
Been wanting to get together
for a while now.
I'm a fan, Nicola.
A huge admirer of your work.
That can't be true.
You help you've been a help
to police in the past
and from what I've observed,
you're not the sort of person who's
comfortable helping gangsters.
You have no idea how hard it is
to be stuck in the middle.
You're better than that,
I think you're incredibly brave.
I was friends with both Christine
and Terry Hodson. I knew them.
It breaks my heart that no-one's
been caught for that crime.
I have a proposal for you.
I want you to meet with Paul Dale,
talk to him, see what he'll say
about the murders,
if he knows anything.
I don't believe Paul
had anything to do with it.
So good. Let's hope that is proven,
one way or another.
Will you talk to him?
I'm happy to go see him.
We may need more than that.
What, you want me to wear a wire?
You're kidding.
That puts me in
a really awkward situation.
You've been in
that situation kind of before?
I really haven't.
I thought you were on
our side, Nicola.
Look, I'm happy to go talk to him.
You're not his lawyer though,
strictly speaking.
Strictly speaking, no.
But even so, if this got out, that
I did this, it would wreck my career.
My name. Everything.
Fucking cops.
I'd given them Carl,
Mokbel had vanished
and now they wanted Paul Dale.
I wasn't gonna wear a wire.
And I would've said no except
..then this happened.
After everything I'd done,
anyone could have been responsible.
But it was probably Carl.
SUSAN: I've waited,
I've been accommodating.
You said you'd wear a wire.
Call Dale and find out
if he knows anything.
Carl Williams called me
out as an informer
and someone tried to kill me.
We think that was just a warning.
They blew up my car!
Don't be an idiot.
I have to wait for Dale to call me
to say that he wants to talk.
I don't see why you just
can't call him?
Or else he'll be suspicious.
If I initiate a meet, he'll know
I'm up to something.
Think about it.
I've gotta wait for him.
As long as you're not
backing down on what you offered.
How could I?
Tomorrow Overland is announcing
a million-dollar reward
for any information
leading to the conviction
of whoever killed the Hodsons.
Aren't you worried?
That kind of money -
it'll just bring out the nutters.
Well, we've got to shake the trees.
You'll get the monkeys.
It's a mighty dark cloud
that's coming up today
It's a mighty
dark cloud that's coming up today
Over yonder,
there's a dark cloud a-comin'
Get you're wife and your children
and you better get to runnin'
It's a mighty dark cloud that's
coming up today
It's a mighty dark cloud
that's coming up today
Up today. ♪
You wanted to see us?
Where's Overland?
He doesn't come
to meetings like this.
But you'll keep him up
to speed, won't you?
The deputy commissioner
will be if informed of any
useful information that you give us,
but, Carl, none of us
are sure you have any.
(SCOFFS) Oh, I've got
useful information.
I've never been a dog before.
Well, there's a first
time for everything.
Well, I don't like talking to cops.
Then Carl Williams gave
the cops a statement.
After he'd gotten them to pay
his daughter's private school fees,
waive his Dad's tax bill, and maybe
knock a few years off his sentence.
There's that lawyer Nicola Gobbo.
She sent me a message saying
that Sgt Paul Dale wanted to talk.
He'll say I'm lying
or making this up
but in 2004, I met with up
with him in Black Rock
when he was working construction,
because you pricks suspended him.
And what did he want?
He wanted me to find someone.
To do a job.
Well, if you're referring
to Terry Hodson,
Dale says he has nothing to do that.
(CHUCKLES) Of course he does.
A few days later,
I met up with Rod Collins.
Rod's always looking for work.
Says he knew Terry.
Could easily get in the house.
Please, mate. Come on,
I'm begging you. Please, mate.
150 grand was left
in me mum's wheelie bin.
150 grand?
Where did that come from?
There's talk of money being stolen
from the Oakleigh drug house.
Money that was never found.
I gave the money to Rod
and that was pretty much it.
What'd you do his wife for?
The sheila?
It's not for you
to worry about, Carl.
I never said nothing about that.
Yeah, well, she was there.
Shit happens.
Why are you telling me all this?
