Insecure (2016) s04e04 Episode Script

Lowkey Losin' It

1 It seems like you're always finding a problem.
I'm not, but do you want to be happy? The last time I was like, even up.
- Should you guys talk out? - Yeah.
- You wanna just talk at Thanksgiving? - Yeah, that's what I.
Are you still giving away eggs? If anybody should be worried about eggs, It should probably be me.
Come on! You and Issa have little jokes, the same friends.
I broke up with her.
Because she cheated! - I still left.
- But if she hadn't? You should have brought him.
You don't think that would have been too much? If he's right for you, he won't think you're too much.
Don't overthink it.
Gotta go to Molly's to go get this pie.
We all good? Yeah, we just got to have talk.
We don't have Roy Choi.
He not gonna be there.
Okay, damn.
Do I look like a magician to you? - Do she? - No.
Then how you expect me to take a shower with no water? Magic? Move.
Oh, shit, that was today.
- This feels personal.
- I didn't do it.
That's wrong.
That is wrong.
It smell like flowers in here, man.
- We ain't even outside.
- You live here? Okay, I'm sorry.
How can I help you? You're required by law to give me, and the dog I don't have, 24-hour notice.
You can't be fuckin' up my Airbnb money like this.
Dante, you can't Airbnb your apartment.
I guess we all out here breakin' rules, huh? I got a white couple coming down for the jazz festival.
They gonna want water.
Who raised you? You treatin' us like those people down in Flint, Michigan.
Okay, okay, I'll take care of it.
How old are you? Ha! Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
I'm coming! - Hello.
- What took you so long? Another man climbing down the fire escape? Yep, he texted me.
He said he good.
- No, I was workin'.
- Mm.
Ugh, this case is a beast.
No, I am so close to Okay, you know what, never mind.
I get it, it's boring.
- I missed you.
- Me, too.
- It's been a while.
- I know.
My schedule's been dumb, but thanks for coming over.
- And tonight, I am all yours.
- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
Mm, well, okay.
Should we Mm-hmm, yeah.
Still thinking about work? Okay, there's just this one part that I really need to finish.
I got it.
It's cool.
- Handle your business.
- Okay, just give me till like 9:00, and then you can handle all this business.
Hey, Andrew.
You ready? Hey.
Oh, you was already naked.
Issa Dee's office, please hold.
This is Issa Dee.
It's Ryan from D&S Printers.
I need your notes on the flyer by 5:00 p.
Sorry, that's right.
Uh, my assistant's kind of a mess.
Sapphire, you're a mess.
I'll get back to you right away.
Thank you.
Hi, you've reached Condola.
Please leave a message.
Hey, girl, it's me, Issa.
I just want to follow up on the flyer proof I sent you 'cause I got to get back to them by today, so if you have any "feeback," let feedback.
Damn, I've been dropping my D's lately.
A, B, C, D.
Anyway, call me back.
Pass me that file.
Also that firecracker shrimp.
Oh, girl, you can have 'em all.
I ain't been to yoga since we started this case, and I'm pushing these seams to the limits.
I'm headed out.
Anything else I can get you ladies? Um, no, I think we're good.
Thanks, BJ.
I actually just go by Bennett now.
Oh, excuse me, Bennett.
"I'm Bennett.
" You can deny it all you want, but Uh-uh, girl, stop! I used to mentor him and his little friends in law school.
- He's a baby.
- I mentored a few people too, back in the day.
Mm, "mentor.
" It's not even like that, and even if it was, I think he only dates Abigails.
No, why? He's at a firm with Negroes.
- There is no way.
- Think about it, y'all.
He went to Princeton undergrad, he plays guitar.
Oh, my God.
He's been here two weeks and ordered six salads.
- He loves salad.
- Damn.
He lives in Silver Lake, too.
- Boop.
- We lost him.
Ooh, we still got to go through all this discovery and their motions.
I'm going cross-eyed, and my kids have been eating pie crust, so I got to go.
It's okay, Felicia, I can stay.
I'll tell my little jump-off to reschedule.
Oh, uh, yeah, I'll stay, too.
Didn't you say you were going to a listening party or something? Yeah, but my man gets it, you know? We both got our own shit going on.
Well, that's good.
