Insecure (2016) s04e07 Episode Script

Lowkey Trippin'

1 - Did Issa say something to you? - No about what? MOLLY CARTER: She just thinks that I don't want to be happy.
I just think that it's funny that she calls me "Old Molly" when she's out there, right now, doing old shit too.
(HIP HOP MUSIC PLAYS) I've never been in a relationship long enough to have to balance it in my life.
You are my main priority.
Give it up for Vince Staples! Did you tell Nathan to talk to Andrew about Vince? Nathan reached out about the block party and I needed help.
You deliberately went behind my back.
Because, Molly, you were willing to let me fail over what? Some random rule you made up? You need to figure out your shit and stop using people.
You are so miserable.
If things don't work out with Andrew, - it's not gonna be because of me, girl.
- Fuck you! ISSA DEE: Fuck me? I been stopped fucking with you.
(MUSIC CONCLUDES) (TV STATIC) (BRIGHT TONE PLAYS) - Lil' momma, hey - Whoa, Kenny Told lil' momma she the butter on my rice Told lil' momma Um, can I add extra injera? Aw, should I add the Solomon Tibbs? - Or is that too much food? - Add Tibbs! Oh wait, hearin' it, that's too much food.
Take off Tibbs.
Actually, put it back on.
I'm so sorry.
Re Tibbs.
(PHONE CLICKS) - Okay, here we go.
- (CAR ALARM CHIRPS) (QUIET CHATTER) (DOOR OPENS) (CAR ALARM CHIRPS) (FUNKY RAP MUSIC PLAYING) Bitch, suck a dick and die Little stupid ass bitch Bitch, suck a dick and die Little boujie ass bitch (SPEAKING CHINESE) - - (DOOR OPENS) Yeah, um, see you in Mexico.
Hey, are you okay? - I just saw Issa.
- Seriously? That bitch ran away from me like I was an actual job.
Really? Well, are you gonna reach out to her? I'm not gonna do anything.
It was her fault.
- ANDREW: Mm-hmm.
- (EXHALES) You know what, We not talkin' about her because Issa and her messy ass are not coming with us to Mexico.
Yeah, you're right.
So you've only packed a bunch of bikinis.
- Correct.
- Well, I mean, as much as I love seeing you in these, don't you think you might need some pants at some point? Oh, no, no, no, no.
I am pants-free until we land back in LA.
- What? Ugh! I gotta squeeze in a meeting before our flight tomorrow.
Well looks like you might need those pants after all.
(LAUGHS) Silly.
Can you help me out of these, please? - Mm, I just got off work.
- Oh! (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) Yeah, the hotel room lotion is just for white people.
It's all watery.
Can you please just pack it for me, please? All right, thank you.
Karen, why was I not informed of this meeting until last minute? I really apologize.
Malcolm did email me earlier.
But it's been so crazy with the case, and I saw it Okay, but you need to be on top of things because when you make a mistake, it makes me look dumb, and you don't get paid to make me look dumb.
Hundred percent.
I'm sorry.
I promise it won't happen again.
Okay, where's the brief? Break it down for these bitches, you would think I'm a pimp You was hatin' back then, well, look at me now MOLLY: Wait, I'm coming.
I'm almost there.
Okay, I'm here, I'm here.
Please, please don't let them close the gate without me.
Wait, what's the gate? ANDREW (ON PHONE): Gate 413, past the Einstein Bagels.
Einstein Bagel? Wait, but there's two.
Why are there two? ANDREW (ON PHONE): It doesn't matter, keep going.
- Okay.
- Wait, wait, wait.
I see you.
You do? Where? - Why would you do a full 360? - I don't know! Oh, wait, I see you, too! Hey! Okay, that's her.
She's here.
- Mm-hmm.
- MOLLY: Okay.
- I was worried you weren't gonna make it.
- I almost didn't.
My driver was like 80 years old.
He kept telling me how he used to sleep with Loretta Devine.
- Wow.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Come on.
- MOLLY: Okay.
- FLIGHT ATTENDANT: Your water's on the way.
- ANDREW: Excuse me.
- Yeah.
- Hi, uh, can we get a champagne, a whiskey, that blanket, and those organic cheese puffs y'all got? - Great.
- We're in economy plus.
I want all the pluses.
Sure, happy to help.
All right, thank you very much.
You got it.
- Economy plus.
- I know.
Hey, y'all going to Mexico, too? Oh, we're all going to Mexico.
I got on the wrong plane once.
I got in the wrong marriage, too.