For the million bucks, stupid.
Do you have anyone who
can back up your story?
Me dad will say with that
I was with Dale
and Rod Collins'll back me up,
if you can get him to talk.
NICOLA: After Carl
gave his statement,
Paul Dale got in touch with me,
asked to meet.
What if he sees it?
He won't.
Just stay calm and play it right.
But what if he does?
(SCOFFS) That's a plan.
Just get him to corroborate
Carl's statement.
Bloody hell.
They played some phone calls
between me, you, and Carl Williams.
Just shit.
All their trying to show is that
I had a relationship with Carl.
That's what they're trying to say.
It seems that Carl's made a very
in-depth statement against me.
Accurate or not?
Very accurate.
Very accurate?
Accurate to the point
that every time we met,
he seems to have documented it.
There are some things
that only him and me knew.
Well, just say hypothetically,
for the sake of argument,
that you did have an
arrangement with Carl,
and only you and him knew,
why aren't you charged?
That's right.
Do you want to go for walk?
If anyone's watching, it makes
us look even more suspicious.
Fuck me.
I hate Victoria Police.
They've ruined every relationship
I've made in 17 years.
I hate 'em too, mate.
I got a feeling that the police
are close to laying charges.
Have you heard anything?
We talked for hours.
Poor bastard.
I think he was just there trying
to find out what I knew.
NICOLA: Accurate or not?
PAUL DALE: Very accurate.
We got him. You heard him.
Carl's statement was very accurate.
Dale was talking about meetings.
He didn't say anything
about criminal activity.
I think you're overcooking
the chicken, Susan.
It'll get tossed in court.
All Dale says is that
he met with Carl.
A lot of cops meet with crims.
Why couldn't you get him
to say any more?
I can't come out right out
and say "Hey, mate, tell
me who killed the Hodsons?"
But you started talking
about his kids
and his mechanic business
I made small talk!
You started talking about his wife
when she showed up.
What do you want me to say?
"Piss off, I'm taping this?" Fuck!
I got as much as I could.
I think you were right.
The conversation you had with
Dale wasn't quite enough.
I know. I tried.
We have Carl's statement.
His father's statement
and a man I can only call Witness B,
but that won't be enough to
charge Dale with the Hodson murders.
They're all criminals.
Unless a reputable witness
corroborates it,
even Carl's statement
won't carry much weight.
It's not my fault.
The Hodson murders go to
the very heart of people's faith
in the criminal justice system.
I must solve them,
you understand that, don't you?
I understand that
you'd like to but
No, no, no. Not like. Must.
After Dale is arrested, we're
going to need you to testify.
About the meetings
between him and
Testify? I can't testify.
In open court?
We'll deregister you
as Informer 3838
and then refer to you
only as Witness F.
They'll figure it out.
When they hear what Witness F says,
everyone will know it's me.
Even if they do,
no-one's gonna care.
You're turning on a cop.
I won't testify at the committal.
I'm not doing it.
You know I have you on tape
facilitating a meeting
between Dale and Williams?
What are you getting at, Susan?
It's enough to charge
you as an accessory.
It's simple. Do you want to
be a witness or the defendant?
Where's the bathroom?
Is there a bathroom here?
Are you gonna do it?
If you make me give evidence,
when people find out it's me
They won't find out.
..all my cases will come under
scrutiny, dozens of crims
Carl Williams will go free.
You'll be gone and I'll be dead.
A bullet in my head.
We'll protect you.
Yeah? Just like you
protected the Hodsons?
NEWSREADER: Alleged drug mastermind
Tony Mokbel
fled Australia almost two years ago
was captured in Greece today
after an exhaustive joint operation
between federal
and Victorian police.
Despite his attempts to thwart
extradition back to Australia,
Mr Mokbel is due to appear
before the Melbourne courts
in the coming weeks.
I'd like to say you get
used to this type of thing.
You don't.
So Dale's committal hearing
is set for early next year.
Before that, we'll need
relevant statements.
For the hand-up brief
so if we could do that today
Witness F will be outed. Golly gee.
Yeah, it's possible.
And if that occurs, we think you
should enter witness protection.
