Ingobernable (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Debts Are Meant to Be Repaid

1 TWO YEARS EARLIER [band playing upbeat mariachi music] [chattering] [inaudible dialogue] [Emilia] This looks more like an ambush than a party.
The military's top brass.
See? You should've let me go with my friends, where I'd be out of harm's way.
Thanks! It's your grandpa's birthday.
You can't go until you've sung to him.
[Emilia] Even the U.
ambassador is here, hmm? Grandpa's really old.
There are going to be so many candles on his cake that he'll burn himself.
Don't be so rude.
It's his birthday.
- What are you laughing at? - [Emilia] Stop! Hey.
No one should pressure us.
We won't announce until we're absolutely sure.
PRESIDEN PRESIDENT DIEGO NAVA, THE COUNTRY WEEPS FOR YOU DEBTS ARE MEANT TO BE REPAID [woman 1 on TV] The fact is that, after President Nava's death, Emilia Urquiza went missing, which makes us wonder if she was involved in the president's death.
What's true is that her absence puts her in a difficult position.
[Emilia] I didn't kill him.
[woman 1] She can't be defended or investigated properly.
Well, that's not what they're saying.
[woman 1] The army is on high alert to safeguard the people and to continue the search for Emilia Urquiza.
[woman 2 on TV] What took place last night was not a nightmare.
It actually happened.
The worst thing that can happen to a nation is losing its president.
Could you turn that off? Sadly, that is the situation we are facing today What the hell happens now? I have no fucking idea, Chela.
I just need to stay here until sundown.
Someone's coming to get me.
[laughs] Oh, they're coming for you.
The whole army.
Who's coming? Jaime Bray.
We work together.
- That bastard knows you're here? - Who else knows? He won't say anything.
Why did you come here? Are you cashing in a favor? Huh? [Canek] Chela, calm down.
This lady's in my house, man.
Don't tell me to shut up.
- I had nowhere else to go.
- You just happened to pass through Tepito? Dolores told me to come here.
She said you'd help me.
I also know that the police don't come to Tepito.
Neither do people like you.
Let me stay, please.
Just until it gets dark.
As soon as Jaime gets here, I'm gone.
I promise.
- Sir? - Yes, Dolores? - Any news about your daughter? - No.
I need you to help the children pack.
Just the basics and some clothes.
We can come back for the rest later.
Pack? - Yes, sir.
Of course.
- Hm.
[Canek] I owe her.
She helped me get out of jail.
That's your problem, kid.
You always think it's your job to help when it's not.
[Ovni from outside] Chela? Who is it? It's Ovni.
- Who? - The guy who makes pirated movies.
- He's a hacker.
- Tell him to leave.
No fucking way.
Besides, Interpol is after him.
He won't say a thing.
Really, Chela? [winces] [Ovni] No fucking way! She's here? Like, "here," as in here? Here? - The fucking first lady? - [shushes] The woman who killed the president yesterday is in this house? Are you crazy or what? We're harboring a fugitive.
Come on, come on.
Look who's talking.
I hack, hmm? I don't go around killing people like she does.
She might be innocent.
[chuckles] That's what she says.
And what do you think? That she deserves the benefit of the doubt at the very least, right? For fuck's sake! I told you, this isn't our problem.
Sure, she helped you out.
But you can thank her with flowers and a card, not by risking your neck.
If they find her here, we're fucked.
It'll be like Troy, hmm? Tepito will burn.
We'll be screwed even if they catch her outside of Tepito.
Dude, the whole city is under siege.
It's like the damn zombie apocalypse.
She'll have to sneak out somehow.
What? Holy shit! The tunnels.
What tunnels? Are you okay? Yes, I'm fine.
I think I put the bandage on wrong.
May I? I didn't know you were getting out.
I got out last night.
[Emilia wincing] What did your mom say? I'll call her when you leave.
So they can't trace the call? You know your people, huh? Hold that.
There's a way to get you out of here.
Below the streets.
The drug tunnels? Didn't the military seal them off? Not all of them.
I know someone who can help.
Someone trustworthy? [Canek] Mm-hm.
Better? Thanks for everything.
Thank you so much.
Don't thank me.
Just make sure this doesn't come back to hurt my family.
Do you believe me? That I didn't kill Diego.
Do you believe me? That's not for me to say, ma'am.
[band playing upbeat mariachi music] [chattering] [cell phone ringing] Excuse me.
Hello? Who is this? Thanks.
I don't know who you are.
What do you want? [Dolores] Canek? What are you talking about? What happened to my son? Who are you? What did we ever do to you? Excuse me.
Dolores, what happened? Who were you talking with? - It was nothing.
- Who was it? I'll be right back.