My ex used to want me home at 6:00 on the dot.
God bless them, but never marry a teacher.
How are you miserable and you get summers off? Angry or unbecoming, it was that public judgment that sweeps in to fill any void.
If you don't get out there and define yourself, you'll be quickly and inaccurately defined by others.
Oh, shit.
Friendships between women, as any woman Oh, shit! Small kindnesses like these.
starting making a deliberate effort - I'm going.
- Okay.
I thought I thought you said you were going.
Oh, I meant I was going.
I'ma just circle around the block one more time.
Michelle ain't become yet.
bringing together old friends and new.
Yo, Issa, it's Nathan.
And, you know, I know it's been a minute, but, um, Andrew told me about your block party.
That's dope.
You really doin' it.
You don't got to call me back or nothing.
I was just, you know I hope you good.
Aight then.
You find a spot? Yeah, I parked at the church next to the titty bar.
They don't check.
You gonna drive me to my car since I let you have that spot? How you let me have a spot that was already mine? Oh, hey, by the way, did I leave my yoga mat at your place? Oh, I'll check.
And sorry I missed the last few weekends, by the way.
You still keeping up with Self-Care Sunday? No, girl, I been working non-stop.
I mean, maybe we can find a new day when things calm down.
Yeah, Sundays don't really work, huh? Sundays are no longer serving us.
But you still wanna do it though, right? Yeah, I want to.
You want to? - Yeah, I want to.
- Okay.
Okay! Wow.
Yeah, she's beautiful, man.
I know, right? Isn't she lovely? - You wanna hold her? - Uh, are you sure? I mean, I just dropped a burrito earlier today.
Then hell no.
This my little angel right here.
Yo, how's it feel to have a little girl, man? - Shit's fucked up.
- What? Before Tiff, I did some grimy shit.
And all those women were daughters.
Men do fucked-up shit, and every woman is a daughter.
- Come on, man, you trippin'.
- It's real.
Some teenage boy's gonna try and finger fuck my angel one day.
- Look at my baby.
- Don't make me.
It's gonna happen, man.
I can't stop it.
Yo, I'm sure you're gonna be fine, man.
All right, look, you and Tiffany are smart.
You're responsible and you plan the shit out of everything.
Nah, not this.
I mean, we weren't trying to have a baby for another two years.
We were getting ready to buy a house, spend some time traveling, and now all that's on hold now.
I didn't know that, man.
It's not really how I pictured becoming a dad, but, hey.
When it's worth it, make that shit work.
Right, baby girl? - Ooh.
- What's that sound? Well, she just took a poop.
- Oh.
- Wow.
- Look at this poop, bro.
- I'm gonna not.
Damn, shit is chartreuse.
It's all a lie.
They tell you childbirth is this beautiful thing.
It's not.
It's ugly and it hurts.
Girl, but you look beautiful now.
Yeah, you are glowing for real.
I haven't showered in three days.
It's just oil.
- I'm gross.
- Nuh-uh.
Yes, you are.
Well, anyways.
I'm so glad to see y'all.
I'm already over my mommy friends.
They spend so much time worrying about appearances and not being real.
Can you imagine? - No - That's crazy.
Can't picture that.
Derek's got it.
- Oh, that's good.
- Actually, Derek's been great.
I couldn't even do this without him.
Well, yeah.
You can't get yourself pregnant.
Yes, you can.
Google it.
- I did.
- It's just been so hard.
Like, at the hospital, I felt like I was gonna pass out.
I told them.
No one would listen to me.
And it turned out I had a blood clot.
- Oh, my God.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
- Girl, these doctors need to start listening to us.
That's how they almost killed Serena.
Ooh, can you Yelp review a maternity ward? Because I'm gonna give them three stars.
Thank God for Derek.
I mean, he cursed out, like, nine doctors.
If I wasn't in that diaper, I woulda let him get it.
See, that's how it should be.
You know, when you're in a relationship, you realize just how valuable true partnership really is.
- That's real.
- Like with me and Andrew.
When I am struggling, yo, he is there for me at any hour.
That's how you build a long-lasting relationship.
Damn, Jada.
I see you out here Red Table talking.
I'm Willow I was just saying how I thought it was good that Derek was there for her.
I know, I was joking.