Look at me. Have you ever
met someone more unsuited for
WITSEC is for people who blend in.
I don't blend in.
No matter where you stash me,
I'll be recognised.
Nuh, I'm staying put.
Well, that's your choice.
But I would keep as low
a profile as possible.
How? Tony Mokbel's back,
he wants me to represent him again.
You can't. Tell him
you have a conflict of interest.
(LAUGHS) A conflict of interest?
You don't say no
to Tony Mokbel.
Well, you better figure out a way.
I can't represent you anymore, Tony.
What do you mean?
Just with everything, you know?
Cops already think I tipped you off
when you jumped bail and went O-S.
Yeah, but you didn't!
They got no proof, so fuck 'em.
Yeah, but
Oh, there are just too many
conflicts of interest.
What's going on? Nic?
So you think you can just do this?
Just walk away?
Yeah, I gotta.
I do.
So you don't think
I kept records? Hmm?
Tapes of you and certain
people in compromising positions?
Tapes of you fucking certain people
in compromising positions, Nicola?
Go on. Show the tapes.
Probably get me more work.
And that was
the last time I saw Tony.
He's been locked away ever since.
After all, he didn't
have me representing him.
Meanwhile, the Hodson murders
remained unsolved.
Taskforce Petra will
take over the investigation
into the murders
of Terrence and Christine Hodson.
I personally will be
on the steering committee.
We will not rest until the killers
are brought to justice.
The police kept trying to
pin it on Paul Dale.
I almost felt sorry for him.
And how is it that you own
a mechanic business in Wangaratta
and a large house
I saved. That's how.
You look at my finances,
I'm sure you already have,
there's nothing dodgy there.
In 2004, you use a burner phone
registered under
the name Darren Johnson
to contact Nicola Gobbo.
Did she tell you that?
Well, you contacted her
over 150 times.
Was that to organise meetings
between you and Carl Williams?
I never met with Carl Williams.
Not like he said.
Why so many calls to Ms Gobbo?
I used phones purchased
under a false name to contact her
because we were having an affair.
You were having a sexual
relationship with Ms Gobbo?
I wouldn't call it a relationship.
It was more like a one-night stand.
And I used a burner phone because
..I didn't want my wife to find out.
She denies any sexual
relationship with you.
Do you believe her?
OVERLAND: Do you think
we're moving too fast?
Dale doesn't look like he's
about to crack.
Nicola Gobbo. She puts Dale close.
She's the key.
You don't look so good.
People keep saying that.
Who said telling the truth
is a virtue?
How are you doing in here?
Yeah, prison is a barrel of fun.
I could tell you stories
about the times in here.
You know how much I
love a good story
but I don't much feel like it.
You angry at me, Juicy?
Why would I be angry?
I was forced into it,
the cops made me turn on you.
Did you send me to prison
so that I'd hate you?
Were you that scared?
Why did you tell them about the van?
I was trying to help you.
You got me fucking arrested!
I got you an 18-month sentence.
I'm not some client you do deals
for. It was me, Nic. ME!
Tudge is doing 15 years.
You were gonna get caught.
Get the same as him. I got you out.
Guard, get me outta here.
Oh, Nicola, it has been so long!
That's my fault
No, no, don't touch.
Please. I'm sick.
Kids. You know
they should really be called?
Little germ bags.
My God, it's such a relief
leaving them with the nanny
for a couple of hours.
How many kids you have now?
Three. You should remember that.
Yeah, course I remember.
Just so much going on, you know?
Thought I might have missed one.
It's nice to see you out
of the house for a change, Nic.
Is everything OK?
Yeah, yeah. Great.
Are you in trouble?
When haven't I been?
You were right, Emma.
I am addicted to it.
The life.
Oh, sweetheart.
After all his complaints
about me being an informer,
it was sort of ironic when the chooks
came home to roost for Carl Williams.
What's the matter?
You're looking at me like I got
a turd on me head.
Do I have a turd on me head?
Do I have a turd on my head?
No, there's no turd, mate.
Then what's the matter?
Rumours, mate.
What rumours?
Word is you talked.
