Insecure (2016) s04e06 Episode Script

Lowkey Done

1 So, you think you can ask Andrew to hook me up? I'm gonna ask him, and I don't think I'm going to.
I don't understand.
Girl, you made this happen! I mean, this is awesome.
I'm just glad you always believed in me.
Putting something like this together takes a lot out of you.
Maybe that's why things are off between you guys.
Inglewood, what's up? - Vince Staple's manager.
- Thanks for the hook up tonight.
- What did you hook up? - Oh, I connected him with Issa.
You need to figure out your shit and stop using people.
You are so miserable.
You still the same selfish bitch you've always been.
- Molly, get your finger out of my face.
- What you gonna do? That bitch got a gun.
- Who's got a gun? - Is it a knife? This is my life! - I can stick around.
- Nah, I'm all right.
Bitch, do you hear yourself? Nobody has more drama than you, Issa.
You still the same selfish bitch you always been.
You need to figure out your shit and stop usin' people - Last night was lit.
- When's the next one? Where were those bomb ass tacos from? Thought that shit was gonna be wack.
But that shit was tight.
The most fun I've had in Inglewood in a minute.
I can't believe Vince Staples was there! We need more events like this.
Even my grandma was out there dancing! Tonight in South LA, niggas gathered for fried chicken, cocoa butter, and violence.
But as always, you can count on Shannon on the Scene Yo, just checkin' in on you.
Don't let that Molly fuck-shit ruin how well you did today.
You killed it, Iss.
By the way, did you invite Mom, 'cause she keep on Hey, morning after update.
So it looks like we are waiting on deposit returns from four vendors.
But in the meantime, I did have a few questions about something that you was telling me you You okay, girl? What was that last night? What happened with y'all? Okay, this baby won't stop crying.
Why you reaching for my titty? Ain't nothing in there! Is that a Wheat Thin? That's a Wheat Thin.
So what am I supposed to do now? That's a good question.
You fucked up.
I didn't fuck up.
She fucked up.
- And she got you fucked up.
- Fuckin' right.
That's what the fuck I'm sayin'.
I should probably reach out, though.
Reach out? Have you noticed that you're always the one reaching out and apologizing? - Fuck.
- Yeah.
Let her reach out to you.
She's wrong, too.
Effortless bars.
Okay, yeah, but what do I do while I wait? Relax, relate, release.
Take care of you.
- Self Care Sunday.
- I'm sorry, what? Speak up.
I said Self Care Sunday.
It's when you take care of yourself on a Sunday.
I know what that means.
I read, too.
Nathan, hey.
Hey, what's up, Iss? Just catching up on life shit.
Felt like I haven't had a chance to breathe in months.
Yeah, I feel you.
Yeah, I forgot I ordered a vitamin box, so if you anemic, let me know.
I know you been out there hustlin'.
I been grindin' so hard since I got to LA, I forgot my birthday this year.
Well, happy birthday.
Whenever it was.
Appreciate you.
You good, though? I know the end of the night got a little Yeah I'm really sorry I dragged you into that mess.
Nah, I'm not trippin'.
The night was still dope.
You should be proud of that shit.
Yeah, I am, I just it's just not how I wanted us to reconnect.
And I just don't want you to think that I used you.
Nah, nah, you needed help and I wanted to help.
And you know I'd do the same for you.
Like, without question.
Hey, man, I got a hair in my sandwich.
- You gonna eat yours? - Yeah.
- It's mine.
- Makes sense.
Look, I got one more client before I get outta here.
- I'll talk to you soon though.
- A'ight.
- Just hit me.
- Okay, bye.
I'm sorry to bother you.
I'm just having a little bit of trouble paying for my stuff.
Hi there.
Sorry, um, do you mind helping me out a little bit? Hi, I just have a couple of things I need Okay.
Excuse me? Hi, I'm sorry.
I just need a little bit of help.
I know, I know, this is a lot.
I just need somebody to help me.
Hey, I got you.
Oh, bless you.
