Ingobernable (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Cause of Death

Fellow citizens, you placed your trust and hopes in me, and I've betrayed you.
I did not keep the solemn promise that I made you.
I promised you peace, and I brought war.
The right thing to do would be to resign.
But that would be yet another act of cowardice and betrayal.
So, it is my duty to take immediate action.
I will put an end to this massacre.
The United States' criminal organizations operate with impunity.
The Mexican and Latin American drug lords are just pawns compared to them.
The real drug business is in the widespread use in the U.
They are the ones responsible for the deaths of more than 170,000 Mexicans.
This senseless and futile war must end now.
Our young people cannot continue disappearing and dying.
I'm ordering the immediate closure of the secret detention centers, where citizens are being held without having been tried, thus violating due process.
Mexican men and women who have been reported as missing are being held in these centers.
What about our people? Are they alive? There's still a chance.
A chance isn't enough.
There's your reasonable doubt, Chela.
If anyone else has seen this, it's a mess.
They could've thought that this guy was saying things that They already saw it, Ovni.
That's why they killed the president, right? Colosio was killed for much less.
You already got what you wanted.
Now it's our turn.
How are you going to help us? I need time.
Chela Chela.
Give her a chance.
As long as she doesn't forget she owes us.
The Mexican people are the hostages of organized crime and victims of government neglect.
I'm sending an initiative to the Congress of the Union to reduce the lines of the budget assigned to the army and navy.
The armed forces should focus primarily on helping civilians.
We are not at war.
We won't be anymore.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES In addition to the state funeral, a service will be held CAUSE OF DEATH at the Church of Santo Domingo.
The press has been prohibited from covering the event and is asked to not disrupt the privacy of the ceremony.
The family has asked the public to refrain from going to the church.
The police will allow small groups of people to access the area.
In response to a social media campaign, those who gather will come in white to pay respects.
According to sources close to the family, the ceremony will be private in order to protect Diego Nava and former First Lady Emilia Urquiza's two children.
Urquiza remains at large.
This way, Maria and Emiliano, who face two great losses today, will be able to say goodbye to their father in a safe environment.
As Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, I order the army and navy to return to their barracks and cease all activities related to fighting drug trafficking.
Soldiers and marines are not trained for police work.
Instead of providing safety, they are part of this country's cycle of widespread violence.
Any commander, officer, or soldier who has committed crimes during this war will not hide behind military jurisdiction.
They will be brought to justice.
For that reason, I request the resignation of General Agustin Aguirre as defense secretary.
We're looking at two hypotheses.
The first one? First-degree murder.
After all, it was Mrs.
Urquiza who requested a smaller security detail.
- That is certainly suspicious.
- And the second one? It was self-defense.
A marital dispute.
One that ended with a bullet in Diego's head.
One that ended in tragedy for the entire country, and one that only Mrs.
Urquiza knows about.
The latest reports place her here, in Mexico City, and having returned to the crime scene.
How is that possible? It's possible if someone is helping her.
This morning, CENAPAZ employees reported Jaime Bray as missing.
I'll call the Colombian embassy and ask around.
We'll see what we can find out.
If she's in the country, we'll find her.
And what if she's not? There are 25 million people in this city, and no one has seen the most famous woman in Mexico.
- Is that all? - Yes, sir.
Very well, thank you.
Emilia? Emilia Are you okay? Can I come in? Emilia? What do you call these? Concha, semita, moño.
We call them muffins.
Was there a phone in here? Yes.
- She's gone.
- What do you mean, "she's gone"? Fuck.
If they catch her, and she says something, we're screwed.
Screwed? Screwed? What do you mean? If they catch her, we're totally fucked.
And not just us.
We need to call your mom.
Instruct all ambassadors in the U.
and Washington to inform everyone of the radical and resolute change in policy for combating drug trafficking on the behalf of the Mexican government.
From now on, Mexico will close its borders, but only the north-to-south borders.
If the U.
government wishes to continue the war on drugs, they can do it in their own territory.
Mexico will no longer provide the casualties.
We will no longer fight this bloody and senseless war in this country.
The real drug business is in the widespread use in the U.
As for us, we will begin to purge our police force, our intelligence and national security organizations, and our judicial and penal systems.
We firmly believe that the U.
government should do the same.
All U.
agencies currently operating in Mexico will be asked to leave, effective immediately.
We will only continue to work together on matters of intelligence.
What is that? The files from CENAPAZ.
- From Jaime Bray's office? - Yes, I brought absolutely everything.
Even things that Which of the first lady's contacts have you spoken to? I've interviewed everyone.
Friends, colleagues, relatives, acquaintances Forget about the VIPs.
They won't risk ruining their reputations to help a fugitive.
We have to focus on her inner circle.
Look into the maids, chauffeurs and personal assistants.
Who does the first lady trust? Very well.
Mom, we're in trouble.
See you in 5 minutes! Damn it! Thank you, Renata.
Lagos, I'm Daniela Hurtado, I'm here on behalf of We've met.
I work with Patricia Lieberman, the prosecutor in charge of investigating President Nava's murder.
She would like to speak to you.
It will have to be some other time, miss.
I'm headed to the funeral.
Don't worry.
I'll make sure you get to the funeral on time.
Lagos this isn't an invitation.
As the army withdraws from the streets, and we say goodbye to the use of weapons, we will launch a full-on offensive against the drug lords' money.
That blood-stained money will be used, without hesitation or delay, to help every victim of the violence.