I gave Henry 25 years.
And I'm taking 'em all back one day at a time.
And today is day three.
- Oh - Excuse me.
- MOLLY: Is she okay? - WOMAN: Oh, son of a bitch.
- What just happened? - I don't know.
ANDREW: Oh, thank God.
I'm gonna take those.
Here we go.
- Thanks.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
(BOTH EXHALE) Um, cheers to our first vacation.
And to that woman's freedom, I guess.
(BOTH EXHALE) Baby, when we get there, can we just chill tonight? Maybe do, like, a late dinner? - (GROANS) - I know your brother's been planning all this stuff, but I've had such a crazy day.
I mean, I could, you know, try to talk him down, but he loves a good schedule.
It's annoying at first, but it's kind of nice that he takes care of everything.
You're right.
It is nice.
And, like, the last thing I want is for your brother to think that I'm coming in and ruining all his plans.
So you're right, um, I am down for whatever this weekend.
Whatever? I brought some things.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
So did I.
- What's your thing? - What's your thing? I'll show you when we get there.
Well, how about I show you something right now? ATTENDANT: We will now be dimming the cabin lights for the duration of the flight.
(GROOVY MUSIC PLAYING) ("SALSA" BY NIÑA DIOZ PLAYING) (RAPPING IN SPANISH) This is for la raza Come on, YG, fuck Donald Trump (RAPPING CONTINUES) MOLLY: I think we're here.
ATTENDANT: Hola, bienvenidos a Mexico.
- Welcome to Mexico.
- ANDREW: Hola, thank you.
- MOLLY: This place is beautiful! - Let's do it.
- Yes! (CHUCKLES) - Bienvenidos.
- MOLLY: Hola.
Which fruit caviar would you like? Todo y tambien chévere.
Do you mind if I check in? - Ah, sí, señor.
- Thank you.
- What the hell is fruit caviar? - I don't know, but we havin' it.
Andy, superstar! - Oh.
- Okay.
- Bring it in.
Molly, this is Victor.
- And my sister-in-law, Lydia.
- VICTOR: Very nice to meet you.
- LYDIA: Hi.
- VICTOR: Congratulations on making it this long with him.
If he starts to get too cocky, just say "gingerbread".
- Stop, stop, stop.
- Oh, gingerbread? - You are the worst.
- Andy, you did not tell us Molly was a fucking 10.
- I'm texting my trainer.
- MOLLY: Girl, stop.
You look amazing.
I love that dress.
- Thank you.
- So what's the plan for tonight? Mm, nothing intense.
Just a cabana so we can watch the sunset.
Someone might come over and give us massages.
Maybe some hand-rolled cigars, but that's it.
Oh, and reservations at this amazing ceviche spot at 7:00.
That's a lot.
Let's just do the ceviche spot.
- We've had a long flight.
- VICTOR: Oh, yeah.
I totally get your point.
But, devil's advocate, how often are we in a beautiful location like this, no work, and able to smoke Cubans by the pool? Baby, why don't we let them get settled in? Of course.
Okay, so you guys find your room, refresh, get changed, and meet us back down here - in say, 15 minutes? - An hour, got it.
Okay, if you don't mind missing the poolside guac.
We're in Mexico.
Pretty sure there'll be more guac.
See you guys, and Molly, I know you're gonna look so fucking hot in your swimsuit, I'm gonna wanna kill myself.
- Please don't.
- ANDREW: Bye.
MOLLY: They seem really sweet.
Baby, look at this view! (EXHALES) (CHUCKLES) Should I be concerned about Lydia? Is she gonna try to fuck me later? (CALM MUSIC PLAYING) (SPEAKING SPANISH ON TELEVISION) They got Looking for LaToya on TV here, too.
They ain't finding her here neither.
That child is internationally lost.
All right, so.
Are you ready to see what I brought, Andy? - You're loving that, aren't you? - So much.
- So what'd you bring? - All right.
Don't explode when I pull it out.
I think I'll hold it together.
Bam, mm-hmm.
Oh, that's it.
Uh, that's, uh, great.
- What were you expecting? - Nothing, nothing.
This is, this is awesome.
What did you bring? I might've misinterpreted the assignment.
(EXHALES) Uh, just I just brought a little toy.
And some small balls.
- And just a pink butt thing.
- Damn.
I knew I should've bought that feather.
It was on sale, too.
Look, we don't need all this stuff.
You know, what's sexy to me is finding out what you're really into.
Well, I liked what happened on the plane.
I know.
So you like an audience.
