Insecure (2016) s04e05 Episode Script

Lowkey Movin' On

1 - How are you? - Uh, stressed.
Just block party details.
I've been trying to reach out to Condola, but I haven't heard anything.
You know there's something I I just wanted to talk to you about.
- (PHONE VIBRATES) - Take it.
I'm sorry.
You gon' have to work for it ISSA DEE: My headliner dropped out, and I found this artist that's repped by Live Nation! So, you think you can ask Andrew to hook me up? I guess I could ask.
Work that pillow talk, girl.
(CHUCKLES) Now baby let's play tag MOLLY: I've never been in a relationship long enough to have to balance it in my life.
You are my main priority.
- What'd he say? - Um, I didn't ask him.
What does that mean? This relationship is really important to me, and I want to protect that.
Does that make sense? Uh-huh ("ONLY IF" BY STEVE LACY PLAYING) If I could travel through time I think I Would tell myself from the past You'll be fine But what you don't know is the fun part of fashion And it's the place where I think all the fun begins What you don't see is what you believe But to be is the place where the angels dance What you don't hear is the voice of fear When you get passed that is when your life appears What you don't touch is what you won't clutch But you'll latch on tight when the coast is clear If I could travel through time I think I Would tell myself from the past You'll be fine (TURNS OFF MUSIC) - Hey.
- Hey.
Is it weird that I called? You meant call, right? Yeah, no, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, that's what, that's what I meant.
NATE: So, you know, do I get the VIP hookup at this block party or, you know, I got to stand in line with all these other nobodies? (CHUCKLES) Yeah, of course.
NATE: I mean, you know.
- I did give you the idea.
- Okay, calm down.
(LAUGHS) (GROANS) - You good? - Mm-hmm, I'm straight.
Um, anyway, (CLEARS THROAT) thank you so much for your help.
Yeah, anytime.
How you feel about tomorrow? You know, scared I shut down Market Street for no reason, that none of the artists will show up, and it'll be the one day that it rains in LA, but other than that, chill.
(CHUCKLES) So what are you doing up? Oh, you know, just catching up on my stories.
I got the whole place to myself.
Andrew's over at your girl's.
I don't know if I'd call her my girl.
Oh, like, y'all okay? I don't think so.
The last time we talked wasn't great.
And shit has been buildin' up for a while.
Honestly I don't fuck with Molly anymore.
- Bank roll, got it - Never entertaining hos And I ain't trippin' over niggas I go and get that bag and then I make the money triple Ten outta ten and them triple D's sittin' If you ain't talking money then I gotta get missin', gotta blast Big Bank Beisha, yeah bitch, I'm back at it Post a thirst trap, bet your nigga double tap it Got that come back got him turning to an addict You about to make a break for it? You know, I don't think I wanna go to this thing.
I mean, what do you even wear to a block party in January? In LA? What you'd wear any other time.
It is 75 degrees.
With a 10 percent chance of rain.
I'm not tryin' to get sick.
And you know, when we won that NewCo case, that bitch did not come to my celebration dinner.
I pre-ordered a seafood tower for four.
That is a lot of mercury for three people.
Hm, so you're gonna punish her by leaving her hanging.
Let's not go.
- Of course we have to go.
- Then what are we doing? (SCOFFS) I love her, but I just I just don't really like her right now.
Well, I bet we'll have fun.
(EXHALES) So why don't you get dressed? We both know you're gonna wear that leotard.
It's a jumpsuit, Andrew.
I got somebody daughter crying tears of joy When I fuck her to that Cam'Ron, screaming "oh, boy" When she hit me up, Gold Rollie don't make noise Taco Mel just got here.
Where should he go? Stall D, right after Simply Wholesome and Stuff I Eat.
Don't let them vegans get tempted.
You got extra tables? The legs came off of mine.
Came off? How? Doesn't matter.
There are extras right behind the play area.
Just don't put the broken one back, please.
I ain't gonna hold it.
Just give it to me.
