Insecure (2016) s05e02 Episode Script

Growth, Okay?!

1 ("SUNBATHE" BY TAINY & MIGUEL PLAYING) Oh sunshine I wanna bathe in your light All day and all night Yeah, oh sunshine If you throw it in the air I couldn't help but stare Yeah (PHONE RINGING) ("GET ME SOME" BY TOKIMONSTA PLAYING) (VIBRATING) Shake it, break it Make it touch the floor C'mon, move it, do it Make me lose control Ohh, The BLOCC is hot, The BLOCC is hot.
Heh, heh.
The BLOCC is hot.
The BLOCC is hot.
Heh, heh.
KELLY ROWLAND: We can't always change what's happening around us, but we can always change what's happening within us.
I'mma embrace it, Kelly Rowland.
- I know! - Ah! Girl, you are early.
Oh, girl.
I had to get out the house.
My roommate and her man be fuckin' too loud.
(LAUGHS) My roommate is my Mama, and her man is my Daddy.
Plate or bag? Bag, duh.
Thank you.
(LOUD LAUGHTER) - Tort puns be funny.
- I aim to please.
Oh, all right.
Look, before we close out, I need help spearheading the rebranding presentation - at the retreat.
- Oh, um, I can do it.
Like the way you, mmh I just gotta get me some Girl, I like your, ooh Can I just, I just get a touch Thanks.
Hope you enjoy.
I love comin' to these.
The last few you did was so good.
Thank you.
I'm so glad to hear that.
You saved my life.
Hold on, wait, wait, just wait, wait - (SMACKS) - Wake up! You missin' it.
That's crazy.
What? - Girl, I'm tired.
- Mmm.
I think I'm gonna go lay down.
- You got me my own pillow? - Yeah.
If you're gon' keep spendin' the night, I want you to be comfortable.
Also, your head kept deflatin' mine.
You couldn't just do a nice thing? (BOTH LAUGHING) - Thank you.
- Mm-hm.
Both: Goodnight.
(SINGS) You're my best friend ISSA: Shh.
That's not how it goes.
YMTK & AMAL MARIE PLAYING) Feel it in your toes when I fill it in my throat Run and tell yo friends tryna brag on the Faux Not your lover Billie Jean but I'm billy like the goat So, we want it to be just like that last event you did here.
ISSA: Oh, the coding workshop.
So you all want iPads and loose cables everywhere? Nah, I mean, there were a bunch of people.
(CHUCKLES) That's what we want.
But not too many people because we already got a whole bunch of RSVPs.
Oh, well, about that Are y'all sold on havin' the one-year here? 'Cause you could get more bang for your buck in a bigger, more open location.
Hey, I got a hookup at a car wash parkin' lot.
You just gotta work one shift.
Y'all still talkin' 'bout this party? Aric, your client is hot.
Okay? He been waitin', his wife just went into labor, and he need to shape up real quick.
- So, what's up? - Labor? That's what he's sayin'? Come do your job.
(LAUGHING) So, about these locations, what you thinking, 'cause we gotta stay within this budget.
Uh, well, normally when I'm working with a client, they make sure that I'm well fed 'cause my best ideas require sustenance.
Oh, well, I'm glad I'm not one of them clients 'cause, you know, you gotta set your expectations lower.
- Oh, okay.
Cheap clients.
- Wow.
You have a lot of options.
You can try Ladera Park or Hermosa Beach.
Or the church on Adams has a parking lot that's super spacious.
Okay, you know this party 'bout to get unholy.
(SCOFFS) But I could I could check out the other two though.
- Okay.
- How you feel about tomorrow? I feel good.
It took like six months of me wooin' Nadia, and then another two months to convince the Nothing But Water team, but it's all finally happenin'.
All right.
I see you.
- Entrepreneur shit.
- Entrepre-noire.
(LAUGHING) Oh, they're tryin' to set a mood up in here.
It looks like it's working.
(LAUGHS) - Damn.
- (BOTH LAUGH) So what else do you have goin' on tonight? Um, I got plans downtown later.
Oh, those kinda plans? (BOTH LAUGHING) What about you? Hangin' with Molly.
It's freaky Friday, so we're gonna watch "Any Given Sunday.
" That's what makes it so freaky.
- Okay.