You know I stick, Fat.
Yeah, we know, Carl, but people
You think after all
this time I'd turn dog?
You're looking at 35 years.
Fuck you!
I'm just saying what the other
We've been mates 15 years.
I know.
Don't say it again.
You think the same, Mattie?
You think I'm dogging?
Look, I've been making some shit up,
alright? Stringing the jacks along.
Getting some perks.
I chose to be in this unit with
you blokes because we're mates.
And you know me. I'm no dog.
You know that, right?
Yeah, Carl. We're all good.
And you bring me the next
fuckin' prick who calls me dog.
For the moment, Carl convinced
them he was staunch.
But right about then,
his old mate Rod Collins
was convicted for two murders
he did 20 years ago.
He killed a crim and his wife.
Cops figured these past murders put
Collins in the frame for the Hodsons.
That's the Abbeys.
And the Hodsons.
Both execution style
with collateral damage.
Same MO as the Hodson murders.
What, because there's
a bloke and a chick?
That's the only similarities I see.
So the fuck what?
So the fuck you're in here
for 32 years, Rod. You're 53.
Do you want to get
out of here alive?
Carl Williams gave us a statement
saying that you did
some work for him.
What kind of work?
Why don't you tell us.
I think you mean
round-the-house work. Yeah?
I did some gardening.
Washed his windows.
Hung his drapes, yeah?
Are you finished playing around?
I'm playing around, am I?
How do I really know that you
got a statement from Carl, huh?
He's in here.
Why don't you talk to him yourself?
If you back up his statement,
maybe I can give you a future.
What about the Hodson reward money?
Well, if your information
is on the mark,
I don't see why you can't split it.
Split it, hey? Me and Carl?
Halvsies? I don't think so.
I hear the cop you like
for the Hodson murders
really has a really good alibi.
Aren't you worried about that?
Haven't you ever thought, like I do,
that when someone has
a really good alibi
that just maybe
they got something to hide?
So Rod points the finger at Paul Dale
and the cops took
the psychopath at his word.
Alright, let's go.
Paul Dale,
we're here to arrest you
for the murders
of Terry and Christine Hodson.
There's no need to handcuff me,
I'm not gonna run.
Geez, who do you think I am,
Ned Kelly?
Got anything to say, Paul?
Yes. I'm innocent.
Why don't you print that for once?
I'm being framed.
Print that for once.
It's fine. It's fine.
Who are you being framed by, mate?
Get your hands off my wife.
Get your hands off my wife!
Go back inside, Ditts.
If you plead guilty,
you'll get consideration in her
possibly a lighter sentence.
I'm not pleading guilty to something
that I didn't do.
They got me in solitary confinement.
I'm gonna be locked up next
to fucking Muslim terrorists.
Why would I kill the Hodsons
if I had nothing to do
with the Oakleigh robbery.
It doesn't make sense.
We have statements.
From who? From
fucking Carl Williams?
He's lying.
He's looking at 35 years
and he's just saying
whatever you want to hear.
What deal did you give him
to make that statement?
Has Dave Miechel ever implicated me
in the robbery?
He's doing 15 years.
Why would he never mention my name
once when he could've cut a deal?
I'll tell you why because he knows
that I had nothing to do
with the robberies or the murder.
Nicola Gobbo.
OVERLAND: Nicola, it's Simon.
We're close to moving forward -
with all that's going on,
we think it is best if you would
reconsider witness protection.
Your safety is our primary concern.
I've told you. I've told you.
Our assessment is
word's out you're talking to us.
You're now at extreme risk.
If I go into witness protection
COLLINS: A dog is a dog, right?
If I got into WITSEC,
everyone will know.
Know witness F is me.
My only way
The only way is to stay in the open.
Hide in plain sight.
My only shot.
Plausible deniability.
You know what that is,
don't you, Simon?
Hey, dog.
Amongst it all,
Juicy had served his time.
It was really good to see him.
I mean that.
Why'd you want to see me?
Just after next week,
I might be going away for a while
and I wanted to apologise.
Make amends, hey?
Bloody steps without being in AA.
They pushed me around.