- Jesus.
- WOMAN: Excuse me, excuse me.
Y'all have got me way too close to the stage.
Bass gives me anxiety.
Okay, we'll move you back.
Uh, this is my intern, Quoia.
She'll help you right out.
Executive assistant.
I'll be right with you.
- Thanks.
- Table leg acquired.
How come no one's here yet? Well, the event just started 17 minutes ago.
They comin'.
ARTIST: And that's why there's blood on my hands, blood on my heart.
If you start to see the difference in me.
It's a tragedy.
Uh-uh, today is not about oppression.
- Get her ass down.
- Copy that.
That's a ban on the Badu.
Sisters, sisters, never knew how much I missed ya.
SWV, sisters with voices.
Sisters got choices.
Oh, and I'm selling purses in the back.
Uh, hey.
You're here.
Um, Rob from Spotify is running a little behind, but he said he'll be here in 15 with the giveaways.
Okay, thanks.
And thanks for all your help providing the interns.
Did I do something wrong? Because you kind of just peaced out, and I didn't even know you were coming.
I wasn't sure that I was.
Lawrence didn't tell you? Tell me what? That we broke up.
Oh, I didn't no, I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
It is what it is.
Look, I'm sorry that I disappeared on you.
I just came to check in with these vendors.
Everything looks really great, Issa.
So sorry to interrupt, but good news.
Black people are taking photos by the step and repeat.
Oh, oh, wait.
Niggas always steppin' and repeatin'.
(LAUGHS) I gotta run.
I'll see you around? Sure.
(GROOVY MUSIC PLAYING) (SIGHS) Uh Kelli, it's not your personal photo shoot.
You're hogging the red carpet.
- Nobody else is here.
- ISSA: Uh, I can hear you.
Lord, her legs are sturdy.
She's been doing this for 45 minutes and no one knows why.
Issa, get your ass over here.
Oh, I really shouldn't be takin' pictures.
- Okay, no more than three.
- Okay.
Tiff, come on.
We gonna do happy, sexy, then a jail pose.
- Okay, fine.
- Happy.
MAN: Old! Shut the fuck up! I'm sorry, I'm, I'm tired.
Stay in school.
Thanks for coming, you guys.
I'm sorry it hasn't popped off yet.
So many white people showed up, but I have faith in us.
Are you kidding? I'm just happy to be having fun.
Leave the baby at home.
I should leave her at the supermarket one day.
(LAUGHTER) - Where is the frosé? - This is so nice.
I used to be like, "She wants to do what? "Why? Where? How? And for what purpose and then again why?" - Yeah, I was there.
- Oh, but, girl.
You made this happen.
I mean, this is awesome.
I'm just glad you always believed in me.
(IN BRITISH ACCENT): Oh, I've always believed in you, love.
You've got that American entrepreneurial spirit.
What, what are you doing? Um, my new beau, Darnell, is showing me Los Angel-eese.
(IN NORMAL VOICE): I faked an accent when we met and now I have to commit.
Don't make it weird.
- (IN ACCENT): Darnell, darling! - How you doin'? Please meet my dear friend, Issa Dee.
Hi, nice to meet you.
I'm American, Kelli's British.
(IN BRITISH ACCENT): Now, that is a fact.
(GIGGLES) What do you call those? - Tacos? - A tac-oh.
- A taco.
- That is so cute.
Hey, did you know Lawrence and Condola broke up? Condola didn't tell me anything.
But I've been on maternity leave.
- Derek, did you know? - No.
And actually, I'm offended.
That nigga usually tells me too much.
Issa, can I steal you for a second? Please tell me Vince Staples is here.
(IN BRITISH ACCENT): I'm sorry, who's Vince Staples? (IN NORMAL VOICE): If he so much as looks at me, I'ma leave Darnell.
Well, still no word on that, but the press want to talk to you.
That's great news.
Did y'all hear that? - I'm about to meet the press.
- KELLI: Ah, cheers.