- (LAUGHING) (FUNKY MUSIC PLAYING) Hey! So y'all can do all this renovation work, and you still can't call the estate planner that I connected you with? See, we knew you were gonna ask, so There you go.
Molly: Y'all wrote your will in pencil? Well, I had to erase a few things because (SOFTLY): Jerome pissed me off.
Mom, Dad, this limp, loose leaf of paper does not qualify as estate planning.
You actually have to go through lawyers Herbert: Hey, Molly.
Molly, you remember Herbert.
You know, Herbert from church, Herbert.
Herbert, that became a deacon at 15, Herbert? You remember.
CAROL: We were at choir rehearsal, and I told him that you two should connect.
Herbert plays the organ and you listen to music, so.
Sometimes, I try to play songs that the kids can really connect to.
I rework trap songs for the Lord.
What? I'm just tryin' to get you back in circulation.
So, Mom, I'm really not pressed to be dating right now.
I'm actually just focusing on me.
Well, don't focus too long.
I mean, you still gotta meet a man, date him.
That's two more years, could be more.
Then me and your Daddy gotta save up for a big wedding.
That's at least two more years.
Could be more.
I mean, by the time you're married, maybe, your Daddy could roll ya down the aisle because he'll be in a wheelchair.
Because he'll be old, Molly.
I'm just saying that, in this situation, - I would rather - Hey, Molly.
Found one of the songs.
(CHOIR SINGING): Jesus gang, Jesus gang, Jesus gang Jesus gang, Jesus gang, Jesus gang Getting on the cross on Friday Got the game on Sunday Jesus gang, Jesus gang, Jesus gang (AWKWARD LAUGH) And this is the framework of Crenshawn's show as he highlights how he got into fashion while incarcerated.
As you can see, Quoia is already rockin' one of Crenshawn's designs.
You can take it from day to night with a blazer.
I mean, it's day right now, but it'll be night later.
That makes sense.
And Crenshawn actually hires former inmates, so that they can get the experience to find jobs on the outside.
Thank you.
- Wow.
What you and Shawn have come up with is incredible.
And his story? So inspiring.
You really blew us away like (IMITATES EXPLOSION).
(LAUGHS) Thank you so much.
That means a lot.
I'm so excited that this is all finally comin' together.
Oh, agreed.
Um, I'm I'm a little concerned that this show might be a bit big for Crenshawn's level of experience.
- What do you mean? - Uh, well, it's pretty long, it's at the high end of our budget, and I noticed in the presentation, there's supposed to be, um, a group of drummers, interpretive dancers, uh, multimedia, and people on lowrider bicycles? Yeah, I don't know how you show perseverance without lowriders.
(CHUCKLES) I mean, this is what we talked about from the beginning.
Yeah, I know it's last minute, but we have some relationships with a few artists that are on the same vibe as Shawn but they're a bit more established and experienced.
Yeah, artists like Blue Parrot, Renaissance, Edikt.
Yeah, I'm familiar, but none of them are from the community, like Crenshawn is.
Yeah, well, um, there's a lot of great options, so think about it.
Great work.
I Do know that you're leading me - (KNOCKING AT DOOR) - It's open! ISSA: No, I get it.
The week before an event is always stressful, Nathan.
You'll figure it out.
You better Carpe that Diem, okay? (LAUGHS) Nah, I don't know what that means.
All right, bye.
- Hey! - Hey! So you two are actually friends? Girl, I could never be friends with somebody whose dick I've seen.
(LAUGHS) We're helping each other out.
Plus, he seein' someone, and he probably got a bevy of bitches.
- How many bitches make a bevy? - Seven.
Then I bit my tongue a bevy of times today.
(LAUGHS) Oh, how did the presentation go? I see you with your power suit on.
This that Takeover Teal.
(BOTH LAUGHING) I mean, I killed it, but now Seth is saying he doesn't think Crenshawn has enough experience.
They love saying that.
But how's we gonna get experience if we're never given the opportunity? That is the same shit I was goin' through with The BLOCC.
Like, at least with NBW, I can point to something and say, "See? Experience.
" And now you've got a bevy of experience.
I don't know 'cause Seth talkin' about replacin' him with other artists who've been at it longer, and I'm just worried the whole thing's gonna turn out - White-friendly? - Yeah, that.
Well, listen.
Every boss got a boss.
So why don't you just hit up Nadia? You smart and I think she might be in town, too.
- Great idea.
