Ingobernable (2017) s01e11 Episode Script

Declaration of Independence

TWO YEARS AGO Attention! Left face! Mexicans hail to the heroes who gave us our homeland and freedom.
Hail! Viva Hidalgo! Viva! Viva Morelos! Viva! Viva Mexico! Viva! Viva Mexico! Viva! Viva! Beyond what a judge determines, the fact is that the vast majority of Mexicans have already reached a verdict: that the former first lady is guilty of the murder of her husband, the president of Mexico.
No! Let me go! Don't touch me! Let me go, damn it! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go, Canek! Let me go! Let go, please.
No I need to see my children.
I need to see my children, please.
I'm very sorry.
I need to know what they're thinking.
Your children? I didn't kill him.
Look Look at me.
Come here.
Your children know you.
They know who you are.
And anyone who knows you knows everything they're saying is a lie.
They have to know that.
- No.
- Are you having second thoughts? I regret many things, but I don't regret you.
I have to tell Patricia about your mom.
- No, Daniela, please don't.
- Yes.
Maria, I'm doing everything wrong.
I'm deceiving my team.
I have to talk to her.
Daniela, this isn't about you.
I'm asking you for a favor.
Don't say anything.
I'm terrified.
Terrified of what? - Of what they will do if they find her.
- They won't do anything.
That's my phone.
Please, I'm begging you.
Yes, ma'am? They found traces of Emilia's DNA on Jaime Bray's body.
- What? - You heard me.
And the press is circling like vultures.
Where are you? - I'm on my way.
- I'll be waiting.
What happened? They found your mom's DNA on Jaime Bray's body.
Come here.
I have to go.
Your mom didn't kill anyone.
How do you know? Some things you know and other things you just feel.
It's as if there was a voice inside us which we sometimes don't understand.
But we feel it in our gut, our heart and body.
And I feel your mom is innocent.
I feel it right here.
What do you feel? I don't feel anything.
So, you want justice.
There are a shitload of things we could do.
At what cost? I can't go on.
I can't.
I can't keep doing this to my kids.
This is for them.
Your children deserve to know the truth.
They deserve to know that all you're doing and everything that's happening is for them.
What does this mean? Does it mean she killed him? No, of course not.
But what it does mean Is that she was with him at the time of his death.
Or shortly before.
Where were you? Is it true my mom killed Jaime Bray? Of course not.
Don't listen to that nonsense.
Nothing makes sense anyway.
Are you okay? Do they have a way of tracing this back to us? Only with the bullets still inside Bray's body.
- Those can't be traced.
- They don't have anything.
Not even my DNA proves anything.
Of course not.
You didn't kill the Colombian.
The one behind all this, behind the hit men who were after Jaime's files, the one who turned CENAPAZ into an intelligence source for an army in cahoots with the cartels is Agustin Aguirre.
And whoever his drug lord partners are.
They killed Jaime.
And Citlalli.
The missing, Chris, Diego He used me.
He used all of us.
And when he found out That asshole is going to meet his maker.
Easy now, you're talking about the defense secretary.
The scumbag likes the rough stuff.
I followed him yesterday and I found out he is a regular at a BDSM joint, La Casita.
A sex scandal isn't enough to ruin a defense secretary.
We're not going to take pictures.
We'll have time alone with him there and take him out.
I know how to get in.
Killing him will put him out of his misery.
That isn't enough.
So, be careful with what you say or he'll just blow you off.
Sir, Ms.
Vargas - is here.
- Ms.
Good evening.
I understand this isn't a good time for you, Mr.
Urquiza, but I need a favor.
Please, have a seat.
It's about Independence Day at the National Palace.
What about it? We want to invite you to the ceremony.
And ask that your grandchildren share the balcony with the president.
And what would be the point of that? It would be a tribute to President Nava and his entire family.
We want to remind them that their country is still behind them.
This government hasn't forgotten their pain.
And if Emilia is watching, wherever she is, she won't be able to stay away.
Daniela, I'm very worried about my mom.
Please help.
President Diego Nava was assassinated on September 1st.
Emilia disappeared from the scene of the crime.
Jaime Bray was detained here on the 2nd.
According to the coroner's preliminary reports, Jaime Bray died on September 3rd.
When did the two meet? Why? How? We're investigating things to learn the truth.
Stay calm.
Where? We don't know about Emilia's whereabouts on the days following the president's death.
I'm busy right now.
I love you and I'll do all I can to help.
If we're able to establish where Jaime Bray was killed, we'll be able to find her.
Are you listening? - Or do you have something better to do? - No.
Ma'am I have reason to believe Emilia has had contact with her family.
This is huge.
This is insane.
Can you do it? I can try to succeed where so many others have failed.
It won't be easy for you.
- I can handle it.
- You don't have to do it.
You have your reasons, and I have mine.
- What do you need? - Time.
Enough to get ready and get some burundanga.
Are you sure that works? I've heard it doesn't affect some people.
