Ingobernable (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

The Decision

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [theme music playing] THE DECISION [woman over TV] The President's Office has called a press conference at 8:00 p.
in Los Pinos.
President Diego Nava has canceled a state visit to Washington, and announced that he has an urgent message for the nation tonight.
As you know, two months ago, First Lady Emilia Urquiza, in an unprecedented event in Mexico's history, left the official residence of Los Pinos and started divorce proceedings.
Since then, President Nava's popularity has plummeted.
- The president's leadership - [phone ringing] at the national and international levels, as well as his turbulent private life, have fueled speculation about tonight's message.
Will we witness President Diego Nava's resignation? - [thunder crashing] - [phone continues ringing] [woman continues speaking over TV] Dolores? He's devastated.
Yes, he just left.
He refused to sign the divorce papers.
He says we can still save this.
[thunder crashing] No, I'm still here.
We're leaving for the ranch later tonight.
The plan hasn't changed.
[phone ringing] [phone ringing] My apologies, ladies and gentlemen.
Where were we? [in English] This business relationship has been beneficial to us both.
But quite frankly, this new deal you're proposing is a little bit over the top.
[chuckles] Another one, please.
Okay, I'll also cut to the chase.
But so that you can understand me better and practice, this time I will speak in Spanish.
I understand that Chinese steel is a better business deal for you.
You know your prices are no longer competitive.
Perhaps, but my quality is.
Plain and simple.
Very well.
You had better make up your minds soon.
I plan on going back to Mexico tonight.
[man] Mr.
[thunder crashing] To the suite.
Oh, my cell phone.
- Lieutenant, block the elevator.
- Yes, sir.
And stay here.
Block the elevator, please.
[knocking on door] Emilia! [knocking on door] Emilia! - What's wrong? - Shut up.
- Diego, I'm talking to you.
- Shut up! [phone ringing] Hello? Yes, I'm on my way to pick up the cake.
I don't know, Ale.
Traffic is bad.
I think I'll be home in an hour or so.
Don't start the party without me.
Yes, I love you, too.
- Good evening, Evelyn.
- Good evening, ma'am.
Hi, Maria.
I am not signing this shit.
- They're waiting for you.
- Let them wait.
Is this what you wanted from the start? You planned to leave me so you could go off with him? The kids are on their way.
They're coming with me.
You're not going anywhere with my children.
- Your children? - [grunts] Where have you been the last two years? I was running a country! You were sleeping with another man.
What are you talking about? I saw the pictures.
What pictures? Do you Do you like how he fucks you? - Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
- How does it feel? Does it feel new? Does it feel different? Huh? I don't know what you're talking about, but you can't complain.
You have no right to after what you did.
After you turned your back on everything we cared about.
You let me down.
You betrayed me.
- You betrayed the entire country.
- You're not going to leave me.
- Don't touch me.
- I am your husband! I am the fucking president! [thunder crashing] You can't tarnish our work, Emilia.
You're a smart man, Diego.
You know very well that I'm not leaving you for another man.
And you're a smart woman, you're a good woman.
You're the woman who made the president.
I won't let you tarnish our work.
You can't do this to Mexico.
[scoffs] Mexico! As if you cared about Mexico.
[thunder crashing] [Maria] I don't get why you don't want me at your party.
We're supposed to be friends, right? I thought you had plans.
Yeah, my mom wants me to go to the ranch with her, but I could've stopped by your place first.
I feel like crap for doing this to you.
And I know I am being selfish, but I don't know how to act when you're there.
So, you came here just to tell me that? Yes, I wanted to tell you in person.
You could have sent me a message saying: "Hi.
I don't want to introduce you to my wife yet.
" [scoffs] Maria, I'm serious.
I can't.
No, I can't [Daniela] I can't Admit it.
You were dying to see me.
- Why can't you forgive me? - What are you doing? - Are you punishing me for what happened? - You're hurting me.
I'm doing everything I can to fix it.
It's too late.
It's too late, Diego.
Let me go.
You will not ruin everything we've been doing.
You won't [both grunting] [thunder crashing] I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Are you okay? - What have you done? - I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
- Let me go.
- We have to fix this.
