Ingobernable (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Baptism by Fire

1 [sighs] [panting] [crying] [Diego] Are you crying? Yes.
Don't cry.
[softly] There, there Why are you crying? - Forgive me.
- [hushes] Isn't this what you wanted? Not like this.
Not like this, forgive me.
There's nothing to forgive.
[in English] I love you.
I love you.
[in Spanish] You're bleeding.
Diego Yes.
I'm dead.
[gasps] [gasps] [panting] A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [theme music playing] First of all, thank you very much for being here.
BAPTISM BY FIRE Yesterday, we said goodbye to a beloved member of this family.
Even though we're still in mourning, today I would like to talk about someone who is still with us, my daughter, Emilia Urquiza Garcia.
Today, I reach out to you for help so our beloved Emilia can return home.
And for that help, [over monitor] for ensuring her safe return, I will personally offer a reward of two million dollars.
- [sighs] - Did you see that? See that, Anna? Who does he think he is? I bet he thinks he's brilliant.
It was clear that he was going to make some sort of statement.
He might as well have said that we're not doing our job.
As if all this were some conspiracy! Go and talk to him.
Tell him that's not the case.
Tell him that we're doing our job.
That we're doing all we can to find his daughter and figure out what happened.
It would be best if you spoke to him directly.
Anyone who disrespects this desk, this office doesn't deserve any special treatment.
Tomas Urquiza needs someone to remind him of that.
So, I will.
I'll contact him.
If you'll excuse me.
Chela! - Chela, it's me, Emilia.
- [Chela] I know it's you.
The key doesn't work.
Yes, I changed the lock.
Come on in.
We need to talk.
- Chela - Don't! Go inside.
I know it was risky to leave and speak to my dad.
But you decided to go anyway.
Just like that.
Without saying a word to anyone.
I wanted to protect you.
- All of you.
- You should've told us.
The only thing we have in Tepito is our word.
It won't happen again.
What did your dad say? We couldn't really talk.
Aguirre interrupted him.
If only you could help me find No, no, no.
We're still waiting for you to help us with the missing people like you promised.
I can't see it happening.
Jaime took the most important files and hid them God knows where to keep them safe.
He was carrying out his own investigation.
He didn't want anyone to know.
Why? Because he suspected there were army moles, and I did, too.
I also think that's what happened.
And they were interfering with CENAPAZ.
Those are the bastards we have to find.
What do you think will happen when they get ahold of the files that describe life in Tepito in detail? If you thought 39 missing people was bad, imagine what will happen once they get that information.
They'll send the whole army, they'll launch an entire operation.
Very well.
Where are these documents? I don't know.
I don't know.
But we could start with Jaime's apartment.
Canek, go take a look.
Ovni and I will stay here, keeping you company.
We wouldn't want you sneaking off again.
[chuckles] Where are you, Mom? We're waiting for NATIONAL CENTER FOR PEACE [sniffles] [phone ringing] [automated voice] Your call will be forwarded to voicemail.
Hi, it's me, Maria.
I think I would rather speak to you than to a machine.
Please call me.
- Son.
- Have a seat.
Thank you.
[sighs] I was worried, Mom.
Did they hurt you? No.
Are you sure? They just wanted to see if I knew where Emilia was, and I don't.
I'd like to keep it that way.
I don't want to know.
Or else I'm leaving.
Hm? - Did they threaten you? - No.
You're lying to me, Dolores.
Well They told me they could pick you up for questioning.
Because of your criminal record.
Sons of bitches.
But I didn't tell them anything.
Son, you have to be careful.
I know.
Look I love Emilia, but she's a woman who's very important to the rest of the world.
Much more so than you.
I'll do everything I can to help both of you.
But if I have to choose between you and her You are my son.
What did you find? Nothing.
Besides the fact that he was really good at his job.
Some pages were ripped out from this one.
Bray must've taken some files when things started to get risky.
- If only we'd gotten there five minutes - There was nothing there.
I already told you.
And if there was, they already took it.
It's done.
- [Chela] Did he have any family in Mexico? - [Emilia] He didn't have anyone.
Was there a place where you would meet? Just the two of you? No.
Did he have a car? - Yes.
- What year? I don't know that much.
Why? All the new models have a black box, like the ones on planes, got it? If you connect to the data port, you can obtain speed limit violations, whether you had your seatbelt on, and GPS locations.
