Ingobernable (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

Spiral Into Hell

Bray My name is Juan.
I'm a soldier.
I work as a guard at the C1, the detention center in Military District I.
DESCENT INTO HELL I know where the missing people are.
The people we bring here are referred to as "strategic targets.
" They have information that's of interest to the army.
About the cartels, social movements We hear everything.
We don't miss a thing.
- Government agencies, - Damn it.
civil associations, the press.
After we intercept our targets, we bring them here.
I also have these photos.
We strip them of their humanity.
We break them.
Nobody deserves that.
Do you know what the "microwave" is? We put a body inside a stack of tires, then we set it on fire.
They burn from the inside out.
Here comes the best part.
When they fuck up, we drag them around the yard by the hair.
Like we did to that idiot, RD22.
We tie their hands behind their backs, and we lift them slowly until everything breaks.
RD22 is no longer here.
And no one gets out of here alive.
Sons of bitches.
- What are you doing? - Nothing.
What do you mean, "nothing"? That's Grandpa's computer.
Enough, Emilio.
Stop bugging me.
You shouldn't be snooping.
That's private.
I'm just playing a game.
Go on, get out of here.
I'll leave it open.
Dad, it's me That's all you have? Yeah This and the photos.
What are we going to do? - We have to bust them out.
- How? He doesn't give out names, streets, or anything.
I can check if he recorded the video with the location function on, but - No.
No, he didn't.
- Come on, Ovni.
There has to be something in the video.
In the background, something that can tell us where they are.
Take a look.
At least try, please.
- Maybe Mosca isn't even there.
- Then where the hell is she? Play it again.
There has to be something.
Play it again.
No, don't.
I'll go.
I'm sure we can get something from that video.
I just wanted to see it again.
I'm sure we can find something in it.
We just have to Canek, are you listening? Come on Canek! Let go of me.
Calm down.
It's me.
You're home.
You're I'm sorry.
- Are you all right? - Yes.
Loosen up.
Control her, Emiliano! Keep her under control! Go to your right.
You wanted to speak with me, Ms.
Vargas? Let him do it on his own.
He can manage.
Straighten up, Emiliano.
- Sit down.
I'm listening.
- Are you all right? That's it.
Very good.
First, I would like to apologize for the misunderstanding we had yesterday.
I didn't mean to You don't need to apologize.
I'd like to form an alliance with you.
Something that benefits both of us.
Keep her moving.
How's the search for Emilia going? All of those press conferences of yours.
That reward you're offering.
Get to the point, please.
You think Barquet listens to you because you managed to have me fired, but you're mistaken.
If you want to work with him and have him actually listen to you, you'll need me.
But right now, I'm busy with my grandson.
That's it! Very good! Tighten up your legs! - If you'll excuse me.
- Sit up! Loosen up on the reins a bit.
We tie their hands behind their backs, and lift them slowly until everything breaks.
RD22 is no longer here.
Vargas was removed from her post due to a conflict of interest - related to the Nava murder investigation.
- Which I denied.
I'm a professional first and foremost.
I think we rushed our decision.
There's no reason why her career should be affected.
She's a great asset.
Yes, but I can't be going back on my decisions just because you two made up.
I'm sorry, Pepe.
I apologize.
I know you're both great at your jobs.
I should've never doubted Anna's professionalism.
I know you need me, Pepe.
Please, let me come back.
We need to work together.
We must show that Los Pinos stands in solidarity with the Urquiza family.
We need to release a statement addressing the issue of the reward.
We need them to trust us.
All right.
Tomas let me remind you that you should stay out of Emilia's investigation.
Thank you, Pepe.
If you'll excuse me.
- Anna.
- Yes? This is the last time you'll manipulate me.
You're not irreplaceable.
Has Patricia asked you about Jaime Bray's meth lab? I'll take care of it.
If you'll excuse me, Mr.
This video was made three weeks ago.
The list is dated.
What Juan's doing here is crossing off the names of the dead.
These are the identification numbers of the missing people.
Here's Citlalli's.
We have to get in.
How can we break into the C1? It's impossible.
What do you mean, "how"? The same way we got into CENAPAZ.
That was impossible too, right? We're not talking about an empty building.
This is a secret detention center.
You heard what Juan said.
We all did.
There's a guard change at 6:30 a.
and another one at eleven o'clock.
And Mondays, every Monday, a truck goes there to take out the bodies in fucking garbage bags.
Enough, Canek.
This is insane.
Chela, come on.
We have all the fucking information and a guy on the inside.
You know what would be insane? To wait here like idiots, Chela.