(GIGGLES) So you eat it with your hand? Tell us what inspired you, Issa.
I just wanted to create a space for us, you know, where, where black excellence can be on display.
And what a diverse crowd.
Uh-huh, and I am fine with that.
You know, the neighborhood is just changing so quickly and this is a chance to support and uplift our community.
Our businesses, our food, our music.
Well, we can't wait to see how it goes.
Thanks, Issa Dee.
Thank you so much for comin' out.
No problem, so we're gonna stick around and shoot some B-roll.
Okay, where can I see the interview? - On my YouTube channel.
- Oh.
- What's it called? - I haven't started it yet.
But you hired a full camera crew? I wanted to make it look official.
- Well, I believed it.
- Good.
Anyone else wanna talk to me? No.
Okay, it's early.
Can't stop me, no Can't knock me off I'm cocky, unh Oh, this is so dope.
You never see us in medieval times, but we was there.
Kobe! So you just pumpin' and dumpin'? I'm not breastfeeding anymore.
Didn't take.
Her loss.
- You okay, girl? - Yeah.
BOTH: Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I didn't think you were coming.
Of course I came.
I'm your best friend.
Of course.
- AHMAL: Hey, sis.
- ISSA: Hey, bro.
You hear it's supposed to rain? Mwah.
- You worried? - Shut up, Ahmal.
- AHMAL: What's up, Molly.
- Hey.
Should we find our spots? Hello, Ahmal.
I know.
I saw you.
Yeah, I saw I saw your shirt.
Hello to your shirt.
Not you.
You guys look great.
EVENT EMCEE: Yo, y'all make some noise for Derrius Logan, man.
- That boy good! - What's up, Inglewood? Yeah, this is all lite work, I don't even write work I just want to hear my name Yo, I don't really need that, I don't want to your feedback I just want to hear my name Oh, lovely, darling.
So, Kelli, remind me.
What part of England are you from again? I am from Poppycock.
It's in south central London, just a biscuit's toss and a fanny away from Benny Hill.
- Wow, sounds beautiful.
- I know.
It does.
One more question.
What are your thoughts on Brexit? Brexit is boring.
Why don't we learn about the American government system? - What's that all about? - Okay, so over here, we got two branches of government.
The first is the presidential branch.
- Hm.
- And then the second is the bank branch.
It's called Bank of America.
Oh, wow.
Is that, what? It's like where they make all of America's money.
That's why there's so many of them.
(CHUCKLES) That is unbelievable.
- Yeah, it's pretty cool.
- It's incredible.
- You're special.
- He is special.
- You are not.
- (LAUGHTER) Have you, oh, I don't know, thought about drowning yourself? (LAUGHTER) - Right after you.
- (LAUGHTER) British humor is really interesting.
- It is very, it's complicated.
- Yeah.
Like your brain.
(LAUGHTER) (CONTINUES RAPPING) Wait, she keeps crying? What have you tried? Yeah, yeah, sometimes she just don't fuck with Peppa Pig.
Put her on.
Hey, babe.
Wow, you are really not happy.
Okay, okay, we'll be home soon.
Yeah, yeah.
Babe, we should go.
She won't stop crying.
Can you just go? I'm finally out.
Okay, so I guess I'll just relieve the sitter.
You want me to leave the car? - It's fine, I'll ride with Kelli.
- Bye.
- Aw, you're staying? - Yes.
- Derek's the best.
- He's the best dad.
But we gotta get you some ass.
Or some dicks.
- What are you into? - Player's choice.
(CHUCKLES) RAPPER: Comin' out of Inglewood.
Listen, y'all, come on.
BOTH: Bitch, these niggas so thirsty Never fuck or suck a nigga in my life, no, no, no, no Hell nah, hell bitch This is really great, right? Yeah.
Yeah, it is.
ANDREW: Putting something like this together takes a lot out of you.
Maybe that's why things are off between you guys.
Yeah, I get it.
You, uh, remember when you kept dodging me for work? - Look at us now.