- (PHONE CHIMES) Ahh, come on.
My Mom needs to stop with these damn pictures.
You talkin' 'bout Herbert? - Yes.
- He can't look that old.
His Daddy cute.
Show me him.
I said, his Daddy cute.
Show me him, Molly.
Show me him.
So tell me Tell me why Okay.
Mm! Ow! Oh, let's do it.
"Looking for serious partners.
"Must be successful, fit, one degree, two preferred, "with no kids, and if you're not that, please swipe left.
" Damn, I was doin' the most.
(CHUCKLES) (SIGHS) What are you looking for? But I thought you were feelin' Jared.
I am, but, girl, these League niggas have been vetted, and Jared didn't even go to college.
So, what happened with The League? Molly (OVER PHONE): Girl, I'm over them niggas.
Like, they look good on paper, but they on some bullshit.
I've dated outside my race before, but I know I wanna end up with a Black man, so what is the point? Okay, um.
Uh, dating me is like Oh, okay.
Well, you know, I just wanted to know that you got home safely.
That's all.
And don't take this the wrong way, you really needed a win.
Look, I'm tired.
Molly, you literally never let shit go.
Oh my god.
This is so good.
Nice big breakfast steak.
Right? Oh god, I love steak.
So, I wanted to talk about the event.
There's something I wanted to, um ooh, another steak? Who, uh Hey! SETH: Hey.
NADIA: When you told me you had some concerns about the direction of the event, I invited Seth, and figured we could all get on the same page.
That was a great idea.
Yeah, that's why you're you.
(CHUCKLES) And to be clear, workin' with Seth has been amazing.
He's so smart.
(IMITATES WHIP CRACKING) Um, and I understand Seth's concerns about Crenshawn having a lack of experience, but no one else has the authenticity that he does.
I get that but this just feels ambitious.
We're a young company.
The moves we make now are important.
If this doesn't go well, it could cost us.
(SOFTLY): But we orderin' breakfast steaks? I'm not trying to be difficult.
This is a big deal for us.
No it's a big deal for me, too.
And, I understand it's a risk, but when this goes well, NBW gets to say that they discovered Crenshawn.
(INDISTINCT WHISPERING) If we're gonna go with him, we'll have some notes.
Great! Notes are my favorite.
Thank you notes, love notes, notebooks, "The Notebook.
" Great movie, sad ending.
We have got to find a cure.
("MAKE EM MAD" BY BIG BOSS VETTE PLAYING) Just ran up a check Pussy drippin' on his neck He like can I take you out I'm like nah we can't do that My other niggas gon' get mad Crenshawn: Sup, Keenan? Aight, I ain't no snitch Tarik is eatin' snacks on the job.
(CHUCKLES) Well, you can eat snacks, too, bro.
You a free man now.
- Word.
- Aight.
Can't be snack snitchin'.
- You feel me.
- (LAUGHING) So, I met with the team - Word.
- and great news, we're good to go.
Oh, shit! - Word? - Yeah.
Yo, that's what's up! I knew you'd get that shit done.
- I appreciate that.
- No, thank you.
- I'm really excited - I'm 'bout to change - the game on these niggas, boy.
- Ahh.
Yo, I'm talkin' straight flex mode, nigga.
- Okay.
- Yo, you know that little art performance piece I was talkin' about? - Uh-huh.
- We gotta dial that up a whole notch now.
I'm finna go crazy.
ISSA: Absolutely.
Uh, well, NBW did have a couple of notes.
Crenshawn: Notes? What you mean "notes"? Well, they, um, they just requested to simplify the show a bit.
Simplify? What you mean by simplify? They think it's ambitious, but they just want you to be successful.
For example, they want to cut the section on perseverance.
That's one of the dopest parts of the show.
Iss, I'm not tryna cut that.
I know, the lowriders.
I love them too.
What else they sayin'? Mmm.
You know, it's funny.
Earlier you had said you wanted to double down on the performance element.
(LAUGHS) They wanna lose that, too.
Maybe they not seein' the vision.
- This might not be the move.
- No! Crenshawn, I gotta say I still think this is a great opportunity.
And I still think you're the perfect person for the job.
I know how good you are.
And, honestly, takin' a couple of notes is miles better than the other artists they were tryin' to bring into this.
- (ISSA CHUCKLES) - Other artists? (SCOFFS) But but I talked them out of that.