We really don't have anything to go on.
But it could be worth taking a look.
I know where his car is.
It's really reliable.
If it works, we can get it.
- [Chela] Really? - [Ovni] Yes.
[chuckles] [in English] What is that, a walkie-talkie? [in English] It's an IMSI-catcher.
It's basically a mini mobile phone tower.
When you turn it on, any cell nearby locks onto it.
What does that have to do with Urquiza? We set this up inside the church during the funeral, to see who was calling in and out.
When you say "we," do you mean Urquiza or? Our other bosses.
During the funeral, Urquiza got a call from a burner cell.
Who was it? [in Spanish] Look, babe, I'll tell you in Spanish.
The phone that called Urquiza [in English] was shipped to Tepito.
Sold there.
[in Spanish] And it was only used once.
[in English] Maybe.
That's the theory.
Anyway [grunts] We don't need him getting spooked, right? [in Spanish] Under no circumstances can he know about this, [in English] of course.
Of course.
I'll go speak to him kindly, respectfully, about his press conferences.
Who knows, he might even contact his daughter again.
It will be transferred as a raw zip file, but I have software that will convert it into maps.
There it is.
Let's see.
This must be where he was staying, along with his car.
This is CENAPAZ.
And I don't know what this is, but - he was there five times last week.
- That's a warehouse.
What is this? It looks like a lease agreement for warehouse space.
This is in Tlalnepantla.
What would Bray be doing in the industrial park? Keep looking.
[exhales] Here, in Cosala, the navy is being deployed toward the mountains to set up checkpoints and intercept drugs.
- Good.
Excuse me.
- [phone rings] Yes? Mm.
Let her in.
- Please, take a seat.
I insist.
- Thank you.
I'm sorry, General.
This will just take a moment.
If you'll excuse me.
We just found what we believe to be warehouse space leased by Jaime Bray.
Do you think he's hiding there? I don't think so.
Honestly, I would be happy to find any document related to CENAPAZ.
It looks like several boxes were taken from the office.
CENAPAZ was Emilia Urquiza's place of work.
I think it's important for us to look into it.
Yes, of course.
Let me know if you need anything else.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, Mr.
General Aguirre.
[Ovni] There are cameras.
I don't like this.
We'll have to do something about the guards.
And bring weapons, just in case.
We need to go back, think it through, and bring backup.
It's so good to see you.
Likewise, Anita.
And President Barquet? Pepe asked me to speak to you as a personal favor to him.
- It's urgent.
- What's going on? - Your press conference, your interviews - Yes? The president's office would rather you didn't speak directly to the press.
And why is that? With all due respect, we feel that it gives off a sense of division.
As if there were disagreements where there are none.
And how do you know there are no disagreements? I'm not aware of any, at least.
That's because you can't know about the disagreements between two people if you are not one of them.
That's why this is a conversation that I should be having with Pepe directly.
I can assure you that finding your daughter is also Pepe's top priority.
And that's why he sent his secretary, right? I'm the chief of staff of the president's office.
I'm not a secretary.
And I'm here because the president asked me to be.
We've been very tolerant of your actions.
This is the last time we'll ask, Mr.
Be very careful what you say to the press.
You don't want problems with the president.
Hey, tell me something.
Are you sleeping with this president, too? Or was it just with my dad? I don't know what made you say that, Maria.
God! I heard you, I saw you.
Emiliano, go to bed.
You may leave, Ms.
We know you spoke to Emilia yesterday.
Of course I didn't.
We didn't have time to trace the call, but we will find her.
And when we do, the situation could become very sensitive.
As you know, there's always collateral damage.
So, ask yourself if you want to go against this government, or if it would be in your interest to be on our side.
Good night, Mr.
And this is the start of the twelfth round.
This is the final match PRIVATE SECURITY and the man in the red shorts comes back with a one-two combo during this 12-round fight.
Both opponents gave their all for the world title.
It has simply been a sensational fight.
Look at that right hook.
It almost reaches his face.
There's still a chance - Shut up! Shh! Shh! - Be quiet! Quiet! Do you want to die? Shut up! - You have him? - Yes, hurry.
What? Enough.
What? My grandfather can't know you're here.
- What the hell are you up to, Maria? - Quiet.
Are you aware you're this close to getting me in trouble with my wife? I just wanted to talk to you, and you won't even reply to a damn text or call.
