Insecure (2016) s05e05 Episode Script

Surviving, Okay?!

PLAYING) (MOANING) CLIFF: You like that, baby? Oh, that's good, yeah.
What's my name? Say my name.
- Cliff (MUFFLED): Molly.
- MOLLY: Now spell it.
Oh, okay.
I got your "M.
" (CLIFF MOANING) Is that a "A"? How do you think you spell my name? Ooh, I'll change my name, it's fine.
Ooh, yeah! I'm close! I'm close! I'm close! I'm here! Ahh.
(PHONE DINGS) What? CLIFF: Man, I killed it out there.
Stop, stop talkin' for a minute.
What?! ("INTERSTELLAR" BY MONTE BOOKER PLAYING) Baby, on me, shine like, sun Gatling, gun Fuck for, fun Negligee We okay JEROME: I keep thinkin' 'bout the last thing I said to Mama.
I told her her dressing she made wasn't her best.
And it wasn't but why did I have to tell her that? Well, you can tell her how much you love it when she wakes up.
- Hi.
- How is she? There's no good way to say this really, but there's not much more we can do for her.
I know it's a lot, but I think it's best if you said your goodbyes now.
Our good? It's time.
(QUIET MURMURING) (MONITOR BEEPING) I don't think that's Mama.
How old do you think I am? You think this woman is my contemporary? I know it can be hard to take.
Strokes can really age people.
No, this is, this is literally not her.
Who is this woman? What kind of a hospital are y'all runnin' up here? Are you sure this is not Yes, we are sure.
We are here with Carol Carter.
You know who this lady looks like though? - Dionne Warwick.
- I was thinkin' Stevie's mama.
Y-You know, remember Stevie with, with the throat lumps? DOCTOR RANDALL: Maybe we should get this sorted out somewhere else? - Before - Um, um! (SOFTLY): I have the Lowry family.
Um (INDISTINCT ANNOUNCEMENT OVER PA) I'm sorry for your upcomin' loss.
I'm so sorry.
It's been a busy night here.
Uh, okay, Carol Carter, uh, her vitals are stable, and you can see her now.
(INDISTINCT ANNOUNCEMENT ON PA) - (GASPING) - Oh, man! (SOFT MUSIC PLAYING) - Dad, can I get you a chair? - What? - Can I get you a chair? - No, no, no.
I'm okay.
Hey, baby.
I can't believe this.
NURSE TERRI: Do you know if her blood pressure always runs a little high? Uh, y-yeah, but she takes her pills.
Is she allergic to any medications? - No, n-none that I'm aware of.
- (SOFTLY): Okay.
- Do you know the last - Can we do this another time, please?! NURSE TERRI: I can come back.
Uh, nurse? Listen, I know that my dad is my mom's primary point of contact, but I'd like to be added to that list as well.
If you'd like.
Yeah, you know, it's gonna be a lot for him, so I don't think he can fully handle it, but I can deal with it.
- What's your name? - Molly.
Okay, Molly.
("RAW" BY LOONY PLAYING) Yeah, when I wake up I'm not afraid to show some, mmm, initiative You don't make me feel like no one else (CLATTERING) Mornin'.
Aw, bedside service? I could get used to this.
Oh, you sure you ain't already 'cause the last time I woke you up empty-handed, you looked at me real confused.
Well, don't pick me up to let me down, baby.
- What you got up for today? - Well, I was gonna meet up with Quoia in the afternoon, but she's out sick.
She got a weak immune system.
Says it's because her Mom only fed her Trix yogurt growin' up.
Wh (LAUGHS) What time you gotta go in to work? Well, I had a couple clients cancel on me this mornin', so I don't have nothin' till later in the day.
So, we both have time.
Well, yeah, sounds like it.
Did you want some "me" time? Not, me as in me, me as in you, Nathan.
We-we said we were gonna take it slower this time around.
Oh, 'cause you don't usually fuck on the Ferris wheel on your second date? Ha, ha.
You know what, it doesn't matter anyway 'cause I got plans with Molly for lunch later, so.
Although, she does tend to reschedule on me during the work week, so.
I mean, you know, it would be, like a waste to not use an open reservation.
- And I don't wanna be wasteful.
- Yeah, I mean, it's almost like, if Molly can't make it, we just would have to keep hangin' out.
I mean, we have no choice.
- Let me, let me just call her.
- Yeah, yeah.
Just checkin' in.
Checkin' in with her.
Hey! What you doin'? Readin' a book with yo' readin' ass.
(LAUGHS) - You gonna be alright? - Yeah.
It's just so weird, you know? I was just over there the other day, and her mom was fine.
Can't imagine how Molly must be feeling.
