Ingobernable (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

Vivid Memory

1 July 17, 1992 I had to leave that house.
[Emilia] I don't know how to explain it, but it feels dead there, even though it's been almost three years.
Mom spends days inside her room, and when she does come out, it's only to scream.
And my dad is never around.
Neither am I.
My body is here but I feel like the rest of me stayed there with Manu.
- I want to go home.
- Hey.
Think about how, when we're out, we'll go riding with Dad.
Think about that.
I'm just so tired.
[Emilia] Manuel can't take it anymore.
This shit's gotten out of hand.
Why don't we just get rid of them? [Emilia] They want to cut his finger off and send it to my dad, so he pays.
Relax, the guy's breaking, and he'll fork over more cash.
Although we could send him one of the boy's fingers.
A finger? Take mine.
- [woman laughing] - Let it be mine.
Help him, damn it! - Stop the car, Zyan! - [Juan] No.
Take me back, please.
- Please.
- He needs a hospital, Zyan.
Please, he needs No, not the hospital! They'll kill you.
Please, take me back to the C1.
- No way! - Turn right, Zyan! Right! - Damn it, Zyan! - [Juan groans and pants] - Juan! Don't let him fall asleep! - Juan! A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [theme music playing] [Canek] We have to keep him alive until he tells us who's behind this.
- He's still alive.
- [Canek] Juan! - There's been an incident.
- What kind of incident? The C1, sir.
It was attacked last night.
VIVID MEMORY Who did it? According to the latest reports, it was an armed squad.
What the hell are we talking about here, Commander? Was it a cartel? The navy? The damn DEA? What the hell happened? We're doing everything we can to get accurate information, sir.
And the prisoners? We're conducting a head count.
[Canek] Wake up! Wake up, Juan! [Emilia] Juan, wake up Who's in charge of the C1? I want to talk to them right now.
- That won't be possible.
- What do you mean, not possible?! I'm sorry, General.
Bring them here right now.
They're all dead.
[Zyan] Chris? Chris! No! Fuck! [Emilia] It's the worst humanitarian crisis this country has seen.
You're talking like we're in Syria.
And one of those families is our own.
Because if you think that my being kidnapped and having seen my brother killed doesn't affect your children, - I don't know what you're thinking - [Diego] I'm doing everything I can! [Canek] Mosquita It's Canek.
Where are you? You're going to be okay.
You never stopped being a Bitch.
Don't give up.
Sister, look at me.
"THE DIVINE" LOCKSMITH [Canek] Over here.
Bring towels.
- [Emilia] What? - Towels! Bring towels.
[Canek groans] Hold on, hold on.
- [Ovni] Hold on.
- [coughing and vomiting] Come on.
- Help me.
- Bring him here.
[Ovni] Put him down.
[Juan groaning] - [Emilia] Careful.
- [Ovni] Careful.
Ovni, bring the first aid kit, a bucket of water and some rags.
This is the most idiotic thing we've ever done.
Bringing a soldier here? Rip his shirt.
[Ovni] Here.
Here's the towels.
[phone ringing] EMILIA URQUIZA'S LOVER DIES [woman] Mr.
President, it's General Aguirre.
Send him in.
Tell me, what the hell is wrong now? The C1.
It's a secret detention center.
We kept it that way so you wouldn't be involved.
It was attacked, the prisoners were freed and the guards were murdered.
[Canek] There Spit right there.
There you go.
It's okay.
You'll be okay.
[Pepe] How many other detention centers are there? There's one in each military district.
What?! You have to be fucking kidding, Agustin! That's a disgrace, an abomination! I'm only doing my duty to protect this nation.
We're not the bad guys, Pepe.
It's those fucking narcos.
Without places like the C1, we wouldn't be able to get answers to important questions: questions that we ask to safeguard the country.
You are the country's leader now and you've been sitting in that chair less than a week.
The rules were made a long time ago, and that's the way it's done here.
You decide which side you're on.
There's a little thing called ethics, and that's the side I'm on.
Ethics are for peace, Pepe! Not for war! Make no mistake, Mr.
President we are at war.