More, like, we could have gotten caught.
What do you like? I like when you take charge.
("ROMPE RODILLAS" BY GUAYNAA PLAYING) (WHISPERS): I want you to fuck me on the balcony.
(RAPPING CONTINUES) After last night, are you sure you can walk all the way to the top? Wow, I think that's the definition of bragging.
- Well.
- Morning, sleepyheads.
MOLLY: Hey, guys.
So sorry we couldn't make it out last night.
We had a long flight.
I'm used to it.
Andy's on showbiz time.
And you're still wearing those pants, so we're even.
- I have four pairs.
- Well, so excited for everything you guys have planned.
I can't wait.
No more waiting.
Hope you're ready to sweat 'cause it's three miles straight up.
Okay, altitude, calf muscles burning.
- (CHUCKLES) - Mm-hmm.
WOMAN: Hey-hey-hey, you guys! Hey, it's me, Mabel, from the plane.
- Hey.
Whew! - Hey.
Looks like we're late for the hike.
Oh, no, no, you good.
I'm just early Shirley over here.
(CHUCKLES) Just, uh, enjoying my newfound freedom.
Got to stay busy.
Day four.
- (CHUCKLES) See you at dinner.
Come on, let's catch that runner's high, huh? - Whoo! - VICTOR: Only three miles to the top, babe.
- I'm sorry, yeah.
- Okay.
(UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) - (SINGING IN SPANISH) - - MOLLY: Are we there yet? - Right here, right here.
Oh, God, that feels good.
(BOTH GRUNTING) Oh, hey, look who showed up.
- VICTOR: Finally.
- Ah, jeez, hurry up, guys.
Come on.
This was worth it.
(EXHALES) But how are we gettin' down? (YELLS INDISTINCTLY) - (SCREAMING) - (SPANISH HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYS) I did it, I did it, I did it! Okay, get me off.
But I did it, did you see? Yeah, you did it.
You did so great.
I think I peed a little.
("DEMBOW Y SEXO" BY LA DOÑA PLAYING) (SINGING IN SPANISH) That's the way that I know you on it You want it, you want it Got you running 'round for it You are such a trouper for rolling with Victor's crazy schedule.
Oh, it was cool.
I actually had fun.
I kissed a manatee today.
Yeah, I saw.
It tried to slip in the tongue.
- Not cool.
- (MOLLY LAUGHS) Oh! Nathan hit me up, like, three times.
(PHONE RINGING) Hey, what's up? Hey, uh, sorry to interrupt your trip, but I need to get out the garage and - Oh, it's doing that thing again? - NATHAN: Yeah.
Just use the extra clicker.
It's in the linen closet upstairs.
Man, you got everything but linen in that damn closet.
ISSA (ON PHONE): Oh, shit, is that a Skip-It? Yep.
NATHAN: Anyway, uh, have fun.
Yeah, let me know if you can't get it open.
NATHAN: Yeah, cool.
- Of course.
- What? Issa.
She's back with Nathan.
So what, I guess it's Groundhog Day? I don't know, I think they're just hanging out.
He already showed her who he is.
She likes things messy, so that tracks.
- What? - Nothing.
Just you know, when he ghosted, he was he was dealing with some shit.
Like what? Like mental health stuff.
Is he okay? Yeah, he's good, it's just, you know, when the whole thing went down with Issa, he was just dealing with it, I guess.
Does she know? Yeah, I don't know.
That's between them.
But is Issa on this trip? No, she is not.
Okay, you're right.
No more talking about Issa.
Good, because I'm having a really great time with you.
Yeah? - This is really nice.
- This is really nice.
I don't let anybody call me that.
Oh, well, what are you gonna do if I don't stop Andy? (MELLOW MUSIC PLAYING) (SPANISH R&B MUSIC PLAYING) You really want me, huh? But first, you gotta eat this ass.
Did Victor tell you he invited your sister? Why? She never comes to anything.
Because he's trying.
Apparently she's in Seattle now and she's doing okay.
She bought a sandwich from a shop she really liked and she works there now.
Yep, that's on-brand for Fiona.
(YELPING) - Shit.
- Damn, girl.
I know that burns.
Hold on.
Let me get you a towel.
Why are you a fucking saint, too? Jesus.
- Hola.
- Hola.
Can I see your keycard please? Oh, I don't have it with me.
Oh, no, I need to see it to give you a towel.
Oh, well, I mean, I'm staying here.
I just literally got out of the pool.
Unfortunately, without your keycard, I cannot give you a towel.