Well, I'm sure it means a lot for you to be here.
I can come back later, pick you up if you want.
No, I'm good.
I I know this is a lot, and I don't know how long it's gonna be.
I don't wanna take up all of your day.
Issa just let me know.
Whatever you need.
Listen, I need to talk to you about somethin' that's been ailing me.
Lately, when I cough, it's like a (GAGS).
Normally, it's like a k-chhoo.
You think it's cancer? (INDISTINCT ANNOUNCEMENT OVER PA) Hey.
How is she? Uh, still unconscious, so we're just - waiting.
- I'm so sorry.
- How you feelin'? - I'm good.
Yeah, you know, I'm, I'm just tryna make sure everyone else is good.
Someone has to keep them together.
My dad keeps stress-eating in the cafe, and Curtis keeps countin' change, like it's not gonna be 79 cents every time.
Well, what do you need? You tired, you hungry? I saw a vending machine with those rare Tapatio Fritos.
I'm straight, but thank you.
Um maybe some clothes.
I can go to your apartment real quick.
That would be so good.
Some guy in here whistled at me earlier, or he might've been wheezin', but either way, - yes, please.
- Well, you wanna just trade right now till I get back? ("GUCCI" BY BREE RUNWAY & MALIIBU MIITCH PLAYING) Gucci, Gucci wants a girl they can call Oh, damn! Ooh! Okay you cute.
You look good, too, girl.
(CHUCKLES) - ISSA: I tried.
(LAUGHS) - You couldn't even keep it in.
Hey, thank you so much for all your help.
Today has really been (SIGHS) I appreciate you.
Of course.
- I love you, girl.
- I love you, too.
Wait, did you fuck in this? 'Cause I fucked in that.
("PBJ" BY TAY MONEY PLAYING) Watch me work Bad bitch you gon' twerk Wow! You look like a model.
- Aww, thanks.
- Sorry, she's high.
(SOFTLY): Yep.
Go head throw it back Girl, get off my stage If you ain't shakin' ass Hey.
Thanks for pickin' me up.
I didn't wanna ask you.
All good.
Um, how's Molly? Bein' Molly.
Runnin' around, handlin' things.
I'd be a whole mess if this were my mom.
I actually called her, and left her a really loving voicemail.
Yeah, I called mine, too.
So, is there any way you can take me to Molly's, so I can pick up a change of clothes? Obviously, I gave her mine.
I mean, I wasn't gonna ask, but, uh, (LAUGHS).
(DOWNTEMPO MUSIC PLAYING) What says, "hospital chic"? Velour pants and a blazer? 'Cause the pants say, "I'mma be here for a while," but the top says, "The doctor might be cute.
" Damn, Molly look just like her mama.
Mm-hm, they got the same ankles.
I didn't know she had a dog.
What? Oh yeah, him.
She loves him.
He ain't got no food, no water.
And don't he gotta go to the bathroom at some point? Well, he a house dog.
He know what to do.
Okay, PETA.
I'll take him for a walk.
Let me just go change out of this ho-ttire.
(DOG WHIMPERS) She was just gonna let you die.
Mm-hm, Carol couldn't get a word out.
Nobody knew what she was tryin' to say.
Yeah wait a minute.
I'm gettin' another call.
They confirmed it was a stroke.
Hold on.
Betty wanna pray on speaker.
Aunt Kiki, this is not a good time.
Uh, Betty, can ya text it? Okay, girl.
Carol mentioned you're in the process of planning your estate.
- What? - Yeah, we're in the process of Wait y'all didn't finish? - (PHONE BUZZING) - (SOFTLY): Dad.
I gotta get this.
- Hey.
- Taurean (ON PHONE): Hey.
Are you coming in today? Molly (ON PHONE): No, I can't.
I told my assistant I was having some personal stuff.
Well, did you get a chance to finish your section of the rebranding proposal? Malcolm wants to hear it all before we present at the retreat.
Yeah, I was, uh, I was, actually, gonna work on that today.
I just need a little bit more time.
Felicia is still available to take this on if you can't.
I just need to know sooner than later.
This is a big deal to them.
No, I, I can do it.
Just what's the latest you need it by? - NATHAN: You wanna walk him? - ISSA: Nah, you got it.
Well, I really wasn't askin', so.
- Hey, Mom.
- Delilah (ON PHONE): Hey, baby.
What a loving message you left.
- Well, I love you.
- I love you, too.
And you know what, you are so right.
We do need to spend more time together.
So, what's your schedule look like for the next eight Sundays? I'm thinkin' about startin' a book club.
- ISSA: Oh, um - DELILAH: Have you read "Turned Away at the Gate"? It's a Christian series.