Uh, Tiff, where do these go? Oh, you weren't here last week when we decided that those go over there by the changing table.
Hey, babe.
Baby! - Baby, get in here.
- I should go check on her.
Oh, I'll go with you.
I actually haven't seen her awake.
I have.
She ain't missin' much.
Have you ever tried breast milk? Kelli, just say you wanna try it.
Okay, judgey.
Has Molly said something to you? - About what? - Nothing, just Does she seem a little off to you? Okay.
- You fucked Andrew.
- Not even close.
- I'm in the ballpark.
- You're not even in the game.
- Oh, then why I got a ticket? - You scalped it.
Okay, if it's not that, then what? It's just, I don't wanna bring you in this, and it's not even a big deal.
But I just feel like she's been on my neck lately.
- She has? About what? - Just little things here and there.
Acting like I'm the messiest bitch on Earth.
Like her life is perfect.
Maybe she's just taking shit out on you, you know? - You should tell her.
- Yeah, I don't know.
I just feel like she sees me how she sees me.
- So - Okay.
Speaking of seein' things.
Look at Lawrence over there.
Looking like a provider.
Stay looking employed.
Uh, I'ma go do another load of laundry.
Yeah, you go ahead and do that.
I'ma do me.
Damn, okay, damn.
Got it! Look at you.
You'd tell me if she was ugly, right? Girl, of course not.
Thank you.
Can I, can I hold her? 2Listen, if she starts crying, don't get mad.
She makes you earn it.
I will take my chances.
Yeah, I will.
Hey, mama.
You and Andrew's babies will be so beautiful.
It'll be a bunch of little Jhené Aikos running around Burbank.
Girl, please.
I am just trying to not do the most, okay? Just live in the moment and take things as they come.
Whatever makes you happy.
Did Issa say something to you? No, about what? No.
She just thinks that I don't want to be happy and it's never mind.
- Okay.
- I just think that it's funny that she calls me Old Molly when she's out there right now doing old shit too.
Girl, you know it's complicated.
Okay, but when her shit goes south, she gonna rope me in.
She's got to learn that she's not the only one that has things going on in her life.
I think it's just been a communication breakdown.
She's probably feeling the same way, too.
Ooh, baby.
Who do you think the baby looks like more, Tiff or Derek? Lowkey, I think the baby looks more like Kelli.
Yeah! I didn't wanna be the one to say it.
So um, how are you? - Stressed.
- About? Just block party details.
I've been trying to reach out to Condola, but I haven't heard anything.
Actually, um you know, something I I just wanted to talk to you about.
Oh, okay.
What? - Take it.
- You sure? - Yeah, no, go ahead, go ahead.
- Okay.
Just real quick.
No, just Hey! Wait, what do you mean he can't? I just printed out all the flyers.
I can't replace him.
Is there anything I can do to change his mind? You are dead to me.
No, no, no, don't hang up, don't hang up! Everything okay? - My headliner just dropped out.
- Damn.
- I'm sorry.
- Fuck.
I'm sorry, you were gonna tell me something.
No, it can wait.
Yeah, just, um, take care of whatever you got to do.
Just, you know, hit me when it all settles down.
- Okay, I'm I'm sorry.
- It's all good.
Say it.
Girl, you better say "Kelli" or I ain't paying for your college.
Say Kelli, Kelli.
- Kelli, can you help me? - Girl, I'm raising a child.
- Where's Issa? - Not here.
Okay, is that a smile or is that a fart? - I don't know.
- That looks like a smile! - You smiling for me? - I think that's a smile.
- Say hi to Molly.
- That's a smile.
Y'all, don't rile her up.
I only like her when she's chill.
But I love her all the time, though.
Okay! - Shh.
- Hey.
- Did I miss something? - Girl, I don't even know.
You okay? Yeah, I just got to go handle some shit.
I am so sorry.
I She is beautiful.
You are beautiful.
I got to go, guys.
- Mm-hmm.
- You beautiful.
Who stressed? Not you? Who the best? It's you.
Who gonna kill it? Issa I'm sorry, I can't.
- Not today.
- Wait, what? I thought you were supposed to be hyping me up.
Yeah, I stay hyping you up, but I got shit going on over here, too.
And it's real-life shit.