Look, they they love your vision, they love your passion, they just wanna make sure that it works.
Maybe we just gotta wait for somebody who really get the vision.
Notes are normal for where we're at right now.
Look, starting over would be a waste of the six months we spent tryin' to get here.
It's all part of the game.
And I'm just tryin' to win with you.
I was hype as fuck about this shit, too.
Me too.
Fuck it.
- Let's get it.
- Yes! We got this.
I got you.
I won't let you down.
Crenshawn: Keenan? Just eat the sandwich, nigga.
(LINE RINGING) - Carol (ON PHONE): Hello? - Hey, Mom! Oh, hey! Baby, just a second.
I am making spaghetti squash.
Now, did you know that there's no spaghetti in it? Yeah.
Hey, I, I just wanted to apologize for bein' so hard on you about the estate stuff.
I know I can be oh, too tight about things, and so, when I feel it, I wanna address it.
Well, you don't owe me a sorry.
I know you want what's best for us.
I just have to push through my fear and do it.
Molly: No, I get it.
Believe me.
That is not easy.
Well, I'm gonna call the estate planner tomorrow.
And maybe you can give Herbert a call.
You know, I saw him when we had beach day at the church.
Jesus, be a thigh.
Oh, I'm hangin' up, Mom.
("YOU GOTTA" BY LARRY JUNE PLAYING) You gotta know what you want You gotta push that line You gotta stay on your toes - Hey, girl! - Hi Uhh, bitch, have you lost your mind? Dasani? We NBW gang now.
Oh, my bad.
I ain't know.
So we got colors, is there a hand sign, is there a dance? (LAUGHING) So what do you think? Aw, girl.
I know you been puttin' in work, but this this is it! - This is amazing.
- Thank you, girl.
So, all the gift bags are all set up.
And Crenshawn just arrived, so I'm gonna see if he needs any additional help.
And god damn! Why ex-cons gotta be so fine? I mean, I knew, but I didn't know-know.
I mean, lock me up and send me to his jail.
- Okay? - Quoia, please.
Keep it cool.
- Hi, Quoia.
- (QUOIA CHUCKLES) - (BUZZING) - Just checkin'.
She still thinks I brought a gun to the block party? I mean, you did.
Another Issa Dee event.
Time for an interview? Uh, yeah, I don't have time.
If you don't make time, I'll have to do an exposé on what you're hiding here.
The BLOCC is super excited to be spotlighting Crenshawn, a local Black designer, who has such a pertinent point of view on the flaws in our prison system.
This is an event with an actual impact on the community.
I see you've been taking my notes.
Shannon: Is there a problem? No, no, no.
That's just a special cheer that we do when everything's going as it should be.
- (ISSA LAUGHS) - Yeah.
- Ooh, look at you.
- Yeah.
ISSA: Yeah, okay.
(LAUGHING) What's goin' on? It's about Crenshawn.
(DRUMS PLAYING) - What the fuck?! - I, I know.
That's why I was wavin' so crazy.
(DRUMS PLAYING) Hey, Crenshawn.
This looks like all the stuff that we cut from the show.
What's up? It wasn't feelin' right, so put the pieces back in.
But we're a team.
Why would you do that five minutes before the show without tellin' me? 'Cause I knew you'd try and talk me out of it, right? Yeah, you're damn right I would.
This is outta pocket.
We have a brand to answer to Ay, nah, you got a brand to answer to.
Maybe we should start using "I" statements.
I feel like you're being really unprofessional.
And I feel like your support for me is just a bunch of talk.
You can't support me halfway, Issa.
Do you have any idea what I even had to do to get you here? Now, you hear yourself? You're not my savior, bro.
Look, I was doin' just fine without you.
I refuse to be a sellout.
- What're you tryin' to say? - I'm not takin' notes from people who want me to be like a bunch of wack artists I don't respect.
You said you love my passion, right? Here it is.
And sound check in five! Model: Thank you, five.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) So he just went rogue? Like in X-Men, bitch.
("MOVING FAST" BY DOM KENNEDY PLAYING) The money look good Skyloft how I play If it smell good, let me get it If it smell good If it smell good, let me get it Leimert Park Well, this doesn't seem so bad.
- Huh! We out - Other people's money (SIREN WAILING) Both: Oh, shit.