Excuse me.
[Emilia] The same people who asked for money? The first time he refused to pay, they threatened him.
The second time, they beat him, and now they've set him up.
- Did your sister speak with the judge? - He's corrupt! It's a den of thieves.
[Emilia] You have to speak with your contact.
It'll be all right, hmm? I give you my word that we'll do everything [cell phone rings] Wait, that's my sister.
- Answer it.
- Chela? Have you heard from Canek? The bastards just called me! Right here.
There's soap, a washcloth a towel and some clean clothes.
Thank you.
[Diego] I spoke with my contact.
He will do everything he can to help Dolores.
Is everything else okay? I'm afraid of what might happen to us if we accept the candidacy.
I'm really scared.
But I'm more afraid of not doing something for this country while we can.
[Diego] Let's hope that power will allow us to help people like Dolores and Canek.
[Diego] We have something to say.
We have decided to accept the presidential nomination from the Justice and Peace for Mexico Coalition.
- [man 1] Bravo! - Wonderful! [Pepe] Very good.
Let's drink to that.
[man 1 and man 2] Cheers.
- [Pepe] Congratulations, Diego.
- [man 2 and Tomas] Cheers.
Need help? Thanks.
- I still can't believe it.
- What? That we are sleeping here tonight? And every night for the next six years? The presidential quarters.
Thank you for stripping me of my fear.
- I could strip you of other things, too.
- [chuckles] Close your eyes.
- But I want to see you.
- It's just for a second.
- Keep them closed.
- Okay.
Now? Almost.
Promise me something.
That we'll always listen to each other, no matter what.
Open them.
[Emilia chuckles] What are you doing, Mr.
President? [Emilia chuckles] You haven't seen anything yet.
Ready, darling? There are no words for what happened.
Exactly, Grandpa.
So, let's not say anything.
Your brother and Dolores are in the car.
[line rings] [on recording] Emilia Urquiza! Please leave your message.
PRESIDENTIAL GUARD [door opens] [clears throat] We need you to help us find Emilia Urquiza.
I'm not sure how much I can help, General.
I haven't seen or heard from her in a few days.
Are you nervous, Mr.
Bray? The defense secretary is interrogating me.
Of course I'm nervous.
Have you had contact with Emilia Urquiza since President Nava's death? - I said - Shh! No.
No, no, no, no.
This is the most important question you've ever been asked.
And it's also the most important answer of your life.
Your future and freedom depend on it.
So take your time.
Hmm? Man to man, General.
There's nothing I'd like more than to know where Emilia Urquiza is, and, above all, if she's all right.
I told you, General.
I haven't heard from her.
[jazz music playing] Need a hand? These two are enough.
Who do you think you are? Keep going.
You think this is how it works? You think you can show up at any time, just because you're back? - I need a favor.
- So soon? You're skipping apologizing and going straight to favors? It's not that type of favor.
If I could ask someone else, I wouldn't be here.
[sighs] You've only been out for 24 hours, Canek.
What is it? I need to get something out of Tepito through the tunnels.
Something? Someone.
- Who? - It's best if you don't know.
If you want my help, you'll have to be more up front.
We're not kids anymore.
The tunnels are a serious matter.
If you want my help, you'll have to tell me who.
- Emilia Urquiza.
- What? Can you tell me what time it is? It's been 15 minutes since the last time you asked.
I have a hard time being in confined spaces.
[chuckles] Let me ask you a question, now that I have the chance.
For a cigarette.
Everything has a price with you, huh? Why did you kill him? Damn, Canek.
Did you forget I know what your weakness is? Why are you helping her? Because she got you out of jail? Or is it that you want to play the hero, like you always do.
This has nothing to do with her, Zyan.
It's about my family.
I need to protect them.
What happens if they find her here? The army will be all over this place again.
Let them come.
- Come on, now - We can ask them where the hell Mosca is.
What? Or did you forget her, too? I haven't forgotten anyone, Zyan.
Don't worry about it.
I'll take care of it.
You're going to get killed, jackass.
Maybe not.
But the only way to keep everyone from getting killed is to get that lady out of here, Zyan.
She killed him.
If we go public with the autopsy report, public opinion will shift.
If people think she's a victim, they'll support her.
We don't know what happened in that room, and they both deserve the benefit of the doubt.
So, let's leave that for the prosecutor to decide.
Did you speak with the Attorney General's Office? They're considering candidates.
We could also use the autopsy report in our favor.
- What if we don't tell the whole truth? - You said it yourself, and you're right.
Emilia is the only one who knows what happened.
We have to find her.
- General.
- Mr.
Bray denies having had any contact with Mrs.
He's lying.
