Ingobernable (2017) s01e14 Episode Script

Death Asks for Permission

1 You're a traitor.
- If anything happened to Dolores - [Zyan] What? You'll kill me? Or what? Where is she? Come here, bitch! Get over here! - Let go of me! - Why did you betray us? Where is she? [both grunting] Damn women.
All right, girls.
That's enough.
Let go of me! - [Ovni] Let go of her.
- [Emilia] Let go.
Let go of me! - Let go of me! Let go! - That's enough.
- [Emilia] Let go of me.
- Where's Canek? So, now you're worried, stupid bitch? Huh? I want her gone, Chela.
Get out of here! [Chela] She's staying.
Since we can't trust her, she's staying here.
So we can keep an eye on her.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [theme music playing] Where did they take Dolores? I don't know.
Canek went to find her.
I don't know.
We have to leave.
We can't stay here.
What if she talks? They'll nab us.
[Chela] No, Dolores won't tell them anything.
- How do you know? - I just do.
Hey, bitch! If you even think about moving, I'll blow your brains out.
[computer chimes] - Is it Canek? - [Ovni] Hold on.
Turn on the TV.
Turn on the television! [woman on TV] A few minutes ago, our production team received a DVD from an anonymous courier.
The decision to share this video with you wasn't ours to make.
We are being forced to broadcast it.
We will now show the video from the DVD.
- Maria? - [Maria on TV] My name is Maria Nava Urquiza and I want to read this statement that I wrote.
What happened to her? DEATH ASKS FOR PERMISSION [phone ringing] [knocking on door] Ms.
Vargas? The president needs you in the Situation Room.
It's urgent.
Vargas, it's urgent.
[Maria on TV] "As you know, I'm the daughter of the late president, Diego Nava Martinez and his killer, my mother, Emilia Urquiza Garcia.
During the past two weeks, you and I have witnessed the weakness and incompetence of Jose Barquet who hasn't been able to bring my mother to justice for the death of my father.
That's the reason why honorable men and true defenders of justice felt the need to take matters into their own hands in the hope that her maternal instincts will compel my mother to do the right thing.
Grandpa, if you're watching this, instead of using your influence and resources for your own gain, use them to convince her to do the right thing: to save me.
Mom, do you remember where we went last year, after the Independence Day ceremony? I need you to remember.
You have to meet me and the Defenders of Justice there tonight.
If you turn yourself in these men promise to release me.
My safety is guaranteed as long as the government doesn't interfere.
" I'm begging you, Mom.
Do the right thing for me, for yourself, and for the country.
You have until midnight.
UNTIL MIDNIGH Do you think I don't know my rights? You can't keep me here.
- You know where Emilia is.
- No.
Maria Nava was kidnapped.
What? If you don't tell me where Emilia is Maria's life is in danger.
To save her, I just need to know where Emilia is.
I already told you that I don't know anything.
I understand that you want to protect Emilia.
What I don't understand is why you're doing it at Maria's expense.
Unless you're not just protecting Emilia.
Maybe it has something to do with your son, Canek? I have to go.
No, Emilia.
Not like this.
I have to go.
I need to be with my kids.
I'll turn myself in.
I don't care.
Just let her turn herself in already! [Chela] My, my You're really nothing but a bitch.
Come over here.
I want to know who delivered that video, when it was delivered, and if it's real! But more importantly, I want to know who's behind all of this! - Patricia? - Nothing, sir.
Tell her to call me right away.
I I don't care if they kill me.
I'm worried they'll kill me and then hurt Maria anyway.
I need help.
What about your dad? [Emilia] It's almost impossible to reach him.
It's almost impossible to reach my children.
These Defenders of Justice, or whatever they call themselves, have resources.
What if you try talking to someone important? Not your father, but like the president.
The president? [door closes] Do you know anything about Maria? Did you talk to Dolores? She's not at the prosecutor's office or at any police station.
What are you going to do? UNTIL MIDNIGH [Pete] Mr.
The jet's ready.
I'll be going to Los Pinos first.
Emiliano! - I don't want to leave.
- [Tomas] Emiliano.
I need you to try and remember.
Do you remember where your mom and sister went after the Independence Day ceremony last year? No, Grandpa, I don't.
- Are you sure? - I already told you, I don't know! - Pack your things.
- [Emiliano] No.
Please, Emiliano.
You don't want anything bad to happen to your grandpa, right? Hmm? He just wants you to be safe.
Do you understand? Why don't you make the call? You can still save Maria's life.
I don't think you want to have the death of a 19-year-old girl on your conscience.
If I manage to contact Emilia, can you assure me that no one else will be involved? I can't promise you that.
But I can help your son.
UNTIL MIDNIGH - There it is.
Can you zoom in? - [Ovni] Yeah.
[Zyan] Something like this was bound to happen sooner or later.
Like what? You betraying us? I did it to protect us, Canek.
I didn't know your mom would be there.
Why did you do it? Hmm? Out of jealousy? To screw us over? Or was it payback? Canek.
This is a very open area.
If you go alone, you'll be too exposed.
And what about her? Let her go.
Are you sure? We're even.
Mom? Are you okay? Who the hell is this? I couldn't care less that you're Patricia Lieberman.
- Give me the phone.
- You heard him.
Beat it.
- Put my mom on, damn it! - Give me the phone, please.
Patricia? Patricia? This is Emilia Urquiza.
UNTIL MIDNIGH - Good evening.
- Good evening.
[whispers] Excuse me.
Are you sure it was her? As sure as I'm talking to you.
- What did she say? - That she wants to speak to the president.
[rings] Emilia? Are you there? I don't have much time, so, listen closely.
We're here, Emilia.
I'll be turning myself in tonight.
