Ingobernable (2017) s01e15 Episode Script

For the Sake of Justice

Who are you? - Who are you? - Emilia, calm down.
Calm down.
- What the hell are you doing here? - We have to go.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
Calm down.
Where's my daughter? Who took her? More of those bastards will be here.
If you want to stay, fine.
But I'm almost out of bullets.
- Let go of me.
Let go.
- Emilia! I know you didn't kill Diego.
- Emilia! - Let's go, damn it! Emilia! Where is she? - Who is this? - Where's Emilia? I want to speak with Patricia Lieberman.
Let's go.
Put Patricia Lieberman on the phone, right now.
She's dead.
They're all dead.
You killed them.
Do you know who you're speaking to? Damn it, let's go! I'm the president.
Well, then, go fuck yourself, Mr.
- Let's go, goddamn it! - Hello? Where's Anna? Then try her again.
Until you find her, goddamn it! Could this be a setup? I don't think so.
I need to run this by the cabinet.
Maybe the best thing would be to do what she says.
With only you, the unit and myself involved.
With only you, the unit and myself involved.
Get me Patricia Lieberman's assistant.
We haven't heard from her since yesterday, sir.
Get General Almada on the phone, please.
Hey Hey.
Where are you taking me? I'm talking to you.
Where are you taking me? Answer me.
Get down.
Get down.
- Yes? - Mr.
President, General Almada is here.
Send him in, please.
- General.
- Mr.
I appreciate your prompt response.
Please, have a seat.
You know, General, when Diego and I were selecting his cabinet, you were always my preferred candidate for defense secretary.
I've always admired your career, as well as your discretion.
Thank you, sir.
You know better than anyone what holding power involves.
We carry out our duty, Mr.
And that's an essential job, - but also a thankless one.
- Yes.
Power isn't rewarding.
And no one can imagine what it takes to wield it.
General I need your help.
I made a mistake.
I allowed a potentially catastrophic operation to take place.
Don't get me wrong.
No laws were broken.
On the contrary we did everything we could to uphold the law.
"We"? Prosecutor Lieberman and I.
She asked for my authorization to help Emilia Urquiza rescue her daughter.
In return, she solemnly swore she would turn herself in.
Lieberman agreed to meet her at these coordinates.
She was escorted by a Federal Police Special Forces unit.
The exchange should have taken place 12 hours ago.
We haven't heard anything from Lieberman or the unit.
Maria! - Mom! - Maria! Maria! Maria! Maria! Mom! Let go of me! Mom! Maria! - Where are they taking you? - Mom! Let go! Where are you taking her? Maria! Mom! Mom! Let go of me! Let go! Mom! Mom! Mom! Let me go! - Maria! - Mom! Where are you taking me? Mom! Let me go! Shut up! We're ready.
Let's go! Mom Where are you taking my daughter? Where's Maria? Where did you take her? Please, tell me where she is.
Tell me where they took her.
Mom! Let go of me! Let go! Where is my daughter? I'm asking you, where is Emilia? Who are you? Who are you? - Emilia.
Calm down.
- Who are you? - What the hell are you doing here? - We have to go.
Hello? - Canek.
- Where are you? Tell Emilia to meet us at Chela's house.
Okay, I'll see you there.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
Calm down.
Where is my daughter? Who took her? Those bastards will be here any minute.
If you want to stay, fine.
But I'm almost out of bullets.
- Let go of me.
- Emilia! I know you didn't kill Diego.
- I know.
- Who sent you? You are worth more alive than dead.
What do you want? The same thing you do.
Let's go.
Come on! Let's go, Emilia! Patricia Lieberman detained Dolores Lagos after receiving an anonymous call.
With your authorization, we could trace the call.
Sir, look at what's been circulating since last night.
We are showing the nation the real reason behind Diego Nava's murder.
This is the speech he was supposed to give the night that he died.
Fellow citizens, you placed your trust and hopes in me So, it's my duty to I order the immediate We're declaring a war will be prosecuted American cartels operate We demand access We will be relentless in our fight against those in business and banking who have helped and continue to help organized crime.
I need a phone.
Make it quick.
Hello? Are you okay? - Where are you? - Is that Chela? Tell me where you are.
- Canek, who is that? - Emilia, can you make it to the barrio? Just tell me if you can make it back.
I don't know.
I think so.
Okay, I'll see you there.
Toss it.
Throw it out! Mr.
President, who killed Diego Nava? - Was it the army? The drug lords? The CIA? - Was he killed because of that speech? - What do you think about the video - I won't be answering any questions.
Yes, but who leaked the video, Mr.
President? Did you know about it? You'll love Madrid.
You'll see.
It's full of restaurants and terraces.
And there's movies, too.
Lots of them.
I've never lived anywhere else.
This is my home.
I know, Chela.
I know.
Today, we know why he was murdered.
That speech which he was never able to give, provoked those who, today, just a few hours ago, took another life.
Patricia Lieberman, the special prosecutor who was in charge of Diego Nava's murder investigation was ambushed.
I knew it.
Stop the car.
Stop the car.
Stop the damn car! Stop it, damn it! Stop the car! - Emilia - Stop.
- I know who killed Diego.
- Get out.
- Get out! - Emilia.
Well, then did Mrs.
Urquiza do it? Or who did, Mr.
President? In fulfillment of my obligations as president I've sent a request to Congress to declare, from this very moment, a state of exception in the entire nation.