They say it take a while to get into, but once they get to the gate, ha, ha! That's when it really picks up.
Okay, um - No, I, uh - Wait, wait, wait.
Who you with? - Huh? - Who you keep lookin' at? Who you with? Oh, that's, that's Nathan.
Nathan? Who is Nathan? Hey, Nathan! Hey, Ms.
D! Oh, are you my daughter's boyfriend? - Mom! - Uh, yeah, I am.
Okay, well, come on over here, and let me get a better look at you.
Issa, pass the phone to Nathan.
Uh, you deserve it.
Delilah: Ooh, look at you.
Got a nice smile.
I see, I see.
(LAUGHS) You all Steph Curry with it.
(ISSA LAUGHS) Oh, Nathan, look I'mma need your phone number.
Okay? 'Cause Lord knows Issa never picks up when I call.
Mom, I, I called you You know what? I'm gonna end this now.
Love you.
Wait, you didn't tell - me what time on Sun (LAUGHS) I'm really sorry about that.
It's all good.
You know, it's kinda sweet.
You know you didn't have to if it feels too soon.
What? The boyfriend thing? Nah.
Well, I can't believe I'm stuck in a eight-week Christ-a-thon.
I mean, I do kinda wanna know what happens when they get past the gate.
(LAUGHS) Her and Stanley must be goin' through a rough patch.
- Why you say that? - I just know how she is.
You know, ever since she and my dad got divorced, she's kinda been all over the place.
She just needs to figure out what she wants.
What? Hmm? What? I saw that look.
What was that? NATHAN: I don't know what you're talkin' about.
I saw that face.
What does that mean? What face? You don't like my face? ISSA: Oh, shit! Are you guys gonna do a carotid Doppler on her? You know, just to make sure that her arteries aren't narrowing 'cause that can cause this.
You used the perfect amount of paprika.
- No more, no less.
- What about blood thinners? Will my Mom need those? 'Cause she's kinda clumsy, and we just need to know if we need to lock up the butter knives.
It's actually a little too soon to say really.
Mo, come sit down and let this lady do her job.
Listen, I'm just tryna get ahead of this - 'cause right here on Web MD it says - Oh, you're one of those? (EXCLAIMS) Listen, I know you're anxious, but we really do need to wait for her scans, and as far as the carotid Doppler, I don't think that's an option since your mother's had a stroke before.
Yeah, you're mistaken.
My mo My mom's never had a stroke.
Well, um, actually.
Mom had a stroke before?! When? She said not to say anything.
It, it was a minor one.
Lord, why you tryin' to call her home? - Dad - But, baby, listen.
Do not get upset.
Now, you know how your mother is.
She said she was afraid you all would be worried.
It does not matter how hard it would've been, you still should've told us.
I mean, how am I supposed to help you guys if you keep pretending like everything is fine? I'm sorry.
- ISSA (SHOUTS): Flavor Flav! - NATHAN (SHOUTS): Flav! (SHOUTS) Flavor Flav! (SHOUTS): Flav! (SOFTLY): Shit.
My only job today was to help my friend, and I lose her fuckin' dog the day her mom's in the hospital.
I'm sure somebody's seen him.
Maybe if we had a picture or something of him? (GASPS) Let me check her Insta! Oh, here's one! Uh-uh, I can't show this.
Look at my eyebrows.
Why would she post this? We supposed to be friends.
Okay Flav! (SHOUTS): Flav! You know what? Sometimes dogs remember they walkin' route.
I'm sure he was like markin' his territory that whole walk.
He must be in the area.
I'm just sayin' we should trace our steps back to Molly.
I didn't know you knew so much about dogs.
Had a thing with my dog once.
Me and Thomas had this issue with these little bitch-ass kids in the neighborhood.
One time, they let my dog loose just to fuck with us.
And that shit was stressful.
Kids are such assholes.
Worst part was I had to come up with what I was gonna tell my Dad when we got home.
But it wasn't your fault.
It wasn't about that.
My Dad always told me, "Don't let nobody fuck with you, or I'mma fuck you up worse.
" Damn.
That's so messed up.
Me and Thomas walked around all day lookin' for that dog.
When we finally got home he was sittin' on the fuckin' front steps.
(LAUGHING) -Punk-ass dog.
I was so mad.
But lowkey if we ain't find that dog, I was gonna blame Thomas.
That's actually perfect 'cause I'm gonna blame you.
Wowww! - (SHOUTS): Flavor Flav! - Not appreciative at all.
BOTH (SHOUTS): Flav! Is the rest of your family around? No, but if you have news, I'd like to know.
Uh, your Mother's C scans and MRI came back.
And they're showing signs of considerable damage.
From what the tests show, we are looking at possible paralysis.
That can't be right.