Hotel policy.
Are you serious? Because the white people that just left did not need to show a keycard.
Um, ma'am, I don't know what you're accusing me of, but as you can see If you don't just give me a towel Okay, you need to calm down, or I'm going to have to get my manager.
Over a keycard? Uh, room 328.
She's good.
Oh, thank you so much.
VICTOR: I just met a dude at the bar who's gonna send over a bunch of shots.
He swore he knew me from college and I just went with it.
You okay? Just some typical bullshit.
The towel lady was just being intense about her job.
Yeah, in a selectively racist way.
Oh, I'm sorry.
She's probably just jealous of how pretty you are.
I mean, it's just ridiculous.
I literally watched her give a white couple towels without question.
- You saw that, right? - Yeah.
Hey, just to ask.
Do you really think it was about race? Victor, don't be dumb.
You know it was.
I mean, what exactly are you saying? Okay, well, devil's advocate.
What if it wasn't? What if she really was just doing her job? Her boss could go off on her for not checking.
Doesn't excuse it, but nice try.
But you don't know for sure, so you could be making your life harder by assuming.
(BOTH SPEAKING CHINESE) Hey guys, still here, so can we please speak English? Oh, no.
Fine, you know, I get it.
It's a thing.
Or maybe you don't get it at all.
You don't think I experience racism? I do, and it sucks.
But how I react to it is my choice.
You don't have to give it so much power.
- Wow.
- You know? - Okay.
- What? Victor.
She's just asking for room keys.
No, no, no, she wasn't.
Just mine.
This is what white people want is to divide us.
Yeah, you gotta know when to pick your battles.
That's easy for you to say.
You only consider yourselves people of color when it benefits you.
- VICTOR: What? - Oh, no.
That's not true.
I don't think like that.
You're different.
Different how? Seems to me like you're picking and choosing who to give the benefit of the doubt to.
You know what? I'm done.
Come on, it's an interesting conversation.
- Not for me it's not.
- Okay, I struck a nerve.
You know what? Fuck you.
Andrew, get your fuckin' brother.
- What's wrong with you, man? - What? I Gemini, evil eye, who will I be? I got a question for you Spirit vibes, Gemini, where will I be Go ask the ones before you What's gon happen if I go along and trust What's gon happen if I turn around and run I don't wanna be the only one that's left behind I got this feeling Got me reeling in the dead of the night My mind is racing got me shaking Don't know why (YAWNS) (DOOR OPENS) Hey, you're up.
Yeah, you really let me sleep in.
Yeah, it felt like you needed it.
I did.
Thank you.
Oh, whoops.
I got banana.
Yeah, thank you.
So I was thinking maybe we could do something more relaxing today.
You wanna hit the spa? Aren't we meeting Victor and Lydia later? No, they're gonna shop in the city today.
Did I fuck things up? No, no, of course not.
He and I talked this morning.
I told him he was wrong and he's really sorry for the way that he acted.
I just don't want this to ruin the vacation.
It won't.
Yeah, he can be an asshole.
He's my brother.
I'm not gonna let shit fester.
We will figure it out.
(SOFT MUSIC PLAYING) (ANDREW EXHALES) Sadly You don't look happy And I know your faces (PHONE CLICKS) (PHONE RINGS) DR.
RHONDA (ON PHONE): Hi, this is Dr.
Please leave your name and number and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Hey, uh, Dr.
It's, uh, me, Molly.
I know it's been a while.
I was actually calling to see if I could get an appointment with you as soon as possible.
Kind of been having a hard time letting go of things recently, and, uh So, yeah, if you could just call me and let me know as soon as you can, that'd be great.
Thank you.
Things to love Don't come round here often (MUSIC CONTINUES) - (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) - MOLLY: Oh, okay, Mabel.
Henry who? - That's impressive.
- I'll say.
Lawrence? - (SCOFFS) - Molly, hey.
- Hey.
- LAWRENCE: What's up? - Hey.
Oh, yeah.
- Oh! Right.
Oh, Lawrence, this is my boyfriend, Andrew.
Andrew, this is Lawrence.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Nice to meet you.
- Yeah, you too.
So, uh, where you guys coming from? - Oh, Puerto Vallarta.
- Dope.
- Mm-hmm, you? - Uh, Frisco.
Oh! "You got it, dude".
Michelle Tanner.
Full House? Oh.
Yeah, sure, okay.
All right, well, um, yo, it was good seeing y'all.
- MOLLY: Yeah, you, too.
- ANDREW: Yeah.