Don't worry about it.
The dose I have in mind will knock him out for hours.
If he overdoses and dies, there's no point.
I know what I'm doing, and besides, I've done it before.
You don't remember a thing afterwards.
Then it's done.
Once we have Aguirre's confession I'll turn myself in.
Will they come out to the balcony with me? Urquiza didn't promise anything, but he accepted the invitation.
That's something.
You want Emilia to see her kids on TV.
She'll turn herself in.
I know her.
She won't be able to resist.
Viva Mexico! ONE YEAR AGO Good night.
Don't go.
After you turn yourself in I'll do everything in my power to protect you and your family.
What if you can't? I promise they'll be okay.
No one will know you helped me.
They won't even know I was here.
Of course.
We have to forget everything.
None of this happened.
You know that's not true.
The only thing I want right now is for you to stay.
I want you here.
With me.
What's up? I need a favor.
I need to score some devil's breath.
TEPITO EXISTS BECAUSE I apologize, ma'am but today is September 15th.
It's a busy day for you.
I won't take up too much of your time.
I'm here to talk about Jaime Bray.
I've done all I can to expedite your request but with a man like The investigation of the assassination should be above military bureaucracy.
If Emilia's DNA was found on Bray's body, we must have access to him, and the defense secretary should not obstruct my investigation.
Spare me those kinds of intrigues.
With every passing hour, there is more uncertainty in this country.
It's my duty to keep the peace, and our institutions are at risk.
So, Dr.
Lieberman, I hope you understand that you aren't the only one interested in finding Diego Nava's killer.
Then you should be aware of the obstacles that the army is putting in my way.
I need access to Bray's body and intelligence on the case.
If you're still the commander in chief of the armed forces, then give the order.
Today's a big day.
So, you better behave.
You're the new one? Come here.
Get her bathed and ready.
Beat it.
TRAITOR POLICE Ready, Emiliano? What did you do to your hair? Enough of that.
Get ready and let's go.
I'll help you.
Your jacket.
I'm headed there in a badass SUV.
Now what? - Help them out, Ovni.
- I'm on it.
I'm going as fast as I can.
What do you see? Nothing yet.
They haven't arrived.
Do you hear me? Yes, I hear you.
I hacked into the brothel's security system.
I have access to the CCTV cameras.
Relax, girl.
This one.
Is that as hard as you can hit a woman? Don't you have any balls? Okay.
Zyan is with Aguirre.
He took her upstairs.
When you're there, tell them you're with Sofia.
- She works there.
- Okay.
Yes? I have an invitation from Sofia.
Are you Mexican? Does it matter? Sing "La Sandunga.
" You sing it.
Sing it.
Hey, bro, where's the entrance? What did you say your name was? Nicolas Rivas.
Very well, Mr.
Nicolas Rivas.
I only ask to ensure the best possible service.
Want to see the girls? I want to see the rooms first.
I can't hear you.
You sing like shit.
You gave him too much of that shit.
He's coming to.
Five minutes.
Wake up, bastard! Ms.
General Almada, welcome.
Have you seen Secretary Aguirre? No.
No, but he should be here soon.
- Excuse me.
- Of course.
Where is he? Take care of it.
Welcome, Tomas.
Thank you for accepting our invitation.
Emi, Maria.
It's great to see you.
Come in.
What did you do to me, bitch? What did you do? What do you want? Let me go.
Let me go! Shut up! Under your command, the Mexican Army operates secret detention centers where you torture prisoners.
Answer me.
I General Agustin Aguirre am personally responsible for the illegal detention Did you also send a hit man to kill Diego? You knew Diego was giving a speech which would cost you your job.
That's why you sent an X-8 agent.
I don't give a shit about speeches.
Don't play dumb, you killed him.
General Agustin Aguirre you conspired to murder Diego Nava.
Enough bullshit.
They'll kill you! Let go! - They'll kill you.
- We got him.
At this moment, President Barquet is making his way to the Presidential Balcony.
The mood is different than in previous years for obvious reasons.
It's been years since a president celebrated the independence without his family by his side.
Are you okay, sir? Yes.
I need a drink.
- Did you get it? - Yes.
Are you sure you can interrupt the transmission? Don't fuck around.
- Why are they there? - Do you want me to turn it off? Mexicans Viva Allende! Viva! Viva Morelos! Viva! Long live our president Diego Nava Martinez! Viva! Hail the heroes that gave us our homeland and freedom.
Hail! Viva Hidalgo! Viva! - Hail the Mexican Independence! - General, I finally found you.
Hail! Viva Mexico! Viva! General, are you all right? - Viva Mexico! - Yes.
Viva! Viva Mexico! - Viva! - Are you sure? I General Agustin Aguirre am personally responsible Cut the signal.
of innocent Mexicans Cut it! I What the fuck happened? - What happened? - I don't know.
Come on, come on, come on Subtitle translation by Will Motomura