Well, aren't you an expert in men and their lies, Ms.
Vargas-West? General, I'll remind you that Mr.
Bray is a Colombian citizen.
Don't worry, sir.
We're following protocol quite strictly.
In fact, he's already been released.
He'll take us straight to her.
Be careful with that.
Hmm? [fork clanks] You're being followed! Get on the bike, now! We lost him, sir.
Sign here.
Initials there.
We lost Bray.
[reporter 1] Have you taken an oath to the army? [reporter 2] Is the first lady a fugitive? [reporter 3] Is she alive? It is with sadness that I inform you of the results of President Diego Nava's autopsy.
The coroner's office has concluded that the cause of death of our president, Diego Nava Martínez, was not the fall from the balcony of the Grand Hotel of Mexico.
The cause of the president's death was a gunshot wound.
- Mr.
President - Mr.
President, over here.
Was the first lady with him that night? [reporter 4 on TV] What about the first lady? [reporter 1] Over here, Mr.
President! Are you saying that the first lady shot him? We still don't know exactly what happened.
- What do you think happened? - Now is not the time for speculation.
Is there any news regarding her whereabouts? We're investigating some leads.
That's all I can say.
[reporter 6 on TV] How can civilians help with the search for Emilia Urquiza? Anyone with information should contact the authorities.
- That's all.
- [reporter 7] Are there other suspects? [reporters clamoring] I have to dump this where no one can find it.
If they do, it's our death sentence.
[knocking on door] - Expecting someone? - No.
Who the fuck is this one? I'm Jaime Bray.
[Chela] So? You're Dolores' sister, right? And you're her son.
I'm the one Emilia's waiting for.
[Chela] Damn it Yes.
- [Canek] Yeah? - [Chela] Mm-hm.
[Chela] Damn it.
- Are you okay? - I'm fine.
[Jaime] Are you ready? Let's go.
[Emilia] Canek has a plan.
[clears throat] Tell him.
There are underground tunnels that lead out of the city.
- A drug tunnel? - [Canek] Mm-hm.
- They have someone they trust.
- [Chela scoffs] Where does it lead? The Indios Verdes exit.
- Through the slums? - [Canek] Mm-hm.
- There are no cameras there.
- More like nothing at all.
Then what? After that, it's up to you.
It's all set.
You'll leave in a container ship heading for Panama.
From there, you'll board another ship to Colombia.
Someone will be waiting for you there.
What about my children? We have to work on your defense, Emilia.
You won't be able to see them until we find Diego's killer.
- Okay.
- [Jaime] Okay? All right.
[clears throat] We're ready.
Let's go.
- [Canek] Are you sure? - [Zyan] Yes.
You can't come.
They're the same guys you had problems with.
- [Canek] Why didn't you tell me? - [Zyan] The less you know, the better.
See you.
[engine starts] [in English] J-A-I-M-E B-R-A-Y.
I need to tell you something.
The autopsy results are in.
[cell phone ringing] [Canek over phone] Mom? You're out.
I called to tell you that debts are meant to be repaid, and after this, we won't owe anything to anyone.
I love you.
[Blonde Redhead's "Messenger" playing] For my children Stay still, be still No wonder you're always lost If a messenger you must be known [Emilia on screen] I don't even know where to begin.
I love you, with all my heart.
And touches of jealous men You must have so many questions.
So do I.
But I know that we will have all the answers soon.
You have no idea how much it hurts me to not be there with you right now.
Leaving you like this.
Don't lose yourself to decorate Please forgive me.
But believe me, this is necessary.
Remember you have each other.
Don't trust anyone other than Dolores and your grandpa.
And trust me.
I didn't kill your father.
I would give anything to be with you now and to be able to To be able to hold and comfort you.
But I know we will be together again soon.
You'll see.
I love you.
So, how can I keep anything to myself? So, how can I keep anything to myself? To myself Behind those clouds I'm almost home La la la, la la La la la, la la La la la, la la La, la la, la La la la, la la La la la, la la La la la, la la Get out.
[Zyan] You thought it would be that easy to get away? Well, the world is a kettle As it comes to a boil Turns an honest day's work Into futile toil Well, this town, this world Is a-roil in fear Just an eggshell white Fragile dream and a tear Pleasure makes you soft Pleasure makes you soft Makes your belly full and fat Well, sorrow makes you cold Sorrow makes you hard Makes you hardy as a rat And the world around is creaking As it shatters to and fro And the little ones all shriek As they clamor down below We're gonna bang that kettle And bang the kettle Bang that kettle and more We're gonna bang that kettle And bang the kettle Bang that kettle and more Bang that kettle And bang the kettle Bang that kettle and more Subtitle translation by Fernando Navarro