(AUDIENCE CHATTER) (SHOUTS): Did all my invisible niggas go to heaven? - (MODELS SHOUTING) - I said Did all my invisible niggas go to heaven? (MODELS SHOUTING) Did all my invisible niggas go to heaven? (RHYTHMIC DRUMMING) Did all my invisible niggas go to heaven? They're gonna fire me.
I'm never gonna work in this town again.
I'mma have to go back to drivin' Lyft.
Why did I take my sticker off? ("OUT THE WINDOW" BY ICECOLDBISHOP PLAYING) Bitch I rep my gang, my turf, my hood, my squad, my set Heard you want me dead but you ain't came and touch me yet Choppa fuck your hood and then your bitch gon' fuck me next ISSA: Oh my god.
Look at him.
He It literally hurts him to watch this.
(FUNKY MUSIC PLAYING) Don't stress, I'm gonna take care of it.
Okay? I already got somebody on that.
I was looking for you.
- Yes, hey! - Hey.
Um, I know the show was a little bit different.
Yeah, you didn't take the notes.
No, the um, I actually did talk to Crenshawn, but he's an artist, little bit of a loose cannon Loose cannon? (LAUGHS) Uh, he's more like a missile.
That blew me away.
(IMITATES EXPLOSION) Wait, what? Thank you, huh? Sometimes, when you're starting out, you can get so nervous about everything going right, and then you meet people like you and Crenshawn who trust their gut.
Thanks for pushing us.
Yeah, thank you.
Well, I should get home.
I had a very aggressive massage the other day, and it's killing me, um, but let's talk soon.
I'd love to hear the other projects you're passionate about, and get you more funding, too.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah? - Sounds good.
- Okay.
ISSA: All right, see you.
Feel better.
Man: Best of luck, bro.
- Be good, bro.
- Peace.
Reporter: Great job, Crenshawn.
'ppreciate that.
'ppreciate that.
Anything else comin' up after this? Crenshawn: More clothes, more shows.
("MOVIN' ON" BY INDIA SHAWN PLAYING) I'm in my bag, sometimes it's like that Get yourself out of them blues You gotta give it to you Ain't nobody got you like you Let it show We gon' shine like gods today Look down on the stars, look what we made When you've been so low There's only one way to go, one way to go Diamonds on my wristwatch Twenty-four gold heart Shining on you so hard When you've been down so long, one way to go Switching on you, crisscross Embrace the change.
Embrace the change.
Embrace the change.
Movin' on like I should I just wanna feel good I mean, it seemed like it went well, and that's all that matters.
Yeah, I guess.
You can't be everything to everybody.
I stay tryin' to learn how to braid, and it's like, fuck it.
That's not your gift.
(CHUCKLES) (CHUCKLES) You look like you fallin' asleep.
I'm about to head out.
What? No, I I've been chillin'.
(MUMBLES) You been braidin' everybody.
Nah, it's all good.
I'mma just catch this Lyft.
Well, why don't you just spend the night? Oh.
("LAY" BY BLACK PARTY PLAYING) Thanks for comin' through.
I feel so much better.
Of course.
Where are you at, baby, can you come over to me I hate sleepin' alone (CRYING) - Um, okay.
Uh, you okay? - Mm-hm.
I'm fine.
I'm sorry.
Uh, maybe we shouldn't We shouldn't do this.
I'm all cryin' in your mouth.
Ah, it it's okay.
I mean, it happens.
I'm sorry.
I thought I was I thought I was ready.
(CRIES) (DOOR CLOSES) ("ICARUS" BY FANA HUES PLAYING) Oh, how the feels fill the room I could melt to touch And all that I ever need is right here between us You're so cruel I fade to blue How did I get so close Probably God only knows Saw the signs, still I go Done it all on my own How did I Mama told me, don't you never Ever give yourself away But that's just How shit flows That's how shit flows Mmm I always crash fall down to So, you're from LA? Yeah.
I mean, no.
I guess yes, but not really.
(DYNAMIC INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) Woman: How are you liking the city? Lawrence: It's been cool.
I'm still afraid to use these trolleys.
(LAUGHS) Why? Some of them don't have doors.
I mean, I could go rolling down one of these steep-ass hills.
You're lucky you're cute because that's stupid.
I'll take stupid and cute.
(HIP HOP MUSIC) Ten toes down, I'm really flexin' in my van (SOFT INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC)
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