We're declaring a full-fledged war on white-collar criminals.
We'll be relentless in our fight against those in business and banking who have aided and continue to aid in organized crime.
You're still not dressed? - There are already memes of Mom.
- That isn't funny, Maria.
No, you're not getting it.
They're making fun of us.
"The president-killer mom.
" "The fugitive lady.
" We're not going.
It's your father's funeral.
He was killed by my mom, wasn't he? I already told you, I'm not going.
- Of course you're going.
- I'm not going.
Go get dressed.
Come here.
What is it now? - They took my mom.
- What? Who took her? When? I looked for her at the Urquiza house.
They put her into an SUV with government license plates.
I don't know where they took her.
Fuck, Canek.
Emilia left this morning.
- What? - I don't know where she is, either.
Our decisive battle, the only war we have to fight, will be the one against poverty.
We have to fight against the lack of opportunities, jobs, and basic services, such as health care and education.
Just as there is no peace without justice, we cannot have peace without well-being.
After you, Mrs.
Lagos, thank you for meeting with us.
I hope it wasn't much of an inconvenience.
Take a seat, please.
Can I offer you some tea? Coffee? No.
Would you like to tell me why I'm here? I should be at the funeral.
Of course.
We'll make sure you get there on time.
I'll be brief.
Lagos, have you had any contact with Mrs.
Urquiza? Of course I haven't.
Are you aware lying would be considered obstruction of justice? Want to know what I think? That you're already What's the word? Tapping my phone, screening my e-mails And, well, if that's the case, you already know everything about me.
What is it? You are really something.
What were you thinking? - Taking Dolores away, today of all days.
- Look, Maria, calm down, breathe.
If this is about Dolores, don't worry.
She'll make it to the funeral.
I'll make sure of it.
I hope so.
I'm also going I can't believe it.
On top of everything, she hangs up on me.
Oh, Maria.
I don't think this is a good idea.
- I think this is a great idea.
- I don't think More, more I think it's a good initiative.
Well, then let's agree to disagree.
We can agree that sneaking around is completely exhausting.
We have to be at the National Palace in 20 minutes.
In a rush.
I like that.
I became president thanks to the ideas, the strength, the serenity, and the wisdom of a woman with whom I created a plan for peace and national improvement, which I will now resume.
I solemnly swear to do so.
- but now the children need me.
- Mrs.
Lagos, you also have a son, right? I'll be honest, Mrs.
I need someone inside the Urquiza household.
Someone who truly cares about the children.
Are you asking me to be your spy? No, of course not.
The only thing I want is for you to tell me when Emilia tries to contact her children.
And, together, we can put an end to all this.
I know that Maria and Emiliano are not your children, but I assume you love them as if they were.
I see that your son, Canek, was just recently released from prison.
It must have been a difficult experience for him.
Lieberman, are you threatening my son? Did you find anything? - I think so.
- What? The phone she took.
I'm trying to hack into the network, but it's not easy.
But that phone doesn't even have a number.
I don't need it.
All mobile devices have unique 15-digit identification numbers.
If I can triangulate her position, I'll have a margin of 100 meters.
- Every time her phone connects - I got it.
There she is.
You found her? We have to call Canek.
We've found her.
I'm on my way.
Are you ready? Right face.
There he is.
I was just about to call him again.
Over here.
- Where is she? - She's at the funeral.
Damn it.
We have to find her.
Chela, what do we do now? Let him tell you.
Show him.
That's the church area.
Everything's blocked off.
These streets are closed.
You can get in through these streets.
We spread out, and meet under the arches.
- All right.
- The arches.
Let's go.
You have no idea how much I appreciate all of this.
Tomas, I want you to know that Emilia is also in our prayers.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
What a day.
It's a mess.
Excuse me.
What do you think? That even if she had important information, I seriously doubt she would share it with us.
It doesn't seem like she has had any contact with Emilia, which doesn't mean she isn't helping her.
It could mean she's very good at it.
If Dolores can't help Emilia directly, who does Dolores trust? Friends.
The pain that brings us together today, after this most terrible event that has shaken our society, is due to the death of Diego Nava Martinez.
- A visionary - I have to go to the bathroom.
- Do you want me to go with you? - No.
Grandpa, I'm just going to the bathroom, okay? Diego Nava Martinez Are you going to hold my hand? was a model of honesty and transparency.
His work also included policies that pulled people out of spiritual poverty Miss, the bathroom.
He sent Ovni.
- She's around here.
- Where the fuck is she? I don't know.
Dad, it's me Grandpa.
- Where is Grandpa going? - He'll be right back, honey.
Calm down.
Listen to the priest.
Dad, it's me.
Where are you? My kids.
Please look after them.
Take care of Maria and Emiliano.
Are you all right? - I know you can't talk, but listen to me.
- Yes, sweetheart.
It wasn't me.
I didn't kill Diego.
Come home, please.
I have proof.
Proof? Proof of what? That they murdered him.
- And I'm sure I know why.
- Tomas.
You know how fond I was of Diego.
Thank you, Agustin.
For that reason, I request the immediate resignation of General Agustin Aguirre as defense secretary.
It's such a shame.
Especially for the children.
Can you excuse me? I need to make a call.
Of course.
The number you have called is not available.
Miss Maria, are you feeling all right? Yes, I just need some air.
Mom? Miss, you can't leave.
Get back, please.
I've made serious mistakes.
I have failed Mexico, the woman I love, and my children.
Subtitle translation by Shaun Ritter