Ingobernable (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

The Alternative Truth

1 Jaime! [gasps] Hey.
Hey! [both grunting] You don't know who you just killed.
He wanted the same as I do.
To avoid more deaths, save lives.
[Emilia sobs] He was only here to help with CENAPAZ.
Don't move.
You still don't get it.
We didn't do it.
They betrayed us, too.
What the hell? Damn it.
- [Zyan] Christopher, don't be stupid.
- Chris [Canek] Drop it, brother.
[Canek] Give me that thing, man.
Don't be stupid, Christopher.
Kill me, and you'll never find out what happened to your sister.
What did you say? Kill me But you'll never fucking know what happened to La Mosca.
Help me and if your sister is still alive, I'll help you find her, I swear.
[Canek] Look at me, brother.
Chris Look at me, man.
Drop it.
Drop it.
[Zyan] Easy, Chris.
[sobs] - [Zyan] That's fucked up.
- [Canek] Are you okay? [Canek] Are you okay? [Zyan whispering] There, there.
[Canek] We're going to fix this mess.
[Canek] Now it's your turn.
I need to know who killed Diego.
- I need a place to hide.
- You have to be fucking kidding me.
The first lady has a list of demands? But there isn't a single cop who isn't looking for you.
Diego was planning something.
He was going to hold a press conference.
He gave me a video of his speech.
He wanted to fix his mistakes.
He wanted to take action.
But if you still don't trust me, it's going to be very hard to find it.
If you help me I'll help you.
I'll do everything in my power to help you.
But if you try to turn me in again or hurt anyone else, I'll take all of you down with me.
You can be sure of that.
[Canek] Get up.
Go get Chela, Zyan.
Go get Chela.
This is your fucking mess.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [theme music playing] "THE DIVINE" LOCKSMITH THE OTHER TRUTH You want to get into the hotel where they say you killed the president? - It's the proof we need.
- Mm.
That place will be crawling with cops, the army and God knows who else, Emilia.
Whatever you're looking for won't be there.
If they had it, we'd know.
It'd be all over the news.
[Canek] Uh-huh.
Sure, because your people never cover stuff up.
If we go in there, we're both screwed.
And there's no way I'm going back to prison.
[engine starts] You can stay in here.
There's a bed over there.
- What are you going to do with Jaime? - It's best if you don't know.
I'll get you something so you can clean yourself up.
It smells like death in here.
Everything smells like death.
- Why? Because I don't want them.
Throw them out.
- These are your mom's things.
- Can you get rid of them, please? - Hi, Emi.
- What's that? Some of your mom's things that your sister asked me to put away.
Why? Well, because she wants to start fixing up her new room.
I don't want a new room.
I just want to go back home.
But not to Los Pinos, the one before that.
I know, sweetie.
What the fuck are you doing? Chela, I need to talk to my children.
You're not calling them from here.
Not as long as my sister is with them.
Can you tell me what you did with the video? The one I made for my kids.
What did you do with it? [scoffs] Do you think we're your messengers? We can't put ourselves at risk delivering your little messages.
I just need my kids to know I'm okay.
This isn't part of the agreement.
I'm not your prisoner.
Prisoners have the right to make phone calls.
- Fugitives don't.
- [Canek] Chela.
Emilia, you have to understand something.
This is bigger than you and your children.
- He can get us into the hotel.
- Yes, I'm working on it, First Lady.
- Who is he? - Ovni.
I have bad news.
After what happened, they totally upgraded the security system.
All right? The good news is that I can still hack into the system.
- How do I know I can trust him? - Damn it, beggars can't be choosers.
If you're lying to us, if you don't do your part, if Canek sets foot in jail again, or if anything happens to my sister You wouldn't want to do that to your children.
[Patricia on recording] Do you know why they separated? [Anna on recording] No.
[Patricia] So the separation was due to normal strain on the marriage? In my opinion, yes.
[Patricia] Were you aware of any other source of marital conflict between the president and his wife? No.
Not that I was aware of.
[recording rewinding] No.
Not that I was aware of.
- [Daniela] Excuse me, ma'am - You're late.
This is the most important case of your law career.
- If you care about your job, act like it.
- Of course I care.
I apologize - No.
Are you coming? - Yes.
[Diego on recording] Open the door! Open the fucking door! [Emilia on recording] Don't come any closer! - [Diego] Shoot! If that's what you want! - [Emilia] Diego, please! [Diego] Go ahead! [in English] She didn't shoot him.
[in English] Nope? She didn't shoot him there, but she shot him on the balcony.
[in Spanish] Where did you get that? Maria's phone.
[in English] Hmm.
Has anyone else heard it? You mean my guy at Los Pinos.
I got it covered.
- Make sure there's no other copies.
- I know how to do my job.
We have to find Emilia.
You need to get me access.
[in Spanish] Hey, babe, stop it.
Calm down, okay? [in English] You focus on keeping your shit together and your job.
[in Spanish] You got it? [in English] We both need to stay right where we are.
Huh? Now more than ever.
And we've gotta make sure your cover is never blown.
[in Spanish] You know how things are.
Nothing ever changes.
Everything's changed.
You tell the agency that I did not sign up for this.
Can you manage the situation? The situation is manageable until I say it's not.
Damn it, girl.
[in English] You're burnt out.
I'll be fine.
This is officially the shit hitting the fan, okay? If your cover is blown now, we both go to hell.
You should be concerned with your own vulnerabilities.
