Ingobernable (2017) s01e12 Episode Script

The Rules of the Game

1 [upbeat music playing] Well, if we can't show Aguirre's confession on TV, can we upload it to the Internet? - No, they'd take it down right away.
- That's not the problem.
I'm worried they'd find out who uploaded it.
The government could trace it easily.
We need everyone to watch it, but I don't want us to leave a trail.
Let people distribute it themselves.
I think we're in the right place for a job like this.
[man] Come and get it! Straight from Hollywood to Tepito! [reporter] This morning, thousands of pirated-movie vendors across the country have started selling thousands of copies of this video titled The General Confesses, in which the defense secretary, General Agustin Aguirre, speaking from an undisclosed location, confesses that, under his command, the army has been responsible for the murder and disappearance of thousands of citizens.
I'm personally responsible for for the arrest - torture and rape - This is serious, Pepe.
- of innocent Mexican citizens.
- He's personally responsible for the disappearances and homicides - The Independence Day broadcast - in Tepito, was interrupted for a few seconds - by unidentified hackers - Guerrero and Chihuahua? to broadcast a few seconds of this disturbing video That's what he said.
We have to put out a statement.
It's clear that video has been tampered with.
No, it hasn't been, Anna.
What do you mean? It's all true.
[Anna] How do you know that? He told me.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [theme music playing] Damn it, Pepe.
When? How? It doesn't matter, Anna.
I'm an accomplice in those crimes.
He could easily throw me under the bus at any moment.
THE RULES OF THE GAME I need you to tell me everything you know.
[guard] You can't enter.
I'm Patricia Lieberman, special prosecutor.
This is a federal issue.
General Aguirre! [Anna] Anything else? - Hm? - That's all I know.
[sighs] What about Diego? Was Aguirre involved? No.
I lied to you, Anna.
I was lying to you about Diego's death the whole time.
I knew exactly what happened.
Excuse me? Before Diego went back to the room with Emilia I showed him some photos of Emilia with Jaime Bray.
What kind of photos? They were sent to my inbox while Diego was with Emilia.
I thought I should show him.
- [Diego] Let's go.
- I just received this.
The people you talked about in the video will be looking for you.
The army, the cartels, the families of those missing.
- That's not me.
- Do you want to watch it again? No, no.
Someone drugged me.
I'll find those bastards It's too late for revenge, General, but we do have options.
- I'm not negotiating.
- Me neither.
I'm not here to help you, but it's my duty to learn the truth and try to avoid another death: yours.
Don't be dramatic.
I need your testimony on the crimes mentioned in the video.
Is it all true? I need to leave.
[Patricia] I need your confession, General.
The crimes you speak of in the video could help in my investigation.
I don't know anything about Diego's death.
But it could be related.
- I need to know everything.
- No.
[Pepe] Diego started acting crazy.
He was furious.
I'm sure that's what caused the fight.
Let's resolve the Aguirre crisis first.
I'll take care of the rest.
I have to leave the country.
I might be able to help with that, too.
Twenty-five years as a federal prosecutor, you're bound to meet a gringo along the way.
But I'll need your full cooperation.
- What about your family? - Don't worry about them.
It's me they want.
I'll go with you.
Very well.
Pack just one bag.
We'll be waiting here.
General Aguirre is presumably in hiding.
A corrupt officer doesn't behave differently than a drug trafficker, because there is no difference.
In these circumstances, they become two sides of the same coin.
His neighbors say they took him in two SUVs, both with government plates.
She must think he has information on President Nava's death.
- Do you want me to call her? - [Pepe] No.
Right now, we have an obligation to the people.
We have to distance ourselves from Aguirre and show our strength.
And name a new defense secretary.
Listening to those kinds of claims coming from a man President Nava trusted fills me with rage and sadness.
Distancing himself from Aguirre and blaming Diego.
Very smart.
Today, I will ask Congress to convene to remove General Aguirre from his post.
Then, I will request that the Attorney General's Office investigate the deplorable acts that General Aguirre has admitted to participating in.
If his involvement is confirmed, General Aguirre and all those involved will be brought to justice.