Cops. Crims. Everyone.
Nic, no-one pushed you around.
You might think I don't
but I know you.
You love making things happen.
Being at the centre
was always about you.
What I don't understand
Why didn't you give us a chance?
I like to surround myself
with terrible men. You know that.
Give me an answer.
Did you ever really
think we'd end up together?
In Sorrento with a dog?
A white fence and yoga classes?
I'd have the dog.
It's not me.
Not you, either, Mister Three
Daughters With Three Women.
You got my number.
We should grab a meal sometime, hey?
I'd like that, Kevin.
I was too scared
to fight them anymore.
So I finally agreed
to accept police protection.
But I didn't settle too well.
I was moved more than a dozen times.
38 flights in ten months.
$76,000 in hotel rooms.
$43,000 in allowances.
Until finally
they settled me in Bali.
For 24 hours a day,
my police protection watched
me smash cocktails at the bar.
You know who you remind me of?
What's-his-name from 'The Muppets'.
Beaker. That's it.
Look it up. I'm not lying.
Do you know what I'm gonna do
when all this is over?
When I'm rid of you lot?
I'm gonna open up a juice bar.
No more grog. No more nothing.
Nicola. Someone here to see you.
Ooh, a visitor.
Terima kase.
Hello, Chikka.
I'll need to speak with her alone.
I was talking to someone
in Melbourne.
Told me some things.
He said they're gonna present
you as a witness
at Paul Dale's murder committal.
That's the plan.
He said you've been informing
against your own clients.
Is that true?
Don't look so shocked.
I crossed that line a long time ago.
You know me.
I'm an all-or-nothing girl.
Who knows about this?
That you've been informing
against your clients?
My handlers.
Simon Overland.
A few others.
That's it.
Commissioner Overland.
Congratulations on your promotion.
Thank you.
I heard you spoke with Nicola Gobbo.
How can you use Gobbo as a witness?
As an informer in her own case
if she was their lawyer?
She was never representing them.
She was one of them.
A lawyer can't snitch
against your clients.
That's as basic as it gets.
Every time we register an informer,
there's a source test.
'Will their evidence
withstand scrutiny?'
'Would using it be ethical?'
Gobbo doesn't satisfy any of that.
You want me to use
the greater good argument
or the desperate times,
desperate measures argument.
Don't patronise me.
I'm not.
But you must understand
that Nicola Gobbo
is the glittering prize,
the insider
we've been wanting for years.
If she can bring Dale to trial,
then she insists
that she wasn't his lawyer.
It doesn't matter
what Nicola insists.
If Dale thought she was his lawyer,
then she was.
You studied law, you know that.
If her testimony is allowed,
it'll set a precedent that Victoria
will be stuck with forever.
You think a judge is gonna overlook
200 years of legal privilege
I say her testimony
will withstand scrutiny
and a judge will see it our way.
(SCOFFS) Come on.
There was a problem and I put
methods in place to fix it.
And it has been fixed.
What you're doing goes against
the code of every police
Killing in front of kids!
Killing innocent wives!
Crims have no code!
We're the fucking police.
We're supposed
to be better than them.
And if her informer status
comes out,
all the convictions in her
cases will be thrown out.
Can you say 'Royal Commission'?
Are you threatening me?
No, I'm telling you straight up.
I think you've made
your point, Chikka.
Get Gobbo back to Melbourne.
Bring her back now.
NEWSREADER: Former drug squad
detective Paul Dale
has been released on bail
ahead of his trial for the murder
of police informer Terrence Hodson.
We go live now to the gates
of Barwon Prison
for this special report.
How does it feel to finally
get released on bail.
How do you think it feels?
They kept me in there
for seven months.
What do you plan to do now?
I'm gonna prove I'm innocent.
You'll see.
Do you have any last words
for Victoria Police?
I would just like to say that
the Victoria Police lost its way
when it walked into Barwon Prison
with an open chequebook
and accepted the ravings
of a criminal
who is prepared to say anything
for a reduced sentence.
Excuse me.
So Carl Williams is lying?
Yeah. Yes. Mate, yes. He's lying.
He made everything up.