Defense Secretary General Bruno Almada will inform you of the special measures that will be enforced from this very moment as well as the orders we've given our armed forces.
The speech he was going to give would have been catastrophic.
Our countries have agreements.
"Our countries"? My instructions were to get close to the candidate and to stay close throughout his entire presidency.
Who gave you the instructions? Answer me, goddamn it! The same people who took Maria.
Where is my daughter? Where the hell is she? Where did they take Maria? I'm more use to you alive than dead.
What use are you to me? I'm a CIA agent.
I have contacts.
I can help you find her.
Drive, goddamn it! Drive! With the utmost adherence to the law, we've ordered a national operation that will sweep the areas where organized crime operates and where we suspect the masterminds and perpetrators of the assassination are hiding.
Those sons of bitches are headed to our barrio.
You're losing a lot of blood.
Where are we going? I'm the one asking the questions.
I thought I was doing the right thing but they used me.
Just like they used Diego.
Like they used you.
The CIA also assassinates presidents and kidnaps teenagers? Or do the cartels do it for them? Diego's presidency was a significant investment for people with a lot of power, Emilia.
ONE MONTH EARLIER Military intelligence agents have found enough evidence at the crime scene to confirm Emilia Urquiza's presence in the same place where Prosecutor Patricia Lieberman was murdered.
They also confirm that the only person with knowledge of President Nava's speech was Emilia Urquiza.
It was President Nava himself who, on September 1, brought that speech to the hotel where he met with Emilia Urquiza during which time he was murdered.
The main objective of the operations that have started today is to find and apprehend Emilia Urquiza and bring her to justice.
We know she's not acting alone that she's receiving logistical, financial and operational support from a criminal organization whose motives are still unknown to us but which we will discover, and whose organization we will destroy.
- Do they know who you are at Los Pinos? - What? - Was your cover blown? - No.
I talked to Patricia Lieberman yesterday.
She had no idea about Diego's speech, let alone that I knew.
It wasn't part of her investigation.
Bruno Almada? He'll be here soon.
Let's wait.
He's withholding information.
No, no, but it was us.
We were the ones who killed Diego.
Who's "us"? Who? The CIA? The X-8? The army? It was all of them.
The only way to find out if the traitors are in there, - the only way to know for sure - Is for me to go back to Los Pinos.
- Let me out.
- What? - Let me out here.
- No.
- Let me out, Zyan! - No, Canek! Stop the fucking van, Zyan! - Stop! - Damn it.
Be careful.
I'll meet you at the tunnels.
I'll see you there.
Go, go! We'll be okay, Chela.
Everything is going to be okay.
I know you're only saying that to make me feel better.
But stop telling me everything will be okay.
Because everything can change in a second.
Don't tell me it's going to be okay.
Let's go.
- Canek? - Chela, hurry! Go inside! Go! Get in there! Go, Chela! Get going! - No, come with us.
- I have to wait for Dolores and Emilia.
Go, please.
Ovni, take her.
Go, Chela! - I'll see you soon.
- Yes.
Get out of here! You know what to do with her.
Move! Let's go! Move out! - Zyan.
- Where's Canek? He'll meet us.
We have to leave.
Sir, they've opened fire.
I beg your pardon, sir? Nothing can justify this level of violence.
Abort the operation, General.
Chela! Chela! Come on, let's go! - Move back! - Chela! Get back, Ovni! Chela, let's go! Chela! Let's go! Chela! That's an order.
Abort the operation, General.
May we speak in private, Mr.
President? Motherfuckers! Remember what I told you about power? And what it does to fools like you and President Nava? It's going to be okay.
Over there! Dad? Dad, what are you doing here? We have to go.
They told me they would only let her go if I kill you.
What? I would rather resign than give you control of the government.
You choose, Mr.
Are you going to keep sitting in that chair, or are you going to get in my way? And if that's the case President Nava's fate will be nothing compared to what's in store for you.
Let's go.
- And now? - Turn right.
- And what about you? - I'll cover you.
Get in position! What are you saying? Come on.
If those bastards get into the tunnel, it'll turn into a goddamn mousetrap.
Go! I've got this.
Go ahead, Bitch.
Come on.
Be careful.
I'm Anna Vargas-West, chief of staff.
Let me through.
I told you to move.
Your absence was conspicuous.
I suggest you get your priorities straight.
As well as your loyalties.
Move! All you had to do was stay in your place and play your part.
I did everything I could to protect this family.
I couldn't save your brother.
Or Diego.
And now Maria.
Save them from whom? - From me? - I should've known, Emilia.
I should've known you'd run.
What did you say? The decision we have made here is final.
This is the end of phase one.
We're talking about murdering my son-in-law.
We're talking about a failed investment that you sold us.
And we have to end it before it turns into a political nightmare that will ruin all of our lives.
- I - As long as all the terms of our agreement are kept, I can take care of Emilia's extradition.
Before it goes to trial.
Do we all agree? Very well, gentlemen.
Make the necessary arrangements.
What did you gain from it? Was it worth it? Was it? Emilia! Shoot.
- No, no.
- Pull the trigger.
- Put the gun down.
- It's the only way to save my daughter.
- They're gonna kill us all.
No, no - Shoot me.
We have to go.
Put the gun down.
Stop telling him to shoot, damn it.
- I said shoot me, goddamn it! - Put the gun down.
Subtitle translation by Susana Moreno