I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm doing everything I can.
Just let me go.
- I'm doing all I can for us to be okay.
- Calm down.
- Okay.
Just don't touch me.
- Just tell me that Don't touch me, please.
- Please, tell me we're going to be okay.
- We'll be okay.
We'll be okay.
Emilia! [Emilia yells] Let me go, Diego! Let go of me, damn it! Let go of me! [groans] [both breathing heavily] [laughing] [phone ringing] [both panting] [voice mail beeps] [Emilia] Maria, where are you? Call me.
It's urgent! [Diego] Open the door! Open the fucking door! - [gun cocks] - Stay away from me.
- Shoot.
- Don't come any closer! Is that what you want? - Don't try me.
- Shoot! - Please.
- If that's what you want, shoot! Go ahead! - Diego, please! - Pull the trigger! Please, don't [Emilia screams] [grunting] - Diego, please.
- Stop! - Let me go.
- Stop! [both yell] [in Spanish] One more thing, Tomas.
[in English] It's about your relationship with President Nava.
What about it? There is some concern that your ties with his administration may be severed.
Especially now that he and your daughter have separated.
Nicholas that's nothing but gossip.
There's no need to worry about what they say in the magazines.
Emilia! It's over! You have nowhere left to run.
- Please.
Let me go.
- We're going to settle this now.
Let me go, please.
It's over! Just don't come any closer.
- We can talk if you want.
- You will come here and talk to me.
Let me through.
Scoot over.
[grunts] - Hi.
- Hi.
I'm glad you decided to come with us, sweetie.
[thunder crashing] [phone ringing] [Anna] What's going on? The press is waiting.
Where are you? You said he was on his way.
- Where is he? - [Pepe] Don't let the press leave.
Make something up.
Distract them.
Say it's because of the rain! I'm going to see if he's ready.
Do you want me to go with you, Mr.
Secretary? No, General, that won't be necessary.
Thank you.
[muted dialogue] [siren wailing] No! [thunder crashing] Diego? Diego! [thunder crashing] [muted dialogue] [indistinct chattering] [thunder crashing] [sirens wailing] [indistinct chatter over radio] [dial tone humming] [on recording] You've reached Emilia Urquiza.
Leave a message.
Thank you.
[static over earpiece] Moreno? - Moreno, do you copy? - Rosas! Seal off all the exits! [man 1] Rosas? - [man 2] Where's Rosas? - Not answering.
They're blocked.
Ladies and gentlemen On behalf of President Diego Nava and the office I represent, we would like to apologize and to thank you for your patience.
[phones ringing] Unfortunately, we will have to delay the conference [phone ringing] [reporters murmuring] [phone ringing and beeping] [chattering] Is there anyone in the room? What the hell do you mean? [water running] [phone ringing] [sirens wailing] [ringing] [Emilia over phone] Dolores? Emilia? What's going on? Is that my mom, Dolores? Let me talk to her, please.
- Mom! - Listen to me.
Don't bring the kids to the hotel.
I don't understand.
- [Maria] Dolores - [Dolores] We're here.
- No - [Dolores] Come back! [siren wailing] What are the kids doing here? Dad! [panting] Dad! Dad! Where's the first lady? Ma'am are you all right? Are you alone? Is there someone else here? [Pepe] Get the kids! [Pepe] The kids! - Let me go! Don't touch me! - [man] Move! Dad! Let's go! Where's the first lady? No one's up there.
[Tomas] Very well.
URQUIZA GROUP [phone ringing] Call the captain.
Tell him I'm on my way.
Yes, sir.
- Yes? - [man on phone] Mr.
Urquiza, Nava is dead.
[fire alarm blaring] [woman on PA] Your attention, please.
Your attention, please.
The signal that has just turned on indicates there is a fire in the building.
Please proceed to the nearest exit and leave the building.
Do not remain in the building unless directed to do so by the proper authorities.
The signal that has just turned on indicates there is a fire in the building.
Please proceed to the nearest exit and leave the building.
Do not remain in the building unless directed to do so by the proper authorities.
Calm down.
Calm down, please.
Everyone step back.
Get back.
Calm down.
[sirens wailing] Take the kids.