Oh, this means so much to us.
Of course.
Happy to help.
You're real beautiful.
Oh, thank you.
So are you.
You are glowing.
- Like a light bulb.
- Thanks again for this.
- You're a godsend.
- You've gotta put out the energy you wanna get back, right? - $154.
- The fuck? Expensive-ass energy.
- Sorry, it declined.
- That's weird.
- Can I try again? - Sure.
Nope, still declined.
It, it won't change.
- I have another card.
- Never mind.
This just got sad.
The gift you've given me today is perspective.
God bless.
She ain't need all that anyway.
The baby not here yet.
- Just the wine.
- Mmm.
Hey! Hey, hey! Stop! Hold up! Stop! Oh, no, this bitch is not about to Shut up, I'm doin' it! Hi, sir, I saw you missed the bus back there.
Are you going north? 'Cause I could give you a ride.
I don't trust no Lyfts or Boobers.
Oh, I'm not a Lyft.
I mean, I drive for Lyft.
But not right now.
I just wanted to help.
Okay, but don't try nothin'.
I don't hit ladies, but I'll slap a bitch to defend myself.
Don't let the rheumatoid fool you.
I-I still got grip.
You're safe with me.
I'm Issa.
- George.
- Nice to meet you, George.
- Where are you headed? - You want me to tell you so you can tell it to the phone so they can tell it to the government.
Okay, no GPS.
Do you know how to get there? You ask a lot of questions, detective.
Just head up La Brea.
I'll tell you where to pull over.
Sounds good, George.
You gonna give a nigga help, then help the nigga.
You must be a lizard.
It's cold in here.
Can a nigga get some heat? God damn, it's like a furnace in here now.
Split the difference! - How's this, George? - I'm not sure yet.
Give me a second.
Let me feel it.
Yeah, there it is.
That's nice.
That's, that's really nice.
How's your day goin'? It's okay.
- You? - Eh, it's fine.
There's a lot of crazy people out there.
You gotta be careful.
- Yeah.
- Watch out! What the what? I meant in life, watch out.
These streets is dangerous.
You got a man lookin' out for you? - Nope.
- So you one of them feminazis, huh? Okay, honey.
We "equal".
Good job.
- Are we getting close yet? - You ever heard of Black Planet? Uh, yeah.
You had a Black Planet page? What? No, the club.
Black Planet.
It was right there.
Me and my boys used to tear it up.
- The ladies loved us.
- Mm.
Caught many a train in there.
And I ain't talking about Amtrak.
- Oh, no.
- The gang all broke up.
Maurice caught a case.
Wendell found crack.
All them other niggas, who knows? I guess I should have seen the signs that the shit wouldn't last.
There's always a sign.
Well, can you give me a sign that we're getting close? - Bathroom! - What? I gotta piss.
Pull over.
Okay, okay, okay, I'll find a bathroom.
Please do not piss in my car.
I'm not gonna pee in my hat again.
I ain't gonna do that 'cause this is the last hat I got.
You could leave right now.
No one would know.
- Just drive away.
- I'm not gonna do that.
He needs me.
Is that Fun Dip? Whoo! Oh! Close call.
Where do I go? Hey, Charles! Charles! What you doin' way out here? Oh, no, that, that's not Charles.
Wait, that might be Charles, though.
George, I really have somewhere to be.
- Can we go? - All right, all right, all right.
That better not be you, nigga.
I'mma call your ass later.
Get from the lower ghetto to the higher ghetto, they act like they don't know your ass, you know what I'm sayin'? - That's Charles.
- Can you tell me where to go, please? Just go up La Brea where we been going.
Yep, right there.
I appreciate the ride.
Thanks, Ice.
Bye, George.
Dad? Okay, everyone, take your seats.
We are about to get started.
Hey, are y'all saving this seat? - Nope, you got it.
- Thank you.
- You don't even have your flask? - No, I'm sorry.
I didn't know it was BYOB.
I thought they provided the paint and the sip.
Damn, girl, the sip is the whole point.
