Ingobernable (2017) s01e09 Episode Script

The Oath

You earned it, Citlalli.
You fought for it.
You've been stubborn.
You never quit.
You got it in your head you wanted to box, and now here you are.
You're almost a champ.
Can you handle this? Handle what? The responsibility of defending your people and your barrio.
Of being one of us.
The Tepito Bitches.
- I'm not old or strong enough - You have the courage, the strength, and people's respect.
We need you.
So, what will it be? Do you accept? A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [Alicia] The victim was suspected of helping the first lady, Emilia Urquiza, escape How did they find him so fast? THE OATH a few days ago, President Nava was It was Canek.
from the hotel suite - Canek told them.
- The prime suspect - There's no way.
- What's this about? Canek's gone.
What do you mean? Where'd he go? to discover the first lady's whereabouts - What's this? A horse? - Yes, a Trojan horse.
The location of Bray's body was Canek's ticket to get into the C1.
He plans to bust Citlalli out on his own? Of course! The only way to get to Citlalli was to get himself arrested.
What did you say? Canek thinks he has an ally on the inside.
[buzzing] [crying, screaming] - Did you know he was going to pull this? - Of course I didn't! You got it in his head so he'd go along with your crazy ideas.
You were here when I told him we weren't ready for something like this.
So, what do we do now? Stay here crying about it? Or do we go get him? - We know where he is.
- We have the area, but not the building.
What's taking you so long? We have weapons.
Go get Chris.
What's your plan? Knock on the door and start shooting, or what? [men approaching] [guard] Mmm.
Look how well they're treating you.
They tell me you know very important things.
Is that right? I have a few questions.
How about we start with the easiest one? How did you know where Jaime Bray's body was? I found it in the garbage.
[chuckles] Come on.
I look for valuables in the garbage.
We've just met, and we already have so much in common.
I also work with garbage.
You could even say I'm a fan of garbage.
You wouldn't believe the little treasures I find in there.
JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE FROM THE BARRIO DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO BE THE BARRIO WE GROW THROUGH HARD KNOCKS THE TEPITO BITCHES [gunfire] [indistinct shouting] Brother! [loud ringing] Citlalli! [Citlalli screams] [distorted] Chris.
Chris, man.
Chris? Chris? [normal voice] What's wrong? [Zyan] Are you okay? I'll ask again.
How did you know where Jaime Bray's body was? [guard] Hmm? I found it in the garbage.
[screaming] [Ovni] I found the land database for the area.
It's mostly farmland.
There's also a manufacturing plant - and an abandoned kennel.
- A kennel? Let's see - Can you pull up a satellite map? - Yeah.
There it is.
[Emilia] Zoom in.
[grunting] [panting, coughs] How does it feel? How does it feel?! [yells] Are you going to answer me now? [coughing] How did you know where Jaime Bray's body was? We know where he is.
Now we have to decide what to do.
What can we do? Going in there would be a suicide mission.
If we go, it'll be kill or be killed.
Be killed, more likely.
This isn't a hotel or a warehouse.
I'm in.
We're talking about a secret detention center filled with soldiers who are trained to kill.
I'm also in.
[Zyan] You've already done enough, don't you think? All the men close to you die.
The president, Jaime Bray and now Canek, too.
She didn't kill Bray, and you know it.
But it was her fault.
She started this.
I take responsibility for the people in the C1, because my work with CENAPAZ put them there.
I'll have to live with that forever.
But I can't change the past.
What I can do is go and try to rescue the ones who are still alive, including Canek.
Anything short of that will never be enough.
I'm in, too.
You know that computers are my thing, not guns.
This time you'll have to help with both.
Hey, man.
Have you seen Mosca? Answer me.
Citlalli? Mosquita? How does it feel to be fucking the woman of my dreams? I can't complain.
You'd better treat her right, okay? How does it feel to be a Bitch? I've always been one, only now it's official.
Cheers, sis.
Come on.
Oh, it's on.
Look what she's doing to my brother.
I'll do the same to you.
Chill, everyone! [Zyan] Fighting over me? You can kill each other for all I care.
I'm the one who gets to decide.
Right? - [Chris] We're having a good time here.
- [all laughing] To the Bitch.
Here's to the Bitch! [all cheering] Mosquita? It's me, sis.
Answer me.
Mosca? Mosca? Mosquita? Where are you? Answer me, damn it.
[coughs] Mosca? Mosca? It's me, Canek.
Answer me, damn it.
Hey! [coughing] Juan! Over here.
- How'd you know my name? - The video for Bray.
Be quiet.
Let me out.
Let me out.
All right.
Move back, I'll get you out.
- Against the wall.
- [hushes] Wait.
Get against the damn wall, I said.
- Who are you? - It doesn't matter.
- How'd you get the video? - It doesn't matter.
Just listen.
Shut up, bastard.
You're the guy who found Bray's body, right? If they find that video, they'll kill me.
No one will know where it is.
It's well hidden.
Let these people go.
Are you crazy? I can't do that.
I'm not alone.
I have more people with me.
We can protect you.
I can hide you.
If I escape, they'll kill my family and yours.
- You're having second thoughts now? - Look.
- Nothing's changed.
- Nothing's changed? The president's dead, the army's on high alert, our lives are worth nothing.
Mention that video again, and they'll kill me.
Chill, bro.
You chill.
[guard] Let him go.
What the fuck are you doing? Put the gun down.
Put it down.
This asshole's gonna die anyway.
What's the rush? Just wait.
Try anything like that again, and I'll kill you.
Fuck you.
Hey, doggy.
Are you hungry? Woof.
[Chela] But I know him well.
I should've seen it coming.
No one could've known he'd do that.