That includes charges of high treason against the country.
Lastly General.
The army will Who's that? His name's Bruno Almada.
He's supposedly a real man of the people, simple and honest.
- [Zyan] The same old shit as always.
- [Ovni] Mm-hmm.
[Bruno] No man - [reporters chattering] - [man] Get ready.
She's coming out.
- [reporter 1] Maria! - [reporter 2] Maria! Have you talked to your mom? Have you had any contact? All of you who think you have the right to judge my family and think you know it all are very wrong.
You don't know me, my family, my mom or anyone.
Do you know anything about your mom? Is she in hiding? I wish I knew, but I have no idea.
And I won't know until she decides to return home.
[reporter 2] What do you think about the rumor that your mom killed your dad? Has she contacted anyone in your family? - [reporter 3] Maria - [indistinct chatter] I have to see my children.
You can't do that.
You want me to stay here doing nothing after seeing my kids like that? If you go, you'll put them in more danger.
She's my daughter and she needs me.
She needs you alive.
Hmm? Hi.
What's up? Did you tell Patricia? Yes, Maria.
I'm sorry.
Don't give me that, Daniela! You suck! I saw what happened, and I wanted to know if you were okay.
I'm just great, you have no idea.
[knocking on door] Don't come in! I said you couldn't come in.
You're not allowed to leave this house unsupervised.
You're grounded until I say otherwise.
You can't ground me.
No speaking to the press or anyone else.
Is that clear? Maria's not like that.
- I hardly recognized her.
- I have the new phones.
They can't be traced? You'll have to call from the van while it's moving.
We'll have approximately 60 seconds before they trace it.
- What do you mean, "approximately"? - Well, 60 seconds is perfect.
- I just need to talk to her.
- Then we throw it out the window.
- It's the only thing I can think of.
- Great.
Okay? Forty seconds.
Hmm? Long time no see.
Whatever you need, just make it quick.
Take it easy.
They're watching me.
- What are you involved in? - It's better if you don't know.
- Emilia needs to contact her children.
- What? Just make sure this makes it into Maria's hands.
I'm just the messenger.
We need to talk.
I was just leaving.
You have him.
Thanks for confirming it.
I understand what you're doing.
The general has put many people on alert, and I'm sure he's willing to talk.
I also understand the general's perspective.
You're a neutral party.
You've got contacts, but you aren't in the executive branch or military.
I think it's a reasonable strategy.
- But there is a flaw.
- What? In the video, Aguirre never says that he had anything to do with President Nava's death.
In fact, he repeatedly denies it.
Now you'll say this is outside my jurisdiction.
But no one needs to know that.
I just need to talk to him first.
- Talk about what? - I need to give him a message.
I can do that for you.
My boss, the president, wants me to deliver it in person.
But don't worry, Patricia.
We're all on the same side.
We want the same thing: for General Aguirre to keep a low profile and for us to get back to work like before.
Turn it on at 2:00 p.
On the dot! I need to know you're okay.
[Agustin] Barquet was wrong to remove me from my post.
That video wouldn't hold up in court.
There is no tactic, argument or evidence that will sway public opinion.
All of Mexico believes you are guilty.
Anna Vargas-West came to see me.
And? What happened? She came because she has a message from the president.
They want to talk to you.
[laughing] [Agustin] I bet.
You weren't involved in Diego's assassination, were you? Of course not.
[sighs] Well, that's our problem.
If what you say is true, then you're out of my jurisdiction.
But if you speak with Anna, they're willing to overlook that detail.
[sighs] Fuck.
All I ask is that you don't say anything.
As soon as Anna leaves, you can make your statement.
Then, I will get you out of the country safely.
Did you read it? Just a little.
Which part? - [Maria] Someone was in my room.
- Well, you're coming into mine! - Get out, Maria! - Shut up, Emiliano! - They left a cell phone on my bed.
- Are you sure? Am I sure? Yes, I'm sure, Dolores.
You think I'm imagining things? Aguirre has agreed to see us.
I think we should reach some sort of agreement.
I want reassurance that he won't use anything against me.
Yes, sir.
Keep me informed, please.