Well, I'm not gonna finish this whole bottle, so if y'all want any of this Pinot, let me know.
This is my last weekend as a single bitch, so we will definitely take you up on that.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- I go first.
- And then me.
- This is actually really heavy.
- I got you, I got you.
Teamwork! Where y'all visiting from? Oh, we're from DC.
No, y'all are from DC.
This bitch is from PG County.
I don't know what that means, but I feel like I should congratulate you.
Pretty Girl County ain't shit.
But ain't nobody else I'd have as my bridesmaids.
Yeah, we've been through it, but we always have each other's backs.
I love that.
Ride or dies.
Yep, except that one time Rahel put my wig in the dryer.
Or when Kindsey oversauced the hot wings at my grandfather's repass.
Or when Dina fucked my brother.
I really did do that, huh? Oh, damn, Dina.
Wait, why does your cactus look like a dick? No, it don't.
Why didn't you use the green? - Sometimes cacti be brown.
- Bitch, the bush? I can't.
They're tumbleweeds.
Well, it looks like someone's having a little trouble, huh? - Excuse me? - What's funny? She a artist, fall back.
It's beautiful.
It's a masterpiece.
- Thank you.
- If we were painting dicks.
Hey, it was nice meeting you.
Oh, it was so nice meeting y'all, too.
I hope y'all have fun tonight.
I'mma go home and hang my dick on the wall.
Well, we actually were thinking about hittin' up the bar on the corner.
Wanna come? Oh, actually, I You know what? I'm down.
- Let's go.
- All right.
Wait, no, no, wait.
How did he do it? I walked into my bedroom, right? And he was passed out on the bed with an empty pill bottle in his hands.
And before I was able to dial 911, he popped up and he was like, "I'm addicted to you".
Will you marry me? - That's terrifying.
- I know, right? Brandon will be Brandon.
I love my man.
So anyway, you're from here.
So you must see famous people all the time, huh? Ha, not really.
Well, I guess actually more for work, yeah.
Ooh, okay.
What do you do? Oh, it's hard to explain.
I don't want to bore y'all.
Girl, we drunk.
Everything is exciting.
Please share.
Well, I create events and support local artists and businesses in South LA.
- So you're like in marketing.
- Or like, an event planner.
It's a little of both.
I bring people together and expose them to unique places and experiences.
If I had to put a title on it, I guess I'd say I'm a cultural curator? Damn, bitch.
That sounds cool as fuck.
Thank you.
Yeah, I mean, I just did an event with Vince Staples.
Yeah, like, stuff like that, but, like, chill though.
- Oh, damn, Vince Staples? - Ooh! Y'all need to stop gassing me up.
Please, I'm about to gas you up and light you on fire.
Bitch, that's bomb.
Thank you.
So you're basically the plug.
Yeah, I guess you could say that.
- Hm.
- Damn, that's tight.
We ain't got no plugs in Maryland.
Just a bunch of dusty outlets.
I'll be right back.
Gotta use the bathroom.
- Okay.
- Oh, me, too.
Find me a man on the way to the bathroom.
This bathroom smells mad good.
I love that.
Yeah, it smells like fresh bread in here, what the fuck? So, Miss Plug, where the niggas hiding at? Well, that depends on what kinda niggas you looking for.
I don't discriminate.
Well, if you like hood niggas, you gotta go below the 10.
But if you like artsy niggas, you can go to Los Feliz or Silver Lake.
And if you like rich niggas, you gotta go to Ladera.
Damn, you know your stuff.
What else you got? Oh, well if you like earthy niggas, you can go to Leimert Park.
If you like your niggas with a little zest, you can go to West Hollywood.
Ooh, if you like married niggas, you can go to Pasadena.
Or Alta Dena.
Really any of the Denas.
So where you think y'all gonna go? Kindsey? Kindsey, did you fall in? Kindsey? Okay, whenever you're ready.
We were thinking about hitting up that bar on the corner, wanna come? - Cultural curator.