But in return, I want your help - I don't think you're in a position to - Let her speak, please.
We're listening, Emilia.
In return, I want operational and logistical support during my daughter's rescue.
And a commando unit to escort me.
I'll turn myself over to them as soon as my daughter's safe.
And? And the immediate release of Dolores Lagos.
Where are you meeting them? Where's the place that Maria mentioned in the video? You'll get the coordinates an hour before the meeting.
But if you try anything, if anything happens to my daughter or to me there are some state secrets that won't be secret anymore.
[dial tone beeps] Ovni, can I ask you a favor? [Pepe] Could this be a trap? I don't think so.
I need to run this by the cabinet.
Maybe the best thing would be to do as she asks without involving anyone besides you, the unit and myself.
President, we're running out of time.
If you authorize the operation, we'll need to prepare.
I'll go with them.
To the meeting? No.
- It's out of the question.
- I know it's not ideal.
And I can assure you it's not legal either, but it's an opportunity we can't afford to pass up: to not only apprehend a fugitive, but also to save a girl and quite frankly, sir, to save your presidency, too.
If you'll excuse me.
Is everything okay, Pepe? Yes.
- Do you need anything? - No, I don't.
With everything that's going on, I don't want to leave you alone.
That'll be all for today, Anna.
Are you sure? Yes! Go home.
UNTIL MIDNIGH Hold on, Emilia.
I have to go.
You don't have to do this.
I'm going with you.
- This is it for us.
- No.
Don't worry about Dolores.
Pepe knows it's best to keep his word.
You think I'm only thinking about my mom? Really? I'm thinking about everything and everyone.
I'm sorry, but the least of those bastards' crimes was killing that guy, even if he was the president, your husband.
The list of victims It's practically impossible for me to survive this.
It was practically impossible for us to survive this.
Any of us.
Since the very beginning.
And we knew it.
That never stopped us.
If we stick together, like we've been doing so far, maybe there's a chance we'll make it out alive.
I'm running out of time.
DOMESTIC DEPARTURES [cell phone ringing] Why aren't you answering, Grandpa? [cell phone continues ringing] Pick up, Grandpa.
What if it's Maria? Or Dolores? What the hell do you want? [Pepe over phone] Don't go, Tomas.
We're rescuing your granddaughter tonight.
[Diego on screen] officer or soldier who has committed crimes during this war will not be able to hide behind military jurisdiction.
They will be brought to justice.
Four: Instruct all ambassadors in the UN and Washington to inform everyone of the Mexican government's radical and resolute change in policy for combating drug trafficking.
You wanted to know why? We will no longer fight this bloody and senseless war in this country.
Five: Mexico will close its borders, but only the north-to-south borders.
If the U.
government wishes to continue the war on drugs [in English] Turn that off.
they can do it in their own territory.
Mexico will no longer provide the casualties.
criminal organizations operate with impunity.
- Listen.
- The Mexican drug lords are just pawns compared to them.
The real drug business is in the widespread use in the U.
We will begin to purge our police force, intelligence and national security organizations, and judicial and penal systems.
We firmly believe that the U.
government should do the same.
UNTIL MIDNIGH [Canek over earpiece] Ovni, how are we doing? There's no one there, man.
You're all alone.
[in English] Who gave the order? Do you know what would've happened? - [in English] We had no choice.
- "We"? [in Spanish] We had no choice.
And you know it.
CIA? DEA? CISEN? A fucked-up combination of all of them? None of them? Some cartel? I deserve to know who the fuck I've been working with all these goddamn years! Anna! Where are you going? What if they don't show? Someone's coming.
What do you see, Ovni? I can't see anything.
[Canek] Ovni, what do you see? Can't you zoom in? Yeah, I can, but the damn windows are tinted.
I can't see anything.
It's them.
Son of a bitch.
[in English] What are we doing here, Pete? The guy lost his mind.
His wife left him.
He was asking for it.
[in English] Please.
Trust me, please.
[in Spanish] You can do that, right? Trust me.
[gun cocks] I want to speak to Patricia Lieberman.
- Put the gun down! - [Canek] You put your gun down! Lower your weapons.
Lower your weapons! Lower your weapons! Emilia? If something happens, anything at all If we all keep our word, the agreement will be honored.
This isn't about General Aguirre or about him infiltrating CENAPAZ.
Turning myself in tonight won't bring an end to this.
It does nothing to change the shit this country is going through.
Mexico has bigger issues that go much deeper than one general in the army and go way beyond the president.
You said that "they" killed the president.
Who are "they"? That's your job.
Find out.
You think they're the ones who have your daughter? [Pete] All of this will be over soon.
Emilia will no longer be a problem.
[in English] Did you take Maria to reel her in? Nothing will happen to her.
Trust me.
Nothing will happen to her.
We're ready, ma'am.
You'll stop the van here.
Walk about 30 meters, then stop.
Once the girl comes out, get on the ground with her.
Lie completely flat.
That's when we come in.
No, no, no.
- Don't do this, don't say goodbye.
- Listen to me.
Thank you.
For everything.
Thank you.
Are you ready, Emilia? I'm ready.
[gunfire] Canek.
Go get your daughter.
I'm not leaving you.
Go get Maria.
What What do we do now? What do you mean? Press the button.
- Daniela? - Yes.
Where's Maria? Where's my daughter? - Where is she? - [Daniela sobs] [grunts] [Diego on screen] Fellow citizens, you placed your trust and hopes in me, and I've betrayed you.
[panting] - [electricity crackles] - [Emilia groans] No! No! No! They say life's tough But you know it gets tougher These roads are rough But you know they get rougher 'Cause we've been swimming Through the same old gutter But we won't pay it mind No, we will not suffer Say life's tough But you know it gets tougher Subtitle translation by Noreen Lai