On the contrary, Canek.
We don't have the resources or the manpower - for a frontal attack strategy.
- Then we'll get in through the sides! We are talking about a covert army operation! No, you still don't get it.
We're talking about people, our people.
Citlalli Lopez.
She has a name.
She's not a fucking number, Emilia.
They're killing them.
They're hanging them.
Burning them.
And throwing them into a fucking ditch to rot, like dogs! - Take it down a notch, Canek Lagos.
- You want to leave them there? I'm not saying that.
All that I'm saying is that we need to come up with a smart way to do it.
Or we'll all end up in that ditch.
We have to think things through.
You're saying Citlalli's alive, but you won't help us? I'm not saying that! I'm saying that we need to find the right way to do it.
I'm out.
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for coming.
Any news on the first lady's whereabouts? I'm sorry, your questions will have to wait.
I'm here with Mr.
Urquiza, and I would like to start by saying how moved I was by his recent announcement in which he offered a reward to anyone who helps bring his daughter back safe and sound.
And, even though my contribution will be insignificant in comparison, I would like to announce that I, personally, will be contributing to this reward.
Furthermore, I would like to reaffirm my solidarity with the Nava and Urquiza families during these difficult times.
- Are you all right? - Yeah.
What have you got there? Nothing, just some old toys.
- Emi.
- What? - If you need to talk, I'm here.
- I'm fine.
I heard that Mr.
Urquiza was here trying to resurrect your career.
- What did you do to win him over? - Oh, General.
What happened is that Mr.
Urquiza realized this government would collapse without me.
There are too many wolves at the president's door.
I'm here to keep them at bay.
If you'll excuse me.
Good luck in Guerrero.
Any connection? Anything, no matter how insignificant.
No, none.
I spoke to everyone: the preventive and ministerial federal police, the DEA.
The only thing that guy did in Colombia was break up cartels.
That's why Emilia hired him.
I'm entirely sure that there's no connection to Jaime Bray.
There's no evidence to the contrary.
It's Aguirre.
He's covering all of it up and obstructing the investigation.
Well, but, he can't stop the president.
What we need is for the president to want to betray the general.
I'll meet with him right now.
- Ma'am, I need - Later.
Looking for something, babe? That's it, damn it! That's how I like it.
What's wrong, babe? Let's go.
Where? Anywhere.
What the hell for? Four hundred twenty-two thousand pesos, the last three years of my fucking life.
That hag's right, Canek.
There's nothing we can do to help Citlalli.
Look at us.
This shit has gotten out of control.
Let's get out of here.
Let's go somewhere we can start a life.
The life we deserve.
"The life we deserve"? Nobody Nobody deserves to be happy, Zyan.
Because happiness is not a right.
You either earn it, or you don't.
Exactly, we can earn it.
And if we leave, it will be so much better.
It'll be better for you and me.
This isn't about Citlalli.
Or about the missing people.
Or your bullshit about saving Mexico.
- It's about her.
- No, it's not.
Of course it is.
You know what? She's a fucking Trojan horse.
And sooner or later, they'll come for all of us.
And you'll be the first, for being an idiot.
Let go of me! General Aguirre.
My forensics team wasn't allowed in Bray's warehouse.
What are you hiding? Ma'am, this investigation is in the hands of the army.
Since it's a matter of national security, you can understand why it's classified.
You're making a mistake.
Bray has no ties to organized crime.
He's Colombian.
Yes, and we're Mexican.
I looked into Bray's background.
He's an honest man.
He has exposed money launderers in Colombia.
Oh, ma'am.
There are wolves in sheep's clothing.
Just look at Mrs.
The Colombian and Mexican drug cartels have been linked since the '80s.
This is about settling scores.
If you'd like, I can get the appropriate report to your office, today.
But Jaime Bray is our business.
If you'll excuse me.
- I have to tell you something.
- Later.
I have to meet with the president.
I need a forensics report.
Does the inmate have bruises or injuries sustained during his transfer from Mexico City? - No, none that I can see.
- No.
Anything else you'd like to add? No, I think that's all.
- Good.
I'll sign and be done with it.
- Yeah.
Door! Listen, little princess.
A little birdie told me you think you're the shit.
Don't worry, little princess.
We'll take care of that here.
Welcome to hell.
Door! He's a little weak.
I want to help, Canek.
I want to help you.
It's just that it is too risky for everyone.
When I was in jail there was a doctor.
He'd been living there for a shitload of years.
In a tiny cell, filled with books.
And even though his cell was so small, his world was huge.
And do you know why? Because he didn't just think about himself.