- (CHUCKLES) Yeah, no, she has been workin' a lot.
("WHATEVER WHENEVER" BY KAMAIYAH PLAYING) I make all this shit these real niggas feel These bitches hype but I know I been a bigger deal Rich, but I'm a nigga still Look at you, out here tap dancing for the whites.
No, they're supposed to be here.
They're sponsors.
I'm talkin' about her.
Well, she's from the neighborhood and it's part of the culture.
Well, they think it's a farmer's market.
(LAUGHS) - I can do that.
- Mm-hmm.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) - Thanks for comin'.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it's good to finally see you in person.
Yeah, you too.
- You look good.
- I do? 'Cause I feel like I'm tripping.
I mean, look.
- Where are all the black people at? - Oh.
Like, what am I supposed to do with all these white people? And how do they always find us? They got people on the inside.
And Vince Staples still hasn't shown up yet.
He's posting pictures from Miami and I really hope they're later-grams.
Hey, okay, look, you here, all right? It's happenin'.
Be in the moment.
I mean, damn.
Look at this shit.
Like, remember when we was at Coachella and you was coming up with all of this? You did it.
It's dope.
- Okay.
- You got Randy's Donuts over here.
They don't really have donuts there, though.
It's just a sign.
(AUDIENCE CHEERING) All right, y'all.
I just wanna be clear for the last time.
Vince Staples don't go on till 8:00, so stop askin' me.
(CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) Okay, okay, well.
Coming up to the stage next is a brother with that smooth sultry sound.
I need y'all to put y'all hands together for SiR! It's occurred! Inglewood! And I ain't in the mood If I ain't in my bag I ain't in the mood If I ain't in my bag Do anything for the cash Do anything for the cash Give me space, let me breathe Never gonna rest if you never gonna let me I understand it's what you need (SINGING CONTINUES, INDISTINCT) Yes, come through, blacks.
This is when I would have come, too.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I figured you'd probably be too busy to get something to eat and they, they gave me extra wings.
Orleans & York.
I hadn't eaten.
Girl, Vince is here.
- What? - Yes, girl.
- I gotta go.
- It's all good.
- ISSA: When did he get here? - SEQUOIA: Just five minutes ago.
Take me back to the surroundings that I know It gets so lonely on the road I'll take the one that leads to you, you, you Corner of me and you, you, you Let's see when you on stage, bro.
Half hour, bro.
It's good.
- Vince, hey.
- How you doin'? Thank you so much for doing this.
Everybody's so excited.
How was Miami? Oh, no, that was the assistant.
He went to go get some plantains.
Oh, plantains.
That's mogul shit right there.
(LAUGHTER) Oh, well, here are your gummy bears, your Red Vines, your flamin' hot limon chips, and your 25 slices of Kraft cheddar cheese.
Nice, they hooked it up.
Oh, and, uh, Acqua Panna? Oh.
Quoia, Quoia.
Sorry, girl.
I'm just a big fan.
- Appreciate it.
- This finna be a movie.
Yeah, it's gonna be fun.
Like that my favorite song of yours.
(CHUCKLES) - Got you.
- Well, as soon as Quoia washes her face, she'll hook you up with whatever you guys need.
Thank you.
Be smart about it, my nigga.
Don't let somebody else's boices jeopardize your baracter.
Alright? You're better than that, my nigga.
You a'ight with me, bro.
- Hey.
- Yo.
- What's happenin'? - It's so good to see you.
- How's the Dunes? - Oh, it's boo.
Lesbian bouple moved in.
But they havin' problems.
One of 'em fine as fuck.
Want me to hook you up? Still not gay.
Alright, take your time.
Okay, this is VIP.
Who you know here? Oh, you, all these people.
You know every single person here? Yeah.
That's Bobby.
That's Bailey.
Byron, and Brian.
They brothers.
Bobby and Bobby, the one with the white woman, a'ight.