(PHONE CLICKS) Oh Hey, how are you? I've been thinking about you.
You free to grab a drink soon? Baby, what you waiting for Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick You're right on time Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick I don't gotta wait no more Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick You're right on time I can give you what you want I don't play You're giving me visions I might have you stay She wants to be loved, no front No give, no take Run into the night time I like how you taste Let's get intimate tonight Make you wanna scratch and bite Got you spread to a ten We'll come take you for a ride Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick Baby, what you waiting for? Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick You're right on time Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick I don't gotta wait no more Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick You're right on time Oh (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS) Don't you play with me, girl Yo, how was, uh, the block party, by the way? It was dope.
It almost killed me, but I did that shit.
But you said you had to talk to me about something? - Yeah.
- What is it? (MUSIC CONCLUDES) Welcome back to another episode of the Wine Down.
Today we are joined by Alexander Hodge, who plays Molly's love interest, Andrew, to discuss "Lowkey Trippin'".
(UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS) This was a big episode for Andrew and Molly.
What do you think this trip says about their relationship? I mean I don't think Andrew and Molly, uh, I don't think they take family lightly, either of them.
So the fact that somebody's meeting someone else's family, is like, things are getting pretty pretty serious between these two.
Can you talk about Andrew's journey? Ooh.
Yeah, I think Andrew Andrew's been confronted, I think, for the first time, Andrew's sort of been really challenged by a strong personality in a relationship.
So this is the first time where he's been like, "Oh, okay.
I need to contribute in some way that makes me uncomfortable".
And so I think mainly that's been being vulnerable, and opening up, and like, you know, just being an Asian man, and being raised the way he was, talking about things that don't make him feel strong or make him feel insecure, are really difficult for him.
What do you think, sort of, is going through Molly's head, uh, during her argument with Victor, about her overreacting to the towel lady? (SIGHS) It's I think it's the first time that Molly's had to defend her existence to somebody who is of Andrew's side of the relationship.
So it's like the first time that Molly's had to explain what being black is like to Victor.
And Andrew is kind of on the side, but also at the same time, is is just trying to understand where both sides are coming from.
And I think in that moment, what he was trying to do, by trying to diffuse the situation, wasn't actually helpful because he actually made Molly feel more isolated.
This is our first episode out of the country.
What was it like? I think it was it infused, I think, a new energy into the show to also take a show that on-paper is about, you know, these two black women that live in a very specific part of L.
, and take them and put them and to see why people travel.
- Yeah.
- And to take the show and not just show, you know, obviously, us filming there, it's one thing to see black people, you know, in front of the camera, behind the camera.
Out of the country, you know, filming a television show.
But I think, also, it does a lot even on screen to see that, 'cause we do travel.
No Issa.
I mean how was that for you on your side? It was a blessing.
I've been waiting for this moment for four seasons.
ALEXANDER: She said let's get three more.
And it was Yes, let's get three.
Next season, woo.
- I'm not gonna be in none of it.
- Not gonna be in none of it.
But I do want to talk about just the presence that Issa has on this trip.
Um (CHUCKLES) So I think, even though Issa was not appearing in this episode, Issa definitely featured heavily.
I feel like it's affected Molly so much because Issa and Molly are just such a strong presence in each other's lives.
I do wonder if the fight with Issa hadn't happened, and if she didn't have that burden on her trip, if she would have gone so hard on Victor.
Victor was being a bit of a dick.
Mm-hmm, Victor was a dick for sure.
I think Victor was the victim of displacement of her anger.
And I think that's what's interesting about episode six and seven.
Even though they're not in each other's episodes, their presence is felt.
That's how strong these two women are in each other's lives.
And how much, by them not dealing with it, it's still a presence they have to face in some way.
And so I think that's what's great about the end when Yvonne is like, "I have to sort of start to deal with this".
When do you feel like it's right to react or to let it go? Speaking as myself, or what I would like myself to do? Speaking as yourself.
- React.
- React all day? So the towel From the towel lady - to the fight in the jacuzzi.
- Yeah.
- Those are your moves.
- Well I need to I need to work on it.
I'm actively working on this myself.
Doctor Rhonda is available.
It is Look, I have my own Doctor Rhonda, and she helps me I I react a lot.
I feel like reacting might not be the issue.
Overreacting is an issue.
Reacting is not an issue.
But I think when you react, it's important to like find a way to maintain capacity to listen.
Okay, well we can't thank you enough for joining us this week.
Be sure to join us next week for a new episode of the Wine Down.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
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