That's not fair.
I'm doing everything I can.
To each his own, right? Emiliano.
Hi, Grandpa.
What's that? What are you doing with that? Where did you get this? Please, Grandpa, don't be mad.
What's going on? What did you do, Emiliano? Maria was snooping on your computer.
I saw her.
What? Yes, I was.
- How dare you invade my privacy? - Because you spoke to my mom.
You can't deny it.
I saw the message she sent.
What the hell are you talking about? You're helping her hide, right? Where is she? I don't know.
I wish I did.
I've recovered the GPS markers from some of the photos that were erased.
Can we find out where the C1 is? Not exactly, but we can pinpoint the area where it might be.
Let's see it.
I could triangulate, but I don't have enough information.
We'll check the area, little by little and we'll find it.
- Where's Zyan? - She's not here.
Let me in.
I need to leave something upstairs.
Thanks, bro.
Hi there.
Forty-eight shell casings from automatic weapons were found.
There are blood samples from at least four people.
We have I hope you understand that this lab must remain in the army's possession.
Of course.
For the sake of national security, I know.
- Can we be frank? - Of course, that was our deal, right? Anything in that warehouse that could have led us to Emilia Urquiza is now ash.
What is this? Although I'm under no obligation to explain anything to you, I thought that this might help you get back to your investigation and move on from this distraction.
What exactly am I looking at? Infrared photos taken by a DEA drone.
They were taken just above Jaime Bray's warehouse.
As you can see, the surrounding buildings are blue, while the middle one is red.
- That's heat.
Indicative of - A meth lab.
I've seen photos like these before.
I'd like to have them authenticated.
- Go ahead.
- No problem.
You can use our contact I'll take care of it.
- Is that all? - Yes.
I won't take up any more of your time.
Speak to the DEA.
They can clear up any doubts you might have.
We'll see.
If you'll excuse me.
I need to speak with the evening news anchor.
Yes, her, Alicia Gonzalez.
- Hello? - I have information about Emilia Urquiza.
What's your name? My name is irrelevant.
What matters is that I have information on where Jaime Bray is.
I know where Emilia Urquiza is.
And I want half a million pesos, cash, now.
How do I know this isn't a trick? Or that you're not lying? I can show you where Jaime Bray is buried.
You know who Jaime Bray was, right? Well, he was with Emilia Urquiza when he was killed.
I'm talking about the Colombian who was the director of CENAPAZ.
He was Emilia's right hand.
Hidden Grave I'll need time to get that kind of money.
But if you take me there and we can identify Bray's body, and the information you give us leads us - to Emilia Urquiza, we'll pay you.
- Major.
But I'll need you to take me there.
First, you give me the money.
Then I'll take you, and I'll bolt.
I don't want photos, or cameras or anything.
The only thing I want is my money.
I can give you 150,000 pesos in cash, but I can guarantee you'll get the rest in a couple of hours.
As soon as I confirm this information.
Two hundred grand or nothing.
I'll meet you at the Chimalli Warrior monument.
Once you get to the corner, wait for my call.
We have an informant, sir.
He's going to speak to a reporter.
Good afternoon.
- So? - It's a dead end.
What? What happened? Barquet managed to get the DEA drones to magically show that the fire at the warehouse was caused by a meth lab.
That's not possible.
A fire caused by a meth lab Excuse me.
- You requested a forensics report? - Yes.
CENAPAZ stationery? - Where did you find this? - At the warehouse.
The reporter is in position.
Start filming as soon as you see him, understood? Fucking Canek.
Damn it, Canek.
Damn it! We're here.
I'm wearing a black jacket and a hat.
Sir, he's calling again.
There he is! There's nothing there.
The GPS tracker has a margin of error of about 1,000 meters.
I can zoom out to see if we can find a building using a larger radius.
That looks like a school, right? Yes.
- And this is some sort of factory.
- That looks like a factory.
Where the hell is he? What are you talking about? - Where the hell is Canek? - What's this? TELL CHRIS I'M BRINGING HER BACK This can't be right.
There's no way.
Oh, no? Then where is he? - I don't know! - We're in serious trouble.
Turn on the news.
Reports confirm that Jaime Bray's body was found here.
What? So, you already showed them who's the big shot here.
You've only been here a year, and they're calling you El Bravo.
They could kill you for that.
Or is that what you want? Why do you fight? Do you do it to survive? To get a reputation? You're fucked.
Your prison goes beyond those damn bars.
You have to go in through yours to get out of ours.
Thank you.
Door! Subtitle translation by Susana Moreno