[cell phone ringing] - Hello? - Maria? Mom? Mom, where are you? Listen, I don't have much time.
- I know you have many questions.
- Why did you leave? Where did you go? Listen to me - I just need you to know - Twenty.
I need you to know that I didn't kill your father.
I never could have hurt him.
Okay, but come back, please.
[Emilia] I can't.
But listen.
I need you to be strong.
I need you to be strong for me and your brother.
- Understand? - Forty.
- I promise I'll explain everything soon.
- Mom, I want to see you.
Anywhere you say.
It's too dangerous.
Wherever, whenever.
- We can meet in secret, okay? - Maria, listen.
You and your brother are the most important things in my life.
Did you hear that? I love you with all my heart.
I love you both more than anyone.
Mom, don't hang up, please.
I beg you, please, Mom.
[phone dialing] [line beeping] [in English] Barquet wants me to make a deal with him.
Why can't I just? [in English] Nope.
[Anna sighs] Um [in Spanish] And [in English] by the way What the fuck is that? I don't wanna marry you.
[in Spanish] Don't get me wrong.
This is something else.
- Is this absolutely necessary? - [chuckles] [in English] Absolutely.
Oh, come on, Pete.
There has to be another way.
I mean [in Spanish] Come on, Anna.
What's wrong? [in English] You are not here to help the president.
I don't know what the hell I'm here for anymore.
All I know is that I feel fucking sick! Oh, my God.
[in Spanish] There.
Okay? Everything will be okay.
Hmm? [cell phone ringing] - [in English] Hello? - Who is it? - Shh.
- Pete, what the fuck? Okay.
[cell phone buzzing] OK.
Tonight, but very briefly.
At 8:00 p.
, outside of CENAPAZ.
DON'T TELL ANYONE! As the saying goes "power confuses fools but drives assholes crazy.
" Did you ever suspect Aguirre? No.
I never even heard rumors.
I was as surprised and sickened as you.
Thanks for coming.
You and the other generals will help me present a united front.
That's why we're here, Mr.
President, to support you no matter what.
[Patricia] Five minutes.
[in Spanish] Thanks.
Your hand is shaking.
- You're more nervous than I am.
- Sorry.
Have a seat, please.
It's a great responsibility to speak on behalf of the president.
I've had to send soldiers to their deaths on behalf of the president.
So, if you came to impress me with all that talk about doing your duty to serve a president who, by the way, came to power because of an accident, you'll have to do better than that, Ms.
I don't need to impress you.
I know why you're on that side of the table and I'm on this one.
I'm clear about who I am.
Yes? A glorified secretary? In this case, I'm a messenger with an offer that could save your life.
But if you feel good about talking to me like that, go ahead.
What's the offer? If you talk to us and not Patricia the president can guarantee you won't receive a prison sentence.
An acquittal in exchange for your total cooperation in dismantling the sources of corruption and criminality in this country.
But who will protect me from all the enemies I have out here, hmm? Not in jail, but in Mexico.
It's the same as a death sentence.
So, messenger, tell your boss he needs to make me a better offer.
[cell phone ringing] - Hello? - I need your help.
I'm busy now.
I'll call you later, okay? I talked to her.
- Um - [Patricia] Daniela.
[Daniela] Just a sec.
Don't do anything.
Send me the address, and I'll come over.
- Okay? - Okay.
- You don't know anything.
- What was your plan? Go visit your friends, the Mendozas? In Houston? What? Three letters, General.
[in English] CIA.
So, now you're telling me that it wasn't enough to have fucked the president? You want to fuck over your country, too? [in Spanish] Yes.
I have two bosses, two countries.
And I think that only by working together, even if they don't want to, will we be able to get rid of scum like you.
Not just a whore, but a traitor, too.
How would you like it if someone else knew about this? You wouldn't act like such a big shot then.
[chuckles] At this point, anyone could tell you're clutching at straws, General.
[sighs] I have two minutes left.
What will it be? Mexico or death? Sometimes what you know is so bad so rotten that it's better to go with the unknown.
So fuck your boss, fuck your offer, and fuck you! That's the answer I was expecting.
