Ingobernable (2017) s01e13 Episode Script

The Face of the Killer

- Block the elevator, Lieutenant.
- Yes, sir.
Thank you again, Diego, for coming all this way.
My lawyer sent me that this morning.
I miss you.
Let's just talk about the divorce.
Why don't we call it a separation instead? Because I think it's about time we faced the facts.
I can arrange for you to talk to my lawyer.
What I want and what I need is to talk to my wife.
Listen to me.
- There's something I'm doing in an hour.
- What's that? We're doing it.
MESSAGE TO THE NATION We're really going to do it.
We've been trying to change this country for three years, Diego.
Look what it's done to us.
I know.
I lost my way, and I'm about to lose what I love most.
That's why I'm giving the speech.
Words are not enough anymore.
It's getting late.
We can talk when I get back from the ranch.
- Please do this for me.
- in their own territory.
Watch the video then, if you want me to I'll sign the divorce papers.
That's all I ask.
Don't let him leave.
Send the photos to Barquet.
How did it go? Let's go.
Could you give us a moment, General? Yes, Mr.
I said let's go, Pepe.
I just received this.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES THE FACE OF THE MURDERER It's over! You have nowhere left to run.
Can't sleep? I woke you.
I haven't slept through the night in a long time.
Can I ask you something? I don't know if I'll be able to answer.
What are you going to do when this is over? When what is over? When you find out who killed Diego.
The first thing I'm going to do is hug my children.
- Good morning, sleepyhead.
- Five more minutes.
Get up! Get up! Come on.
Maria? You'll go back to your life.
I hope so.
I hope to be able to go back to my normal life someday.
Get us out of here! Let us out! Let us out, damn it! Calm down, Maria! - We have to calm down.
- Let us out, damn it! Damn it! Let us out! We have to calm down! Let go of me! - Let go! - No! Let go of her! - Maria! - Let go! Maria! Let go of her! You're a beautiful man.
Maria? Maria? Emiliano? Emiliano.
Do you know where Maria is? No.
What are you going to do to me? Let me go No Let me go Hi, you've reached Daniela Hurtado.
I can't answer the phone right now Where the hell are you? Hello? Tell the president that I'll call him back.
In spite of the expectations for peace created by the coming to power of the late president, Diego Nava, his term turned out to be one of the most violent in modern history.
When is Dolores going to stop working for those people? She really loves the kids.
What she really loves is not being here.
I have a theory.
You always have a damn theory for everything.
Look, the problem is Los Pinos.
That damn place is cursed.
It's bad luck.
Because of all the shitty things they've done.
That's why the first lady killed the president.
She was possessed.
But if fucking Dolores doesn't leave that damn place, she's fucked.
She's always so proper and refined.
For God's sake.
Cut the crap.
I mean it, dude.
Look at you.
The Tepito Bitches.
Where's Canek? Agustin Aguirre, the former defense secretary, has died while in custody of the special prosecutor - in charge of investigating the death - No! I'm telling you.
of President Diego Nava.
Hi, you've reached Daniela Hurtado.
- Leave your message - What is going on? Ma'am? - What? - The video.
Bring it here.
I have What the hell is going on with the audio? It's not working.
- Have you heard? - Yeah.
I'm coming.
What's going on, Chela? What's going on is that son of a bitch, Aguirre, kicked the bucket.
What? The general is dead.
I have Play it again.
you're on that side of the table and I'm on this one I have There.
Can you zoom in? I have The truth is that his term has been one of the most violent in recent history.
A source close to the Attorney General's Office informed us that General Agustin Aguirre, the former defense secretary, has died while in the custody of the special prosecutor in charge of investigating the death of President Diego Nava.
The same source confirmed that General Aguirre suffered a massive stroke and died immediately while he was giving his statement to the special prosecutor, Patricia Lieberman.
A son of a bitch like Aguirre doesn't just die from natural causes.
Why not? Nature always helps the assholes.
They killed him to keep him quiet.
Sons of bitches.
What now, huh? Are we going to keep letting them treat us like idiots? What's wrong with you? We had the chance to kill Aguirre.
And she told us not to.
That we didn't need to.
Who's going to pay for what he did? The X-8, the same ones who killed Diego.
She has no fucking clue.
To the Mexican people, to the people around the world, the government is lying again.
General Agustin Aguirre did not die of a stroke.
Emilia Urquiza is not responsible for Diego Nava's murder.
Their killers are free, and they're working from inside the government.
General Aguirre, who had accepted his and the army's responsibility in the murder, disappearance, and torture of thousands of Mexicans, who, in the same video They can't trace it? You're sure? They can't, I'm sure of it.
This is the deepest part of the web.
- Not even the sun can shine here.
- Is this really the plan? You said it yourself, we have no fucking clue who they are.
What we can do is provoke them.
known as the X-8.