If anyone finds out that those detention centers exist, aside from the mess I already have to clean up Don't worry.
The situation is under control.
Where am I? You're in a safe place.
[Canek] You wanted to redeem yourself.
Tell us who's behind the C1, man.
What are you going to do to me? [Canek] We're going to help.
Then tell us.
I just need to talk to you.
I know who you are.
[Canek shushing] Breathe, Juan.
Okay, man.
Breathe, man.
- [Juan breathing deeply] - That's it.
Let me go.
- Please, let me go.
- [Canek shushing] [Emilia] Relax.
If we want to have everything under control there's something we need to do.
The man who found Bray's body was in the C1.
- Is he alive? - We believe he died during the attack.
- Then what's the damn problem? - He's not the problem.
The problem is Patricia Lieberman.
You can't come in, ma'am.
Excuse me? Sorry, we have orders to not let anyone in.
I don't have access? We were given orders.
Who gave the orders? The president.
[scoffs] I didn't kill the president.
Someone is trying to frame me.
I'm sure that Aguirre is the one behind all of this.
Or he at least knows something.
I know you can help.
[Juan] Help? Help to do what? Help to bring justice.
Justice is what they don't allow to happen.
[siren wailing in distance] How long does he have? Not long.
He's not going to talk, and all this will have been for nothing.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
I'm keeping it together.
Totally intact.
But you know what? Those fuckers are going to pay.
They say one does harm, and another bears the blame.
That's what they say, right? [grunting] Canek! Canek! [Zyan] She's calling you.
Hang in there.
We have to go after them together.
- "Together"? - Mm-hm.
Everyone thinks I was the asshole here.
But this isn't the first time, Canek.
It's happened before.
"Together"? No [grunting] No, ma'am.
Don't try to convince me that I did something good.
You did everything you could.
Without caring about what could happen to you.
You gave Jaime Bray a video.
How could I have imagined all of this would happen? You did everything in your power to do the right thing.
That's why.
[Juan] I did it to feel like less of an asshole.
What will we do now? We'll do what we always do.
Here we neither forgive nor forget.
[sighs] Let's go to bed.
I'm calling from Attorney Lieberman's office.
She's in charge of No, please don't put me on hold.
It's really [sighs] Wow.
What are you doing here? Well, if the mountain doesn't come to you Nothing.
I came to talk to your boss.
Patricia? What for? - What, I can't talk to your boss now? - [shushing] Maybe she can actually do something.
I am doing something.
If she finds out we've been talking That'd be awful, right? She'd fire you, and I don't want that.
That would be much worse than losing both your parents on the same day, right? Okay.
You're right.
- About what? - I'm being insensitive Ms.
I'm glad you came.
- I'll see you both upstairs.
- Sure.
[Spanish hip-hop song playing] - [Zyan laughing] - [Chris] We're having a good time, huh? General.
- So? - The squad escaped with only one casualty.
They've taken the body to the morgue for identification.
And the one who leaked the information on Bray's body? He is suspected to be among the dead.
Eliminate any prisoner who no longer has relevant information.
[Zyan] No, Citlalli! [screams, sobs] [breathing deeply] When all of this is over we'll buy a bigger bed.
[Juan gasping] You'll feel better, okay? I'm the third of five kids.
All boys.
All soldiers? Yes.
Except for the youngest.
We've deployed troops from the infantry, light artillery and the air force, in the nation's various conflict zones, Mr.
The cartels have changed the way they operate.
They used to surrender.
Now they fight back.
And that is their mistake.
He got involved with another kind of business.
I was always afraid I'd have to face him.
You know? But then I realized that it didn't matter.
That, with him being a hit man and me being a soldier we would never fight each other.
- We're on the same side.
- [Agustin] Because they will never have enough firepower to defeat the Mexican Army, which operates with great professionalism and utter respect for the law and human rights, in a context of absolute efficiency and supreme loyalty.
They say that it's silver or lead.
Here, it's lead or lead.
They break you down.
And then when you have nothing left you go and take it from someone else.
And you no longer feel anything.
Stay with me.
Answer me, please.
Who are Aguirre's associates? Tell me who they are.