This could be the last night we spend together.
I have to do it.
She's my sister, and I have to do it.
- Shut up.
- It's some crazy, desperate shit, total stupidity, and I'm the one who has to do it! Mosca? Citlalli? Mosca Shh Who are you? Don't talk.
Listen, man How many people are in here? Shh.
Someone's coming.
Shut up.
Don't make any noise.
Hmm My favorite dog.
[guard] That's it, Mosca Good.
You hungry? - [sobbing] - [kisses] That's good! Good girl.
Good girl.
Good girl.
That's a good girl, Mosca.
That's good Mosca.
Let her go, bastard! Let her go! Let her go! You son of a bitch! I'm going to kill you! I'll kill you! I'm going to kill you! - Listen to me! - Shh! Try that shit with me, man! Let's see Get over here, you bastard! Come on! Fuck you! Mosca! What did you do to her? Mosca! Mosca, don't give up! You're a Bitch, Mosca.
You never stopped being a Bitch.
Don't give up.
Sister, look at me.
Look at me.
Mosca, Mosca, Mosca Mosquita.
Mosca, look at me.
[Canek] Mosquita.
[sobbing] You and I will use the rifles.
The machine gun's for Ovni.
I've got mine.
And we've got a smoke grenade.
Just in case.
[Chela] Citlalli, from this moment on, you're Tepito's eighth Bitch.
I, Chela promise you, Citlalli, that I'll look out for you all my life.
You're the sister who left.
Citlalli? Mosquita.
It's me, sister.
Say my name, sister.
What's my name? Mosca.
[Zyan] All set.
[Ovni] I've never fired one of these, especially something this big.
This is how you load it.
Use this for support.
- All right? - Okay.
If you see it's us, take your finger off the trigger.
Stay alert.
Mosca, say my name.
Mosquita? What's my name? Say his name.
Mosquita Canek.
You're going to be okay.
Look at me.
- I still think it's a bad idea.
- It's a mess, but we're already here.
You go up there.
And you go there, to the front.
- Yes.
- We'll go over there.
I'll move ahead.
You'll be okay.
Look at me, please.
Let me see you.
[Citlalli] What are you doing here? Shh.
[Citlalli] How'd you get in? [Canek] Shh I want to see my brother.
Where's Chris? - Shh, shh.
It's okay.
- [Citlalli] Where is he? You know this isn't my thing.
I know, but maybe you can just pretend it's one of those computer games you like.
Yeah, but this isn't a game.
It isn't, but we're counting on you.
I love you.
Shut up, you damn dogs.
Hey, dog wanna die? [chuckles] Want to get out? [man over speaker] Shift change.
Shift change.
Shift change! Being with a younger man has its pros and cons.
- Huh? - One of the pros is they respect you more than men your age.
The drawback is you have more responsibilities.
Why? [scoffs] Because they think you have all the answers.
[sighs] How so? It's easy to lead a young man down the wrong path.
But it's not right.
Are you ready? You can do this.
You can do this.
[grunts] Where the hell is Emilia Urquiza? Go fuck yourself.
Looks like I'll have to pry the words from your mouth.
Did you ever have your wisdom teeth pulled? No Well, this is going to hurt ten times more.
- Open your mouth! - No! Open your damn mouth! [screaming] [Zyan] There they are, Chris.
Chris! [man] Stop right there! [Chris] How precise are these? If you miss, it won't be the rifle's fault.
[man] Hands up! Hands up! Identify yourself.
I'm Emilia Urquiza.
I'm turning myself in.
What's she doing? What the hell? [man] On your knees! [screaming] [man] On your knees! I have the guy on the right.
Wait! We have a problem.
Emilia, why did you get in the way? - [Zyan] Hold on.
- I don't have a clear shot.
Move, damn it.
I said to get on your knees! Get up, Emilia Urquiza.
Go see what's happening! Go! Go find out what the hell that is! [Chela] Maybe you can just pretend it's one of those computer games you like.
[coughing] [gunfire] Sis, Citlalli! [Citlalli] Help me.
Help me! [Zyan] Get down! Get out of here! Get out! Just wait, damn it.
You okay? Have you seen Citlalli? Mosca? Hmm? [Citlalli sobbing] Sis! What did they do to you? [crying] Little brother! [sobbing] [Chris] It's okay.
Here he is.
What did they do to you? Son We have to get him out of here.
It's okay, we came to get you.
Everything is going to be fine.
Let's go home, okay? Take it easy.
You're going to be okay.
Over there.
Freeze, bastard! My brother! [Juan] Hey! - [guard] What do you want? - [gunfire] [sobbing] [Citlalli] I, Citlalli Lopez, promise to live with dignity until my last breath.
I won't submit to anyone.
[Chela] I won't let anyone else make my decisions for me.
I won't let anyone else make my decisions for me.
I promise to take care of and defend my people and my tough barrio, so no one ever subdues it.
To always be faithful to Tepito [Chela] And defend what is ours.
and defend what is ours.
[keyboard clacking] Hey! All right, motherfucker.
Don't kill him.
I need him to talk.
I won't say a damn thing.
[Citlalli] For me.
For all the Bitches who will come after me.
For all women in this tough barrio.
For all women in this tough barrio.
[Zyan] Juan! Juan It's okay.
We'll come back for you.
Chris! No! Fuck! Fuck! I said no! No! Make him talk.
- [all] No! - [Chela] No, Citlalli! [Chela] Without fear of love.
- [Citlalli] Without fear of love.
- [Chela] Of life.
- [Citlalli] Of life.
- [Chela] Of death.
[Citlalli] Of death.
Citlalli Lopez from this moment on you're Tepito's eighth Bitch.
Subtitle translation by Shaun Ritter