Ingobernable (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

The Getaway

[chattering] [man] The military wants to speak with the kids.
Tell Secretary Barquet that I'm on it.
I'll speak with the children.
[man on TV] Emilia Urquiza has disappeared without a trace.
A massive police search is underway.
Citizens are asked to call 911 with any information that will aid in the search for Emilia Urquiza.
Authorities have denied rumors that the first lady is dead I'm so sorry about your father.
He was a great man, and he loved you very much.
What's she doing here? What happened? [Anna] We don't know yet.
Where is Emilia? We're doing everything we can to find your mom.
I think she's alone.
And scared.
We want to help her get back home.
Do any of you know where she might go if she were frightened and didn't know what to do? [Maria] No.
- What about the chip? - Emiliano, please don't say anything.
She has a chip, like the kind in cars.
- A GPS? - Yes.
So they can find us if we get lost or if we're kidnapped.
My mom, Maria, my grandpa and I all have one.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [theme music playing] [woman on TV] Two years ago, everyone was celebrating.
THE GETAWAY Diego Nava was assuming the Presidency of this country.
Today, while the financial markets plummet, uncertainty reigns and troops and police forces are being dispatched All set? Yeah, it's time.
What do you think, man? Was the president's fall an accident It's a big mess, huh? Here.
- No, keep it.
You'll need it.
- Use it for the damn X-ray machine.
Let the damn government pay for it.
If we still have one after this is over.
The separation and pending divorce of the first couple I can't believe it's been three years.
I don't ever want to see you around here again.
Canek Lagos.
SECURITY FORCES CORDON OFF THE AREA [knocking on door] Come in.
- Miss? - What? I have the information on the chip.
With this, we can locate her.
Come with me.
[man] Altedag is an Israeli security firm that specializes in anti-kidnapping technology.
Last year, they developed GPS tracking devices that can be surgically implanted.
[Anna] In May of last year, the first family underwent the procedure.
[Agustin] Ms.
Vargas-West, please.
The Presidential Guard has all of their medical records.
It wouldn't be in their files.
That's the point.
- How long will it take to locate Emilia? - Just a few minutes, sir.
- Get to work.
- Yes, ma'am.
[woman on TV] After just one year in office, the profound differences between them started to become public.
Two months after leaving Los Pinos, Emilia Urquiza has become known as the woman who left the president.
Secretary of Interior Jose Barquet concluded his address to the nation with a personal message for Emilia Urquiza.
Emilia, if you're watching this please come home.
[woman] In that home Barquet is asking Emilia to return to there are two children who have been devastated by their father's death and their mother's disappearance: Maria, their oldest, who is 21, and Emiliano, who is just 11 years old.
I want checkpoints along the perimeter.
Deploy the Federal Police.
- Yes, sir.
- What do we tell the press when the city looks like a war zone? That we're doing what we need to do to catch the president's murderer.
Do I need to remind you who it is we're talking about? No, sir.
I doubt anyone could forget who Mrs.
Urquiza is.
I want the Presidential Guard working on a discreet, effective rescue mission.
Yes, sir.
A rescue mission? Do you want her to escape again? Sir, is that your strategy? We're online.
I want the Presidential Guard to do its job and bring the first lady back home.
[woman] That's her.
The one in black.
Come on, move it! Move it! [woman on TV] Diego Nava and Emilia Urquiza were the perfect couple.
During their 20 years of marriage, they established various academic, philanthropic and entrepreneurial ventures.
PARKING Nava's extraordinary background made him the first civilian candidate to win the presidency without the support of a political party.
LAUNCHING ALTEDAG SYSTEM - How accurate is the device? - Thirty-five to 50 meters, sir.
[police sirens wailing] UTM COORDINATES [groans] [sirens blaring] - [Agustin over radio] Proceed, Lieutenant.
- [man over radio] Copy.
Come on, come on! Get in position.
Come on, come on! Get out! Hands up! Move! Hands up.
Quick, quick, move.
Open it, open it.
[officer 1] What's that? [officer 2] It's blood, sir.
Secure the perimeter.
Secure the area.
We've lost her.
[chattering] It's time, Pepe.
[sighs] [chattering continues] - [man] Good.
That's right.
- [man 2] Very well, sir.
[grunts] It's terrible, Pepe.
- Who sent you? - Presidential Archives, ma'am.
All right.
Shall we begin? [clears throat] According to Article 84 of our Constitution, in the event of the president's absolute absence, the secretary of the interior immediately assumes the presidency.
- Please raise your right hand so - I do solemnly affirm to follow and uphold the Constitution of the United Mexican States and the laws that emanate from it.
And to perform with loyalty and patriotism.
And if I fail to do so, may the nation demand it of me.
Let's go.
[inaudible dialogue] [man on radio] Emilia Urquiza is one of the most charismatic figures in recent history.
Emilia's personal history as a survivor of kidnapping, an event that led to the death of her younger brother, turned her into a woman with a great ability to reach out to the people and share in their struggles and worries Turn that shit off.
The reality is that Emilia Urquiza disappeared after President Nava's death.
This makes us wonder if she was somehow involved in his death.
Her absence certainly puts her in a precarious position in that she can't defend herself or be properly investigated.