- Did you find her? - Negative, sir.
[Anna] Pepe.
- [Pepe] What do we have? - Everyone is calling.
- What are they saying? - "What are they saying?" What are we going to say? Pepe, what the hell happened? - There are rumors about the first lady.
- Stop them.
- Take care of it.
- Yes, sir.
[man] Pepe.
- And the first lady? - Nothing yet, sir.
Where's my mom? I want to see her! She was at that hotel! Let me go.
Evelyn, let me go! - What are they going to do to us? - Let me go! Let go of my brother! Let go of me! Evelyn, answer me! [chattering] Nothing can prepare you for this, sir, but you are not alone.
We are with you.
In the president's absence Secretary Barquet, you are now in charge.
Tomas Urquiza.
[Tomas over phone] What the hell is going on? How's my daughter? She's frightened, Tomas.
I haven't talked to her yet, but I will soon.
[woman over TV] We still don't have the official account.
What we do know is that President Nava Martinez has died.
[woman over TV] According to witnesses, the president fell at 7:45 this evening from the balcony of the presidential suite on the tenth floor of the hotel.
He landed on the roof of the SUV - that was transporting him.
- It's her.
Photos taken by a passerby show Secretary of the Interior Jose Barquet just moments after the tragedy occurred It's the first lady.
Target located.
[sirens wailing] Presidential Guard, nobody move! Stay calm! Presidential Guard! Everyone down! Down! Now! Ma'am.
Are you all right? I didn't do it.
I didn't kill Diego.
Turn around and show me your hands, ma'am.
Do it.
Moreno do you believe me? I didn't kill him.
I'll put the gun down.
But you have to show me your hands.
- Okay? - Yes, sir.
[Moreno groaning] - [Anna] The German Ambassador.
- [Pepe] He can wait.
- Everyone who calls has to wait.
- Tomas Urquiza.
Let me know when he arrives.
[sighs] What's the next step? What happened at the hotel, Pepe? There were only two people in that suite.
We have to find her.
[sighs] What's the plan? You need to address the nation.
Don't change your clothes.
[Pepe clears throat] [Pepe] My fellow Mexicans, this is our most critical hour.
I stand before you in shock and with deep sorrow to inform you that our president, Diego Nava Martinez, has died.
We do not yet have enough information to determine what caused this tragedy that has shaken our entire nation.
The federal government which I now lead by constitutional mandate and in the president's absence will go to any lengths in order to uncover the truth.
The National Security Bureau, now in permanent session, and the National Defense Secretariat, led by General Agustin Aguirre, are in charge of the investigations.
The whereabouts of First Lady Emilia Urquiza remain unknown.
President Diego Nava Martinez was a man who was devoted to his country and to his family.
I had the honor of serving under him and the privilege of being his friend and colleague.
And I was there at the moment of his death.
I swear before you - I will honor his memory - [man over intercom] Ready.
We are on our way.
- continue his legacy - Are you coming? and determine the circumstances behind his death.
Vargas-West, what are you doing here? I thought it was your duty to remain in Los Pinos.
The secretary of the interior wants me to report on the actions you're taking to find the first lady.
[man] We've been on maximum alert since 7:53 p.
Our team is combing through the images from the 20,000 cameras we have in the metropolitan area.
With troops from the First Military District and the Navy as well as the Presidential Guard we have set up a 20-block perimeter around the hotel where the incident occurred.
The death of the president, General Aguirre.
Run from me, darlin' Run, my good wife Run from me, darlin' You better run for your life Why haven't they found her? I don't know.
Why did she leave the hotel without us? I don't know, Emiliano.
And Dad why did he fall? Emiliano I don't know.
You better run for your life Run Run Run Run [man] There are 20,000 cameras, but we're talking about a population of 24 million.
Unless the first lady does something out of the ordinary, we won't be able to find her! I trust my troops.
My soldiers can do what your technology can't.
The city is complex and huge.
It's full of places to hide.
Besides, Mrs.
Urquiza was a member of the Security Bureau.
She participated in emergency drills and knows exactly how search and security protocols operate.
If you think you know how to look for her Emilia Urquiza knows just how to hide.
Subtitle translation by Yong Chavez