Fine, I'm here.
What's so urgent? I think I saw my mom at the funeral.
What? At the church? No, outside in the crowd.
And I need you to help me check.
How am I supposed to help you find out something like that? How are you supposed to? Daniela, you have so many contacts, a thousand cameras you could check, and you're asking me how? Besides, the president's hag came and said my grandpa had spoken with my mom.
And what did he say? Nothing, that she's a liar.
Well, that's true.
I just want to know if she's alive, okay? - I don't think - Because if she's alive, it proves that she doesn't care, that's why she hasn't come for us.
Because she has never cared.
Listen I'll see what I can find out, all right? I promise.
Come here.
- [Canek] How do you know? - [Emilia] It says Vallenato.
It's jammed.
Then let's see.
This must be those stairs.
Then, that door and those over there.
Let's see.
It must be that way.
- This way? - Yes.
Go that way.
Let's see.
It's that one.
Here's the door.
We don't have much time, man.
One last algorithm.
That's it.
Got it.
I think we should split up.
If we find anything, we'll call you.
Don't leave my side.
I think he used to sleep here when he was working late.
Here! Let's go.
Let's go.
- Yeah? - Canek.
We found a safe.
- Where are you? - C2.
Emilia, they found a safe.
- Zyan? - [Zyan] Come on.
Four guys just went in! Quit fucking around.
Ovni says four guys came in, and two of them are coming up.
- [Canek] Let's go! - Let's go.
Let's go! We don't have time.
[cell phone ringing] Hello? They broke in.
What should we do? Kill them all.
- Tomas.
- Good evening.
It can't be.
Six, fourteen Sixteen Ma'am, Captain Zamudio.
Transfer it to Ms.
Hurtado's office.
[phone rings] Hello? Captain.
Zamudio? - They're on their way to the warehouse.
- Captain.
Yes, ma'am? What's your ETA? Fifteen minutes.
Very well.
All the evidence is to be delivered to my assistant.
Is that clear? Yes, Dr.
Will do.
Here she is.
Yes? At 7:15.
Get down! ARCHIVES The files are in here.
- Emilia, let's go.
- Let go.
Listen to me.
We have to burn them.
- Get her out, quick! - Hurry up, man! - [Canek] What the hell are you doing? - We have to burn it all.
There won't be any more deaths because of this! No more deaths! [Canek] Let's go! [Chela groaning] [Chela] Shit! Canek, go get Zyan! There's an exit here! Go! Zyan! Freeze, motherfucker! On your knees, shithead.
Where are the files? Answer me, shithead.
[Emilia] I need a place to hide.
[man] What are you doing here? Who sent you? Answer me.
Your mother, asshole.
[grunts, coughs] [Emilia] If you help me, I'll help you.
Take her, I'll deal with this one here.
[Canek] Better? - [gasping] - Hey.
Shh, Emilia.
It's me.
Look at me.
It's me.
Look at me.
It's me.
Look at me.
It's me.
[Chris] Be careful.
[Canek] Hurry up! Let's go, man! - [Zyan] We made it.
- [Canek] Chela, are you all right? Go inside! Inside! Did you know she was sleeping with Diego? Tomas, are you here to defend your daughter's honor? I see no reason why I should fire Anna.
She's excellent.
Very efficient.
Pepe, don't you think it's risky to put her in charge of investigating the death of someone she was involved with? What are you trying to say? Have you ever stopped to think that Anna is looking for her deceased lover's wife? And you think it may affect her judgment? It's very likely.
I don't think it is.
Anna is a reasonable person.
You don't understand what I'm trying to say, Pepe.
What do you think would happen if the people of this country were to find out about the situation? Do you think they would allow Anna to continue being the president's right hand? Is that a threat? Watch your attitude, Pepe.
It's not in your best interest for your old friends to become your enemies.
Tomas, I think you're losing touch with reality.
You seem to think that the entire fate of the country depends on you.
My deals with the president's office go well beyond you.
I've given everything for this country.
And there's nothing that you or any other president can do that would come close to what I've done for millions of Mexicans.
I've given much more than my fair share.
And people much more important than you answer to me, Pepe.
And just as they owe their success to me, they could have me to thank for their downfalls.
I want her gone! [Anna in English] What are you doing here? I don't have Tomas on the president's agenda.