But, you know I'm only following orders.
Where are you going? Nowhere, Emiliano.
Go back to your room.
Mom left that cell phone in your room.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Did you talk to her? Did she ask about me? Yes.
And she told me she didn't do it.
That she never would have hurt Dad, okay? She said she loves you and she'll see you soon.
But you can't tell anyone, all right? And you didn't see me leave, okay? I keep thinking about that night.
We're chasing a ghost.
It's a cartel without a name and without a leader.
Let's see [speaking indistinctly] If Ovni can get new cell phones, maybe you can talk to your kids again.
No, Zyan is right.
It puts everyone at risk.
All of us.
[Patricia] Where's Daniela? - She went out.
Should I call her? - Please.
Did they ask for anything else? Besides not making public statements? Yes.
They wanted to bury me, secrets and all.
[in English] Like a dream, you appeared Got into my head by the weekend Molding grace You just had to get me bound Took me out, dined me well [in English] This was your decision.
If something goes wrong, it's your fault.
No way.
The general fucked up.
[in English] He chose wrong.
How can I breathe? Are you here under no constraint and of your own free will? Laugh away So easily submissive Oh, can't deny the feeling inside When you have me surrounded Oh, why do you keep leaving me high On your words 'cause you know? [in English] Aguirre called me a traitor.
[chuckles] [in Spanish] Don't make me laugh.
[in English] Traitor? [in Spanish] To which country, my dear? You recently appeared in a video.
Why did you make it? I don't remember.
I was drugged.
Enough excuses, General.
Is everything you say in the video true? Yes.
Whisper codes of your desire Ooh Now I obey every word Like a child ready to be treated If you knew - [coughs] - One of your statements was about collusion between the army and the Pacific cartel.
Since when have they been linked? - Don't be so naive, Dr.
- Do you want me to leave? I want to remind you that if I leave, the deal goes with me.
What can I do? You got me, held me, locked down [in English] Ah, wow.
That's incredible! [in English] Sending out scandalous pictures to divert attention is beneath me.
I'm losing my touch.
[in Spanish] Look, honey.
How many people can help two countries with their messes at the same time? Hmm? Break me and I will be [in English] Be proud.
Like an animal You got me begging for sure Gotta let go So, you'd better have known your poison In those big brown eyes Holding me down on the floor I belong here Are you sure? You sure you want to do this? Okay.
Ready for me Take me over and over and over - So I'm screaming - More Maybe let me go But I need your permission Ah Oh, can't deny the feeling inside When you have me surrounded Was President Nava aware of those dealings with traffickers? No.
Was he involved in drug trafficking? [Agustin clears throat] Maybe indirectly.
Everyone knows that politics creates connections uh Ah Oh, can't deny the feeling inside When you have me surrounded Oh, why do you keep leaving me high? [in English] So How did it go with Aguirre? [Agustin wheezing] [Patricia] General? General? Call an ambulance, please! Gotta let go So, you'd better have known your poison In those big brown eyes You watch me well Learn what I need [in English] "How did it go?" Mm-hmm.
So, lay me down - Whisper codes of your desire - [sighs] Ooh And I obey every word Like a child ready to be treated If you knew How deep your words affect my walls [in English] It went perfectly.
Why every night We come to desperation I can't anymore What can I do? You got me, held me, locked down Nowhere to run, no, baby Oh, I can't deny the feeling inside When you have me surrounded Oh, why do you keep leaving me high On your words 'cause you know? Break me and I will be coming for more [all shouting indistinctly] [Maria] Okay, okay! Just don't hurt us! In your world it's so easy To ignore how you make people feel Common sounds Common tempos slowing down Watching and learning how to steal No one can catch me Can see me anymore I came in beautiful down the floor Come knocking at my place It could come down from outer space Or get down from your face When you go You come back here all before Feeling like you understood For a second you were here Now you go In your eyes it's so easy To lie, to care For this one magic break Got my car, got my keys I'm going far Back to trouble All that I can take No one can catch me Can see me anymore I came in beautiful down the floor Come knocking at my place It could come down from outer space For a second you were here Now you go Subtitle translation by Noreen Lai