Did you make all those names up? (UPBEAT DANCE MUSIC PLAYING) EVENT EMCEE: Okay, little sister, what you got? Oh! Don't hurt 'em, little sis.
Yo, OG, what you got? OG feelin' that.
ALL: Go, go, go, go! Oh, my goodness.
That's it, y'all.
That's a wrap.
I'm sorry, Lil sis.
He hit the splits.
He's gotta win.
Hey, I think my man needs some help.
Is there an ibuprofen in the house? Can we get this man some Bengay, please? Y'all gotta be as hype as them or I ain't bringin' Vince Staples out.
Make some noise! Hey, DJ, drop that.
- (FUNKY DANCE MUSIC PLAYING) - Oh! We bringing back the Wobble.
Who brought the barbecue sauce? Oh, shit, okay.
(LAUGHS) There it is, now.
They wobbling overseas? We got that global reach.
Wobble, baby, wobble, baby, wobble, baby, wobble Wobble, baby, wobble, baby, wobble, baby, wobble Want me to teach you? Hold up.
You want me to teach you? - Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, well, come on then.
Yeah, yeah, get in there Yeah, yeah, get in there Yeah, yeah, hey, big girl Make 'em back it up Make 'em back it up Come on, girl, let's go Wobble.
No, I gotta I'm professional.
Oh, my God, we are Wobbling, come on.
- Why I gotta be Wobbling? - Come on.
EMCEE: Uh-oh, uh-oh.
It look like the Johnson family reunion 2020.
I miss my grandma.
I got them shaking their boobies like congos, man I'm shaking the city like quakes, yeah The haters blue in the face like Gonzo 'Cause I'm raking a cake so let's bake, yeah EMCEE: We need to teach some of our Caucasian friends how to do the Wobble out here.
Go see 'em out and say, "Neighbor This is how you wobble.
" Save your whack raps, daylight savings time, time I can dance, homie, I don't two-step Y'all looking at something like a true player A girl told me that a man that can dance Might could possibly get down with a tool in his pants Now all my ladies, let me see you vibrate And when it's over you ain't gonna need your vibrator 'Cause I'm a pro, make you bend your back low Then I pound it real fast just like the percolator Hey! Ah! EMCEE: Can I get Issa to the stage? Wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble Wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble Oh, hell no.
All right, I'm going up.
Okay, now y'all finally seem like y'all ready to play.
(CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) I'd like to welcome to the stage the woman that put this whole thing together.
Make some noise for Issa Dee.
(LOUD CHEERING) Y'all give it up for our amazing-ass emcee and our dope-ass DJ! And give it up for yourselves.
I am just so grateful to you all for supporting my vision.
This has been ALL: Vince, Vince, Vince, Vince, Vince, Vince! Oh, okay.
Vince, Vince, me, too.
Vince, Vince.
Give it up for Vince Staples! (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) VINCE: Inglewood, what's up? One time, circling the block Lil' Buddy got murdered on the flock Two times, you know how we rock You know who we knocked on, you know who we shot You know how we comin', come from nothin' I got Christian Dior, I'm Crippin' Bior Made her uh-oh, let the mission endure Gave a little money to me, now I want more Don't be lookin' funny when we come up in the store My black is beautiful but I'll still shoot at you, dawg 2Pac, death tells all Watch out for the niggas in the Lakewood Mall Bitch, you touch, Nobu brunch No bit change, no blue Chucks Just big things, 'cause gon' bust' 'Cause sure bust, but we ain't on one We just wanna have fun We don't wanna fuck up nothin' We don't wanna fuck up nothin' Fun, we don't wanna fuck up nothin' And we don't give a fuck 'bout nothin' We just wanna have fun We don't wanna fuck up nothin' We don't wanna fuck up nothin' - This was a really good show.
- Yeah.
- I knew you'd love it.
- LEONARD: Andrew.
- Hey.
- Yo.
Vince wants to say what's up.
You got a sec? Yeah, of course, man.
Leonard, this is my girlfriend, Molly.