- If you'll excuse me.
- [in Spanish] I wanted to apologize.
- Pepe? - No.
Not now, Anna.
- [Chela grunting] - Hang in there.
Don't move.
Light the joint.
Light it, that will help.
A little joint.
Damn it, Chela, don't move.
- [Chela groaning] - [Canek shushing] [Canek] There it is.
I got it.
That's it.
That's it.
[Chela] Well, that's it! We're really involved in this now.
- Who do you think they were? - I already told you.
Former soldiers.
In this country, every hit man used to be a soldier.
They were part of the army at some point during their fucking lives.
[Chela] Get her out of here.
Put that on her.
I want her gone, for good.
[gasps] [in English] Who do you think you are, repeating what I told you about Urquiza? [in English] I had to choose.
He wasn't listening.
[gasping] So, you decided to just share what we suspected about Emilia? I had to protect the president.
I had to protect my job.
You're hurting me.
[gasps, coughs] I don't get what's so wrong about Urquiza knowing.
Just don't forget who you really work for.
Don't forget that.
Are you threatening me? [panting] [in Spanish] You're making a huge mistake.
My relationship with Diego has never stopped me from doing my job, and you know it.
I want your resignation by the end of the day.
Pepe, please.
Tomas Urquiza is manipulating you.
[Pepe] Mm.
Are you aware of what we stand to lose if we break ties with Tomas? Yes.
No, no, no.
I don't think you realize that a man like Tomas could make our term in office a living hell.
Why are you so afraid of him? No, he doesn't scare me.
I'm just smart enough to know how to choose my enemies.
Go draft your letter of resignation.
We need to talk.
I no longer work for the president's office.
- What happened? - There was a fire at the warehouse.
What? [Agustin on monitor] Last night, at 10:26 p.
, there was an explosion in a warehouse in the industrial park.
[Ovni] You have to see this.
It caused a fire which destroyed the entire warehouse.
We have information that has led us to believe that the warehouse was being used as a meth lab.
The warehouse was registered to a foreign national who goes by the name of Jaime Bray Gonzalez.
Jaime Bray was a drug lord? - Four completely burned bodies - There's no way.
were found at the scene.
He's the one behind all this, I'm sure of it.
yet to be identified.
[reporters clamoring on TV] I hope you understand that the warehouse must remain in the custody of the Secretariat of National Defense.
What are the chances of something like that happening at that exact moment? You don't find it suspicious that it happened just as we were about to go in? Who started the fire? What are they hiding? Meth labs are volatile.
There's nothing that links Bray to criminal activity.
You and I want the same thing.
We want to find Emilia.
We want justice for President Nava and for Mexico.
The warehouse was a key part of our investigation.
[sighs] Drug trafficking is handled by the Secretariat of National Defense.
Your investigation has nothing to do with that warehouse.
Nothing? Nothing we can use.
[sighing] Chela wants you to go.
- The warehouse? - To leave Tepito.
What about you? Do you want me to go, too? We have an agreement.
What if we don't find anything? - You were there.
- Yes.
- Didn't you realize they wanted the files? - Yes.
I have nowhere else to go.
I know you saved my life.
Yes, but I also put you in that position.
If what you're saying is true, if the army's behind all this, your life is in grave danger.
Canek, look.
This is much bigger than the missing people.
Bigger than Diego.
Bigger than me.
Took me out Dined me well Licking oil off my fingers We knew then I'd be your candy for tonight How can I breathe You don't even listen When I gave you my heart Now, laugh away So easily submissive You should go to bed.
Hurry up.
What do you mean? You're going to smoke in your condition? Whatever, when you smoke, you get really stupid.
[both laughing] Here you go.
You think I'm an asshole, right? Why? For asking Emilia to leave.
I think you're a bitch.
[both laughing] [Juan on computer] Mr.
My name is Juan.
I'm a soldier.
I work as a guard at the detention center in Military District 1.
The C1.
I know where the missing people are.
If only people knew what goes on in here This is hell.
[acoustic guitar music playing] They say life's tough But you know it gets tougher These roads are rough But you know they get rougher 'Cause we've been swimming Through the same old gutter But we won't pay it mind No, we will not suffer They say life's tough But you know it gets tougher These roads are rough But you know they get rougher 'Cause we've been swimming Through the same old gutter Subtitle translation by Will Motomura