Test her again.
I assure you, if there's more we could do, we would.
But the stroke was aggressive.
Just tryin' to prepare you for what could come.
I could come back and inform the rest of your family if you like.
I'll handle it.
(CHIPMUNK)" by anaiis playing) What did the doctor say? Um Day in, day out Pleading strangers for help Don't dwell upon this thought right now - What are you doin'? - Lookin' at replacement dogs.
I don't know why this dog would run away in the first place.
He has the perfect life here.
He's got more amenities than I do.
We'll find him.
Besides, any dog named Flavor Flav's gonna do what the fuck they wanna do anyway.
(DOG BARKING) (GASPS) Oh shit! Oh my god! You came back! - Oh my god! - Come here.
ISSA: I'm not gonna lie, I was like, there's no way this idiot dog is gon' retrace his steps, but here you are.
You did it! You not dumb! Smarter than you gave him credit for.
- Aw, he is.
- Mm, yeah.
(LAUGHING) - I honestly could not have done today without you.
You're so patient with me.
That's why I love you.
(SMOOTH R&B MUSIC PLAYING) Thank you for helpin' out with Flavor Flav.
Of course.
So easy.
No problems.
You know what kills me? See, my Mom didn't even think that I was strong enough to handle what she was goin' through.
You don't know that.
- What more could you have done? - Somethin', Issa.
I could've answered more of her phone calls.
Made sure she was followin' up with her doctors.
I was hookin' up with some random guy when my mom was busy havin' a stroke.
What if she never gets to see me get married? All she wanted was grandkids, and I haven't even been able to give her that.
Bitch, do you know you? You are doing so much right.
You're smart as hell, you have a gorgeous apartment, a good job, and a really smart dog.
You are doin' a good job with him.
Supremely intelligent.
He does know how to use the microwave.
Shit is gon' happen how and when it wants to, but all of this stuff is out of our control anyway.
You're right.
I just, I just don't wanna be out the loop.
Not with my family, you, Kelli, or Tiff, like, y'all are all I got.
I promise you gonna always be in my loop.
You tired? I can grab us some coffee.
That would be great.
I ain't never gonna get that outfit back, am I? Yeah, you already know.
("WHY HIDE" BY MARK RONSON PLAYING) Damn, we got a little bit crazy Wasn't expectin' you, baby Lock my heart, with a key Had to take some time for just me Worryin' about my safety Thinkin' about you daily - Oh, ha, ha.
Ah! - Sorry.
- I'm just I was just Can we - I'm just - Mm-hm.
No, you go.
- Okay, all right.
CONDOLA: Aw, you hungry, Eli? Aw, come here, little one.
RECEPTIONIST: Hi, can I help you? We're here to see Dr.
(ELI CRYING) Why must we hide Here you go.
Oh, I feel it so, so deep inside And look at me in the eye Tell me, tell me, tell me if you feel this feelin' real Or I'll let you go, let you go Tell me, tell me, tell me if you feel this feelin' real And I'll let you know, I'll let you know - Condola Hayes? - Mm-hm? - You can come back here.
- Thanks.
You coming? 'Cause it's real to me ("WHEW CHILE" BY DAI BURGER PLAYING) And the same rules apply No matter how the fuck you say So, take yo cappin' ass, yo' actin' ass And please don't even play wit me Cause I'm with the shits, might take yo bitch And now we both slammed, whew Chile If you comin' then you better come correct, whew Chile Keep it cute or you might get checked, whew Chile If you get it then you better get it right, whew Chile Never messy gotta keep that shit tight, whew Chile If you comin' then you better come correct, whew Chile Keep it cute or you might get checked, whew Chile If you get it then you better get it right, whew Chile Never messy gotta keep that shit tight, whew Chile Wheeew Chile The ghetto These bitches lookin' Jello Watch me ball like Melo, whew Chile You act, ya attitude musty What up up up MC Hammer can't touch me, whew Chile Beep beep beep beep beep, move bitch You cappin' you an actor have a seat seat seat Whew Chile You don't want no beef beef beef Act crazy if you want And you gon' see see see, whew Chile If you comin' then you better come correct, whew Chile Keep it cute or you might get checked, whew Chile Whew Chile Condola Hayes? Yes.
You can come back here.
The Blocc, where I know y'all from? Y'all did that museum shit with Crenshawn, right? Yeah! That's right! Whatchu doin, here, Issa? I just came here to clear the air.
That right? I found a watch on the ground in the hallway.
I was wondering if anyone knew who it belonged to.
You don't touch another barber's hair.
That's just some shit you don't do.
I was trying to help yo ass out, so you and the shop ain't lose a customer Stop worrying about me and worry about your own ass!
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