- Fancy! Y'all need to stop gassing me up! So, Miss Plug, where the niggas hiding at? Girl, you know your stuff.
What else you got? Oh, there they go, there they go, there they go.
There you bitches go.
- What's good, Kindsey? - What the fuck? Yeah, how many points y'all get for that? - What the fuck is wrong with you? - Everything, bitch! "Where the niggas at?" Not looking for your crying bitch ass, huh? - You ain't shit.
- A-ha! - I'm calling the cops! - Welcome to LA! Hey, you busy? Can I come over? I am so happy you called.
Hey, Mom.
- Ah-ah-ah-ah, shoes off.
- Since when? Stanley got me reading a book about Japan.
Okay I'm just saying, you threw a whole block party and you didn't even invite your mother.
Mom, you've told me repeatedly you don't like crowds of black people.
I don't like crowds of anything.
They make me itch.
Well, I'll work on not having a crowd at the next one.
Oh, so you're doing another one.
I think so.
Okay, so it went well, then.
Yeah, it was good.
You want some gumbo? I got some in the freezer.
That's okay.
Come here.
What? I just don't know what I'm supposed to do next.
Sounds to me like you're entering into a new season in your life.
Which one? Fall? 'Cause it hurts.
Growing pains are just that.
Yeah, but Mom, I'm not 12.
I'm 30.
When you were 30, you were married.
You had a house, you had two kids.
Oh, I ain't want y'all.
I didn't think I could have kids.
I made a mistake.
Twice, 'cause there are two of us.
Yeah, I made two mistakes.
That is Earth-shattering.
It was for me too.
But I figured it out.
And y'all ended up being the best parts of my life.
You're built the same way.
You're gonna figure it out.
If you say so.
I just feel like I'm all over the place.
And I keep thinkin' about that one time when you said I had my hand in too many pots.
- When did I say that? - At Aunt May's anniversary.
I overheard you talking about it when I was sneaking cake to my room.
That is not what I meant.
I was speaking to all the things that you were interested in and you were good at.
I admire that about you.
You admire me? I just never thought that.
Thanks, Mom.
So how are you and Stanley.
He doin' right by you? Ooh, yes he is! Ew, Mom, that's not what I meant.
- Ooh.
- So are y'all gonna get married? And inherit those twins? No thank you.
No, no, no.
You don't want Keisha with alopecia? Ooh, honey, neither one of 'em.
- Hey.
- This is Kelli.
May I ask who's calling? Kelli, it's Issa.
You called me.
I know I called your ass.
But you ignoring me like you my biological father.
Where you been? Are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
I I've just been busy.
Okay, well, have you called Molly yet? - Uh-uh.
- Why not? 'Cause she hasn't called me.
So that's it? That's a wrap? Issa, come on.
I know you're upset right now, but maybe if y'all sat down and talked face-to-face you could work it out.
Are you giving Molly this same energy? Yes, I've been callin' that bitch too.
Look, when me and Tiff let our shit sit too long, we almost didn't come back from it.
I just don't wanna be the one to reach out this time.
Okay, so what? If she doesn't call, y'all just never gonna speak again? Yo, that block party was tight! Yo, who was selling the soul food with the truffle mac and cheese? I need to put the homies on.
That was Our Kitchen, thanks for coming.
- Bless up.
- Who was that first artist with the locs? Shit slapped.
That was Derrius Logan.
Check him out.
Where can I find more stuff like this? I got you.
Coming soon.
About to get this food From an Ethiopian dude I'm feeling really good Nope, doesn't work.
Aye, y'all going to Mexico too? We're all going to Mexico.
I got on the wrong plane once.
- I got in the wrong marriage too.
- Okay.
This place is beautiful.
Andy! Superstar! If he starts to get too cocky, just say "gingerbread".
- Stop, stop, stop.
- Oh, gingerbread? You are the worst.
Baby, can we just chill tonight? It's annoying at first but he knows a good schedule.
I hope you're ready to sweat 'cause it's 3 miles straight up.