And I'll prove that at
my committal hearing.
Don't tell me to calm down.
Dale's out. Why did you let him out?
The judge decided that after seven
months, bail was a suitable option.
Fuck me! I'm gonna have
another stroke.
Don't do that.
You testify on Monday.
Get out.
Get the fuck out of my house!
I'll look after myself.
Yes, of course
I was scared of testifying.
Luckily, I didn't have to.
Commissioner, have you got a minute?
What's she done?
They say it's stress-related.
I wonder why.
I'm glad to see
you're feeling better now.
This looks better?
Simon, I think I'm having
a nervous breakdown.
You're not having
a nervous breakdown.
And I've been doing some thinking.
I can't work as a lawyer anymore.
It's gone. I'm finished.
So I've been thinking,
I need some recompense.
$20 million.
That should last the rest of my life.
That's not There's no way.
It's what I want.
20 million.
So the committal hearing
was delayed
while the police
figured out what to do.
But no one could've expected
what happened next.
Now I wanna be your dog
Now I wanna be your dog
Now I wanna be your dog ♪
Heard you're making
the front page tomorrow, mate.
Come on! ♪
What you doing, Mattie?
Just airing it out.
The devil, my conscience, and I
Had a discussion about you
My conscience convinced me
last night
To turn around
and come back to you
The devil said
"Why do you pick the one girl"
Something terrible's happened.
Carl's dead.
Yeah, Carl hit his head.
With Carl's death,
there was no witness.
So the committal into Paul Dale
and the killing of the Hodsons
was never held.
Paul got his life back.
As for me, I had
one last thing to do.
Lawyer up.
So we are agreed.
$2.9 million.
As compensation for
loss of future income.
I was assured that I be compensated
for helping Victorian police
and be left no worse off.
$2.9 million is a bargain.
We've all heard your arguments,
Ms Gobbo, and accepted the sum.
There's no need for more
It's in the best interests
of everyone in this room
that the amount paid,
and your role as a police informer
is never revealed.
So would anyone like to add
anything to the record?
Yes, I wish to add something.
When we realised that Ms Gobbo
must be called as a witness,
Victoria Police immediately
stopped using her as an informer.
I want that on the record.
So noted.
I want it noted that Victoria Police
broke no laws
in using Ms Gobbo as a source.
The first duty of any officer
is to preserve life and property.
That is instilled in us
at the outset of our careers.
I was trying to clean up
the streets of Melbourne.
That was the right thing to do.
It was my job.
And I did it.
And if I may add,
no matter what anyone says,
I was on the side of the angels.
And if I may add, for the record,
everything I did was
done out of my sense of duty
to serve justice
and not help criminals.
I was motivated by altruism,
rather than personal gain.
Anything told to me about crimes
being planned or committed
cannot ever fall under
the protection of legal privilege.
That is just thieves, murderers
and drug dealers complaining.
386 people were arrested because
of information I provided.
And $60 million of assets was
recovered by the State of Victoria.
I too was on the side of the angels.
You think that? That they're
both on the side of the angels?
Doesn't matter what I think.
You've clearly made up your mind.
Why do you think she did it?
I think Nicola
liked being in control.
And it blew up in her face.
If this comes out, Informer 3838,
their own lawyer
working against them,
can you imagine the shit storm?
Crims will be jumping up
and down to be set free.
This will never come out.
Just looking for a protector
God never reached out in time
There's love, there is a saviour
But that ain't no love of mine
My love it kills me slowly
Slowly I could die
And when she sleeps
she hears the blues
Sees shades of black and white
Gotta stay cool
You, hot, hot head
Count to a thousand before
you sleep in bed
Read the news, pass the time
Drink the juice, feeling fine
Gotta stay cool
You hot, hot head
Count to a thousand
before you sleep in bed
Read the news, pass the time
Drink the juice, feeling fine
No-one wants to feel this sad
Just looking for a protector
God never reached out in time
There's love, there is a saviour
But that ain't no love of mine
My love it kills me slowly
Slowly I could die
And when she sleeps
she hears the blues
Sees shades of black and white. ♪
Nicola Gobbo.
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