That's my girl.
You know I'm the only person who gives a shit about you in the whole world.
I know exactly what plausible deniability means.
You can show yourself out the door.
Once I access the server, it'll take me about 15 seconds to activate the backup generators, all right? Then you'll have ten minutes before the security system reboots.
Just ten? - And how will we know it's deactivated? - Cameras, alarms, everything will be off.
Security won't be able to see a damn thing.
Are you sure you really want to do this? - All right.
- [Canek] When are we going in? As soon as the forensics team leaves.
[all chattering] - Good afternoon, Mr.
- Good afternoon, Dr.
- Have a seat, please.
- Thank you.
[clears throat] The hearing of President Jose Barquet is now in session.
President Barquet, you were with President Diego Nava Martinez that afternoon, correct? Yes, that's correct.
And you were to accompany him to the press conference? That's correct.
What was the purpose of the president's visit to the hotel? It was a personal matter.
Be more specific, Mr.
[Pepe] Did you forget you have a responsibility to this country? Emilia and my family come first, Pepe.
That's how it was before, and that's how it will be from now on.
The president was meeting with his wife, Emilia Urquiza.
Is that clear? - He went with a smaller security detail.
- Yes, at Mrs.
Urquiza's request.
[Anna] Do you want me to cancel the press conference? No.
I'll be back.
- I want a smaller security detail.
- [Pepe] Sir I know you're against it, but this is how it has to be.
- Sir, it's dangerous to break protocol - That's enough, General.
Ovni, can you hear me? Yes, I can hear you.
Are you ready, guys? Did you activate the device? - Yes.
- Start the timer when I tell you.
- Okay.
- Now.
Good morning.
Your bill will be ready in just a moment.
What's going on? Check that! Call headquarters! Check everything! [alarm beeping] Where is it? Emilia.
It's upstairs.
Where did you hide it? In the bathroom.
Where? - [Emilia] In the baseboard.
Back there.
- Here? - [Emilia] Don't come closer! - [Diego]Shoot.
[Emilia] Thank you again, Diego, for coming all this way.
The lawyer gave me that this morning.
I miss you.
- Let's just talk about the divorce.
- Why can't we just call it a separation? Because I think it's about time to face the facts.
If you would like, I can arrange for you to talk to my lawyer.
What I want and what I need is to talk to my wife.
- There's something I'm doing in an hour.
- What's that? We're doing it, Emilia.
You and I are going to change this country.
We've been trying to change this country for two years, Diego.
- And look what it's done to us.
- I know.
I got lost.
I lost my way, and I'm about to lose what I love most.
That's why I'm giving this speech.
Words aren't enough anymore, Diego.
If you want, we can talk when I get back from the ranch.
Please, do this for me.
Watch the video and then, if you want, I'll sign the divorce papers.
That's all I ask.
President Nava returned to the lobby at 7:45 p.
The meeting with his wife had ended and we were running late.
How did it go? Let's go.
- Could you give us a moment, General? - Yes, Mr.
I said let's go, Pepe.
What state was the president in after speaking to his wife? He was anxious.
I just received this.
Is everything all right, Mr.
Secretary? Yes, everything is fine.
Just fine.
Why did he go back to the room? I'm not sure, but it seemed like he had forgotten something.
[Emilia] What's wrong? - Diego, I'm talking to you.
- Shut up! Was the president a violent man? No, not really.
- Do you like how he fucks you? - Don't touch me.
How does it feel? Does it feel new? Different? Huh? Was he a jealous man? You know very well that I'm not leaving you for another man.
He loved his wife dearly.
[Diego] Will this be our legacy? Huh? - Why can't you forgive me? - Let go of me! - Why can't you understand? - [Emilia] Let me go! [both grunt] [Diego] Is this what you wanted from the start? To leave me for another man? Emilia! Emilia! Emilia! It's over! Let's settle this now.
- [Emilia] Please Please? - [Diego] It's over! Please, I beg you.
Let me go.
You have nowhere left to run! It's over! [sirens wailing in distance] [Canek] Emilia.
Emilia? Let's go! Emilia.
Come on, let's go.
Emilia! [sobs, screams] [Canek] Hey, hey, hey.
Shh, shh.
It's me.
It's me.
Look at me.
It's me.
Look at me, it's me.
Are you okay? Was there anyone else in the suite at that time? Besides the president and the first lady? No, not to my knowledge.
[Canek] It's me.
It's me.
It's me.
Look at me, come on.
Are you okay? Okay.
Are you okay? Are you okay? Okay? It's me.
Look at me.
It's me.
Are you okay? Hm? Are you okay? - [Ovni over earpiece] Can you hear me? - Okay.
- Can you hear me? - What's going on, Ovni? If you haven't left yet, run.
We have to leave now.
Okay? Let's go.
Are you okay? What are you waiting for? Get out of there.
Let's go.
Send a team to the penthouse! Now! Take over.
They're coming for you.
Get out of there, now.
The stairs.
Come on, come on, come on.
That's it.
Get out.
Mirror, mirror Mirror on my wall So tired of fighting Tired of my fears Stare me down, down, down When you're faced with rejection Nothing seems clear Wish you could just hum along I send up a prayer Everybody's looking For a new kind of drug Hoping for an answer At the tip of the tongue You just wanna take the edge off And let it all go [vocalizing] Let it just, let it just Let it all go down Let it go, let it go Let it go, oh, no Let it go, oh Subtitle translation by Noreen Lai