Molly, this is Leonard, Vince Staples' manager.
- Oh.
- I'll see you in the back.
- Yeah.
- Cool.
Oh, and thanks for the hookup tonight.
You were right.
I love it.
What, what did you hook up? Oh, I connected him with Issa.
- You did? - Nathan was the one who asked me to.
All I did was send an email.
Nathan? Okay, but you know we're not cool right now.
Yeah, but I didn't think that you'd be mad that I helped your best friend.
What's the issue? This was amazing, Issa.
You did it! Thanks to you, Quoia.
I'm so glad you were on my team.
But for real, you should go to the hospital.
I don't have health insurance, but okay.
- Okay.
- Should she be driving? I don't pay her.
I can't police her.
Drive safe, girl.
- Can I talk to you? - Yeah.
Did you tell Nathan to talk to Andrew? About Vince? I did.
Nathan reached out about the block party and I needed help.
- So - But we had a conversation.
I know, and I didn't involve you.
Yeah, but you still got my man to do you a favor.
And it all worked out, right? That's not the point, Issa.
You deliberately went behind my back.
I mean, I was very clear about how I felt, but I guess, what? That didn't mean anything to you? Because, Molly, you were willing to let me fail over what? Some random rule you made up? It wasn't random.
I was setting boundaries.
Molly, you knew how much this event meant to me.
You saw me at We Got Y'all, you saw me struggling, and you decided your new relationship was more important than doing me one little-ass favor.
Nigga, you stay needing one little-ass favor.
Why are you doing this at my event right now? - Is it that serious? - Hey, hey.
You don't gotta do this, guys.
We were just having a good time.
Yeah, I mean, I was over there wobblin' with your shady ass meanwhile you were stabbing me in the back? Stabbing you in the Molly.
This is OD.
I don't have time for your drama.
Okay? You keep startin' shit.
You keep makin' up problems.
You keep focusin' on shit that I need to fix when you need to fix your fuckin' self.
Bitch, do you hear yourself? Nobody has more drama than you, Issa.
Okay, you need to figure out your shit and stop using people.
You used Nathan, Andrew, me.
Who else? - Guys, let's not do this here.
- See? You are so miserable.
If things don't work out with Andrew, it's not gonna be because of me, girl.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck me.
I been stopped fuckin' with you.
I should have dropped your lyin' ass a long time ago.
You still the same selfish bitch you always been.
Molly, get your finger out of my fuckin' face.
- What you gonna do? - WOMAN: What's she reaching for? She got a gun! KELLI: Who's got a gun? Is it a knife? - Is it a wallet? - WOMAN: This is my life.
Niggas can't have nothin'! Shit, come on, let's go.
- Where'd your accent go? - Nigga, I'm from Philly! (CLAMORING) (SLOW MUSIC PLAYING) Where do we go from here? Where do we go from here? Hey.
You okay, girl? I'ma call you, okay? (EXHALES) I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to fuck shit up.
That is the last thing that I'd wanna do between you guys.
All of this will blow over.
Are you sure you don't want a ride with us? - Kelli's on the corner.
- No, I'm good.
I can I can stick around.
No, I'm all right.
You sure? All right.
(SOFT MUSIC PLAYING) (RAIN PATTERS) In another time In another place, you would be mine On a brighter day Under a different sky, baby, we'd fly Good girl I knew you were a good girl That's all I ever fall for The girl I'd lose it all for Yes, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time With the right one Now you think you tryna to help But you can't save me from myself Ooh No, you can't save me from myself Ooh Yo, just checking in on you.
Hey, morning after update What happened with y'all, man, this baby won't stop crying Why you reaching for my titty ain't nothing in there.
Is that a wheat thin? So, what am I supposed to do now? Relax, relate, release.
Take care of you.
Are y'all saving a seat? No, you got it.
If y'all want any of this Pino, 'lemme' know.
Yes! Yes please! Hey, have you called Molly yet? Let her reach out to you.
She's wrong too, effortless bars.

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