- You do? - Yeah, bitch.
It's like your life, but worse.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
I do got attitude.
Hey! Yeah, I know.
It's been a few years.
Is your brother still friends with oh, he got shot? Like, fatally yeah, that's what I thought.
Uh, y'all still got access to his phone or Mm, phone got shot too.
We still out in these streets, nasty ass.
Oh, you got saved? God is good.
All the time.
Sunday, no I don't I don't have the time, actually, I'm sorry.
Remember when we used to say your son would grow up to be a star? Well, did he? So he's just a nobody? Hey, trick ass bitch! Oh, wrong number.
I'm so sorry, ma'am.
Have a lovely day.
- Mm.
This is really good.
- Yeah.
- It's so good.
- I can tell.
Oh, this place is supposed to have good homemade ketchup.
- Homemade ketchup? - Uh-huh.
Yeah, so we have to break up.
- I'm glad you made it out.
- Oh, me too.
And you know, I'm sorry.
I have to say, I so appreciate how flexible you've been.
It's cool.
I respect it.
But tonight, I am all yours.
So I was thinking we could do whiskey at Seven Grand.
- Mm-hmm.
- Followed by edibles at my place.
Followed by Oh, shit, yeah.
Um, I was supp I was gonna meet up with some of my boys later.
We were gonna play poker.
You made plans? I, I thought this was a date night.
It is, I just assumed you'd have work later.
- But I actually had time.
- How would I know? I get that you have a lot of work, but I'm just trying to figure out where I fit in.
But I'm, I'm here with you right now.
You know what, let me call Seth and cancel.
No, don't.
It's fine.
Order number one, here you go.
Order number two, here you go.
Thank you.
Hey, girl, what's up? Hey, uh, do you have a second? I really wanna talk to you.
Um Okay, yeah.
Me, too.
Girl, this week has been a lot.
I-I just feel like I'm just juggling so much.
Damn, sorry, girl.
Well, this will just take a second.
My headliner dropped out.
It's a whole thing.
But when the Lord closes one door, he opens an Instagram and I found this artist that's repped by LiveNation.
And I was like, I know someone who works there.
Look at me, knowing people! So you think you can ask Andrew to hook me up? Well, I mean, first of all, why did your headliner drop out? - Didn't y'all have a contract? - Yeah, I had a contract.
- He broke it.
- Okay, well, were you late - on any of the payments? - No.
The next payment was supposed to come next week.
Well, I mean, did you do anything on your side that could have voided the contract? Because, I mean, something must have happened.
Look, girl, I just need to fix this.
It'll just take a second.
Just work that pillow talk, girl.
I I guess I could ask.
Thank you.
I appreciate you.
Yeah, I got to go.
For old time's sake? Cute.
Can we talk about last night? Mm-hmm.
I I didn't mean to make you feel like an afterthought.
Look, you don't have to I get that you're busy, Molly.
You know, I get busy, too.
But we're not in the honeymoon phase anymore and I'm just, I'm worried that our schedules aren't compatible.
But, I mean, we can figure it out, right? I want to.
This is new for me.
I've never been in a relationship long enough to have to balance it in my life.
Normally, I'd have been messed things up by now.
You are my main priority.
Well, you and trying to find out what happened to that girl Latoya.
Wow, that's dark.
But, but I respect it.
- Do you? - Mm-hmm.
- How much? - Come here.
Are you sure you don't want to call Seth to come through and watch us? Fuck Seth.
Damn, you work fast.
Hey, you let me finish! What'd he say? Um Actually, I, uh I didn't ask him.
And I don't think I'm going to.
I don't understand.
Did y'all break up? No.
I just think it's best for me to keep those parts of my life separate.
Separate? What does that mean? It means that this relationship is really important to me and I want to protect that.
Does that make sense? Uh-huh.
Well, I got work to do, so Yeah.
Me, too.
Hey, girl.
You wanna talk? I just wanna take a shower.
I don't think I want to go to this thing.
So, what do you even wear to a block party in January? In LA, what you wear any other time it is 75 degrees.
I wanted to create a space to support and uplift our community.
Uh-uh, today is not about oppression.
Get her ass down.
Hi, bro.
Did you hear it's supposed to rain? Are you worried? Shut up, Ahmal.

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