What cartel do they work for? Answer me, please.
Answer me.
For the X-8.
[Juan grunting] [Agustin] We'll continue with our unwavering mission to dismantle the cartels and destroy their drug trafficking routes.
That way, we will be able to restore the reputation the excellent reputation, that Mexico has always had internationally.
And we will, once again, be able to feel proud as a nation.
[Emilia] How long have they been working together? Answer me, please.
- The disappearances? - Yes.
Ever since we've had intelligence in place.
About 18 months.
Eighteen months? The same time as CENAPAZ.
The same time as CENAPAZ.
It's okay.
Emilia, we're losing him.
[glass shatters] [thunder crashing] [Emilia] I haven't slept in two days.
- [upbeat music playing over speakers] - I'm thirsty so thirsty.
What are you going to do to him? Don't take him! What are you going to do?! Please, don't! No, I'm sorry! No, please, no! Please, no! That's enough! [Emilia] Suddenly, shots screaming [man 1] Police! Let's go! She takes Manuel.
[Emilia] We're here! So much fear.
[man 2] Move in, move in! [man 3] Here's Emilia Urquiza.
Objective secured.
[Emilia] Manny? [Emilia] Manuel? Manuel! Manuel is not responding.
He isn't moving.
I have blood on my hands.
It's his blood.
[sobbing] Not my brother! They killed Manuel.
[young Emilia] No [Emilia sobbing] They killed my little brother.
Why Manuel? Why not me? Why not me?! [sobbing] [door opens] - [door closes] - Can I ask you a question? Yes, you can.
I don't know if I'll answer it or not.
I just want to know what you're doing to find my mother.
Maria, you need to understand - that we're doing all we can - It's obviously not enough.
- [door opens] - Well What's going on? I was asking what you are doing to find my mom, and this lady Daniela.
And Daniela was explaining it to me.
Have a seat, please.
Mind if I record this? No, it's fine.
[in English] I need to talk to your boss ASAP.
In person.
What was your parents' relationship like? How did they get along? I don't know.
Normal? Like all couples.
Sometimes good.
Sometimes very shitty.
I'm not sure if they used to hide it better or if they started fighting after that.
After what? After we moved here.
Thank you, Maria.
Knowing about their relationship is crucial to understanding what happened.
To understanding how my mom could kill my dad, right? If you need anything, at any time, don't hesitate to call me.
Anything else you want to share? Are you sure about what happened? That she did it? The evidence points in that direction.
Yeah, but who knows.
The evidence could be wrong.
It's unlikely.
Have you had any contact with your mom? No, not at all.
Excuse me.
We got it.
Don't leave see you soon You know what? You go ahead.
I'll I'll see you in a bit.
Like a dream you appeared Got into my head by the weekend Moved in grace Knew just how to get me bound Took me out Dined me well Licking oil off my fingers We knew then I'd be your candy for tonight How can I breathe? You don't even listen When I gave you my heart Now, laugh away So easily submissive Oh Can't deny the feeling inside When you have me surrender Oh Why do you keep leaving me high? On your words 'Cause you know Break me And I will be coming for more Like an animal You got me begging for sure Can't let go So dependent on your poison And those big brown eyes You watch me well Learn what I need To get under my weakness Slow me down Whispered codes of your desire Ooh Now I obey every word Like a child waiting to be treated If you knew How deep your words Affect my walls Cry every night Wake up in desperation I can't anymore What can I do? You got me Held me locked down Nowhere to run No, baby Oh I can't deny the feeling inside When you have me surrender Oh Why do you keep leaving me high? On your words 'Cause you know Break me And I will be coming for more Like an animal You got me begging for sure Can't let go So dependent on your poison And those big brown eyes Oh, leave me dyin' on a floor I belong here Sad and lonely Call, like a stone you walk in Ready for me Take me over and over and over Inside I'm screaming More Maybe let me go But I need your permission Oh Can't deny the feeling inside When you have me surrender Oh Why do you keep leaving me high? On your words 'Cause you know Break me And I will be coming for more Like an animal You got me begging for sure Ahh Subtitle translation by Yong Chavez