Many of its members, cold-blooded killers, have a tattoo of this symbol.
We have evidence, which we'll soon reveal to the world, that the members of this unit are trained by the U.
, and not only operate inside the secret detention centers a unit of the Mexican army known as the X-8.
Many of its members, cold-blooded killers She probably went out with her friend, right? I already tried, sir.
I spoke with all of her friends, and no one has seen her.
And Daniela isn't answering her phone.
I can't find her.
Call Altedag.
Right now, Pete.
- Did he look sick? - No.
He looked worried, but he had good reason.
You do know how this looks, right? Give me a second, please.
- Sir - Yes? They need your security code.
Good afternoon.
Yes, thank you.
Five, one, six, one, two, six, eight.
Try it again.
This better be an emergency.
Then you're mistaken.
I'll see you in an hour.
- Deal with this idiot.
- Yes, sir.
Of course.
- I've been calling you.
- I'm busy.
You were the last one to see the general alive.
Besides you.
He was in your custody.
You jammed the audio with your phone.
The audio of what? Of your illegal recording of a private conversation? The president wants to see you.
We're not having this conversation until that happens Ms.
Did the president order you to kill General Aguirre? You may want to repeat what you just said, Prosecutor, so that you can grasp the seriousness of what you're implying.
Did President Jose Barquet order you to kill the defense secretary? I think the stress of the job is getting to you.
Don't forget the president wants to speak with you.
Unless Of course.
It wasn't him.
Good afternoon, ma'am.
Do you know where they are? Where who is, dear? Maria and Maria? You know where Maria is? No.
Do you know who she's with? She told me she was going to see Mom.
It's my mom.
It's Maria.
- Something's up.
I have to call her.
- No.
No, we agreed the call from the van was the last.
Chela, if something happens to my daughter because I didn't call All right, call her.
Sixty seconds.
That's it.
Honey What happened? Maria said she was going to see you.
Is she there? Fifty seconds.
Did you call her friends? No one has seen her.
Her chip is off.
Give my dad a message.
What are you doing? Ten.
Tell him to meet me at the Vertiz house.
Are you sure? Dolores, take care, please.
You, too.
They've taken her.
How the hell is it possible? We're talking about my granddaughter.
I need to speak to Mr.
It's an emergency.
I need to speak to General Almada.
I'll go to Los Pinos if I have to.
Sir? Your job is simple, Dolores.
It's to look after my grandchildren! We're off to see General Almada.
I won't read it.
Do you hear me? I won't do anything until you take me to my mom.
What, are you going to kill me? No PRESIDENT DIEGO NAVA No! The government is lying again.
General Aguirre didn't die of a stroke.
Emilia Urquiza is not responsible This is bullshit.
It's all over the media.
inside the government.
General Aguirre had accepted his and the army's responsibility Come down, I'm waiting.
In the same video speaks of the ties What will you do? I'll give him everything.
If anything happens to me, at least the truth will come out.
Plus, I can't keep putting you guys at risk by having this around.
Can you trust him? He's my dad.
I need his help.
If you want to catch her, go where I told you.
- I went looking for you at the club.
- What the hell for? We need you to help us with the van.
We need to look for Emilia's daughter.
Whatever happens, don't forget that you owe her your life.
No way.
I've paid her back a thousand times.
You're jealous.
You're angry? Me, too.
But don't go overboard.
Working together is what's kept us safe.
Or have you forgotten? A massive heart attack is very common in men this age, especially if they're under stress or pressure.
The cause of death is nothing but the result of his lifestyle.
But what if someone caused it? Then we're looking for a pro, ma'am.
- What is it? - Ma'am, - someone has betrayed Emilia Urquiza.
- What? - We know her location.
- Are you sure? - Positive, ma'am.
Shall we proceed? - No.
No, I'll take care of it.
What's wrong? What's going through your head? I couldn't tell your dad.
He's very upset.
Emilia! Emilia! According to the list Emilia gave us, this is the last place.
We'll have to go back and see what the hell happened.
What was that? - The princess has vanished.
- Think she's here? Where is my daughter? Why'd she say she was with me? I think they used the phone.
The one you called, honey.
The one I gave her.
I'm not sure if that was it or if they're listening to us at your dad's house.
- Hello? - Canek, can you hear me, man? Mr.
U never showed.
Dolores is here.
Get out.
They're coming for Emilia.
- Get out! - What's wrong? Tell him to go, now! What did you do? You have to get Emiliano out.
We have to leave.
Let's go.
Hey, lower your voice.
Lower your voice and don't yell at me.
Come on, take it easy, babe.
It's over! It's over, Emilia! You have nowhere left to run.
That's right.
I took him down.
Turn around, cocksucker.
Turn around.
Come on, shithead.
Turn around.
I pulled the trigger.
I was supposed to kill her.
But I decided not to.
She was the perfect cover.
You see? Subtitle translation by Emmett F.