Are we there yet? But how we getting down? Hey, y'all, it's time for a new episode of the Wine Down.
This week we're discussing "Lowkey Done".
This is a big one.
This is Yeah, this is a solo Issa episode.
It was a solo Issa episode, - until the end.
- Till the end.
So this episode has a lot of Issa trying to figure out, obviously, a lot of things - post-block party.
- Yes.
Why do you think Issa's being so stubborn about reaching out to Molly after what happened? Stubborn? In the course of the series, Issa is always reaching out, to do a gesture, or apologize to Molly.
But then someone said, "Because she always fucking up".
She She does always mess up.
But I think this time it's different.
It's just like, when you're in these situations, when you're fresh off a fight, you are thinking about the tallied history of issues, and the reach outs, and things like that.
And I feel like Issa feels particularly wronged.
You know, Molly's words are echoing in her head about being a user.
And I think she just wants the olive branch extended for once in their friendship, um, to explain.
I think it'd be one thing if they had that fight at home.
Even if the chaos hadn't happened post the block party.
You know, even if it had calmed itself down, and Molly just walked off.
I meant you say it You say, "You saw me struggling, now we got y'all.
Like this is the culmination of all this hard work.
Do we have to do this here? Do we have - to do this right now?" - Yeah.
And then the next day, the comments about the block party.
I feel like Issa is just stewing on those things, and it's like, "You embarrassed me at my thing".
- You know? - Yep, absolutely.
Why do you feel this was the right moment in time to meet Issa's mom? You know, and what does Issa sort of learn from her? Watching shows, I personally have never been interested in the parental backstory, unless there was a reason.
And I felt like Issa is so isolated at this time, she's lost the core friendship in her life.
And I feel like there's something about going back to her roots, and trying to figure out like, "Am I a user? Where did this come from?" Sometimes you just You don't know where else to go, sometimes you just need your mom.
And she doesn't realize, like, how sad she is, how much she's holding on to this.
- And moms always know.
- Moms know.
And I think Issa's relying on that as just like, "My mom knows.
My mom knows the right things to say".
Issa's supposed to do this self-care Sunday by herself.
Why do you think she decides to go on the paint and sip with these girls, as opposed to continuing to take care of herself? I think Issa's like, "I'ma just drink, I'm gonna paint some cactus-like looking dicks.
And just like, unwind and have some fun.
They think that she's this cool person from L.
- She's the plug.
- You know, the best She's the plug! And it's just like, she sees them as her energy boost.
And they basically It's like, "I'm gonna gas you up".
- You know? - Gas me up then.
- Light me on fire, bitch.
- Light me on fire, bitch.
I wish they were my friends in real life.
They about to be.
Y'all my friends now.
So Issa leaves.
She walks out of the opportunity to talk to Molly.
She takes the sign of seeing Molly to walk away from her.
Do you think that Issa's done with her friendship from Molly for good? I think as we've talked about in the show, it's like, you know, are these friendships for, you know, seasonal or reasonal? Right? And And I think that moment brings up a whole other level of like, "Was she really gonna hit me?" - Yeah.
- You know what I mean? 'Cause I don't think Issa wants that smoke.
But I definitely think Issa was going to hold it down like she was going She was gonna bark like she was gonna won it.
I also don't think it helps that at the beginning of the episode, Issa wants to be reached out to, you know? She's just like, "I'm tired of reaching out".
And she walks up, sees her friend in her favorite restaurant, sitting there on her phone, chilling.
Like you have your phone and you're not using it - to reach out to me.
- To reach out to me, yep.
So I know, for me, that would trigger me.
I'm sitting up here worrying about you all day, and, you know, trying to take care of myself, and wondering if each text is from you.
And you're chilling.
I mean her words are echoing in your ears in the beginning of the episode, and I think the fact that she's on her phone, getting food, like it's just like a regular day.
It's a regular day for you, your life isn't impacted by any of this.
And so fuck you for now.
- So maybe not.
- We can't wait to see you guys again next week for another episode of the Wine Down.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.

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