I can't let you out, miss.
- I'm just getting my phone.
- Sorry, it's security protocol.
It will take two seconds.
I need my phone.
[Dolores] Where is it? In the SUV.
- What's that? - Ms.
Nava's phone.
Can I see it? Thanks.
[cell phone ringing] Hello? Honey? Emilia don't hang up.
Where is my daughter? Your children are here.
They're fine.
They need you, Emilia.
Do you want to talk to them? Emilia? [cell phone rings] [cell phone chimes] I'M EMILIA 3939 [door slams, dogs bark] [door slams] [cell phone rings] Unlock this phone for me.
I need everything.
Calls, e-mails, texts, everything.
Especially if it's from Emilia Urquiza.
Whose phone is this? Who's authorizing this, ma'am? Emilia Urquiza called that phone five minutes ago.
We have a real chance of finding her.
There's no time for formalities.
It's in your hands.
Give it to Ojeda when you're done.
[car horns honking] I'm getting off! Why the hell are we stopped? The street is blocked off.
There's a police checkpoint ahead, sir.
What's your problem, man? [woman on TV] kidnapping, an event that led to her younger brother's death, turned her into a woman with a great ability to reach out to the people and share in their struggles and worries.
When in charge of the National Peace Committee, she went across the country comforting those who, like her, were victims of violence in Mexico.
Today, Emilia Urquiza's life has been touched by tragedy yet again.
In the next 30 minutes we expect to have eyes and ears on everyone who we believe has a close relationship with Mrs.
If she tries to contact any of them, we'll know it immediately.
[Anna] What about Jaime Bray? [Agustin] The CENAPAZ consultant? [Anna] They're close collaborators.
[Agustin] We know.
Bray is a foreign national.
Make sure your men stick to the protocol, General.
- Thanks.
[man] Good evening, Mr.
Sir? Good evening, Dolores.
Grandpa? Come here, son.
Come here, darling.
Come on.
[sobbing] I'm so sorry.
I truly am.
I'm so very sorry.
[phone dialing] [dance music playing over speakers] - Thanks, girls.
See you tomorrow.
- [girl] Bye, see you tomorrow.
My God, Emilia.
[stammering] What the hell happened? Are you okay? What happened? No.
What the hell do you want from me? I want your forgiveness.
[both panting] I did everything I could to make him leave.
But he wouldn't.
He was acting crazy.
He attacked me.
I struggled to get him off me.
I went upstairs and locked myself in the room.
And I got the gun from the safe.
If you shot him, it was self-defense.
Here and anywhere else in the world.
I didn't shoot him.
When he threw the door open, he pushed me.
The gun flew out of my hand.
I couldn't reach it.
Then I went to the balcony.
I tried to close the door.
I wanted to put some distance between us.
And then I charged at him.
I don't know what happened next.
When I came to the gun was in my hand.
How did it get there? Someone put it there.
They want to blame me.
[stammers, clears throat] It's best if you wait out here.
Are you sure? Mr.
The preliminary toxicology screen is negative.
There are fractures and multiple wounds caused by the fall but they weren't the cause of death.
It was this bullet which we found lodged in his head.
We have to get you out of here.
Out of the city at least.
Hell, out of the country! I won't leave my kids.
Emilia, please.
It's an assassination, for God's sake! You're right.
Don't leave them.
Stay alive, Emilia.
How? Everyone is looking for me.
Let's do this, Emilia Go to Dolores' sister's place.
I'll come get you tomorrow.
Don't worry.
We'll get you out of this mess.
It's okay.
Go now.
Be careful.
Please be careful.
Take care of yourself.
Okay? Go.
Emilia, stay alert.
[woman on TV] A few hours after the death of Diego Nava, and according to the Constitution, during a brief and private ceremony, held in the cabinet hall of the presidential residence of Los Pinos Jose Barquet Gonzales was sworn into office.
Up until a few hours ago, he had been the secretary of the interior.
JOSE BARQUET SWORN IN AS PRESIDEN Barquet was still wearing the same bloodstained shirt [man] I was asleep for a while, huh? Hey, have you ever thought about buying a bigger bed? I fit perfectly.
What's wrong? They killed the president.
You're fucking kidding.
[knocking on door] Are you expecting someone? Go on and hide.
Come on.
Your grandchildren need you.
They need their mother, not me.
She's on the run, Tomas! Emilia's a fugitive! Your men lost her! Why is she running? Your daughter owes this country an explanation.
If you touch a hair on her head or mistreat her in any way, all of this [snaps] [woman on recording] You have one new voice mail.
[beeps] [Emilia] Maria, where are you? Call me as soon as you get this.
[Diego] Open the door! Open the fucking door! Open it! Go ahead! - [Emilia] Don't come closer! - [Diego] Shoot! [Diego] If that's what you want, shoot! [cell phone chiming] [in English] I've been expecting your call.
[chuckles] Thanks.
My nephew, the hero.
Dolores didn't tell me you were getting out today.
[chuckles] Are you happy? I'm the same as always.
I missed you.
[knocking on door] Again? - Expecting someone? - No.
No, no, no [grunts] Shit.
Subtitle translation by Matt Duncan